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Default Lifting For Two

Lifting For Two

True story!

Before she got pregnant, my wife worked out at a powerlifting style gym, and she really enjoyed it. She’s a decent athlete, and she’s been lifting for three years. At 5’6”, 145 pounds, she was able to squat 1.5x her weight, deadlift nearly double her weight, and she maxed out on the bench at 135 pounds.

Her favorite trainer left just as my wife found out she was pregnant. She defected to another gym with a similar philosophy that also included a trainer who was part of “Birth Fit”. [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. The trainer’s philosophy is “You’re pregnant, not broken,” and her doctor was supportive, so she’s been continuing to lift 4 times per week.

By third trimester, there were a bunch of things she couldn’t safely do anymore. No more bench-press, for example, because it can result in an upper abdominal tear. She’s still doing box push-ups, box squats, overhead presses, and even lots of biceps curls and skull-crushers – more “old school” lifts that aren’t all about the barbell.

Before the first powerlifting gym, she worked out at a place with lots of classes, and I remember she got to where she was curling 20 lbs per arm for sets of 10. She hadn’t done that exercise in forever, so when she mentioned last week they did curls, I asked about the routine. She said it was four circuits with different exercises, and she did 10, 10, 12 and 12 reps. I asked how much she was curling and she said “30s.” And that was among all the other lifts, including skull-crushers.

I was intrigued. A couple days later, after an all-leg day, I challenged her to a contest: Who could do the most reps in a row with 25s? We warmed up in our garage gym, stretching, doing some light lifting, then started the challenge. I had a set of those Bowflex adjustable weights, and she had a set from Gold’s Gym, and we kept both sets when we moved in together.

So we were lifting simultaneously. I did my first few reps and she chastised me for going too fast, so I slowed down and we lifted at her pace. After 20 reps, we were both still looking strong, but I was feeling shaky by rep 30. We were both counting out loud, and she was grunting as she said each number, louder and louder. She’s competitive, and really wanted to win. “38…39…40!...41!...42!...” and I cried out “Gaaah,” and managed to not drop the weight, but I was done. “43!...” long break, then “44!” and she was done.

We were both quiet for a minute. I couldn’t believe it. She always worked out harder than me – I’m more about tennis and running – and I wouldn’t have been surprised to lose before she was pregnant. But now?

“Huh,” she said. “Your 7-month-pregnant wife is stronger than you. That must be embarrassing.”

She’s well aware of my fetish, and we immediately went to the bedroom. At first, I was on top, careful not to crowd her belly, then she suggested it would be easier with her on top. As she rode me, she said, “I mean, it’s not like I have to ask to be on top. Not much you could do about it.”

Two mornings later, I was doing my workout routine in the garage, doing some high-rep benching. Something about the hand-weights caught my eye – neither of use used them that often, so they were piled next to the bench against the wall. Mine were set to 25, but hers only adjusted in 10-pound increments. She had done 44 reps with 30s, while I did 42 with 25s.

I’m all for humiliation, but I was mortified, but also insanely turned on. I interrupted my workout, rested and stretched a bit instead until she got home from her gym. I pointed it out to her. “Wait, what? No, I thought it was on 25.” I showed her that it only had five settings, 10-20-30-40 and 50. She smiled. “How many of these can you do?”

“I thought you might ask that.” I picked up her Gold’s Gym weights. I counted out loud, and after she chastised me for going too fast, I slowed down each rep, just like we had before. I was still a little sore, and only managed 29 reps.

“Wow, how many did I do? 44? That’s not just embarrassing for you. That’s humiliating.” She kissed me on the cheek and said, “It’s OK sweetie. You’re lucky you’re cute.”
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