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Default You Want Me to Kick Her Ass? [F/F boxing]

“Hey, Nita. I need a favor.”
“Sure, what is it?” I was used to doing things for Diane. We’re best friends, and she was now so pregnant that she was having trouble even moving around; to give her and her husband a break, I’d been picking up groceries, doing laundry, cooking for them, you name it. I didn’t mind - I’m sure she’d do the same for me, and I had to turn down her or her husband trying to offer me money several times. So I was ready to do whatever she wanted, but she wouldn’t tell me at first: “It’s a bit weird, so I want you to hear me out before you say no, okay?”
“Yeah, sure. I’ll do it.”
“Nita, please. You’ve already done so much for me, I feel bad asking for anything else-”
“I’ll do it.”
“Stop it!” she scolded, laughing. “Okay, let me get it out first, would you? Ahem. I, uh - um, there’s no easy way to say this; will you be my champion?”
“Listen, um, there’s this lady I met in lamaze class, and then we ended up in the same Facebook mom group, and we just, you know, we can’t stand each other. I’d love to knock her out, but - “
“Diane! You can barely get to the bathroom and back!”
“So you’ll do it? You don’t ha-”
“I’ll do it!”

I got the whole story; Diane had picked me because I do boxercise, and also because I’m pretty tall (5’10”) and in pretty good shape - whenever I wore a tank top or sleeveless shirt, she liked feeling the muscles in my arms. My opponent was going to be, I assumed, a friend of Luann, the woman Diane had crossed paths with. It was going to be a boxing match, which meant I already had all my stuff (Diane offered to get me a whole new outfit and gloves, which I turned down nicely). The moderator of the Facebook group, Jen, would be reffing, although it didn’t sound like there was much for her to do; there were no rounds or anything, me and whoever my opponent was would just get in there and hit each other until one of us couldn’t get up or chose to stay down. We’d be fighting in a gym out by Boone street - apparently there was going to be a full-size boxing ring, which I’d never been in before.

The night of the fight we got there early so I could get dressed - sky-blue sports bra, silk trunks, short blue boxing boots with white laces, and blue gloves with white trim. Diane helped me with my hair - it came almost down to the waistband on my shorts, and she wrestled it into a long, thick braid with bangs in the front, then applied just a touch of waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
“Well, let me get a look at you!” she chirped after she was done. I hit a few poses while she took pictures with her phone. I think I looked pretty good, smiling as snapped away. My skin was medium-light in the somewhat harsh overhead locker room light, the makeup bringing out my eyes - shoot, I should have packed my black lipstick; that really would have looked awesome. I have a round face, and the pictures where I’m smiling came out better than the ones where I’m mean’ muggin; I just couldn’t make myself look convincingly mean, where I have, if I say so myself, a very nice smile.
Bodywise I was feeling pretty confident. I’m still trying to drop some weight doing boxercise, and I have broad shoulders and wide hips; my arms are strong - I’ll open any pickle jar you got - and I didn’t doubt I could get a lot of power into my punches. My 40DDs looked great in my top if I’m to be asked, and I was ready to put on a show.

Diane and I headed out to the ring. Diane took her spot in the seats; I got into the ring, where Jen, the ref, was waiting for me, along with a pregnant woman… where was the person I was gonna fight? The pregnant woman waddled up to me, and with a start I realized she was wearing boxing gloves. “Luann,” she introduced herself.
“Nita.” She held out her gloves and I stared at them dumbly.
“Touch ‘em!” she barked and I did so.
“So, uh… so… wait, you’re not gonna fight me yourself, are you?”
“Duh,” she scoffed. “I’m not scared like your little bitch friend!” she shrieked at Diane, who was staring at her in shock.
I stook a step back to take in Luann. She was taller than average, but still shorter than me at 5’8”, and weighed considerably less, with narrower shoulders and hips, and almost no butt. Her arms didn’t look too big, but there was some sleek muscle on her. She had B-cups, already slightly dribbling - I wasn’t surprised; Diane had almost ruined one of her best shirts leaking herself - and looked at least seven months pregnant with a huge, round belly.
She had a heart-shaped face with small features - deep set green eyes and a little, pouty mouth. On closer inspection she had very slightly crossed eyes, which actually made her look kind of cute. Her blonde hair came down just past her chin, longer on the left then the right. She was wearing daisy dukes, a pair of beat-up old red leather boxing gloves and nothing else. I guess my surprise was evident on my face as she sneered: “Yeah, take a good look, bitch!” She turned to yell at Jen: “Take her top off. I wanna fight topless.” Luann turned back to me: “Unless you’re chicken? You scared, bitch?”
“Never,” I barked. Jen came around behind me and unhooked my sports bra, easing it off my shoulders as I lifted my arms. “You like these?” I yelled at Luann. “You wish your saggy milk sacks looked like this!”
“Fuck you!” Luann screamed, walking up to me until we were nose to nose. “You fuckass! I’m gonna break every bone in your body, bitch! And I’m gonna love every second! Yeah, gonna take my time with you!” She took a step back, dropping her gloves to her waist, leaving herself completely open. “Go ahead, take a free one.” She arched her back, shoving her big round belly right at me. “C’mon, bitch! I’m giving you a free hit! Come on!” She took a step forward, her gut smacking into me.
Well, I couldn’t hit her in the tummy, but the rest of her was fair game; I drew back my glove and slammed a huge right into Luann’s face. She stumbled back with the impact, covering her face with her gloves, yelling “Bitch!” into them (it seemed to be every other word out of her mouth). Trying to finish her quick I followed, slamming hooks into her ribs; she ate a few before launching a counterattack with a snarl, slamming a right uppercut into my left breast, sending it flying upward as I screamed in pain. They never taught me this shit in boxercise class! My hands froze and Luann ripped off a combo to my head, starting with a right-left-right series of quick jabs, then two harder straight punches, then a right hook that slammed into my jaw with so much force I was seeing stars. My whole body turned with the impact, and I ended up falling down on my chest, landing right on my tits on the mat for good measure. Jen came over to start counting me out as Luann screamed at Diane: “This is your tough bitch?! She didn’t even go a minute with me!”
I was up on my knees at two, standing by four; I don’t know what kind of experience Jen had with topless pregnant grudge match boxing, but she at least saw I was wobbly and gave me a standing eight. I shook my head, trying to clear it as I closed with Luann again. Luann didn’t look super strong, but she definitely knew how to throw a punch; I’d have to keep my guard up or she’d be able to do some real damage. As we came into range Luann opened with a quick jab at my chest. I found my instincts working against me as I was used to punches at my head, ribs or midsection, and if she’d aimed a punch at any of those targets I think I could have blocked it - but she didn’t, and her jab hit home, her glove smacking straight into my left breast. This hurt, a lot, and I froze, leaving myself open for Luann’s followup combo, starting with another jab, this one landing slightly off-center on my right boob, then three quick hooks to the jaw, finishing with a powerful uppercut to my midsection. I gasped, my knees going weak at the impact, and had to brace my gloves on her shoulders to stay standing. Sneering victoriously, Luann laid in another uppercut, then a third, and that was all I could take as I collapsed to the mat, knocked down for the second time in two minutes.
Jen started counting me out slowly; I took a few seconds to lay there panting, catching my breath as Luann circled me. I was up by six, raising my gloves and facing off with Luann. Damn, I had to remember not to let her start up one of those combos; she was definitely quicker than me, and although I was stronger, she was still strong enough to knock me down once she got going. So what was I going to do against her?
Now normally I’d work her body to wear her down, but without being able to hit her in the stomach that wasn’t an option; ribs, tits and head it was. I decided to wager that my strength would give me the edge if we went toe-to-toe; my opponent was no slouch when it came to delivering hits, but I wasn’t either, and I trusted my power and endurance to beat hers. I put my gloves on my hips and issued a challenge I thought she wouldn’t refuse: “Come get me, bitch!”
She accepted and came in leading with a lunging right aimed at my chest. I blocked this easily and returned a right uppercut that went straight where I wanted it, my rising glove smacking into the bottom of Luann’s breast, hitting it so hard it flew straight up, then followed with a beautiful left hook, sending her tit flying, squirting a long strand of milk as Luann screamed. I stepped in and aimed a slower, stronger hit, smashing my right glove into the center of her face. Luann took a single step back, arms windmilling, then sat down with a heavy grunt. Jen came over and started counting, but it was clear Luann was more angry than hurt as she hopped back to her feet and shoved Jen away.
Would my opponent take the bait twice in a row? I hoped so and advanced on her, gloves held loosely at my side, thrusting my chest at her; but she wised up, fooling me as she faked a right at my chest, then unleashed a left hook that hit me in the jaw. With my gambit failed, my gloves were hopelessly out of position and she followed up with a straight left into my stomach, then two fast hooks to my ribs; I backed up frantically, not wanting her to finish this combo with another knockdown, getting lucky as she didn’t expect me to basically run away from her, and I successfully got out of her range.
“Fuckin’ coward,” she spat, waving me towards her with her gloves. “Come fight me, bitch!” I put my gloves up, took a deep breath and approached her. It occured to me that I had a slight reach advantage and decided to try using this; combined with a small skill advantage - my opponent was good, but she was clearly a brawler, not a boxer - I might be able to headhunt her with long punches, staying out of her range.
This worked pretty well to start with - Luann tried to come right in on me, eating a stiff left hook to the jaw that made her pause; I got her with a right jab to the ribs, then a left hook that made her grunt as my glove smacked into her right breast. But then I whiffed as she backstepped away from me; I had thought she was stunned and took a second to build power for a big right, but I ended up only hitting air, leaving myself totally exposed. Luann came in and started smacking my tits around like speedbags. I covered my chest with my arms, which of course left the rest of my body open; Luann slammed a left into my stomach, then unleashed h a massive right hook that slammed into the side of my head. I fell down to my knees, and Luann put me down with a straight left to my face, leaving me flat on my back.
I wasn’t feeling too good as Jen started counting me out for the third time. I looked at Diane, and our eyes locked for a second; it looked like she was trying not to cry. I thought about staying down for a second until I felt Luann’s bare foot pressing into my crotch.
“Get up, bitch!” Luann shrieked at me. “I’m not done with your ass yet!” I reached down and pushed her leg away from me with her gloves. Jen was up to six, but Luann went over to her and shoved her, stopping her from counting. I slowly got up and Luann retreated, letting Jen give me a standing eight.
I tried to think of another strategy to use, but my head was getting a little wooly from Luann’s repeated head hits; maybe I could trick her, make her think I was almost knocked out and get her to throw caution to the wind, come in to try and finish me off. I left my guard a little ragged, the gap between my gloves a little too far; I was afraid I’d have to take a hit or two to lure Luann into my trap, but she went right for it with a war cry, trying to shoot her right glove through the gap and at my tits. I took the hit on my left glove at the last second, relishing the look of surprise on Luann’s face, and unleashed a very satisfying right hook, my glove smashing into her jaw and turning her head. On pure instinct I started unleashing a left uppercut to her stomach and had to stop myself, unfortunately giving Luann enough time to recover and she started throwing a hurricane of quick jabs at my face and chest. I took them all on my gloves or forearms, waiting for my chance to get a counterpunch. Normally it wouldn’t be long in coming, but I had to remind myself I couldn’t hit her in the stomach; instead of powering a punch into her tummy, I had to block a dozen hits before I could get her with a high left hook, hitting her in the side of the head. She froze, but as I came in to unleash a combo, I stepped right on the pool of milk I’d caused her to deposit with an earlier punch; I’d forgotten completely about it and my foot slipped out from under me, then my leg went straight up as I fell back with a yell of surprise.
I hit the mat hard, but hopped up to my feet before Jen could even come over to count; I wasn’t hurt, but I’d lost my chance to really unleash on Luann, who was now wearing an incredibly annoying smirk as we closed up. Now I know I should have deployed a careful attack, probing with jabs, or trying to get her hands out of position, or laying a trap for her, but by this point in the match I wasn’t thinking too straight, and instead with a roar I threw a huge right hook right at her face. Luann ducked back, letting my glove sail past her harmlessly, then stepped back in and slammed a devastating uppercut into my stomach. I ended up leaning against her, resting my gloves on her shoulders; she started laying in repeated hooks to my stomach, keeping me too stunned to move, then started mixing in uppercuts to my tits, her gloves repeatedly slamming into the undersides of my boobs, sending them flying up. I took a dozen hits before I couldn’t stand, even supporting myself on her, slowly sinking down in front of her until I was on my knees, one arm covering my chest, the other over my stomach. I looked up at Luann just in time to see her knockout punch speeding at my face; she hit me with a massive right straight punch, hitting me so hard I think I blacked out for a second. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back and Jen was at three. I felt blood oozing out of my nose as I shook my head. With a groan I started getting up; when Diane saw what I was doing she started pleading with me that I’d done enough and I should stay down, but I felt myself climbing to my feet, almost running on autopilot.

My body seemed to be moving on its own as I took up a sloppy guard; I felt dreamlike as Luann came in, easily dodging the slow, sludgy left I aimed at her. She landed a sharp right straight on my belly button; my gloves dropped and she came in on me, wrapping her arms around my body.
We clinched, and I don’t think Jen knew much about boxing as she didn’t move to break this up; she also didn’t do anything as Luann started hammering my left side with short punches. I didn’t know what to do - any real ref (sorry, Jen) would never have allowed this, so I’d never trained for this situation. Luann got a half-dozen unanswered clubbing hits on my side, then started pushing me backwards. I tried to brace my feet and halt us both, but this prompted her to land another hit to my aching side, and that was enough to stop me from resisting as she finished walking me across the ring, pressing my back into the ropes. Jen still didn’t break this up, and Luann and I hugged for a second. I braced myself for her to start beating one me again, but instead she slipped her glove between my legs.
I didn’t realize what she was doing for a second as she started rubbing my pussy through my silk trunks. This felt surprisingly good; the silk bunched up against her glove, and I heard myself moaning at the sweet sensation. She pressed herself up on me, rubbing her hard nipples against mine, then leaned in and started licking my neck. I tried to push her away, but I had a bad angle and couldn’t get any space between our bodies. Well, two could play at this game, and I slid my own hand between her legs - she couldn’t close her thighs with the way we were standing - and started rubbing her pussy right back. I felt Luann stop sucking on my neck long enough to emit a low moan; encouraged, I kept working her with my glove. We were in a race, and unfortunately Luann had a considerable headstart on me, but I thought I had a good chance of beating her; looking back, this was probably down to my head being clouded with pleasure, further slowing and confusing my thoughts which were already disordered from my opponent’s repeated head punches.

I pushed my body against hers as we gloved each other; our nipples pressed together, and we panted in each other’s ears; every once in a while one of us would moan, my spirits rising when I heard Luann do it in my ear, and my opponent giggling when I couldn’t help myself and released a gasp of pleasure in hers. I tried to ignore her gloved hand rubbing my silk shorts against my pussy, I tried to ignore the feeling of her soft body pressing against mine, I tried to ignore her nipples poking into and circling my own, and I tried to ignore the sounds she was making, focusing on getting her to her climax before she got me to mine.
It was a race I lost as I realized with rising panic that I was almost there; I felt my legs shaking, my breathing turning into a high, panting gasp. My predicament did not escape my opponent’s notice and Luann went for the kill, her hand moving faster and pressing up; I desperately tried to push her away, but even with my full strength this would have been difficult, and I had no power left. Then it was too late, and I leaned back against the ropes, tossing my head back and screaming in ecstasy as Luann finished me; I came hard against her glove, the pleasure washing away everything else, leaving me so weak that only Luann’s left arm around my body and my right arm leaning against the top rope kept me standing. She pulled me away from the ropes, releasing me from the clinch; I fell to my hands and knees and she braced her foot on my back, pushing me down to the mat on my chest.
“Fuck, you got me all worked up,” Luann panted. “You’re gonna have to finish what you started. But first - “ she waved Jen over with a glove - “Don’t get up, weak bitch!”
Jen started counting me out. I didn’t know if I could have stood even if I wanted to; by six I managed to roll over onto my back, but when I tried to sit up I found I didn’t have the strength. As Jen kept going Luann got on all fours next to me, biting the waistband of my bottoms; I instinctively lifted my hips off the mat and she pulled my trunks all the way off, then got up and stared down at me as Jen finished counting the knockout. At ten, I half expected Luann to yell in triumph or start taunting me, but she was still just looking down at me with a intense stare; then she shimmied out of her shorts, kicking them aside and straddling my head. Oh, god. I had a second to stare up as Luann slowly lowered her hips, pressing her pregnant pussy into my nose and mouth. She sighed happily as she started riding my face, giving my tits some lazy hits and smacks as she ground her crotch against my face. She wasn’t up there long - I’d gotten her pretty worked up as she’d said - and in just a little bit I felt her approaching her climax, her face riding getting wilder and rougher as she went over the edge, grinding against my face as she howled in pleasure.

She got off me and I hoped that was all; my face was slick with sweat and my opponent’s juices, burning with humiliation at how she’d womanhandled me. But she wasn’t through with me yet. She got on top of me, straddling my midsection.
“Yeah, I’m your mommy now!” Luann yelled. “Nasty Nita!” She shoved her tits in my face. “Drink up, little girl!”
I turned my head to her right nipple, taking it into my mouth. Her breast milk flooded into my mouth. It actually didn’t taste bad - like regular milk, but a little sweeter. I felt Luann sighing happily as I swallowed. She switched breasts and I sucked on her other nipple, getting another mouthful of milk. “Good girl,” Luann patronizingly rubbed my head with her boxing glove. “But, you know what’s next? It’s time for your punishment! That’s right, Naughty Nita! Come on!” She got off me, ordering me to get up on all fours; she went behind me and started spanking my bare ass, her boxing glove still on and not doing much to cut down on how much this hurt. I had to bite down a yelp with each impact, which became more and more difficult as she kept laying spanks on the same spot on my butt; eventually the stinging hits were too much, and I started crying, both from the pain and the humiliation; I’d let Diane down, and now I was completely under Luann’s power.
“Aw, my little girl!” Luann teased me. “Does that hurt too much? Tell Mommy you’re sorry and I’ll stop!”
“I’m sorry,” I sobbed.
“I’m sorry who!!” Luann gave me another swat.
“I’m sorry, Mommy!”
She got up, standing in front of me and presenting me with her sweaty foot.
“Show Mommy how sorry you are!”
I gave the top of her foot a kiss, but when I looked up to see if this is what she wanted she had her arms crossed angrily under her breasts. I went back in, pathetically determined to make Luann happy, licking the perspiration from between her toes. “Good girl!” Luann yelled. “All right, it’s time for Mommy to put you to bed!” She gave me a swat on the butt, leading me over to one of the corners; she laid me down, the back of my head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. She sat on my hips, then started blasting me with blockbuster hooks, smacking my head back and forth with each hit; soon my vision was swimming again, and I felt myself drooling as she landed punch after punch. She must’ve switched to straights as the last thing I remember was one of them landing square in the middle of my face, stars exploding with the impact, and the one after that must’ve knocked me out. I came to back at home in bed, and I spent the next two days recovering as Diane fussed over me, although the bruises and black eyes lasted a few weeks longer than that.
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