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Default Gender wars federation SHOW 4 PART 6






Batista & Bea Priestley lock up immediately in the middle of the ring. Bea Priestley ( with her sexy backside to the main camera ) CORNER RAMS Batista ( bottom left of screen ) as she immediately uses the corner to SHOULDER THRUST Batista to the midsection for the ....... second, .......... third, ....... fourth, ......... fifth, ................ sixth, ............ seventh time. Ric Flair is up on the ring apron displeased with the referee not doing his job. Bea Priestley walks away as she points her finger at Batista ' FLAIR, WATCH HOW I DISMANTLE THE ANIMAL IN THIS MATCH, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID." as Bea Priestley BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Batista whom charged her after coming away from the corner ( bottom left of screen ) as she tossed him onto his back & he landed with his legs spread on the canvass as he slid into the ring post ( top right of screen ) as he slammed his balls against the ring post as a consequence. Bea Priestley now walks away to SIDE ONE RIGHT KNEE DROPS Batista to the face, as he rolls over onto his side afterwards. Bea Priestley now BOW & ARROWS Batista as he is stretched out on his side. Bea Priestley allowing Batista to get up after he reached the bottom rope ( far side of the ring ) to break the hold. Batista is up, but Bea Priestley standing side on to Batista ( side on & very near the far side of the ring ropes, with her back to the upper right of screen ropes ) as Bea Priestley LEFT KNIFE EDGE CHOPS Batista .......... one, ............................ two, ................... three, ................................... four times. Batista seeks to escape, as Bea Priestley follows him to the corner he seeks refuge, but Bea Priestley uses the corner ( top left of screen ) to SHOULDER THRUST Batista to the midsection for the ........ second, ....................... third, .................................. fourth, .................................. fifth time, to make sure each time her shoulder thrust remains pressed against his midsection for as long as she can, before pulling away to perform another & another as she did. Bea Priestley CORNER STANDING DROP KICKS Batista to the chest as he was held up by the corner turnbuckle ( top left of screen corner ) before he falls to the canvass like a tree cut down. Bea Priestley now KNEELING SHIN PRESSES Batista to the back of the head whilst flexing her muscles as she kisses her biceps whilst Batista toe kicks frantically the canvass because the shin pressed into the back of his skull hurts him. The referee repeatedly asking Batista whether he wants to submit, he yells no way. Ric Flair pacing about on the outside floor ( far side of the ring ) completely worried about his champion. Bea Priestley now pulls up Batista to easily scope him up to BODY SLAMS him to the canvass & in the corner ( top left of screen corner ). Bea Priestley now CROSS OVER STANDING HEADSCISSORS Batista as she sat him & squeezes his head between her thighs.

Bea Priestley in absolute control of this contest, Batista placing his hands on her legs as he tries to prey them open, but Bea Priestley simply releases him then FOREARM CLUBS Batista on on all fours as she stands over him & lands ...... once, .......... twice, .......... third, .................................................. ............... fourth, .................................................. .................................................. ................... fifth time. Batista is now rolling around on the canvass after taking those previous blows whilst on all fours. Bea Priestley now BOOT CHOKES Batista as he uses the ropes to slump against the ( bottom rope & left of screen ) which allowed Bea Priestley to ANGLE STOMPS him ......once, .............. twice, .................. third, .............. fourth time, as she walks away, leaving Ric Flair to come over to inspect the damage on Batista & give the referee an earful at the same time, but will it help, as Batista is being dominated by Bea Priestley as we speak has pulled up Batista to SHOULDER BREAKS into a BODY SLAMS him to the canvass with his feet ending up elevated on a resting position & draped over the bottom rope ( left of screen, nearer to the bottom left of screen corner ). Bea Priestley walks out onto the ring apron to BACK LEG DROPS him across the face as he shakes violently afterwards, as he is now back in the ring, as he is crawling around. Bea Priestly using the ropes to use the top rope as she leaped onto the top rope from the ring ( whilst having her back to the titantron, left of screen ) as she performed a SPRINGBOARD MODIFIED LEG DROPS Batista across the back of his head as she leaves him face down on the canvass, in a la la land. Bea Priestley now kicks Batista over to squat down to REVERSE CROUCH SMOTHER FINISHER to his face, as she rubs her crouch into his face side to side & up and down ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven ) a move she perfected on NXT & has brought it with her to GENDER WARS, as her opponent is tapping out as she gets faster & faster until the wrestler taps out, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER







Chelsea Green & Roman Reigns to commence things off, as this gorgeous beauty should be a the runways of Milan & Paris & not on a canvass in the middle of the ring, as she immediately SIDE HEADLOCKS Roman Reigns whom BELLY TO BACK SUPLEXES SLAMS her to the canvass, as he gets up to watch her get up to DOUBLE HANDED SHOVES her into the corner upright ( bottom right of screen ) as Dean Ambrose tags in as they DOUBLE FISHERMAN SUPLEXES Chelsea Green to allow Dean Ambrose to toy with her as she FRONT FACE LOCKS Chelsea Green whom somehow REVERSE CRANE KICKS Dean Ambrose to the back of his head .... one, ...... two, ........ three times with her shoe heel & then FRONT FACE LOCKS Dean Ambrose on all fours, as they exchange who is applying that hold. Chelsea Green allows Dean Ambrose to grapple to his feet but is walked to the ropes ( right of screen ) as Dean Ambrose holds onto the ropes, as he was about to be whipped to SWINGING NECK BREAKS Chelsea Green as he now watches her try to get up off the canvass in her gorgeous attire as she is SUPLEX SLAMMED by Dean Ambrose (as he had his back directly to the middle of the ring & the far left of screen ropes too ) as he left her on the canvass on her back to position himself to KNEELING CHICKEN WING ARM BARS, but Chelsea Green escapes to ARM BAR with a CHIN LOCK as she uses the hold to pull him up as he walks her backwards into the corner ( bottom left of screen corner ) as Chelsea Green is rammed backwards into the corner ..... once, ....... twice, .......... third time, as Chelsea Green releases her double hold on Dean Ambrose whom turns around to FURY RIGHTS Chelsea Green .... once, .... twice, ..... third time, as Chelsea Green blocks his fourth kick, then Chelsea Green shoves Dean Ambrose away from her enough to allow her enough room to execute a vicious REVERSE SWIPE KICKS Dean Ambrose across his face from left to right as he walks away groggy. Chelsea Green now from behind RUNNING HIGH KICKS Dean Ambrose to the back of his head to watch him fall down, as Roman Reigns comes in & Chelsea Green gets a SPEAR TACKLE into a MOUNTED PUNCHES as she kicks him off to MOUNTED PUNCHES Seth Rollins into a DOUBLE HANDED CHOKES him as Dean Ambrose grabs her from behind by her hair to yank her off as she KARATE BACK ELBOWS his midsection then SNAPMARES into a DOUBLE HANDED REAR CHIN LOCKS Dean Ambrose who is still the legal man, as Roman Reigns has made his way back to the ring apron after performing an illegal move & then copping it because of it.

Chelsea Green now pulls Dean Ambrose up to STANDING REVERSE CHIN LOCKS Dean Ambrose whom slumps into her standing. Chelsea Green has her eyes also on Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in case they make any illegal moves too. Chelsea Green Dean Ambrose BACK ELBOWS her midsection .... once, ..... twice, .... third time, but Chelsea Green in the middle of the ring ( with her back to the top left of screen corner ) now REAR WAIST LOCKS into a FORWARD RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP into a STF hold on the canvass, as Dean Ambrose can be heard groaning in pain & expressing frustration Chelsea Green was able to pull off these two consecutive moves without him being able to prevent him as he lies on the canvass, as he now reaching back to HEADLOCK Chelsea Green whom now converts her STF into a FULL NELSON as she lay directly on top of him as she is working him over with this hold ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, ... seconds ) as both Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns both charge in to MULTIPLE ANGRY STOMP her .... once, ... twice, ..... third, ....... fourth, .... fifth, ....... sixth time, as they not only enforced the release, but now allowing Dean Ambrose to maybe be able to tag out because he would need to get a fresh man in. Dean Ambrose is up on his feet, but very groggy as he is struggling to put one foot in front of the other because of it. Dean Ambrose is still endeavoring to reach his teamamates now more out of preservation then ego to see it through without tagging out. Dean Ambrose makes his way to his partners whom have returned to their ring aprons as Chelsea Green gets up sexy furious look on her face to KARATE HIGH KICKS Dean Ambrose to the back of his head to send him to the ropes ( right of screen ) to stumble & stagger towards the ropes ( right of screen ) where Dean Ambrose was unable to prevent himself from rebound off the ropes ( right of screen, with his back to his opponent in the ring ) to cop a brutal REBOUND FOREARM SMASH him to the back from the sexy Chelsea Green who now holds onto Dean Ambrose from behind to prevent him from falling down, so that Chelsea Green could KNEE SMASH into a REVERSE DDT'S Dean Ambrose as he fell to the canvass then rolled onto his back in sheer agony. Chelsea Green presses the heel of her right shoe on his temple to warm him she could crush his skull with this move, but instead releases that move, so she begins to stripper squat into position whilst sexily dancing & going to down she also pulls up her dress enough to allow her once she lies on top of Dean Ambrose vice versa to begin to REVERSE HEADSCISSORS Dean Ambrose as he has both his legs are under the bottom rope ( right of screen, directly in fact in line with those ropes ), meaning this hold will need to be released, but Chelsea Green is defying the referee, as she keeps it maintained as he makes the count to break .... one, .... two, ....three, .... four, ... count, as Chelsea Green releases her hold then stands on the bottom rope to trap Dean Ambrose midsection underneath the bottom rope ( right of screen, as she faces the commentators at ringside & smirks at them in the process too ).

as she now SPRINGBOARD CHEERLEADER LEG SPLASHES his chest then bops about on him as she flicks her hair back whilst caressing his midsection arousing her opponent as she now REVERSE FACE SITS Dean Ambrose & kisses his midsection as she has making him come on to her ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven seconds ) as she stops to KARATE DOWNWARD CHOPS his midsection ......... once, .......... twice, .............. third, ................................................ fourth time before she raises off her opponent who looks up to see her underwear. Chelsea Green now pulls up Dean Ambrose to use the top rope ( right of screen ) to press his throat into the top rope to choke him ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four seconds ) before she uses the ropes to SPRINGBOARD RUSSIAN LE SWEEPS him to the canvass to leave him as she held onto him by draping a arm across his shoulders to perform that move, incredible show of strength by this sexy blonde woman. Chelsea Green has him on his back to which she grapples with him to easily place a hurting & severely fading Dean Ambrose in a perfectly applied SIDEWAYS HEADSCISSORS on Dean Ambrose as she waves at his tag partners whom enter the ring to attack her as she gets up to her feet immediately knowing what is coming to meet them attacking her with a DOUBLE CLOTHES LINES Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins, but they double duck underneath her both do 180 degree turns to face her ( with their backs to the left of screen ropes ) as Chelsea Green LEFT HIGH KICKS Seth Rollins to the face top send him to the corner ( bottom left of screen ) as Roman Reigns POWERFUL CLOTHES LINES Chelsea Green to upend her as the numerical advantage pays dividends for the 1-3 UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONS in this title match. Chelsea Green is now pulled up by Roman Reigns whom HANGING SUPLEX SLAMS Chelsea Green despite being the illegal man, as he has left Chelsea Green down, as Seth Rollins SPRINGBOARD SPLASHES her using the top rope ( main camera ) but she folded up & then uses her back legs to DOUBLE BACK LEG THUMPS Seth Rollins across his middle back .... once, ...... twice, .......... third, ............. fourth time. Chelsea Green gets up as Roman Reigns was tagged in & he blindly SUPERMAN PUNCHES Chelsea Green whom ducks underneath it, as he connects with Seth Rollins to leave him on his back after connecting with his chin, as he is out cold. Chelsea Green now GRABS Roman Reigns by his hair as he apologized to Seth Rollins & Chelsea Green HAIR PULL MATT SLAMS Roman Reigns showing she is one tough chick. Chelsea Green now pulls up Roman Reigns as she scope him up as Chelsea Green RIGHT SHOULDER BREAKS him ( as she had her back to the main camera ) & Roman Reigns thrashes about to drop down behind her to SPIN OUT POWER BOMBS Chelsea Green leaving her on her back as he covers her for a pin fall .... one, .... two, count, as CHELSEA GREEN KICKS OUT!.

Roman Reigns now gets up as he has a handful of Chelsea Greens hair to RAPID PUNCH her as she lay on her back elevated from the canvass by her hair as he nails her with the blows .... one, .... two, ... three, .... four times, until, Chelsea Green DOUBLE KARATE KNEE STRIKES Roman Reigns in counter strike to his ribs ... one, .. two, . three times, then use her legs to extend stretch them out as she keeps him at bay from landing any more blows on her for now & Chelsea Green DOUBLE SHOE HEEL PRESSES his face despite him holding onto her arms. Chelsea Green now DOUBLE SHOW HEEL RAMS his face ..... once, ......... twice, ..................... third, .................................................. ....... fourth time, as that made him release her & roll along the canvass on his belly holding his face as a consequence. Chelsea Green now gets up, as she shakes off the effects of those blows as she now keels beside Roman Reigns with a handful of his hair & she begins to RAPID SEXY FURY PUNCHES Roman Reigns to the face with a open fist ... one, ............... two, ........................... three, ..................................... four, ......................... five times, as she now lets up. Chelsea Green now using her body to CROSSBODY SMOTHERS Roman Reigns to hoists him off the canvass as she rose to her feet what arousing strength as she now POWERFUL BACK BREAKS Roman Reigns, then BACK BREAKS him over her right knee stretching him out over her knee in a manner that the human body wasn't meant to bend in. Seth Rollins is entering the ring to help, as Chelsea Green releases Roman Reigns stands up to RIGHT BOXING JABS Seth Rollins as she knocks him off his feet to the canvass, then she RIGHT CROSS HOOKS Dean Ambrose to knock him down too, as the fans roar, then Roman Reigns SUPERMAN PUNCHES her to even the score eventually. Maybe that is what the fans where roaring about to warn her of looming danger coming her way which has left her down on the canvass on all fours too & she is now shaking off the cobwebs as she looks up at him thinking I need to watch out for you. Roman Reigns now pulls up Chelsea Green as he walked her to the ropes ( main camera ) STRONG IRISH WHIPS her from the ropes ( main camera ) to the opposite ropes ( far side of the ring ) but Chelsea Green is set upon from behind as Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose makes sure she cops LOW & HIGH CLOTHES LINES from all members of the THE SHIELD as she is down & in trouble, as she is hurting now. Roman Reigns is on his feet in the corner ( top left of screen ) as he is daring Chelsea Green to get up as she does Roman Reigns RUNNING SUPERMAN PUNCHES Seth Rollins as she moves out of the way, he he is knocked out cold as he took a massive tumble upon ending up on the ropes ( main camera ) & momentum sending him to the outside floor. Chelsea Green now knocks the heads together of Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose as they turned to see where she was & then Chelsea Green DOUBLE SNAP SUPLEXES them, but held onto them as she pulls them up to DOUBLE DELAY SUPLEX HOIST Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose above her head whilst the third member of THE SHIELD is out cold on the outside floor ( main camera side of the ring ). Chelsea Green now DOUBLE SUPLEX SLAMS both Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns at the same time, but where did Seth Rollins come from as he SPRINGBOARD CRAB STOMPS Chelsea Green as she is down, trying to get up despite being on all fours, as the referee is commending Seth Rollins whom RUNNING CRAB STOMPS Chelsea Green again, as she is down, as Roman Reigns now pulls her up to POWERBOMB PINS her .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.




John Cena & AJ Styles in a 2 on 1 MATCH vs Trish Stratus whom needs to take on both men at once. Trish Stratus using her beauty to distract her opponents as she talks seductively to them but they both overwhelm her to rush at her & force her to the ropes ( right of screen ) as they DOUBLE IRISH WHIP her, but Trish Stratus DOUBLE REVERSE IRISH WHIPS both A J Styles & John Cena by one arm each to the ropes ( left of screen ) inside this 22 x 22 foot ring as they return Trish Stratus greets them with a DOUBLE CLOTHES LINE KNOCKOUT as they are both upended & check their jaws whilst getting off the canvass. Trish Stratus moves in to CHICK KICK A J Styles then CHICK KICK John Cena leaving them both down, as Trish Stratus meanwhile parades her sexy body in white lingerie she choose for this match up, as she is oozing sex appeal. Whilst both her opponents get up groggy Trish Stratus them instantly DOUBLE FOREARM SMASHES them to their faces ( as they both had their backs near the main camera ) & they copped the blows .... once, ... twice, ....... third time to DOUBLE DDT'S them to leave them both face down on the canvass. Trish Stratus gets to her feeet as she exams the carnage she is inflicting on her opponents, then has the Stratus stance whilst contemplating her next move. Trish Stratus now slaps the SHARPSHOOTER on John Cena as he is battling to overcome this early onslaught as is A J Styles whom is crawling along the canvass to save his partner ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven seconds ) as he reaches the ropes ( main camera ). Trish Stratus now releases Cena as she leaves him hurting, to SHARPSHOOTER A J Styles now as it's his turn now to feel this submission hold applied on him, as now Cena is trying to reach A J Styles along the canvass who is in the middle of the ring having this hold applied on him. Trish Stratus releases him now, to eventually pull them both up to their feet, as Trish Stratus in control as she DOUBLE SCOPE BODY SLAMS them with one arm each, did we just see that ( as she has her back to the left of screen ropes, whilst she stood in the middle of the ring ), you bet we did, the crowd has erupted after that double move performed by Trish Stratus now waits as Trish Stratus has both A J Styles & John Cena in a HEADLOCK each to running attack the corner ( top right of screen ) to DOUBLE STRATUSFACTION ( SPRINGBOARD BULLDOGS ) & delivered with theatrics as she pins them both beside each other .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.


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Default Re: Gender wars federation

Wow just wow sable bomb don't have words to express the way Trish destroy John Cena and Aj styles was totally dominated performance awesome keep it up buddy a small request please add some commentary also
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