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Default Calum's Wedding

I walked toward the aisle with my sweet Archie. She was a beautiful girl and a gorgeous bride, if I do say so myself. She was a redhead, not too tall (about my height), and had a nice body. Her features were sharp and her smile was bright, she had a wonderfully spunky voice and was always jovial. I was incredibly lucky to have her, and she knew that. She would do a lot to me, probably because she knew that I wouldn’t be able to find much more than her if I didn't have her.
We wore matching dresses. She insisted on that, saying how cute I would look. The fact that all of my friends and loved ones were in attendance did not dissuade her at all. I hated wearing the dress but the way she explains things she just seems so...right. I had a dee neckline in my dress, and a big poofy skirt that covered my legs and butt. Her breasts were on display while the audience could see my own tiny and somewhat underdeveloped chest. The firm brassier she had me wear definitely created the illusion of breast under my dress, something she informed me was very cute and super sexy.
In addition to the dress, I had on a very humiliating pair of white sandals. She had heels on but let me walk in flats since...I can’t exactly walk in heels. She finds it funny to see me wobble this time, but did not suppose it would be appropriate for a wedding. The shoes were bright and white, the straps were small and largely let anyone see what my feet looked like, and I wasn’t proud of them.
See, my feet are sort of...feminine. They have a very girly general appearance to them, and are soft and sensitive. When Archie saw them on our second date she couldn’t stop laughing and talking about them, making sure that I knew that she thought they were a very funny pair of feet. But she didn’t just stop on placing me in shoes that would leave everyone else to know just how girly my feet were. She polished and painted my toenails, right now they were all red and very shiny.
My feet were also very ticklish, she joked about how she had ‘Easy access” whenever I had on a pair of skimpy shoes. Whenever she felt like it she could just swoop in and start tickling my feet, making me laugh till I cried whether I wanted to or not, She was a real master of controlling my body. The choice in outfit didn’t let me forget her expertise for a second.
The shoes alone were enough to make me uncomfortable. I had played games with her for a while, she seemed to enjoy emasculating me. She told me it was for my own good. But I never quite felt comfortable in these shoes, they always made me feel lesser. But Archie was so confident, and smart, and strong...I could never just refuse her advice.
My best man was an old bully of mine. One who Archie found very handsome, and would often mention. She literally called him ‘that handsome bully” when referring to him around me, until he took her to dinner a few months ago and then she started calling him by his first name, never anything else. I wanted to ask her what she was up to, but she did not give me a straight answer. She merely smiled and scruffed my hair, saying I’d find out soon enough. I tried to power through that, explain that she still loved me, generally make my life bearable. I have no idea how any of what I said made sense, even to myself.
He seemed nice enough. Unlike me he had a suite on, and looked very handsome in it. I’m not gay, but I am aware of the fact that I’m not super masculine, so I notice when other men are. He definitely was, his shoulders were broad and his face was handsome, his short hair perfectly finished off the shape of his head, and he walked with such a confident stride. I knew if I was a girl my heart would be racing just being in his presence.
My heart was racing, of course, but only out of fear. I definitely didn’t feel anything for the boy who always used to give me a hard time, at every opportunity, every day he possibly could. He was sometimes privy to a random boner, but it wasn’t a matter of sexual attraction. Only women would be into a hunk like him, and I knew that I was no woman. I may not have been the most masculine guy ever, but i was still a guy.
The way his eyes locked on me, ever so briefly, though...that made me feel bad. Like I was less than a real man. And maybe I was he seemed to enjoy my chest a little bit, and my thin arms, which looked even thinner in my bridal gauntlets. He started looking at Archie and I started feeling bad. I would never be assertive enough to stop him but...but I walked right up to him and waited, aware of the fact that my chest was open. As were my feminine toes, painted in such a girly color...I looked up at the guy who was six inches taller than me and hoped he’d look back.
Jason looked down at me and smiled. He didn’t say anything about my sandals, but I could see that he saw them. I honestly wasn’t even friends with him, I had always considered him something of a bully, but I didn’t have a whole lot of other options. So there he was, acting as my best man, looking far more manly than I could ever hope to present myself as.
He stuck out a finger and adjusted my hair ‘She did a nice job with make-up” he said. I looked terrified and backed up some, bumping into her. Archie grabbed me like I was a piece of meat and spoke to Jason like I wasn’t even there
“Thanks, I decided a sissy like him should probably wear a nice face to a wedding. I’d hate for little Calum to get embarrassed, not looking his absolute prettiest for a big day” she pinched my cheek in order to express how cute she thought I was
“Hey” I said in complete surprise, the blish making my face hot “I am not a sissy!” I protested in an amazingly meek voice.
“Come on Calum, get real. Of course I can’t take you seriously as a man, nobody can! With that sissy clitty of yours, I’m surprised you even think you are one” she said it all remarkably matter-of-factly. She raised an eyebrow in what wasn’t quite disdain...disapproval perhaps?
“What?” I started, my dick was kind of snug in my panties...but they fit. I placed my hands over the groin that was covered by my poofy dress, and Archie aggressively walked into me, making me back up until I met with a bench, which I sat down over. She smiled, hands on her hips
“Now” she got on her knees ‘Lets see what you are hiding” she reached down and grabbed the strap to a sandal. My heart was beating like a plane’s engine as she quickly unstrapped it, suddenly pulling it from my foot altogether!
My shoe was off, Jason smiled behind Archie as Archie just looked down at me “You have such pretty feet” she began, running her fingers across my soles, forcing a laugh from my throat that sounded throughout the entire chapel. They all knew now, now only were my feet both dainty and sleek, but they were ticklish. I felt so vulnerable just from knowing that they knew.
She smiled at me “Ahhh, are you embarrassed to know that now that everybody knows your little secret? Just how vulnerable and manipulable you really are?” she grinned more and more sadistically as she began really digging her fingers in and tickling me as hard as she could. She knew my feet so well, she knew all of me, and could get whatever reaction she wanted whenever she wanted. I was an instrument and she was a virtuoso, she knew every nook and cranny, every sound and note my body could produce.
It seemed like mere seconds before I was starting to tear u. My diaphragm was out of control, my limbs were moving stupidly in every direction. As I flailed in my big fancy dress I started to feel like I had no control over my bladder, but at least for that second I avoided pissing all over myself. Small victories, at least. Suddenly she stopped, taking her hand off of my foot and letting me hyperventilate, looking down at me with her cruel and knowing smile
“Oh...oh my God Archie” I started, exhilarated by my humiliation as she squatted down and looked at me. She had such an intense gaze, it made me feel like I was a little kid and she was my mom or something, like I couldn;t disobey here at all unless I legitimately wanted to make an objectively incorrect decision
“I’m going to keep tickling you” She said, a sweet authority in her voice. I wanted to say “no”but...who could say “no” to her? She was so sweet, if erudite, in her demand for my torture. So I bit my tongue and allowed her to go to town on me at her own free will.
Things got worse and worse as I lost more and more of my self control in front of the crowd, my body betraying me as my dainty feet became instruments in my girlfriend’s hands, she was taking no quarter.
But then suddenly she did, slowly moving down into a full stop, she backed away “Hmm, since you can't stand me tickling them, maybe a real man should tickle them instead”
“Whuh?” i started, unable to even really contemplate what she was suggesting, but I did see Jason approaching me with a smug smile on his handsome face. This guy, the guy who gave me wedgies and swirlies in high school, was about to tickle me in front of everybody I knew! I groane
But there was Archie, giving me another smile and wink, and again I felt like I had no option but total obedience. So I let him get in and start tickling, my feet entirely under his command as he cruelly tortured them with his fingertips, making me laugh harder and harder. I had never been tickled by a man like that before, but it turned out to be an incredibly powerful experience.
When eh came off of me, finally, I felt like my guts were going to bust from all of that uncontrolled laughter, and he seemed to have a smile on his own face. A genuine one, one brought about by exerting your power on a sissy slut like me. I saw her and Archie look at each other. Oh no, they were definitely lovers.
Suddenly she turned around and faced me, a sadistic smile on her face ‘So, since I was going to marry your bully today, I thought I could at least show you some fun. And I thought Jason could help in showing you fun” she smiled evilly at us, cracking her knuckles a few times as she approached me, total confidence on her face and a smile giving me some degree of comfort.
I looked down, squatting and trying to make myself small as she reached down and started stroking my hair. “Hmm, I need to baby talk you, don’t I? I suppose I probably should have predicted that, Calum”
I groan nervously, feeling tears begin to form, but a female hand stroked my hair. “Your panties will wet with precum” she began “and this will be the altar of your spanking” her face ebame overcome with joy again, she seemingly knew something to say to me that she knew would be very spicy, and also knew would be confusing to me. “Oh, is Widdwe Calum going to enjoy our marriage?” she asked, stroking my hair again. She was demeaning but...but it really did comfort me.
“What?” I started, holding my hands on the back of my dress, my feet became more exposed and I felt every eye in the room focus sharply on my bare toes, how secy and feminine they must have looked. I wondered f any guys were getting boners from looking at them...what if one of those boys expected sexual activity from me, would I be able to stop him? I whimpered as Jason came behind me.
His hands got very familiar very fast, he ran them all over my lithe body and I may have...squealed like a whore. It was just out fo surprise, not from liking big manly hands laying themsleves over every inch of skin, I’m really not into boys. But I stood there and let him have his way with me as Archie looked on.
“You see, Calum” she began, a huge grin on her face “I think a boy like you just needs to have some discipline is all. Plus I know you love being spanked, and Jason does a way better job than I do” the words hit me pretty hard, she revealed a kink in front of everybody! Not only did they see me in a dress, and know how sensitive and girly my feet were, but now they also knew that I lvoed being spanked.
And, thinking about it, I suppose that also menat that Jason had spanked Archie before. I mean...the way they looked at each other had suggested things, but the idea of his ahnds dominating her buttocks like that just made me quazy. I could never do something like that with her, but I had no doubt Jason could. And easily, too.
Jason picked me up, his hands easily claiming my light body and his feet moving both of us as far as Archie walked. He carried me to the altar like I weighed nothing at all, and everyone in the audience could see my feet. Archie walked in front of us and sat down, gleefully staring at the pair of us
“May I?” he asked, motioning at my feet. She nodded, and they both took one and started tickling it. My soles were facing the pews and over my own uncontrolled laughter I could hear theirs as my sensitive, sissy souls were violated in aways that made me flail around like an idiot. Soon enough, however, it stopped, and Archie helped take me out of my big, fancy dress in favor of something that would allow more easy spankings
My undergarments were decent enough, a bodice covered under my brassier, but they could see my super frilly panties as well as the stockings that went down to my ankles. She grabbed my hips and encouraged me to shake my ass at the audience.
Wolf whistles, cat calls, and various other primal noises filled my ears as I realized how feminine and enticing my rear end must have looked to everybody in attendance.
“Calum” began Archie as she stroked my hair again “I think you need a spanking to demonstrate everybody’s proper place in this relationship. I don't want you forgetting, so I will have witnesses and photographers present” and like that i was placed in Jason’s lap. His hands were like a force of nature compared to my tiny body
“A-archie!” I whined, but she ran her fingers over my face and let me know that she was having none of it, instead encouraging Jason to take over.
He immediately gave me a backhanded compliment “that is one sexy ass” he said, poking it first, then preparing it for his first slap. He clarified ‘It really does look feminine, Archie was right to put you in such a cute outfit. A weird thing for a bully to say but...but for some reason I took it as a compliment? I was confused and embarrassed, certainly, but also on some level happy that he noticed?
I shouted out, sounding like a complete bimbo at the first stroke! I heard people comment about how feminine and sexy my ass looked in the white panties and stockings, I had no doubt that the yelp I let out from a smack to the rump only solidified my femininity in their minds. I shook my rear and tried to forget, but Jason’s strong hand came down again and I yelped even louder, he was still wearing the kiddie gloves with me, Jason was undoubtedly capable of spanking me much harder than that.
I started crying again pretty soon afterward, not gonna lie. He hit so hard but also so...sensually. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit if I’m being honest, but the pain and humiliation caused me to bowl straight through my eyeshadow. I looked even worse, slutty now, since my eyeshadow was bleeding all over my face!
Jason’s big, manly arm came down several more times, before he reached down and felt me “Dude do you have a boner from this?” I gasped, unable to speak. Archie laughed, and as if it was at her prompt everyone in attendance began to laugh as well! I didn’t even like this, why was it causing my physical arousal? Why was being touched by some big...strong guy making me feel this way?
I certainly wasn’t gay, I couldn’t be. Nor did I want to be dressed up like a girl and laughed at, these were just situations I got lead into against my will. Yet...yet I couldn’t ever seem to escape them, I was stuck permanently getting punishment after punishment and humiliation after humiliation
I kept yelping as Jason ket spanking, I felt so childish and girly in his arms, but eventually he stopped. My ass was sore as anything when Archie finally asked to me and started tickling my chin. Luckily that wasn’t ticklish enough for me to completely humiliate myself in a fit of laughter just from the contact. “So you understand I’m not marrying you, Calum?” she started
I suppose I did, she had made it clear she would never take me seriously as a lover,a s a man, maybe never en as a human. But hearing it out of her mouth in such...brutal language was distasteful. I gulped in humiliation, looking down before I could look up to face her. She merely played with my hair a bit “Well, I am going to marry Jason. I know he used to bully you, but he is very nice to me and I think he is a very attractive man”
I looked up, caked in smeared make-up and tears, I knew I looked ridiculous and completely unmanly, but I still had to say my piece “But...but why not marry me?” I asked, already knowing the answer.
“Oh Calum” she was already leaning into his arms, he was freely touching her breasts and butt, her waist and legs, making her into a sex doll for him to explore “You know quite well that you are not suited for me. I need someone masculine, someone big, someone bold and capable. A wimpy sissy like you simply does not function as a husband. Why do you think I dressed you as a bride?”
I bit my lip, barely managing to avoid another round of sobbing as I saw Jason literally sweep Archie off of her feet. She laughed hard as he took her up and I merely sat there obediently, realizing That I wasn't the groom, I was just another bridesmaid!
I patted my sore ass as I saw how easily Jason manhandled Archie. I felt jealousy burn within me, I wanted so badly to be in her place. Or did I? Archie looked back from the strong arms of her new man “Don’t worry” she said with a smile “I’m sure we’ll find you a similarly hunky guy to take you to the altar”


This was a 10 page ($30) commission.

ask me if ya have any questions? Comment or send me a note if you want a commission of your own?
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