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Old 15-Mar-19, 02:29
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Default Re: Gloria in Montreal

After a few disappointing domination sessions with Montreal escorts, I finally have a good one to report...

She's a young mulatto girl named Gloria, who said a wrestling / boxing beatdown would interest her, although she had very little experience, but would like to try it. And her donation was very reasonable.

We met at her place, and it was quite clean and neat, especially compared to some of the crack-houses I've been to, and it's on the West Island, so ample parking.

She's about 5'4", maybe 125 pounds, nice body, pretty face, and big, natural boobs, with pierced nipples and a few tattoos. She has an hourglass figure, and if she worked out a few times a week, she'd probably have a smoking hard body.

We go into her bedroom, which is pretty big with room to move, but with hardwood floors, and this is when I knew she may not have understood the wrestling part.

She got naked right away (literally, she took off everything), and I got down to my underwear. I re-explained to her about what we would do, and we then attempted to wrestle on the bed, and this was a bit disappointing, as now I knew she didn't really understand what I meant by wrestling.
But I showed her a few simple holds, and some scissors, and while it wasn't exactly intense, she was very open to learning, and had no problems sitting on my face and playing with my cock. So not a total disappointment ;-)

Then it got very interesting...

We stood up to box, and again, I re-explained to her what I wanted, we put on the gloves, and she even told me I could hit back.
As with most first-timers, she was a bit hesitant, and was hitting me only in the body, and not too hard. I told her she could hit harder, and to hit me in the face too. She did, and started hitting pretty hard, and would mix in a few face shots. After a few minutes, she asked if she could go harder as she was enjoying it, and I said sure.

Now she really started to pound me, beating my body hard, and throwing some really good face punches too, and even put me in a headlock and pounded my face a bunch of times. She seemed
really into it, and it was very enjoyable for me too.

This went on for a bit, and she was beating me good, then she told me there were only a few minutes left. I asked her if she wanted to do some bare knuckle, and she said no problem (I actually had to tell her to take her rings off, lol).

The funny part here is she didn't ask how hard to hit or anything, she just started punching. Apparently her being worried about my well-being was no longer important, as I think she was now really enjoying beating me up.

She hit me with solid lefts and rights all over my body, with no hesitation at all, and she was hitting hard, and that sound of bare fist punching is such a turn-on, in my opinion.
I told her the face was ok too, and right away, she punched me in the face with a few lefts and rights.

For the next few minutes, it was like a one-sided street fight, with her hitting me hard in the chest, ribs, stomach, and face. I had no idea where the next punch was going, and they were constant. It was very intense, and she now even had a fierce, driven look on her face. The punches were coming fast and hard.

Although some of it is a blur, I remember at one point, she hit me hard a few times in the stomach, causing me to hunch over, then she landed an unexpected uppercut to my face. As the force of the punch made me stand back upright, she immediately hit me with a few lefts and rights to both sides of my cheeks. Those were some solid shots, and I figured there would be some swelling from them later, lol.

To finish, she put me in a headlock, and gave me some wicked uppercuts, hard enough that I was seeing flashes of light (which I'm pretty sure is why my eye is now somewhat purple, lol).
Then we "finished", as escorts tend to do ;-)

So although the wrestling was not great, and I do hope she learns a few basic moves, the boxing / punching part was really good, and I'm guessing the next time, she's going to make both my eyes purple

PM me if you'd like her info.

Added after 7 minutes:

Here she is.

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