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Default Introductions of a full-hearted wrestling fan

Hello all...
Curious to have some enlightening and inspiring conversation with people.
My first memory of how much enjoyment I got from wrestling was with the daughter of a close family friend. We were really young... maybe 9 or 10 years old. I had a crush on her and she on me - but I was never quite able to make a move because I had never done it.
But we wrestled in a cabin at a camp ground we use to go to in the summers..
I didn't know what to do in order to feel comfortable touching her with my curious little virgin hands. She was a bit of a Tom boy but had a very natural beauty to her. We just clicked. We really grew to like each other for years before this time - meeting around 4 years old and spending every Saturday during the winter and ever summer together at camp.
Our parents were both volunteers who worked in the kitchen.
We were there even when camp wasnt yet on - or had already finished.
Anyways, we were both 9 or 10. We were hanging out in one of the rooms in the sleeping cabin when we started to get into a tussle. I threw matresses down from the bunk and said "bet you can't get me down!"
She tried.... oh boy did she try. She tried so hard, that I felt something new - a feeling beyond what I could explain... I loved feeling her try - her strength. Though, I did usually end up winning by pinning her between two matresses, she would move her chin up and over the edge of it - so that her mouth was accessible. I felt pressure between my legs.. like my weener was swelling and getting hard. One that I couldn't explain to myself. My parents kept me as naive as possible for as long as possible - I learned what sex later that school year.
I never kissed her... never had the courage.
But as a result, feeling the strength of a female against mine became a base for what turned me on. I'm attracted to strong women. Strong female personalities. As a result of my attractions, I've geared myself to be someone that an alpha female would enjoy wrestling with.
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