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Old 21-Aug-17, 04:50
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Post Curl-ups from Hell (F/m)

Long silky black hair held in a ponytail swayed in the wind at the University track and soccer field. Kristen put her hands on the ground her soccer cleats reached straight into the clear blue sky. Her silky black short shorts with a white rim on the bottoms dangled loosely down her milky white thighs. Jay crouched down and supported her narrow waist she wrapped her thighs delicately around his neck. His eyes grew for a second but he hid the fact well that she was a lot more girl than he anticipated. He stood up.

She was 5’ 7” on the ground. Not threatening so sweet and nice. When she had asked him for help for sit ups she was all smiles and even had to hide her face behind her hand as she blushed.

Kristen hung in front of his chest she clasped her hands around the back of her neck and looked up with a smile. “Ready?”

“Yep.” Jay said.

Kristen abdominals contracted and her toned midsection came up and crushed against his face. He inhaled the crisp detergent smell from her white shirt.

“Thank you so much for being my partner today Jay.”

She lowered herself down he felt her quads flex slightly. “Oh Go-” He cleared his throat, “I mean uh, no problem.”

Kristen paused and squeezed her eyebrow together. She looked to the side with a slight smile. “Okay... than?”

When Kristen lowered herself down again his face appeared it was less confident and more skittish. A vein on Jay's bald head bulged for a second.

“Are you alright? Your face is getting a little little red.” She lifted for another rep. Kristen paused and looked up.“ You know what we should probably stop it's not good for your neck to be supporting all of my weight like this.”

"Yea!" Jay said in a quick dry squeaky voice.

Jay watched Kristen core contract the pressure in his head increased to a faint lightheadedness her thighs were secured around his neck just enough so she wouldn't fall but he still felt a sharp pain in his neck.

“Krist?” He said his face now growing more red and panicked.

“Six, seven, ahh, eight." Kristen raised her eyebrows and tilted her head. "How are those vertebrate doing? I think I'm gettin a few to shift around a bit.”

Jays smacked his lips together and instead of taking breathing a sickly wheeze came from his throat.

“Soccer and gymnastics really have made my legs strong huh.”

Jays arms pushed against Kristen but his arms were no match for her core strength. The only thing this did was cause her thighs to squeeze tighter.

Jay watched her lower; he clenched his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut. He made a pathetic squeal a man shouldn't be able to make. His face was now bright red and another vein started to protrude from his sweaty forehead. He braced against Kristen again but she effortlessly began to crunch up.

“Strong huh?”

He began frantically tapping against her thighs. He stumbled to one knee

Kristen looked down and smiled again “You're fucking sweating more than I am!” Kristen lowered. “Looking forward to permanent neck problems?” She asked.

A couple of girls gathered around them. He clenched his teeth and exhaled fiercely through his nose and stood. Everything seemed to wobble in his vision. He watched Kristen steadily raise and lower. Everything was quiet to him but he knew there was commotion around him he saw girls point and laugh. But could only hear the cute grunts from Kristen as she forced more blood into his head like a hand bike tire pump. He followed Kristen eyes with every rep with his sad terrified puppy eyes. He knew he was no match against the thighs of a sadistic gymnast.

Soon a group of ten people were watching.

Kristen pressed a finger against his forehead and left a pale spot of skin. “I guess I'll spare your neck though keep me from falling I’m just a dainty little girl and I don't want to get hurt.”

Jay eagerly wrapped his arms around her narrow waist. Her legs gracefully released from his neck.

“Mmm yes!” His eyes closed he made a euphoric smile of freedom. He felt Kristen hold his arms around her waist. He began noticing a humid sweat smell and that now all Kristen's weight leaned forward.

Jay imagined her jumping off elegantly with her hands in the air but it never happened. He opens his eyes and stared down to her long black knee high socks with matching black soccer cleats pointed out straight in front of him. When He noticed his nose was pressed directly above the young gymnasts asshole he raised his eyebrows. His feet started stamping against the ground. “MMMMM!”

He was unable to move his head or breath from his mouth. He just stood helplessly pathetically beaten and now forced to smell a sweaty girls ass in front of an audience.

His nose made ripping sound through the fabric above the athletes asshole. The pungent sweaty ass smell from an accomplished gymnast and soccer player whom had been working out all day filled his nose. He felt her toned stomach jumping and contracting underneath his fingers as she began laughing uncontrollably.

“That's the most humiliating thing I have ever seen a gymnast do.” A voice said.

Kristen milky thighs slowly split and the sadistic gymnast’s cute innocent smile appeared. “I love forcing losers to smell my sweaty ass after a long day of soccer practice.”

Jay looked at the phones surrounding him and squeezed his eyes shut. His nose abruptly took another long rip of sweaty gymnast ass this time it was mind numbingly strong. He dropped to both knees and his eye started twitching. He made a weak muffled cry for help. The girls laughed and his face went red.

A tear trickled down his right cheek. And the cameras got even closer. Jay fell forward in exhaustion but was stopped as Kristens cleats dug into the dirt and and stopped his fall. His nose pressed harshly against the young athlete asshole. He made a muffled scream into Kristen body. His face bulged and vibrated violently as he struggled to lift the gymnast’s feet off the ground. He lifted her toes about an inch from the ground.

Kristen laughed and arched her back against his chest. She slowly kick he cleats in delight.
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Default Re: Curl-ups from Hell (F/m)

Thread approved.
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