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Old 16-Nov-17, 23:16
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Default Re: Russian Amazons

I am enjoying your tale very much. Your discoveries during and your enjoyment of wrestling and struggles with your sister are delightful. Please keep up telling us your stories.
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Old 16-Nov-17, 23:29
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Default Re: Russian Amazons

i agree with ap643.
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Default Re: Russian Amazons


I sat up in the middle of the bed, my legs were stretching out. Julia was in kneeling position, her feet under her bottom. She was sitting on my right, facing me. She stretched her right leg quickly and put it on both mine, and looped her arm around my neck. She bent me backwards, I was waving but can't do anything.
-Ready to lose to a little girl again? – She asked with a huge smile on her face.
She forced me on my back, and now my head was dangling from the bed!

-Pretty unsuccessful position, huh? – She said, her face above mine.
I didn’t answer. She still had me in a headlock, so I moved my arms and punched her in her back with my both fists.
-Still think you can beat me huh? – She released my headlock and grabbed my wrists with her hands. She pinned my wrists on both sides of my shoulders.
I tried to move my hands, but Julia sat up, straddling my hips, stretched her arms and pinned my wrists firmly. I could move them, but only a bit.

How does it feel, to be beaten by a girl? – She asked. – Hey, tell me! huh, it is so wonderful, to have you totally helpless under me.
I didn’t answer her and didn’t move, in a hope she would let me go.
-Hey Victor, why don’t you answer me?! – She started to get annoyed.
She asked me several more time and looked irritated now.

-You are so sad! – She said finally. – Don’t want even speak with me?! You’ll pay for this!
My head was still dangling from the bed. I started to feel it get tired.
Your neck will get tired soon! – Julia said. – What are you going to do then!
-Please let me go! – I said.
-Exactly as I predicted, - she grinned. – But no. I’m not going to let you go.
-Julia please!
- Haha, no.
- But why?
- Because I want to feel your resistance!

I tried to move my hands but she kept them firmly on place in her better position.
-Yeah, right! – She grinned. – I want to feel your struggles! I want to feel your weak attempts to escape from a girl, haha!
I started to get angry. However, I can’t do anything. I struggled and moved my arms and legs slightly, but she countered my every attempt to escape.

Several minutes after she still kept me there, and my neck was tired like hell, so I let my head to hang upside down from the bed. Suddenly I noticed some strange in her armpits. Julia was in tank top, so I could see some small black dots in her armpits. Firstly I didn’t guess what is this, but then I realized. Her armpit hair started to grow, whereas mine still didn't. Does it mean my younger sister can be more adult than me? It seemed so unfair, I felt quite humiliated by this. My pubic hair just started to grow by the time though, and I guess hers too. She had even some “tits”, no more than 1 cm but still.

-Julia please let me go, - I begged finally. – Enough of this.
- So I guess, your neck is tired already, and your muscles too! – She said. – And now I have a surprise for you: I’m still not going to let your go!
- ???
-And now, tell me the truth! – She said.
-What the hell do you want?
– Tell me your men’s secret!
-What secret?
-About your dicks. What is wrong with them? What those girls in films do with them to cause pain?
I didn’t answer.
-I won’t let you go until you tell me!

I didn’t have a choice. As you probably remember, I decided to invent a plausible version for her, and the time has come!
-OK, OK, I’ll tell you.
-I'm listening.

-You know, men’s penis is mostly invulnerable. – I started. – It is useless to pinch or punch it. However, it has one significant weakness.
-What weakness?
-Well, I should explain. Boy’s dick looks like a sausage, hanging between our legs.
-I know it well!
-It is its normal position. It should be like this. However if anybody grabs it and bends it up…
-Bend up?
-Yes, bend up to the belly… it is quite painful.
-Wow. And why is it so painful?
-Well, it’s obviously, silly girl. There is a joint in the base of the penis, so it is like armlock or bending fingers. Arm or finger is in pain when in wrong position. It is the same.

-So those girls in films just grabbed guys’ penises and did this, and the battle was over?
-I’m glad to hear this, - she smiled sadistically. – Today is a bad day for you, I guess.
-Because I not only defeated you in the battle, but I made you to tell me the truth about your boys’ weakness. So from now on I can beat you anytime I want! Haha!
-What?!!! – I didn’t believe to my own ears. – Don’t you say, You are going to do this to me?!! to your brother?
- Of course, this is exactly what I’m going to do! – she confirmed.

-You can’t!
-Yes I can! What position exactly it should be in?
- Bent up and pressed to the belly. – I answered.
- OK then. – She let me go and left the room.

We wrestled several times during the week after this. Our battles were quite monotonous, not interesting at all. One interesting detail only: she really tried to reach my dick now! I didn’t want this at all and thought it is quite weird, but Julia didn’t hesitate. Of course I defended my boy’s part very good and didn’t let her to do that.

There was still a summer vacation in school. Soon after that we moved to the village where our relatives live. We lived there more than a month, and it was a really great time!

There were many witnesses everywhere, so we couldn’t wrestle anywhere in the street or in the house. However, we shared the same bedroom, only I and Julia, and all other people slept in other places. We started to wrestle every night, still in a complete secret. Our grandfather slept in the next room, but he was so deaf, he wasn’t a danger at all. Our grandmother and others slept even further. Those village nights were the hottest time of the whole year, lol.

We slept in two beds there, parallel to each other, in the opposite ends of the room. There was a lot of place in the middle of the room also. Every night after all the lights had been turned out, we started our battles in that room, in the middle. We clasped our hands and pushed each other across the room, back and forth. Sometimes the battle moved to somebody’s bed, still without a great success. Soon I realized, Julia became about as strong as me now. I couldn’t just beat her with a brute force anymore.

Once in the night wrestling I managed to force Julia to her bed, overcame her defense and pinched her pussy through her leggings. She was really furious after that! Oh, I was even in fear slightly. She threw me off her bed with a great force and followed me across the room! She looked like she was ready to kill me!!

-You’ll pay for this!! – She said furiously, but quietly, so our grandfather didn’t hear us. – You’ll pay! I’ll kill you right now! You will beg me for mercy!
She tried to bring me to my bed but didn’t succeed. So she trapped me with her foot, I dropped to the floor with Julia on top. I was surprised to say the least, it was a new tactics of her. I was lying on the floor on my back, Julia was on her elbows and knees above me. I couldn’t even imagine what she’s going to do. She grabbed my shoulders, her body still high above mine, and she put her right knee between my legs! She put it in my crotch and pressed to my dick with her knee!
-You always defended your dick with your arms, - she explained later, - And my arms were always useless to reach it. So I decided to use my legs, my knees.

She pressed her knee in different positions and I didn’t realize what exactly she was doing there.
-What the fuck!! – She exclaimed in a whisper! – How difficult it is!! I can’t hook on your dick with my knee!
I felt I reddened a bit in shame.
-Let me go! – I said, in a whisper too. – Enough of this! It is wrong!
-I won’t let you go until I bend your fucking prick up to your belly and make you cry in pain!

I didn’t know at the time, should I laugh at her or be afraid of her. This crazy silly girl was so ridiculous! Finally she did it! She pressed my flaccid dick up to my belly with her knee through my briefs! Of course it wasn’t painful at all, but I realized, I should confirm my “plausible version” now. So I started to cry falsely in a false pain.

-AAAAARGH!!!! – I moaned in whisper in the middle of the night. – AAAAARRGH!!!
-Haha! – She said. – Told you! You’ll pay! How do you feel now? Totally helpless under me!
I tried to move my arms, but the girl pinned my wrists and kept them firmly in place, still standing on her knees.
-How do you feel now? – She repeated. She pressed her knee even more on my flaccid dick.
-I’m in pain! – I said falsely. – AAAAARGH! Please enough!!
-Not so strong now? I know now how to use your weak spot!
-AAAAARGH, Julia please, stop it!
-Do you give?
- Yes!
-Say it!
-I give! I give!
-OK! – She released my dick and stood up off me.

The next day during the dinner, when we were alone, Julia looked at me and said:
-I defeated you very good last night. I’m going to do the same tonight.
-No please! – I said. – You cant!
-Of course I can. It is so amazing, looks like your whole body is in pain when I press you penis there.
-Yes it is, - I lied.
-As it turned out, your boy’s thing is so weak. Once I got it and the battle is over.
-But it is wrong! – I said. – You shouldn’t do it.
-Our wrestling as a whole is wrong, so who cares? It’s our secret. Sometimes I think, how many secrets other people have? I bet, we are not alone here.

Our battle followed the same scenario that night. She trapped me to the floor, pinned my arms and pressed my dick with her knee. I moaned in fake pain. I started to worry, what if she’ll discover the truth somewhen? I will be in a real danger.

One day I and Julia were walking in the nearby forest and she said:
-You know, we are the same height now.
-No way, you were always 1-2cm smaller, - I said.
-I was 2-3cm smaller years ago. And I was 1-2cm smaller during the last year. – She said. – But now, we are the same.
-Probably not.
-Don’t want to admit obvious? – She came up to me very closely. It looked like she really was the same height now. Our eyes were at the same level.

We measured each other’s height soon after that. We were both 157 or 158 cm at the time. I was more than 12.5 y.o. at the time and she was more than 11.5. She was younger and a girl, and she was now the same size as me! Moreover, Ifinished 7 grades at the time and she finished only 5. As I told you guys before, she’s 1 year younger than me, but she was 2 years behind me in education. I was always the youngest in my grades and she was the oldest.

Of course I realized she started her growth spurt. My classmates girls started it a year before. Some of them were taller than me and had even tiny breasts. However I felt something wrong here, that my younger sister started her growth spurt earlier than me.

-I’ll probably become even taller than you soon, - Julia said. – You should be in fear.
-No reason I should be in fear, - I said.
-Haha, you should. And you know what?
-I guess it sucks to be a boy.
-What are you talking about?! – I resented.
-I can prove you, it completely sucks to be a boy, - she said proudly.
-You see, I’m 1 year younger than you. And I’m your sister. If I were your brother, no way I could be the same height now. I’m the tallest in my grades, taller than any boy. It’s because girls start to grow earlier. So I caught you up now. I’ll be bigger than you soon and I’ll beat you easely, exactly because I’m a girl.

I didn’t answer and internally I was agree with her.

-And the second reason is your dick, - she said. – I can use it painfully against you. And you can do nothing with this. It’s exactly because you are a boy and I’m a girl. So as a girl, I have many natural advantages over you now, - she grinned.

After that , she always started to tease me this way. She always reminded me that she is a girl and this is a reason she is better than me physically.

Sometimes she said things like “Remember, you’ll be shorter than me soon, big brother! You’re just a boy, so you can’t do anything about this” or “Don’t feel bad when I will be more adult than you, big bro! You know, I’m a young lady and you’re just a boy.”

I started to think, what if she really can be taller and stronger than me soon? I felt quite humiliated of this. I mean, she is my younger sister! But the more I thought the more I realized it can be real. Some of my classmate girls were taller and stronger, and Julia was only 1 year younger, so why not? Worse than that, I realized, Julia will became more and more girly soon. She will have nice tits, girly ass and long legs, like some girls in school. And probably she will be able to beat me at the same time!

Soon I noticed, my penis started to stiffen regularly when I think about it. However, my mind didn’t like it at all.
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Default Re: Russian Amazons

Please go on!
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