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Default Re: Who is in charge of your relationship?

Originally Posted by Braddogg4345 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The other day my wife and i went to dinner at the restaurant where she works. While we were conversing with her fellow workers, one of them made a comment or an implication (i dont remember what it was exactly) that my wife was in charge of our relationship. Or that she "wore the pants", so to speak. I didnt get angry because it is a pretty accurate observation. My wife does run our relationship. I just didnt realize that it was obvious to others.

I read a lot of posts with people talking about how their significant others dominate them when it comes to wrestling and fighting, but that is typically private and behind closed doors. I wanted to poll people on how things work outside of closed doors, or in everyday life. Is your wife/girlfriend dominant outside the bedroom as well? Or does she take a more stereotypical submissive role? I would love to hear about the relationship dynamics of others who share my love for female wrestling and domination.
In my opinion "Happy Wife, Happy Life" is a very true statement. While this doesn't mean the wife "dominates" the relationship it does mean that life is much easier when you make her happy.

When it comes to sex, women typically control how often a couple will have sex or physical intimacy. The requirements for men are few. Men just need a place.

Those points being said, I think every relationship is different.
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