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Old 02-Mar-19, 02:03
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Default Re: Intellectual domination

Originally Posted by Amazonia [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
What do you think about this?

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The consensus seems to be that this Muslim woman "owned" the male TV reporter in debate.

A lot of comments mocking him and complimenting her:

the way she said "the FBI" ������ she totally owned him!

Wow this woman is brilliant, she speaks her point so clearly.

Hahahah he was so narrow minded he got owned

Fox News presenter gets owned... poor guy didnít hear what he wanted to hear instead was confronted with information he was not prepared for like the FBI statistics

she is a queen

she's beautiful


Dude she did and find out this is Fox news ..............well lest just say it was
too easy
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Old 11-Mar-19, 16:32
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Default Re: Intellectual domination

Not even close if you ask me, she is wrong.
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Old 11-Mar-19, 16:55
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Default Re: Intellectual domination

Originally Posted by tanukialpha [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Intellectual domination is even tougher in a way than physical. I have a friend who, without apparently even thinking about it, instructs, directs, informs, corrects, and generally reduces me to a blithering idiot every time we meet. Always a few steps ahead of me, much more observant, insightful, and verbally superior in every way, she makes me feel like a young child with his mother.

I can't handle too much of her. I start to resent it; so it helps that she lives a fair distance away. I'd likely worship her to the end of time if she could physically dominate me, but she has serious physical problems and chronic pain that, perhaps fortunately for me, makes it impossible. Otherwise, I'd be her groveling bitch.
Very interesting - I'm in a bit of this situation right now in my marriage. My wife earns more and she's definitely smarter, better memory, etc. We don't wrestle, but she can outlift me in most lower body lifts, and even some upper-body lifts. She's a lot fitter; I'm just a bit bigger -- like, if we had a burpee contest, she'd definitely win.

The problem is, we have a 15-month-old, and we get into lots of dumb fights about this getting done, that not getting done, forgetting appointments, etc., and when you combine that with losing at arm-wrestling, or losing at Words With Friends, I start to feel like "her groveling bitch," which can be fun in the right mood, but sometimes isn't.

ANYWAY, I was also going to note that back in my mid-20's, I dated a law student who's gone on to be very successful; partner at a huge firm, clearly making tons of money.

When she was in her 3rd year, she was presiding as a judge in a mock trial. She was a sweet, quiet, Midwestern girl, but when I watched her turn some of those 1Ls and 2Ls (playing lawyers in the trial) inside out with smart lines of questioning, forcing them into conflicting statements and embarrassed "I don't know"s, I was so intimidated and turned on, it probably got us through another year of an otherwise not-that-great relationship.
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