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Old 15-Nov-18, 11:47
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Default Karly Salinas Review

I met Karly nearly a week ago for a scissors session with some light semi competitive wrestling mixed in. She responded very quickly and thoroughly to emails and accepted me as a client despite my being a first time sessioner and therefore having no references. Setting up the session was as easy as can be and she even adjusted her schedule slightly to get me into the time slot that I needed. Karly is very professional and clear about the things that she does not do, so if you are thinking about “extras” you should probably book someone else.

Karly is very easy to talk to and will make even the socially awkward (like me) feel comfortable. She is very intelligent and created a very fun, relaxed session atmosphere even when she was choking the life out of me. She does not do competitive sessions and asks that you not to put her at risk of injury. Karly is also a model and wants to avoid bruises as much as possible. Having said that, she wrestled in a very controlled manner, but once she locks you into a hold she has no issues with dialing up the pressure.

Karly is absolutely gorgeous and looks as good if not better than her pictures. Her hair was a little longer than what I saw in her pics but that just made her more attractive. She has a very fit feminine athletic body type. She is not shredded but you can see that she has some muscle under that soft smooth skin. She looks pretty strong and was still somehow stronger than I expected. She lists herself at 5’4” and 130 lbs which I believe is accurate, but the way she is put together makes her seem a little taller than that.

She seems to be very new to wrestling and her skills are not great at this time. She has taken a few jujitsu classes and really seems to enjoy grappling so I expect that her skills will improve quickly. She primarily went for chokes when we wrestled but I believe her technique was off (I’m no expert). When she applied guillotine chokes I didn’t get close to passing out but I tapped because she was crushing my Adam’s apple. Her rear naked chokes were pretty much the same result. She had me in perfect position for a triangle but it ended up being a straight scissor with my head and arm inside.

Her scissors are very strong and difficult to escape. Despite this, to my and her surprise, she could not tap me out with any variation of headscissors. Her reverse headscissors is her best hold and the only one that gave me that “head is about to explode sensation”. I never felt close to KO but I think if she could have held her max squeeze for a few more seconds she could have gotten me there. She said that most guys tap quickly in her reverse and she has done KO’s before. At one point as she was squeezing me she said, “this is where they usually convulse and go out”. Her bodyscissors across the diaphragm did not get me to tap, but once when she was squeezing my ribs, there was a pop and then quickly another pop. She heard it and released the hold. It was not painful at the time, but definitely got sore and was painful anytime she squeezed me after that. My ribs are still sore six days later and my throat was sore for a couple of days as well. I also had some friction marks on my neck which I believe were from some guillotine chokes that she was really cranking on.

I am a skinny guy at about 5’10” and 145” lbs so we were fairly evenly matched size and strength wise which made it more fun for both of us in my opinion. I think that in a real match it would have been a good battle. She would have caught me in more holds as I am completely untrained, but I can take a lot of pain and would have escaped some of them. I only tried to pin her which I did not successfully accomplish. She was very good at fending me off and she bucked me off to the side the one time that I got the mount position.

Overall I had a great time and would like to see Karly again once she sharpens her skills a little.
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Old 08-Feb-19, 09:41
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Default Re: Karly Salinas Review

I had the pleasure of doing a session with Karly Salinas and I thought I’d be doing the world a deservice not sharing it. If she comes to your town, drop what you are doing and schedule a session.

Her communication before hand as extremely professional. She took the time to answer my questions and really ask what I was looking for in a session. We set up a time and it was very easy.

When I met her my jaw almost dropped to the floor. Her pictures are incredible but seeing her in person is such an amazing experience. She’s beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes are wlecoming. Her smile is endearing and sweet. Her body is literally all muscle but feels so soft yet firm. Her legs are strong as hell. I was tapping like crazy. Her chest, I can’t even tell you how perfect in a tight sports bra. And her feet. They smelled amazing and I kissed them a millions times.

The session went by in the blink of an eye. She beat me in arm wrestling several times all while laughing. I saw stars from her scissors and she pinned me.

The rest of the session was just focused on her feet. That was the best part of the session. They are incredible.

In short, my best session ever was Karly. You have to meet her.
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Old 15-Feb-19, 08:23
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Default Re: Karly Salinas Review

I really wish she’d come to London. Definitely on my wish list.
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Old 15-Feb-19, 17:38
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Default Re: Karly Salinas Review

Originally Posted by Bobthegodoftoenails [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I really wish she’d come to London. Definitely on my wish list.
Invite her.
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