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Default Re: Can A Woman Rape A Man?

Not going to get into how I know or where from, but I can assure you, males can be raped. When a woman rapes a man it is to dominate and prove something or to destroy and demoralize. She has no regard for whether she has to take him down originally with steel-toed boots to the balls. The erection can be obtained out of fear or absolute terror of what could happen to his manhood. A 114 lb male has no chance against a 325 lb woman filled with hatred, revenge, or scorn. Rape is not always as the media or fantasies would like. Destruction and humiliation of him as a male is the goal. They have targeted the prostate , the testicles, and unfortunately, I won't give ideas or express how...but imagine rape of the male urethra while having an erection and her pursuing permanent damage while doing so. A man, just like female victims, may very likely have been rendered unconscious before the rape to guarantee unlimited access, control, and damage. I brought all of this up because I agree with the rules policy on rape. It should be taboo unless faced with the good and the bad, if it is going to be discussed though. Those who have been through it or counselled others through it, might not see the simple curiosity as anything but harmful and unfair to them, without appropriate acknowledgement of the reality of what happens.
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