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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Originally Posted by boyandy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You guys crack me up. I'm working on it...
You want it fast or you want it good? Apparently I can do one or the other but not both.
Good, even if it means to wait. Your Story are amasing.
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Janice is arriving in 8 days. I start a countdown in my head like before a rocket launch and keep an eye on Jessica. So far she is, as much as possible for her, appearing normal. She loves the condo and surprisingly turns out to be somewhat of a neat freak. She cleans without being urged and never leaves anything lying around on the floor.

"Dayummm Justin," she drawls, "Y'all don't know how good you got it here! Them dorms is like stockyards! "

I watch warily for the next explosion but so far she is on best behavior. I have several big exams coming up so I appreciate the peace. Although it's more than distracting when she walks around in her underwear, asking in fake innocence, "Which do you like better -thongs or panties?"

She also turns out to be a pretty good cook, which is convenient because she eats like a horse. Sleep, eat, work out, study. It fills up her day. Between her schedule and mine I manage to avoid being alone with her for most of the time and the week passes rapidly.

Then it all goes off the tracks.

I’m lying on the sofa channel-flipping between cartoons and Judge Judy, sometimes forgetting which is which when I hear her call out.

“Justin! Can you come in here for a minute?”

I sit up and go into the kitchen, where a door leads to the laundry room. It’s not very big, but it beats the basement dorm washers by a mile and is a bigtime perk for condo-dwellers. As I go in I’m greeted by the sight of Jessica’s rear end tightly encased by cotton underwear as she’s bent over looking into the dryer. It jolts me for a second but then I’m jolted even more when I realize that it’s my underwear. While I try to assimilate that she stands up and turns around. She’s also wearing one of my undershirts, a wifebeater stretched taut by her breasts. She grins and says, “Lookit this! I was rootin’ around for my undies in the dryer and realized that it was your stuff. I held it up and damned if it don’t look like we’re the same size! Check it out!”

She spreads her arms wide and tucks a knee in like a model. The sight of my underwear filled up with Jessica’s body makes my mind melt a little bit and I’m struck dumb. She runs her hands down the mounds of her braless chest and over her hips.

“Ain’t that weird as shit? I mean, look at you – you’re so much taller than me but my hips and chest are bigger. That’s funny!” To demonstrate she placed her hand flat on my chest and squeezed a little.

I knock her hand off and she laughs. “Aw, don’t go getting’ all offended. So what if a girl has a bigger chest than you.”

“Jessica – that’s not… I mean…”

“I think I look kinda hot. What do you think?” She poses some more and she’s right. I don’t know why but the sight of her in my underwear is disturbingly sexy.

“Take them off please,” I say, trying to keep my voice level.

“Hey – know what? I bet my underwear would fit you. Why don’t you try some on? That would be hilarious!”

She holds up a handful of delicate fabric and I shake my head in disbelief. “You are truly strange.”

“Aw c’mon. It’ll be fun! Try it!”

Still shaking my head I start to turn and leave but she suddenly darts around me and slams the door shut, leaning against it with her back as she faces me. “You are so uncomfortable naked! You can tell you weren’t never were no kind of athlete in high school. Between working out, practices, events and all I probably spent half my life in the shower walking around buck naked. You just get used to it I guess.”

“You weren’t walking around boys that way,” I remind her.

“Yeah, but so what! The human form is totally natural, it ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of. C’mon, try these on.” She holds her panties out to me again and I go to move her out of the way.

“This is perverted,” I tell her.

She frowns and plants her fists on her hips. “Justin, I am not lettin’ you outta here until you put these panties on. You’re just bein’ stubborn. Don’t you see I’m just playin? Don’t you know how to have fun?”

“Out of my way.”

Then come the words I dread.

“Make me.” She lifts her chin to look up at me and I recognize that look in her eye – that look of sheer determination. Her breasts jiggle beneath the tightly stretched ribbed cotton as she shifts her weight. My undershirt is struggling to survive under her breast onslaught – cotton being asked to do more than it was ever designed to do.

I say, “Now look – you swore to be on good behavior. No more fighting. We had a deal!”

She says, “Well this is the deal now – if you can get out of this room, I won’t make you wear my panties. If you can’t, then I will make you wear my panties. How do you like that deal?”

I’m already sweating. What an absurd predicament! There’s no way I’m going along with this. “Move!”

I give her a forearm to the shoulder and start to exit as rapidly as possible but she reacts all too quickly and grabs onto my arm tugging me sideways. We crash into the door with our shoulders and I twist my arm free and grab the doorknob. Before I can pull it open she bear-hugs me and drives me backwards, her strong legs pumping like an offensive lineman. I crash into the dryer.

Stunned for a moment it gives her time to grab the hem of my shorts and start tugging them down. I gather myself and shove her off me. “Knock it off!”

Her eyes are sparkling. She is enjoying my discomfort immensely. “I think pink would look just darling on you,” she says and advances on me again.

This time I charge her and we meet in the middle of the small room, our bodies’ chest-to-chest and our arms straining against each other, grabbing each other’s upper arms and pushing. My weight advantage doesn’t seem to be helping me here as the power of her solid body slowly begins to force me backwards. In seconds I find my back against the dryer again and she’s beginning to take control. She’s panting and mutterings threats;
“Oh yeah... frat boy, you’re wearin’ those panties.”

Then I go into full panic defensive mode as she squats a bit, gets her hands under the back of my thighs and with a burst of power hoists me up so I’m sitting on the dryer. My head bangs off the cupboard and I’m pushing against her shoulders as hard as I can but her corded muscle, beginning to get slippery with sweat in the overheated room, is more than I can handle as her hands grab onto the bottom of my shorts and begin to slide them off while I fight against her in vain, my heels banging off the front of the dryer.

Then I get desperate and grab her breasts, scowling at her and digging my fingers in, causing her to wince in momentary pain, saying “I said back off!”

“Oh, Justin Sugar, you better be real careful right now – you don’t wanna do nothin’ that will get me seriously riled up. I can cause you a whole world of pain.” And I feel her hand dive into my groin, find my balls and give them a squeeze.

In sudden severe pain I let go of her breasts immediately while she smiles and finishes pulling my shorts off and flings them over her shoulder. Now I’m sitting on the dryer in my briefs, her legs spread wide and she takes a step back and crooks a finger at me. “C’mon now – listen to mama. Off with the tighty-whities.”

She’s reaching for me and I grab her wrist. “Jessica – please don’t do this…”

Jessica please don’t do this,” she mocks. “Oh I’m doin’ it.” A devilish grin is firmly in place as I squirm like a little kid seated on the dryer, trying to halt her progress by grabbing onto her wrists but she’s too strong. My head keeps banging off the cupboard behind me as she leans into me until she pulls my underwear off and flings those behind her too. I’m sitting there naked from the waist down as she bends down and picks up her pink panties. My hands cover my groin and I wonder how in the hell this has just happened.

“Hop on down,” she says, motioning to me, “I wanna put these on you.”

This is too much. Roaring incoherently I hop off the dryer and charge her. She drops the panties and meets me by blocking me with a forearm and getting both hands on my right arm, twisting it viciously and stepping to one side. Using my momentum she swings me around and slams me into the dryer, bending me forward with my arm twisted behind my back. I try to push off but she grabs the back of my neck with her other hand and shoves the side of my face onto the dryer. We’re both panting now, but she has enough energy to lean into me and say, “Now it doesn’t have to be like this Justin. One of us is liable to get hurt and I’m bettin’ it won’t be me!”

My cheek is smushed against the metal dryer door but I manage to say, “Not doing it…”

Now she gets directly behind me and slams my butt with her hips repeatedly, demonstrating how much she is in control. With each slam she says, “You’re… doin’… what… I…say! You’re…doin’…what…I…say!”

Between the pain in my twisted arm and the humiliation of her ass-banging me I’m in full sensory overload and I finally yelp, “Okay! I’ll do it!”

She releases me and stands back, stooping to pick up the panties. She extends them to me while staring me down and doesn’t say a word.

My T-shirt has been covering most of my junk but when I take the panties and step slowly into them she gets a glimpse of my cock. “Let me get that shirt off you,” she says, and pulls it over my head. “I want a good view of this.”

When the panties are all the way on she laughs at the sight of my dick sticking up out of the waistband. “Oh my stars, Justin! That looks so damn funny! I’ll tell you what – the fact that you have a boner right now is downright peculiar, don’t you think?”

“Shut up,” I mutter.

I’m standing there forlorn as she eyes me giggling. “I was practically buttfucking you right then and you get a hardon!”

“Are you through?”

She covers her mouth to try and stop giggling. “Okay, I’m done. I just wanted to see what it looked like. You can go.”

I snatch up my clothes she’s thrown into the corner and storm out with only shreds of remaining dignity still wearing the pink panties, hearing her laugh behind me at the sight.

The rest of the day I stay in my room trying to figure out how to get her out of my life. Janice arrives tomorrow.
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Jessica definitely has all the power. She's gonna fuck things up with Janice, just because she can. I can't wait to see it, though.

I'd feel bad for Justin but I'm too busy being jealous.

Thanks for another great part to this story.
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

I was on vacation guys - sorry for the delay. But I've been thinking about Jessica, the Texas tornado...
__________________________________________________ _____

The night before Janice arrives I’m almost asleep when I hear Jessica knocking at my bedroom door. Fearing more degradation I shout “Go away!”

“Aw, don’t be like that Justin. I want to apologize.”

“I bet!”

“I’m serious! C’mon, open up, I wanna talk to you.”


I can hear tension enter her tone. “Justin – if you don’t open this door right now…”

I don’t want to hear what comes next so I spring out of bed and open the door a few inches, keeping most of my body braced against it. “What now?” I ask.

She’s dressed for bed in a Dallas Cowboy jersey that falls just below her crotch and her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Bare of makeup she’s still startlingly pretty but I don’t want to think about that now. In a lower, calmer voice she widens her blue eyes and says “I wanted to say I’m sorry for makin’ you wear my panties. I won’t do it again, even though it was pretty damn funny.”

“Great. Good night.”

She puts a hand out to keep the door open. “I’m sorry I fucked your face too, and I appreciate livin’ here, I truly do. I don’t want you gettin’ so mad you go runnin’ to the Dean’s office. Let me make it up to you.”

I eye her suspiciously. “How?”

“I know you’re all stressed about your girlfriend coming tomorrow. You probably think I’m gonna do something to embarrass you, like beat your ass or wrassle you down. But I’m gonna be on my best behavior. In fact, I’ll even cook dinner for you and whats-her-name.”

“Janice,” I say automatically, thinking over her offer.

“I make mighty tasty fried chicken and mashed potatoes.”

“Sounds great,” I reluctantly say. As if I had a choice.

“How long y’all been together, anyway?”

To tell the truth I can’t remember a time when we weren’t together. Our fathers had been in business together years ago and we grew up living only blocks apart. We had first kissed in the 6th grade and that’s when Janice had decided we were a couple. “I’ve known her my whole life.”

Jessica looks at me wide-eyed. “Tell me this – is she the only girl you’ve ever been with?”

I nod sheepishly.

“I’ll be cornholed! I heard of such things but didn’t think it could really happen. So when I sat on your face I was only the second pussy you ever came into contact with?”

I hesitate and her eyes grow even wider. “Wait one damn minute! Don’t tell me she never did that to you!”

I stand more erect and say, “I don’t think our sex life is any of your concern.”

“I’m also willin’ to bet she never went down on you neither –am I right?”

“None of your business.”

She slaps me on the chest. “I knew it! You’re damn near a virgin!”

“I am not!”

Jessica throws her head back and I see faint blue veins in her ivory throat as she guffaws. “Oh, Lordy! I can’t wait to meet this girl. It sounds like she saddled you up years ago but never lets you out of the corral. Answer me this – is she rich, too?”

“I suppose… Listen, can you please, please, please not do anything weird?”

“I don't know what you're talking about, I'm as normal as could be.”

"Walking around in your underwear... trying to sit on my face...”

“Cross my heart.” She makes a cross over her swelling bosom.

I don’t believe her, but what choice do I have?

Janice arrives at dusk, pulling into the garage with her Mercedes E-class. She drops her purse and gives me a hug. Her tall, lean body is a sharp contrast from curvy Jessica. Janice is 5’10”, weighs about 135lbs and has short, stylish auburn hair. She’s also very pretty, very tanned, with a sharp, pointed nose and green eyes.

I hug her back as she starts to tell me about all the jackasses on the road, then I feel her body tense and she says, “Who is that?”

I turn my head and see Jessica standing in the kitchen doorway. She’s wearing a simple cotton dress with some kind of flower print and her hair is pulled back in barrettes. She’s wearing earrings and a trace of makeup. I could see she was going for a wholesome look but there’s no way she can disguise that porn star figure. She gives a small wave.

“Uh, that’s Jessica, Dean’s girlfriend.”

“What happened to Dean?”

There’s no way I can tell her about Jessica embarrassing him by beating the crap out of him so bad he fled the state, so I just say, “He had a family emergency and had to withdraw from school.”

“I took his place,” Jessica says, smiling broadly.

Janice’s body tenses as she leans in and hisses in my ear, “We will talk about this later…”

Dinner is strained, the tension so thick you could slice it like a pie. Jessica is keeping a steady stream of conversation going and I try to pitch in but Janice just smiles politely and keeps her responses to the bare minimum, her face frozen in obvious dislike.

We get through the dinner, and it was really quite good, but Janice just picks at her food. She is a lover of good wine and brought a couple of bottles with her and pours herself a few generous glasses full. I sip mine but Jessica apparently can only cook if there is a beer nearby and I can tell she’s had more than a few. As the evening progresses I can see Janice loosen up a little from the alcohol.

“So, where in Texas are you from, Jessica?” Janice asks semi-politely.

“Oh, you never heard of it, just a little town in West Texas near Lubbock.”

“Aren’t there lots of oil wells out there?”

“Oh hell yeah, but we never had any of ‘em.”

“I see. That’s a pity. It sounds as though you were poor, then.”

“I reckon.”

Then there’s more silence and Jessica takes a stab at conversation.

“You do any sports, Janice?”

“I ski, and play tennis on occasion.”

“She’s quite good,” I offer, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Tennis, and skiing…” Jessica says, her face wrinkled in confusion, “Are they real sports? They don’t even have cheerleaders!”

I can see that Jessica is getting rankled by Janice’s poor attitude. My hope is that I can get Janice away from the table and into my room without incident.


Jessica takes a swig from her beer can, leans forward and says, “Janice, mind if I ask you a question that might seem a bit ...personal?”

Janice looks down her nose at her with her eyelids at half-mast. “You may ask, but there’s no guarantee I’ll answer. What is it you’d like to know?”

Jessica tilts her head forward at Janice’s chest and says, “Are them what you call titties?”

Janice flushes, then takes a sip of wine and composes herself before answering. “Well, here it comes. I knew the trailer trash element was going to rise to the surface eventually.”

“Who told you I lived in a trailer?!”

“An educated guess.”

Jessica shifts in her seat and rises slightly, propping her breasts up on the tabletop, where they swell like melons in the tight cotton dress. “Let me educate you a little more. These are what passes for titties in Texas. You know what they say – everything’s big in Texas.”

“You must be so proud. I’m sure those udders will come in handy when you’re suckling your little bastard children.”

“At least I’ll have children. You look about as fertile as a dry well!”

Janice pretends to yawn, as if bored by whatever it is Jessica’s saying. “Justin, can’t you control the little fatty over there?”

“Look, girls,” I say, rising to my feet and extending my arms like a referee. I’m sweating like hell and desperately wanting to avoid any escalation. They ignore me.

Jessica leans forward and says, “You don’t have to sit there and listen to me. You can hop in your daddy’s Benz, fire up the GPS, type in destination; SKANKVILLE and head back home.”

That gets under Janice’s skin and she bolts to her feet. “Listen up, Bride of Chucky- I’ve about had it up to here with your insolence! Justin – make her be quiet.”

“Now Janice – “

Jessica smiles. “Justin ain’t gonna do nothin’, are you Justin?”

“Justin! Did you hear me? How can you sit there while that inbred cousin-fucker insults me?! Put a halt to it immediately!”

Jessica smirks. “Why don’t you take a swing at shuttin’ me up yourself, breadstick? You a chickenshit or somethin’?”

“I wouldn’t dream of sullying my hands with garbage like you.”

Jessica now bolts to her feet, slaps her chest with both hands and spreads her arms wide. “Come at me, bro!”

Janice faces me, her face screwed up in anger and hisses like a serpent. “I said; take care of her, Justin!”

Reluctantly I take a step toward Jessica, who cocks an eyebrow at me. “Better not…..”

Foolishly, I reach out and take Jessica by the arm, saying, “Come on now, Jessica – “

I don’t get any further than that before Jessica knocks my hand off, doubles up her fist and takes one step before burying her fist in my solar plexus. I stagger backwards, the breath knocked out of me and trip over my chair, falling onto my back with my head bouncing off the floor. I start to rise but Jessica is standing over me and drops a knee onto my chest while taking a wrist and jerking my arm upward and pinning it against her body in what I now know is an armbar.

“Justin!!! Don’t let her do that to you!” I hear Janice shout.

I try to wrench my arm free but the pain is too much and she shoves me back down. Dazed, I can only look up as I see Jessica stand with a foot on either side of my head facing my feet. I see up her dress as she slowly descends and sits on my face, her dress settling about us like a cloud. Her ass has the perfect combination of muscle and padding to fill every crevice on my face as everything goes black.

I bring my hands up to try to push her off me but I feel her take my wrists one by one and almost nonchalantly rise up and tuck them into the crease between her calf and thigh. I shout out in protest but the only sound that emerges is, “MMMFFMFMFFMMM…”

“WHAT THE HELL!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” I hear Janice scream.

“Oh, don’t worry your pointy little head for one minute. Justin’s face is well acquainted with my ass. In fact, you might even say they’re old friends.”


“Stop your screechin’, you hooty owl. Ol’ Justin made a critical mistake just then – he raised a hand to me. That shit don’t go unpunished.”


‘I’m reminding him who’s boss around here, that’s what.”


I can’t offer much in the way of a response, only, “MMMFFMFMFMMM!!”

“YOU HORRIBLE PERSON!!!” I hear Janice say, as she makes a critical mistake of her own. She thinks she is going to run at Jessica and knock her off my face, but no. Jessica is far too good of a grappler to allow that to happen. I feel Jessica’s body tense, a sudden movement, and the sound of Janice’s body hitting the floor.

“Justin! She hurt me,” I hear Janice whimper.

“I warned you about what happens to people who lift a hand to me,” Jessica says matter-of-factly. “I think you’re overreacting a bit anyway – Justin doesn’t really mind me sitting on his face, do you Justin?”


I’m kicking and protesting but it’s all for nothing. Jessica wiggles her ass a little to shut me up.

“Wanna know how I know Justin don’t mind me doin’ this to him?” Jessica asks.

Janice is sobbing. “I can’t believe my boyfriend is getting beat up by a hillbilly…”

“Check this out,” Jessica says, and I feel slight relief as she leans forward, giving me room to breathe. That relief is short-lived as, horrified, I feel her hands fumbling with the zipper on my jeans, the button gets undone, and even though I’m kicking like mad Jessica pulls my pants and briefs halfway down to my knees. My cock, fully erect, pops out of my pants and slaps against my abdomen.

Janice gasps. Jessica says, “See that? He secretly likes having his face buried in my ass.”


“That’s called a hardon, leatherface, and it means he’s really turned on by my ass. You might know that if your ass was anything to write home about. It’s about as flat as Interstate 40 goin’ across the Panhandle. My ass, on the other hand, you could land a chopper on.” She wriggles on my face again. “Justin likes it, don’t you Justin?” She flicks my erection with her finger.

“I…I…can’t… this is too much…” Sobbing hysterically, I hear Janice snatch up her purse, the door slamming, and moments later the squeal of rubber as she blasts off.

Jessica remains seated on me for what seems like an eternity, my pants pulled down and my erection waving in the breeze. Eventually, she rises to her feet, standing astride my head. I see her hand reach under her dress and tug at her panties, which have become wedged in her crack by the bridge of my nose. She steps over me and plops herself down in the kitchen chair, taking a long swig from a can of Coors.

After a moment I lift my butt, pull my pants back up and prop myself up on my elbows looking at her. She shrugs, takes another swig, and says, “Looks like Slim Jim took off on you.”

“You think?”

She raises her eyebrows in question marks and says, “Well, ain’t you gonna thank me?”
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Knew that Jessica wasn't going to keep her word once Janice started acting uppity but OH MAN!!! Can't wait to see what you do next!! I will say I hope that even though this is by far better for Justin he guilts Jessica a bit for not keeping her word even if Janice certainly asked for it. I mean everyone knows a Texan is only as good as their word as they say.

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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Yeah, that went well. Oh, well. I definitely prefer reading about Jessica than Janice, anyway. Thanks for continuing this, mate.
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Very clever angle! Many thanks as always.
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