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Default "Simple Count-of-Holds (Optionally Erotic) Wrestling"

Note from Mr. E:

I'm providing a link here...
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...to a post of a new game that may be preferred for those who want more competitive submission-style intensity than the game I've posted below, plus it is a more simply described game.

However, for OTHER people the game below might actually be preferable for how it is more "safe", for a lack of a better term - the kind of thing that could be used for a wrestling training exercise, but still remains sexy in use for real competition. In fact, for those who prefer the action of long struggling to escape non-painful immobilization, it might even be a "sexier" game - possibly even awarding oral sex holds!

Between those two games, and within each game, there are a few options to chose from to achieve the right level of both erotic and competitive intensity you want.

Thank you for your patient consideration!


"Simple Count-of-Holds (Optionally Erotic) Wrestling":

- One of the SHORTEST DESCRIBED (prior to "Further Notes"), SIMPLEST and ONE OF THE BEST of the 2018 "way of the gentle defeat" game ideas by Mr. E.
- for the public domain, including video producers.
- a credit is appreciated however.

- Mister Erosling <mrewrestling@yahoo.com>

The Game:

This game awards wrestlers for the mere initial applications of holds, and encourages wrestlers to showcase a VARIETY of holds optionally erotic or otherwise.

The holds include both immobilization holds and submission holds with the latter typically being used in a NON-pain-inducing way. A submission to ANY hold in the default version of the game is NOT awarded with any points, however another variation of the game may optionally be used which does the opposite to up the intensity.

Also optionally, a match may employ nude wrestling where erotic holds (or in some cases erotic moves, either way meant to either fuel or weaken a wrestler) can be applied as well - limited to what the wrestlers agree to however. Erotic grinding or humping during a pin is a great example, and may be referred to as "hump-pinning". Being crotch-to-crotch "mated" with an opponent is another example. When the option of an erotic holds game is employed, crotch-to-thigh grinding and inner-elbow-to-crotch squeezing at the very least are allowed. Wrestlers may or may not agree to more extreme erotic holds being allowed as legal point-awarded holds, such as orally engulfing an opponent's genitalia, and fucking (albeit with fucking usually considered a mutual hold). Usually anal penetration is not allowed.

Quite simply, the goal of a wrestler in this game is to attain more points through hold applications than one's opponent once an agreed-upon duration of the match is over - noting however that if the same hold is applied any number of times in a row it is only counted once. Normally one point is awarded for any "legal" hold. That's pretty much all there is to the "default" option of this game.

If a more intensely competitive variation of this game is desired, more traditional submissions in that case may be allowed to be used and are awarded with points - one for each legal submission with possible, optional exceptions like say two points for a bear hug submission or for gaining a legal submission while erotically hump-pinning or obviously (to the ref) mating an opponent. THESE EXAMPLES OF EROTIC DOMINATION MAKE FOR SOME VERY EXCITING ACTION!

Be careful with submission holds however. It may be best for the fighting venue to disallow some of the more brutal ones like limb locks and air chokes.

Some submission holds, like a painful grab of the male genitalia, may be deemed to be legal to be used for defence but too brutal to be legal for use in gaining points. It is up to the fighting venue, possibly in consultation the two wrestlers involved in a match, to determine what holds are illegal, if not legal as well. Otherwise, wrestlers are encouraged to be creative with their holds - especially with those that serve to immobilize an opponent without causing significant pain.

Should a tie-breaking condition be required, then the last wrestler to have pinned the other (shoulder blades, buttocks, back, or belly-centre) to the mat wins the match.

Further Notes:

One strategy for getting ahead in a match is to try to attain many "one-way" holds, where you hold an opponent in a legal hold while NOT being or AVOIDING being held by a legal hold.

This game can make for a great wrestling exercise. Likely in a private practice the number of holds per wrestler will not be counted. In a real competition likely the number of holds would be counted through video playback.

One last option to be mentioned for this game is that, when done as a hardcore sex-wrestling game, it can be done such that two matches determine a winner - with the first being a preliminary "intimidation" match where no points are awarded but one wrestler may bow out of the rest of the action early allowing the other wrestler an early win, and then the main points-awarding match done after. In order to avoid sex-wrestlers coming to their main match overly erotically distracted/charged and ready to discharge (and potentially weaken) too early, the preliminary match may be required such that the wrestlers - especially those with male genitalia - are not allowed to conclude their match until it is apparent that there has been some obvious loss of erotic charge such as the loss of an erection.

A potentially less competitive or intimidating variation of the preliminary match may be fought instead - called a "sex-hug-and-release" match. Here is a match where the wrestlers are encouraged to try to make an impression with each other that seduces the other to want to be fucked more than fight back. Call it "competitive lovemaking". It can be a crowd favourite where eroticism seems to have great power even over great muscle - as a smaller wrestler might even seem to overwhelm a larger one, at least erotically, at times!

The primary intents of this match are not traditionally competitive. One intent is to allow both wrestlers a chance to test and demonstrate any abilities they have to overwhelm each other through forcing pleasure on each other. Another is to allow for both wrestles to physically express their natural RESPECT and ADMIRATION for each other, as two people sharing in the same passion for sex-wrestling! Despite the friendliness of this match, usually some pins and tight bear hugs are snuck in.

Some hours between the preliminary and main matches are allowed for the recovery of at least SOME erotic energy, so that both sex-wrestlers are at least prepared starting their main match with SOME erotic charge, from which the charge is likely gradually built up more throughout the match instead of discharging early.

One last note on the spirit of the "way of the gentle defeat": The intent of the wrestlers should not be violence, but painless immobilization. A wrestler is considered to be admirably "cool" for being able to dominate an opponent this way - a way that minimizes pain but that also shows CLEAR domination, and with that, potentially maximizes humiliation. Where the wrestling is allowed to incorporate erotic domination, wrestlers should be reminded to appreciate each other for showing erotic interest in the other and thus keep the wrestling friendly, but also use wrestling to settle the dispute of who in their erotic interaction gets the "top" position.

It's time for the excitement of competition optionally combined with erotic wrestling weapons!


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