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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Prologue: What Sets Him Apart

Donovan O'Reily was an average high school boy in nearly every aspect. He was a solid B student. A good athlete by gym class standards, but never quite good enough to play on any of the school’s varsity teams. He wasn’t wanting for friends, neither was he particularly popular. There was only one thing that separated Donovan from his classmates, while other boys were concerned primarily with seeing as many of the girls in the school naked, Donovan was madly in love with Anika Mehta, a girl who hardly knew he existed. His friends would often tease him with this fact, mocking him for his utter devotion to a girl who he had barely spoken to in years. Donovan didn’t mind though, he knew that eventually he would work up to the courage to speak to the girl of his dreams, and then they would be together.

Anika and he had been in the same class since Donovan’s family had moved to Washington, just before the start of the fifth grade. Donovan had previously lived in Pratt, a small town in Kansas, and Anika had been the first Indian girl that he had ever seen. What had started as a schoolboy crush eventually blossomed over the years, to the point where Anika occupied every spare thought Donovan had. In his mind he had asked her out a thousand times, but in reality, he had always been too scared to ever make a move. That was until now, the big spring dance was coming up soon and Donovan had finally built up enough confidence to ask Anika to go with him. Today would be a fateful day in his life, but not for the reason he expected. Donovan waited for the break between lunch and the 4th period of the day and then found Anika by her locker.

Chapter 1: The Leap

“Hey Anika, how’s it going?” Donavan started, not wanting to seem too eager or desperate. It was tough for him not to ask her outright, especially looking at her now, her deep brown eyes looking up at him. Donovan was about 5’8, around three inchers taller than Anika, he had always thought that was the perfect difference in height, but his friend Tony said he was so lovestruck he would think the same thing if she was 4’11 or 6’3.

“Oh hey Donovan, it’s okay, not looking forward to this bio test today.” Anika responded politely, she seemed surprised that Donovan had approached her, although not displeased. She had responded in a pretty normal fashion, most people don’t like tests, and Anika had never been as great at science as she was at English and History. To the average person this statement would garner little response, but Donovan was completely shook. Was it really okay to ask her to the dance if she was so worried about this test? Could asking her so close to the test actually result in her being distracted? What if she failed and it was his fault? Donovan almost backed down right then and there, but then thought of how badly he wanted to be with Anika and decided to forge onwards.

“Oh haha yea, bio’s a killer. Say, Anika, are you going to the spring dance?” Donovan made the leap. The leap he had wanted to make for over five years, but hadn’t had the courage to until today. Anika answered almost immediately but the space in between their words felt to him like an eternity.

“I wish! I really want to go, but I have to babysit my sister while my parents are out of town. Which is so stupid, because she’s thirteen and should be able to handle herself, I would’ve been able to at that age. But, Priya does tend to get in some trouble.” Anika dropped her guard when the subject of the dance arose, clearly it was something that had been on her mind for a while. Donovan was ecstatic. She hadn’t said no! All that he had to do was convince the sister to behave for one night and he could finally live his wildest dreams.

“Don’t worry about it Anika, I’ll take care of everything, so you can come to the dance.” Donovan answered, excited to be the hero, this would show her that he was someone to rely on. Anika’s face lit up, and she even touched Donovan’s arm, as his heart fluttered.

“Oh my gosh! Donovan you’re the best! Okay give me your number and I’ll text you my address, so you can come to my house on the day of the dance.” Anika exclaimed, clearly ecstatic that she wouldn’t be missing the dance. If Anika was excited, Donovan was the happiest man on the planet, and it seemed like everything was finally going his way. He would be disappointed to discover the universe’s plans for the night of the dance were far different than his own.

Chapter 2: An Unfortunate Misunderstanding That Really Wasn’t Anyone’s Fault

Donovan hadn’t thought of anything other Anika and the big dance for the past 6 days, and now finally the big night had come. After class he got a text from Anika and he nearly fainted. “My address is 4329 Archwood Avenue. See you tonight <3.” These were the best words Donovan had ever seen. He wanted to submit this text to poetry contests, for truly there was nothing more poetic to him than “See you tonight <3.” A heart! She had sent him a heart! His mind was a blur with what this meant. Could they be together by the end of the night? Could he really be that lucky? There was only one way to find out and that was to go pick her up and start their life together. Oh, and he remembered there was still the matter of Priya, her troublesome sister, but he was sure he’d think of some way to deal with her when he got there.

As he approached the Mehta household, Donovan was filled with a confidence entirely new to him, he really felt as though no matter what happened tonight, he would figure out a way to become closer to Anika. He knocked on the door and was greeted by the one he had set his heart on. He had always thought Anika was breathtaking, however he had never seen her as beautiful as she did tonight. Her red dress complimented her perfectly and seeing her now Donovan fell in love all over again. He walked into the home and was surprised to feel Anika’s embrace.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to watch Priya for me, you’re a lifesaver.” Anika thanked the boy, still not believing that he would give up his chance to go the dance to help a girl he didn’t even know well. She felt so much gratitude that she even gave Donovan a quick kiss on the cheek, then feeling a bit embarrassed by her sudden show of affection she quickly departed the house and got into a car with her friends and was off to the dance.

Donovan was frozen in time. So much had happened in no time at all and just like that his night with Anika had been snatched away. He might’ve collapsed with anguish right then and there but then he realized the other thing that had just happened. Anika had kissed him! That was huge! Even if this night hadn’t gone the way he wanted, he still had that, and he realized that if taking care of her sister was what he had to do to become closer to Anika then it was better than some dance anyways. It was at this moment, he realized he had no idea where Priya was, what she was like, and that he had no idea how to look after her.

“Who are you supposed to be?”

Chapter 3: Meeting Priya Mehta

For the first time now, our reluctant babysitter received his first look at the younger of the Mehta children. Donovan couldn’t believe how different Priya looked from her sister. While they obviously had some family resemblance, Priya had much sharper features, which along with her ripped jeans, band shirt and the scowl she all wore made her a great deal more intimidating than her sweet sister. Most surprising of all was her hair, which although long like her sister, was dyed turquoise.

“Oh hello, you must be Priya. I am Anika’s friend Donovan, and I’m gonna look after you while Anika is at the dance.” Donavan answered Priya’s question from earlier. Donovan was eager to make a good impression on her, after all it wouldn’t hurt to have the sister of the girl he liked on his side.

“Why? Anika’s never even mentioned you before? Why are you doing her this huge favour?” Priya asked coldly. It seemed she didn’t trust Donovan, and was curious as to what motivated him to spend the night with her, a thirteen-year old girl he’d never met, rather than at a dance with his friends.

“Oh well, I just knew Anika really wanted to go to the dance and I wanted to make sure she didn’t miss it.” Donovan responded, it was a lie of course, but there was an element of truth to it, he really did want her at that dance. He was a little embarrassed about the situation and he blushed when he said that he didn’t want her to miss the dance. Unbeknownst to him, Priya had been spying on her sister, and saw how he reacted to Anika’s hug and kiss earlier, and now with the clear embarrassment Donovan was displaying, the lightbulb came on.

“Wait, oh my god, do you like Anika!?” Priya’s tough exterior broke here, as she giggled at the idea of this boy wanting to go out with her sister, but instead being stuck with her. Meanwhile, Donovan had entered panic mode, his confidence from earlier all but evaporated.

“No, I don’t like Anika, we’re friends, that’s all.” He was sputtering out of control. Priya was loving how easy it was to rile this boy up. He was almost cute when he was babbling like a moron.

“You’re not friends, Anika doesn’t have any guy friends. You like her right? Don’t lie to me!” Priya demanded, she had him cornered and she knew it. The look on his face whenever she said Anika’s name gave away his feelings.

“Okay fine, I like Anika.” Donavan admitted. He couldn’t believe that after all this time he’d been forced to confess to the wrong sister.

“Oh my god, can I tell her?! She’ll freak out! Let me tell her.” Priya couldn’t hold back giggles as she imagined how flustered her proper, older sister would be if she told her about this boy’s feelings for her. This was quickly becoming a nightmare scenario for our friend Donovan, who was completely being steamrolled by the young girl he was supposed to be taking care of.

“No! Please no, I haven’t told her yet, and I want it to be special.” Donovan had meant to be forceful in his speech, but one look into the cold and judging eyes of Priya, and he found himself practically begging her to keep his secret.

“Sorry, no this is too good! I don’t get opportunities to mess with her that often. I have to call her.” Priya refused the lovesick boy’s request and made a move for the home phone. (as she wasn’t allowed a cell yet.) Donovan panicked seeing all his well laid out plans crumbling in front of him. Before really thinking about what he was doing he reached out and grabbed Priya’s arm in an attempt to stop her from reaching the phone. Priya was alarmed, having this older, much larger boy grabbing her, she was worried for her safety and tried to pull away from him. She wasn’t able to break his grip, but she was surprised to see the boy stumble towards her, unable to resist the strength of her pull.

Priya didn’t know what to think of this, as she had assumed this boy, who was both three years her senior and 6 inches taller than her, would be far stronger than her, but this result inferred otherwise. She decided to find out as she pulled away again reaching closer to the phone. Once again this older boy couldn’t resist her strength as he was dragged along with her as she got closer to the phone. Priya thought this was incredible! Could she really be so much stronger than him. Donovan was pulling as hard as he could to get Priya farther away from this phone that would doom him to a world where his worst fears would come true. Priya could tell from the effort on his face that Donovan was doing everything in his power to stop her, but to her elation he simply wasn’t as strong as she was. She pulled once again now nearly at the phone and to her joy, this final pull had broken Donovan’s grip and he had fallen on to his hands and knees in front of her. Priya licked her lips, realizing that he was at her mercy.

Before Donovan could get up, Priya sat on his back, as he struggled to support her weight. At this point they were right beside the table that had the home phone and she reached out, fingertips away from the phone as Donovan groaned at his failure to stop his junior from reaching the phone.

“I thought you wanted to stop me? Surely you must be letting me do this to you? You can’t be this weak.” Priya teased, knowing full well that he couldn’t do anything to stop her. Donovan was incensed that Priya had not only physically overpowered him, but was now adding insult to injury. Donovan was desperate to stop her and so he and tried to rise off his hands and knees. Unfortunately for him, he could no longer support Priya’s weight (despite her weighing around 95 lbs) and he collapsed on the ground. Priya cackled, thinking of how easy it had been to dominate her supposed babysitter verbally and then how dominating him physically had turned out to be even easier.

“Please Priya, please don’t call Anika, I’m begging you.” Donovan was practically whimpering underneath his captor, now realizing how helpless he was to stop her. Donovan’s heart broke as he saw her dialing numbers on the phone and finally pick up the receiver. What he couldn’t know is that dominating this older boy had changed Priya’s priorities and she now wanted to humiliate him as much as possible. Which was why Anika was not the one she decided to call.

“Hey Kashvi, can I ask you a question?” Priya asked. “What’s that thing you do to your older brother to make him cry?” she continued. Donovan was shocked. On one hand he was overjoyed that Priya hadn’t called her sister to reveal his feelings. On the other, he was not excited about what this call to Kashvi might mean. “Okay perfect, I’ll let you know how much he cries.” Priya finished and she hung up the phone. Finally, she rose of her throne, which had been Donovan’s prone body, and walked to the kitchen to get a coke, like this was all too normal. Donovan shot up to his feet, not allowing Priya to get the better of him again.

“So, you’re not gonna tell Anika about my crush?” Donovan said cautiously, he was worried about the answer, but he simply had to know.

“I’ve decided we’re gonna have a contest, if you win I won’t tell her, but if you lose I am gonna tell her, and you’ll just have to live with the fact that you weren’t able to stop me.” Priya explained, she was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, again like nothing about this situation was surprising her at all. Truth be told Priya, was thinking of all of this on the spot, she just wanted to dangle this over Donovan’s head and use it to torture him for as long as possible.

“Okay fine, what’s the contest?” Donovan asked, nervous to find out. He would not like the answer he was about to receive.

Chapter 4: The Contest

“There are going to be three rounds for this contest. First, we’re going to have an arm wrestle. Then we will wrestle for real and see who can pin the other down for three seconds. Finally, we’ll play Auntie, were I win when I make you say auntie.” Priya loved the idea of humiliating the much older Donovan, and the idea of beating him in all these different contests made her want to squeal.

“Do you mean uncle? Like the first person to make the other say uncle wins?” Donovan inquired, the last thing he wanted was to lose on a technicality. On second thought he realized he didn’t want to lose in any capacity.

“Maybe boys say uncle, but I’m a girl and I’m gonna make you say auntie. That is, after I pin you down and beat you in an arm wrestle.” Priya taunted her opposition, she was so eager to get her hands on the boy she now viewed as her pray, that she put out her arm, ready for the arm wrestle to begin. Donovan wanted to start soon too, he definitely did want not Anika to come home to see him fighting her sister, especially if he was losing. He reached out his hand as well and the two met in the middle. Neither of them were able to get the upper hand over the other, as they were stuck in a deadlock for almost a minute. Donovan was happy that he was holding his own, until he realized that as a much older boy he shouldn’t be content being as strong as a 13-year-old girl. Priya was happy that she hadn’t made a mistake earlier, Donovan really wasn’t stronger than her, and she was even happier to feel his arm weakening as he began to succumb to her power. The emotions on the two warring combatants couldn’t have contrasted more as Priya smile grew wider and wider as Donovan fell deeper and deeper into despair. Finally, Priya was able to use her much smaller hand to drive down Donovan’s large hand into the table. She had already won once and she was hungry to destroy this boy’s confidence further. Donovan was furious with himself, how could have let her win, she couldn’t really be stronger than him! That was impossible.

Chapter 4: Who’s on Top?

“Ready for round 2? By that I mean are you ready for me to pin you? Priya asked sweetly, her edge from earlier was gone. She only put up those walls, because she felt vulnerability around strangers, but she knew with Donovan she had absolutely nothing to worry about. He reminded her of how she had felt about her old pets and realized how close she was into making him into a new one. Donovan was pissed and as Priya teased and taunted him, he took the opportunity to tackle her to the ground. Priya was completely caught off guard by this sudden attack from the boy she felt she was breaking to her will, but she still fought his hands off, not allowing herself to be pinned.

“Who’s pinning who?!” Donovan asked. He was so happy to finally be putting Priya in a compromising position, after the young girl had dominated him so previously. Donovan tried his best to push Priya’s shoulders onto the ground, but she was fast and slippery and he couldn’t seem to get any kind of grip on her. He was still on top, but he wasn’t able to do as much as he wanted. He was getting frusturated as he looked down to see Priya still confidently working as though she knew she could escape. Even when Donovan was able to drive one of Priya’s shoulders down she was always able to make sure that her other one was risen up. Donovan was doing everything he could and was quickly running out of gas. Meanwhile, Priya seemed to only get stronger and more energetic and before long she had fought up to her knees.

“Ready to be pinned down by a girl! A girl who’s younger than you and smaller than you, but a girl who’s stronger than you!” Priya teased the boy as she finally was able to push him onto his back. Priya didn’t have the same trouble controlling her opponent as Donovan was tired and his arms were heavy and she easily pinned them down under knees. She was now looking down upon the boy she had conquered, seeing the defeat in his eyes made her feel like she was on top of the world. She had him pinned, but was in no hurry to start her count, preferring to watch her prey struggle and squirm with no success. Finally, Donovan felt fully exhausted and stopped moving. Only now did Priya begin her count.

“1……….2……………3………..Should I keep going?” Priya giggled as she asked the boy who was helpless underneath her. “How does it feel to know even if you are using all your strength you still can’t stop me from pinning you?” She needled him with questions that were designed to shatter his confidence.

“This isn’t my full strength.” Donovan responded bitterly. It was of course, but he wasn’t gonna admit that. He couldn’t admit it. Better to pretend he was just letting her win. This irritated Priya, but she had a way to prove that this was a lie.

“Okay, well then you better use your full strength to stop me from doing this.” Priya informed her victim of the torture she’d planned for him. While still pinning his shoulders down with her knees and sitting on his upper chest, she took his face in her hands and gently kissed him on the cheek, just as she had seen Anika do earlier, of course this was delivered with much crueler intent. Donovan hated that she had kissed him, and while Anika’s kiss earlier had made him feel treasured by someone he cared deeply for, this kiss made him feel small and week. Donovan fought with everything he could against his captor, but she easily kept him pinned and softly kissed him on the cheek again. “You liked it when Anika did it, so you must love this.” She teased the boy as she began kissing him harder and more frequently. Donovan couldn’t believe that Priya had tainted the kiss from Anika that he’d waited for his whole adolescence. It was too much for him and he began to cry. “Admit that you used your full strength and it wasn’t enough, admit that I’m stronger than you. Or I am just gonna keep kissing you until you do.” Priya instructed, then puckered her lips as a threat.

“Fine, I used my full strength and you still pinned me. Your stronger than me.” Donovan felt worthless as he finally admitted his weakness. He felt even worse when Priya giggled and pressed her lips against his, stealing his first proper kiss, the one he’d been saving for Anika. At this point things couldn’t get any worse for him. He was devastated that he’d lost both rounds, but at least his humiliation was over. Unfortunately, Priya had different plans.

Chapter 5: Say Auntie

“Are you ready for the third round now sweetie?” Priya asked in a fake cutesy voice. She was now standing over her supposed babysitter and as she looked down at him she was quite proud of her handiwork. She had already nearly bent to him completely to her will, and she still had Kashvi’s move which she was eager to try out in round 3. Donovan was distraught, he’d already lost two, he didn’t understand any reason for a third round.

“What’s the point, even if I win you will still have 2 rounds to my 1 and then you’ll tell my Anika about my crush on her. I’m screwed either way.” Donovan replied, clearly dejected from his previous losses.

“Fine, if you win then I won’t tell her, the third round counts for 3.” Priya decided on the fly, she had plans for this round and she needed Donovan to have some hope, so she could dash it. This changed everything for Donovan. He wasn’t confident he could win, but he realized he couldn’t actually lose if he never gave up, and when it came to losing Anika, nothing would stop him. He stood up, with renewed faith in himself and hope that he could finally win one. Priya saw Donovan’s renewed confidence in the way he was carrying himself and looked forward to breaking him once and for all.

In a carbon copy of his move from the last round, Donovan once again tried to tackle Priya and knock her to the ground, but she was expecting exactly this and tripped him as he went to tackle her. He landed on the ground in a heap and before he could gather himself Priya was on top of him.

“Are you ready for my friend Kashvi’s move? She uses it to beat her older brother up all the time and he’s 19.” Priya asked him as she once again tried to pin down the older boy with her knees. This time it was Donovan who was expecting Priya’s move and he was able to avoid being pinned in the same way as the last round. Unfortunately, this was exactly what Priya had hoped for as she swung her leg around and ended up pinning down his other shoulder, adjusting her position so she was know facing his legs. Donovan tried to free his shoulder, but Priya started tickling him under the armpits, disorienting him and allowing her to pin the remaining shoulder with her knee. She was now sitting reverse on his upper chest, and Donovan realized to this horror what Kashvi’s move was.

“No Priya don’t do this, anything but-“ Donovan had meant to say anything but this, but he was cut off when Priya sat down on his face, and began laughing at the predicament she had inflicted on her captive.

“Kashvi’s such a weirdo, I don’t even know how she thought of this, but it sure is effective. Are you ready to say Auntie?” Priya couldn’t stop laughing at the boy trapped underneath her bottom. Donovan tried to say auntie but his voice was muffled by Priya’s ass, which she now was rubbing on his prone face. As Priya came up with different dances designed to humiliate her new toy, Donovan kept screaming Auntie, desperate to escape from this torture. Finally, Priya heard him and gave him some air. “You know what this means! It means I get to tell Anika that you love her!” Priya cheered for herself, proud of the complete domination she’d inflicted upon this boy.

Just as Priya finished cheering, the front door opened as Anika returned home from the dance, shocked to see the boy she’d recruited to take care of her sister pinned down with her butt inches from his face. Donovan was extremely embarrassed and he tried to explain the situation, but as soon as he started talking Priya sat back down on the poor boy’s unprotected face.

“Priya what’s going on?” Anika asked, bewildered by what she had come home too. She knew Priya was a bit of a wild child, but she never imagined this could happen.

“I challenged him to a fight and I won. Easily.” Priya stated matter of factly, still sitting on Donovan’s face despite extreme protests from him.

“You won? How? He’s so much older than you?” Anika asked, still not sure how this had happened. It broke Donovan’s heart for the girl he loved to see him looking so weak and humiliated.

“I pinned him down and kissed him until he cried, and now I’m doing Kashvi’s move that she does to her older brother.” Priya answered, again as though everything about this was 100% normal. Donovan wanted to protest this, but the reality was that nothing about that was false, and additionally he couldn’t speak.

“Oh is Kashvi doing this now? Her older sister Nisha used to do this to her brother, she’d sit on his face until he kissed her ass.” Anika explained, she was still confused by the situation but figured that Donovan was playing around with her, and that he would obviously escape rather than kissing her little sister’s ass. Donovan of course was not playing around with Priya and was now horrified at the idea of her turning this into Nisha’s version of the move.

“OMG, I have to do that. Okay loser, you hear my sister, you don’t get to stop smelling my butt until you kiss it.” Priya squealed at the thought of making a boy who Anika might like do something that humiliating in front of her. Anika kept waiting for Donovan to get up, but of course she had no idea just how uneven this fight had been all along. Donovan would’ve given anything to be out of this situation. The only thing he could imagine worse than kissing Priya’s ass was doing it in front of her sister, Anika, the girl he’d liked for the better part of the past 6 years. Unfortunately, he had no way out and after holding out for as long as he could, Donovan ran out of oxygen and was forced to kiss the ass of his tormentor.

“Donovan, are you seriously this weak? I’m sorry I have to go.” Anika asked dejectedly, she went up to her room and hearing the disappointment in her voice was the worst thing that had happened Donovan all day. Priya got off of him and did a victory dance around him, as Donovan was too devastated to move.

Once she finished her dance, Priya kneeled beside Donovan and whispered into his ear, “It’s okay Donovan, I won’t tell my sister about your crush. I don’t think she wants much to do with you now though. That’s alright though, because after tonight you belong to me.” Once she finished, she kissed Donovan gently on the lips and then skipped away. As far as Donovan was concerned he was totally fine never seeing either of the Mehta girls for the rest of his life.

The End

(Hello! I'm hoping to finish two more stories in the near future, one in this forum and one in the wrestling and fighting stories forum.)

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Default Re: Punished by Priya

It is so good to read another one of your stories, Davos. Thank you for sharing it with us and I look forward to reading the other two you have planned. Anika sounded great in this story, but her sister Priya is clearly the more interesting of the two. I would feel bad for Donovan, but he is a lucky guy. Thanks again for writing this for us, mate.
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Man, do I love your stories.
Young girls trash talking after defeating older guys is my favorite, and you are the master. Encore!
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Great story, Davos ! So realistic (reading it didn't seem like reading a story at all ... everything seems so naturally possible !), so hot .... and such great narration !

I fully agree with the comments of mixfightor and boyandy

Long time back, I came across wonderful domination stories from a great writer, named Sapper Jr.

Your story carries similar flavour !

Please write more for us !
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Excellent story thank you! Hope to read more of this scenario...
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

What a great story, I really enjoyed it. Stories where younger girls beat and pretty much dominate an older guy are my favorite. And where the story is realistic and not far fetched. You did it with this story. Poor Donovan, he really liked Anika but she will never feel the same way after Priya made him kiss her ass. Priya Character was a wild one and hope since she got the taste of beating boys she’ll be back to fight another day. Thank you for the great post
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Very good story, I really love it. I didn't understand one thing, though. Is Donovan sort of a nerd, wimp, maybe he is weaker than average guy? Or it is Priya, very strong for her age? Or it is just some magic, so she can always beat him, but not other boys?
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Default Re: Punished by Priya

Originally Posted by V V P [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Very good story, I really love it. I didn't understand one thing, though. Is Donovan sort of a nerd, wimp, maybe he is weaker than average guy? Or it is Priya, very strong for her age? Or it is just some magic, so she can always beat him, but not other boys?
Donovan is just a wimp actually
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