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Old 07-Dec-11, 20:08
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Default My only experience at being dominated by a female...

Well I have only been "dominated" once by a female who is roughly 5 foot 12 to 6 foot? She is roughly 30 years old and weighed around 15 stones, so yeah she was a pretty big lady. We will call her "Claire", not her real name though (Will not give specifics for her own privacy).

She did not have any experience in mixed wrestling but she did do Jujitsu in Manchester City for 9 years, the same place I also did Jujitsu for just 4 months before I left. (Will not mention the clubs name due to privacy concerns).

How did the match come about?

Well me and "Claire" are pretty close friends and in class she basically made a statement saying she could beat any man in the class (There were only like 4 other men) so I challanged her and the victor could get to dare the loser.

Anyways it was a private match, would be a bummer to be defeated by a woman in front of the entire class, so that was a good move on her and mine behalf. The match took place in her flat as she had all the nessecary equipment/mats, the room we chose was the living room which was pretty big.

Anyways it was a 3 round match, with submission only.

Match itself

Round 1

First round began with a slight stalemate at the start as she was a bit reluctant to make the first move so I did and went for a headlock, nothing too rough as we were just starting out, I managed to pin her in a headlock for roughly 10 seconds until she wiggled her way out and then followed a battle with both of us strugglign to pin each other until she choked me from the back until I tapped out. First round lasted roughly 3-4minutes

Round 2

In the second round at the start of the match I rushed in and tripped her over and as she was on the floor I believe she was trying to get my leg into a lock until I placed both of my legs away from hers and managed to pin her down which later followd with a headlock until she tapped out. Second round lasted roughly 1 and a half minutes.

Round 3! (This was one difficult round)

Now with both of us fighting for the victory and a chance to dare the other person this round turned a little intense with the first 2-3 minutes of us not being able to pin each other down until she managed to pin me down with a leg lock on my leg , it was difficult to get out of it as she put me in an awkward position. However I managed to get my left arm into the leg lock and grab my left arm with my right arm and manage to drag the leg away and pushed myself off her (Big mistake! Should have siezed the opportunity to get her into a headlock).

We were both on our knees and she just literally jumped onto me I fell back and again she was on top off me, we both went at it for roughly 2-3 minutes until she got me into a scissor lock and then I tapped out. Whole round lasted roughly 10 minutes. Last round was exhausting...

Anyways for the curious little buggers her dare was for me to take a cold shower But its all good we are pretty close friends and I hope to wrestle her once again in the near future and reclaim my honour and by the near future I mean on the 11th of December and if I can remember I'll let you know how the match went.
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Old 08-Dec-11, 15:13
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Default Re: My only experience at being dominated by a female...

Great match!!
Thanks for sharing.
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