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Default Oliver and Jessica part 1, introduction

As Jessica and Rosie walked along the beach, they saw Oliver digging a hole and making a sand castle. As Rosie looked at him, she asked Jessica:

"Do you think you could beat him now?"

Jessica looked over surprised at the question.


Rosie went on

"Like, do you think you could beat him up now? He used to always beat you up when you were younger, and now your like, just as big as he is. Wouldn't you like to beat him?"

Jessica was suddenly overcome with the surprise of getting this question out of left field and at the feelings that came along with the memories that Rosie had just brought to the surface. It was true that Oliver had beaten her up when they were younger and he then enjoyed the size advantage. As Jessica looked on at her older brother, she was further reminded of the torment he had put her through in the past. Since Rosie wasn't getting an answer she repeated the question.

"So do you think you could beat him now?"

Jessica snapped out of her trance like reminiscing.

"Uhm, I don't know. Maybe."

Rosie was incredibly unsatisfied with that. She spoke emphatically as she sought to persuade Jessica.

"Oh come on! Your as big as he is now and you do gym! Your strong!"

Jessica surveyed herself and then looked over to Oliver. Rosie had a point. Jessica was still unsure though. Why was Rosie suddenly talking about this now? Jessica put that to her friend.

"Why are you talking about this?"

Rosie was caught somewhat off guard and didn't articulate herself brilliantly.

"Because I think you should beat him up and squash him."


"Because he used to beat you up. You should like get payback! Get revenge! Show him how mean he was to you. And it would be a well funny picture if you stood on him."

Jessica thought about it. Initially she was making sense of what Rosie said in terms of the revenge aspect. But as she thought about it, she too could see the excitement in getting the better of Oliver. Her heart raced. She was nervous but also very excited!

*end of introduction*

If anyone wants to write their version of the next chapter, then please do. I'd love to read your interpretation.
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