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Old 16-Oct-18, 19:27
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Default True Story: Unexpected scissor, sexual, domination

Part 1 (story starts slow but heats up)
Moved from discussions to here

A little background first. I am retired, 65 years old, and have been scissored by over 125 women. About 10 or so were session wrestlers. 50 or so were from Thailand and the Philippines. That leaves over 50 non-pros or sex workers that I convinced to scissor me. I can talk just about any woman into scissoring me. Practice, practice and practice over a life time. I have been having great sucess with the Secret Benefits website. See earlier posts. I do not have any affiliation with them. My standard rate is $100 an hour for those I convince to scissor me. I choose women who are 20-23 years old. They need money, $100 is good money for them, and my sucess rate is over 50%. Its a cool hobby collecting scissors.

Potential scissor girl 147 and I are meeting at a local eatery. Her name is Arielle. She is 50 120 lbs, 21 years of age, from Chicago. Her skin color is caramel and cinnamon and flawless. Her hair has a Medusa look, but without the wild snake look. Her hair is under a black bandana adorned with skull patterns. She wears a red plaid flannel oversize shirt with a black metal band t-shirt underneath. Long jeans with some cool boots. Its an interesting look. She is a black chick who loves Metal music. The meal and conversation is long and enjoyable. I learn she likes to be spanked but has never had a boyfriend who would spank/paddle her ass hard enough. They would always disappoint her by going too soft and not hard enough. We agree to meet at another time for lunch. I keep the spanking confession on the front burner. I wonder......hummmm

Several days later Arielle visits for lunch and later we retire to my bedroom where i show her several scissor moves..This is only practice and to help ease her nervousness for a later session.. She applies several scissors which have no power, or technique whatsoever. I try to teach her with little sucess. I am bummed. We tussle for fun since she cant scissor worth a damn. This leads to spanking and I am all in. I overpower her easily and spank paddle her ass for 30 minutes along with verbal domination. She is loving it. She asks me to lower her pants and panties as she lies face down on the bed. I have my ideas of potentially owning her. I have dabbled in the BDSM world as a bottom, but never a top. I might soon very well have my very own submissive. Her scissors suck but this new wrinkle is intriguing.

This girl is weak, non-aggressive and needs some help if I am ever going to get a decent scissor from her. We are to meet in several days for our scissor session. I send her three innocuous youtube headscissor challenge videos for her to study. I ask her not to focus on the guys red face, but instead on the couples banter and interaction. She like 99% of the first timers is afraid she will hurt me. Her and I have already talked for hours on my need to be scissored, that my wife doesnt want to, what it does for me. I tell her there is no sexual stuff going to happen to help ease her mind. We are to meet on Saturday and it will be all about me. I have been taking her out to dinner, lunch, breakfast, bought her stuff, got her nails and manicure done and given her cash. She owes me big time.

Saturday morning comes and she tells me she has stuff she needs to do and doesnt know when she will be free. On top of this, I see she has never looked at the videos. I can tell by the date stamp of her profile page on Secret Benefits. I am getting pissed. I text her and tell her another day. Later that day, I meet a new girl from Secret Benefits because I am pissed.

Over the course of the next week Arielle and I seldom talk or text. I scold her on not looking at the videos and meeting Saturday. She has finally looked at videos along with several other new videos sent which show how to apply effective scissor holds. I remind her how weak her scissors were and that it is important to get into it and try and own me. I tell her its as much mental as physical. I over explain things. I am a talker. Forty years of management experience and I dont know when to shut up. I have explained in detail my frustrations with getting what I want. I would love to be owned by her legs, I tell her.

One week later finally comes and Arielle arrives. We plan to spend most of Saturday together. We have drinks and eating planned and later we will hang out at my house. Finally we are back at my place and get the drinks flowing, she smokes a few bowls and, ITS TIME! yells UFCs Bruce Buffer.

Out of the bathroom steps Arielle. OMG OMG OMG I say outloud. Arielle is wearing 4 inch heels, bikini, thigh high black hose, has dangling belly button jewelry, displays a perky wellshapped 34B bra. She is so beautiful. Her smile is radiant and never ends.

To be continued
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Old 18-Oct-18, 06:29
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Default Re: True Story: Unexpected scissor, sexual, domination

Part 2 the conclusion

Arielle now stands in front of me, wearing her bikini, thigh high stockings, 4 inch heels. Her 21 year old, 50 frame is inches away from my 65 year old, 59 frame. She looks up and stares at me with laser focus. I am aroused. She is hot. She smells wonderful. I glance down and see her cleavage. I am in heaven. Her eyes are focused on mine. I feel her dominance. She begins to lecture me that she is in charge, what is going to happen, and what my place is going to be. My mind begins to wonder as she talks......

Prior to right now, I had spent the better part of two weeks explaining my kink history, from BDSM, to wrestling, to scissors, to sexual preference, to roleplay adventures, and to what makes me happy and content. I went into detail about my frustrations and my disappointments in two marriages. I had done this before with dozens of other women. The result was always the same, disappointment.

I was not prepared for what was to follow. This shy young woman had a dark side that was never explained or hinted at. She seemed chill. Before me stood a confident woman who told me she had a dominant side, and that she was going to unleash it on me. She said that I was to call her Madame when addressing her.

I think I was smilling as I was trying to process what was going on. Out of nowhere the hardest slap I ever felt landed on my cheek, followed by 4-5 more. She then grabbed my throat with one hand and began choking me. She wasnt playing. These were vicious slaps and painful chokes. My neck still hurts four days later. She lectured me that I was her slave, what the rules would be from now on. She talked of pegging me at a future date. I know what pegging is, havent done it, and really dont want to do it, but I wasnt being given a choice.

She then had me down on the floor on all fours. She proceded to execute various standing headscissors on me. Her thighs felt heavenly. The pressure was tight but not painful. This was her first attempt at a dominant scissorhold. She demanded that I tell her how to inflict more pain by using proper scissor technique. I explained that Madame should cross her ankles to exert more pressure on my neck. It hurt!

Over the next four hours, I was subjected to dozens of hard slaps, dozens of hand chokes, verbal abuse, hard spanking by hand and kitchen utensils. I was ordered around to mix her drinks, get her food, walk around on all fours. She played verbal games designed to confuse me. The penality for wrong answers was pain.

We spent a good hour on the sofa, she lying down, propped up by pillows with my neck firmly locked between her athletic legs. She watched episodes of South Park as I lay there being squeezed. She again instructed me to show her proper scissor technique. I showed her the figure 4, facing away. I placed my neck far up in the V of her right leg. Her left leg hooked over her right leg as it was folded under my neck. She tightened up, raised her hips, and squeezed. I attempted to yell RED as that was our code to stop things. There was no sound coming from my mouth. I frantically tapped her leg to be let go. Eventually she eased up with major laughter coming from her lips. She told me that saying RED or tapping was going to result in suffering before she would honor the release.

Prior to today, I told her our sugar daddy arrangement would not involve sex. She was happy about that. i told her I longed to be owned by legs. I explained that I wasnt into physical BDSM play, but wanted scissor domination. During the last hour of abuse, I was told to strip naked, which I eagerly did. We had talked limits at the beginning of our session. We agreed on no bodily fluids. She surprisingly asked that if she wanted oral, would I be okay with it? I told her yes, but didnt expect it to happen. I thought it was just more of the mind games she was playing all evening.

My wife would be home in an hour so I pleaded we not go more than 30 more minutes. It wasnt my call. I could only hope she would honor my request. I was at this point of the evening sore all over. My face hurt from the slaps. My jaw hurt from scissor holds. My neck hurt from the hand chokes. My ass hurt from the spankings. I was in and out of subspace. That is a BDSM term used when you begin to lose your ability to feel pain and go into a trance like state. I was going in that direction.

Arielle decides to lie down on the sofa. She takes off her bikini bottom. She orders that I lick her. For the next 30 or so minutes I perform oral on her. She mixes in head and neck scissors. She positions me where she also beats my ass. Scissors, oral, and beating all at once. I go into subspace. I am in a trance. Its all foggy. The evening ends.

Several days later, I am still in an emotional fog. I repeat over and over to myself and say the words, unbelievable, amazing, life changing. I was and am truly owned. I am so at peace and relaxed.
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Old 23-Oct-18, 18:40
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Default Re: True Story: Unexpected scissor, sexual, domination

Great experience
Would love to know more about how you communicate so well and convince those women for scissors and all
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