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Old 06-Jul-17, 17:31
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Default Re: My Obsession with the Femme Fatale(Deadly Seduction)

I decided to go back and review a video that I posted on another thread about a year ago.

The video is called "Karlie Kills Her Second Man". It stars Karlie Montana who is a modestly successful porn star now and one of the most beautiful women in my opinion to have ever come into the industry. This video was done with a studio that does "Simulated Snuff". Unfortunately, most of what they do is stuff where the women are on the receiving end which I am not into(It makes me sick actually). However, they would occasionally do a video where the girls got to take down one of the boys instead.

This video in particular is probably my favorite femdom video that I have. Karlie brings home a lover and drugs his drink. They go to the bedroom where they engage in light foreplay before the man passes out. He wakes up and finds that Karlie has tied him to the bed and has put a rope around his neck.

The next part 10 minutes of the video shows Karlie lying on top of her bound lover completely nude slowly draining the life out of him by intermittently strangling him with the rope.

The imagery of Karlie lying back on top of her lover completely nude while pulling the rope as hard as she can is AMAZING. It is ruthless enough to make you squirm in your seat but too erotic to turn away from. A truly masterful scene in female supremacy.

One of the best things about the video is how Karlie presses her feet against the head of the bed so she can pull even harder on the rope while giving her lover a look at her gorgeous pussy. She even taunts him at how "Its so close but yet so far." as she kills him. This is very intense to me because she is flaunting the very thing that used to lure him to the bedroom and is now going to kill him without even letting him have it.

The video grows in intensity as the man begins to buck and fight against his bindings which only turns Karlie on even more. Karlie also laughs and breathes orgasmically as she feels him trying to throw her off with his bucking. It is a truly empowering scene for the female as she taunts and laughs at her male foe that she has tricked with her feminine guile.

The video to me is highly erotic in its display of a woman lying on top of her lover completely nude while taking his life away from him. It extremely intimate but stunningly cruel at the same time. The man gets to be close to what he wanted but can't have it at the same time. One of the best photos that I captured from the video is where we see the mans struggling face with Karlies pussy just inches away as she presses her feet against the head of the bed as she pulls the rope.

Finally, she finishes him and achieves orgasm from doing so. She then walks off camera giving us a view of her amazing ass, leaving her dead lover behind.

This is by far one of the greatest videos of a women using her sexual prowess to take down a man. I was hoping to get Meana Wolf to do a rendition of it but so far I have not been able to get in contact with her.

Thanks for reading and here is a link to the video in case you missed it the first time I posted it on another thread.
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Default Re: My Obsession with the Femme Fatale(Deadly Seduction)

I would not call it emasculation ... They make their dicks hard, balls full, confidence, testosterone explode ... and then make all that macsulinity pathetic and helpless under femine figure. They dont make masculinity disappear, they make advantage of it, thats why I find it so sexy.
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