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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Wow, I don't want to second-guess your instincts or anything, but it would have been amazing if Princess had dominated a shocked and horrified Caitlin.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Rob's perspective (continued part 2)

I spent about ten minutes squaring away my paperwork then headed out to Stage 3. There was a long corridor about a hundred feet long at the rear of my section that was kind of a shortcut, a carpeted, barren stretch lit by fluorescent lights. The door wheezed shut behind me. About halfway through I heard the door open and shut again behind me and there was a patter of running footsteps.

“Hey, Rob! Wait for me!”

It was Natalie. Great. That’s all I needed. I ignored her and kept walking. She caught up to me but it was a narrow hallway and I purposely stayed in the middle to block her. I’d had enough of cocky little girls for one day.

“You know, it’s so not fair,” Natalie said from behind me as she matched me stride for stride. I ignored her.

She said, “You fought Princess for real and you fought Amanda for real but you never fought me for real. You owe me a wrestling match.”

“Beat it, Natalie. I told Amanda and I’m telling you: I don’t fight little girls any more, either staged or for real.”

“But you fought her just today!”

“It was an accident.”

“But now they’re going to talk on and on about how they beat you and I’ll just have to listen to them brag about how they could beat up a Senior in high school. I need a chance It’s not fair!”

I whirled on her. Of the three girls, she was probably the one that looked least like a JudoKid. She was girly, with wavy brown hair, a trace of makeup, and although definitely firm-looking, didn’t look as athletic as Princess or Amanda. Probably the prettiest, with gray-green eyes and golden skin, she was also a seventh-grader with an attitude. I wanted no part of her. “Look, Natalie – I said forget it! You little girls can gossip among yourselves all you want, but I’m through. I’m not fighting and that’s that!”

She put her hands on hips and stomped her tennis shoe. “You’re mean.”

“Whatever. “ I spun on my heel and continued towards the end of the hallway. I had gotten a few paces down when I heard running again and then felt an impact that staggered me. Just like that, the little monkey had jumped on my back!

“I’m gonna make you fight me,” she said. She had managed to get her arm around my throat and as I stumbled and stopped to pry her arm off she took that moment to wrap both legs around my waist and lock her ankles together,
“Damn it!” I cursed as I felt the sudden squeeze around my middle. Although only about five feet tall, most of it seemed to be legs, and it actually was painful. I dropped my hands to her legs to separate them. It was a mistake. She took advantage of my inattention to scoot a little higher on my back and get both arms around my neck. In seconds she had me in a perfect chokehold. Those damn practice sessions!

“You have to fight me now,” she said into my ear as she hugged me with all her might.

With an angry roar I launched my back against the wall to smash her. She gave a strangled yelp but didn’t let go. I spun around in a circle trying to pull her legs apart, then her arms, failing in both. Her arms weren’t very big, but with a perfect chokehold they didn’t have to be. I smashed her against the other wall but didn’t have very much momentum in the narrow hall. I couldn’t decide which was hurting more, her legs or her wiry little arms. I took turns pulling at both and trying to bash her into the wall.

“I’ve got you!” she shouted gleefully into my ear. “I’m beating you up too!”

My indecision cost me big time. Before I realized it I felt tightness in my lungs and was getting light-headed. I staggered around with her clinging to me and a dim thought entered my brain. She was choking me out!

Then everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I was on my back looking up at Natalie, who was staring wide-eyed at me on the ground. When I opened my eyes she gasped and clasped her hands together. “Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re all right! I thought I killed you!”

Gathering my senses, I propped myself up against the wall trying to figure out what had happened. Then I remembered. The little witch had knocked me out! The anger that flooded me cleared away the fog and I bolted to my feet facing her with my hands balled into fists. “Why you little…. I ought to beat the crap out of you for jumping on me from behind like that!”

Still wide-eyed she put her hands up and backed up a little. “I’m sorry! I never choked anybody out before! I didn’t know how easy it was. I didn’t want to hurt you!”

I was so fired up I had to stop and take a deep breath and remind myself that she was just a little girl. I glowered and shook my head. “If you ever come near me again…”

Now she got a spark in her eye and confronted me. “That never would have happened if you would have just agreed to a fair fight. It’s not my fault you’re a chicken.”

“Stop that!”

“Chicken chicken chicken! Afraid of a seventh-grader!”

She was standing between me and the door. “Move out of the way, Natalie.”

She folded her arms across her chest defiantly, goading me. “Remember our last fight, when there were three of us? I handled you so easy. I bet you were almost ready to cry. I know it was staged but you’re afraid I’m going to do it for real!”

“I said move!”

“Or you’re afraid I’ll knock you out again! Wait til I tell everyone! I knocked you out!”

My fuse was lit. I grabbed her by her skinny arm and went to fling her behind me. When I did she grabbed my wrist with both hands and pirouetted. Belatedly, I remembered that it was exactly the same move she had done at our staged fight. I fell for it again!

She twisted my arm up behind me and pushed me into the wall, digging in with her legs and shoulders. I got me free arm up and pushed back. Spinning away from her I wrenched my arm free and turned to face her. I took several deep breaths to calm myself down.

“Look, I said I’m not wrestling anymore and that’s it! Now move!”

She was hopping from side to side with her arms spread wide like she was some kind of big monster, jabbering away. “I know every hold there is. Princess says I’m an encyclopedia of wrestling holds and we practice all the time. Plus, I’m about as strong as Amanda and she said she beat you fair and square so I bet I’m stronger than you.”

“No you’re not.” I tried to keep my temper under check as I considered the situation. She was standing between me and the door and was determined we fight but I’d had it. Having Amanda beat me was bad enough, I definitely didn’t want another battle. If you’d have asked me earlier that day if I was nervous about fighting a 12-year-old girl I would have laughed in your face. Not now. Not after losing to an 11-year-old.

“You know what?” I said, raising my hands in the air, “You win. I surrender. You can tell everyone you beat me up, I don’t care. But I’m not going to fight you.”

She stopped hopping and pouted. “You’re giving up? No fair!”

“You win.”

She folded her arms across her chest and thought for a moment, scowling. She was wearing a matching shorts and top outfit with some boy band name on it. I realized how ridiculous this must look with her backing me down and cringed inside. After a moment she shook her head.

“Nope. You’re not getting off that easy. If you want to get by me you have to fight. You’re not leaving until I hold you down and make you give up. That’s the only way.”

“Natalie – please. Look, I’m begging you.”

She shook her head. “No. You can beg me all you want.” She resumed her hopping back and forth from foot to foot, hands spread wide.

I was so sick of this. It was time to put this girl in her place. So I tackled her.

She wasn’t expecting that, that’s for sure. I caught her with my shoulder right in the midsection, a perfect execution that took her right off her feet. Except that she recovered too quickly. All those hours of practice paid off for her I guess, because although I heard a loud “OOOF!” when I hit her she still managed to pull a knee up to her chest so that when I landed on her I wasn’t able to pin her flat. I still managed to grab her wrists though, and hold on while she struggled wildly underneath. Damn it – she was as strong as Amanda! I realized I could be in trouble.

“You’re going to pay for that!” she said as she fought to avoid me pinning her. “A sneak attack! Just for that I’m going to choke you again!”

I was making progress when she managed to plant her foot in my stomach and push. Her surprisingly strong leg lifted me off her enough she was able to free her other leg. She instantly shot them straight up and scissored me again. In the flurry of movement she was able to tear one arm loose and I scrambled to recapture it. “I’m sick of you girls!” I panted.

Now I had her arms but in the wrong hands. Somehow my arms had gotten crossed so I didn’t have as much leverage as I should have. She sensed an advantage and began a combination of pulling on one arm while torqueing her scissors to push me in the same direction. Slowly, inch by inch, she was forcing me onto my side. I didn’t understand where the strength to do that was coming from, but she was staring me right in the eye while she did it, taunting me. “You’re going down, Rob. I’m too strong.”

“No you’re not!”

“I totally am! Can you feel it? I’m winning!”

Now we were on our side facing each other. I still had her wrists but she had me tight between her legs. I wondered how I was going to get out of that when she made the decision for me. The pretty little brat jerked one arm loose and rolled me onto my back. She planted her forearm onto my throat and leaned into me. The pain was too much. I let go of her other arm and grabbed onto her forearm to relieve the pressure. At the same time I felt her release her scissors hold and her legs slide out from underneath me.

“Are you getting scared?” She puffed, breathing heavily right into my face. I pried her arm off my throat but she jerked free and gained control of my wrists. Now she was lying flat on top of me, chest-to-chest, with her knees squeezing my ribs. I fought to wrest my arms free and we had a furious battle face-to-face with her on top. I didn’t understand how I couldn’t out from under her but she instantly countered any move I tried to make and all my squirming got me nowhere. After a few frenzied moments she had gained control. She was winning!

I was expecting her to try for a schoolboy pin but she surprised me my jerking my arms downward. Then, like a gymnast doing a floor maneuver, she thrust my arms underneath her and clamped them to my sides with her knees. I was in total despair. She must have seen Amanda do the same thing to me earlier.

As if reading my mind she laughed in my face. “When I saw Amanda holding you down like this I thought it was so funny! You can’t even move!”

Then I was done for. We were lying chest to chest, both gasping for breath, and I was strait-jacketed with her thighs and knees applying pressure I couldn’t break. With both arms free, she planted an elbow on each side of my face. “Well, Rob, what do you have to say for yourself?”

I wished she would have sat up and got out of my face, but she seemed to enjoy lying right on top of me staring me in the eye, only inches apart. She calmly examined my face for signs of distress. Emotions wracked me as I faced the realization that the pre-teen had overpowered me. How was that possible?

“How does it feel knowing that all three of us girls can beat you up? And we’re all stronger than you, too!”

I didn’t say anything but my expression made her laugh.

“HAHAHA! I wonder how many other girls here can do this to you? We’re the best fighters, for sure, but there are a couple of younger girls that look promising. Want me to set up a match with a ten-year-old so you can get revenge?”

“Get off me…”

“I will. But first I want to show you the most lethal hold I know. It’s amazing. Watch this – “

She clamped a hand over my mouth and slid her other arm under my neck and gripped her opposite bicep so she was simultaneously pushing down from above and pulling up from underneath. I felt like I was in a vise as only a little air was coming in through my partially blocked nostrils. “MMMFFFF!!!”
She giggled as she lay on top of me and watched me struggle with her hand clamped tightly over my mouth.

“Wow! This is a really good hold. Now I see why none of the other girls would let me try it on them. I could kill you with my bare hands!”

I struggled frantically to no effect. The little Amazon had me completely under her power. I saw her eyes gleaming with a strange intensity as she held me down, choking the life out of me. This is it, I thought, a twelve-year-old is going to strangle me…

Just as I thought the end was near she pulled her hand off and I got in huge gulps of air. She watched me for a moment and said “I guess this means you submit.”

I nodded violently. ‘Yes, yes,” I sputtered, “You win. Just get off of me.”

“What’s your hurry? This is fun!”

“Maybe for you.” I panted heavily, feeling light-headed.

“Awww… what’s the matter, Rob? Don’t you like girls?”

“What the – that’s got nothing to do with it! Get off!”

“If you like girls you shouldn’t mind if a girl likes you.”

“Wait, what?”

“I think you’re cute, that’s what.” She cocked her head and studied my face. “I guess it was hard to tell since I was busy beating you up, but we all think that. You’re our favorite.”

She was only a few inches and it gave me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I’m flattered, but this is so inappropriate…”

“Do you think I’m cute?” she demanded, wriggling her body against me a little to maintain her hold.

Of course, it was a prerequisite that all the JudoKids be athletic and attractive, that was part of the Director’s guidelines, and Natalie was cuter than most. But I did not want to go down that path with a 12-year-old. “You’re only twelve. I’m eighteen. I think you need to let me go,” I said as diplomatically as I could.

“That’s why we wanted to fight you. It’s no fun beating up some loser, but it’s way fun to wrestle with someone you like.”

“Aw, come on. Please, Natalie…”

“Answer me.” She lowered her face until our noses were practically touching, her eyes flitting back and forth trying to read my mood. “Am I cute?”

“Yes, you’re cute,” I admitted reluctantly. “Now will you let me up?”

Then, she grew suddenly shy! A look of embarrassment came over her and she stammered a bit. “It’s hard to tell a boy you like him. You never know what they’re going to do or say.”

“Well, you should have no problem. Now can I go?”

“I told this boy at school I liked him and he ran away. It hurt my feelings.”

“Well, he was dumb. Please let me up.” I periodically gathered my legs and tried to buck her off but she barely noticed.

She lowered her face another centimeter. Now I could smell her and feel her breath on my cheek. Her eyes bored into me. “But if you hold a boy down until he can’t move and tell him you like him he can’t run away. He has to listen to you.”

“Natalie – this isn’t right. You shouldn’t be doing this to me. You need to let me go.” I was squirming with all my might but getting nowhere. I was her prisoner.

“You know what?” she said, “I’m going to kiss you.”


“I never kissed a boy before.”

“Natalie, you can’t!”

“Hush. I’m not going to hurt you.” She cupped my face between her two hands while I desperately tried turning away. She forced me to face her then slowly lowered her lips to mine.

“You can’t!” I protested weakly again, but she could. And did.

Unlike her iron grip on my body, her lips were soft. I tried turning my head but there was no escape. She held the kiss for about ten long seconds, until I quit struggling, admitting complete defeat. Sensing my surrender she finally she pulled her head back and smiled happily as I looked away embarrassed. How could this be happening!

“That was awesome! Wait until I tell the others I was the first to kiss you!”

I was drained but still sought a way to wriggle free. I stopped struggling for a moment and looked up at her when what she had just said fully sunk in. “What do you mean, the first?”

“You know how competitive we are. If I did it you can bet Princess and Amanda will want their turn. But I was first!”

I was frantic. “No! No Natalie, listen to me – you can’t tell them about this! You can’t tell anybody!”

Then she finally sat up, resting her hands on her thighs and grinning unsympathetically. “Sorry, Rob. We tell each other everything.” Then her face darkened. “Why? Was it so awful I kissed you? Was it a bad kiss or something?”

I did not want her on top of me, totally in control, then suddenly turning angry. I thought about her almost strangling me. “No, it’s not that,” I said hastily, then added, “it was a good kiss.”

“Cool!” Her sunny smile returned. Then she finally rose to her feet and extended a hand to help me up. I rose on shaky legs and looked down at the forceful little girl.

“I just don’t want everyone to know you were able to hold me down and kiss me against my will. That’ll be so humiliating! How could I show my face?”

“I’m not going to tell everyone. Just Princess and Amanda.”

“Does this mean that they are going to be coming for me?” I asked.

Natalie giggled, “I wouldn’t be surprised. Better get some Chapstick!” Laughing, she turned and jogged happily away.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

You just keep on delivering, good work as always.
I do feel that he still don't believe the girls are stronger than him, just better fighters.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Poor Rob, in a position of authority over these girls but he has no power. At least Natalie didn't sit on his head, but forced kissing is almost as good. Thanks so much for this, mate.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

I wanted to quit after that but when I had turned eighteen I took some of the money I had saved up from JudoKids and put a down payment on a Ford F15. My Dad told me not to, but I said I was an adult now and did it anyway. It's a sweet truck but the payments were over $350 per month. I asked my Dad if he could help me out with the payments he said, "No way, Jose Adulte." He thinks he's funny.

So now I'm stuck. I needed that JudoKids paycheck even if those girls were tormenting me.

For the next two weeks I took to staggering my work hours and using the back entrance in hopes of avoiding the girls and it seemed to be working. Then, one day after hours I was headed for the exit and I heard Natalie yelling at me.

"Rob! Rob!"

I pretended not to hear her and kept going.

"Rob! I know you can hear me. Get over here!"

I detected a high degree of impatience in her voice and got a mental image of her chasing after me and jumping on my back, so I stopped and turned around. She was standing back by the rear door of the girls locker room glaring at me. She had changed into her regular clothes, yoga pants and an expensive hoodie. I noticed she was starting to put more effort into dressing nicely. With her just-developing figure, model-like features and beautiful hair it was obvious she would one day be a stunner. But she was the last person I wanted to see just then.

I faked cheerfulness. "Hi, Natalie! What's going on?"

As I came up to her I saw she was scowling. "I've been looking all over for you. Have you been avoiding me?" she asked.

"No,” I lied. “It’s Princess and Amanda I'm avoiding."

She dismissed the thought with a wave of her hand. "You don't have to worry about them. When I told them I kissed you Amanda said "Ewww..." and Princess just shrugged."

Well, that was a relief. Now I just had to worry about dodging one of the Terrible Trio. "Great! What did you need to talk to me about?"

She pointed to a padded bench against the wall. "Sit down for a minute. You’re a boy and I need a boy’s opinion on something."

As I sat down with my back against the wall she put her hands on her hips and began pacing back and forth in a state of agitation. I tried not to stare at the way she filled out those yoga pants and I was a little concerned she was angry at me. I didn't want her attacking me again.

"I'm trying to figure out how boys think," she said. "It's really confusing me."

"How so?"

"Well, you remember I told you how I liked a boy at school? And how he ran away when I told him?"

"Yeah. The dumb guy."

"Right! Well, anyway, a couple of days ago I caught up to him after school and did the same thing I did to you. I had to push him down and sit on him so he would listen to me, but he wouldn’t, he just kept yelling. Then when I leaned over to kiss him, he started crying!"

"What did you do?"

"I just got up and looked down at him in disgust. I didn't want to kiss him anymore. He's a crybaby." She stopped pacing and stopped in front of me, hands on hips. "Did you feel like crying when I made you kiss me?"


“Really? You seemed a little scared.”

“Really.” Actually, she had scared the crap out of me when she was strangling me, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction.

She frowned. “Why was he so scared? I told him I liked him."

“Try to look at it from his viewpoint. He's 12 too, right?"

"No, he's 15."


"Yes, our school is 7th, 8th and 9th. He's a 9th grader."

I paused a moment to digest that. "Let me ask you this - does he do sports?"

"Oh yeah. He's on the football team, the basketball team, on student council... He's very popular. That's why I liked him."

"Uh huh. And when you sat on him and tried to kiss him, was anybody else around?"

She shrugged impatiently. “I don't know, I wasn't paying attention to anyone else."

"So there could have been."

"I suppose."

I sighed and shook my head. "Ok Natalie, just think of what happened. Here he is, a 9th grade boy, probably kind of a jock, who gets tackled and sat on by a 7th grade girl. Probably in full view of a lot of people. You humiliated the heck out of him!"

"Why was he so humiliated? Younger girls beat up older boys all the time!"

I shook my head. "Not in the real world. How long have you been coming here?"

"Since I was nine. Same as Princess. I was taking ju-jitsu and my mom figured I could do the same thing here and get paid for it."

"So, you've had, let me do the math, about seven or eight hundred fights since you've been here. That sound about right?"

"I suppose."

"With each one you get a little more skilled and a little stronger, even if they're staged. You've had a lot of experience, way more than a typical teenager. At your school it's not like that. The boys are almost always stronger than the girls."

"For real?"

"Definitely. Have you notice you get treated differently at school than here?"

"Yes! I thought it was in my head! It's a lot harder to make friends there."

"A lot of them are probably afraid of you."

She furrowed her eyebrows. "Wow, that makes a lot of sense. I never thought about it like that." She stood there for a moment, thinking, then did something so kid-like it reminded me of how young she was; she climbed up onto my lap! Planting a knee on each side, she sat on my thighs and looked at me.

"Were you scared when I held you down? Be honest."

"I was nervous, but I wasn't scared."

"Why were you nervous? You know I wouldn’t really hurt you."

"You had just choked me out!"

"I know, but it was an accident." Then she took me by my shoulders and looked me in the eye. “Did you like it when I kissed you?"

Now I was nervous all over again. "Natalie - you're very pretty, and it was a nice kiss, but I'm way too old for you to be kissing."

"I'll be 13 next month."

"Even so. If I told anybody I had kissed a 12-year-old I would probably get arrested."

“You didn’t kiss me, I kissed you.” She leaned in a little. "How about when I'm 16?"

"Nope. I'd be 21."

"When I'm 18?"

"Well, I'd be 23. So it would be a little weird, but I guess so."

"Hmmm. So there's no way you could be my boyfriend now?"

"No, Natalie, there’s not."

"That's too bad." Now she leaned all the way in, scooting forward so that her face was close to mine. "You know I really liked kissing you."

I had my head leaned back as far as I could against the wall, nervous level ratcheting higher by the second. "Okay, thank you. But you can't do it anymore."

"Yes I can." And ignoring my attempts to halt her, she took my face and pressed her lips to mine.

I tried to move her off me without resorting to full-stage battle but she had me. Her body leaned into me and her strong hands cradled my face as she held the kiss. I tried pulling her arms away but after a few long seconds I just closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. A few seconds later she let me go and sat upright. Her face was flushed and she was grinning happily.

"See, I really, really like that. Wanna know why?"

"Why," I sighed.

"Cuz' at first I can feel you trying to get away and you're moving around a lot. Then when you realize you can't get away you kind of give up. Then I get such a... a... strong feeling come over me! I can't describe it, but it makes me breathe fast and my cheeks feel hot."

"Okay, I'm happy for you."

"You don't feel like that?"


She was disappointed. "Okay, Rob. I get it." Her shoulder slumped. “If you don't like me kissing you I'll try not to do it anymore. I don't want you mad at me."

"Thank you. No kissing, then."

She sat comfortably on my lap examining my face while I tried to pretend it was perfectly normal for me to have a 12-year-old sitting on me. Then she hopped to her feet, smiled mischievously and shrugged, palms upward at her sides. "I said I'll try not to. That's all I can do is try, right?"

Despite myself I laughed.

"Okay, gotta go. See you Rob!" And she jogged off around the corner.

While I sat there a moment trying to compose myself I heard a voice come out of the shadows of the doorway to the locker room.

“Man oh man,” Caitlin said, “Those girls really have you figured out, don’t they?”

I jumped, then sighed disconsolately. I hadn’t really talked to Caitlin alone since her first interview. The Director had squirreled her away to work with Princess and I hadn’t seen very much of her. So pretty much the only time she had seen me since the interview was when I was trapped under Amanda’s ass, then being held down and kissed by Natalie. Great. The one girl I wanted to impress, the one girl who occupied my thoughts 24/7, knows I’ve been beaten up by pre-teens, and I had really wanted to know her better. But now seeing her just reminded me of humiliation and shame.

“Hi Caitlin,” I said morosely.

She stepped out of the shadows and headed towards me. She must have just gotten out of the shower because she was wearing a terrycloth robe and her hair was wet. “When are you going to tell little Natalie what that feeling is that comes over her?”

“What do you mean?”

She chuckled and stood in front of me. “You know what I’m talking about. The feeling that makes her breathe fast and feel all hot and bothered. Tell me – did she slip you the tongue just now?”

“Stop it! I’m not going there!”

She laughed again. “That feelings only going to get stronger. I remember how I felt when I was laying on top of you and you were staring up at my tits. I was breathing pretty fast, too.”

Embarrassed but turned on, I foolishly denied it. “No, I don’t remember…”

“Let me remind you. Stand up.”

“Huh?” Like an oaf I just gaped up at her.

She reached down and took my hand, lacing our fingers together. She applied gentle pressure. “Stand up,” she repeated.

As I stood she reversed our position and sat down on the bench with her back against the wall, still holding onto my hand. Her robe gapped open and I could see half of her nude body underneath.

“Let’s duplicate the position you just had with Natalie. Sit on my lap.”

I gazed down at her, bewildered. “Do what?”

She suddenly squeezed my hand and twisted. “Sit on my lap,” she ordered.

“Ow! Okay! Okay!” I awkwardly sat on her thighs facing her, a knee on each side, feeling like a total idiot. I was at least six inches taller and 60 pounds heavier. I knew I looked ridiculous but I also knew she was no delicate little flower. She was rock hard in most places, except for the places that counted.

“I’m going to make you look like a complete fool,” she said. “I’m going to hold you on my lap and make you kiss me.”

That instantly angered me. Why did she have to insult me? I had my pride!

“The hell you are,” I said. I snatched my hand out of her grasp and she retaliated by grabbing my head with two hands and pulling me towards her. I pulled at her arms and tried climbing off of her but she held onto the back of my neck with one hand and seized the waistband of my shorts with the other, pulling me forward.

I arched my back and tugged backwards but couldn’t escape her grip on my neck. I twisted from side to side, unable to rise up enough to get off. When I bent forward to try to gain leverage her hand on the back of my neck was quickly replaced by the crook of her arm. She hugged me tightly in a headlock and drew me nearer.

“You can’t just insult me and order me around,” I sputtered.

“That’s it,” she said, “fight me.” She seemed to be laughing the entire time, while I was red-faced and angry.

Inexorably my face was drawn nearer until I was close enough for her to cover my mouth with her own. Her tongue plunged into me and expertly explored the inside of my mouth. It was only seconds before I stopped resisting and started cooperating. She took my hand and slid it inside her robe to cup her breast. In a matter of minutes we were both panting and making out like crazy. Then she pulled her head back.

She leaned her head against the wall and regarded me with half-lidded eyes. “I know exactly what Natalie feels,” she said, her voice husky, “it’s that feeling that comes over me, too. That feeling when the boy gives in to me and quits struggling and I know I’ve beaten him. It’s not quite an orgasm, but it’s on the way to one.”

I was only half listening. I was opening her robe and revealing as much of her naked body as I could.

She continued. “The thing that Natalie is going to discover is; that “feeling” is going to get harder to come by as she gets older. The more she develops as a young woman, the less the boys are going to resist. In a couple of years they won’t fight it if she wants to sit on top of them and kiss them. They’ll beg her to. They’ll drool all over her and let her do anything she wants. As strong and feisty as she is, she’s going to find there’s not going to be much objection at all. And the ones that do object and put up a fight will most likely get their feelings hurt and sulk away when they lose. And then that “feeling” will be almost extinct, because she won’t have conquered anybody. She won’t have won anything. She won’t get that same euphoria that comes from victory.”

“Uh huh,” I said, bending down to kiss her breast.

She sighed. “Right now, she’s actually got it pretty good. Girls like me and her, and probably most of the other girls that have been here a while, are not the norm. We’re used to battling and competing. We’re used to winning. Outside these walls it’s a different world.”

I was dimly aware of what she was saying. Mostly I was trying to see if I could contain one of her breasts if I used two hands.

“So then the task becomes – how to find a boy who doesn’t mind if I can beat him up. Who can put up a fight and will not run away with his tail between his legs when he loses. Someone like you, in other words.”


She looked down at me obviously fixated upon her breasts, and laughed. “That’s what makes you a prize catch, Rob! You don’t run. In fact you want more! The only drawback is that you have to be goaded to fight me. I have to find creative ways to make you mad.”

“How about if you take off your robe?” I said, “It’s kind of in the way.”

“You haven’t heard a word I said. Here I am pouring out my soul to you and all you can think about are my tits.”

“I love your tits,” I said, “What size bra do you wear?”

She pushed me off her suddenly and I fell on my back down on the carpeted floor. “Time to get creative again,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I sat up indignantly, rubbing my back. I started to stand but she put a foot on me to keep me kneeling. I peeked up her leg.

“You should have been paying attention. Now listen up; do you remember that night when I said that from now on you had a new religion?”

I was kneeling in front of her as she sat on the bench. While looking me in the eye she scooted up to the edge of the bench and spread her legs wide as the robe fell away. I was now eye level with the pink lips of her vagina and the light brown peach fuzz of her pubic hair. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. “Kind of,” I said, mesmerized.

“Where is your new god, Rob, do you remember?”


“Right here, Rob, right fucking here!” She took my head and pulled my face into her crotch, pinning me tightly with her thighs.

I was overwhelmed with the scent and the feel of her. It was dark and exciting. Although somewhat muffled, I could hear her voice overhead as she rubbed herself against me.

“This is where the power lies,” she was saying, “Right here where life itself begins. Right here in The Eternal Church of the Almighty Pussy. Can you feel it, Rob? Can you feel the power?”

Keeping my head tightly against her she then stood over me, legs spread, robe shouldered back out of the way, holding my head firmly against her crotch with both hands. “Say a prayer to my pussy, Rob. Give thanks. Beg for forgiveness.”

I mumbled something, pressing my lips against her, not sure of what she wanted me to do.

“Worship me, Rob, worship your new god,” she was saying, moving her hips in and out.

I kissed her vagina harder. She took me by the hair and pulled my head back so she could look at me. I looked, back up, blinking.

“You’re kind of new to this, aren’t you, Rob?”

“Uh, to what?”

“Cunilingus! Jesus, do I have to spell it out for you?”

“Ah, well, you see… I never really… I mean, I haven’t actually –“

“Here,” she said, abruptly pulling my head back into her crotch. “Pretend you’re French kissing my pussy. Let’s start with that.”
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

I would not need to be goaded into fighting Caitlin and I'd like to sign up for lessons in worshipping correctly.

Thanks for continuing this, mate.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

I think it would be interesting to see some of the Judokid girls (Princess etc) outside of work, maybe getting into a fight with some older men, unaware of her strength and job. Especially if done from the POV of the men.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Shouldn't it be “Worship me, Rob, worship your new goddess,”?
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Originally Posted by lacet [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Shouldn't it be “Worship me, Rob, worship your new goddess,”?
I think "god" is better as a Goddess is more associated with a deity figure in a pantheon of gods and goddesses, whereas plain old "god" can also mean the whole mystical, impersonal 'Alpha and Omega'-type god.

One could argue for a capital G in that case, but I dunno. Not a biggie either way.
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Default Re: JudoKid Fight Team

Originally Posted by iluvwrestlegirls [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I think "god" is better as a Goddess is more associated with a deity figure in a pantheon of gods and goddesses, whereas plain old "god" can also mean the whole mystical, impersonal 'Alpha and Omega'-type god.

One could argue for a capital G in that case, but I dunno. Not a biggie either way.
You both bring up a good point. I guess I was thinking that, in essence, a woman's pussy is the Supreme Being, the ruler of all things.
At least in my world...
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