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Default April Showers

April Showers
By Stone

I loved my new gig; after being a complete jobber for over a decade the League took pity on me and gave me a token position being a referee for the junior matches. These were girls between eighteen and twenty, most were new, but all had to respect my authority as my decision was absolute. It didn't take me long to realize I could abuse said authority without reproach as long as I called the match fairly.

My favorite part sometimes was before the bell even rung, the slender girls would have to assume a security position with their arms and legs spread out as if I was waving a wand over them to check them for concealed firearms. Take this latest match for example; they were two eighteen year olds in their tight fitting one piece swimsuits having a prostyle match for the early afternoon crowd on a Saturday.

The brunette, April, was first; she had long dark hair down to her mid back and pale skin with slender arms plus strong looking thighs not to mention a nice C cup. She was 5'5" 127 pounds wearing a burnt orange swimsuit with white knee pads and boots as I walked up and told her to lift her arms. I had a privilege, no, a duty, to make sure nobody was sneaking any foreign objects into my ring; I instructed April to stand in the center of the ring as I slid my bare hands slowly down her arms.

I made a show of checking her hair while my body was nearly pressed against her. I wore the white and black striped referee shirt with a snug pair of navy blue speedos that did nothing to hide the fact I was sporting a boner as I felt up this little cutie.

"You're not hiding anything here are you," I whispered against her ear as my hands slid down to grope her tits over her swimsuit before I delved down into her cleavage to knead and cup her tits; tweaking her nipple until it was stiff. This had become standard procedure by now, if the girls ever protested or struggled I could order them to start in the referee position, which meant getting down on all fours. If they refused this I'd threaten then with disqualification as they'd begrudgingly get down on the mat while I positioned them, making certain my fingers probed every inch, inside and out, of their firm young bodies.

April however didn't make a sound or even give a dissatisfied grunt as my hands, after busying themselves with her boobs, traced down her flat abdomen, pausing just above her pubis, before I dropped down to actually check her boots and knee pads for hidden weapons. When I slowly made my way up her firm thighs my hands once more traced the arch between her legs, my finger probing before ultimately pushing a digit through the leg hole of her swimsuit. I pressed my erection against her ass crack as my finger rubbed her clit in little circles before plunging into her hairless sex.

"I hope you obey all the rules," I whispered into her ear as she gasped softly while still keeping her arms out. "I would hate for you to have a...wardrobe malfunction," I snickered, removing my hand from her box while pulling aside the crotch of her swimsuit to slide the outline of my speedo-covered cock against her exposed lips. "Mmm hmm," April said, shaking like a leaf before I made her turn around and face me as I made another check of her body, tweaking her nipples through her suit until they were pointy as icicles. My hand crept in through the arm-hole of her swimsuit to lift each boob; April didn't flinch even when I told her to close her thighs together gently. When her creamy legs shut around my cock I let out a soft sigh, asking her if she felt it. April nodded slightly, her eyes squinted tight as my lips were almost touching hers.

"If you let that girl beat you I'll tell her to strip you before I let her win," I said while my hands left her breasts and went down to check her ass; groping her tight buns through her suit at first; pulling it up into not quite a wedgie, exposing most of her butt as I squeezed it. "If you let her strip you, what do you think will happen," I practically growled as my left index finger traced the outline of April's asshole outside of her swimsuit.

"Y-y-you'll fuck me," she stammered softly, her breath sweet and fresh; so close I could almost taste her pouty lips briefly touching mine, as soft as butterfly kisses, while we spoke. "Not only that but I'm going to cum inside you, are you on birth control," I asked knowing the answer as April whispered a soft "N-no sir." "In fact I'll probably bust a nut so hard it'll leak out all over my nice clean mat, then I'll have to make you clean it up," I hissed, pulling away her swimsuit so April's ass was completely on display for the small audience in attendance.

"How do you think I'll make you do that?"

"With my tongue, sir," she replied after gritting her teeth once my middle finger pushed into her tight rectum.

"That's right so you're going to lose coming and going, now be a good girl and wait over there but you better really put up a good fight."

April nearly stumbled in her effort to run back to her corner as her opponent came over for inspection. Her name was Tanya and she was much heavier; a plump 159 pounds at 5'3" with fat thighs and a dimpled ass yet small B cups encased in a black one piece. Her brown hair was short, just past her ears, doing nothing to hide her double chin and almost pig-like nose. She seemed to have no problem letting me violate her the way I did April which doesn't make it as much fun--also because she was a two compared to April being a strong seven with her cute face. There were maybe a dozen people watching so the two girls only got a half hearted applause as they came out to lock up. Despite having the height advantage, April's hair made an easy target as the chunky Tanya pulled the pretty girl into a side headlock. I walked behind them, to make it look like I was checking the hold, but really I was giving April a subtle warning by rubbing my two fingers along the outline of her pussy lips as she was bent over in the hold.

April finally began bucking, almost screaming, as she managed to pick up the big girl's thick calf and tripped her so they both fell to the mat. Fortunate for April it was nearly like a suplex as Tanya landed on her back and hip with the smaller girl on top. She reared her knee back and began hammering it into the fat girl's side, almost like she was kicking carpet, before grabbing one of Tanya's wrists and pulling it across her opponent's throat; falling back to lock in a headscissors. I knelt down and saw Tanya was done for; the piggy was squealing as her face turned bright red; April crossed her boots at the ankle while she pulled back on her foe's arm which was choking herself out.

"That's pretty good April but she can't tap out, her other hand is trapped under your knee pad," I said, motioning to Tanya's chubby arm. I moved over to almost genuflect by the pretty girl's face. "If you want to win, you're going to have to help me out," I shrugged so the obscene bulge in my speedos was aimed at her face like a missile. April was pushing up with her free arm from the mat to add leverage to her scissors; both her hands were busy as she finally looked up at me and slightly nodded. I didn't hesitate to whip out my fat six inch cock as the lovely brunette took the head between her lips; her tongue basting it like a lollipop before she began to thrust her mouth further down, creating a tight suction.

"You're doin' good, baby girl, oh yes, oh yes, oh....yeah," I grunted, holding April's head before telling her to swallow it like a good girl. She only spat a small portion out onto her swimsuit but by then Tanya had passed out. I told April to break the hold then helped her up while raising her arm and declaring her the winner by knockout--I was always fuzzy on if it's a submission to choke somebody out or not. I congratulated April and told her don't bother changing out of her swimsuit when she got back to the locker room later; she noticed my bulge already beginning to swell again. I told her I never miss April showers and blew her a kiss as the teen got up and went to her corner to wait for the second fall while I slapped the fat girl awake. I had to give Tanya a two minutes to recover as she coughed and wobbled to her feet while I kept April in my peripheral; absently rubbing my growing hard-on through my speedo.

After the break I signaled for both girls to resume; Tanya was still sluggish after being choked out the previous round but had this pissed off look on her chubby face that I hoped meant she would get some payback on her opponent. Sure enough as soon as both eighteen year olds locked up, Tanya kneed April between her legs while I pretended to be scratching my nose so I wasn't looking. When the slender brunette dropped to her knees, clutching her pussy, Tanya quickly yanked down the straps on April's burnt orange one piece swimsuit, exposing her full C cup breasts, much to the delight of not only myself but the audience who whistled catcalls.

While using a handful of her opponent's long dark hair, and grabbing her bare tit with the other hand, Tanya marched April over to the ropes as she grimaced from having the fat girl squeeze her breast. She held April's throat over the middle rope, placing her thick thigh over the back of her opponent's neck, almost like Tanya was straddling April's head, while she continued clawing at April's tit.

Ever so slowly I sauntered over, almost like I was taking a lazy Sunday stroll, bent over to see April gagging as the rope cut into her throat while making these awkward squeals as she tried to pry Tanya's nails from her right breast. The teen's boots were kicking the mat as I casually walked around, looked to see the bigger girl seated on her opponent's shoulders as she was choked over the rope. I almost sighed, as if having to do a chore, and raised my finger in the air.

"One...," I said, counting as slow as I could. It must've had been a full minute by the time I got to four before Tanya had to let April go, who flopped to the mat coughing and cradling her boob.

Tanya went over to her downed opponent, pulling April up by her hair, and whipped her into the ropes; she must've recovered some because she leapt over the chubby girl, who had bent over to give her opponent a backdrop; performing a perfect sunset flip. I watched Tanya's flabby arms swing in the air as she tried to catch herself before she went tumbling backwards like a downed tree; I so badly wanted to yell Timber! She landed with a loud thud on the mat as April scooted up to place her boots on the shorter girl's arms as she tried to hold Tanya down.

The impact from the flip must've knocked the air out of her because I was trying to will the fat girl up, but she wasn't budging, so I reluctantly got down and began slapping the mat in slow motion.

"One...," the crowd seemed to chant as my arm moved up in the air like I was swimming in molasses, before finally bringing it down again.

"Two...," the audience counted along before I made it seem like my shoulder hurt from having to hit the mat twice, clutching it like I had a cramp. April was incensed; reaching out to grab my arm to try and force it down for the three count but finally Tanya recovered and kicked her boot into the cute girl's face.

She was on the mat, holding her face, when Tanya slid over on her knees, and pulled April's head between her thick thighs; locking them together. Tanya rolled onto her back, adding a handful of hair so April couldn't escape her headscissors, but it left me distracted as I was now staring at the teen's beautiful tits with her nipples pointing towards the overhead lights. I leaned in, pretending to check on the hold, before bringing my mouth down over her nipple; I heard April gasp as my tongue flicked over her stiff nips.

I sucked on one while tweaking the other, alternating back and forth until both of her breasts were covered in my saliva. She had been trying to escape the hold but not only was I pressing my weight down across her chest I also slipped a finger up the leg hole of her swimsuit and was playing with her clit.

April finally turned so Tanya was on her back instead of a recliner position; trying to escape the scissors and also get away from my fingering. The teen bridged back so Tanya's gut was squishing into her chest and was able to not only pop her head free but also grab the bigger girl's boot and twist it into an ankle lock.

The thick girl was howling, suddenly on her belly as April sought to get a submission while she cranked on her opponent's foot; falling back to scissor her opponent’s leg. Tanya was close to the ropes but either too inexperienced or unaware of her surroundings as I bent over to ask if she wanted to submit, though I just kinda mumbled it. I pulled the bottom rope closer and thankfully she took the hint, grabbing onto the rope like a drowning person to a life preserver.

"Break," I ordered and I could see April glaring at me when she reluctantly let go of the hold after I suddenly learned how to count fast so she would have to risk getting DQ'd. I made her back up while I checked on Tanya, to make it seem like she might not be able to continue, but really I was leaning into her ear.

"Go for her pussy, I want this slut begging for my dick; don't worry about cheating I won't disqualify you," I said and Tanya had a big smile across her broad cheeks. When I told them to resume the girls locked up, Tanya immediately grabbed a handful of April's longer hair and backed her opponent up into the ropes. She bent her head back over the top rope with a handful of hair and hammered four or five punches to April's flat stomach before I started making my way over there.

After the seventh punch, April's legs started to get wobbly, and Tanya used the grip on the taller girl's hair and ran her face along the length of the ropes; raking her eyes across the coarse cable. She fell to the mat, squealing and trying to rub her eyes, as Tanya stomped her boot a couple times on April's stomach; winding her. She picked her up again only to scoop April up and bring her down with a savage looking across-the-knee backbreaker.

Tanya held April in place by her hair, wrapping it around her left fist, then balled up her right and brought it down into the slender girl's breadbasket repeatedly. After April was fully softened up, Tanya slid her right hand down and began finger banging her opponent.

April's moans echoed in the quiet arena as the audience enjoyed the sight of the teen writhing in the hold. Tanya finally shoved April off her knee and at first it looked like she was covering her for a pin until the chubby girl laced her legs together with her opponent's before securing April's wrists to the mat then stretched the slender brunette in a grapevine. April's shouts of pain were somewhat muffled as Tanya planted her smaller B cups over her foe's mouth.

With their legs both spread open before me I could visibly see the dark stain on April's burnt orange one piece; her arousal from the earlier fingering by both Tanya and myself clearly had an effect. I bent down to check the hold, making sure Tanya had April's legs secured and stretched to their limit, but I was unable to control myself; the sight of April's wet snatch called to me and I buried my nose in like a dog to smell her scent. I pushed aside the crotch of her swimsuit as Tanya held her opponent in place and began lapping at April's delicious juices. I could see her thighs trembling as I greedily licked her cunt before moving up to suck on her clit; I felt her hole tightening up and had to practically tear myself away.

With my lips still wet from her box, I went over and told Tanya she had to finish her off; I could see she too was enjoying her prone opponent, rubbing her tits over April's face had stiffened Tanya's nipples. She finally let go of the hold and stomped April twice in the stomach before dragging her by the hair over to the corner. She slammed her head twice into the top turnbuckle before telling her, "Say goodnight, bitch," and flipped April upside down; locking her boots under the turnbuckle pad in a tree of woe.

She pulled April's head up off the mat so her face was buried in Tanya's crotch, "Eat me, dyke," she barked before using her other hand to finger fuck the sexy brunette. Tanya moaned as she ground herself in what looked like a standing facesit, pulling April's head up with one hand by her long hair while gyrating her hips, as her wrist pumped in and out. April's hands were busy playing with her own tits, fondling them and tweaking her nipples hard.

I was right against Tanya's hip, stroking myself and groaning, when Tanya told me I should finish on the bitch's face. Lucky for me the lithe teen uttered a scream of pleasure that could be heard in the arena despite her mouth being pressed firmly against the crotch of Tanya's black swimsuit as April squirted all over herself.

"Now," I groaned and Tanya dismounted April; holding her head up the hair as I shot my wad all over her pretty face.

After catching my breath I raised Tanya's hand and stated she was the winner of round two by erotic submission; the final round would start after the break. I unhooked April's boots and helped her back to her corner; when she tried to wipe away the cum that was dripping off her cheeks and nose I told her if she made a mess in my ring she was really going to have a hard time.

She paused and delicately caught the dangling strands, glaring at me, before sucking them clean on her fingers in front of me. I was so turned on I wanted to bang her upside down in the corner myself; she asked if she could put her swimsuit back on, since she was effectively topless. I told her if she did I would start her in the referee position, on all fours, after removing it myself. So she had no choice but to wait out the two minutes before continuing the next round with her tits out.

April looked pissed when I started the final round; she had given up crossing her arms to hide her bare chest and instead relegated her rest time to stretching on the ropes. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her delicious body with her perfect C cup breasts; I asked her if she was cold when I noticed her nipples were stiff. She glared at me but when I asked if she was ready she nodded; her brow curved into a furious glare as I told them to begin.

Tanya grinned as she circled her opponent, ready to lock up, so she wasn’t prepared for April to feign a collar and elbow grapple; the brunette burying her boot in the big girl’s belly. Her legs buckled from the blow; a groan escaped her mouth as the air rushed out Tanya. April grabbed Tanya by her hair and ran her opponent's face into the turnbuckle; sadly not the one she had been hung upside down in earlier as I couldn't help myself from staring at April's ass as her swimsuit rode up her taut cheeks. I was picturing her bent over in the shower afterwards as I had my way with her, spanking that perfect butt, when I heard the crowd groan audibly.

For once I had actually not seen the blatant foul as Tanya must've hit a low blow on her opponent because April was on her knees clutching her pussy. It gave the big girl a moment to recover from getting her head beat into the turnbuckle or whatever but for some dumb reason, as April was on her knees, Tanya pulled back on her opponent's hair; at first I thought she was using a dragon sleeper until I realized she was trying to breast smother April with her small boobs.

I sauntered over, asking April if she wanted to submit, but really I was blatantly playing with her bare tits; squeezing them roughly and tweaking her stiff nipples. Although the maneuver was stupid, since Tanya has no breasts to speak of, it was actually effective as her blubbery arms and torso were suffocating April.

Since she was so near the ropes, April gave up trying to pry Tanya's thick arm from her nose and began grabbing for the ropes; she had been in the corner anyway so they were close enough that she could get them by just reaching out. I was having too much fun and made sure to push the middle rope out of range as I sarcastically asked if she was ready to submit, "to me," I hoarsely whispered.

"When you pass out I'm going to have fun doing so many naughty things to your body," I said before leaning down to lick the sweat off her right tit.

"Ahh! Fuck!" Tanya roared and backed away like she had been burned; abandoning her hold. I gave the big girl a curious look before April, after panting to catch her breath from being denied oxygen for so long, gave me a serious stare.

"If you stop cheating me I'll take care of you in the showers afterwards, deal?" April seemed very stern but after eyeing those tits of hers I nodded with a smile; imagining all the things I had planned to do to her while unconscious being even more fun if she went along reluctantly.

Because of that I didn't call foul on her possibly biting Tanya but April didn't abuse her privilege; coming up behind the big girl and grabbing a handful of her hair to ram her face into the top turnbuckle again. She only did this once before irish whipping her opponent across the ring near me.

When April came charging in after the ring shook from the impact of Tanya's weight colliding with the corner, I ever so slightly pulled the fat girl out of the way so April came crashing into the corner; eating a facefull of turnbuckle for missing her body splash.

"Strip her," I ordered as Tanya quickly tugged down the remnants of her opponent's swimsuit before grabbing April by her hair and flipping her into the center of the ring with a nasty looking hairmare. I was drinking in the sight of April in her birthday suit with her swimsuit tangled around her boots as Tanya used the grip on her opponent's hair to roll April over where she sat down on her lower back and tugged on her locks; putting her in a camel clutch but instead of a chinlock, used two handfuls of hair to bend the brunette back.

April's screams of agony were music to my ears as even Tanya enjoyed herself, seeing how far she could bend the slender girl back until her tits were nearly facing the overhead lights. I couldn't help myself and whipped my painfully stiff dick out so I could fuck her sweaty breasts; when Tanya switched to a one handed hair grip so she could claw April's boob I shoved my pecker in the pretty girl's mouth, gagging her in more ways than one.

I had to force myself not to finish because I got a wicked idea; after extracting myself, Tanya shoved April to the mat, her face bouncing the canvas off like a basketball. I whispered my plan to the big girl who got a nasty smile; I held her in place by keeping my knee across the back of April's neck as Tanya tucked her opponent’s burnt orange boots around her own thick calves. Finally after helping tubby grab both of her wrists my dream came true as the heavy girl rocked back and forth a few times before she was finally able to lift April up in a romero ceiling hold.

The crowd oohed and clapped as April herself screamed while her limbs were stretched painfully as my tongue probed her gentle folds. I had to remove her swimsuit prior to Tanya putting her in the submission hold so I could gain easy access but it felt like I had won the lottery as the teen tasted like a sweet delicacy. It was difficult to tell if I actually ate her out to an orgasm or not, judging by the way her juices were flowing I probably did, but she kept screaming in the hold regardless so either way it didn't matter to me.

I groaned audibly when I finally entered her; I growled at Tanya to hold her up as the fat girl said she was getting tired; April was so tight it took my breath away and it was nearly a minute of forcing myself in before I could go deep enough to hit her cervix.

"Gonna fill you up so much you're going to be peeing out my load for days," I said with a grunt as I slammed my hips against April.

I would've finished off if it weren't for two things, Tanya losing her grip and April looking up at me as she scrambled to get the fat girl into a headscissors.

"We had a deal," she hissed and I almost wanted to apologize but just gave a helpless shrug. She looked none too pleased but had bigger worries when Tanya returned the favor from earlier and bit her April on her thigh; breaking the hold. Now both girls were slow to get up; April nursing a nasty bruise on her leg and Tanya from nearly getting crushed between her opponent's strong thighs.

Fortunately April was the first one to her feet and ran back to the ropes to charge at Tanya with a running dropkick that hit the tub of lard so hard she nearly tumbled out of the ring; half of her dangling from between the ropes like a pig stuck in a yo-yo. April got up and gave her a couple stomps as she hung between the corner post and the floor before dragging Tanya back in by her hair only to ram her face into the turnbuckle once more.

She whipped Tanya across the ring and even I could tell the girl was out of wind as sweat poured down her face and chest; she barely turned in time, half of her side impacting into the other corner. April still charged out and performed her diving body splash, but this was only the setup to her finisher; as she held onto the ropes with one hand and the other in Tanya's hair, the slender nude beauty climbed so she had one foot on the top turnbuckle and jumped off. Using Tanya's hair as a handle, she did her April Showers finisher with a diving leg drop to the back of her opponent's head so Tanya's face landed with an echoing thud onto the ma; a perfect guillotine facebustert.

It was an academic three count as April glared at me the entire time; "I kept my promise," I told her after signaling for the bell and raising her hand as the victor, "I could've done another slow count there." She didn't seem amused and quickly yanked her arm away; before she could leave the ring I said she needed to do her victor duties or there might be a reprimand.

April seemed more disgusted since this was optional; I even made her go slow when I told her she had to strip the unconscious Tanya first before she sat her bare pussy down on her beaten opponent's face. I jerked off as I watched April moan while she ground her snatch against Tanya's mouth and nose; when the girl eventually woke up April told her "Eat me, loser," in a stern voice that nearly made me cum right there. Judging by her sighs of pleasure Tanya did a fair to midland job but even I couldn't help myself as I slid between the other girl's chubby thighs and inserted my member into her hairy cunt.

April's moans increased as I fucked the fat girl missionary but pictured me taking the winner from behind later. Despite pulling out and shooting a load out on Tanya's tits after April cried out from her own orgasm I was still turgid a few minutes later when I approached the winner in the locker room.

She had donned her swimsuit after the match, choosing not to walk back nude but keeping Tanya's black one piece as a trophy, when I asked her if she was ready to pay up on her debt. She smiled prettily, that should've been a warning, as April leaned in close enough to kiss me but instead stroked me through my briefs.

"Right this way mister referee," she said in a sing songy voice. I followed April's delectable ass, in her swimsuit and boots, into one of the open brick shower stalls. She turned it on and asked if she needed to warm me up, I said it would be nice considering the favor she owed me. The entire time we were dirty talking in the stall she had been slowly pumping me to full mast in my speedos.

"So are you going to do all those nasty things you were talking about earlier," she whispered in a husky bedroom voice."All that and more baby,” I gasped while playing with her tits through her swimsuit

That's when I saw a white light and was on the wet cement floor before I ever felt the pain but when it finally hit me it engulfed my entire body; April's knee felt like it had rammed my balls up into my stomach as I collapsed like a sack of bricks.

"Then I guess you better take care of yourself, perv, because if you ever touch me again I'm going to rip them off, understood?" With that April turned on the cold water, she said I was going to need a lot of cold showers from now on if I was going to continue refereeing because she was going to tell all the other girls, never get in the ring with me again.

Basically I got Me Too'ed but I still kept my job, I was just given a fresher set of rookies to referee. They didn't know much about sexfights, fortunately I would be there to teach them...as soon as I sat on an ice pack for a few weeks.

This was a one shot story that I was commissioned to stretch out into three rounds. If you enjoyed this visit me at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
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