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Default Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

This is a 3 part story that is a follow up to "Scott's Journey into Slavery" which can be found here... [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Part 1: Scott's Surprise

It was the last weekend before the start of Scott's senior year and his parents were throwing their annual Labor Day weekend BBQ. Every year his parents' friends would gather in his backyard celebrating the end of the summer. He usually hated these things as there was never anyone his age invited and it would also signify the return of school but this year was different. He was excited for his last year in high school and was looking forward to hanging with some adults for a change.

He was going about setting up some coolers in the yard as a few of his parents' guests arrived. Paying little attention to them, he went about filling the coolers with ice until he heard a familiar voice greeting his mom. It was his aunt and uncle from out of state that he had stayed with at the beginning of the summer. That couldn't be right though, they never made the trip here. He looked up to confirm his suspicions and froze. There she was in aviator sunglasses, her shoulder length hair was down and blowing slightly in the breeze. She was wearing a flowing white and blue checkered sundress with spaghetti straps and a pair of white flip flops. When she saw Scott staring, she lifted her sunglasses to meet his gaze and flashed a smile.

"Scott! Come over here! Your cousin is here!" His mom shouted over to him, snapping him out of his trance. He shut the cooler he had filled and tried to calm himself down. This couldn't be real. There was no reason for them to be here, he had to be imagining it.

"They came all this way for our party! Isn't this exciting?!" His mom proclaimed as his aunt pulled him into a hug.

"Liz here was telling us how well you were getting along so we decided to make the trip up!" She said, planting a kiss on his cheek. Scott turned to his mom with an angry glare.

"What? You always complain how boring these BBQ's are without your friends. I figured you and your cousin could hang out while the adults enjoy the party. Isn't that nice?" His mom proclaimed.

"So nice mom... so nice." Scott deadpanned as he flashed a fake smile at his cousin.

"Come on! Give your cousin a hug!" Liz exclaimed wrapping her arms around him, giving him a tight squeeze before leaning towards his ear and whispering "Taylor says hi."

A shiver ran down his spine and his face went pale. He had tried to put the events of the beginning of the summer behind him but suddenly all of those emotions were flooding back. The utter helplessness he had felt at the hands of Liz and Taylor. The strange feeling of enjoyment he got out of being pinned down beneath the two of them and the uncertainty of whether it was something he was supposed to like.

"What's the matter honey? Are you feeling ok?" His mom asked as he pulled away from his cousin's embrace.

"Yea mom I'm fine, I'm just a bit surprised is all." He responded.

"Well why don't you two run along? I'm sure you both have a lot of catching up to do." She said back.

"Yea Scott... lots of catching up." Liz added in a rather dark tone as they walked back toward the house.

"What are you doing here Liz?!?" Scott exclaimed once the door shut behind them.

"You know why I'm here cuz." She answered, adding in "now where do you want to wrestle?"

"What? No! Nowhere! I'm not wrestling you."
Scott stammered. Liz scoffed back at her cousin.

"Really?" She responded, kicking her flip flops off and tossing her sunglasses on the table.

"Really! Can't we just, I don't know, do something else? Play Mario Kart or something?" He suggested, trying to find anything else to occupy their time.

"Hmmm what about this? Why don't we play a game, and the winner can put the loser in whatever wrestling hold they want?" Liz proposed. Scott thought it over for a second and began to warm to the idea. Liz didn't own any video games as best he could tell. He'd probably be able to win no problem. Then he could be the one in control and possibly earn back some of his mojo in the process.

"I guess if that's what you want to do..." He answered, suddenly daydreaming about slapping a sharpshooter on his cousin and making her squeal in pain refusing to release her until she apologized for the humiliating acts she and her friend had forced on him.

So the two walked into the living room and set the game up. Liz was better than he expected but he still managed to win rather easily. He tossed his controller aside and threw his arms in the air in victory.

"I'm the winner! Get ready to feel my sharpshooter cuz!" He exclaimed with glee.

"Yea yea go ahead." Liz responded reluctantly and laid flat on her back on the floor. Scott lifted her legs, stepped through and spun her around into his favorite submission hold. He eased back slightly, turning the pressure up slowly. Liz started to groan a bit from the contortion and that's when he ratcheted up the pressure.

"How does it feel to lose for once? You can tap out when you need but I don't recall there being any rules to this game!" Scott proclaimed, using his leverage to twist his cousin further.

"You... wish..." Liz groaned before suddenly pressing back with her legs. Scott lost his footing briefly. Realizing she was trying to escape, he settled himself and tried to wrench harder.

"That all you got?" He taunted but just as he finished, Liz snapped her legs straight and he toppled forward, breaking the hold completely. In a flash she was on him, pinning him tightly in a schoolgirl pin. She knelt on his biceps, tucked her dress under his chin and grabbed the controller.

"Time for round 2!" She announced and restarted the game. Scott flailed about and actually managed to roll his shoulder up, toppling his cousin over. He immediately rushed to his controller and grabbed it but Liz had already built up a sizable lead and won the the race.

"No fair! You cheated!" He exclaimed, slamming his controller to the floor.

"Do you want to try to do something about it? Or are you going to hold up your end of the deal?" Liz asked, getting to her feet and crossing her arms. Scott realized she was just trying to goad him into a match and let out a sigh. He figured his better option would be to accept one hold as opposed to being drawn into a longer confrontation.

"Fine I'll go along with it." He muttered, hoping whatever she chose for him wouldn't be too bad.

"That's what I thought." Liz said confidently before ordering him to sit in front of the couch. She sat down behind him and draped her thighs over his shoulders. Scott knew what would be next so he braced as he watched her ankles clasp in front of him. She started out with a gentle squeeze and slowly ramped up the pressure. At first it felt somewhat pleasant, her toned thighs gently pressing against his ears but it soon turned into a mild discomfort. He groaned as the pressure intensified but did nothing to resist, doing his best to avoid any type of conflict.

Liz stretched her legs out a bit straighter with every second. She smiled wide as she heard her cousin struggle to breathe. It was at this point that she decided to let loose a full power squeeze. Suddenly he was slapping at her thighs desperately much to her delight. She held him there for a few more second before easing up on her flex.

"Ok you win!" Scott shouted as soon as he could speak causing Liz to cackle in enjoyment.

"Oh I know... what do you say we race again? Same rules." She remarked tossing his controller into his lap. Before he could answer, she was grabbing her own controller and restarting the game.

"Hey! Let me-" was all he could get out before she ratcheted up another squeeze, stealing away his voice. He groaned as he realized she was going to make him play in this position and decided the only thing he could do would be to try to win the race. He tried to focus but every time he would get close, she would unleash another brutal squeeze to break his concentration.

"God you suck at this game!" She remarked with a giggle as one of her squeezes caused him to crash again. Determined not to fall prey to another hold, Scott focused his energy on the game, trying his best to ignore the pounding in his head as Liz continued to squeeze.

About halfway though the final lap, Scott was just about to pass Liz on the course. She began squeezing full strength but somehow he maintained his focus and got into the lead. He grimaced in pain hoping to hold on but that's when everything went dark. Liz had draped her dress over his face rendering him blind as she unleashed another brutal squeeze causing his character to run right off the track. She held him in darkness as she finished the race for another victory.

"That's another win for me cuz!" She exclaimed, refusing to ease up on her headscissor. Scott was kicking feverishly but stopped when he heard the door open.

"What are you two crazy kids up to?" Asked Scott's father who suddenly let out a laugh when he saw his own son's head buried under his niece's dress.

"Just horsing around!" Liz responded casually, unleashing another squeeze causing Scott to flail around some more.

"Well jeez, looks like you're getting your ass kicked son!" He remarked before walking his way to the bathroom. Liz eased up on her hold a bit as Scott seethed under her dress.

"Ok ... you can let me go now Liz." He demanded, not wanting his Dad to see anymore.

"Oh I will, but only if you agree to another hold. You did lose another race." Liz answered.

"Ok fine whatever! Just let me out!" He pleaded, his fingers trying desperately to fit between her thighs and his neck.

"Any hold I want?" She asked, squeezing some more, fanning her dress up and down over his face.

"Yes yes! Any hold! Just let me go!" He spat out through gritted teeth. She unlocked her ankles and Scott collapsed down to the floor, massaging his neck and breathing heavily.

"Ok, get on your back." She ordered.

"Come on Liz. Can't we at least wait for my Dad to go back outside?" He complained, embarrassed at the idea of his father seeing him in another compromising position.

"I'll tell you what. If you can escape my pin before he comes back, he won't see a thing. But if he comes back and I still have you pinned, I get to sit on your face." She suggested. Scott immediately accepted the offer and laid down. As strong as his cousin was, she only weighed 110lbs. He figured if he was given enough time he could easily throw her and avoid more humiliation. Liz crawled over his torso and knelt across his biceps. She tucked her dress under his jaw and pressed her crotch right up to his chin.

"Ok... let's see if you can escape." She declared, crossing her arms in front of her. As soon as Scott tried to push free, he felt an increase in pressure. Suddenly Liz had let her weight go and felt like a wall of stone. He tried to turn sideways but his arms were plastered to the floor. He then planted his feet and bridged but his cousin remained in place, perched on his throat. He crashed back down and heard the toilet flush.

"Uh oh Scott. Better find a way out soon!" Liz taunted causing her cousin to flail about wildly. He had stopped trying specific escapes and was instead reacting chaotically in desperate efforts to pull free.

"Please... let me up!" He begged, not wanting to be subjected to more humiliation.

"I'm not even using my hands! Try harder!" She remarked as her uncle entered back into the room.

"Damn Scott! Now you got your ass pinned? My own son getting owned by a girl. I guess you'll think twice before messing with her!" Scott's dad proclaimed.

"Don't worry uncle. I'll put him in his place if he keeps bugging me." Liz responded proudly. Her uncle smiled back and then turned to leave the house. Once he was gone, Liz pulled her dress over her cousin's head and squeezed her thighs tightly together, squashing his cheeks between them.

"Ready for your stink face cuz?" She asked with a smile. Scott looked up at the light blue cotton panties of his cousin and began to panic. He knew what she was capable of and she had only seemed to grow stronger since the beginning of the summer.

"Liz... please...." was all he got out before she was inching forward onto his face.

"If you don't like it, do something about it. But you should probably do something soon. Our moms are coming this way." She teased. Suddenly Scott was flopping around desperately, pleading into his cousin's panties.

"Don't worry... your face is completely covered. Maybe they won't realize it's you!" Liz remarked with a giggle.

"I guess you were right. Your daughter IS stronger than my son!" Scott's Mom proclaimed.

"I told you! Liz honey, do me a favor and be nice to your cousin. Don't go too hard on him." Scott's aunt added.

"Don't worry Mommy I won't hurt him. We're just having a little fun." Liz proclaimed before backing off of Scott's face and pulling her dress back and adding "isn't that right cuz?"

Scott's face was red with anger but he didn't want to appear too helpless. He calmly took a breath before speaking up.

"Yea I'm fine. I was just showing Liz some wrestling moves. You can go back to the party."

Liz glared down at him as their parents left the house.

"You teaching me? You're gonna pay for that one!" Liz exclaimed, hooking his head and rolling to her side. She clasped her ankles behind his head and squeezed with all of her might. Scott groaned awkwardly as he felt her quads explode just under his ears.

"LIZ LOCK! SHE HAS HER COUSIN TRAPPED IN THE LIZ LOCK!" She exclaimed in her announcer voice as Scott tapped out furiously.

"HE'S TAPPING OUT BUT LIZ WON'T RELEASE THE HOLD!" She raved as her cousin began gurgling, his movement slowed until he eventually went out. Liz then gave him a few more squeezes for good measure before releasing him and rolling him onto his back. She then straddled his throat facing his lower body and lowered down. Her ass pressed against his chin as he slowly began to to snort himself awake. She managed to grapevine his arms in her legs before he was fully aware of what was happening. When he came to, he was in the tent that was his cousin's dress, her light blue panties inches from his face.

"No... Liz please..." he muttered out before being interrupted by a punch to his abdomen.

"Please what?" She asked, landing another punch to his gut.

"Let me go!" He pleaded, trying to pull his arms free but failing miserably.

"But I thought you were showing me wrestling holds? Why don't you show me how to escape this one?" She teased before stretching her legs, applying pressure to Scott's shoulders.

"I can't!" He yelped in pain, causing his cousin to ease the pressure. He breathed in a sigh of relief but was quickly thrown into a reverse facesit smother.

"I think we should have a proper match cuz. What do you say?" She asked, wiggling her hips from side to side. Scott shook his head furiously, not wanting to wrestle her anymore.

"You know, before I left home, Taylor told me that she orders you to do everything I say. So just pretend it's your master demanding you to do it." She suggested. This comment enraged Scott, who gathered his strength and tried to surge forward but could not free himself from his cousin's ass prison. He shouted angrily into her bottom causing her to giggle.

"She also said that if you don't listen to me, that she gives me her permission to knock you out as many times as I want." She said darkly, causing her cousin to begin pleading into her ass. His muffled cries only motivated Liz more.

"What's that? Yes I understand that because you are technically her property, I should always obtain permission from her. You really are a good slave. My slaves could learn a thing or two from your devotion." Scott seethed with rage under her but could do nothing to stop her. He was growing weak from the lack of oxygen and his vision was going blurry. His struggles slowed as he took one more chance to beg into his cousin's ass.

"Sorry cuz... too late. You don't want to wrestle me, I'll just put you out." She coldly remarked, refusing to budge off of his face. The intense fear and panic washed over Scott who suddenly burst into a chaotic struggle but Liz rode every wave until he went completely motionless. A chill ran up her spine when he finally went limp but she still lingered on top of him.

"I wonder how you'll feel when you realize that I always get what I want." She said to no one in particular before lifting up and walking outside to join the party.
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

I think they should definitely have a proper match.

Thank you for writing this for us, J. So good to see these grappling cousins going for it again.
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Great story, definately more please!
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