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Default Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

I approached the hotel hallway and looked for the arrow pointing towards room #419. I had never given a self defense lesson in a hotel room so I was sort of anxious and suspicious of their motive. This perspective client seemed nice enough over the phone. Ashley was her name. She said she was a dancer who wanted to learn some moves to defend herself from the seedy patrons at closing time should the need arise.

I strolled down the hallway and found the right room, giving a little knock on the door. Ashley opened the door and what I saw forced me to confront every urge I had to run. She was a giantess. She made no mention of being 6'7" and 300+ lbs, not to mention in her wedge heels she stood well over 7 feet tall, dwarfing me at 5'10". I was in good shape but slim, and pure physics and geometry told me this was going to be a near-impossible feat: Teaching self defense moves to someone literally twice my size.

"Hi I'm Ashley," she said softly, extending her hand out, or rather down to me. I was speechless for 10 seconds, which felt like an hour, before finally responding "Alex...n-nice to to meet you..."

She giggled. "Don't let me size fool you, I am a giant pushover. I guarantee you are a stronger than me." She was right about the "giant" part, but likely very wrong about the rest.

She was wearing black spandex shorts which were stretched to the breaking point by her enormous, round ass, and a white sports bra which was similarly struggling to contain her massive breasts, and contrasted with her smooth brown skin. She moved gracefully and almost seductively, which was probably just natural for her while sporting that extraordinary curvature. My gawking was not lost at her as smiled at me, her beautiful brown eyes smiling down on me mischievously.

“You’re a little cutie, I can’t wait to learn some moves so I might have my way with you,” she cooed. The irony was not lost on me that not only did I have virtually no shot to demonstrate my ability to fight off an attacker, but also that my instruction might also lead to my own demise. I was wearing gym material, a snug dry fit which hugged my lean upper body and gym shorts.

“I suppose the best place to start would be assessing your abilities. Let’s imagine I am an attacker and you want to neutralize me, what would you do?” I asked, suddenly realizing the implications of my question.

The comical size difference re-registered as she towered over me, my eyes staring directly at her stomach, her breasts hovering above my head. One of her thighs was literally larger than my torso.

“I’m not sure really. I guess you would need to show me,” she responded.

“Ok, if I wanted to take you down…” I said, honestly clueless as to how I could do that.

I assumed a grapplers stance and reached out in an attempt to grab her wrists but she swiped them away. This told me she either knowingly or instinctively already knew the cardinal rule of grappling, not letting your opponent gain control by controlling the wrists. Not a good sign for me.

I tried to lock up her up again but she pulled away and grabbed me into a head lock. Although her curves indicated some softness and a layer of fat, once she applied pressure it was solid. My face was smashed into her skin and I could not squeeze out or breathe very well.

“Hmm maybe I should be the one teaching you the lesson,” she pondered, ruffling my hair with her free hand.

“Ok you got me, you can let go” I muffled into the side of her torso.

She released but then walked me back into the wall, pushing her large hand into me by my sternum.

“I’m very interested to see what’s under this little shirt of yours,” she said while rubbing suggestively on my abdomen.

“We, er…I really…I really shouldn’t,”

“Looks to me like you might not have much to say in the matter, Alex.”

“This, we shouldn’t” I protested, but she cut me off and wrapped her hand around my mouth.

“Ssshhh,” she said, bringing her large leg up menacingly between my legs and into my groin, putting pressure on my manhood while lightly rubbing her leg against it.

The 7-footer had no problem keeping me pinned against the wall, her hand smothering my audible refusals.

“Let’s see what’s going on with this tight little body of yours,” she said, snapping the band on my gym shorts. As she did she got a peak of my bright blue bikini briefs which, at this point, despite my insistence against the situation, were starting to become snug as her thigh grinding began to have it’s desired effect.

“I bet you’d like to see this without these spandex in the way,” she gestured towards her behind, turning around and pressing it into me. Seeings how I was basically a midget compared to her, her posterior was pinning me to the wall by my chest!
I was never particularly attracted to larger women in fact. I had never dated a girl taller than 5’3”, yet here I was being held captive by a girl near two feet taller than that, and despite wishing I could escape my dick was growing hard in betrayal. She reached behind and pulled my shirt up, then turned around and pulled it over my head.

“Mmmm, I like that,” she whispered, rubbing my skinny abs.

“Ok I should probably get going, no charge” I quivered as I tried to walk away, but she grabbed my throat and threw me back against the wall.

“Actually you’re going to pay me,” Ashley growled, “but first I am going to teach you a few things since you weren’t able to demonstrate any skills.

Great, a robbery. I should have known. I realized my wallet and phone were on the other side of the room, so calling the police was out of the question. Even if I could get over there the giantess would pounce on me before I had a chance to dial.

Suddenly she wrapped her hand around my face with one hand and slapped a claw on my balls, eliciting a whimper.

“Here’s the deal, Alex. I charge guys for doing what I’m about to do you, but since you’re a sexy little guy I’m going to give you a discount. We are going to do a little bedroom wrestling. These walls are thick and there is no one in the rooms next door so no one is going to hear you. If you make it out alive I may reward you,” and she winked as she said the last part.

I was in pure terror now, starting to wonder about my own mortality.

“You should be smart enough to see how helpless you are. I am 6 feet 7 inches tall and weigh 330 pounds. There is no way for you to escape unless I let you. So I suggest you lose the shorts and let me see those cute little briefs.”

She was absolutely right, and I realized my only option was to comply and indulge in her sadistic demands, whatever those may be. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them, now virtually naked except for the superman blue bikini briefs. After eyeing me up and nodding in approval, she pulled down her spandex to reveal a black cotton thong that disappeared into her impossibly large brown ass. She kicked off her heels bringing her height down to breast level for my eyes.

“Ok let’s see what you got little man,” she said.

I figured my best strategy would just be defensive and try to keep from being trapped underneath her. A sound strategy, if only I wasn’t dealing with a person almost a foot taller and over 150 lbs heavier than myself.

We locked arms and she snaked her arms through me, wrapping me up in a belly-to-belly bearhug and lifting me effortlessly off the ground. I grunted as she swung my flailing body left and right, my feet dangling more than a foot off the ground. After shaking me to and fro she whipped me onto the bed. I tried to scurry off of it but pounced onto my back, forcing me to collapse from the weight and force. She climbed up and sat on my upper back. Something felt odd on my neck as I felt the cotton of her thong poking me. Oh my God…no wonder she’s so big…she’s a man! I tried to stifle this mortifying realizing, fearing it won’t only anger her, or him? Whatever, I was going to try to convince myself I hadn’t noticed.

She gently bounced on my back, whooshing air out of my lungs each time as it felt like my ribcage was collapsing. Heck it probably was! She stood up, turned me onto my back, pulled me by my arms so my head was hanging of the bed, then in a swift motion laid on top of me facing my feet, wrapping my face up high into her crotch and applying a deafening reverse headscissors. She was saying something but I couldn’t hear the words since my head was swallowed by her thighs and ass. She grabbed my dick, at this point flaccid after the realizing that she also had a dick, and was probably twice the size of mine. She gave it a few slaps left and right before gripping my balls, alternating between squeezing and slapping it. I tried guarding my manhood with my arms but each time she would slam my arms down and continue to maul my prostate.

She mercifully unhooked her legs but did not get up, just spread them slightly to give my head some pressure relief. I was starting into the abyss of her ass and could see the outline of her package.

She slid back slightly and pressed the bulging cotton into my face.

“As you can see Alex, I’m not like other girls. I have a little something extra. And when I wrestle little boys like you into submission, it grows into a lot extra.” And by that point it had swollen into a semi erection.

“Please Ashley. Don’t do this to me. I will empty my bank account for you if you just let me go.” I was scared to death. I was being robbed by a 6’7” transsexual who was also crushing me. My dick was being pulverized and I was about to become a cadaver if she continued the violence. I was also equally humiliated. This woman had a dick that was bigger than mine. My brain was confused.

She pulled my arms and tossed me like a rag doll, reorienting me back onto the bed. She crawled on top of me, pulling her tits out of her sports bra and smothering me in a grapevine position. I could feel her dick digging into mine, putting it to shame and also some pain. My arms were pinned over my head so I could not even attempt to defend my manhood. She arched her back and slapped my face with her tits before plopping back into the naked breast smother. Tapping was futile but I tried, only to have her ignore it. She was hugging my face into her breasts now and I was struggling to catch breaths of musty air. She could tell I was catching some air and this did not agree with her suffocating sadism.
She scooted back, pulling my towards the foot of the bed. She climbed back on top of me, planting her humongous ass on my face. My arms were overhead and pinned to the bed by her kneeling on them. Deciding this wasn’t enough pressure, she spread out her legs so now she was sitting fullweight on my face, holding my arms down with her hands. My world was now black and I couldn’t hear anything, as her asscheeks enveloped my head and my face absorbed all 330 of her flesh. I began squirming and flailing my legs trying to wiggle at least to the side to breath. I was close to blacking out when she finally lifted her butt off my face, at the expense of my wrists which were still pinned. Her massive cheeks hovered a few inches from my face while I grabbed two, maybe three deep inhales before plopping back down on my face full weight. She repeated this four or five times, each time staying on my face for almost a full minute and bringing me to the brink of unconsciousness. I was starting to see stars behind my eyelids, which were smashed shut by the weight of her ass.

She rolled off of me, letting my flattened face expand. But the relief was short-lived as she tugged me by my legs closer to the foot of the bed. She climbed on top of me reverse cowgirl style. My hands were at my sides but she pinned them down. She slid back until her ass was just inches from my face, enveloping my neck.

“Time for a little game. You didn’t realize but I was giving you practice just now. So I’m going to sit on your face again until you can guess how big my ass is. Everytime I lift my butt up you get one guess. But I’ll give you a little hint: The length of time I sit on your face is equal to the circumference of my ass in inches. Good luck!” she said, laughing menacingly.

With that she propped her self up and slammed ass into my face, swallowing it and sealing my mouth and nose in her moist crevasse, separated only by a thin cotton thong layer.

Again panic set in after about thirty seconds but I knew this was nowhere close to her measurements. Her clue was deceptively cruel in hindsight, since concentrating on a simple thing like counting became virtually impossible when struggling against suffocation. I got to 45 before I abandoned the count and violently slithered my head to the side, able to grab precious oxygen, albeit damp and humid air since I was still pinned by her ass.

“50. Please Ashley, no more of this,” I said through contorted fishlips

I couldn’t even tell what she said since she was sitting on the side of my head, but obviously it my answer was incorrect because she repositioned my face with her ass and settled back on top of it.

This time she added a layer of difficulty in the short of ballbusting, squeezing and slapping my vulnerable package causing me to squirm while still trying to keep count. I was starting to lose consciousness but was once again able to pull my face to the side, out of her buttcheek vice.
“55, Please Ashley you’re going to kill m-“

“Oooo you’re getting close. A little too close actually,” she said as she stood up to her feet.

She wobbled perilously as the mattress formed an unsteady ground underneath her 330 pounds. She pulled down her thong and it dropped onto my face. When I moved it away from my eyes I was staring up at her crotch and I got the first glance of her massive dick, which looked to be about ten inches and twice the girth of mine. She stroked it gingerly.

“I can’t wait for my victory blowjob,” she growled.

She gave a couple trampoline bounces before jumping back down on my face, crashing down on me as she extended her legs. My entire face felt like it had been punched by the world’s biggest fist, and once again all 330 pounds crushed my head as her naked ass sealed off my air supply. I was starting to flail as my oxygen levels plummeted and I was seeing stars, both because I couldn’t breath and from the impact of her lethal butt drop. This time I could not reposition my head to gasp for air and I could sense the end was near. I bucked my pelvis only to be met with her hand slapping a claw on my balls. I started to see weird bursts of light and soon I had no memory.

I woke up to something firm and fleshy slapping my face. When I came to I realized I was still in hell, as she was slapping me with her erect penis. Beads of precum were leaking from her tip and smeared across my face.

“It was 55, Alex. But I don’t play by the rules.”

I had forgotten what she was even talking about but I no longer cared. I realized I had gone unconscious from the facesitting and had no energy to fight anything.

“I think I’m ready for some 69,” Ashley said.

With that she returned to her reverse head scissors position, only instead of scissoring she pressed her dick against my face. I dutifully opened my mouth to accept her throbbing penis.

“Looks like I’m too tall for you Alex, so unfortunately only one person can do the sucking.”

What did I care? I was being violently molested and suffocated to the brink of death. I had an erection, but it was due to the asphyxiation. She shoved about half of her meat into my mouth, which was enough to fill it. Anymore and I would start to gag. Not her problem she decided, as she began slamming all 10 inches into my throat. I was being facefucked and gagged by a dick as big as a flashlight. Her smooth black balls slapped against my eyes. Once again she felt the need to pin my arms down, more for leverage than anything else. My eyes were bulging as I tried to keep from gagging. I had never given a blowjob before (as much as this could be called a blowjob, anyway) but I did everything in my power to make sure I was not teething, just using my tongue and throat to bring Ashley to climax as quickly as possible. I also did not want to anger the giantess shemale kidnapper. My jaw began to cramp from having to stay open as wide as possible, and out of necessity I started to close it.

“No teeth you little faggot!” she yelled, slamming her fist down on my balls.

Her dick was slimy with my saliva as it smeared across my face.

“I’m sorry. I’ve never done this before,” I pleaded.

She didn’t address my humiliating apology.

“Open your mouth!” she yelled, and I complied.

She slid her veiny prink back into my mouth and resumed fucking my face. Once again I tried to keep my jaw open as wide as possible so I could make her nut as soon as possible. With each thrust of her hips her penis filled my entire throat.

“Oh I’m cumming! Fuck I’m gonna cum!” she said frantically.

I could feel the warm cum hit the back of my throat as she continued to pump my throat. I started to swallow it, seeing no other option and yet more cum continued to flow to the point that I couldn’t swallow it. She pulled her dick from my mouth and finished her orgasm on my face, leaving warm stringy ejaculate on my lips and nose.

“Oh my God. Wow. That was fucking awesome!” she said, as if a new kinder, gentler personality had overtaken her. Her face was flush in post-orgasmic glow. I was beaten. Trapped underneath an Amazonian BBW transsexual wearing only blue bikini briefs, her still erect cock resting on my face, aglow with pearly semen.

“I think you’ve earned a reward. Scoot up!” she said, pulling my back up the bed by my ankles. She remained on top of me in the 69 position, only now I was being smothered by slippery stomach. She stood on all fours facing my feet so that once again I was starting at the abyss of her cheeks. She settled back down and resumed the facestting, once again suffocating me with her sweaty ass. She reached into my briefs and instead of smashing my balls, she wrapped her long fingers around my dick. I was fully erect from the suffocation, despite the fact that I identify as straight and had hard black cock resting on my neck. It was not all gentle though, as she used her other hand to squeeze my balls while she pumped my dick.

“You better cum before I make you pass out again,” I heard her say, as if she had no other option but to smother me while bringing me to climax.

I tried to imagine I was anywhere else, in a situation I actually found hot, and not buried in the ass a 330 pound black amazon who also happened to have a ten inch penis. She gave me periodic breaths, otherwise the facesitting was just as intense as before. My balls were aching as she squeezed them and the feverish heat of her booty was uncomfortable.

I finally felt the orgasm coming on, and the extreme pressure all over my body caused the semen to shoot onto her stomach. She game my balls one last slap for good measure, then wiped my nut off her stomach and smeared it onto my face.

“There’s washcloths in the bathroom if you want to wipe yourself,” she said, in a comically casual fashion.

I hurried to the faucet and began splashing water on my face, rinsing semen and ass sweat off my face. As I reached for a towel and dried my face, I turned to leave the bathroom but as soon as I turned to leave she was standing in the doorway, resting her arm on it. I noticed she had another erection and a sultry look in her face.

“I’m ready for round 2.”
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Default Re: Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

I was paralyzed by fear as she stood in the bathroom doorway, her immense size taking up most of it.

I had just spent the last hour being smothered unconscious, ballbusted and face-fucked, and now the hung amazon wanted to abuse me again, just after rinsing her semen from my face and out of my mouth.

It was now about 4:00 PM and the afternoon L.A. traffic would be at a standstill, which would result in my live-in girlfriend wondering where I was.

“I need to leave Ashley. If I don’t get home soon my girlfriend will worry about where I am and start making calls. I don’t think that would be good for either of us.” I said, trying to convince her of the merits of freeing me.

“I don’t think she’ll mind. In fact, if she knew what was happening to you she might be a little turned on. I bet she’d want this to turn into a regular occurrence,” she said laughingly.

Mortified, I decided to drop the idea in order to avoid the prospect of my girlfriend seeing her mate dominated in such a humiliating fashion. I had already been subjected to a near-lethal dose of facesitting and I panicked at the thought of having to go through this on a reoccurring basis. I didn’t know what “round two” entailed but I decided I would comply with her violent lust and hope to make it out alive. This time I wouldn’t try to defend myself; I would just do whatever it took to make her cum then be on my way. She had already proven how futile it was to wrestle someone who is double my weight and a nearly a foot taller.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, trying to gain insight into my fate as I stared at her naked frame.

She walked towards me, DD breasts and ten inch cock both swaying with each step. I instinctively backpedaled but I was out of room quickly in this bathroom that doubled as a sadist jail cell. She hooked her forearm underneath my chin, squeezed it against my neck and lifted me into a choke hold, my thin frame dangling a foot off the ground.

“I want to show your girlfriend how big my dick is,” she growled in my ear.

As I tried prying her beefy forearm away from my throat I now had to worry about where my phone was to prevent her from revealing this transsexual nightmare to my girlfriend. I had been saving up to buy a ring and now this giantess was threatening to doom my future with her.

She carried me out of the bedroom into the main quarters and walked over to the table where my phone and wallet lay vulnerable. She grabbed my phone and tried to activate the screen, but thankfully the screen lock stymied her advances.
“I’m not going to let you out of here until you give me your phone password,” Ashley threatened.

This would be a bridge too far and now I realized I had to abandon my passive strategy. I wanted to tell her how much jailtime she was facing, how evil she was for trying to ruin (not to mention end) my life, but my larynx was still being crushed. She released the choke and I crumpled to the floor, gasping for breath at her feet.

After several unsuccessful guesses to unlock my phone she placed it on the bedstand and put her foot on my back. She put enough pressure on it to send me from all fours to laying on the ground. Suddenly I heard the familiar “DING” indication of receiving a new text message.

“When will you be home hun?” from Kenya, the text read.

“Kenya huh? Well that’s good to know.”

She dragged me to my feet by my hair, scooped me up off the ground and bodyslammed me onto the bed, then dragged me by my arms to the side of the bed. It was time yet again for more facesitting as she plopped her massive ass onto my face, sitting on the edge of the bed. The last thing I saw was her balls before my world went black. The weight was brutal and she began to bounce on my face, enough to add even more pressure, but not enough to where I could breathe any precious air. After about 30 seconds of ass smothering she mercifully stood up.

“You might as well just give up the password so I can show Kenya this beautiful dick.”

“Ashley please, I’m begging you. You’ve violated me in every conceivable way and I’ll let you do it to me again as many times as you want. But please don’t ruin my relationship,” I begged, starting to choke up.

“I won’t be ruining your relationship. In fact, I’ll be improving it. Here’s what you don’t realize: I have done this with many boys. You are not the first. You would be shocked to find out how many boys I have brought to me by their girlfriends. They love watching me squashing their little bodies into oblivion, then being forced to suck my dick. They can’t get enough of it.”

I began to envision the horrible way this could change my relationship with Kenya. I shuddered as I thought about her watching me being tortured by this giantess, touching herself as she enjoyed the spectacle. I was not going to let this happen, but I had no way of knowing how to prevent it.

“I’m just not going to do it. I can’t let you do this to us,” I said defiantly.

“Oh spare me. You don’t think Kenya would enjoy seeing a dick twice the size of your little tooth pick?” she said, stroking her still-erect penis.
I didn’t even know how to answer. My mind was thoroughly fucked. Two hours ago I was about to finish off another day of work and head home to my beautiful black hopeful-bride-to-be. Now my relationship was being invaded and potentially ended by a transsexual amazon who also nearly suffocated me to death.

I was now contemplating my own demise, perhaps my only option to avoid Kenya having (getting?) to see me brutalized by this monster.

“It’s time for another guessing game you little twerp,” Ashley said with an evil grin.

She grabbed my hair and dragged me off the bed onto the floor. She placed a meaty size 15 foot on my face and menacingly moved my head left and right.

“I’m going to trample you for 30 seconds. After each 30 seconds you get one guess at my weight.”

“No you will kill me!” I pleaded as I tried crawling to my feet. But before I could stand up she punted my balls, sending me back to the floor in a fetal position, writhing in pain.

She pushed me onto my back with her foot as I continued to guard my wounded scrotum. She placed one foot on my chest. I grabbed her calf for leverage, in anticipation of her crushing my rib cage. I felt her entire weight pressed onto my sternum before she placed the other foot on my abdomen, the edge of her foot touching the waistband of my briefs. I groaned in agony and prayed that my ribcage would not give way under her massive weight. Veins were popping out of my neck and forehead as my face turned red. She was using my body like a surf board, but it was almost a blessing that her feet were so big, as the larger surface area helped displace her weight over a larger area. After 30 seconds, which felt like 30 hours, she stepped off.

“Uhhh, mmmm,” I tried to stall as long as possible.

“Nice try wimp,” she said as she placed a foot on my balls.

“315!” I shouted.

Immediately she got back onto my body, this time with one foot on my dick. I grimaced and grunted loudly. I was struggling to breathe will all of the weight compressing my diagram. The trampling continued for another 30 seconds before I got another guess.

“330?” was guess number two.

“Nope,” and with that she stepped on my abdomen and my face. I flexed my abs to try to prevent my internal organs from being pulverized, and even if I wanted to breathe I couldn’t because of the weight and the fact that her foot was smothering my face.

Another 30 seconds, another wrong guess. This time I tried 320. I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to roll over and crawl away. Ashley laughed and grabbed me by the back of my bikini briefs.

“Alright you big baby,” she said, pushing me onto the bed with a shove of my behind. “Lay on your back.”

I dutifully complied, anything to avoid being trampled to death.

She sat on my chest on the side of the bed. But she is so big that one side of her leg was touching my chin and the other side was covering my package. My eyes were bulging as she crushed me under her weight. She got up for approximately one second them plopped back down, sending all of the air out of my lungs with an audible “woosh”. She smothered me with her hand while grabbing my balls. I could tell my face was starting to change colors as she bounced on my ribcage.

She finally stood up and I guess the game was over since she didn’t ask for a guess. The crushing smother torture obviously was not over. She shoved me to the middle of the bed and straddled me, scooting up so her thighs were on either side of my head and her throbbing cock rested on my face.

“Think about what a great picture this would make,” she said, pantomiming a camera taking a photo. “Kenya would love to see this.”

Just then another DING, indicating a new text message. Ashley looked at the phone then showed me the screen.

“Babe?” is all it read, from my concerned lover.

“Uh oh she’s getting nervous, you better answer!” she said disenguously.

Now this was quite the predicament. I now began to try and come to terms with her finding out about the trouble I was in. Would she break up with me before I had a chance to tell her the story? Would she get law enforcement involved? Would she in fact enjoy it like Ashley insisted, and subject me to further punishment from this giantess? I had no more fight left in me. I guess it was time to find out.

“Alright Ashley. I will give you my password. It’s 1984,” which was fitting considering the Orwellian sexual tyranny I found myself in.

She quickly thumbed in the password and unlocked the screen. She pulled up the camera app and aimed the phone down at my, my face covered by her black penis. That flashbulb sound effect went off. She started typing something out, then heard the sound effect of a sent text message and my heart skipped a beat. She showed me the phone screen.

“He is a little busy right now,” it said, followed by a picture of my face framed by her enormous brown thighs and a black cock.

“Let’s do some more!” she said with glee. She dismounted my face, turned around and reverse straddled me. She then bounced backwards a couple times until her ass was inches from my face. She grabbed the phone, snapped another pic of my face about to be devoured by her ass and pressed send. She then sat back on my face. She reached into my briefs and started massaging my dick. In a matter of seconds I was erect. She snapped another picture of my hard package poking out the waistband of my blue superman bikini briefs. I could hear her finger nails tapping on my screen then heard the sent text sound effect.

“Your boyfriend likes this dick and ass in his face,” the text read.

I could only imagine what Kenya was thinking on the other end of the screen. I don’t even know how she would process it. Perhaps the fact that they were sent by someone else would indicate to her that I was in trouble. Maybe she was already in the process of moving out.

Another Ding. “WTF?????” the text said.

“Well I guess you have some explaining to do,” Ashley said, howling in laughter.

She sat back on my face and began masturbating her cock back into a full erection.

“It’s time to show Kenya that you can suck a mean dick.”

With that she leaned forward and laid on top of me, her thighs enveloping my head. She shoved half her package into my mouth. She reached to the side and snapped a profile picture of her amazon frame laying on my body her dick in my mouth. Another sent text message.

I could hear the first two text messages ding as I received them, but I was pinned underneath Ashley’s massive body, her hips pounding her ten inch cock into my throat. I tried like hell to keep from gagging and also from using my teeth, but the pure physics of her girth meant my jaw would eventually give way during this mouth plunging. Each time it did she would slap me in the balls before reinserting her rod. I could hear more texts coming in but I didn’t even care at this point. I just wanted to bring the giantess to orgasm and experience freedom again. After twenty minutes of pounding my face I could feel her shooting cum into my throat. She pulled her penis out and continued cumming on my face, coating it with semen. She snapped a final picture of my cum soaked face, her still erect dick resting on my mouth. The final degradation came with Ashley sending Kenya a Snapchat of her slapping my face with her cock for the full ten seconds. Or so I thought.

She wiped my face with a handful of tissue. She then got back on top of me and pinned me in a reverse facesit, once again enveloping my face with her 55 inch ass cheeks. She reached into my briefs, cupping my balls with one hand while stroking me with the other. I was instantly hard and began squirming while trying to grab some oxygen. After a couple minutes I was close to climax and without thinking, with the side of my face smooshed under her butt, whispered “I’m gonna cum”.

She released the hand cupping my balls and reached for my phone. Her stroking slowed momentarily as she focused on unlocking my screen. She pulled up Snapchat and for the next ten seconds captured my orgasm, my dick erupting and filling her hand with cum. Once again she sent this to Kenya. Just to make sure my humiliation was complete, she snapped a couple more pictures of the semen on my bikini briefs, and of course sending them to Kenya.

I saw her reach over to my wallet and I tried to stop her, but that would be no use as she sat fullweight on my face, her legs spread on either side of my prone body. I had about $500 in cash in my wallet, and she would no doubt be taking that for her mandatory “services.” I began to panic as her full weight facesitting was pulverizing my head. I futilely bucked and squirmed, but there was no way I was getting her off of me. Just as I was starting to black out she finally moved to the side, giving me my panicked breath back.

“I texted those pictures to myself and exported your contact list, so if you want to go snitching I will make sure everyone in your phone book knows about the dick sucking marathon you just performed on me.” Ashley’s control over me was now complete.

“I’ll let your little ass go home to Kenya, but be prepared to see me again. No girl has turned down the chance to see me work their boyfriends over. I’m guessing Kenya won’t either,” she said.

One way or another, my relationship has just changed forever.

To be continued.
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Default Re: Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

Great story
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Default Re: Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

Part 3

Despite the brutality and total humiliation I had just endured, it would have still been feasible to compartmentalize this into the subconscious and never speak of it again. But Ashley had forced her way into my relationship with Kenya and shared with her the graphic details of her physical superiority over me. My perfect relationship, the one I had soon planned to consummate with a wedding ring and matrimony was now possibly lost forever, but either way likely changed in such a way that I no longer had control over it. Even if Kenya believed the true story, there was still the question of whether or not she would in fact take Ashley up on her offer to overwhelm and violate me on a regular basis. Then what? Would I want to suffer through the pain and futile struggle against this giantess, all in the name of pleasing her? I guess it was out of my hands now. What happened happened, and now my only recourse was to tell her exactly what went down and let her decide for herself a) whether or not to believe me and b) if she would ask me to take part in further punishment to indulge her voyeuristic curiosity.

Turns out I didn’t have to explain much. When I got home I saw Kenya on the couch looking at her phone. She had apparently been texting with Ashley, who explained in painstaking detail what had happened. My fears and Ashley’s prediction appeared to be coming true. Kenya lustily stared at the phone screen showing the picture of Ashley’s massive dick covering most of my face. In the span of three hours I had gone from being in a happy relationship and coasting to marriage, to staring down the barrel of a throbbing, cum-loaded cock and now my girlfriend was seemingly asking to witness it for herself. Not only was I molested and degraded by this hung giantesss, but there was real pain involved too, not to mention the threat of suffocation under her enormous ass cheeks. I tried to explain my fear and how scary it was to be smothered unconscious, but these protests could not penetrate the erotic fog that was written all over face.

“What if we just try once?” she offered.

“And then what? You like it and you’ll keep saying ‘just one more time, just one more time.’”

I was so in love with Kenya that I couldn’t zone out and realize the absurdity of this situation. My girlfriend was asking to witness her boyfriend smothered, crushed and molested all for her pleasure. Not only that, but she was openly lusting after the giantess who had just violated and humiliated me.

“I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but if you didn’t like it why did you cum when she was sitting on your face?”

Unbelievable. She was literally questioning the validity of my sexual assault. Yet I was so confused and frustrated that I didn’t know how to call her out on this ridiculous logic.

“Do you have any idea how scary it is to be smothered, molested and having your balls crushed for two hours? Oh and then forced to suck dick? There was nothing I could do and she said she wasn’t going to stop smothering me until I came. So I had to think of something and that something was you, Kenya.”

I had a lump in my throat now and fought to keep tears from welling up in my eyes.

“Awww, sweetie,” she said, stepping closer to me.

She leaned her head on my shoulder and rubbing the bulge in my shorts, which instantly became an erection. I was powerless against my attraction to Kenya. She was my dream girl. African American, tall (the same height as me in fact), thick and athletic, and very pretty. I was instantly hooked when I first locked eyes on her on our first date. She was very intelligent and trustworthy, and I considered her to be morally “good.” So on top of the absurdity of her request to see me squashed and forced to give head, I was shocked that she would be capable of enjoying something so nefarious.

“You’re brave baby, just take her on one more time. For me,” she said as she stared into my soul. “Just once and I will do anything you want.”

There was little else I wanted from her. I was completely content with our sexual livelihood. I’m not saying I’m some stud, but I thought I had fulfilled her sexual appetite and took great care and effort to pleasure her, often resulting in thunderous orgasms and uncontrollable giggling after words.

I finally relented and agreed to go one more round against Amazon Ashley, fully intending to hold her to the “just once more” clause.

Several weeks later we were on our way to downtown LA, an appointment for my girlfriend to watch me get pancaked and facialed by 6’7”, 330 lbs of transsexual beef.

There was very little dialogue between Kenya and I on the drive over. Once we arrived and parked, it was then that I noticed what Kenya was wearing. She almost always dressed conservatively, not many colors, jeans, sweaters, empire dresses, etc. Today, though, she was wearing jean shorts that damn near showed her ass cheeks, paired with a red tank top that revealed her modest cleavage. She was braless so you didn’t need 20/20 vision to make out her nipples from underneath the shirt. Was she dressed this way for me…or Ashley? It was apparent now how excited she was for this. We exited the elevator and walked towards her hotel room.

When Ashley answered the door, I might as well have not even been there, since her jaw about hit the floor and she was staring up at her in amazement.

“Hello cuties,” Ashley greeted us.

She was dressed similarly to the last occasion, 6” wedge heels, a black thong and a short white tank top that, from our angle, exposed the bottom of her brown double D breasts. Both of our 5’10” frames were dwarfed by the 7’1” larger-than-life figure.

Kenya had picked out my wardrobe, a pair of Carolina-blue bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination, not to mention left my scrotum vulnerable to attack.

“Mmmm, let’s see what you got on underneath those shorts little man,” Ashley said, tugging at the waistband of my basketball shorts.

I dutifully removed my shoes, shirt and shorts, leaving me bare except for the aforementioned briefs.

“Kenya baby, you can just have a seat over there and enjoy the show. You can be the referee,” said Ashley with laughter.

Kenya walked over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down. She immediately unbuttoned her jeans and undid the zipper, but kept her shorts on. She was already in an erotic trance.

Ashley walked menacingly towards me, pushing me against the wall with her hand around my throat. I looked up at her, my face being at the same level as the bottom of her breasts. She put her other giant hand over my face, smothering me and choking me.

“Your girlfriend is going to be so horny watching what I’m about to do you,” Ashley growled.

She arched her hips forward, pressing the bulge in her thong against my chest. I helplessly tried to pry at her massive arms to break her grip. Ashley just laughed at my plight.

“Mmmm I love it when little boys struggle against me,” she whispered. She brought her knee up between my crotch and began grinding into my privates. The rubbing sensation was causing my dick to swell into a semi-erection.

Kenya stared intently at the situation, one finger suggestively in her lips and the other hand drifting down to her crotch.

Ashley released her choke/handsmother and lifted me into a belly-to-belly bearhug, my feet dangling almost a foot off the ground as she squeezed my ribcage. She violently shook me side to side as I winced in pain, my frail body having no leverage to prevent the crushing embrace. She walked over to the bed, still holding me, and began to fall forward. I was helpless as she landed on the bed, the air whooshing out my lungs as she pancaked me. She released the hug but remained laying on top of me. In an instant she pulled her tank top over my head, burying my face between her enormous tits. She had my arms pinned over my head as I squirmed to fight for air. “Relief” came in the form of her propping herself up, lifting her shirt up and swaying side to side, slapping my face with her heavy bare breasts. I could feel her dick growing hard as it pressed against my package.

“Kenya, baby. Come rub some of that baby oil on my booty. I want to make sure there’s a tight seal.”

Kenya eagerly grabbed the bottle of oil on the table and walked over. At this point Ashley hugged my face into her cleavage and laid on me while Kenya rubbed oil on Ashley’s gargantuan butt cheeks. She finished up and walked back to her front row seat to the carnage. With that, Ashley sat back and scooted up so her thighs pinned my head, her thong bulge pressing in my face. Her thong was losing the battle to contain her dick, which was now visible as the waistband kept it pinned against her stomach. She scooted up further into a forward facesit. My arms were once again pinned over my head so I had no way of pushing against the weight of her ass as it pressed against my face. My world was black and I could not hear anything. Apparently it wasn’t the time to suffocate me just yet, as she rolled to the side while keeping my head trapped in her huge thighs. She shoved the back of my head firmly against her crotch and squeezed me in a headscissor. My arms flailed and I tried to scream because of the pain pressure, but my cries were silenced by the cotton fabric of her thong. I tried tapping out but knew it would be futile. I was starting to see stars and knew if she didn’t release the hold I would soon be knocked unconscious. She lifted her leg only to slam it back down on my head, reapplying the scissor while shoving my face into her throbbing meat. This repeated itself several times over the next five minutes as I struggled to break free from her Amazonian thighs. One would think that with the oil applicated, it would be easy to slip my head free, but her thighs are just that big.

She rolled again and laid on top of me, wedging my head between her thighs. She hooked her ankles and began squeezing me in a lethal headscissor. Not only was my head being crushed like a grape, but my face was buried in her ass so I could barely breath. I was grunting and trying to vocalize my submission, but my face was contorted and she had my hands pinned to the bed so I couldn’t tap out.

“Your girl is loving this,” Ashley taunted me, but my view was obscured by her 55-inch ass cheeks. “Hey sexy can you rub some more oil on these hot cakes?”

Kenya was standing before she even finished the question. I watched her strut over with her unzipped short shorts, sensually rubbing the oil all over her bottom, mesmerized by its immense size. She didn’t even look at me.

“Time for this little shrimp to go night night so we can have some fun together,” Ashley said.

She sat up in a kneeling position and slid me further onto the bed. I tried to escape so I could prevent her from ravaging Kenya, but Ashley wrapped me up and tackled me back onto the bed. Then she stood up and jumped onto my chest, crushing the air out of my lungs as I whimpered in pain. She remained on my chest and began bouncing, pulverizing my torso the full weight of her body. Her ass was wide enough to span from my neck to my waist.

“Looks like I’m going to have to soften you up before I knock you out,” said Ashley.
She lifted herself up and demanded that I do so as well by grabbing me by the throat. She spun me around so I faced away from her and snaked her forearm under my throat. With ease she lifted my 170 lb body off the ground in a choke hold. I was dangling almost a foot off the ground as she held me in the air. She used her other hand to grab a hold of me by the balls and squeeze.

“Look at this little thing. That’s not even fair for you now is it Kenya? A thick girl like you deserves a nice fat dick to penetrate you.”

Kenya stared at the situation with her hand down her pants, rubbing herself in obvious enjoyment.

Ashley then tossed me onto the bed and mercifully let me clutch my neck, trying to regain precious oxygen before she no doubt knocked it back out of me.

I looked over at Kenya who was removing her jean shorts.

“Baby you’re not really gonna do this are you?” I pleaded to Kenya.

“Oh shut up you little pussy. It isn’t up to you,” Ashley interjected.

She walked towards me in attack mode. I hunched into the fetal position to try and prevent the inevitable. She knelt on me, all 330 pounds driving into the side of my ribcage. I groaned in agony and finally laid on my stomach in an attempt to avoid Ashley’s ass.

She reached between my legs and clasped my balls as I recoiled in pain. With her other hand she grabbed my hair, and together she turned me onto my back. She maintained her hold on my crotch while she positioned her knees on either side of me. I was helpless now as she knelt down and scooted back, holding my scrotum like a horse saddle. She was facing my feet, her brown dimply ass cheeks pointed at me, separated by the skimpy black cotton thong that disappeared in her crevasse. She continued scooting back until her ass was inches from my face, the shiny round orbs of cellulite swallowing my neck. I wanted to press against it to keep it from landing on me, but this would likely result in further ballbusting. She made the final descent, her butt cheeks enveloping my head in an all-consuming facesit as my world went black. My nose was pressed against her sweaty crack, separated only by the thin layer of fabric that was moist from her dominating efforts. I bucked my hips as I struggled to fight my head to either side to capture a few precious breaths. She lifted her ass up to allow me some air before plopping back down.

I heard Ashley say something, but her ass smothering kept it muffled. I could feel her begin to play with her hardened cock. Or I thought she did, but when she lifted herself up again I saw Kenya standing over us, jerking Ashley’s veiny pipe underneath her thong. She sat back on my face and I heard a clinking noise. Kenya was now topless and wearing only a red thong which showed off her magnificent ass, which, while small in comparison to Ashley’s globes, was still large and round. As Ashley once more lifted her cheeks off of my face to allow me some air, I heard the squishing noise of Kenya’s hand pumping Ashley’s oily cock.

I heard more muffled commands as Ashley leaned forward before standing up on the bed. She was standing directly over me as Kenya came over and pulled down Ashley’s thong. Kenya couldn’t help herself as she leaned and put Ashley’s dick in her mouth.

“No no dear, that is your boyfriend’s job,” Ashley said.

With her thong out of the way Ashley knelt back over me before plunging my face back into her naked ass cheeks. This started an approximately 10 minute series of breath deprivation that brought me to the brink of unconsciousness multiple times. Each time I would successfully squirm my face to the side, she would slap her hand down on my balls and squeeze them. She would tilt her butt cheeks to one side to reposition my face back into her crack, once again swallowing my head to the point where her anus was pressed against my nose and mouth. Kenya was intermittently jacking off Ashley with baby oil while occasionally reaching into her own panties to masturbate. After Ashley lifted off of my face for what would be the last time, I could hear kissing as I assumed Ashley and Kenya had begun making out. From my angle all I could see were Kenya’s hands continuing with the mutual masturbation.

Ashley backed off of Kenya’s embrace and leaned forward, laying on top of me in a 69 position. All at once I was smothered by Ashley’s thighs, dick and balls. She pinned my arms to the bed and began swirling her hips, sending her cock in rotation and slapping my face repeatedly in the process. Finally she steadied herself and guided her throbbing dick into my mouth. I started to gag as she plunged it into my throat, tickling the back of it. Since my arms were pinned I had no leverage to prevent this deep throat choking. Kenya came over with her phone and began taking pictures before eventually switching to video of the brutal face fucking. My eyes were watering from the gagging which didn’t seem to concern her in the least as she smiled down on my plight.

After several minutes the forced blowjob abruptly stopped which confused me. For some reason she rolled me onto my stomach then immediately pinned my arms behind my back. Then I remembered the metal clinking sound as Kenya came over and applied handcuffs on my wrists. Ashley stood up and grabbed my arms, standing me up on the floor.

“Go lay down baby,” Ashley directed Kenya.

She did as told while Ashley guided me back into the same chair Kenya had been sitting in. She brought her hips forward and slapped me in the face with her dick several times before burying back into my mouth.

“Keep it nice and wet so it slides right in,” Ashley growled.

Kenya was now on the bed completely naked, rubbing her pussy and squirming at the site of me blowing a dick twice as big as mine. I was trying desperately to get Ashley to cum so I could prevent her from splitting my girlfriend in half with her massive girth, but she was shoving it into my mouth so violently that I began to gag after 20-30 seconds each time. It was futile.

Ashley backed her penis out of my mouth and walked over to Kenya. Kenya’s legs were spread as Ashley laid down in between them and met Kenya’s face with a wet kiss. As Ashley eased herself onto Kenya’s body her gargantuan frame forced Kenya’s thighs apart into a butterfly to make way for the hung giantess. Kenya immediately grabbed a hold of Ashley’s dick and continued where she left off before guiding it into her pussy. Kenya’s body vibrated as it attempted to accept the biggest dick she had ever seen. As Ashley entered Kenya fully, she leaned forward and smothered Kenya in her tits. Kenya was a small amazon herself, yet she was completely consumed by Ashley’s body. She groaned as Ashley began to pump her 55-inch hips into Kenya’s prone body. Ashley pinned her arms over Kenya’s head, leaving her no choice but take all 10 inches of her black python.

I watched with a mix of disbelief, fear and jealousy as Ashley power fucked my girlfriend like she never had been before. Within minutes Kenya’s legs stiffened and she began howling as the orgasm set in. It lasted nearly a minute as she screamed obscenities of pure ecstasy, cumming with her arms still pinned as she was helpless to control the quaking orgasm. Kenya’s body quivered as the post-coital giggles consumed her. Using one hand to secure her arms over her head, Ashley grabbed Kenya by her cheeks and leaned in for a wet, erotic kiss. The saliva exchange was audibly gushy as Ashley’s rod stayed buried in Kenya’s vagina, stapling her to the bed.

She stood up off the bed, her swinging dick still erect and glistening with Kenya’s clit residue. She walked over to my prone, handcuffed body.

“That’s how a princess needs to be fucked. Now it’s time to finish me off with that little mouth pussy of yours,” the giantess said.

She kicked off her heels and walked towards me, her dick swinging in rhythm with her hips. With her high heels off her hips were now eye-level with me as she brought her rod to within an inch of my mouth. The oily sheen of Kenya’s pussy mucus was glistening off of Ashley’s veiny cock. She slapped it across my face repeatedly as the familiar aroma of my girlfriend’s clitoris mixed with the pungent odor of Ashley’s ass mask that consumed my face earlier. The sheer weight of her freshly-used fuck stick was enough to deliver painful blows to my jaw with each swing. Kenya began squirming as she brought her possessed hand back down to her pubic mound in anticipation of the oral violence.

“Clean your girlfriend’s pussy juice off this dick,” Ashley said, grabbing my hair.

And with that Ashley thrust her penis into my mouth, filling my throat with her veiny phallic flesh and the taste of Kenya’s coital clitoris. With each pump of her hips the full length of her beefy dick consumed every void in my mouth. My eyes bulged and watered as I tried to avoid gagging, which became a futile effort. I coughed and gagged after 20 or so seconds, during which time Ashley slapped her meat across my face repeatedly, sending beads of saliva into the air. And so it went, time and again, Ashley would re-insert her rod into my mouth and pump for 20-30 seconds before my throat reflexively ejected her cock to keep from puking. Determined to keep her package occupied and away from my girlfriend’s hungry pussy lips, I wrapped my lips around her balls, each one the size of an egg. The strategy seemed to work. Each time I started choking on her dick, I would immediately latch on to one of her semen-filled testicles while she picked up where my mouth left off, stroking her lubricated shaft.

I looked at Kenya’s naked, vulnerable body. At this point she was fingering herself vigorously with one hand, while she squeezed and fondled her breast with the other.

“Girl come grab a front row seat. I’m about to bust the biggest nut you’ve ever seen,” Ashley said to Kenya.

Kenya quickly shuffled over and grabbed an empty chair mere feet from the face fucking action. She leaned back and continued masturbating while focusing her gaze on the sideview of Ashley’s saliva-coated cock repeatedly penetrating my poor face. Kenya’s closer proximity increased my sense of panic, as I began praying that my gag reflex would go away so I could finish this beast off and hopefully satiate her cruel cock, thereby preventing another Kenya-pussy pounding. My hands still cuffed behind my back, I began to deep throat Ashley and tried to occupy my mind thinking of the most benign, sexless activities imaginable.

“Tell me what I should do baby,” Ashley whispered.

“Cum on his face!” Kenya whimpered, her voice groaning.

Kenya continued masturbating while clutching her breasts.

“You want me to cum in his mouth?”

“Uh huh, please baby cum in his mouth,” Kenya pleaded.

At this point I had successfully sucked her dick for two full minutes, uninterrupted. The mix of saliva and precum made a gushing noise as her shaft probed my oral insides.

Kenya started to groan more, then suddenly Ashley spoke up.


I felt the thick, dense goo start to pour down my throat and coat my cheeks and tongue. Stringy white gobs of semen filled my mouth, then were subsequently shoved down my throat as Ashley continued to fuck my mouth and climax. I could feel the cum making its way down my esophagus and into my stomach as Ashley pulled her dick out, continuing to beat it. Her cock continued to spurt bursts of cum on my face, on her own hand and shaft as she stroked. The gooey liquid was strikingly warm, having been heated by an hour of ass smothering, physical displays of dominance, pain and humiliation, and rough sex with my girlfriend.

“Uggghhh,” Kenya began cooing, orgasm imminent.

“Clean this nut off my dick, bitch,” Ashley directed.

I obediently arched my neck forward and began sucking up the remaining semen with my tongue and lips, as she also inserted her hand into my mouth to lick that dry as well.

Kenya grunted and yelling in a violent, profanity-laced orgasm, “UGH-UGH-UGH” she groaned in rhythm with her hips, which bucked and quivered against her will. Ashley placed her hands on her hips and gently swayed her hips left and right, pressing her still-semi-erect penis across my face, though more gently than during the fellatio interruptions. She was clearly enjoying the fruits of her labor, and I was relieved to experience the gentler, post-orgasm version of this big-dicked amazon.

Kenya leaned began and once again began giggling uncontrollably, as was habit for her after she experienced orgasms. Now that the sexual assault/cuckold marathon was seemingly over, and I wasn’t fearing for my own safety, I suddenly thought about my own sexual needs. I looked down at my sky blue bikini briefs containing my shamefully-average. With all the sexual activity around me, some of it at my expense, I began to yearn for an orgasm of my own….
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Default Re: Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

I would love to read more stories about transgendred females overpowering cocky males and have their way with them.
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Default Re: Squashed by a Transgender Amazon

Originally Posted by sluger [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I would love to read more stories about transgendred females overpowering cocky males and have their way with them.
If the demand is there I will certainly add more chapters and possibly create a new story! If you want feel free to pitch some concepts/ideas you might want to see.
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