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Default The muscles of the family

*This story was originally written in german*
The muscles of the family

The breakfast table was already well filled, when Jörg returned somewhat sweaty due to the the early morning jog from the bakery. His father was at the table reading the newspaper, while his mother just brought the coffee.
"Could you call Nadine?", she asked Jörg, who just took off his jacket and put it over his chair.
"Why? She isn't going to come here anyways.", the seventeen-year-old replied derisively.
"Jörg, please call her.", his mother asked him again, as she filled his cup with coffee.
With a sigh the athlete gave it up and stepped into the hallway still dressed in tracksuit pants and a white muscle shirt
"Nadine, breakfast!", he called out loudly and waited for an answer, "Nadine!"
"I'll be right there!", he heard the quick answer of his thirteen-year-old younger sister from her room in a voice that sounded more like "I'm busy".
Still he walked back inside the kitchen and sat down.
"And is she coming?", his mother asked, who sat down herself now,
"She said, she'll be right here.", Jörg replied with a shrug, "So maybe in a few hours or so."
He should be right once again, because like every saturday his spoiled little sister took her sweet time. After around twenty minutes his mother got back up with a sigh and went into the hallway.
"Nadine, dear, please come and eat!", she said, then when she got an answer Jörg could not hear she added, "Now! We are already waiting for you."
This time Nadine really did come after a moment. Wearing black yoga pants and a bright purple top she strolled into the kitchen. The eyes traced on her smartphone in her left she walked past them without a word and casually took a bread bun.
Unlike Jörg, who had inherited the brown hair of their father and had it cut very short, the pretty young girl had the bright blonde hair of their mom, which softly fell over her shoulders and back.
Still focused on her phones screen she sat down and started texting.
"Not during the meals, Nadine.", their mother told her strictly, "You know the rules."
"Yeah, just a second.", the girl muttered without even looking up or stopping to text.
"Nadine!", their mother said sharply.
"What is it?!", Jörgs sister snarled, and accusingly pointed at her father, who was still reading his newspaper, "Am I the only one?!"
With a sigh their mother turned towards her husband. "Dear, please."
"Don't talk to your mother like that, child.", the man scolded his daughter without looking up.
"What I meant was please don't read during the meals."
With a grunt Jörgs father folded the newspaper and put it down.
"Now you, Nadine.", their mother said and looked expectantly at her daughter, who rolled her eyes in annoyance, but put her smartphone on the table, before she crossed her arms pouting.
Satisfied the woman nodded, as the family started to eat in silence. A few minutes passed, before she started to begin a conversation.
"So does anyone have plans for today?", she asked softly and looked from one of them to the next.
"I think the car needs to be washed.", Jörgs father said, while Nadine still did not want to talk to her mother.
When it was Jörgs turn he shrugged his burly shoulders. "Work-out."
Nadine giggled. "Of course."
Jörg glared angrily towards her. "What's that supposed to mean, midget?"
"Nothing.", his little sister replied in annoyance, "Go ahead puff up your flabby muscles, you wannabe hercules."
Jörg grunted. "Jealous, wannabe superwaif?"
"Enough with the insults.", their father interferred, but was ignored.
"Of you? No thank you, I do more than enough sports."
"Of these!", Jörg snarled and flexed both arms.
After almost three years of muscle training the thick muscles of his arms swelled up impressively next to his broad shoulders.
Nadine rolled her eyes. "Yeah, adorable, little muscle man. Who are you trying to impress with those?"
"Adorable?!", Jörg protested furiously and pointed with his right hand at his still flexed left biceps, "That's almost 15 inches. Why don't you show me what you've got?"
Nadines eyes narrowed to small slits, as she fixated Jörg. The green of her eyes vanished almost completely between long dark eyelashes. "Oh, you really want to know?"
"It's enough!", their father roared, but the siblings continued to glare angrily at each other, albeit Jörg did drop his arm.
"You want to see what I've got? Alright, I'll show you.", Nadine said and unfolded her crossed arms, "But don't start crying, when I do."
Nadines top was a neckholder, that exposed her arms over her shoulders as well as her back, which was why Jörg had a good view, as his sister smoothly raised her arms high and then pulled them downward into the same double biceps pose he had showed off earlier.
Even before Nadine had fully flexed her arms Jörgs jaw dropped and not just his, but also both of his parents. The idea, that the arms of his sister could have been muscular had never crossed Jörgs mind. Toned and athletic sure, between gymnastics, track, swimming and jujitsu barely a day passed that Nadine did not spent with some type of physical activity, but the way the tender skin now stretched across bulging muscles and sharp lines drew deep between the muscle groups he never would have thought possible. Her young biceps rose steeply into an iron like peak, while at the same time defined triceps formed a thick sweep below and the rippling muscles pushed out in her shoulders. The skin looked like it was about to tear, everywhere the bulges of muscle and cable like sinew showed. As if the powerful upper arms were not enough Jörg could also see clearly how pronounced her pecs were, at the very last from where they met the shoulders to the point where they disappeared beneath the purple fabric of the top, and how impressively wide the sweep of her lats spread behind her at least for a girl as slender as his sister.
Incapable of saying anything he and his parents were starring at the ripped arms and shoulders of the thirteen-year-old baby of the family for a few moments with their mouths hanging wide open. Nadines expression meanwhile formed a challenging smile, while she proudly raised her chin and starred at Jörg like she was trying to say "You can't match these, wimp.".
Intend to defend his honor he tried to form words with dry lips and to somehow defend himself from the unspoken claim.
"Mi-Mine are better!", he stuttered almost panicking and nervously cleared his throat afterwards, "Bigger!"
With a big grin Nadine dropped her arms. "Bigger? Yes, that's probably true for now, but better? Your muscles are just for show! You will have to proof that."
Confidently the young girl put her elbow on the table in front of Jörg and held out his hand to him.
"Arm wrestling?", their mother asked also still visibly shaken by from the revelation of her daughter physique, "Does that really have to be now?"
"Yeah, we'll settle this now.", Nadine replied calmly, but was looking at Jörg while she did and sassily arched one neatly plucked eyebrow, "Unless you want to wuss out, Jörg."
"What? Hell no!", he protested angrily and basically slammed his own elbow on the table top, "I'm not scared of arm wrestling my baby sister!"
"Probably would be better, if you were.", Nadine taunted him with a cold smile and smoothly closed her slim perfectly manicured fingers around Jörgs hand and even he had to admit that her grip was really quite tight, "Ready, set..."
Jörg nodded grimly and tightened his arm already to be prepared for possible surprise attacks.
Since he did not care to play around with his little sister after the earlier provocations Jörg let his biceps rise from the getgo and pushed with a lot of strength against Nadines short hard arm. However to his shock the young girls arm did not budge like it had turned to steel. The muscles in her arm and shoulder had pushed out as pronounced and defined as before.
Surprised Jörg raised his gaze from their locked hand and looked right into Nadines face to see how much she had to struggle for this resistance.
The sight really shocked him now, because his little sister did not appear to strain in the slightest. She merely looked at him confidently with a challenging look in her eyes while her smile spread wider.
"You're going to start pushing at some point?", she asked him smugly.
Despite his complete bewilderment Jörg raised the pressure with a grunt, but the much shorter arm of his little sister still held firm, so that he gave it his all with a jerking motion and another grunt. In deep concentration he stared at their tightly locked hands, while grunting and groaning he strained against Nadines arm. His biceps was by now fully flexed and stood on his arm with a proud size. Jörg could feel now how slowly the sweat rolled down his skin and his arm started to shake from the exertion.
"That's all you've got?", his little sister asked without even flinching, while her arm still stood completely still on the table, "You're even weaker than I thought."
Jörg groaned, as Nadine started pushing and the shaking of his much thicker arm increased in his desperate attempt to resist. He grabbed the edge of the table and also locked one foot against one leg of the table to brace himself additionally and somehow hold steady, but the muscles of Nadines forearm he had not paid any attention before flexed visibly. Close to the elbow the forearm widened, while a deep groove sunk in on the inner arm, that made the hard muscle strands of the sinewy arm just all the more apparent.
Jörg grunted loudly and desperately and was sure that the exertion was showing clearly on his red face, but nothing helped. Very slowly his thirteen-year-old sister started to push his shaking arm out of the middle position The expression on her face was one of unchanged calm and superiority, as she did so.
It was like it was not even difficult for his little sister to push down his muscular arm. How could this be happening? How could a seventeen-year-old lose to a little girl at arm wrestling?!
He was still pulling on her arm with all of his strength to somehow still avert defeat. But no matter how much he was sweating and groaning and made the table creak with his pulls, Nadines ripped arm was as still as a statues, while she was forcing him lower and lower towards the tabletop with her irresistible strength until he felt the wooden surface firmly beneath the back of his hand.
Jörgs face went completely slack, while Nadine kept his Hand trapped for a little longer with her much smaller one. Wheezing and panting he sat in front of her in complete disbelief.
This just could not be! Nadine could not be so much stronger than him! Damnit, she could not be stronger than him period! She was just thirteen after all and he was regularly going to the gym.
"Well.", Nadine said with a cheeky grin and stood up, when she released his hand, "Looks like I'm the muscles of the family."
She took her smartphone and started texting again immediately, while she strode away under the eyes of her family.
"I'm in my room.", she chirped as she left the kitchen, "Unless dad also wants to lose an arm wrestling match to me first?"
After Nadine had left the room Jörg was left behind with his two silent parents, who seemed just as shocked as he was. Only after a seemingly endless time of awkward silence his father cleared his throat nervously.
"So... you just let her win, didn't you, Jörg?", he asked in a way, that sounded like he knew perfectly well how wrong he was about that.
Jörg turned beet red as a result and jumped to his feet.
"S-she just got lucky!", he said and rushed out of the room.

After he had left the kitchen Jörg immediately walked down the hallway and up the stairs to the first floor where he and his sister had their rooms. Without knocking he threw open the door into Nadines room and stormed inside.
His sister was lying on her back on the bed with her bend legs pressed to the wall above the head end and the eyes directed at the screen of her smartphone above, while she was typing on it.
"Out!", she snapped without even looking at him or stopping to text, when she heard the door.
Jörg did not move, but failed to speak as well. Looking closely at her, his sister appeared much more muscular now. She was slim and delicate like always, but somehow the slender arms looked much firmer and stronger now. How had he not noticed this until now?
"Ugh.", Nadine growled annoyed and rolled smoothly onto her side and propped her face up on one of her palms, "What do you want? A rematch?"
After another moment of silence Jörg nodded grimly. "You just got lucky."
The blonde rolled her eyes, as she sat down the smartphone on her blanket and stood up elegantly. "Fine, but afterwards you piss off."
She did a few steps towards him, lied down on the parquet floor and put up her elbow. Jörg did not hesitate and dropped to his stomach opposite of her. Again they locked their hands. Jörg squeezed Nadines hand as much as he could until his knuckles turned white, but merely garnered a pitiful look from his little sister.
"Go!", he said immediately and pushed right away with all of his strength.
His muscles pushed out impressively and he grunted loudly, yet Nadine held firm. Her iron-hard biceps appeared pronounced and steep on her arm and Jörg groaned, as he felt how she built pressure and his arm immediately started shaking. This time Nadine did not take her time beating him; from one second to the next his arm slammed hard onto the floor.
"That's it!", his little sister declared, "Get lost!"
"Two out of three!", Jörg gasped, before Nadine was back on her feet and grabbed her by the wrist, "Whoever wins twice first."
The thirteen-year-old glared at him. "I already beat you twice today."
"The first time doesn't count!", Jörg defended his claim, "Left arms this time!"
As Nadine went back down, she once more rolled her eyes in annoyance. "But I'm not going to do three out of five."
So this time Jörg grabbed the left hand of his little sister and got ready.
"Do you really believe you can take me left-handed?", Nadine wondered with a grin, "How comes? Do you fap with your left?"
"Shut up!", Jörg hissed angrily and started to blush, but Nadines left he could not budge the fraction of an inch either.
"Naw.", his little sister said and checked the nails of her unused right hand, "Your left is even weaker than your right."
And then his hand already hit the floor again with enough force to make him gasp in pain.
"But this is it now.", Nadine said and stood up, "You know where the door is."
"Wait just a second!", Jörg grunted and stood up himself, "We're not done ye-"
With a gasp he interrupted his sentence, as Nadine suddenly roughly grabbed him by the front of his muscle shirt and lifted him up to his tiptoes. Before he quiet knew what was happening to him, his little sister had already pushed him back to the open door and shoved him outside. Surprised he lost his balance and dropped on his butt. Nadine stood above him in the doorframe and arrogantly looked down on him.
"Sorry, but I don't have anymore time to arm wrestle wimps.", she said and shut the door.
For quite some time Jörg sat open-mouthed in front of her room. Not only had his little sister just beaten him twice even more badly at arm wrestling, she also had thrown him out of her room by force, before he even had the chance to defend himself. Only sluggishly and slowly he stood up on shaky legs and wobbled down the stairs.

From the bottom floor his way lead further down into the basement, where his parents had built a home gym. Originally for the entire family, but he was the only one that regularly used it.
Jörg stopped in front of the large mirror on one site of the room, which was padded by mats on the floor, and checked his reflection. Sweaty and gloomy he saw himself. He lowered his gaze and looked at his thick pec muscles, that threatened to jump from the loose muscle shirt Thoughtfully he probed the muscle with his fingers, but the hard muscle fibers could barely be compressed. Afterwards he checked his thick traps over which the halter of his shirt hung and his broad shoulders, before he finally let his gaze slide down his thick arms. Flexing his biceps he stared at the large muscle. It measured fifteen inches after three years of training and somehow he still had just lost against his own four years younger sister in an arm wrestling match. Damnit, she had even slammed him effortlessly without even trying.
"Looks like I'm the muscles of the family.", Jörg remembered her words from breakfast in desperation and whimpered, "Sorry, but I don't have anymore time to arm wrestle wimps."
Jörg could hear his own teeth grinding when he remembered. How dared this spoiled brat?! It wasn't like she was actually stronger than him after all! Not really! Alright, she had beaten him at arm wrestling, nut that was just a game. Given their size and weight difference she could never have beaten him in an actual fight or lift close to as much as he did. So how dared Nadine! She was still just a little girl.
He pulled off the muscle shirt over his head and dropped it, then he flexed his exposed torso and arm and checked out his muscular reflection with a grin. Exactly, these thick chest muscles and round shoulders, these hard biceps muscles and small hills, around which faint creases formed the shape of his sixpack, that were the muscles of the family not these puny gymnast muscles of his little sister.
With his new conviction came such an emotional high he was truly thinking about marching right back up to Nadine and to tell her who was boss, but before he could do it he could hear how the door to the cellar opened and light steps headed down the stair.
"Yuck, warn me, before you do striptease down here.", Nadine complained disgusted and dramatically covered her eyes with one hand.
Jörg already started to give an angry reply, when he fell silent at the sight of his little sister.
Nadine had changed into thin sport clothes consisting off a skimpy black sports bra and similarly colored hotpants, which clung skintight to her ripped young body and exposed quite a bit of it that had been hidden to Jörg so far.
First of all there was a brutally pronounced eigthpack, which was clearly outlined through the skin of her bare stomach. Not faint creases but deep ripples drew the structure of her abs, each abdominal was a strongly protruding hill like a broad brick that had been implanted below the skin. As if that sight was not enough to let Jörg completely lose his composition, the muscle also formed long oblique ribbons at Nadines sides and two deeply chiseled lines adorned her eightpack in a v-shape near her hips.
As the big brother of this ripped musclegirl he gulped loudly at the sight of her iron-clad muscles and let his gaze wander across Nadines no less impressive legs. For her height rather thick and bulky the muscle mass swelled on her still smooth thighs only interrupted by deep valleys cutting in between them. Beneath the knee the muscles stood out in sharply defined heart shapes and impressive size behind the calves.
"You look like you just saw something really impressive.", Nadine mocked him cheekily, as she approached.
With a size of 5feet compared to Jörgs 6feet his sister only reached up to his muscular chest and she could not have been weighting much more than half his 200pounds, yet she looked up at him with unfaltering confidence. The green eyes flashed daringly, as Nadine looked deep into his eyes.
"Nonsense!", Jörg hissed and turned away, "I was just surprised to see you down here, because usually you're not lifting any weights."
"You think so?", Nadine asked him amused and strolled over towards the dumbbell rack. Smoothly she let the slender fingers slide across the cool metal. "Additionally to my sports I'm at the gym four times a week. Just as often as you are. And I already do so since I was ten, so also just as long as you do."
Hesitantly Jörg turned back at his little sister. Could that be true? Did Nadine really work-out just as much as he did for this whole time?
"The difference is merely that in my case its about being even more athletic and better and it isn't just some testosterone-fueled show-off crap. Every ounce of muscle mass is functional in my case and not just uselessly bloated.", his sister explained to him arrogantly and then gave the long legs of his pants a knowing look, "Could you not find any shorts or are you just hiding your scrawny chicken legs?"
Jörg could feel how his blood went into his cheeks and quickly pushed past Nadine to hide it.
"Yeah, that's how it is with you gym rats all just upper body and despite the fat arms you've still got nothing.", the little girl taunted.
Angrily he grabbed two 50pound dumbbells.
"You want to work-out or just talk bullshit, midget?", he roared, when he turned towards the mirror and started lifting the weights to his chest alternating between the arms, "Don't get cocky just because you know a little bit about arm wrestling."
"Oh, please.", Nadine said with the same cold smile she had had during the breakfast, "I already told you, I work out just as much at the gym as you do, but I do it additionally to a proper sport and not just so that my pecs tear my shirt at some point."
He could see in the mirror how his sister went back to the dumbbells behind him and also grabbed one.
"Which means: I can't just beat you at arm wrestling.", she said and pulled the weight off the rack, "I'm superior to you in absolutely every physical category."
Jörg froze in the middle of his movement, when he saw how his sister started to casually move the dumbbell, while she pumped her hard biceps up and down. The weight in her hand weighted 65pounds.
"Oh right, stamina,", she giggled, as she noticed him stop, "Let's better not even start talking about that one."
With a grunt Jörg started lifting the two dumbbells again, but he still could not take his eyes of his sisters reflection which lifted the heavy iron smoothly and faster than he did.
That was simply impossible. Even ignoring the total weight and the fact that she was lifting more than he did, Nadine was curling more than half of her own body weight with a single arm. He himself was holding barely a quarter of his own weight with each hand and was already approaching his limits with burning muscles and cramping arms after just a few reps.
When he set down the weights with a groan his thirteen-year-old sister was still raising the dumbbell with the same speed, kept going for a little longer and then changed hands after a total of twenty or thirty repetitions to continue just as effortlessly with her left.
Simultaneously she bend her right arm and smugly flexed her pumped biceps, that pushed out even more now. A thin blueish vein stood out visibly against the skin alongside the inner arm.
Jörg stared panting at her arm, while he was recovering. Nadine was looking at him with complete smugness, while he did so and started to turn her fist outward, lowering and elongating the biceps, before it jumped back up into a steep peak, as she turned her fist back towards the inside. Jörg was in awe at the fluid muscle play of the steel-hard muscles.
"Jealous, pudding-arms?", Nadine asked grinning ans dropped her arm once more.
"Bullshit!", Jörg grunted and walked over to the bench-press, "Maybe, they are alright for a girl."
"Got it.", he heard her say, as he lay down beneath the barbell, "You're jealous."
Grunting angrily Jörg grabbed the bar above his chest and pushed it up with a loud groan.
"What do you have their?", Nadine asked now that she was also done with her left arm, "200 pounds? That's so cute! You can even lift your own bodyweight."
Groaned more from his exertion and anger, when he shakily lowered the weight back unto his chest.
"Why don't you show me what you can manage with 200 pounds.", he forced out, because by now he was sure Nadine could only train with such heavy dumbbells, because she was not training both arms at once.
"I was thinking the same thing.", his sister replied unimpressed by his challenge, as she put her dumbbell back on the rack.
With a metallic clank he racked the barbell again and sat up exhausted. "Now this I want to see!"
Indeed Nadine took both of the heavy 100pound dumbbells and pulled them with a soft grunt from the rack.
Jörgs jaw dropped not for the first time on this day, as the petite young girl came towards him in a stride, while she let her arms hang at her sides, and sat down on the bench in front of him. This forced Jörg to slide back until his back was touching the bar of the weight. Their knees were almost touching each other, as they were sitting opposite of one another.
"I... I could have done that, too!", he stuttered, but could not stop himself from giving the two dumbbells in Nadines hands a disbelieving look. Together the two weights weighted as much as he did.
"And how about this?", Nadine asked and inhaled deeply and concentrated. The muscles in her shoulders and upper arms contracted impressively and swelled visibly, as slowly she raised her arms and lifted the weights in front of her chest.
All color drained from Jörgs face, when he saw it. The biceps peaks pushed out thicker than ever before from Nadines arms and he could see more pulsing veins that got outlined against the girlish skin and run along her upper arms to her shoulders. And his little sister was not even done yet. As impossible as it seemed Nadine turned red and then shakily lifted the dumbbells up to one level with her head. She breathed hard and closed her eyes, before she grunted audibly and hauled the the dumbbells above her head in a fluid motion with her arms completely extended. Her triceps pushed out in the back of her upper arms defined to steel-hard horseshoe shape and everywhere in her arms and shoulders muscle bulged and twitched.
While she kept the full 200pounds up above her head she opened her eyes to give Jörg a triumphant look. Despite the strain in the pretty girls face she grinned. Very slowly she lowered her arms again and loudly put down both dumbbells to the floor next to her.
A small droplet of sweat rolled down her forehead that had reddened from the exertion. Breathing slightly heavier than before she winked at the completely shaken Jörg.
"65pounds was just to warm-up.", she bragged, "And I bench-press 330pounds. We don't even weight that much combined! It's like trice my bodyweight."
Silently Jörg nodded slowly. Still he did not want to believe what Nadine had just accomplished. His sister, who was four years his junior, who was barely thirteen-years-old, had just lifted his bodyweight above her head and and just barely started sweating doing so.
"I'm stronger than you!", Nadine declared sternly, "A lot stronger! I'm an elite athlete and you barely qualify as an amateur bodybuilder and a rubbish one at that. I take you in any discipline."
With that she picked up the dumbbell at her feet again, stood up and carried them back to the rack.
"And don't you forget it or I'll kick your ass.", she added after she had put the large dumbbells back in their place.
"Yeah, right.", Jörg groaned and flinched, as his sister spun back towards him with an angry glare.
"What was that?", she asked coldly.
Jörg could feel his hands shaking, but was too proud to let himself be intimidated by his little sister, so he stood up and stepped towards Nadine.
"You couldn't beat me up!", he said, "You're a little girl."
The girl arrogantly raised her chin. "A little girl that is stronger than you and trained in martial arts. It wasn't a joke when I said I could take you in any discipline and category, it was a fact."
Jörg hesitated with his answer, but forcefully said: "Nonsense, I'm way bigger and stro- heavier than you are."
"Oh, then you want to try this out right here?", Nadine wanted to know and spread her arms to open herself up for an attack, "Go ahead! Try it, wimp!"
"I... I'm not going to fight my little sister!", Jörg replied and tried to walk past his sister, "I've got enough of this shit!"
But before he could make it even one step past her, Nadine already darted towards him in a crouch. He could not even react, before she had wrapped a muscular arm around each of his legs above the knee and pulled him slightly off the floor, while she flung him sideways to the floor.
Jörg gasped in shock, as he suddenly hit the padded mats that lined the basement floor on his back.
Groaning he tried to sit up, but Nadine bare foot suddenly slammed down on his exposed chest and forced a short cry of pain from his lips, when she stomped him back to the floor.
"Let go!", he roared furiously and grabbed her foot with both of his hands around the ankle to push it off.
But despite his efforts Nadines leg did not budge, as the girl leaned forward onto it and her thigh muscles flexed. Dominantly his little sister looked down towards him.
"Let's make one thing clear.", she spoke harshly, "You'll only get out of here, if you either proof that you can take me or admit that you can't. But let's be honest here, you can't even get up!"
Jörg let out an angry grunt, as he released her ankle in defeat and pulled his legs back in a flash to kick Nadines other leg out from beneath her.
He coughed when his little Sister kicked powerfully off his chest and flipped from his chest sideways. His legs missed, but he was free nevertheless, so he rolled around and climbed up to his feet as fast as he could.
"It's fighting me then.", Nadine said amused and smiled in anticipation, "Either you're even dumber than I thought or you've got more guts than I expected from you, that you want to mess with these!" As she said that she flexed both impressive upper arms hard and let her pumped biceps peaks surge including sinews and veins. "Fine with me, though; cause this is going to be fun."
"You don't want it any other way, you stupid bitch!", Jörg yelled and came at his little sister.
Roughly he grabbed her by the slender shoulders, but before he could do more, Nadine already had her arms up in between them and knocked one away. The other she grabbed with one hand by the wrist and at the elbow with the other, before quickly twisting both in a way that forced the wrist down and the elbow up.
Jörg gasped in pain instantly, as he felt the painful pull and dropped to his knees in front of the thirteen-year-old.
"And I thought whooping you at arm wrestling was easy.", Nadine giggled and forced him to cry out in pain with a jerk on his twisted arm,
When he screamed his sister released him and backed away on bouncing feet.
"Get up!", she ordered with a grin and motioned with her hands for him to attack again, "Try again!"
Jörg grunted furiously, when he jumped back to his feet like he was asked. His face was burning with shame like it had before on this day, but to be this helpless against a girl that small was almost worse than his earlier defeats at Nadines hands. He could not let her get the drop on him again or give her time to use any kinds of holds.
"You're really asking for this!", he roared angrily.
His little sister smirked smugly and gently tilted her head. "You could always just give up, if you want to."
"Then you better give it your all, wimp."
Angrily he run at Nadine and tried to knock her off her feet with a mighty swing out of the motion.
Calmly the younger girl caught it with both of her arms, spun around closer towards him and bent forward. Then Jörg already went flying over her hip and slammed hard to the mats on his side. With a soft groan he rolled onto his back.
"If that's all you've got, I could make my nails, while kicking your ass.", Nadine taunted, while Jörg sat up.
"Keep laughing!", he grunted and got back, "Once I'll catch you, you'll..."
His sister cut him off with a girlish giggle. "As clumsily and slowly as you are moving that's not going to happen."
Quickly he jumped towards her and punched right at Nadines face. His sister did not even lose her smile, as she evaded casually and in the same motion smashed her little fist in his face.
It flashed white in front of Jörgs eyes, as the pain exploded in his head. Then he screamed already again, when his little sister grabbed him while he was daze, twisted his arm once more, forced his hand up to his shoulder with both of hers and flung him back to the floor.
Desperately he kicked out for Nadine, when the girl wanted to throw herself onto him, but she caught his leg easily and trapped his ankle beneath her armpit, twisting his knee and ankle until he screamed.
Screaming in pain he rolled over on his stomach to relief the pain of his leg, but that was exactly what Nadine had wanted, because she dropped sideways on his back and only twisted his leg more from this position.
"Give up already?", she asked him joyfully over his screams, while Jörg was trashing helplessly beneath her, "I can do this the whole day, I just don't know if your joints can as well."
Desperately he struggled on the floor, but his sister caught every motion of his and stopped it with another jerk on his leg. Only once Jörgs resistance faltered with a whimper of his she released him and nimbly jumped to her feet.
"Do we keep going or do you admit, you don't stand the ghost of a chance against me?", Nadine asked him, while she strode around him on the mats.
Groaning and grunting Jörg pushed himself with his musclebound arms up to his knees, while he still felt the pain pulsing in his abused leg.
"I'll get you...", he breathed heavily and flushed red, as he heard how whiny he sounded, I'll get you."
"Hope dies last, huh?", Nadine mused not impressed and Jörg already dove at her from his kneeling position and tried to throw her down on her back.
In a flash Nadine bend over him and wrapped one of her slim muscular arms around his neck., while she braced her feet against the floor stopping his tackle.
"That won't work either.", she mocked him, while her thighs and calves flexed visibly and absorbed his strength.
Jörg choked from the sudden vise of her headlock on his neck squeezing her hard biceps into his throat. Desperate and beet red he bucked as hard as he could to knock his young opponent down after all.
At the same time Nadine dropped backwards on to her butt and lifted her legs, which she closed with brutal force around his rips. Jörgs body spasmed in agony, when Nadine crossed her ankles behind his back and her chiseled thighs thickened and dug into his sides.
His head which Nadine still held trapped beneath her arm she shoved face first into the mats
Jörg fought like a man possessed, but as much as he pulled on his sisters muscles, that had turned to steel, he could not break free from her at all. His eyes teared up due to the pressure on his neck and the lack of oxygen and his lungs burned.
"I've got you.", Nadine spoke triumphantly, "You won't get out of this unless I want you to. So you can give up right away. Or how about this?"
In a flash Nadine grabbed both of his wrists and pulled his hands up to her chest. Jörg had not even taken the breath her releasing his head had enabled him to, as his sister already rolled on her side beneath him, pulled one leg over his neck and rolled him over like that. Jörg was flung once more flat on his back and his sister immediately released one of his arms, while she locked the other with both of her arms to her chest. Jörg cried out in pain, when Nadine arched her hip simultaneously and completed the armbar.
"Hurts, doesn't it?", she asked him mockingly and giggled, "Much tougher guys than you tried to get out of that one before."
Jörg did not reply anything to that. He was just trashing wildly with his legs and tried to hit Nadines legs with his free arm, while grunted and groaned from the pain.
"Don't get me wrong, the boys in my jujitsu class are a bunch of wimps, too, but they could take you with no problem.", his sister told him like she was merely gossiping, while he struggled in her grip, "Maybe I should let go, before you end up breaking your arm by being so damn stubborn."
And Nadine immediately did just that and released her hold. With a sigh Jörg rolled on his side and clutched the tortured arm.

"Does that mean, that you finally give up?", Nadine groaned already back on her feet, "I'm starting to get bored."
"In other words you are getting tired.", Jörg replied and struggled to his feet again panting. Sweat was rolling down his bare torso. "You can't run from me much longer!"
His little sister rolled her eyes. "And I thought you were at least a little tougher than I thought, but you just keep going out of pure stupidity."
"Shut up!", he yelled angrily. "You're just a little girl! I'm a man!"
"My muscles are still better than yours.", Nadine replied calmly and let her steel-hard muscles rise again. Her peaks jumped up and down, as she quickly flexed and unflexed her arms and the swollen muscles squeezed even harder against her velvetesque skin, when she finally flexed both arms as hard as she could and held the flex. The hands curled towards her shoulders and the arms bent more than the ninety degree angle, she additionally raised her elbows a little higher now and made her upper body spread wide above the slim waist flexing her lats.
The fabric of the tight sports bra strained audibly as it was stretched even tighter across the hard girl body.
After just a few second she than brought down her fists downwards to her hips, while she simultaneously angled her elbows slightly forward, pushed out her chest and sucked in her stomach.
Jörg gulped loudly, when he saw how despite the fact that Nadines body was barely more than that of a little girl the sports bra bulged visibly and was stretched tight across a shockingly wide and thick chest. He could see the rippling muscle structure form beneath the fabric and how a deep trench split the two powerful pecs.
Muscles like these Jörg never would have expected a girl to have, least of all his sister.
Nadines eyes flashed and the corners of her smirking lips twitched, as she saw his reaction and went even further.
She smoothly crossed her arms behind her neck, leaned back to make sure her brother had a good view and then slightly bend her back crunching down on her abs. The hard eightpack pushed out even more pronounced. Each and every muscular hill protruded and was grinding against the aligning ones in a silent battle, while the obliques were split by deep striations into countless definitions.
Jörg could not believe how hard and defined the chiseled muscles of the thirteen-year-old girl were. While her abs had made his sixpack look second rate from the beginning he felt simply soft and out of shape looking at this pronounced eightpack flexed like thid. Cold sweat rolled down his skin even more unpleasantly than the one caused by exhaustion.
"Go ahead. Hit it!", Nadine whispered, challenging him with a smile, "If you hit me there you're going to hurt yourself before you hurt me."
The anger rose within Jörg at these words and burst forth like an explosion. With a loud roar he threw his fist forward. With all of his strength he slammed his knuckles right against his little sisters bellybutton no matter the consequences. His only thought was too make her regret this ridiculous thought.
And then his large fist slammed into something really hard, that for a moment let him think he had punched a wall. He cried out in pain, as the impact rebounded up his arm. His fist was hurting, like thousands of tiny needles had been stabbed into it, and he felt the pain pulse in it, as he pulled back his numb fist with a whimper and clutched it with his other hand.
The green of Nadines eyes was basically glowing with excitement when she dropped the pose and laughed. "Oh, my god! You really did hurt yourself! O - M - G! You pathetic wimp!"
Jörgs cheeks were burning hot with shame, as his little sister burst into such honest glee over his failure. He could feel that he was on the verge of breaking down into tears. This just could not be real! None of it! This whole damn day had to be some kind of bad dream. His little sister crushed him at arm wrestling, lifted almost twice what he did, effortlessly threw him all over the basement and then bragged about how much better her muscles were, before he almost sprained his arm punching her.

"Guess it's my turn now.", Nadine announced giggling still filled with pure joy.
And already her fist slammed into his gut and sunk in deeply despite his sixpack that was just pushed in.
Jörg choked pathetically, as the swift, barely aimed and almost casual punch forced the air from his lungs, and doubled over in pain. Nadine did not let up yet despite the devastating effect her fist had had, grabbed Jörg by the broad shoulders and pulled her knee up.
Brutally she smashed the joint multiple times into his stomach.
Opposed to the jujitsu moves and holds these attacks were lacking almost any technique. With a two-handed shove against the chest his little sister knocked him back and Jörg lost his footing.
Before he quite knew that he was down, Nadine was kneeling on top of him and let her little girlish fists rain down upon his chest and stomach. Her young biceps muscles twitched, as she was beating on him with considerable force.
Jörg desperately lifted his arms to protect himself and push Nadine off, but the little girl forcefully grabbed his wrists and slammed them down left and right of his head. He fought with all he had left to free them, but his big muscles were no match for his sisters incredible strength. Effortlessly she pinned his arms until she had slid further up on his body and had put her knees painfully on top his upper arms
He screamed in agony, as Nadine was bobbing back and forth on his biceps muscles and simultaneously started to bang her fists against his bare chest.
This time he could not hold back the tears. The pain and humiliation that this was his little sister, a thirteen-year-old girl, doing this to him were just too great. Crying loudly he broke down beneath her and stayed like that even as Nadine stopped her brutal game.
She bend down over him until their faces almost touched and stared right into his teary eyes.
"Who is stronger?", she wanted to know.
"You.", he sniffed helplessly.
"And can I beat you up? Whenever I want?"
"Yes.", Jörg admitted and felt new salty tears burn on his cheeks.
"And who has the better muscles, crybaby?"
Jörgs lips were trembling. Another crying fit shook his body, but he still answered.
The moment the word was out his sisters expression softened and with a little giggle the cute little girl stood up. "Was that so hard?"
Nadine briefly glanced across his tortured and abused body and gave the bright red marks her fists had left behind a pleased look.
"That's going to give a few nasty bruises. That way you won't forget this again right away the next time you gawk at your reflection. But be so kind and don't tell on me to mom and dad or the whole school could hear that a thirteen-year-old girl beat you up."
With that Nadine just turned away and strolled towards the stairs. "You should keep working out now, you really need it. I meanwhile text my friends that you were crying once I was done with you."
Jörg wanted to reply something in shock, but paralyzed by the pain he could barely muster another whimper, before Nadine was gone. Shamefully he slumped down and once again started to cry loudly.

The end
Stories about young muscle teens dishing out punishment for your entertainment:

"I won!"
"Obviously you did."
"I guess... He was not very strong after all."

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"He isn't man enough to help you and you're not girl enough to stop me."
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"Sorry, boy, but you're fighting a girl now. We don't do mercy. We do pain. A lot of pain."[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

"Try it. But we both know how it's going to end. With you down there and me not breaking a sweat."
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

Great as always. Glad to see you back.
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

agreed brilliant as ever such detailed descriptions of muscle
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

Originally Posted by sluger [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great as always. Glad to see you back.
Thank you. I wasn't really gone thought. I just don't always put put that much.

Originally Posted by redtango [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
agreed brilliant as ever such detailed descriptions of muscle
Thanks. Glad ypu liked it.

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Default Re: The muscles of the family

Another really nice story, I enjoyed it a lot, once again, the older male learns that the girl may be younger, shorter, and lighter, but much stronger and a better fighter than they will ever likely be. In other words, my favorite kind of story!
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

I know it sounds strange, especially in this forum, but I am actually not a fan of girls that are overtly muscular. I like girly-girls, the girlier the better.
HOWEVER; your writing skills are so excellent I really enjoy your work. I especially like her cocky attitude and fun dialogue. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

Originally Posted by iceman75 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Another really nice story, I enjoyed it a lot, once again, the older male learns that the girl may be younger, shorter, and lighter, but much stronger and a better fighter than they will ever likely be. In other words, my favorite kind of story!
Glad you liked it. Thank you, for your continued support and that you took the time to write a comment.

Originally Posted by boyandy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I know it sounds strange, especially in this forum, but I am actually not a fan of girls that are overtly muscular. I like girly-girls, the girlier the better.
HOWEVER; your writing skills are so excellent I really enjoy your work. I especially like her cocky attitude and fun dialogue. Thanks for sharing!
Well, people have different tastes, and this isn't foremost a muscle forum, but I'm glad there are still things about this story and my writing that you enjoyed. Thank you that you took the time to write a comment. I really appreciate it especially since it comes from such an accomplished writer.

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Default Re: The muscles of the family

Absolutely loved this story!
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Default Re: The muscles of the family

finally got to read this and it was amazing!!!! another classic!!
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