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Old 10-Aug-18, 18:08
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Default Izabella Mendes reviews

August, 2018

My first ever session (with the now retired Sable of LWS) will never be matched in terms of how surprised, embarrassed and humiliated I felt during and after the session. I went to the session expecting to be able to toy with Sable, but what happened was exactly the reserve. Sable made me tap to all sorts of holds (breastsmothers, hand-over-mouth submissions) - holds that, until then, I thought only worked in fantasy matches. It was a completely new experience to me and I'll never forget it.

Of all the sessions I have had since, my session with Izabella last weekend reminded me most of this first session with Sable. It was the closest thing to a new experience for me. Time will tell, but I would now rate my session with Izabella as my second most memorable session ever. The reason it was so memorable (and humiliating) is that is was so noticeably easy for Izabella. It felt like an adult (Izabella) wrestling a child (me).

Session location: Budapest
I finally made a trip to Budapest, a city that has been on my wishlist for years. It has always been the number one in the world for session wrestling (with legends like Tia, Antscha, Orsi & Kimbra). The recent addition of Sheena & Izabella absolutely confirm this top spot. No other city comes close to it.

Budapest is a beautiful city. The buildings are magnificent. The women are very attractive. The weather is great, at least it was last weekend. And there are plenty of non-wrestling things to do & see. I will definitely be returning next year.

Arranging the session
Sheena is Izabella's best friend. I set the session up through Sheena as I had met her and had a brilliant session with her before. I also wasn't sure about the level of Izabella's English as some Hungarians have better English than others. It turns out that I need not have been worried about Izabella's English. It was absolutely fine - not as good as Sheena's - but absolutely fine for communicating.

Antscha's studio was fully booked on the day that I wanted to see Izabella, so we decided to have the session in my hotel room. It was Izabella's first ever hotel session. Izabella is purely sport/judo only, which is better suited to a studio - but a hotel session seemed better than no session.

The session itself
Izabella showed up on time (5 minutes early) looking absolutely gorgeous in her sportswear. She is tall (5ft 11 / 180cm). She has beautiful Hungarian skin. She is feminine but you can tell, from looking at her, that she is strong. I have included below, what I think is, her best picture from her wb270 page.

I was expecting her to be "serious". I think I read this somewhere but I couldn't find it when I went looking for it after the session, so maybe I imagined it. However, she was perfectly friendly. She smiled and joked. She was good fun. She was more outgoing than me for sure, but this isn't hard. She drove me into the city centre after the session. She is a nice person.

I had moved the furniture around the hotel room, to the best of my ability, to make space for the session. I had taken the mattress off the double bed and pushed the bed frame into the corner of the room. It wasn't a great setup but it was the best that could be done, or so I thought. As soon as Izabella saw it, she said "no, no, no". She assessed the setup for about 10 seconds and then lifted up the bed frame and rested it on its side against the wall. Then she pulled the mattress into the centre of the room, and suddenly we had twice the space. I was impressed (and mildly humiliated) by how much better she was than me at moving furniture.

We started the session with arm wrestling. She beat me three times on both arms, each time giving me a bigger headstart (in terms of starting position) than the previous time. She joked that the only way I would win is if we started with her arm fully down. She is certainly one of the strongest girls for arm wrestling.

We then moved onto wrestling, starting on our knees on the mattress. This is where the Izabella experience was so unique. We started jostling for position with our arms. She then put her hand onto my shoulder/behind my neck and gave a tug causing me to fall forward onto the mattress. She didn't pounce on me though. She allowed me back to my knees and we started to jostle for position again. I managed to get my hand behind her neck and give her a tug. She didn't even budge. My tug had no impact on her. She was stable/solid. It was at this point that I realised how difficult it was going to be for me to do anything offensive to her. I interpreted this bit of 'feeling out' as her sending me a message that she could maneuver me but that I could not maneuver her.

Most session wrestlers beat me with fast and explosive attacks. They overwhelm me with their speed, aggression and determination. This is where the Izabella experience was so different. She moved slowly, almost leisurely. Some sessions can be like wild brawls. Izabella made the session less like a brawl and more like a chess match - a chess match in which one of us (me) didn't know how to play chess. It felt like she was breaking her attacks into individual moves/steps and giving me an opportunity to respond (or, more often, to realise that I couldn't respond) to each step.

There might be 5 steps from the kneeling position to get me into an armbar. I don't know. I am not an expert. Step 1 might be to knock me off balance/onto the mat. Step 2 might be to gain side control/keep me down. Step 3 might be to achieve full mount. Step 4 might be getting control of my arm/getting my arm between her legs while still in mount. Step 5 might be her rolling onto her back and extending my arm.

Izabella would pause for maybe 20 seconds between each step. Maybe this is something she does in judo training. Or maybe she just wanted to extend the amount of time between submissions. Or maybe she just wanted me to think I was doing better than I was. I don't know. But the effect of this was that she was giving me a slow death. She was allowing me time to recognise how helpless I was, how beautiful she was, and how ridiculously lucky I was to be getting destroyed by her.

I was doing my very best not to tap, which is exhausting. I was breathing heavy, sweating, asking for breaks, etc. She was just gliding from position to position. I'm sure it didn't even feel like exercise to her. As soon as I would tap, she would kneel up and be ready to go again.

Another thing I loved about her, and that separates her from other session wrestlers, is that she would sometimes release me before I would tap but always after I had decided to tap. As soon as a hold has been successfully secured, she knows it. She doesn't need to wait for me to tell her. I'm guessing this skill comes from her judo training. It made me realise what a top class athlete she is. Not only was she able to submit me without breaking a sweat, she was able to submit me & release me before I was even able to tell her that I had been submitted! My mind was blown by this. And to top it off, she would be on her knees ready to go again as my brain was processing all this.

But she didn't always release me so quickly. At one point, she got me in a RNC (or the judo equivalent of it) and I tapped. This time, instead of releasing me, she said "but I didn't squeeze yet" and she started to further tighten the choke. I tapped again and then she released me. I liked that she was able to mix it up - sometimes releasing me before I tap, sometimes as soon as I tap and sometimes forcing me to tap again.

The judo element was refreshing as well. Her holds were different to those used by BJJ girls and traditional session wrestlers. There was definitely overlap and similarities, but there was lots of stuff I hadn't seen before as well. And her judo throws were amazing. As we were in a hotel, we didn't do these competitively. I simply let her throw me, but I imagine there would be very little you could do to stop her if she tried to throw you in a competitive situation.

She also showed me how to throw and allowed me to throw her. She celebrated with me when I succeeded. It was great fun.

I would recommend Izabella to:
  • anyone that would like to have the "there is nothing I can do" feeling against an incredibly beautiful woman.
  • anyone that wants to experience a different style of wrestling. The judo holds are different to those of traditional session wrestlers.
  • anyone that likes competitive sessions.
  • anyone at all actually. I think it is a valuable and eye-opening experience for any guy to know that there are girls out there that can toy with them without breaking a sweat.
Travelling to Budapest is your best chance to see her, as I don't think she does many session tours. It is well worth it.

Also, don't misinterpret the slow pace that Izabella used against me as a sign that Izabella might be slow herself. She was in gear #1 against me. She is one of the best judokas in the world so is clearly fast when she needs to be.
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Old 11-Aug-18, 19:57
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Default Re: Izabella Mendes, August 2018

Great review.

How do you think Izabella would do against Tia in armwrestling? Also, does she use scissors at all?

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Old 11-Aug-18, 21:35
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Default Re: Izabella Mendes, August 2018

It is hard to say about the arm-wrestling. Tia is very good as well. Both are much better than me.

Yes, she used some judo hold that was essentially a headscissors a few times. It was very cool. Probably my favourite hold from the session actually. I remember thinking "this is a headscissors" (and then tapping soon after).
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