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Old 11-Jan-17, 20:45
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Default Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

“Nice hostel, eh?” I say to Mikaela. The Swing Hostel is a three-story townhouse sandwiched between apartment buildings in a back street in Prague. It’s got an iron gate over a wooden door with cracked red paint. We’re in a residential neighborhood just outside of the tourist area. We’ve been on a plane for fifteen hours and we’re both exhausted.

“It’s lovely,” she says, swinging the gate and door open. “Great gothic architecture.”

The front desk lady is middle aged with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

“Oh, good, you’re here. Welcome to the Swing Hostel,” she says cheerfully. She takes our passports and gets us checked in quickly. “So we’re a brand new hostel, and it’s Saturday, so I’m going home. It’s only the two of you and one other girl. Enjoy yourselves!”

The woman grabs a motorcycle helmet and closes the door behind us. Bam!

“It’s just the two of us,” I say with a suggestive smile. Mikaela winks. “Race you to the top!”

Mikaela hits the stairs first. I’m climbing the narrow staircase with my huge pack following Mikaela’s amazing ass. I met Mikaela in Buenos Aires. She’s a PhD student in Political studies from Brazil and she’s absurdly hot. Tall and curvy with honey brown skin and hair that brushes along the top of her ass. I love that she always wears yoga pants and sports bras. The top of the stairs shows us the Orange room.

There are two huge beds with orange sheets on opposite walls. The rest of the room is giant orange beanbags. The tiny bathroom is just opposite.

“This is nice,” Mikaela says. “I hope the other girl’s in a different room, so we can have some fun!”

I like fun with Mikaela. Like most Brazilians, she’s horny and uninhibited.

I can feel the heat of another person behind me. I turn to find…

“Hi! I’m Sofia,” she says with a slight French accent.

My mouth falls open.

Sofia is a long limbed curvy six feet tall. She has sensuous platinum hair and wet blue eyes. She has enormous double D breasts without a bra, so I can see the nipples poking out at me through her tight white sweater. She’s wearing a plaid mini-skirt that covers less than half her thigh.

Mikaela also is stunned.

“This is the room they told me," Sofia says. "but it seems like this whole place is empty. I also snore a little bit. I think there’s another room here, I could probably go there—“

“No,” Mikaela says, almost too quickly. Mikaela has always been attracted to girls but she’s positively in heat for Sofia. “You can stay here. There’s plenty of room for the three of us.”

Sofia walks into the room with a huge backpack over one shoulder. She has a visceral confidence to the way she moves, like a predator. She sleek muscles that understate their power. Muscles with the strength to cause pleasure and pain.

“Oh, this is nice, they have lockers under the bed,” she says, and casually bends at the waist. Her hair falls in a golden waterfall. Her ass is huge on the end of her long legs and so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it.

Mikaela grabs me by my shirt collar and pulls me into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“What’s going on love?” I ask her.

“I want her,” Mikaela says. “I want her so bad I can taste it. You talk a big game about a threesome, make it happen.”

I am stunned. Mikaela turns to the mirror, fixes her hair. She pulls down on her sports bra so that her cleavage is showing. Then she struts out the door.

Sofia is standing facing the door, and drinks Mikaela in with her eyes.

“So,” Sofia says. “You guys want to go out and see the sights?”


Sofia pulls Mikaela out of the cab in front of the hostel. It’s raining a warm rain with big fat drops that just soak right into your clothes. I pull myself out of the cab and allow myself a moment of appreciation for what just happened.

I spent the night going to various bars and clubs with two gorgeous women. It was pretty clear every guy and girl who saw us was jealous of me, and they should be. We had dinner at a kebab stand, cocktails and dancing at Rouge, and vodka shots at Les Mis.

The cab zooms off.

“De veras that was so much fun. I just love dancing,” Mikaela says. She’s hammered and happy. She starts dancing in the street, hands over her head, her hips moving in sensual rhythms. The rain soaks into Mikaela’s dark hair is and plasters it up over her amazing curves.

“No one does it better than you do, dear,” Sofia says. Rain has turned Sofia’s thin white sweater immediately transparent, clinging to her massive tits with erect nipples. I thought this couldn’t get any better but it just did.

“You are gorgeous.”

“So are you,” Micaela says, and pulls Sofia into a long slow kiss. Their bodies mold together and are soaked by the rain. It’s so erotic I’m getting hard just watching it.

Mikaela suddenly goes limp. She falls backwards but Sofia holds her up by the waist.

“Well, I guess she can’t hold her liquor,” Sofia says, and before I can say anything, she bends down and throws Mikaela over her shoulder with an easy grace. Wow that’s amazing. Mikaela is a healthy five eight and one hundred forty pounds, and Sofia carries her like she’s nothing.

Sofia gives Mikaela a smack on the ass. “Okay, time to get you to bed my dear,” she says and heads into the hostel and up the spiral staircase. Four floors. I am astonished. Meanwhile Sofia’s skirt has risen up so I can see the perfect tanned skin of her amazing ass.

Sofia sways a little bit on her heels as she pushes open the door, and casually dumps Mikaela onto the bed. She’s breathing hard but not winded.

“Whoa, I guess I’m a little drunk also,” Sofia says, and falls next to Mikaela, who is giggling to herself.

I’m still in the doorway in shock and point to Mikaela’s prone body. “How did you?”

“I grew up on a vineyard, Dante. Father was in a wheelchair so I had to do most of the labor myself. Do you know how much a winebarrel weighs? One hundred fifty kilos. Your girlfriend doesn’t weigh half that much.”

Sofia is tall and athletic, but doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, yet she can lift three hundred thirty pounds. My brain did the math and realized that’s as much as myself and Mikaela put together.

I plop myself down on the bed across from her.

“So what’s it like living in a vineyard?”

“My father’s estate is beautiful and it smells like the earth. The Sun turns berries into wine. It’s magical…” she says as the hair falls over her face. She blows a lock of hair out of her eyes and frowns. “And so, so boring. So when my birthday came, I knew I had to do something new. So I came to Prague.”

“It’s my birthday today? Congratulations!” I say.

Mikaela sits up. “Happy birthday, sexy.”

“Yes, happy birthday. I think Mikaela and I know exactly what your present is. So, how old are you turning?”

“Fifteen,” she says with a straight face.

“Fifteen?” I ask. “You mean twenty-five, right? English isn’t your first language.”

“Quinze,” she repeats in French, and my face sinks. Fifteen.

Crap, I knew this was too good to be true. I should have realized her schoolgirl outfit was a fantasy. Sofia was an actual high school student. We’ve been talking and flirting with Sofia all night. We talked Baudelaire, Middle East politics and the Higgs Boson. With her maturity, intelligence I assumed she was at least in her twenties. Until thirty seconds ago, I was pretty sure I was going to have a threesome with the hottest girl I’d ever met in my life.

Mikaela shakes her head and groans, gets up, and goes to the bathroom. Mikaela and I are kinky and open minded but we’re also adults. There’s no way we’re having sex with a fifteen year old. I turn away from Sofia and pull off my shirt and my pants. My hardon is clearly visible through my underwear.

“Okay, well, tonight was fun and happy birthday, but I guess I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.”

A hand grabs my hair from behind and pulls me up. Sofia spins me around facing her and pushes me up against the wall. She kisses me. Her tongue is soft and warm and wet. The rest of her body molds against mine.

“No, this is wrong,” I say, pushing her away from me.

This presses my painfully erect cock into the crack of her ass. I try to ignore it and reach for my phone, but Sofia keeps squirming just out of my reach. Meanwhile she squeezes her ass cheeks, trapping my cock and balls inside that hot tight space.

We lose balance and she catches her fall one hand against the desk. This has her bent over in front of me, perfect ass jammed up against my groin. Her skirt has ridden up her thighs and it was nothing but her thong and my briefs between me and her. She looks back at me with a devilish smile, hair falling partly over her face, puts the phone down and starts pumping up and down on my cock.

My hands fell onto her hips and I arched into her involuntarily. Every part of my body was telling me to rip her underwear off and fuck her, right there in her room.

“You'd better man up and try to fuck me,” she whispered, rubbing up against me. I felt like my dick could rip through my underwear and tear her in half. "If you don't, I'm going to fuck you."

“Shut up,” I said, getting hot and harder.

She arched her back more, driving into me, and turned her head so that
her lips were right next to my ear. “Mikaela is a sexy girl. I think I could fuck her better than you can. What do you think?”

“Shut up,” I say, losing control. I grind my pelvis into her.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, and then I’m to fuck your girlfriend until she can’t walk. What do you think about that?”

“Ok, to hell with this. I’m going to fuck you,” I say, losing control. I rip off her thong and pull down my underwear.

“No you aren’t,” Sofia says, abruptly standing and turning to face me. She grabs the back of my hair forcefully and pulls my head back. She wraps a leg around mine and slipping the other in between so that my taut cock rubs right into her pussy. Her skirt rides up so that I’m pressed up against her pussy lips but not going inside. Her right hand strokes the back of my neck and her breath is hot on my ear.

“I’m a virgin, Dante. You don’t get to fuck me yet. But I’m going to fuck you. Today is my birthday, and you two my birthday present.” She whispers.
I try to pull away but she’s incredibly strong. Her left hand reaches around my back and cradles my balls. She massages them gently, tugging then stroking.

“First I’m going to fuck your girlfriend while you watch. I’m going to make her cum harder than you ever have. Then I’m going to fuck you, Dante.”

“Get off of me,” I say, less in command and more in fear.

She keeps rubbing and grinding. I keep trying to change the angle to push inside of her, but just as I feel her open to me, she arches her hips and slides me up her labia. She’s so wet that I’m being fucked but just at the edge of satisfaction.

“I’m not getting off,” she whispers in my ear. “You are.”

She continues to rub her body on while massaging my balls. The pressure
built up at the base of my penis and I wanted to explode. Then she jams a finger into my ass and started to massage my prostate.

Mikaela runs the water and the door opens.

“Holy shit! Mikaela is coming!”

“Don’t worry, she’ll come later. You’re coming now,” Sofia whispers. She grinds her pussy into my cock while her pinky massages my prostate and the rest of her hand pulls on my balls.

I explode into her. My entire body spasms trapped between her and the wall. Hot cum shoots out onto my stomach. My hips grind into her involuntarily, Sofia rides each ejaculation wave skillful, both soothing and exciting me. She draws the orgasm out, pulling against my balls while sucking on my cock with her pussy.

“That feels pretty good right?" she asks.

"Oh my god," I murmur.

"Imagine what it would feel like to be inside me."

Just the thought of being inside of her makes me spasm harder. I’m orgasming into my own orgasm. Stars and darkness float in front of my eyes. I feel lightheaded like I’m going to pass out. .

She drops me down on the bed. I’m spent.

That was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt. My breathing calms down and I am at the purest peace. A fifteen year old has penetrated me and jacked me off with savage sensuality. How will I ever want regular sex again?

“Don’t worry, baby,” she says, stroking my forehead. “We’ll do that again. Many times.”

I’m just about to protest when she pulls down my underwear. She touches the tip of her tongue to my cock which is unbelievably rock hard

Holy shit holy shit holy shit. It’s like lightning impulses of pleasure shoot out of my groin up my spine to the top of my head and to my fingers and toes. Sofia sucks me dry and somehow I come again, so hard that it actually hurts but feels so good.

“We will do that again, many times. But first I’m going to fuck your girlfriend.”
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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

That was so hot! Love that Sofia is so strong, so developed and yet so young! She seemed to control every single bit of the action, she may be a virgin, but she may have so much natural skill to go along with her strength, that she will live up to her word, fucking both their brains out, even though it's her first time, nice!
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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

Very much looking forward to part 2!
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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

Originally Posted by Hawk [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Very much looking forward to part 2!
Me too! LOL
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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

Couldn't agree more, please say there is a part two!
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Default Re: Hot Sofia has her way with me and my girlfriend in the hostel, Part I

Since it appears the original author has no interest in continuing this, I just may take it upon myself to continue this story, of course, most likely I will make Hot Sofia even stronger and more sexual than she already seems to be. One thing I'm thinking of is in a moment where she is overpowering him she whispers in his ear, "Remember when I said I used to be able to carry the wine barrels? Well, before I left, I was in the practice of carrying one over each shoulder, and it was easy. I guess you can say I'm something of a strength prodigy. Luckily for my father and the farm, I had two younger sisters who are also strong, not as strong as me, but for girls of 10 and 12, they're mightily strong."
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