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Default Re: Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend

Here's the rewrite:

I was hanging out with my girlfriend Elaine on a summer day at her place. We both just finished junior year in high school. We both played sports; she was on the varsity team for softball while I was on junior varsity for baseball.

I was 5’9’’ and pretty athletic while she was 5’7’’ and very athletic. She had long, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She had a perfect body. She was also on the track team which made her legs even stronger. She also had strong arms. We started going out in the middle of the second semester. I always wondered why she would even go out with me. I wasn’t the best looking guy in the school and she could get anyone in that school.

Anyways, we were at her place alone watching the Beverly Hillbillies movie for some reason (I guess there was nothing to watch). She had a tank top and a pair of athletic shorts on and I had pretty much the same thing but in a guy fashion. We saw the scene where Elly May beat that boy in wrestling.

“I bet I could beat you in wrestling,” Elaine said chuckling.

“You wish you could beat me,” I said laughing.

“Oh yeah?” she said. “I bet I can beat you right here right now.”

“Okay,” I said getting up. “Three rounds, submission or pin and no hitting or shots to the nuts.”

We cleared out the area so we wouldn’t hit anything. We then stretched ourselves out. We were ready and began. She quickly got me in a headlock. I took us both the floor to get her off but to no avail. “Submit!” she said laughing. I managed to get out of it and I pinned her down. She squirmed and managed to get out of it. She then tried to wrap her arm around my head again but I got out of it and I pinned her down again. I counted to three and won the first round.

“1-0!” I said with my arms in the air.

“You got lucky,” she said getting up.

We got a quick drink and were ready for round two and we began wrestling. She once again got me in a headlock and this time, she tripped my leg and I fell as she still had me in the headlock. I then managed to get out of the headlock and we both got up. She instantly jumped right on me bringing us both down and she was on top. She quickly got me in a grapevine pin. She had her legs wrapped around mine and started to spread them apart. I groaned in pain as she laughed at me and gave me a kiss as she continued to spread them apart. She then stopped and got me in a pin. She counted to three and she won the second round.

“I win!” she exclaimed.

“There’s still another round,” I said getting up.

“Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon,” she said playfully.

I feel like this was the part she showed her true strength and dominance:

After a five minute break, we were ready to go at it.

We started and she instantly got me in another headlock. She instantly flung around while I was still in the hold. We flew to the ground as she maintained her hold. I started to lose my breath and I instantly tapped out.

"Nah, that's not the way I want you to lose," she said.

She let me go and we got up. I went after her again but she grabbed me and got me into a bearhug. I was amazed as my feet left the ground.

"Aw crap!" I said.

"Either you're really light or I'm really strong," Elaine said as she tightened her grip.

My arms were trapped in the bear hug so I was completely helpless. Her grip got tighter and my pain grew.

"I submit!" I yelled.

"Nah, I think I could do better than that," Elaine said as she let me go.

"C'mon!" I said. I felt all wobbly and I didn't think that I could continue.

She then grabbed me and did something even more incredible. She managed to grab me, go under me so that my back was across her shoulders and she lifted me up into the back breaker hold. She had one hand on my chin and the other on my legs and she pulled them down. I screamed loud and I was a afraid that someone would hear me. I tapped as best as I could.

"How about I keep you in this hold and we can walk down the street so that everyone can see how weak you are," she said as she walked around her apartment with me in her arms.

After a few minutes, she threw me down on the floor. The floor was carpeted, but it still hurt like hell to fall down hard. She turned me on my stomach and got on top of me. She started to spank my ass. She then grabbed my head and got me into a camel clutch.

"Say it baby, say that I'm stronger!" she said as she pulled my neck back. I yelled out in pain.

"Never!" I said defiantly. She pulled back further and I thought she was gonna break me in half.

"Say it!!" she said continuing to pull me back. I couldn't take it anymore, I was already humiliated enough.

"You're stronger!" I mumbled.

"What was that?" she asked.

"You're stronger!!" I yelled. She let me go and got off me. I just stayed there on the floor.

"Are we done?" I asked.

"Nope," she said.

I decided that enough was enough. I then charged for her and tried to pin her down. I got on top but she wrapped her legs around my neck and she had me in a headscissor. She was on her back as she did it her legs with my head in between in the air. She then flexed her biceps as she hummed. I kept tapping but she still held me there. I then tried to pry her legs apart but to no avail.

After a minute she finally let go and I slumped to the floor. I wasn't knocked out but I had no energy to move. She got back on top of me and she gave me a hard kiss. I was too worn out to kiss her back. She then took me and lifted me over her shoulder with ease. She gave me a quick spank.

"Let's get something to eat," she said. We then left her place with me still over her shoulder.
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