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Default Global Takeover day story

For those who remember the humiliating Captions thread, this is the start of a short story i wrote, based on the captions i created for that thread. It is split into three chapters following three story lines -
  1. Newport High School
  2. Andy
  3. Claire

If i ever get time, i will continue these story lines, dependant on reception and any ideas you come up with for these three story lines. Pictures for each story are attached to the post.

The Global Takeover series
Chapter 1

Part 1

Newport High School, somewhere in America
September in the not too distant future (9 months till GTD)

Brad stomped into the locker room and spat out his mouth guard. Yet again the Newport Panthers had lost the game and as captain of the American Football team, it would be him who took most of the blame. As he started to get changed he could hear his team enter behind him, very little was spoken as they started to get changed and showered. Not surprising considering how badly they performed, in fact not just them, but the fans were cheering them even less than usual. His friend, Parker, came up to him.

“You know no one blames you for this, we al-“

Brad held up his arm and cut Parker off

“Stop with the bull sh*t Parker, everyone will blame me, even those damn bimbos on the Cheerleading squad do, they couldn’t even do their own jobs. I didn’t hear any cheering from our fans.”

Brad vented his anger as he stuffed his shirt into his bag.

“Hey its hardly their fault, it was a windy day and I know your ex is one of them, but I hardly think that giving them all the finger just now helped. They did not look happy at all after that.”

“Yeah I don’t care; anyway I will see you on Tuesday for practice.” Brad said as he grabbed his towel and went to the showers.

Part 2

On Tuesday afternoon the sun was shining for once on Newport, the Cheerleading squad had arrived at the High school field ten minutes before the Football team were supposed to arrive. All twenty one of them wore the black yellow and white cheerleading uniform of their High school, ‘Panthers’ inscribed on the chests of their tops.

“I don’t think we should do this” Ashley (second on bottom row) said as they stood around waiting, “we really should wait for the day.”

Jessica (middle of bottom row) sighed and told the taller girl “I know you mean well, but I just can’t stand the football teams cocky nature, especially that lying bastard Brad. Trust me when I say that I would not be able to pretend to be a weak female for a year, especially when I have to watch Brad every week.”

Ashley nodded as Jessica moved spoke to the rest of the girls individually; this had been in the planning since the end of the last match. Each girl had their own target Jessica had Brad, Alicia(first on top row) had Parker, while Ashley had Anthony, who to be honest was a bit of a pervert in Ashley’s opinion. Thinking of Parker, Ashley smiled as she tied her dirty blonde hair into a ponytail; he was actually quite a nice guy. She just hoped that Alicia would go easy on him.

Part 3

When Brad and the rest of the team walked onto the field, they saw the Cheerleading squad standing in the centre of the field. “What the hell are they doing here?” Brad said when he spotted them. He dropped the bag of balls he carried by the bleachers and jogged over to the cheerleaders, followed by the rest of the team.

Brad stood in front of Jessica, towering a head over her. The b*tch had the audacity to smirk at him.

“What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be practicing now.”

“We have as much right to be here, anyway I doubt this training session would have actually helped you win any matches.”

Brad cursed as Jessica threw that jibe at him, why did his ex have to be on the cheerleading squad? It meant they saw each other so often.

“Just go, at least we are actually performing our role, unlike you. What’s the point of a cheerleader if they can’t make the crowd cheer?”

“We can’t help it if the team is crap. Anyway we were thinking of swapping roles, us cheerleaders become the players, while you guys become the cheerleaders.”

Brad and the rest of the team chuckled at that ridiculous notion.

“You would get destroyed.”

As Brad turned to share a joke with the rest of the team he felt something grab his wrist and his feet were swept out from underneath him. He landed heavily on his stomach as Jessica held his left arm in a half nelson her knee rested on his back.

“We’ll be destroyed will we?”

“You b*tch get off.”

“Oh, you will be destroyed. Girls, get them!!!”

From his view on the floor, Brad saw twenty pairs of cheerleader legs run past and charge at his bewildered teammates. Turning his focus back to Jessica he tried to hit her with his free right arm, but could not get a solid hit on her.

“Aww, are you struggling? Tell you what I’ll get up and give you ten seconds.”

Jessica let go of Brad and jumped up, giving him room. Brad was embarrassed at how easily he had been taken down, but now the b*tch would pay. He got on to his knees, but as he was about to get up he saw Jessica’s sneaker as it swung towards his midriff. The force of the blow sent him sprawling on his side, and he got his first look at Jessica and the glint of anger and excitement in her eyes.

“Sorry, I lied that was only seven seconds. But you’re used to lying to people so it doesn’t matter.”

Again she went in for a kick, and Brad tried to crawl out of the way, but her foot connected with his thigh. Flush with anger and embarrassment he rolled away from Jessica and stood up as she approached. Behind her, he could see the others and it did not look good. Parker was getting choked out by Alicia, his face as red as a Tomato. Anthony was on the defensive, getting slapped around by that quiet girl Ashley. This wasn’t right; the girls must be taking drugs or something Brad thought as he returned his attention to Jessica. Time to take her down.

Brad charged at her and tackled her around the waist, taking them both to the floor. He could hear Jessica gasp as her back slammed on the floor, but as he went to subdue her, he felt her legs wrap around his stomach. He tried to punch her, but she easily blocked his attack. He tried to move forward, but her legs kept a tight grip around his stomach preventing him from moving. As he looked at Jessica’s smirking face he realised with horror that she was slowly tightening her legs and he was losing breath. Changing from his previously offensive tactics, he began to struggle against her legs, trying to break from them.

“Is this actually the best you can do? I am actually disappointed.”

“Shut up, you drug addled b*tch.”

She started to playfully slap his cheeks as he struggled to breathe. It was definitely time to fight dirty Brad thought. With a sudden burst of energy and speed he grabbed one of her hands as it slapped him and bit it as hard as possible. Jessica screamed in pain, and her legs loosened their grip long enough for Brad to break free. He stood up and directed a kick at her, but she managed to roll out of the way. Again he tried to kick her, but she dodged his attack and shot her foot up into his groin. Brad bent over in pain and was unable to stop Jessica getting up. An extremely angry Jessica.

She attacked him with a flurry of kicks, slaps and kicks that Brad could not defend against. Each hit felt like a hammerblow, how could Jessica be so strong? He began to back away, as her onslaught continued. He stumbled back and fell on the ground; Jessica jumped on top of him, grabbed his hair and began bashing his head on the grass. Before she could do too much damage, Alicia and Ashley grabbed her arms to stop her hurting Brad too badly.

The girls talked to Jessica and helped her calm down. As they helped Jessica up, they looked down at Brad with disdain. He looked around and saw that the rest of the team were all subdued, their arms tied behind their backs with the laces from their boots. Jessica then came and blocked his view.

“I told you that you would be destroyed.”

Ashley and Alicia approached Brad, who didn’t resist as they undid his laces and tied his hands behind his back. His eyes watered from the pain and humiliation. He was afraid of the cheerleaders, and as he looked at the bleachers he could see a small crowd that had witnessed the team’s annihilation by the cheerleaders. Brad knew that no one would look at them the same. Neither would the relationship between football player and cheerleader, he thought as he watched the cheerleaders walk away.

Chapter 2

Town in South East England
September in the not too distant future (9 months till GTD)

Andy walked along the street; in the plastic bag he carried was a six pack of cider. It was early September and only two and a half weeks before he returned to his final year of university. The previous year had been spent on a study abroad year in the USA, a year he had thoroughly enjoyed. He had even spent a few weeks after final exams and stayed with an American friend he made. Experiencing a genuine American lifestyle for a while, even watching his friends’ younger brother, Parker, play American football once. Although the team, the Newport Panthers, had unfortunately lost that match he still enjoyed the experience.

Currently he was staying with a friend, Tom, from university, who had graduated that summer, for a few days. When Andy had returned from America, Tom had invited him to stay over for a bit. It was now the third day and he was returning from the village shop with Alcohol for the next few days, Andy rarely drank, but once in a while he would drink with friends. Tonight would be no exception, just like the previous nights when he, Tom and Tom’s friends from home would play drinking games or go out clubbing.

As he walked down an alley in between garden fences, he could hear dance music getting louder. Andy looked at his mobile, 7:21pm, bit early for a party Andy thought as he saw a gate open from a garden, where the music was obviously coming from. Out stumbled a slightly tipsy girl dressed in a skimpy white t-shirt, leggings and heels. Andy recognised her as Josh’s, one of Tom’s friends, younger sister called Shona; at only 14, it was obvious that this was one of her first house parties. Andy remembered his own experiences at the first alcohol fuelled house parties, fooling his parents into thinking there was no alcohol, trying to get his parents to pick him up far enough from the house to prevent them seeing intoxicated party guests. It was scary to think that that was about seven years ago now.

Shona spotted Andy as he approached, she delicately wobbled towards him. Smiling as she looked at the plastic bag he carried, especially the contents.

“Hey there. Your Toms friend aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am. And you’re Josh’s sister, Shona is it?”

Shona stepped uncomfortably close to Andy and looked up at him.

“You know my name. I like it when boys know my name.”

She smirked as her hand touched Andy’s arm, knowing how uncomfortable she was making him feel. Andy started edging around her to get on his way, but she kept close to him. She looked down at his bag with cider.

“You know, I don’t have any alcohol left. I want some of yours!”

“Um, I don’t, feel that comfy giving an underage acquaintance alcohol. Are you sure you can’t get some from others at the party, or just get people into a drinking game.”

Andy started to walk away, but his knee gave way as Shona kicked him behind the knee, sending him stumbling to his knees. Before he knew it Shona had dragged him by his hair and shoved him against the fence. Her knee positioned against his crotch, hard enough to be felt, but not cause pain. He was confused, and a bit annoyed at being attacked, but he didn’t retaliate as he wasn’t a fan of fighting. Despite being physically above average, Andy had never got into fights, rarely even verbal ones. But a shy and quiet guy like Andy rarely made enemies so it was never needed. His attention returned to Shona as he felt her knee move in a circular motion. Embarrassingly it felt really good and his body was reacting to it.

“Ewww. Is that what I think it is?”

Shona retracted her knee, but then swung it back. The pain was immense as Andy crouched over, dropping his bag in the process. Shona grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. Their lips connected as she kissed him. This split second of tenderness ended when she grabbed his neck and threw him on the floor.

Andy landed on his front; he was surprised at the strength of Shona, and concerned. Especially when he looked round and saw her approach him. He swiped his leg at her and managed to trip her up, helped by the alcohol that was affecting her balance. She crawled over and grabbed Andy’s belt as he tried to get up, pulling him back down.

“Ok ok. If you want some cider I will give you some. Just let’s stop fighting”

He hoped that would please her, as he really didn’t want to fight and she was doing better than he thought.

“Oh I will, but first I need to show you a lesson.”

She grabbed Andy around the waist and pushed him. Andy resisted and they ended up in a strange sort of two person rugby scrum. A scrum that Andy should have easily won, yet he was gradually losing ground to his smaller female opponent. What the hell is happening, he thought, I’m not that weak surely?

Andy’s foot slipped and Shona was able to push him onto his back. She climbed on top of him and wrapped her legs around his head into a scissor and squeezed. Andy struggled to pry apart her legs, but she rode through his struggles as she took out her mobile from her bra. The camera on it snapped as she took a photo of Andy in this embarrassing predicament. Andy went even redder then he already did as Shona positioned herself to capture a selfie containing her face as well as Andy between her legs.

After she had taken a couple of incriminating selfies and photos, Shona undid her scissors. Before Andy could savour his freedom she shuffled forward and sat on his face. He struggled to try and push her off, but failed to get her off. He could feel her shift her weight, then a rustle as she grabbed Andy’s bag and took some cans. Shona stood up and looked down at Andy holding two cans of cider.

“Thanks for the Cider, now don’t tell Josh about me drinking or else some pictures will be going online.”

She smiled as she shook her mobile in Andy’s face. Oh great, not only did she beat him up, she also had material to blackmail him with. He watched as she returned to the party, before getting up and grabbing his bag with the four remaining cans.

Chapter 3

London, England
September in the not too distant future (9 months till GTD)

Claire’s heels clacked on the pavement as she left the underground station and headed towards the bus stop. It had been a good day at work, and she felt quite pleased with the progress she had made today in the project. If asked about her job, she would just say that she was a senior Project assistant for a drugs company, Puella Pharmaceuticals, impressive for a 24 year old. But Puella was just a front for the powerful, but secretive organisation she worked for, referred to as Feminam Imperium.

Created over a hundred years ago by an obscure religious cult comprised entirely of Women, Feminam Imperium was created to further the rights and standing of women, to eventually lead to the prophesised, ascensionem mulieris. A day when the Female gender would take over the world. That day was less than a year away and was now more commonly referred to as Global Takeover day, or GTD.

Claire got on the bus waiting at the bus stop and sat down near the back of the half empty bus, straightening her grey pencil skirt. On her lap rested her handbag. As the bus drove through the streets of London, she noticed a woman giving sly glances at her. Not again, she thought, Claire was mistaken for Hayden panettiere more than she would have liked. It didn’t help that Claire was also short like Hayden. But at least she lacked the American accent.
Finally the bus arrived outside Witchlock flats and Claire disembarked from the bus. She looked up at the slightly rundown block of flats she called home, only one more year of living here before I get to upgrade after GTD. She walked into the small entrance foyer; a dead plant in the corner of the room was the only other thing reminiscent of life. The sound of her heels echoed as she entered the stairwell and began to climb the stairs.

Despite climbing all the way up to the fifth floor, she didn’t feel tired or out of energy at all. It is amazing what the transformation did to her, she thought. Claire had undergone the process two years ago when she joined Feminam Imperium. She didn’t remember much during the process, but when it was done, her physical strength and endurance had increased dramatically, way above that of an average man. Eventually all women would undergo this process, but deciding when someone would undergo the process was important. This was the project that Claire was part of, when a woman was chosen for the process depended on numerous factors. Her personal relations, age, beliefs, location, abil, time before GTD, etc. the transformed needed time to adjust to their new strength, but to also know how to disguise it until GTD. For Feminam Imperium employees, alongside the transformation, they had to go through a training routine that covered many forms of fighting styles.

By the time Claire had walked up to her front door on the fifth floor, she held her key ready. But when she tried to turn the key it didn’t move, she tried the handle and discovered that it was unlocked. I definitely remember locking it this morning she thought as she quietly slipped off her heels. She slipped inside and quietly shut the door behind her.

Claire stood in a short narrow hallway with two doors on either side and one at the far end. She snuck forward and checked the first room on her left, which led into the living room. It was empty, but then her ears pricked as she heard a rustle come from her office. Leaving the living room she crossed the hallway diagonally and looked inside her study.

A man was crouched at her desk shuffling through the papers in the drawers, his back to the door. With a growing sense of horror, Claire realised that the man had discovered her work stuff related to GTD. This made everything much more complicated. Silently she began to slowly undo her belt; she then unzipped her skirt, but the man heard the zip and spun round, cursing while Claire stepped out of her skirt.

The man was of average height, which meant he was at least half a foot taller than Claire and had dirty blonde hair. He looked around, obviously looking for a way out. But there was only one way, and that was through Claire, who now blocked the doorway; wearing only her black top and underwear.

“Stealing is bad you know.”

“But it helps pays the bills; Why did you take off your skirt? Forget it, that doesn’t matter. Now are you going to get out of my way, I don’t want you calling the police. I would hate to hurt a little lass like you.”

“Lass? Did you really call me lass? Fine I won’t call the police, but I cannot allow you to leave here.”

The man waved the papers he held in his hand, Claire thought she recognised them as dossiers of potential transformation targets.

“Is this because of this crazy stuff? What the hell is GTD? Is it a drug? I don’t give a damn what you do with it, I’m just trying to make a living. Now move out the way, I won’t tell you again.”

Claire shook her head as she watched the man drop the papers and grab his bag. She really did not need this complication. Within Feminam Imperium she would be considered a very moderate believer in the cause. She wasn't a huge fan of causing pain, but knew that it was sometimes necessary. As the man approached, fully expecting to easily push Claire aside, she prepared her plan of attack, knowing that it wouldn't be too hard.

As the man came in for a shove, Claire reacted quickly and grabbed his wrists, pulling them to the sides. For a moment the man looked surprised, but as Claire sent her knee into his groin he groaned in pain and bent over, dropping his bag. Claire did not commit her full strength just yet as she wanted to wear him down. She followed up by slapping him wildly, powerful enough to force him to step back, in an attempt to get out away from the barrage of slaps.

He lashed out with a right hook, but Claire dodged it with grace. The right hook however did slow her attack and the man was free to follow up with a wild punch to her face. Claire again grabbed his wrist and used his momentum to send him sprawling to the floor. She sent a few light kicks into his stomach before she stepped back and waited. The man cursed as he stood up to face Claire, who once again blocked his escape. Only this time he would not hold back, however he was already winded from the previous scuffle, whereas Claire felt fine.

The man approached again, wary of both Claire’s hands and legs. He went in to tackle Claire around the waist, wrapping his arms around her waist and pushing. Claire was pushed back a few steps before managing to hold her ground. Despite his efforts, he was unable to push her further back. Claire then reached over and grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled it sharply, giving the man a painful wedgie. He cried out in pain as his underwear was ripped by the wedgie, he kicked out at her shin.

“OUCH, that hurt.”

It was enough to allow the man to disentangle himself from Claire. She was slightly annoyed, that kick would probably bruise. She stepped forward and started to punch at the man, high, middle and low. The man had no chance against the strength and speed of her hands. He was forced back, his body softened up by her petite fists.

He suddenly tried to make a break for the exit, now that he and Claire were clear of the doorway. However Claire grabbed his belt from behind, and sent her foot flying up into his groin from behind. He collapsed on the floor, writhing in pain as Claire walked over him to stand above his head. She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling his head up between her thighs. She then began to scissor his head while standing, exerting enough pressure to make him gasp in pain. His failing strength tried to break free, while Claire continued to increase the strength of her scissors.

Finally, Claire undid her scissors, and let the man’s head drop to the floor, thoroughly defeated. Now for one final move to finish him, she thought. Claire took her time to get the man into a sleeper hold. When she had finally sent him into the realm of unconsciousness she let go.

Claire quickly went over to her bedroom and collected a bag stuffed in the corner, beside her wardrobe. Returning to the office she produced handcuffs and a gag from the bag. She dragged the man over to the radiator and handcuffed the man’s arms behind his back, locking him to the radiator. The gag was tied around his mouth to prevent any noise. Meanwhile Claire took out a rope from the bag and tied his legs together.

Claire brushed her hair back as she looked down at the man; I need to arrange for a transfer for this guy. He will be introduced to the new world nine months early, but for the moment Claire had to keep him locked up. She started to clear up the office, reordering her work and retrieving the valuables the man had stolen.
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

Wow i really love were this story is headed , loves those beautiful sexy girls,

hope you will continue andithsmith. thanks
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

cheers, as usual, if you have any suggestions/improvements i would love to hear them. I probably won't have time to continue it for a while as real life work demands my attention at the moment, but the more ideas you give me, the easier it will be for me to continue it.

Also, if any Americans are reading, tips and advice on the Newport High School section would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to write it using American English words, and cultural events/items etc
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

Big thanks has to go to Lacet, who gave me the ideas for Newport and Claire in this section.

Chapter 4 (Newport)
Newport outskirts, somewhere in America
October in the not too distant future (8 months till GTD)

Parker stepped out of Anthony’s car and looked at Alicia’s house, he shivered as flashbacks of that day on the sports field returned to him. He looked back as the rest of his teammates got out of their cars, most of them at least. Brad had refused to go, especially as Jessica would be there. Parker rearranged his pirate hat, hopefully this Halloween party would improve the mood of his mates. Anthony, dressed as Deadpool, clapped Parker's shoulder.

“Arghh, come on captain, stop gawking at the house. There are girls inside you can do that too.”

“Typical Anthony, typical.”

“What? Anyway come on, let’s get some more drinks down us.”

Parker followed Anthony as he entered the house, music booming out the open front door. His eyes failed to make out anyone he recognised in the dim lights. Everyone was in a costume, ranging from the fancy such as a girl in a puffy pink princess dress, to the lazy, which generally involved a cheap cape and superhero t-shirt.
Anthony was already filling a red cup with punch by the time Parker reached the table. As Parker filled his own red cup, Anthony had already downed his first and joined Parker at the punch bowl.

“That is good punch. Definitely on the stronger side, I can taste the vodka.”

“Bottoms up my matey.”

Parker said as he linked arms with Anthony and downed his cup, finishing his drink a split second before Anthony. Parker soon lost Anthony among the crowd as he wondered from group to group, talking, drinking and flirting.
After an hour at the party passed, Parker looked around and saw Anthony enter the Basement, at the back of a crowd of other people. Parker considered whether to follow him or not. But he made up his mind when Justin Bieber began to play, he followed Anthony down the stairs and into the basement.

“Buddy!!! I thought I lost you.”

Anthony exclaimed when he saw Parker,

“Come on we’re about to play some drinking games.”

Parker looked around at the others in the basement, converted into a comfy playroom, with a TV, sofas and a coffee table. Excluding him and Anthony, there were two other football players and five of the cheerleaders. Lucy (sixth on bottom row) was dressed as a pink princess in a fluffy dress; Andrea (third on bottom row) was dressed as an undead nurse; Amy (sixth on top row) was a sexy Witch. Brads ex Jessica (middle of bottom row) was a leopard, complete with face paint and the hostess Alicia (first on top row) was a French maid. Parker gulped as he saw Alicia, there was an overwhelming consensus among the team that the cheerleaders had been taking some sort of drug that day, but there was always a nagging thought of doubt at the back of Parkers mind.

Everyone in the basement sat on the floor around the coffee table. Time seemed to fly by as they played various drinking games, including ring of Fire. The alcohol in the basement ran dry at twenty past twelve. Alicia got up and left to get more alcohol, surprisingly steady, considering the amount she had drunken already.

Parker looked around the basement, in the corner was a pile of bags, one was half open and he could see a cheerleader outfit inside. This must have been where the cheerleaders met before the party started properly. His gaze switched to the door as he heard Alicia return, seeming to struggle with closing the door one handed, while the other carrying a bag full of bottles.

“Let’s make it more interesting. High stakes. The winning gender has to serve the other for the rest of the night.”

Anthony grinned as Alicia spoke.

“We’ll play blackjack, I will not play, to make it even numbers, and whoever has the best score after everyone has played, wins.”

“You’re on.”

The alcohol had made the guys more confident and so they all agreed to play. Anthony went first, getting a seven, a three and a ten. He fist bumped the air as Andrea took her turn. Finally it was Parkers turn, the last to play, and the last chance the boys had of winning. He needed a seventeen or above to win. The first was played, a ten. The next, six. The air was thick with anticipation. Alicia laid down the last card. Parker groaned, it was an eight. The boys had lost.


Jessica said as she leapt to her feet.

“I have the perfect idea.”

She rushed over to the bags and took out a cheerleading uniform.

“You guys need new costumes.”

The football player, derrick cursed, as each girl, except Jessica chose a boy to dress up. Lucy took Parkers hand and led him to a corner as she carried a pile of clothes. The puffy skirt of her dress essentially boxed Parker into the corner.

“Ok there are you go, once you have stripped put on the panties and bra, I can help you with that.”

“Wait, What? I thought we would just wear the top and skirt.”

“Don’t forget, you do have to serve us for the rest of the party, now don’t be shy.”

Parkers face went red as he took off his pirate outfit, he slid the white panties up his legs, shivering at their touch. Lucy continued to watch him, handing him the bra and helping clip it at the back. Suddenly, a commotion behind them distracted them and they watched as Derrick tried to run away, but Jessica tripped him up and Andrea pounced on his back. With the help of Jessica, they forced Derrick into his cheerleading outfit. Lucy turned back to Parker and urged him on.

Finally Parker and the other guys were all dressed as cheerleaders, hairy cheerleaders. Parker found the air drifting up under his skirt a very strange sensation. He looked down at his chest, the bra stuffed with his socks to help give an impression of breasts.

Pomp oms were stuffed into each guys hands, and were ordered to perform a cheerleading routine. The girls laughed as they watched the drunk guys fumble around pretending to be cheerleading. Finally they got bored and each guy was ordered to lie down on the floor. Parker looked up at Lucy as she stood over him.

“Wait, what you doing? Stop.”

Lucy ignored Parker as she stood directly over him and sat on his chest, knocking out his breath. Her skirt covering most of his body. He pleaded with her to get up, but instead she shifted forward and before Parker knew it, her ass was on his face. He struggled to shift her, but was unable to. Finally she did return to her position on his chest, he still couldn’t see anything except her legs and crotch. Parker heard the tv turn on as the girls put on a movie, using the guys, dressed as cheerleaders, as chairs.

Eventually Parker fell asleep, waking in the late hours of the morning, his head pounding. He got up and looked around, the others were still asleep, and so he gathered his pirate costume and quickly got changed. He then quietly woke the other guys, giving them a chance to change, before leaving the girls to sleep in the basement. None of them spoke about what happened, yet again they had been embarrassed by the cheerleaders. To be fair, they did lose a game with a high degree of luck involved. Apart from Derrick, none of them were going to go back on the consequences of losing, if only to avoid being called a coward.

Chapter 5 (Andy)
University City in south east England
Late October in the not too distant future (8 months till GTD)

Andy sat in his University room, staring at his laptop screen, Facebook open and the new message notification indicating the arrival of a new message. He knew what it would be before he opened it. After his encounter last month with Shona, she had added him on Facebook. Every once in a while she would torment him with one of the photos she took. She demanded that Andy call her mistress and occasionally ordered him to praise her. Andy opened the message.

“You will be glad to hear, that you are no longer the only guy that has the privilege of calling me mistress. What do you think of that?”

Andy typed in a response that he knew would please her, yet in reality disliking every word of it.

“That is wonderful news mistress, he must feel very lucky.”

Curious as to who this could be, Andy looked on Shona’s profile page. The first post was an album of photos that she was tagged in. Looking through them, he guessed that she had gone to a Halloween party the other night, dressed as a cat. So another party, and another victim? Andy thought. In one of the pictures, Shona sat on the back of a boy dressed as Superman. That was the closest evidence Andy could find. Just then Shona replied.

“You will be glad to hear that he was even weaker than you. And that is saying something. You boys are so weak!!! Aren’t you?”

“Yes mistress, we are weak and pathetic males. No match for your superior feminine strength mistress.”

Andy hated having to constantly keep an eye on Facebook just in case Shona messaged him. He could hear his housemates walk past his door, their voices clearly audible. They were lucky. They were not being blackmailed by a fourteen year old girl. He left his laptop and continued to unpack his bag. He had been back home in Cambridge for his Fathers birthday for the weekend and had just got back yesterday. Apart from a low key dinner party, it was a quiet weekend. His journey there and back was unremarkable, apart from when he was not looking where he was going and nearly knocking into a pretty blonde woman on the station platform in Cambridge. That woman had reminded him a lot of the actress Hayden Panettiere, but Andy doubted it was her; then again, he had seen Ian Mckellen there once.

Once he had finished unpacking, Andy looked at the time. It was time to head to his seminar, he grabbed his work stuff and headed out the door. The wind gusted as he climbed the hill towards campus. Once on campus he looked down the valley where the city was located, the Cathedral dominating its skyline. A spectacular view, but one best enjoyed on a less windy day.

Once outside his seminar room, he checked Facebook. Shona had updated her relationship status to ‘In a relationship with Connor Maynard’. The unlucky person, was the guy dressed as superman in the photo. His phone pinged as a new Facebook message appeared.

“I’m so sorry Andy, you must be extremely jealous of Connor. Shame you don’t live closer, or are closer my age.”

“Yes mistress, I am very jealous of Connor. He is very lucky to be in a relationship with a woman as beautiful and magnificent as you mistress.”

Andy looked up as others in his seminar arrived. Andy may not be jealous of Connor, but he would definitely be jealous of the boyfriends of some of the girls here. He was certain that none of them would attack a guy, or get lucky when fighting him. Unless the guy was some sort of pervert, luckily Andy did not fall in that category. As the seminar started he hoped that his life would improve, especially in the area of girls. Getting a girl and breaking free from Shona’s blackmailing.

Chapter 6 (Claire)
Cambridge, UK
October in the not too distant future (8 months till GTD)

Claire walked through the entrance foyer of the dance studio. She was to spend a session of ballet with her target, a Cambridge university student called Sarah. That was why she had was dressed in a pink tutu and leotard, with white tights and pink ballet slippers. She had been in contact with Sarah for a month, and had met her over coffee for the first time a few days ago. Claire was staying in a local Travelodge while she worked on convincing Sarah, and to also take in the sites of Cambridge. As Claire entered the hall, leaving her bag by the wall and shrugging off her coat, she surveyed the scene. There were about twelve ballet students, a large proportion of whom were female, and a few males; including the teacher.

“Hey Claire, I’m glad you came.”

Sarah walked over to Claire, her hair tied back in a bun like Claire’s, followed by the teacher.

“Hi, I thought it would be interesting to see how my ballet skills are. And hi nice to meet you?“

“I’m Mark, nice to meet you as well. Sarah told me you would come, so she will be helping you tonight.”

Mark shook Claire’s hand. He then left and called the class to session. Claire followed Sarah to the back of the group, and copied Mark as he led them through a range of stretches and warm up exercises. They then moved onto dance routines and although Claire was only a beginner, she was thoroughly enjoying it and loved how strong yet feminine it made her feel as she danced in pink. The end of the lesson found Claire speaking to Sarah as they had a drink at the edge of the dance studio.

“Have you thought any more about my offer? Puella believe you are ready for the process.”

“It sounds good, too good to be true really.”

“Feel your forehead. Now feel mine. Notice how cool I am, the lack of copious amounts of sweat.”

“But didn’t you say the previous day that you were trained in many forms of martial arts, surely that would make you athletically healthy?”

“The same as if I did ballet every week. I however don’t do ballet. I practice martial arts such as Aikido an-“

“You do Aikido?”

Claire jumped as Mark asked Claire. She turned around to look at Mark.

“Yes, a little bit.”

“That is cool, I did a little bit of Aikido years ago.”

“Tell you what Mark, why don’t we give Sarah a demonstration, if you attack me and I defend myself.”

Mark looked around as he considered the offer, they were the last three in the studio.

“Ok, you’re on. Let’s say five minutes. If I’m lucky I will make you tape out, you will defend against my attacks.”

Mark and Claire faced each other in the centre of the room, Sarah looked on at what seemed uneven odds. Mark charged, his fist extending for a punch. Claire crouched and grabbed his wrist with both hands. She redirected the force of his attack and caused him to flip over. Mark gasped as he landed on the floor.

“Wow, impressive.”

Mark stood up and grabbed Claire’s left wrist. Immediately she twisted her left arm until she could grab his arm, in a strange form of wrist handshake. She grabbed his hand with her right hand and freed her left hand from his grip. Her left hand now grabbed his elbow and forced him to his knees, with full control of his arm.

She stepped back and let Mark go. Mark stood up and circled Claire as she straightened her tutu. He attacked from behind and grabbed her wrists, but was too slow to stop her from slipping to the side. His grip on her wrists remained, but she used them as a weapon as she entangled his arms together before he lost his grip on her. She sent him back onto his knees, for the third time.

“Well done, you are really good. I think that is enough for today.”
Mark Shook hands with Claire and bid farewell to her and Sarah.

“That was amazing.”

“That was fairly easy, Mark was not out to hurt me, and as someone who knows a bit of aikido himself, he knows what attacks I can and cannot defend against. The real world is not so easy and accommodating. That is where Puella come in, when you are physically stronger, you can defend yourself against men.”

“Until this GTD event you mentioned occurs?”

“Exactly, in May next year.”

Sarah put on a pair of glasses and looked at her mobile.

“Ohh. I better get going, or I will miss the bus. I will speak to you tomorrow.”

Sarah grabbed her jacket and bag before rushing out. Claire put on her coat, before grabbing her bag and leaving the dance studio. As she stepped outside she breathed in the fresh air, it was a very mild evening for October. As she set off down the street, she saw Sarah, clearly visible in her pink tutu, turn right, into a narrow road, in the distance. Claire followed, her bus would not arrive for another ten minutes, so she was in no rush to reach the bus stop, unlike Sarah.

As Claire walked, her mind thought back on the thief that had broken into her flat the previous month, Claire had kept him locked up for three days before he was collected by members of Feminam Imperium. He was more than likely in one of the secret facilities that Feminam Imperium had dotted around the country. His life now reduced to servitude for the female gender.

As Claire turned into the narrow road Sarah had gone down, her thoughts were destroyed by a shout. Further down the road Sarah spun around as she was surrounded by three rough looking men. All of whom looked at her with malicious intent. One of the men manhandled Sarah and knocked her to the ground, her glasses knocked skew on her face.

Claire dropped her bag and shrugged out of her coat as she ran at the closest man. He turned around when he heard her running footsteps, but was too slow to block her attack. As Claire reached the man she spun around, almost like doing a pirouette. Her elbow smashed into his midriff, and he bent over winded.

She then immediately charged towards the second guy, the one who had knocked Sarah to the ground. Both of her feet kicked out as she jumped. Her toes pointed as the top of her feet struck his groin, first the right foot, then the left. The man bent over as he gasped in pain, his hands clutching his groin.

Claire had no time to spare the second guy as she landed. She spun around and sent a stinging barrage of slaps to the third guy. He managed to block one or two slaps as he stepped back from Claire. Claire heard the second guy recover and charge at her from behind. She flicked up the heel of her foot and kicked him in the groin again as she finished her slap attack on the third guy.

The third guy, his face red from anger, embarrassment and Claire’s slaps, attacked, his fist heading straight for her face. Claire quickly ducked and grabbed his fist. She forced his attacks forward and propelled him over her shoulder. The moment of his attack combined with her strength, sent the man flying over her shoulder and crashing into the first guy. Who had been about to attack Claire from behind. The third guy cursed as his back thudded on the street floor.

Claire stood up and jumped on top of the third guy, grunting as her weight landed on his chest. She jumped up and did a jumping spin hook kick. Her foot connecting with the first guy’s head, sending him stumbling to the side. Claire landed again on the third guy, forcing him to shout out in pain again. Before charging forward to meet the attack of the second guy. Behind him, Claire could see that Sarah had escaped to the edge of the road, watching the fight with both fear and awe.

Claire ducked a punch, before sending her own punch. The guy held himself in the classic position of someone who had trained in boxing. He almost held his own in this punch fest, but was unable to land a hit on Claire. Meanwhile over half of her punches found their target. Getting angry, the guy lashed out with a wildly aimed punch. Claire slid to the side to avoid the punch. She grabbed the wrist of the attacking arm and forced the guy to his knees with the momentum of his attack. Her other hand grabbed the outside of his elbow. She pushed the elbow in and pulled his wrist towards her. SNAP. The breaking of his was almost audible, before he screamed in pain. She pushed him onto the floor as he held his broken arm.

“You Bitch!” came a voice from behind.

The first guy encased Claire’s chest in a bear hug, but luckily didn’t capture her arms. Claire gasped as his arms tightened. She spread her legs. Leaning forward, she grabbed the material of his trousers through her open legs. She lifted the leg up, between her legs and pushed back against the guy. The guy cursed as he fell backwards, Claire landing on top of him.

The third guy had recovered by now and tried to get on top of Claire. However she kicked out with both feet and sent him stumbling backwards. She jumped up and attacked the guy with punches and kicks, forcing him to retreat. Her attacks were starting to bruise, he punched out, but Claire managed to block and evade his attacks.

The first guy, recovered from his fall, charged in to attack Claire from behind. She sidestepped, causing both guys to crash into on another. Quickly, Claire grabbed the back of both their heads and rammed them together. They cried out in pain as their heads connected. Claire kicked the first guy, forcing him to stumble back.

Claire returned her attention to the third guy, still bent over in pain. She sent her knee pummelling into his stomach. Not once, but repeatedly and in quick succession. He screamed in pain, unable to stop her attack. Finally, Claire tripped him up, sending him falling next to the guy with the broken arm. He didn’t get back up as he started to throw up on the floor.

The first guy, the last one standing strode towards Claire. They locked hands, and the last stage of the fight turned into a contest of pure strength. A rough thuggish man vs the smaller female dressed as a ballerina. The man’s anger turned to fear as he was slowly forced back, his wrists forced backwards. Claire smiled at the expression on his face. Finally, Claire forced him to his knees. She then let go of his hands and dragged him by his hair over to Sarah.

“I want you to apologise to her on behalf of you and your friends.”

A murmur crept out of his lips. Claire slapped him, he recoiled at the attack.

“We didn’t hear you, apologise to her. Admit our superiority to you men.”

“I’m sor-ry. You two are superior to me and my friends.” I promise. We will never hurt anyone ever again. Just please let us –“

He was cut off as Sarah kicked him in the stomach. Claire then gave Sarah free reign as she took out her vengeance on the guy, punching and kicking. The guy curled up into a ball as he took the punishment. Eventually Claire stopped Sarah and calmed her down. The two women, dressed as ballerinas, looked down at the man with loathing, anger and disgust.

“Never forget this. You and your two big strong friends could not take down one little ballerina.”

Claire led Sarah away from the defeated men.

“Now, about my offer.”
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

If anyone wants to make their own characters and story line within this alternate universe, i would love to see that. I will be too busy to continue this for a while, so my three story lines will not advance for a long time.
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

It has been a while with this story. A very long while. But i have returned to it to carry it on a bit more.

Chapter 7 (Andy)

Part 1
Village in east of england, UK
New year’s eve in the not too distant future (6 months till GTD)

Andy futilely tried to comb down a tuft of hair that refused to stay down. He stood in front of his bathroom mirror, getting ready to go out to welcome the New Year in. He gave up hope of getting his hair in order and headed downstairs, the floorboards creaking as he stepped down the stairs. He went into the kitchen to collect some cider for pre drinks, he greeted his parents as they prepared food for the dinner party they were hosting. Although knowing his parents, they would fall asleep in front of the tv before midnight.
Andy put on a pair of smart casual shoes and donned a coat before bidding farewell to his parents and headed out the door. The chill December wind bit at his exposed skin as he walked down the icy street. As with all plans to meet up with friends, what was once planned to be a huge get together now only consisted of Andy and three others. His other friends going to various other events. He was heading towards the house of Sarah, a very intelligent and pretty friend who was a student at Cambridge University.
Andy rung the bell to Sarah’s house, he only had to wait for a few seconds before she answered the door, wearing tight fitting jeans and a warm looking jumper. “Come on in, the others are in the dining room” she smiled as she stepped aside to let Andy pass. His skin tingled as the warmth of the house contrasted with his frozen skin. As he stepped into the dining room, he saw his friends, Dom and Kate, gathered round the table chatting and drinking. As soon as they saw him they greeted him with enthusiasm and he and Sarah joined them around the table. His heart was bursting with nostalgia as he was reminded of his teenage years growing up in this area and with these friends. Out came the cards and the alcohol flowed freely as they played drinking games and chatted. As usual, Andy was more often than not the loser of the games, or at least it felt that way to him. They chatted about university and of the future, Dom and Kate had both recently graduated and were currently desperately searching for work, with little luck so far. Sarah was still at university, little surprise as she was studying medicine at Cambridge.
Well before midnight, all the alcohol had been finished and Andy and his friends decided to welcome in the New Year at the local pub. With uncoordinated effort, they managed to put on their shoes and wrap up before heading outside. Frost had started to form and their journey to the pub was slowed by the icy paths. Dom walked alongside Andy, their conversation focused on their interests of video games and other slightly nerdy topics, a few metres behind them Sarah and Katherine talked together. “Anyway, any luck with girls at uni?” Dom inquired.
Andy glanced at him, “um, unfortunately not.” His thoughts involuntarily turned to Shona, his experience with her had definitely scarred his approach to women. Luckily she had not tormented him over the past fortnight. “No worries, I’m sure you will find someone eventually.” Dom reassured Andy. They turned a corner and arrived at the pub.

Andy and his friends spent the rest of the evening drinking and chatting at the pub, they even did a little karaoke together. When the countdown to midnight began, they joined the rest of the fairly crowded pub and welcomed in the New Year. Andy and his friends remained for a while before heading off after the bell for last orders was rung. They slowly made their way through the streets, dropping Dom off, then Kate, before it was only Andy and Sarah left.

The street was empty except Andy, Sarah and a drunk guy walking towards them. Andy noticed the guy and was automatically suspicious of him. As they got closer, Andy shifted himself slightly so that He was in between Sarah and the man. Who Andy could now see clearly staring at Sarah’s body, despite her multiple layers of clothes. Time seemed to suddenly speed up as the man stumbled towards them, his hand outstretched towards Sarah. “Hey!” Andy shouted as he tried to push the guy away. Unfortunately, As Andy attempted to push the man away, his foot slipped on an icy patch of ground and he fell backwards. His head smacked the pavement.

Andy was disorientated as he heard Sarah shout in anger and Andy heard a large thud from beside him as a large shape fell down on the floor. Andy blinked as his vision blurred and spun. The shape got up, cursing loudly. Andy turned around to watch the large shape, which Andy assumed was the drunk man. He charged towards Sarah, or at least tried to. His drunkenness meant that his charge veered off to one side. Aided by a well placed leg to trip him up, the man yet again fell to the floor. Andy tried to get up, but a combination of alcohol and the hit to his head made him feel sick. He watched as Sarah came over “are you ok?” she asked as she felt the back of his head and looked into his eyes “doesn’t look too bad.”

Andy leaned on Sarah as she helped him up. His vision spun as he moved. Andy heard the man approach before he saw him. Sarah had also noticed him “stay here” she said as she moved off towards the man. Andy tried to call out, but he had to close his eyes and shut his mouth to prevent himself throwing up. He opened his eyes and saw Sarah behind the man, how had she managed to get around him with such ease? Andy wondered. Before the man was able to react, Sarah kicked behind his knee, sending him to one knee, before sending another foot from behind up into his groin. Yet again the man fell, but this time he stayed down as he covered his groin in pain.

Sarah returned to Andy and put his arm over her shoulder and supported him. As they slowly walked away, Andy’s vision still spun, but he noticed that it was getting slightly better. “Let’s go back to mine, It’s closest to here” Sarah said as Andy just grunted in agreement. For what felt like an eternity, Andy was helped through the streets by Sarah, his vision still spinning, luckily he no longer felt like he was going to be sick. Finally, they stood in front of Sarah’s house as she fumbled with the key, manging to unlock and open the door after the second try.
Sarah kicked off her own shoes and helped Andy out of his, before guiding him up the stairs and towards her room. Andy felt the softness of a pillow on his head as he was helped into bed, the ceiling still spun as he looked up. The last thing he saw before sleep finally took him was Sarah checking his head to make sure he was ok.
Andy opened his eyes, trying to recall what happened the night before. He was confused for a moment as the room he saw was not his own room. It looked too feminine to be his room. He rolled out of bed, before realising that a shape was in his way. It moved and groaned as Sarahs head popped out of the covers. “Um, did we?” Andy asked as Sarah bade him good morning.
“No, no we didn’t” she replied as she rolled out of bed, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of knickers. Andy crawled out of bed, still in his jeans and shirt, which were al crumpled from sleeping in them. He saw his mobile and wallet on the bedside table. “Why don’t you take a shower and I will make some tea” Sarah said as she put on a dressing gown and some slippers. Andy nodded as he followed her to the bathroom, she gave him a spare towel and left him alone.

As Sarah returned to her room, she heard Andy’s phone buzz and a message pop up on the screen. Curiosity getting the better of her she picked up the phone and read the message from a girl called Shona.
‘Hope you enjoyed the New Year slave, because this year will be the best year ever. I look forward to beating you up again and showing you how stronger I am.’
Reading the message, she was shocked and angry, this Shona girl had not only risked exposure of GTD, but had also beaten up and blackmailed her friend. When Sarah had been told of GTD by Claire, she saw it as an opportunity to bring about a more peaceful and fair world, where a united female gender would rule the world peacefully and not wage pointless wars. Her study of medicine had opened her eyes to the pain that injuries from weapons could inflict on someone. But if girls like this Shona were misusing their strength to abuse and hurt innocent men, which was a problem.
Sarah, looked up Shona, before carefully returning Andy’s mobile to where it had lain on the table before finding her own and dialling up Claire.
“Hello” Claire said as answered.
“Hi Claire, it’s me Sarah.”
“Oh hi there, happy New Year. Is anything the matter?”
“There is actually, it’s about this girl called Shona-“
Andy finished in the shower and dried himself, before putting back on his clothes from last night. He already felt better. As he returned to Sarah’s room, she was at the tail end of a conversation on her phone.
“I understand it will be a while before you can deal with her, but thank you none the less. Have a good New Year, bye.”
Sarah put down her mobile and jumped as she saw Andy enter the room.
“How long were you there?” she asked.
“I just arrived, don’t worry I didn’t hear your conversation. Who was it?”
“Um, just an aunt.”
Andy thought something was a bit off, Was she lying. Oh well, probably didn’t concern him. He pocketed his wallet and mobile and followed Sarah down as she went to the kitchen and made tea and breakfast for them both. After Breakfast, he said goodbye to Sarah and made his way home. He checked his phone and groaned as he saw a message from Shona appear on the screen.
‘Hope you enjoyed the New Year slave, because this year will be the best year ever. I look forward to beating you up again and showing you how stronger I am.’
‘I will be home alone week after next for a few days. I expect you to be here and stay over. I want to have some more fun with you. If you don’t come, I will show the world the pictures of me beating you up.’
Andy heart sunk with fear. Did he go to hers and suffer again, or did he stay home and let her release those photos? His social life would be over if those pictures got out, unless. A plan started to form in his mind, Andy was certain that if he was able to get onto her phone, he could find and delete all the incriminating photos. He doubted that she had backed them up, she didn’t seem like the type to know how to do that.

Part 2
Town in South East England
2 week after New Years Eve (5 and a half months till GTD)

Andy strode through the streets of the town, heading towards Shona’s house, he had formulated a variety of plans to get her phone. Luckily, he had a friend from University who was a hacker and he had been willing to give Andy a program on his phone that would allow him to remotely control Shona’s phone, all he needed was time to get the program to work, and to get his mobile within a few feet of hers. He checked his phone to remind himself of her instructions.

‘Wait for me outside my house, I will come home from school at half three.’

When Andy arrived at her house, the driveway was empty of cars. He checked the time, 1507. Andy sat down on the step up to the front door and waited. His heart nervously beating as he awaited his tormentress. Slowly, he saw students between the ages of 12 and 16 start to walk by as the school day at the local college ended. The uniform consisted of a white shirt, a black blazer with the school logo and a purple tie with diagonal yellow stripes. The boys wore black trousers, while the girls wore black pleated skirts and tights that were thick enough to keep them warm in the winter.

He spotted Shona, in uniform, walking with two other school girls, around her age. One had very light brown hair, while the other looked to be part black, she had curly dark hair that was tied up. Shona smiled as she saw Andy, a mischievous smile that made Andy nervous.

“Hello there slave. Good to see you have arrived on time.”

“Yes mistress”

Shona’s friends giggled as Andy replied, he felt his face flush with embarrassment.

“Oh, where are my manners. This is Maisie and Megan” Shona said as she pointed first at the light brown haired girl and then at the curly haired girl.

“Hello Megan, hello Maisie, I’m Andy.”

Shona strode past Andy and unlocked the front door and beckoned the others inside. The girls put down their bags in the hallway and kicked off their pumps, leaving them all in their black tights. Andy put down his rucksack and undid his shoes as Shona locked the door behind him. He glanced at Maisie and Megan, he knew he would not be successful with all three girls together, so he would have to wait until they left. Hopefully they would not be here forever.

As they all walked into the front room, Andy noticed just how small the girls looked compared to him. The last time he had seen Shona, she was wearing very high heels. Without them, she appeared much shorter. He guessed he was about half a foot, if not more, taller than the three girls. In the front room the girls sat together on a sofa, laughing and chatting.
“So what’s the deal with him?” Maisie asked Shona.

“Oh, this is a good story, Andy get on your knees and kiss our feet while I tell it”

Andy, looked at her in disbelief. Kissing feet, he wasn’t some slave. But when she pulled out her phone and waved it around he sighed and got down on his knees in front of Shona, he bent down and gave each of them a light peck. He heard Shona recount the time that she had beaten him up. He moved across to Megan and kissed her feet and finally moved on to Maisie. The girls laughed as he kissed their feet. Andy told himself that this was necessary for Shona to hopefully drop her guard and give Andy the chance to access her phone and delete the photos. Andy looked up and saw Shona showing the others the photos on her phone.

“That is so cool, how did you beat him up. He is so much stronger looking than you?” Maisie asked.

“I will tell you one day, but not at the moment.”

“Can you at least give a demonstration?”

“I can definitely do that, you hear that Andy? I am going to beat you up again and this time we will have an audience.”

Shona jumped up and pushed the coffee table to the side of the room, making a space big enough to fight in.

“Come on get up.”

Andy complied and rose to his feet to face Shona. This was ridiculous, she appeared so normal and innocent. She did not appear strong, yet last summer proved otherwise. Or perhaps, it was just bad luck that had allowed her to win. It was true that Andy was caught off guard and was hesitant to retaliate. This time would be different. Andy was ready. At least that was what Andy hoped as he looked at Shona in her school uniform. It was amazing how different clothes made someone look. Last summer she looked so grown up, yet slutty in her party outfit and high heels. Now, with her school uniform on, it just emphasised how young she was.

Shona approached Andy, who decided quickly that he would try and surprise her and knock her off guard. He charged forward and was satisfied to see a look of surprise on her face as he charged into her. She stumbled backwards, and would have fallen if she had not managed to wrap her arms around Andy’s neck. Andy tried to pry her arms off of his neck as he tried to prevent her from finding her feet. So far so good Andy thought as Shona struggled to find footing, her tights clad feet slipping on the floor.
Andy shouted in pain as Shona kicked up into his groin, he saw her laugh as he stumbled backwards. This allowed her to find her feet again. Andy tried to fight through the pain and grabbed her in a headlock, as she kept his head wrapped in a headlock as well. They struggled with each other and very quickly Andy was realising that the fight last summer was not a fluke. She was stronger and she was winning the fight. He was slowly being forced back, she was going to win again unless Andy changed the condition of the fight. He looked down and quickly let go off her head. Surprised, Shona was slow to react as Andy grabbed hold of her leg and lifted it up, forcing Shona onto one foot as he hugged her thigh. He then pushed against her, forcing her to lose balance and fall over.
Shona let go off Andy’s neck, but before he could take advantage of his new found freedom, her other leg swung over the one that Andy held. Andy let go of her leg as he tried to escape her other leg, but very quickly she had trapped his head between her thighs. His position meant that he was forced to look at her tights encased ass, her skirt had fallen up to expose her ass. Shona looked over at Andy as he tried to pry her legs apart and escape the scissors. She laughed at his predicament as she started to apply pressure. Andy knew that it was over, she had won yet again, he looked up as Megan and Maisie watched and laughed, cheering Shona as her ever tightening scissors made Andy’s face go redder and redder. Andy stopped struggling and tapped against Shona’s thigh.

“I give up. I give up.”

Shona released the pressure on Andy as she stood up, leaving Andy on the floor. She rested her foot on his chest in a victory pose as Maisie and Megan came over and congratulated her. Andy looked up at the three girls who stood towering above him, Shona was straightening out her uniform, making sure her skirt was in place. She looked down at Andy.

“Tell Maisie and Megan here who the strongest is. And lay it on thick.” Shona ordered Andy.

“You are mistress. You are the strongest. I am weak compared to you and will never be a match for someone as strong and as beautiful as you mistress.”

Megan and Maisie laughed as he said this. If he could have, he would have gone redder with embarrassment, but as it was he was already completely humiliated by Shona.

“Could we have a go at fighting him?” Maisie asked.

“You think you can handle him? I am stronger than you, so it will be harder for you.” Shona replied.

Not again Andy thought as he heard them talk, another fight, against another girl. He reminded himself that he must endure this for a chance to get a chance to delete the photos on Shona’s phone.

“How about the two of you against Andy?”

“That works for us” replied Megan.

Shona helped Andy up as Megan and Maisie got ready to fight. Andy looked at them and pondered if they would also be too strong for him. Shona was strong, almost unnaturally strong for a girl of her size and age. Maybe Megan and Maisie were as well. Only one way to find out Andy thought as he sighed inwardly. He turned to face the girls.

He watched as the two girls crept cautiously towards him, Megan on the left and Maisie on the right. Andy doubted the same tactic used on Shona would work on them. He knew that if both got to him at the same time, it was likely to be game over for him. As they got closer, Megan lunged forward from the left. Andy grabbed her wrist and swung her round, using her own momentum against her. She slammed into Maisie, who had herself begun to lunge towards Andy from the right. The girls fell over in a heap, as Andy looked on in surprise, he hadn’t expected it to be that easy. As they got up, they approached even more cautiously than before. Megan kicked at Andy, who stepped back to avoid the hit. Maisie sent a punch into his chest that he failed to dodge. It winded Andy, but did not hurt him too much.

Megan tackled him round the waist, forcing Andy back even more. Maisie tried to get Andy into a headlock, although he managed to keep her arms from wrapping around his head. Changing tactic, Maisie sent a fist into the side of his head, which made his head ring. This allowed Megan to force him to fall on his back. Before she could take advantage of this victory, Andy wrapped his legs around Megan’s torso and managed to keep her immobilised as she grabbed at his legs, futilely trying to get free. Maisie dropped herself on top of his chest, making him shout out in pain as she straddled his chest. Andy knew he was in trouble, his legs had ensured that Megan was no longer an issue, although he had nearly lost her a few times. Maisie, however had got him in a compromising position and he could not use his legs to get her off.
It was time to play a bit dirty. He grabbed hold of her wrists and dug his thumbs into them, causing her to shout out in pain and try to escape his hold. She started to stand up in order to use her legs to escape his grip. As soon as she did, he grabbed her legs and hugged them as tightly as possible. She fell over and Andy moved his tight grip up to just above her knees. Both girls struggled for a minute as Andy used a lot of his strength to keep them trapped. Finally Shona walked over.

“Ok guys the fight is over, Andy let them go, you win this time.”

Andy relaxed and let go of the girls, they stood up and gave Andy some distance. This victory had definitely boosted his confidence again, as he stood up he saw Shona holding a takeaway menu. She gave him the menu.

“Ring up and order us the set menu C for three people” Shona ordered.

“Yes mistress.”

Andy complied with Shona’s command, despite his recent victory, he dare not anger Shona, knowing that she could beat him, especially after the two fights had tired him out. He used his mobile to ring up the takeaway and order takeaway to be delivered.

When the takeaway arrived half an hour later, Andy was ordered to answer the door and pay for the meal with his own money. Shona had returned the room to its normal setting and had put out drinks and cutlery on the table. Andy put the food down and allowed the girls to start digging in.

“Kneel there.” Shona said as she pointed by the coffee table.

Tom knelt down and Shona sat on him, using him as a chair. For the whole meal, he knelt and listened as the girls chatted about various things. He looked back on the two fights. Shona had proved way too strong for Andy, however he was able to beat Maisie and Megan at the same time. Something was definitely strange about the whole situation. How could Shona be so strong yet look like an average sized 14 year old girl? If she was a heavyset, fat or muscular person, he could understand where her strength came from, but she was thin and delicate looking. Maybe it was steroids or some other sort of drug she took? Andy made himself believe this, she definitely wasn’t naturally stronger than him.

After they had finished, Megan and Maisie started to prepare to leave. Shona stood up and ordered Andy to kiss Megan and Maisie on the feet as they headed into the hallway.

“Andy, clean up the front room.”

“Yes mistress.” Andy turned into the front room and saw that Shona had left her mobile on the coffee table. Looking around he saw that Shona was preoccupied with her friends. Andy took out his phone and activated the programme. It started to search for nearby phones. Andy rustled the takeaway containers as he glanced towards the door. It found Shona’s phone and Andy ordered it to start accessing it. He heard the front door close. Heart thumping, he hid his phone underneath the table. Luckily there was a lower level of the table, where a bunch of books and magazines were left. Andy hid his phone underneath a magazine. Close enough to Shona’s phone.

“Hurry up.” Shona said as she entered the front room. Andy’s heart beat, thinking for a second that she had spotted him hiding his phone. He continued to tidy up the table, putting the empty takeaway containers into the plastic bag that they came in. As he headed to the kitchen, Shona slapped his ass. Laughing as he jumped forward in surprise. As he put the bag in the bin, he heard her go upstairs.
Heart beating. He returned to the front room. Found his phone. The programme had successfully accessed Shona’s phone. A replica of her home screen appeared on his. He heard footsteps upstairs. He used his phone to access her photo gallery. More footsteps upstairs. He started to scroll through her photos. There were so many. He jumped as he heard a loud bang upstairs. He scrolled past Halloween photos. How can someone take so many photos? He stopped at what he thought were the photos. They were not the ones of him though, they were photos of Connor being beaten up by Shona. Andy continued to scroll, no time to save Connor. Footsteps from upstairs. Shona was returning. Finally Andy found the photos. He selected them. The footsteps started coming down the stairs. He deleted them, ticking the box to delete them permanently. He shut down the programme. The footsteps reached the bottom of the staircase. He stuffed his mobile into his pocket as Shona entered the room carrying a few plastic bags filled with stuff.

“Slacking are we? I have just the stuff to punish-“

Shona was cut off as the door rang. Shona sighed as she dropped the bags and answered the door. Andy didn’t hear what was being said as he returned to cleaning up. However very soon he could hear raised voices and Shona stomped back into the front room.

“Get out of my house! Get out now!”

Andy was momentarily confused at the change in attitude. But quickly complied as he put down the plate he was holding and went into the hallway. A woman with blonde hair, who looked vaguely familiar, stood there waiting. Andy greeted her as he put on his shoes and grabbed his bag. He left the house and strode quickly down the darkened streets. He had escaped from Shona and had destroyed the evidence she had to blackmail him with. He glanced back, relieved to find no one following. As soon as he turned the corner, he started to jog. Eager to get as far away from Shona as possible. That one afternoon was bad enough, Andy dreaded to think what would have happened if he was forced to stay the whole week that he was originally ordered to.
As Andy got on the train, his heart relaxed, he was free and now life could return to normal.

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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

Wow what a story! Looks like a new genre on this board
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Default Re: Global Takeover day story

I am still trying to formulate a good chapter to tell with the cheerleaders, if there is anything you would like to see in regards to the cheerleaders, i am all ears. But for now, here is a POV chapter on the thief from Claire's first chapter.

Chapter 8
Secret Feminam Imperium facility
England – Somewhere near London
March in the not too distant future (Four months till GTD)

Shaun’s dream started off happy. He was with friends, messing about on a field playing football. The sun shone from a blue sky that looked picture perfect. His friend kicked the ball and he ran after it. The ball seemed to defy the laws of physics in this dream world. It flew for miles and he chased it on a field which seemed to go for miles and miles, never quite catching up with the ball.

His friends laughed as the ball started to fly up into the air. He jumped up trying to catch it, but was not able to reach it landing back down, the ground around him had formed into a hole, only a foot deep. He kept jumping, trying to reach the ball but each time he jumped, the hole he was in got deeper. The sky got smaller and smaller as the hole became taller than him. Suddenly he heard a feminine voice.

“Stealing is bad you know.”

He looked towards the source of the voice. In the hole with him was her. The woman who had changed his life. The cute blonde lass who had caught him robbing her flat. She looked cute, but terrified him. She strode towards him and started sending punches towards his body, He was unable to block. He was losing again to this girl. He heard his friends laughing at him. He was so weak. So pathetic.

Shaun woke with a start, the laughter echoed in his mind for a second before disappearing. He sighed with relief as he realised it was just a dream. But only a second as reality returned. He looked around the room that had been his prison since his capture. He wasn’t even sure how long he had been there, about five or six months by his estimate. There were no windows, only a few tube lights that dully glowed all the time. He sat up and put his feet on the cold, hard floor, and switched on the bedside lamp. The light illuminated the rest of the room in better detail, the cold concrete floor, the plain white walls, a toilet, a sink and the locked metal door. The only furniture was the bed he was on, a bedside table and a chair on the other side of the room.

After his defeat by that women, he had been collected in the dead of night by a group of masked individuals who had drugged him and taken him away from her flat. When he had woken, he was alone on the bed in this room. The next five or six months had been spent sleeping, eating meals when they arrived through a panel in the door, shitting, washing himself and doing exercises to keep himself occupied. The loneliness and the lack of natural light made him feel depressed at times, but as long as he kept himself busy exercising, he could distract his mind. The only human contact he ever received were occasional broadcasts over a speaker system or something outside his room. It would repeat ramblings about ascensionem mulieris, prophecies and female superiority. Shaun barely understood any of it, it sounded more religious than the bible. Spouting weird sermons about prophecies and other topics. Shaun sometimes felt he was in a dream, his life had changed when that little woman had somehow beat him up, and now he was stuck in a room listening to propaganda about female supremacy.

Shaun, scratched his head, his hair had grown a couple of inches during his time here. Any longer and he could probably start tying it in a ponytail. His beard had also grown into a thick forest on his face. It itched constantly. He heard footsteps outside, the unmistakable sound of heels. It sounded like two people. They stopped just outside his door. Shaun’s heart pounded as he heard the lock being opened. He didn’t care who it was, he was going to see another living being for the first time in months.

The door opened and light from the hallway outside flooded into his room, momentarily blinding him. He raised his arm to shade his eyes as he squinted towards the two silhouettes that entered the room. Two women entered, a tall, thin blonde one and a shorter, dark haired one. Both wore white shirts and black tights, but the blonds had on a pencil skirt and plain black heels, while the dark haired one wore a pleated skirt and a strappy pair of heels. Shaun was glad to see other people, but he knew that he was their prisoner. They had left him in this room for months, with no human contact, no sunlight and no explanation beyond crazy religious sermons.

“Shaun Peachey. You are to follow us.” Stated the blonde woman, pointing towards the doorway. Shaun stood up, and stepped towards the door before stopping.

“Explain, what is happening? Where am I? ” He asked in a slightly angry tone.

“You will shut up and do as you are ordered.” The blonde told Shaun as she pointed again towards the door. The dark haired woman had started to approach Shaun. He stepped away from her as she reached him, her heels clicking loudly on the floor.

“Do as you are told!” The dark haired woman said as she grabbed Shaun by the hair and forced him to look into her face. He tried to pry her hand off of his hair, but to no avail as she pulled his face down to hers. Her knee shot up into his groin and he shouted in pain, which only doubled as her heel trod down onto the top of his bare foot.

Angry, he pushed against her, but only managed to push her back a few steps before she stopped his attack and they stood at a standstill again. She sighed and let go of his hair before sweeping his feet from under him. He fell at her feet. His breath rushed out of him as he landed heavily on the floor. After a few moments he began to recover from the pain and the embarrassment at the ease at which she had taken him down. The b*tch had taken him down with such ease. She bent over and dragged him to his knees by his ear.

“Now listen. Do not attempt that again. You have no hope against a highly trained Feminam Imperium agent such as myself or my friend here.”

“Now, Shaun Peachey, I will not repeat myself again. You are to follow us, you understand?” The blonde haired woman repeated as Shaun slowly stood up.

“Yes.” He replied meekly. Perhaps being obedient was the best for the moment, he may be able to work out where he was and even find a way to escape. He followed the blonde woman as she left the room and made her way down a corridor. On each side stood doors, identical to the one in his room. Some where open to show rooms identical to his. Others were already closed and locked. Looking forward, his eyes fell on the blonde’s ass as it swayed with her walk. Any other time he would have definitely wolf whistled, or catcalled her. At the current moment, it probably wasn’t the best idea. He could hear the click of the other woman’s heels behind him.

The woman had mentioned she was a highly trained agent for some organisation called feminine imperial or something. How had he been so unlucky to get involved in this? They left the hallway and entered a stairwell, they climbed up the stairs, the click of the women’s heels echoing up and down the stairwell. The floor was cold on his bare feet. At the top of the stairs, they entered a door into a much brighter corridor that was nicely decorated. Shaun noticed that there still wasn’t any windows, however the lighting was much nicer and felt more natural up here. He followed the blonde down the corridor, looking into a door on the right, he saw a gym, with various women working out there, and occasionally they would pass other women in the corridor.

Shaun heard a hoover up ahead and as they turned a corner, he saw a woman with brown hair and wearing a French maid outfit using the hoover to clean the floor. As they passed the maid, she looked up and curtsied at the women guiding Shaun. With a look of shock, Shaun realised that it wasn’t a woman, but a man dressed as a woman, with his hair grown out. The feminised man glanced at Shaun with a look of fear and was that pity? Before looking down and returning to his hoovering. As Shaun looked back, he noticed the dark haired woman smirking at his look of fear and confusion. Was that the kind of sick and twisted things these women did? Make men into sissys? With growing dread, he doubled his inspection of his surroundings. Signs would occasionally point towards certain rooms, such as the gym, shower room, locker room, offices, toilets etc. There were also signs for the way out. Unfortunately, they were going in the opposite direction.

They entered into a reception which had another door on the opposite side of the room. A woman sat, typing at a desk. She was another blonde and wore a black cardigan with a pink pencil skirt, pink heels and black tights. She looked up as Shaun and his female guides entered her office.

“Elaine, we have Shaun Peachey here for categorisation.” The dark haired girl told the new woman. Elaine stopped typing and rolled her chair away from the desk and stood up.

“Strip him” Elaine ordered. Shaun struggled as his two guides grabbed his clothes and started dragging them off. They were seriously trying to strip him, Shaun thought as he struggled to keep his clothes on. He grabbed hold of his shirt, but it was torn out of his grip and flew over his head and thrown into a corner. Yet again, he was tripped onto the floor, with the blonde girl straddling his back, holding his arms behind him. His trousers and boxers were then dragged off until finally they left him alone in the middle of the office, completely naked. Shaun went red as he tried to cover himself, he did not know what was happening, but these women were dangerous and Shaun was in such a vulnerable position. Looking up, Shaun saw Elaine, who walked in a circle around him, inspecting his body and making notes on a tablet. After a few minutes of inspecting him, Elaine nodded.

“I believe this one should be feminised, category D would suit him best.” Elaine stated as the other girls grabbed Shaun by his arms and dragged him to his feet.

“Wait, No. Please. I will do anything, just please let me go” Shaun begged as he was dragged towards the door on the opposite side of the room. Despite his struggling and protests, the two women flanking him were too strong for him as they dragged him into what looked like a bathroom combined with a dressing room. A tub sat in one corner, while a row of cupboards lined one wall, and a dressing table opposite.

“Grab the sedative, this will be much easier with him knocked out.” The blonde said to the dark haired woman. Shaun was yet again knocked to the floor, and the blonde straddled his back.

“F*cking hell! Stop that.” Shaun cursed, he was tired of being knocked down. He knew that he would not be able to escape, but even knowing this, he tried to buck the blonde off of him, to little avail. He shifted his head to see the dark haired woman approaching him with a syringe filled with a liquid. He renewed his effort to escape as the dark haired woman crouched in front of him and grabbed his head with her free hand, forcing it still. Shaun shouted curses as he felt the needle of the syringe pierce the skin of his neck. He felt the sedative enter his body. As the needle was removed, Shaun could feel himself drifting from consciousness, until the darkness took over.

Shaun slowly returned to consciousness, his vision slowly refocusing into reality. He was tied to a chair in the same room that he had been drugged in. He saw the two women chatting to each other by the door. He looked down and cursed as he realised what had been done to him while he had been unconscious. He was wearing a French maid outfit that had a petticoated skirt that reached mid thigh. Where once his beard had hidden half his face, now it was as smooth as a babies bottom. As he shifted his legs, he realised that his legs had been completely shaved, giving them a much more feminine appearance. The women had noticed that he was awake and now approached him.

“Welcome back Sian. I hope you like your new look. You will learn to obey the new world order and help us prepare for Global Takeover Day.” The Blonde said to Shaun. She had called him Sian. They had dressed him up as a maid and shaved his legs. He was going to get his f*cking revenge. Maybe not now, but one day he will repay them for the humiliation they had done to him.

“Oh and if you are thinking of escape or disobedience, there are some things you should consider. We are stronger than you. We are more numerous than you. We are superior in every way. You should be honoured to be chosen for feminisation. To be able to embody feminine features is a privilege that not all men will get. Over the coming weeks and months you will learn how to be obedient. You will take Estrogen pills to help with your feminisation and you will grow to understand the natural order of the world. Global Takeover Day is coming, and you have had the honour of experiencing it early.”

Shaun despaired as he listened to the blonde speak. From a prison of isolation and darkness, he had now entered a prison of petticoats and lace. Shaun was now actually missing his time in isolation, at least then he could believe that his original capture was due to bad luck. But now he knew he was the prisoner of a seemingly highly organised and highly skilled all female organisation. Now he knew that escape would be extremely hard. Especially dressed as a French maid.
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