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Default Simple Erotic Most-Points-For-Hump-Pinning Submission Wrestling

Simple Erotic Most-Points-For-Hump-Pinning Submission Wrestling

- One of the MOST INTENSE, SHORTEST DESCRIBED, SIMPLEST and ONE OF THE BEST, of the 2018 game ideas by Mr. E.
- for one-on-one action or "Mixed Pairs Elimination Tournament Sexual Domination Wrestling".
- for the public domain, including video producers.
- a credit is appreciated however.

- Mister Erosling <mrewrestling@yahoo.com>

"There is just something about two strong nude wrestlers, when at least one is female or reasonably so, trying to gain erotic dominance over each other by trying to pin each other and combine that with fucking, or some reasonable facsimile of fucking! There is also something about the two being cheek-to-cheek looking equally exhausted and orgasmic, and maybe even a little desperate!" - Mr. E.

The Game In a Nutshell:

A submission to a hold deemed by the fighting venue to be legal is worth 1 point, but a 10-second "hump-pin" is worth 10, and a hump-pin interrupted by the hump-pinner gaining a legal submission, also 10!

The match, except for time between rounds, lasts for some agreed-upon duration, and should a tie-breaking condition after that be required, then the last wrestler to have pinned the other (shoulder blades, buttocks, back, or belly-centre to the mat) wins the match.

Wrestlers may elect to continue a "hump-pin" (explained soon enough) after it reaches 10 seconds as counted down by a ref - with the match duration timer stopped at that point and the round considered to have ended. This allows the wrestlers a chance to continue to erotically tussle without consequence of points being awarded one way or another. It ends after some previously agreed-upon duration is over or when one of the two wrestlers bows out or submits - again without consequence of points.

A Poetic Preamble from Mr. E:

Over the mat both roll,
trying to secure a hump-pin,
if not a lesser submission.
Grab, hug, push and pull!

"Let's allow whatever we can in terms of wrestling holds, moves, and the energies erotic or otherwise and the strengths and weaknesses of both wrestlers to be exposed in the nude in order to make for a more "honest" wrestling match. But let's not allow things we find too brutal or uncivil even if other sports have them like strikes to the face, and realize that the potentially pleasure-forcing wrestling weapon 'hump-pinning', regardless of whether one uses the version that incorporates fucking, is not necessarily too brutal or uncivil, and at the very least a good replacement for strikes to the face." - Mr. E.

A Few More Details:

"Hump-pinning" is an erotically dominant hold/move that is meant to allow the pinning wrestler to use erotic energy to fuel that wrestler's enduring strength and/or weaken the opponent (via forced orgasm), or simply to relieve the pinning wrestler's distracting erotic tension. Hump-pinning requires that the opponent be pinned (shoulder blades, buttocks, or back to the mat) while potentially erotic crotch-to-thigh humping occurs or, where/when a fighting venue allows it, crotch-to-crotch "mating" or direct sex! (This brings new meaning to the grappling term "mount"! "Sexual mount" variation). Some fighting venues may allow hump-pinning of a wrestler who is pinned belly-centre to the mat, but usually not anal penetration where the hump-pinner has male genitalia.

Some fighting venues may allow hump-pinning of a wrestler who is pinned belly-centre to the mat. In such a case, the time required to complete the hump-pin is ruled as being 30 seconds rather than the 10 for the regular hump-pin. Humping crotch-to-thigh in this case can serve as a self-masturbatory act that could force the bottom wrestler to be masturbated as well in this case crotch-to-mat. This may be a good time to mention that in this game anal penetration is not allowed, even in matches where vaginal penetration is.

If the hump-pinner gains a legal submission during the hump-pin but the time between humps at the time were slow at significantly over one second, a judge of the match may declare the action to NOT be a hump-pin, and only one point will be awarded for the submission UNLESS it was apparent to the referee that there was significant vaginal penetration by or engulfing of an erect penis in a version of this game where such action is allowed, in which case humping will not be required.

Wrestlers who manage to gain a lead in points are encouraged to use MINIMALLY painful immobilization holds to maintain that lead, and to be creative with those! Such holds can often lead to long struggles of your opponent trying to escape you. Try to make your opponent wastefully expend more energy than you!

One thing that's cool in this game, or really in ANY kind of submission grappling, is that a wrestler can be dominant even while conserving considerable energy - simply appearing to gently hold and lay on top of an opponent when sooner or later the opponent submits! The pinning wrestler in this case may have a lightly applied submission hold placed on the opponent at the ready to use with greater pressure in case the opponent manages to get his or her own tight submission hold in place and a counter is needed. Even tightly applied holds in many cases (often with blood chokes and smothers) need only be applied with a conservative amount of power. On the other hand, power holds like the (rather sensual) "bare hug" can in some cases be used to gradually wear down an opponent - which can have longer term value beyond immediate points!

A point is awarded for a submission to any non-painful immobilization much as it is to a legal submission hold. The fighting venue might allow some other submission holds to be used for the purpose of defence but NOT for gaining a point, and those are possibly more brutal and sometimes less traditional holds, such as a grab to the male genitalia. It is up to the fighting venue to decide, in consolation with the wrestlers, whether more brutal holds like air chokes and limb locks (with the exception of the grapevine) should be disallowed even if they would other otherwise only be used for defence.

If wrestlers go out of bounds on the mat, they must start a new round and need NOT continue in the same position/holds that they left off on. Thus one defence against an opponent's submission attempt is to take that opponent out-of-bounds - not unlike "touching the rope" of some pro-wrestling games.

Safety first!: Protect your opponent and let go of your hold on them when they have submitted! Failure to submit to a hold before being knocked out by it is considered a legal submission. Erotic asphyxiation in this particular game may be partly to blame for a knockout too. Use the pleasure you derive from erotic wrestling as a shield from pain, but be wary of it masking too much!

Other legal-for-point submission holds may be less traditional, such as bear hugs (or "bare hugs" - no explanation needed there), smothering kisses (although these do not usually gain a submission at least without being in combination with another submission hold), breast smothers, inner-elbow face smothers, and, since we want our nude wrestling to be "honest" in literally exposing the strengths and weaknesses of wrestlers of all genders, thigh pressure to the male genitalia during a pin is allowed as a legal submission hold. Another legal submission hold is an inner elbow hook against the crotch - although usually the intention of this hold besides controlling one's opponent is not to cause that wrestler pain but to force distracting or possibly orgasm-inducing pleasure on the (sex-)wrestler!

One note that is last but not least. This game is was designed for both one-on-one action and team pair-against-pair action where the latter requires basically two matches going on on two different mats at the same time! In particular there is a rather hardcore "fucking while wrestling" version of that action that is called "Mixed Pairs Elimination Tournament Sexual Domination Wrestling"! Pairs typically consist of a male and smaller female wrestler taking on other similar pairs such that the man must wrestle the woman. The female sex-wrestlers in this case are highly respected for their bravery in taking on larger male opponents! Usually there is more than one weight class for the combined weight of any pair, and it is not impossible for a male wrestler to encounter a female opponent closer to his size. The cumulative points at the end of two simultaneous matches determine the team that wins. In the rare case that the matches end with a tie, the first team to have achieved a point lead earlier in the match is given the win.

It's time for the excitement of competition combined with erotic wrestling weapons!


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