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Old 15-Feb-17, 23:29
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Default Sativa reviews

So I took on Sativa today as my third session of the day at the submission room. First thing to say is that she is beautiful, strong, and very friendly. I found her easy to chat to from the start!

Our session was more domination-wrestling, than fantasy or semi comp. By that I mean, I did what I was bloody well told, got punished when I didn't, and put through a variety of wrestling and judo based holds (she's a blue belt in Judo I believe).

She frequently smothered me with her feet, made me kiss/lick them, and forced her toes into my mouth. At one point, she even made me walk on all fours around the mat, with her sat on my back, with her feet wrapped around my face!

She put me in several different holds - triangle choke, rear naked, scissors etc - and boy, is she powerful. I did a reasonable job of lasting as long as I could but tapped out each time otherwise I WOULD have been knocked out, simple as that.

She, like many others before her, discovered that I am ticklish, and pinned me down frequently, playing with my nipples before trapping my arms, and head, and tickling me from feet to neck. You could hear the screams from the other side of the planet probably!

She also trampled me several times, at one point rubbing her feet over my cock playfully but dominantly before trampling my stomach again, and then shoving her feet back in my face.

She also sat on the back of my head, reached down, and nearly wedgied my boxers off me!

Throughout this session, she played her role of dominant extremely well, kicking my ass and issuing dire threats up to and including ending my life on the spot.

She even made me take some photos of her whilst she was on top of me - one of them was taken with her standing over me with her foot planted firmly in my mouth, toe-fucking my throat and the other was with her sat on me (reverse). They are POV photos (from my perspective!) Both photos she has put on her twitter today, FYI.

After the session, we had a good chat, then she asked me if I wouldnt mind waiting and walking with her to the tube station afterwards. That was pretty cool. We chatted all the way back to the station, and beyond, openly about the wrestling scene whilst on the tube (!!!) and left each other with a hug and peck on the cheek at Kings Cross Station (she very kindly helped me find the right train for me!).

I will re-book with this girl in a heartbeat! Very friendly and a very dominant attitude when it comes to the wrestling.
Sit on my face
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Old 19-Feb-19, 10:01
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Default Re: Sativa reviews

Does anyone else have any session experiences with Sativa? I'm looking for something recent, like in 2018 or this year. I'm looking to have a scissor session with her when she comes to India in April. Is she good at applying scissors? How strong are her scissors? Does she do KOs?
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Old 19-Feb-19, 12:06
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Default Re: Sativa reviews

Met her in London in December 2018 it was my second session with her. Don’t hesitate - book her. Fantastic girl, very sexy, great scissors and I am almost certain she does Knockouts (I don’t do them). She’s also proficient in punching, kicking and BJJ moves.
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