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Default Becoming a bridesmaid

Just a short story i came up with, I hope you enjoy it. If the response is positive enough, i plan on continuing it (dependent on how busy with work i am). Leave suggestions, feedback and ideas if you have any, it is greatly appreciated.

“Come on, please. Do it for me.”
“No, I am not doing it, it would be so embarrassing.”
“No one will recognise you.” Amy sat on the other side of the kitchen table to Tom as he tried to read for his seminar the following morning. Tom looked up as Amy continued to beg him. “You will be the most amazing friend forever if you do this Tom.” Amy spread her hands over Tom’s book, preventing him from reading. “I need to finish this reading, this fascinating chapter on Social Constructivism isn’t going to read itself”.
“Pffff. You hate that module. Please do this for me, and for Maisie. He – I mean she would greatly appreciate it.” Tom gave up reading, Amy was right, he hated that module.
“I’m not going to be a bridesmaid to your sisters wedding, Maisie is the transgendered individual, not me.” Tom’s defiance almost crumbled as he looked into her hazel eyes, silently begging him. Amy was one of his best friends and she knew how to disarm him with just a look.
“Maisie is really ill and we already have the stuff for her. We can’t let that dress go to waste, and you are a very similar build to Maisie. Not to mention me and my sister really want to annoy our super religious aunt. You know the one who tried to exorcise you when she found out you didn’t believe in God.”
“Revenge against her is not a good enough reason to make me do this.” Amy sat silent for a while, thinking deeply. Tom shifted her hands and continued to read. He doubted Amy could have a good enough reason to convince him.

“I got it!!” Amy shouted excitedly, Tom jumped in surprise. “I will help set you up on a date with Sarah, I will make you out to be a very desirable date.”
“How? How do you even know I like her?”
“Oh please, I see the way you look at her, I know you want to ask her out but haven’t been brave enough.” Tom had to admit that that was quite a good incentive, he did fancy Sarah. Who wouldn’t? With a body, face and blonde hair that made other girls stare in jealousy. “How about we wrestle for it?” Amy suggested.
“Wrestle?” Tom raised his eyebrows.
“Yeah, if I win, you will go as a bridesmaid and I will help you with Sarah. If you win, I will stop trying to convince you and will still help you with Sarah. See win win either way.”
Tom thought for a moment. It was an interesting offer, and either way his chances with Sarah would increase. But he was suspicious, Tom was almost certainly going to win a wrestling match against Amy, he was bigger and went to the gym a few times a week. Unless she had unfair tricks up her sleeves, Tom was fairly confident of victory. “Ok. You’re on. But when we are done, you will not try to make me go as a bridesmaid or as a stand in for Maisie ever again.”
Amy nodded in agreement as they shook hands. She jumped up, her brown her falling in front of her face.” What, we doing this now?” Tom asked Amy. She was wearing a long sleeved black top, a red tartan skirt and sheer black tights.
“No point in waiting, I will clear a space in the front room. Come when you’re ready. To be beaten.” Amy whispered the last part. Tom smirked as he stood up. Amy was leaving the room to set up for their match. Tom watched her legs. Slightly toned, but very feminine and smaller than Toms legs. He felt confident.

As Tom entered the front room, he saw that the coffee table had already been shifted to the edge, that was quick Tom thought. Amy stood in the middle of the room, in a wide open space. She stretched her arms above her as she smiled at Tom. “Ready?” she asked.
“So how does this work?”
“Whoever manages to pin the other and make them submit. Also no kicking or punching.”
“I can agree with that” Tom replied as he got into position in front of Amy. She had to look up to look him in the eyes, Tom was a good half a head taller than her, the top of her head only level with his nose. “On the count of three” Amy said as she widened her stance to make herself more secure, her skirt swung about as she moved. Tom was still not fully believing this was actually happening. He intended to end it as quickly as possible. “Three. Two. One!!”

They grabbed each other by the shoulders and tried to push each other down. Tom, with his size advantage managed to push Amy back a little bit when they first made contact. Amy slid in her tights clad feet. But way sooner than what Tom expected, they ended up at a stand still. Tom tried to push, but her feet were too wide apart and she was resisting with a strength that Tom did not expect. Perhaps this was going to be harder than expected. “You ok there? Having some trouble?” Amy asked with a grin on her face.

“Ok Ok, Trash talk all you like.” Tom replied as he redoubled his efforts. Thankfully, Amy was forced back, although incredibly slowly and Tom was putting in 100%. Changing tactics, He let go of Amy, sending her tumbling towards him in surprise. He tried to wrap his arms around her head in a headlock, but she pulled out of Toms reach. Tom turned to face her again, but had little time to prepare as she charged into Tom and rugby tackled him around the waist. He was forced back a few steps, her low centre of gravity gave her a good level of leverage. Her foot crept behind one of his feet. Tom tried to move his feet out of the way as she tried to trip him up. He knew he was in trouble as she currently had the momentum and advantage. He was supposed to have won by now, how had she not only survived this long, but equalled him in skill and strength.

He bent over and tried to bear hug her from above, he used his strength to lift her up. “Hey” she shouted, Tom smiled as he felt the tables turn in his favour again. But his joy was short lived as her foot was still behind his foot and as Tom lifted Amy, she pulled his foot from under him, causing him to lose balance. He fell backwards and landed on his back. Amy ended up on top of him. Her legs over his face. Tom moved quickly, realising the danger he was in. He pushed her off and jumped towards her, she rolled out of the way and all Tom managed to touch was her skirt. He tried again, but yet again she was too fast and slipped away from him, he saw a little grin on her face as he dove towards her again.

Too late. He realised that he had fallen into her trap. As he was diving towards her looking at her grinning face, her legs opened up. He landed in between them and as he did, she closed them, trapping his midriff in between her legs.

“You’re in trouble now” Amy said with a smile as her legs began to constrict like a boa constrictor. Tom was in awe of the strength she was showing. He tried to pull away, as her legs tightened their hold. He was definitely in trouble. Amy meanwhile was getting more and more confident, she rolled Tom to the side while continuing to scissor him. She lounged on her side, her legs scissoring Tom and her head being propped up by her left arm as she watched Tom struggle to break free. “This is the time to admit defeat” Amy said, as she strengthened her scissors even more. Tom gasped for breath as he made futile attempts to break free. He knew that Amy had won, but refused to give up just yet.

Tom weakened as Amy watched him struggle, she eventually let go of him. Before Tom could react, Amy rolled on top of Tom, plopping herself on his chest. He exhaled as her weight rested on top of him. He tried to shift her off, but was unsuccessful. She grabbed his hands and held them above his head. Her hair fell around her head and tickled Tom’s face as she shifted around on top of him. “Now is definitely the time to give up” Amy told Tom. He gave one last attempt to get her off, but when that failed, he sighed and said “you win.”

“Yay!” Amy shouted in joy as she released Tom’s arms and lifted her arms above her head in victory. Tom rested his hands on Amy’s thighs as she looked at her and her expression of joy. “Since when have you been so good?” Tom enquired.
“You know that Sarah and I went to those Salsa lessons last year?” Tom nodded. “Well we met a self defence trainer in those lessons who was also doing her own self defence classes. So we decided to go, especially after the sexual assaults that occurred only a few weeks before.”
“How come you never told me?”
“I wanted it to be a surprise, remember how I always had to ask you to do anything that required strength, well no longer. I can open jars by myself now. I’m just so happy that I actually won a match. I never realised how strong Sarah was until we had our first sparring session. I only last for as long as I do against her because I can tell she is taking it easy on me.” Tom took in this new information with scepticism and a little bit of worry. Tom had quickly come to suspect that Amy is nearly as strong as Tom, which meant that Sarah may be physically stronger than Tom. He knew that she was athletic, she was always cycling around university and town. But, never imagined her to be stronger than him.

“I’m so glad you will be with me for the wedding. My sister will be so happy.” Amy said.
“Oh no, I had almost forgotten about that.” Tom groaned.
“A promise is a promise. I beat you, so you have to come as a bridesmaid. And don’t worry, I will make you out to be the most eligible bachelor at this university. The other guys will be super jealous of you when they see you dating Sarah.”
Tom liked the sound of that, “Ok, but promise me that I will be unrecognisable. Make people think I am Maisie, not me. And no tagging of me on Facebook please.” Tom asked, giving his best attempt at puppy eyes.
“Aww, ok Maisie that can be arranged.” Amy said as she pinched Tom’s cheek, he swatted away her hand. Hopefully this wedding would be ok.
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Default Re: Becoming a bridesmaid

Really good story, hope you continue it.
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Default Re: Becoming a bridesmaid

Really great story.

Would love to read part 2. Maybe where sarah shows up at the wedding and and outwrestle his while he still is a bride maid?
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Default Re: Becoming a bridesmaid

Very good written.
But to end, this was a schoolgirlpin, yes? Now, a little more detailed description could perfectly end.
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