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VeVe Lane vs Marek in extreme bondage wrestling match by Fight Pulse. More info and previews at this topic.

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  1. gondal4
    19-Oct-14 12:17
    My status? your facebook promises
  2. crappyfighter34
    10-Oct-14 07:03
    I'd like to apologise for making multiple accounts. All I ever wanted to do was contribute the things I found with others who would appreciate them. I'll keep doing it because I like being here. And you'll keep banning me. But it's only out of my appreciation for the forum.

    I wish you well. Please forgive me. I reacted initially to awful moderating by wrestlingfan who was on a power trip. You can't keep me out, but I want you to know you have a great forum.
  3. coucou
    07-Oct-14 02:19
    Excuse me do you have a wrestling between boy and woman? it would make me really happy. Sorry for my english, i speak french.
  4. bum8
    01-Oct-14 12:17
    Hey Zweig, I have had a request from a session provider to remove mention of her in my threads - apparently someone has beef with her and is trying to report her to the authorities for working in the USA and not declaring this. As a result she has asked me to delete the thread "my wrestling adventure #2". Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Julia
    28-Sep-14 03:53
    Hello Zweig, I'm not getting good responses to my personal photo contributions. Please delete all of the "Julia's Deviant Art" thread. I have deleted as much as I can.

    Thank you.
  6. varun
    27-Sep-14 14:58
    hey zweig i am on 38 level and i was looking into your experience list people on lower level than me are insiders with 0 activity but i was demoted to senior member is nothing but someone who has got the same priveliges as an ordinary member so what is the point of it,also this forum has became very private after the introduction of points and activity system as the number of insiders have decreased considerably so why not just reduce this system to level based if someone has the required level which may be 50 or even higher automatically gets inducted as an insider and there is no decision making which makes the process more simple.please think about it this is my only request to you.
  7. jobberboy
    26-Sep-14 18:20
    Dear Zweig,
    I apologize, I may have violated one of your rules. I am a producer and would like to register as one, but I did post a picture to one of the discussions and I am not sure if I am allowed to do that. Anyway please let me know how to register. Thank you.
  8. ddelurker
    31-Aug-14 13:51
    Any chance that you would upgrade my membership to insider? I have been very active in the group , and promise to continue to be active.
  9. andrewd
    10-Aug-14 16:39

    Having been a 'lurker' for sometime I recently (Friday I think) sought to start to give something back to the forum by starting a thread headed 'Pure Street Clothes Self Defense' in the video section containing a few youtube links.

    It appeared in the Shoutbox so I believe I posted it correctly, but it's never been added.

    I can only take it it was barred by a moderator and would be grateful if you could please advise my why, so I don't repeat the mistake (I've checked for a pm or email)?

    There seem, across the various sub-sections of the forums, some self defense related topics so what I posted seems within the bounds of this forum and I'm therefore bemused as to why it wasn't allowed.

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can give.

  10. redmanx
    30-Jul-14 11:55
    Hello Zweig; re the recent child pics. Im sorry if I appeared to have over reacted, or as somebody said, was being hysterical, but I really do believe we have to be so careful these days; as I said, it wasn't the pics actual content but the fact that they were posted amongst adult material. Somebody said that there were already similar pics here and was surprized I hadn't mentioned them, well, if I had seen them I would have done so; I assume these pics are amongst threads I have not viewed. Hopefully in the future this sort of "misunderstanding" won't happen again, and Im sure hasi and groms intentions in sharing their were sincere and meant in the best possible way. Thank you again and I hope this matter is now at an end.

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