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Default Re: W.O.M. mixed wrestling stories

The fellow who did WOM and I were the only two guys selling unillustrated Ė or almost unillustrated Ė mixed fighting stories in the Ď70s and early Ď80s. At least, he was the only other guy I knew of, and I think I was the only other guy he knew of. We were in contact. I did it under the name of BOS.

I started as a way of amusing myself. In those days, mixed fighting material was expensive for a young guy in college or something. And it seemed like every piece that one came across in the mainstream media was over in a flash; and, if in movies or on TV, couldnít be repeated. I just wanted something longer.

There was a pretty good little market for our stuff, though we charged a fair amount. I never made a living at it, though. I donít know if he did or not.
He stayed with it longer, and eventually started having illustrations.

I think maybe he was put out of business by the Internet. All of a sudden, lots of mixed stories were available for free, or for the price of a membership. I assumed there would no longer be a market for unillustrated stories. Maybe he could have kept going online with illustrations, but Iím not aware that he tried.

This was before the age of sessions, at least pretty much, and I wasnít into that, anyway. But there were, in Los Angeles, at least, storefronts you could go into and pay a girl to wrestle. (Maybe there was only one.) I think, also, maybe a few girls were starting to free-lance. I remember him trying to convince me that these girls really could wrestle and box well enough to beat a guy, at least some guys. I didnít believe him. I thought he had gone around the bend, letting his fantasies delude him. He finally gave up on convincing me. Thatís when we lost touch.

Iíve always wanted to tell him he was right and I was wrong.
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Default Re: W.O.M. mixed wrestling stories

Thanks for your story Cashley216.

In going though some of my old boxes I came across an old order (from 1995!!). The typical W.O.M. photo sets sold for about $25-$30, while the story sets cost about $15 each. The thing that I remember about the photo sets is that they were printed as actual Kodak heavy stock type paper.

As you stated, this way before the internet, when material of this type was as easy to find.
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Default Re: W.O.M. mixed wrestling stories

I'm sure you all remember the company California Supreme. I don't think they have produced anything in years. Yet I still occasionally get mail from them advertising matches from at least 25-30 years ago. No idea why or who sends them, but I guess once you're on a mailing list, you're on it for life. lol
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