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Default Re: AlphaAce review

Originally Posted by boyofwinter [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I've sat on this session to think things over for much longer than is normal for me, because it's a bit complicated. I highly recommend meeting AA, but not strongly for 1 reason in particular. Not because she's fun to wrestle though she is that, not because I enjoyed spending time with her personally though I did, not because of how she combines femininity with strength and such an imposing physique like practically no one else her size, but the way all of these fit together made me very eager to meet her again. I've eventually decided that for me personally she's the most exciting lady to start offering sessions since Kayla joined Tempest.
Per the site, from here on I'll focus on wrestling. From a certain perspective she's ideal, in that she knows the basics of bjj but not so much more (for now) that what we were doing felt less like wrestling. She's among the strongest women I've ever met, the fact is there was simply no way of escaping a hold once she had applied it well, whatever intensity I decided to deploy during any fall. The point of course is to avoid becoming trapped, something I wasn't ever skilled or strong enough to do for more than most of a minute. We are roughly the same height and weight and yet I was simply unable to impede her arms during initial lockup, that's rare enough in itself. I expect from the fundamentally sound way she moved that being stronger than her wouldn't necessarily result in wins nearly as much as being an experienced blue belt would.
All that being said, if you want a session that is strictly wrestling I would suggest you meet with someone else. As strong as she is, AA is happiest with a low-key session and definitely isn't interested in spending an hour trying to fight off someone trying to prove something. This leads back to the contradiction I mentioned earlier. She left me more sore than I remember being in many years after a session, but it didn't happen after 58 minutes of hard wrestling. If you might not be prepared for the session not to go exactly the way you expect (not to imply she'll ignore what you've told her you want) then she might not be for you.
Although I am not really sure what I just read, I did come away from it thinking: "therapy indicated"...and that's not a bad thing, of course.
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