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Old 31-Jan-18, 23:38
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Default Becca Just Moved In

I first noticed Becca when she moved in. I mean, it was literally the house right next door, hard to miss a new neighbor then. She was a middle aged woman, noone was with her so it looked like a new divorcee with probably no kids. Or lost the custody. Who knows. But she was a definite looker for her age, and I did notice her looking. It’d be when I would get the mail, or when I was outside doing whatever dumb chores, she’d always just happen to come out or be walking past an exposed window. It kinda was an ego booster for me. But things changed one Saturday morning. I was sitting on the couch watching whatever the fuck, I can’t even remember what the program was, but a knock came at my door and I groaned not wanting to get up, but thankfully I did.

There stood Becca on my porch, in a black tank top and matching booty shorts. Maybe she was just working out. “May I help you?” She gave a little smile, which was a cute one, may I add. “It seems I’m the only house without power, you mind if I stay here until the power company fixes it?” What kind of a 20 year old would deny a definite cougar from entering his house. “Oh, yeah sure no problem, come on in.” I turned around, to make sure the house was in a decent shape and when I turned back to her, she was already wrapping her arms around my waist, locking her wrists together on my back, while shooting a leg out to pull my door closed. “What.” Was all I could get out of my mouth. “Look, I find you fascinating, and when I want something, I get it.” The last statement she made sure to whisper into my ear, before nibbling on it slightly. She was a taller woman, roughly 5’10, just under about 3 inches from me. I didn’t know what to feel, she certainly was making a move, and what a move it was. But at the same time, what if she was some psychopath who wanted to murder me at the end of it?

I began to push on her shoulders slightly, trying to get some separation between our bodies, but her bearhug was locked in tight. “You’re not going anywhere.” With the word anywhere, she clamped her arms together, squishing my waist between her two biceps. She quickly pinned my body against a wall, and she buried her face into my neck, sucking on it slightly causing me to moan from both the pleasure of her lips and the pain of her squeezing my body. She peeled me off the wall and lifted me into the air. I was utterly shocked, I wasn’t a big guy, lanky was the best way to describe me. But even then, she lifted my 175lb body as if I was 105lbs. “We’re going to have so much fun together.”

She marched me to the living room where I just was, and let my drop onto the couch. “What I love is a helpless young man in my grasp.” Clearly, she was a dominatrix, while I was still in somewhat shock at the whole situation, I certainly wasn’t complaining. She pounced on top of me, her legs straddling my stomach, and her hands gripping my wrists, pinning them above my head. She would press our lips together in a kiss, while she bounced slightly on my stomach, slight amount of air being pushed out of my body and into her mouth, which she moaned in response to. She peeled off my lips and sat upright, letting my hands go. “Go ahead and feel my legs.” I complied and rub her thighs up and down, they weren’t bulging muscles but they certainly were firm and toned. She smiled at me obeying and quickly dropped off my body, laying on her back and opened her legs up. “Put your head between them, babe.” Again, I did as I was told and quickly pressed my face against her crotch and she wrapped her legs around my skull, locking her ankles on the top of my back.

“Maybe I’ll just keep you down there all day.” She cooed out, while slowly straightening her legs. That slowly put the pressure in them, and on my head. Squishing my face between them while I tried to grip on her legs to pull them apart slightly to get some air into my system, but she locked her hands in mine and kept them away from my fleshy prison. “I don’t think so, you’re getting out when I let you out.” She seemed annoyed that I tried to get out, as she straightened her legs out completely, her muscles clamping my head together as I began to cry out something that probably didn’t sound anything coherent, and she slowly let the pressure go, a big smile on her face. “Did that hurt too much? Maybe we should train your pain tolerance.” Again she repeated the motion, putting all her strength into her thighs to squish my head, and I thought that’s when I would be knocked out, my sight going fuzzy and trying to choke out a beg. “It’s time for a little nap, little boy.” She hissed, her tone changing from the innocent seducer, to the dominant persona she was showcasing with her legs.

Next thing I knew I woke up in my bedroom, with my body completely stripped. My bare waist was already placed in between her legs. Becca had stripped down to just her bra and panties. “Ah! Somebody is finally awake!” I rubbed my head, in was pounding, probably from the fact I was knocked out, as my senses were slowly coming back to me. “How long was I out?” I muttered out, still feeling pain from the earlier squeeze session. “Just under an hour, but don’t worry I won’t knock you out again.” What a sigh of relief. It was better to be sarcastic to myself instead of to her. “You’re too much fun of a toy!” Her thighs immediately began clamping my waist together in them. Which caused me to groan out in pain, as I my hands rested on her thighs, knowing if I tried to pry at them, she’d probably get pissed like last time. “Go ahead and feel what your captors are like in action.” Just as before, I didn’t hesitate to do what I was told. Everytime I ran my hands up her thighs, the pressure would pour on my waist, then when I went down her skin, she’d let me suck in some air.

It was like a goddamn python toying with the morning prey. Hell, that’s probably how she viewed it. She grinded my core to a mush of what it use to be in probably a 5 minute time frame. She knew how to use her legs, to say the least. “Ok.” Her legs let my waist go, and I sucked in all the air I could, it probably sounded like I was panting. My body was on fire, my head still hurting from being knocked out. But at the same time, my dick was basically rock hard. My body and brain both knew I was enjoying every minute of this. “One last hold, then we can cuddle! And of course, you’re the little spoon!” Her voice wasn’t shy of hiding her glee from all of this. Before I could even register her last sentence, she moved like a flash. Flipping me onto my back, climbing backwards on top of me, and wrapping my face up in her legs. This time however, my face was pressed in tight against her ass, not her crotch.

She locked one of her ankles into the space of behind her knee, it was a classic figure four reverse headscissors. “I like this one the most! I mean, let’s face it, you probably love it just as much as I do!” This position hurt a hell alot more than the classic headscissors. Everytime she squeezed her legs, my face would be buried into her crack that was just barely covered my her thin pink thong. Have you ever been smothered and choked at the same time? It fucking hurts. I began to prepare myself from passing out again, but she knew from the sounds of my dying gurgles that when I was about to, and she’d let up the pressure. My heading bobbing out of her ass and I desperately sucked all the missing air back into my lungs. Just as I began to recover, she buried me into her ass and her thighs bulged around my head.

Her hips began to roll back and forth, throwing my body to the left then to the right. She was throwing me around now, knowing next on the pain list was my neck from the whiplash. She leaned forward, resting her head on one of my legs, as I felt one of her fingers slowly toy with my erection, turning it on even more. “Maybe later I’ll take care of this little guy.” That’s when she sat back up straight, and again my sight went fuzzy and before long I was out cold again.

My first attempt at a story, hope you all enjoy
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Old 01-Feb-18, 01:10
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Default Re: Becca Just Moved In

Great 1st story. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I of course liked that it featured primarily scissors.
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Old 12-May-18, 19:21
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Default Re: Becca Just Moved In

Just love your amazing stories...look forward to more
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bearhug, bodyscissors, dominance, headscissors, neighbor

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