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Default The bully

Note: This is loosely based on a true story that I've experienced

For the past three years, John has been one of the most obnoxious bullies at Green Trails Elementary. He is very large for a third grader, already close to 100 pounds and seemingly unrivaled in physical strength. Like most bullies, John sticks with victims who are physically weaker than him. His usual bullying victims are small girls, typically at least a grade below him. John’s forms of harassment against his victims include things like cornering them against a wall and not letting them pass, intentionally stepping or sitting on their lunch, burping in their faces, and throwing dirt and sand on them.

For the last month or so, John’s victim was Paige, a second-grade girl with an average height and long, curly blonde hair. Paige’s favorite hobbies include dancing and gymnastics, giving her a lean and attractive figure. One day in mid-February, John was tracking down his current victim on the playground during recess. The routine was consistent; the victims of John would hide somewhere during recess. John would track down his target and upon doing so, resume his favorite hobby of ruining the girl's remaining recess time.

On this particular day, however, John found Paige just standing casually on the grass field. Paige was twirling around, seemingly practicing for a dance recital, her long hair flowing with the wind and her knee-length pink dress spinning alongside her movement. This situation was new to John: his victim was making no attempt to hide herself! Not only that but she was dancing: a stupid hobby for stupid girls, John thinks. This girl is outright arrogant for not even attempting to hide! This one deserves some special treatment, and she will never be this bold to me again.

John walks over to Paige, cuffing his fists and breathing hard like a bull to intimidate the stupid girl. As the bully approaches, Paige slowly turns towards him, a look of annoyance on her face. John stands in front of her, at least half a foot taller and more than twice her weight. Paige does not even flinch. John is starting to get angry. Why isn't she running? Why isn't she crying? Doesn't she know that I can push her down and make her eat the grass? Hold her down and spit on her face?

John proceeds to shove Paige. Paige is surprisingly resilient, however. John feels the force of the push retracting back to him. While Paige barely moved, John almost trips backwards. Paige shoves back, and John falls down hard on his butt. Cringing from the impact and his face starting to turn hot, John angrily shouts “You little runt!” John gets back up and rams his body against Paige, exerting all his strength on the attack. Paige once again withstands the impact and counters by shoving John back onto the ground, harder this time. Before John can even react, Paige clasps her hands onto John’s back, pushing him flat onto the grass field. Tears starting to form in his eyes, John tries to throw Paige off of him. He tries to push himself up with his hands pushing up against the ground, but he can’t even move. It was like trying to lift a boulder with his back. Paige is sitting on John’s back, exerting her strength onto the larger boy, pinning him down and preventing him from getting back up.

The kids on the playground are now watching the struggle. Everyone is amazed by the scene of a second-grade girl beating up a third-grade boy, showing that the girl is the stronger one! John is conscious of the humiliating situation he is currently in, but is unable to do anything about it. John continues to expend his remaining energy making more attempts to get back up, but finds that his subsequent attempts are getting weaker and weaker. The girl is simply too strong! She is clearly making little effort as all she is doing is pressing John down onto the ground. Soon, the crowd starts to cheer, especially the girls. They are screaming “Yay Paige! Show that bully what you are made of!”

Paige finds the attention rather enjoyable! She was always tired of not only John but other boys jeering at girls, saying that boys are better because they are stronger. But look at what she is doing now! She is pinning down the boy who is supposed to be the strongest one in the grade above her, and with so little effort! Paige can feel the soft sobs starting to come in from the beaten boy, trying to conceal his embarrassment from her and everyone else. Paige leans down and whispers to his ears. “If you learned your lesson, I can let you back up.”

Having no other choice, John says, “Okay. I’m sorry.” Paige gets off the bully. As John collects himself and rises back up, he says in a mocking tone “Just kidding!” But Paige just as quickly wrestles John back down onto the ground again. This time, he is facing up, both his arms firmly pinned down, his face being brushed by Paige’s long blonde hair. He can see her triumphant face, smiling as she looks down on him. This time, it’s not just the embarrassment that is getting to John. It’s that he has never seen a girl up this close before. And thing is, the sight isn’t even all bad! John notices that Paige is actually kind of a cute girl, her dimples and red lips gleaning onto him, her hair brushing onto John’s face that is giving him a sensation that he never felt before.

All these nice feelings, though, is nothing compared to the extreme humiliation John is continuing to have. Even though in real time it has not even been ten minutes into recess, for John it feels like an eternity, his reputation as the alpha male of the playground being shattered before his eyes, the jeering crowd fully witnessing him being beat up by a girl, the revelation that John will never be able to make fun of, let alone bully, any girls ever again. John tries to beg for mercy, once again apologizing and saying that he will not bother Paige again. But Paige does not let him up this time. Not after the first lie. She just smiles sadistically, her blue eyes giving the clear message that John will have to be in this position for the rest of recess time, all those years of bullying now being delivered back to him as punishment.

Paige looks down at the defeated boy. Even though she is not usually a “mean” person, she cannot help but get extreme gratification for being the one to put the bully in his place after all these years. She is now the school hero! All her friends and classmates cheering her on, shouting her name and squealing with joy. Truly, there is nothing else that can make this experience all the more better!

But then Paige gets an idea. While this practice has started to die out in second grade, Paige remembers how all the girls spent recess time in first grade and kindergarten. They seek out a cute boy and chase him around the playground. On a lucky day, the boy would be caught by a girl. She would then kiss his cheeks, branding him with the dreaded cooties and making him an outcast with the other boys for the rest of the week! Although the intents were not malicious, it was still fun to see the boys react to the one power the girls had that put them in their place of the gender rivalry. Imagine if the school bully were to have cooties, not just for a week but for life! If a small peck would cause a week’s worth of disease, what could be a version that makes the disease last for the rest of his life?

After contemplating for a few minutes, Paige decides to do it. She leans her face down closer to John’s. John’s eyes widen in horror. He realizes what is coming but a split second too late. Paige is kissing his lips full-on! He can feel the soft lips sucking against his, the girl’s tongue rubbing against the outer periphery of his mouth, the girl’s saliva now flowing in his own mouth! But despite the nightmarish horror that John is naturally feeling, he also feels something else. Something that actually feels good. John has secretly always had a small crush on the cute young girl, which is why he started targeting her to begin with. But now, these shameful secret feelings have blown over tenfold. John is now in love with her. The pretty girl who dominated him in front of everyone and gave him cooties for life. John cannot hold it in anymore. As Paige continues to give John the Mark of Death, the crowd gasps as the puddle around John’s pants starts to form.
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Default Re: The bully

Nice, I hope she punished him further by sitting on his face, with maybe his previous victims joining in and all sitting on him all at once...
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