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Default Fourth boxing fight.

Grace was doing some work in another city from were she usually work. She and a coworker to her had having a dinner. On their way leaving the restaurant going back to the hotel, Grace saw a man and notice some familiary to him. Looking at him she finally recognize him. It was a man she haven't seen for some years; Ricky Stone. She know him from school. But, growing up from the mid teen to a man in his twenties may change his appearance. Depending on that she didn’t recall him immediately. Ricky Stone however, recall her directly and they start talking after said hello. They agreed after some talk to see each other two days later over a dinner.

They had a nice dinner and after a rather long chat, Grace who had notice he had small healed bruises in hus face ask him:.
”Have you been in a fight?”
”What had happen?”
”I been boxing!” was his answer.
Grace knew that he was boxing when they went to school. She had had some ”one night stand” with him. The first time after he had box vs a black guy. She had console him after that fight. But this was in their teens but now he was twenty five.
”So you are still active?”
”Yes!”, he answered. "Fourteen days ago I did a match".
”How did it go?”
”I lost.”
”Was he much better than you?
”Did you box against a woman?”
”How did you lose?”
”I was knocked out in round 4!!!”
He smiled! One thing lead to the other. He said he had a DVD of this fight.
”So you are boxing boxing against the other sex?”
”Yes!” he answer with a embarrassed smile. ”You wanna see the fight?

Grace had during there talk that evening been more and more into the mood of maybe go all the way with him. But now, she felt she want to watch this DVD. She accept his invitation to go to his apartment about 10 minutes walk from the restaurant. The did the walk without talking to much.

They get to his place, he open the door. He give her a hug. He look a bit embarrassed as she give him a kiss on his chin. He was still that guy Grace remember from school but some years older. As he turned and walk into his apartment she felt a shiver through her body. He turn around and smiled.

Grace was surprised in a way, They stood like two boxers in the ring waiting for the contest to start. It was a fascinating moment for a very short while. It been a tension which she remember from the time she’d learn to know this guy. Anyway, he start showing her around in his apartment. It was a nice one, Three things did Grace react on.

First: was not so peculiar, he had boxing gloves hanging on the wall in his bedroom.
Second; a paint of the wall of a landscape but, it was able to turn, shows a view of a nude man and a woman only wearing gloves, standing chest to chest in a boxing ring, ready to start the fight. The woman had a very large bosom as well the man was extremely well hung and had an erection.
”It was a most spectacular painting!” Grace said.
”I love it, !” Ricky answer.
”hmmmm have you ever box in nude vs a woman?”
Ricky look at her for some moments before I shake his head.
”I havn't!”
”Do you want to do it?”
”Oh, yes!"

Third; a new DVD-player with a big flat screen hanging on the wall!
That must have cost lot of money, she said. He smiled at her and lay his fingers at her lips.
"Sssccchhhhh!" he said. ”It’s a very good sound in it too” He smiled again.
”Want to see the fight?” he ask her smiling. Grace nod and he show with his hand that they should go into the bigger room. He look smiling at her before they kiss again. Standing close together kissing before he went to the player. He put in a DVD and told her to sit down in the sofa. He sat beside her and the DVD start. Grace was i some way surprised over the excellent sound, it was like sitting in the small arena live and not watching a DVD.

Looking at it it shows a ring in a gym. There been a good amount of people sitting around it. How to say, Grace discover that it was people of both sexes and it looks like a kind of ”kink club”.

"I don’t mind gays!" he said scornfully, ”but real one is not bad either!”
Grace felt his hand briefly caress her tit and they went into a long kiss. They look at the first bout between two guys in speedos. It was a good fight but without any knockdowns. The referee had a sleeveless tight referee shirt on.
"They don’t wear any penis cups!" Ricky said with smile.
This was something Grace had noticed right from the start. As the winner was declared, the loser went down at his knees kissing the winners bulge. The crowd enjoy that.

The next fight coming up was Ricky’s. He caress Grace’s breasts and she had his cock in a nice strong grab.
They two boxers enter the gym from opposite doors and walk up into the ring . They been standing alone in their corners and the referee in the middle. They had their robes on, no love was shown between them as the referee call them to the middle of the ring for giving the last instructions. You could describe it like this:

6 rounds of 3 minutes June 25 2004
Ricky Stone, 24, 5'8", 146 lb vs Ursula Stenius, 20, 5'10", 164 lb

They properly touch gloves and walk back to their corners. The audience cry out of joy and expectations as the woman and man in the ring remove their robes. A man, and a taller, somewhat heavier woman. Their chests and faces was glancing of vaseline. The handsome Ricky wore gloves, very brief trunks and boxing shoes all in black and he was showing up a rather strong looking body. He was moving restless in his corner. The audience comment loudly what they saw.
”You did not having any penis cut either!” Grace said and let her hand stroke his erected one. He smile as an answer.

His opponent Ursula look confident. It was a blond woman in the beginning of her twenties. Good looking with blue eyes, ,
”She compete in weight lifting.” Ricky informed Grace. Looking at her arms she had playing muscles.
She had a tan sheer top, which was wet by the vaseline and her nipples point out, golden/black satin trunks, deep tan fish net tights and white boots and brown gloves. Her firm breast move as she jump up and down in her corner. The small audience made noise.

The bell rung and they stance moving towards each other. Ursula circle around the smaller shorter man slamming her fists at him but he fight back imposingly strong. Pretty soon, he sweat heavily and Ursula had a small overtake. His shots get through and they went into a brawl were most of their shots lands on the other’s body. The sound of the shots at the flesh was heard. As the bell rung they been in a hard clinch at the ropes nearly wrestling. The referee broke, Ricky look excited. Their gloved hands hit gently the other’s groin going to their corners.
”Low blows!” Grace said giving him a kiss. Ricky didn’t answer
”She box well as I understand,” Grace said well aware that her knowledge of boxing was very limited.
”She is a good female boxer” Ricky state. ”She is no beginner.

Round 2. The shorter Ricky tried to attack† but Ursula had a height advantage and use this in a clever way. She was catching him well with good combination punches to his body and face and keeping him at a good distance. Ricky try to get into her body but she avoid him by homing in her heavy shots.

Ursula attack in a clever way. Ricky start to be red in his face, getting somewhat passive in his boxing having the woman hunting him.
"Her left work well, look how she punish me!” Ricky said.
”She look strong! Grace reply
”Yes, she is really strong!
”You perhaps didn’t mind fighting this strongwoman?”, Grace scornfully ask him.
”It’s lovely.” He admit!

Ursula nail him at the ropes and a good left land right from her land at his jaw. Ricky turned around, hanging on the ropes with his back at her. The referee move in. He nodded to the referee, as he ask if he was OK. Ricky home in some good slams at her bosom, which really went up and down in the greased top. She seem to have invite him landing his shots at them.
She move out and have her gloves at her breast.
”The bounce good! Ricky said repeating the sequence-
”She look that she like it!”
Ricky nod, he had hit them several times.
”I think it turn her on! ” he scornfully said.
”It must hurt!” Grace reply.
”She might like it?
Ricky was forced back and her jab at his face was doing well and Ricky been in trouble when the bell rung.

Ursula stood in her corner, breathing rather hard but smiling. Her nipples point out under her wet top. The heavily breathing, sweating Ricky sat at the stool drying his face. In his trunks his erected cock made a big bulge.
”You are really erected!” Grace said, Ricky nod.
”Like you are now!”, Grace sat with her hand slowly rubbing his cock and they kiss.

In the third round, Ricky really been in trouble right from the start. Her gloves dance at him and he receive a knockdown just some seconds into the round. The visual scene of seeing Ursula staring him down and telling him to get up and box, was magnificent. Grace found it very sexy. Ricky crawl at the cavan looking funny but rose and the referee whip his gloves.

Ursula speed up her attacks and get him at the defensive. Cleverly, he destroy her boxing by clinching and bending down. The referee warned him. They went on and her hooks work hard in his body and face. He been knocked down to her feet again by a left-right combination. Ricky sat at leaning at the ropes and the referee start the count.

”It’s a good feeling to get knocked down and crawl at her feet”, he said with a smile. ”Look what she do!”
Grace did not see it and he reply the sequence him laying at floor and in a neutral corner stood Ursula.
”Check her!”
Now Grace saw it. Ursula stood with separated legs and had one glove in her groin.
”She looks horny, Grace said , slowly jerking his cock.
Ricky succeed to beat the count-.

The referee check him and said
Immediately they went into a brawl and mix it up. Ursula, knowing her superiority, she home in several good shot at Ricky. He took a good amount of punishments as Ursula smashes home several hard punches to him, forcing Ricky backwards with all her power in the last seconds of the round.

”She really gave me a hell of a beating”, he said with a smile.
”You enjoy it?
”She is a very good boxer!”.
”But you like her strength!
He didn’t say anything.
”She really fight you down!”
”She is the superior so far!
Comments from the small audience was heard.

Round 4 start, Ricky move slowly from his corner as Ursula attack and he immediately been forced back into his corner and received a beating before he succeed to clinch. Pressing his head down do her breast. The crowd scream.
The referee split them up. A perfect right on his temple send him into the ropes. Ursula start to pummel Ricky when the referee move in and split them up. Looking at Ricky as he hang over the ropes, the referee signal the fight was over.
Ricky sunk down on his knees and crawl back to his corner. He get his face washed off after his mouthpiece and head gear been removed.

He reply the third and fourth round two times.
"Look how beautiful she finish me off" He really with a fascination discuss and show how he was beaten up by the young strong woman.
”The end actually came already in the second round. She home in a hard punch and I just fell. I was hurt when I succeed to stand up.

The referee calls them out into the middle of the ring. Ricky slowly walk up to Ursula who had removed her top and headgear. Selv om han hadde en battered ansikte, han smil da den referee rose her arm declaring her victory over him to the crowd. Standing topless, showing up her matured breasts beside her male inferior Ricky she looks very satisfied. Ricky sunk down on his knees and then lay down and spread out his limbs flat on his back. The crowd roar at him delicious celebration of the victorious woman. Ursula stood caressing herself, her tits were rather big and red by the punishment she'd received. The referee let her plant her foot at him and rose her gloved fist once again.

"Look how powerful she is!" Ricky said as he freeze the picture, kissing Grace. ”It’s sexy!”
”I agree. It is a sexy scene having the winner putting the foot on the chest of the loser and the referee declaring her victory. It’s humiliating for the loser?”
"It's right to humiliate the loser!" Ricky agreed.

The referee leave them alone in the middle of the ring. Ursula stood with her foot planted on his chest taking the crowds ovation. She smile, flexing her arms Ricky lays beaten on the floor, revealing his erection, looking up at his conqueror, moving somewhat.

Slowly she let her foot slip down his body down to his groin. She smile as she pump her foot at it.
”It’s lovely”
”Yeahh, she humiliate me.”. He state and Grace felt herself getting wet.

The submitted Ricky look pleased as he lay in the ring looking at Ursula who walk around the ring posing in her victory.
”She has good looking legs”, Ricky said with a trembling voice
”You like the fish net tights?”
”Yes, I do!”
”Did you beg her to wear it in this fight? Grace ask him licking in his ear.
”Yes I did.” was the answer.
”It’s power!” Did he moan
Grace look at him and give him a long hot kiss, jerking his hard one. On the screen she saw how they leave the ring, Ricky walk out with his hands around his neck like they were bind and Ursula in triumph after him.

Grace look at him.
”What happen?”
”I lose the fight!”
”….and ?”
”She was my superior in boxing!”
”Was she your superior even after the fight?”
”She took her tribute….”
"I see!",

Ricky look embarrassed at Grace, turning off the player
"She really gave me a beating" he admit smiling.
Grace look at his bulge. Without a word they took the gloves on and did some light boxing. As Grace was no boxer and did als wear a tight dress made this be more for fun which turn over to erotical punching. Grace let him punish her bosom. They swing very nice when he hit them. It all end with him being pressed up at a wall.
”You are very strong!” Ricky murmured to Grace.
”Yeahh!, I beat you in arm wrestling when we were young.” She answer
”I remember”
”Sorry for wearing nylons”, she whispered in his ear.
”It’s OK, I .”
They get into a long kiss which was the beginning of their play which end in making love.

After, they took a shower and watch the fight again.
He explain that this was his fourth fight vs Ursula! Grace was surprised, the first fight they had done when Ursula was 14 and he 18 and Ricky had beat her. Two years later they fought again twice and a more physical develop Ursula get revenge. Now, 4 years later he had been asked by her for a fourth fight. At that time she had turn over from boxing to weight lifting and increase In weight. The offer she got for to box Ricky was to tempting why she’d taken up her boxing training again.

Ricky been fully aware that it was her physical power which defeat him. His tactic was clear. Take the beating and then outbox her when she get into the trap. He didn’t succeed and it been a lovely Cock Corner Defeat, he said with a smile

A month later, Grace was once again ready to do some working in the other city. When packing her travel suit her husband with a surprised expression in his face look at the travel bag.
"Fish net pantyhose? Why? I never seen you having these before"
"Just for fun!" Grace answer.
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Default Re: Fourth boxing fight.

I liked it.
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Default Fourth boxing fight. (part two)

One month after the meeting with Ricky, Grace had the opportunity to made some more working for a few days in the office of the other city. Grace made two very quick decisions when she was offered this. First; she accepts the offer. Other; she wanted to see Ricky again.

Ricky offered her a dinner when she contacted him, and a few days later they had it at the same restaurant as last time. Grace had made a nice makeup and put on a blouse and her black knee long skirt tight over the hips and then plated that really highlight her fit and strong body. But; seeing Ricky's reaction that she had the black fishing net tights on she realize she'd made the right decision. His bulge grows ..

They hugged and Grace kissed his cheek and they had a small dinner. He felt her feminine scent and he loves it. However, the conversation was a bit strained because they both know why they met.

"Should we see your match against Ursula in your place?" Grace immediately asked when they had finish their dinner. With a little surprise he look at her,
"Sure why not"? Did you like it?"
Grace smiled and answered.
"You did like to be defeated by her?
"She won in a fair fight," acknowledged Ricky.
"And then we see the fish net tights in the boxing ring!” Grace with a smile told him.
Rick didn't know what he would say but felt how his manhood grow.

They paid and off the restaurant they kissed ,,,
"Thanks for wearing fish net tights!" He said, smiling.
"You like it, don't you?"
"Yes, especially in inter gender matches."

Grace smiled and let her hand go down to his hard cock. She kissed him and whispered
"Should we fight?"
Ricky looked surprised, the suggestion he had not expected.
"A serious fight between us, a woman against a man!" She continued in the same way.
Grace smile. Ricky was confused.
"Just kidding!"
"Ahh ok!"
"But it's too bad that I'm not a boxer!" Grace said after a while as they walk on.
"Yeahhh!" Ricky answers. "You are a strong woman. I think we should have made a strong fight if we been boxing."
"Yes, we two in a tough game until one of us is defeated?" She answers
"A public bout?
"We should of course do it in front of a big audience?" Grace smile, or ??”
They did some small laughing about the turn of their conversation.

”May I ask how you want me dressed in that fantasy? Grace lick in hís ear
”I suppose black fish net tights! Am I right?
Ricky smile and felt a shiver in his body over their talk. He look at her.
"Yes, it would be wonderful - and a bare upper body as well!"
”You have nice rather big tits!”
Thank you, you mean a pro boxing bout with bare upper bodies?
”That’s right."

They been quiet for some minutes before she ask:
”If I had box you topless, would you punch my tits?”
”Of course, If I got the opportunity.”
”How much?”
”To defeating you!”
Grace smiled,
”You are tough. I like it!”
”Yeahh, it’s fun to think in this way” he answer
They get to his apartment and watched the the fight again and look of pics of Ursula taken from the first fights..

In the first fight when Ursula was 14 and he 18 she was having trunks and t-shirt, No tights, But in the second, two years later she did wear trunks, bra and brown tights. It was first in the third fight Ursula wore fish net tights. Rick explain the first girl wearing fish net tights did he box a year earlier and found it very sexy, that’s why he beg his opponent to wear them. Some did, some did not.

Suddenly, without saying a word, they start arm wrestling. They were even but with a little overtake for Grace who finally won most times.

They get into a long kiss. They turned over to wrestling. Grace had some problem wrestling in her knee long skirt. Ricky could not stand her strong attacks and it was a rather short wrestling fight. Grace stood up, plant her foot at him and raise her arm. Ricky lay and look up at the skirt wearing Grace and felt her fish net covered foot press his face down.
"Dominant fish net tights lady!" Grace said laughing.

"You are a very strong woman", a horny Ricky told her
"Yes, still I am". She answered with a kiss. "If I had been a boxer, I would give you a proper match!"
They kiss intensively.

"Should we "box" now?" Ricky asked.
"Yes," came from her in a further hard kiss and she got up to catch the gloves from the wall.
"Or, maybe we should "fight" with bare upper bodies?" Did she suggest.
Ricky nearly explode when she without a word remove her blouse and bra. Then they stood there in the room. A man in tight jeans and boxing gloves and a woman in black fish net tights, skirt and gloves. Both with a bare upper bod.ies Her nipples point out!
"Imagine if I really could box and we stood like this in a boxing ring!" Grace said.
"Mmmm," replied Ricky. "The crowd would have love it!"
They began to slowly jab at each other. As Grace was no boxer this "fight" was more for fun which turn over two erotic punching. They circled around the room until Grace force him to the wall and they went into a clinch.

Grace kissed him and caress his cock. They made some dry fucking movements.
"I want you to do one thing!" She said with a low voice after a while.
"What, do you want me to do?"
Grace been quiet for some more moments then she said:
"I want you to beat me hard!"
Ricky looked surprised at her,
"Really hard, I want to feel how it feels to receive the hard strokes against my upper body!”.
"But???" Ricky said carefully. You have no protection for your tits!."
"I want to feel how it feels to get the blows on my bare upper body and it include my breast”!
"You gonna cry!”
"You're a real boxer, I really want to feel how it feels when you hit hard and give my naked upper body a beating.”

Doubtfully, Ricky start hitting her bare chest. She invited him to hit harder. Ricky force her around in the room before he get her up against the wall and slammed numders of blows at her gut, chest and breast. It been an one-sided boxing and his blows to her rather big tits made them be reddish pretty soon. Grace moan and grunt but let him go on hitting her. Ricky get turned on and hit of all his power until Grace sunk down on her knees. Tears of pain run down her face and she had gloves at her breasts.
”Stop” Stop”, I have enough” she was able to say
Ricky shot his groin against her. She got his jeans covered rock hard cock in her face before he began to count.
She crawl out in the room but manage to raise before he count to ten. Ricky looked at her. Her face showed a pain but her lips had a smirk smile.
”Thanks!" Did she say before he gave him a kiss.
”I’m impress how much beating you were able to take! ”Ricky whisper
She hang on him. Slowly she start kissing his chin,
”Let’s go on” She murmur

And they continued the "fight" Grace was no boxer and once again it turns to be erotic punching. It all end pretty soon with Ricky being pressed up at a wall.
"You are very strong!" Ricky murmured to Grace.
"Yeahh! And I wear the fish net tights" She answer
"You took the hard beating well" he said.
"Thank you, you did a good job giving me the beating.”
”It was an one.sided beating.”
”Did you like doing it?”
Ricky look at her but realize; he had enjoy landing his punches on her. He nod”
"I know, ’but I have the sign of power” Grace said, giving him a light knee lift.
Ricky, did he same at her but her skirt stop him. Instead they quickly move to the bed.

Once again she dominates him in the bed. After they had made love she lay over him after they slumber for a while. Looking at each other, She sat up over him! Ricky lay looking up at her.
"I beat you in wrestling and arm wrestling" she said. "But in a real boxing fight you would beat me!”
”You mean that if we had really been boxing now?”
”Yes, a real boxing fight!”
"I had probably made a pure knock out of you in one of the the first rounds?”
”Would you love to see to see me unconscious on the canvas in front of you!”
”It would be a terrific sight!”
”What will you do?”
"I plant my foot on your bust in the victory pose!"
”Humiliate me?”.
”Telling the watching people who the Winner are!”
They looked at each other thinking about what they said,
"I may knock you out next time we meet?"
Grace did not answer, instead she give him a big kiss and press her body against his. Ricky felt his cock start growing. He start caress her swollen and reddish breast. Grace grunt.

"You really give my body a tough beating.”
"Yes, you ask me to do it, and I did what you want me to do"
"Yes, You hit my bosom hard as well!"
"You feel OK?" Ricky caress her swollen tits.He look at her and said:
”As they was bare they swing very nice when I land my blows on them.”
”Did you found it sexy?”
”Yes! How do you feel now?”
"It hurts, But I did not cry!"
"You had tears in your eyes."
"I might, it hurt do I admit!. It was a really tough experience”
"You really took a lot of devastating blows. How do you feel? "'
”Pain! But it is a horny feeling in the pain". Grace said bending down and let her breast smother his face.
Ricky starts kissing and licking her battered breast and soon she open her pussy for him and they made love again. .

Next day's work was sluggish. She was tired and when she got back to the hotel room she made three things.
She quickly remove her dress and took on the fish net stockings.
She walked around the room and caress her battered body before laying down on the floor and masturbating herself into orgasm.
Slowly she crept into bed for a deep dreamless night what she remembered but imagined to be a boxing champion.

Back home again she had to explain her battered body.
"Bill, one of the coworker, was driving her to the hotel. In a crossing, a car comes at full speed and the crash is inevitable. Damned idiot. I'm glad I'm alive!"
"I'm good at lying!" she thinks for herself.
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