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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Possibly a bit late, but personally I'd rather Taylor didn't appear. It's a lot of fun to see Liz by herself and I think Taylor showing up would detract a bit from my enjoyment. The tight focus on Liz and Scott is more fun.

Thanks for another fun story though! Very much enjoying reading it!
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Originally Posted by Nihilus [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Possibly a bit late, but personally I'd rather Taylor didn't appear. It's a lot of fun to see Liz by herself and I think Taylor showing up would detract a bit from my enjoyment. The tight focus on Liz and Scott is more fun.

Thanks for another fun story though! Very much enjoying reading it!
I agree with Nihilus.
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

When will this story continue?
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Old 19-May-17, 18:58
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

I'm working on it! Part 3 has turned into a pretty long story!

And I decided to leave Taylor out of it
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

The way you write, mate, a long story is a very good thing. And thank you for listening to us about Taylor.
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Originally Posted by mixfightor [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The way you write, mate, a long story is a very good thing. And thank you for listening to us about Taylor.
I love Liz's scissor hold. Hope there is alot of them!
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Part 3: The Iron Man Match

Scott woke up in a cold sweat. He was aching all over but he quickly realized he was no longer bound up in his sleeping bag. He crawled free and headed downstairs for what he expected to be a confrontation with his cousin but all he found was a note from his mom.

"Liz and I went out to pick her up some fresh clothes. Will be back soon. Love, Mom."

He was partially relieved that his cousin wouldn't be wrestling him in the same underwear she had slept in but his heart began to race when he realized that she could literally be buying anything right now. And he knew she typically would wrestle in outfits that made things especially awkward for him. He needed to come up with some sort of plan to help defend himself. That's when he grabbed a phone and called his childhood friend Alex.

Alex had been a good friend of Scott's for several years. They had spent many hours practicing wrestling moves in Alex' makeshift ring in his basement. It was essentially a couple blue mats with bar stools set up at each corner to act as ring posts.

Scott had never told Alex about Liz or their encounter earlier in the summer so he took the time to inform him over the phone. He then explained that he would need Alex to act as an impartial referee to try to keep things at least somewhat fair in the upcoming contest. Alex agreed to help him out so Scott cleaned himself up and scribbled a note of his own.

"Gone to Alex' house to practice wrestling. Liz can meet us if she wants. - Scott"

At Alex' house, Scott filled in his friend on Liz but left out some of the more embarrassing details. Alex listened intently in his black and white striped referee shirt and black shorts. He was a few inches taller than Scott and weighed maybe 30lbs more but was rather thin in his own right.

A half hour or so later, Liz showed up in the same blue sundress she had worn yesterday along with a bag with some fresh clothes in it.

"So you thought you could hide from me cuz?" She asked.

"Not at all. I just knew that for an Iron Man match, we'd need a referee to keep score. And I think it's important we stick to the rules. We wrestle for one hour. Alex will keep the time and track of the score. A fall can be earned by pin, submission, knockout or disqualification. You wanted a real match right? Well then it's time you started following rules!" Scott explained.

"Fine by me. It doesn't matter what rules we play by, you can't beat me. But if I'm going to agree to not only these rules but also having your friend as ref, then I'm thinking we need to up the ante." Liz responded with a wicked smile.

"I knew you'd want to fight for something so my only demand is, if I win, Taylor stops calling me her slave." Scott answered back. He had anticipated this happening and knew he had to try to break free from this psychological grasp the two girls held over him.

"Oh boy! Is that it cuz? You want your freedom? Well technically I can't free you, only your master could authorize something like that. But you know what? You ain't going to win so it's not like it matters so fine. You got it. Can I go get changed now?" She asked.

"Yea fine." He told her. She started walking up the stairs to the bathroom but suddenly stopped.

"Oops! I almost forgot to tell you what I get if I win! When I win, you're gong to have to... KISS MY FEET!" She proclaimed and hurried up the stairs.

Once she was gone, Alex turned to his friend.

"She's ummmm something. You sure you want to do this?" He asked.

"I don't really have much of a choice. Just be glad you're only the referee!" Scott answered.

After a few moments, Liz broke into her ring announcer voice as she stepped down the stairs.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE VERY SPECIAL COUSIN VS COUSIN IRON MAN MATCH! INTRODUCING FIRST! SHE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE DOMINANT COUSIN! WEIGHING IN AT A FIT 110 LBS, SHE IS THE MASTER OF THE LIZ LOCK, SHE IS LETHAL. LEGS. LIZZZZZZ!!!" She boomed, tossing her bag of dirty clothes to the side and stepping up to the mats. She was barefoot, wearing short black spandex shorts along with a hot pink sports bra. Her hair was pulled up into her customary pig tails and she had a confident grin on her face.

"Like my outfit cuz? I decided to wear Hart Foundation colors for you!" She said with a wink. Alex' jaw dropped when he saw the incredibly fit teen. Her abs were ripped as she was rocking what could possibly be considered an 8 pack. And her legs, while rather short, looked incredibly powerful. As thin as she was, her bottom half appeared to be solid. Scott took off his shirt and bounced around in his red mesh shorts. He rolled his eyes as he realized his friend may already be falling under his cousin's control.


"The squashed!"

"Don't call me that!" He yelled and started towards his cousin but Alex stepped between the two.

"Hey hey hey! Wait for my instructions! I want a good clean fight. If a fall is earned, there will be a break. I will let you know when to start again. Ok, you guys ready? Fight!" Alex announced and hit start on the timer.

Liz wasted no time and advanced right towards her cousin. Scott was prepared though and knowing things were desperate, he decided to take the low road. He brought his hand up and poked Liz right in the eyes.

"Hey come on Scott! Watch the eyes!" Alex reprimanded as Liz yelped in pain and rubbed her face. Scott quickly grabbed hold of her pig tails and yanked her down between his legs. He then snatched her around the waist and lifted her up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb. He drove her down and pushed forward for a jackknife cover.

"One! Two!" The ref proclaimed but Liz crossed her legs behind her cousin's head and thrusted upwards just before the three count. The motion sent him sideways and suddenly he was trapped in Liz' inescapable headscissors.

"LIZ LOCK!" She exclaimed as she flexed her legs at full power, squeezing the life out of her cousin. Scott flopped about and shot his legs off the side of the mat.

"That's it! Rope break Liz! Break the hold!" Alex ordered but Liz just laughed at him.

"Rope break? Fuck off!" She spat back.

"I'm warning you! You have a 5 count! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! That's it you're disqualified! Let him go!" The ref demanded but Liz kept squeezing so Alex jumped in and yanked at her ankles. He struggled to pry them apart and was astonished at her strength. By the time the hold was broken, Scott was unconscious.

"Alright! Don't touch me!" Liz shouted, hopping to her feet and getting in Alex' face.

"I'm the referee! You have to obey my commands at all times!" He responded, motioning to his striped shirt as if it gave him authority.

"You clearly don't know me. It's you boys that follow my commands." Liz said back sternly. Alex gulped in fear as he realized just how intimidating this girl was. She had just legitimately knocked out his friend and now she seemed to be threatening him.

"You may be used to calling the shots but as long as this match is happening in my ring, I make the rules. Therefore, the winner of the first fall via disqualification, Scott! With 58 minutes remaining, Scott is ahead, 1-0!" Alex proclaimed.

"Whatever ref." Liz spat back with disdain as she turned back towards her opponent who was getting onto his hands and knees. She stepped over his back, yanked his arms over the tops of her thighs and sat down. She then clasped her hands under his chin and reared back into a brutal camel clutch.

"What do you say Scott?" Alex asked.

"Ahhh! Nooooo!" Scott moaned out.

"No huh? What about now?" Liz asked before taking one hand under his nose, and yanking upwards roughly. Scott yelped in agony as his cousin tormented him.

"Hey! No raking! One! Two! Three! Four!" Alex counted but Liz broke her grip before the dq.

"You are no fun ref!" She scolded before reaching into her cousin's mouth and pulling it wide open in a grueling double fish hooks eliciting more screams from Scott. Alex responded with another 5 count but Liz again released on four.

"Hey! You do that again and I'm gonna make you break the hold!" Alex threatened.

"Do what again? This?" Liz asked and re-applied the double fish hooks.

"That's it! I warned you! Now break the hold!" Alex demanded and began another five count. At four, Liz released the fish hooks but grabbed back under his chin into a classic camel clutch.

"Nope! I won't allow it! Release the hold or I'll disqualify you again!" Alex instructed but Liz just reared back tighter, causing her cousin to tap out.

"He's submitting! Announce me as the winner of the fall!" Liz shouted but Alex refused and instead began prying at her hands.

"That's it, this fall is over! Scott wins via disqualification!" He announced as Liz finally let go and gave Alex a hard shove.

"What's your fucking problem Alex?!" She yelled, unhappy that she was being denied the control she had grown accustomed to.

"You can not put your hands on an official! That's another disqualification! You want to keep going?" He asked as confidently as he could muster. Inside he was terrified of what she could do to him but trusted that her rivalry with her cousin would keep her from doing anything too foolish. She stared back at him long and hard before pursing her lips and uttering "whatever"

"Good. The score is 3-0 Scott with 54 minutes left." Alex proclaimed. Meanwhile, Scott was still down. 6 minutes into the match and he was technically ahead, but he certainly didn't feel like a winner. Before he could get up, Liz was tackling him back down to the mat. She got her legs around his head and locked him into a front head scissor. This time, when he tried to reach the edge of the mats, she pulled him closer towards the center. A few moments later and he was tapping out on her thigh.

"That's it! You win this fall Liz! Let him go!" Alex announced but Liz kept the pressure on.

"Let him go or I'll reverse my decision!" He threatened but she still did not heed his orders. Scott continued to struggle but soon his eyes were rolling into the back of his head.

"He's had enough Liz! Let him go!" Alex shouted. This time she finally released him, causing Scott to flop over onto his back.

"There. Happy?" She asked, slowly getting to her feet.

"No I'm not! I'm not allowing that submission and disqualifying you again! Scott now leads 4-0 with 51 minutes remaining!" Alex announced.

"Four huh? I'm soooo worried." She responded sarcastically. She then walked over to her unconscious cousin and kicked his arms out wide. He was slowly coming to when she settled down into a schoolgirl pin.

"Now count him!" She demanded, so Alex obediently got on his hands and knees and made the three count.

"Good! Now count him again!" She ordered, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"The winner of the fall is Lethal Legs Liz! The score is now 4-1 with 50 minutes remaining. But there needs to be a break before the next fall!" Alex proclaimed. Liz rolled her eyes at his instruction and bounced a few times on her cousin's chest before lifting up.

"There's your break ref, can I sit back down on him now?" She asked. As Alex nodded, Scott rolled to his side and clung onto one of his cousin's legs. He wasn't sure what he was intending, he just knew he couldn't concede another fall so soon. Liz tried to yank free of his grip but ended up losing her balance and falling to the mat. Scott reacted by curling up and wrapping his legs around his cousin's ankle essentially hugging her entire lower limb. It was a purely defensive move but it seemed to work. Liz first attempted to scissor him but could not lock her feet together from this position. She still flexed her quads straight, squeezing Scott snuggly between her legs but it was not nearly the amount of pressure she was fully capable of.

The two opponents struggled against each other in this position for a while. Scott refused to release his grip for fear of being trapped between his cousin's legs again. Liz was too stubborn to try anything but trapping him in yet another devastating scissorhold.

"45 minutes left!" Alex chimed in, causing Liz to rethink her strategy. She realized she didn't have the leverage she needed and would have to pull free from Scott's defensive death grip he had locked on. So she placed her free foot onto her opponent's shoulder and began pressing down to yank her trapped leg out.

Scott noticed the change and decided to take a chance. He unwrapped his legs from his cousin and planted his feet. Still clinging to Liz' thigh with his arms, he shifted his weight and pushed forward, forcing her shoulders to the mat.

"One! Two! No!" Alex counted as Liz managed to roll to her side. Before Scott could react, she slammed her free leg down and locked her feet around his torso and under his right arm. The scissor hold effectively pinned the side of his head to her crotch and trapped his right arm in an awkward position. He tried to push down on her ankles but she snatched his hand away and twisted, eliciting a pained yelp.

"What do you say Scott?" Alex asked as Scott groaned in pain.

"Owww.... nooooo..." he spat out so Liz gave his arm another brutal wrench.

"You sure cuz?" She teased as she increased the pressure on the scissorhold. Scott could feel his torso compressing between his cousin's powerful legs. He tried to cry out but the air was lost. He knew he couldn't take much more, so he propped himself up onto his knees, and tried to force Liz' shoulders back down. This time she was prepared for it and swiveled her hips with his momentum and rolled to her other side. Scott crashed the other way and the impact completely jarred him. He was now looking up but still in the same awkward angled scissorhold as before. He had no choice but to tap out.

"He submits! Let him go!" Alex demanded but Liz just smiled up at him.

"Don't I have a five count?" She asked with faux innocence. Alex sighed and quickly went into his count. At 'four' Liz released and kicked him out of her grip.

"Winner of the fall is Lightning Legs Liz! With 40 minutes remaining, Scott still leads 4-2!" Alex announced as Liz went face to face with him.

"Plenty of time still left ref. And when time is up, you'll have no choice but to raise my hand." She said calmly before adding "and if you don't? Maybe you end up just like my cousin here. Gasping and exhausted on the mat."

Alex swallowed hard but tried not to show his nervousness. He had a feeling that this girl was used to dominating and he wanted no part of being on the wrong end of her wrath. He also sensed that it was not something he would shy away from either. As terrifying as she was, she had this magnetism to her that almost made him want to be the one trapped between her legs.

"You should probably be more worried about your opponent than the referee." He said back as calmly as possible as Scott struggled to get back to his feet. Liz turned and saw her cousin on all fours. She got down, hooked his head, and tossed him over onto his back. She then looked up at Alex and said "I'm definitely not worried"

She then quickly reversed her stance and maneuvered her legs to either side of Scott's head. Just as she began locking in the reverse headscissor, Alex was down to make the count.

"One! Two! Three! His shoulders are down now give him a break!" Alex ordered.

"What? I just got my reverse Liz Lock on!" She complained and ratcheted up a powerful squeeze, causing Scott to tap out furiously on her thigh.

"Let him go or I'll reverse the decision!" Alex warned.

"Suck it!" Liz shouted back defiantly and continued to drain the life from her opponent. Alex went into his count but Liz didn't release the hold after 5 even though Scott had gone limp.

"That's it! No pinfall and you're dq'ed again! 5-2 Scott with 37 minutes remaining!" Alex announced, causing Liz to finally let go.

"Good! At least I finally have a challenge." She casually remarked as she approached the bag of clothes she had brought. She reached in and grabbed the panties she had worn all day yesterday and walked back over to Scott. She rolled him to his belly and sat down onto his back. He was starting to come to as she pulled him up into another camel clutch. She then looked over at Alex with a grin.

"Don't worry, no fish hooks this time." She said, hooking one hand under her opponent's chin. Then with the other, she jammed her worn panties over his nose and mouth.

"Ughhhh!" Scott shouted in disgust as his nose was filled with the aroma of his cousin's dirty underwear.

"Hey! That's a foreign object! You can't use that in a match!" Alex scolded but Liz just cackled with delight.

"Foreign object? It's just my underwear. I mean, I DID wear it all day yesterday during a 5 hour long car ride. Oh and I did wrestle in them AND sleep in them. But still. It's just panties!" She remarked as Scott began to gag at the thought. He had been subjected to her ass several times but never like this. His eyes watered as he coughed from the smell.

"Aw what's the matter Scott? Don't want to smell them anymore? Then here, I'll help you out." She proclaimed and then took her hand from under his chin and used it to pinch his nose shut. She pulled the panties tighter over his mouth, effectively smothering him. Finally, Alex chimed in.

"Nope! I won't allow it! Liz you're disqualified again! Now let him go!"

"Make me!" She spat back as Scott's arms began to flail uselessly. With them tucked back in the camel clutch, he couldn't protect his face from this embarrassing smother.

Alex felt bad and bent down to try to pull Liz off but as soon as he did, her hands darted right at his face. She leapt at him causing Scott to crash face first to the mat. Her the panties hit Alex right in the face as Liz tackled him down and straddled him. She rubbed them all around his face for a bit before taking two fingers and forcing the fabric down his gullet.

"Mandible claw! She's got the mandible claw on the referee! Except that's no Mr. Socko!" Liz raved as Alex flailed uselessly beneath her. She kept it there for a few more seconds before stepping off of him and tossing the panties aside.

"What the hell Liz!?" Alex shouted, hurrying to his feet.

"Yea yea I get it. You're the ref blah blah blah. If I'm counting right that's 2 dq's right? One for the foreign object and one for attacking the referee?" She asked back. Alex was shocked by how casual she was acting.

"Ummm yea... 7-2 Scott. 32 minutes left..." he said quietly.

"7-2 huh? Think I can still win?" She asked as Scott pushed himself to his feet.

"I ummmm..." Alex began but was cut off.

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!" She shouted at him before exploding into laughter and adding "oh my god! I've always wanted to do that!"

She turned to her cousin and saw that he was on rubber legs. She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, hopped up with her legs around his waist and began to squeeze.

"Arggghhhh!" He groaned and collapsed forward, too weak to hold her weight. Liz landed on her back but quickly rolled to her side to prevent a pin. She flexed her legs as hard as she could, squeezing just under Scott's ribs. To his credit, he held on longer than she expected but eventually tapped out. This time Liz quickly released the hold.

"Liz wins the fall by submission! 7-3 Scott with 29 minutes left!" Alex announced. Once he finished, Liz maneuvered her legs around her cousin's neck into a front headscissor. She grabbed both of his arms and dialed up a full strength squeeze. Scott wheezed and tried to tap out, but she held his arms away from her thighs. She continued to apply pressure as Scott tried to verbally submit but all that came out was a desperate gurgle.

"I think he's giving up." Alex remarked as he watched his friend's face turn a deep shade of purple.

"I don't see a tap out." Liz remarked as Scott's eyes slowly shut.

"Ok he's out!" Alex added with a bit more urgency but Liz just shook her head.

"You're a bad ref. You're supposed to check his arms." She suggested with a grin, offering Alex her cousin's limp wrist.

"Ok! Ok!" He answered and quickly lifted Scott's arm before letting it fall. He swiftly repeated the motion 2 more times before making the announcement.

"Winner of the fall by knockout is Liz!" He proclaimed causing Liz to finally release her prey.

"And the score?" She asked, getting to her feet.

"It's uh...7-4 Scott with 27 minutes left." Alex answered as she walked back over to her cousin.

"It certainly doesn't look like he's winning." She proclaimed and placed a foot on his unconscious face. She looked over at Alex and hit a a double bicep flex in his direction.

The referee stared back at her dumbfounded. He took the time to admire her biceps which seemed to glisten with a sheen of light sweat. Her ripped abs were tightly formed up and her tanned, toned legs seemed to hold an unknown amount of power.

"What are you waiting for ref? Isn't this a pin?" Liz asked, snapping Alex out of his delirium.

"Right... um sorry." He said meekly and got down for the count.

"One! Two!" Alex began but Liz took her foot away and placed her hands on her hips. He looked up at her with confusion.

"Slower." Was all she said before placing her foot back onto her cousin's unconscious face.

"One.... two..." but again she pulled away.

"I said SLOWER! Do I have to explain to you what that means?" She was just imposing her will now. Even though she was technically losing, there was no question who was in control here. Alex looked up at her and decided not to argue. She stared right at him as she again placed her foot on her opponent's face.

"ONE!" Alex counted. He then delayed and checked both of Scott's shoulders. He waited a few more seconds before continuing.

"TWO!" He shouted, checking the shoulders again. He looked up at Liz and waited. The seconds ticked away until she finally nodded down at him to signal she was done.

"THREE! The winner of the fall by pin, LETHAL LEGS LIZ! The score is now 7-5 Scott with 25 minutes remaining!" Alex announced as Liz stepped away from her cousin.

"Whew! All this wrestling is making me thirsty! Got any water?" Liz asked. Alex nodded and quickly grabbed a couple bottles of water. He handed one to her and she took a long sip. She then casually strolled over and knelt just above Scott's head. She held the bottle up and poured a decent amount onto his face, rousing him from his slumber. She quickly scooted forward and sat down for a reverse facesit. Alex hopped over to make the count but Liz grabbed her cousin's hands and pulled his shoulders off the mat. She maneuvered her calves under his shoulders to prevent the pin and hooked her feet under his head before sitting down, plastering his face right into her shorts.

"Still thirsty Scott?" She asked, releasing his hands and grabbing hold of her water bottle. She then twisted her torso and pulled her waistband open. Realizing what she had planned, Scott's eyes grew wide and he shook his head furiously. He tapped out but it didn't stop her. She began pouring the water down her shorts.

"He's tapping! He's tapping!" Alex shouted as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Don't I have a 5 count?" Liz asked as she emptied the rest of the bottle and lifted up an inch. Scott began coughing and sputtering uncontrollably.

"Just get off of him!" Alex demanded. Liz cocked her head and tapped her chin as if to be in deep thought before smiling and looking back at the ref.

"Nope." She said cruelly and crashed back down. Scott panicked as her moist shorts flooded his nostrils.

"I'm disqualifying you Liz! Now break the hold!" Alex demanded. Part of him felt bad for his friend, but another part of him didn't want her to get up. He wanted to see how far she was willing to take it. He watched as Scott's struggles went from spastic to slow. Eventually her victim went motionless after a series of spasms but now everything went eerily quiet. It wasn't until then that Liz lifted inches off of her cousin's face.

"Hey ref... what's the score?" She asked, hovering over Scott's face.

"8-5 Scott. 20 minutes left." He answered, staring back at her, half in awe and half in burning desire. He wondered what it would be like to be held under this fit gymnast's ass, unable to breathe.

"Damn. I'm still losing huh? What a shame." She said back sarcastically.

"Well he's out. Give him a break." Alex suggested.

"Awwwww ref! Don't you think I should wake him up?" She pleaded, as if asking his permission.

"Just get off him." He responded.

"Trust me. You're REALLY gonna want to see how I wake him up." She said with a knowing wink before hooking her thumbs into the waist band of her shorts. Alex suddenly went silent as she slowly pulled her shorts just under ass, exposing her firm cheeks. He couldn't help himself from leaning forward to get a better peak at Liz' exposed rear end.

Liz grinned as she realized that in the process of dominating her cousin, she may have found herself another slave to play with. She eased herself down forcing Scott's nose into her asshole and began shaking her hips side to side while staring right at Alex.

"Wake up Scott!!!" She shouted, wiggling his head side to side, jarring him awake. He immediately began pleading for mercy. Of course these cries were muffled by Liz' inescapable face sit.

"BARE BOTTOM STINK FACE! LIZ IS STINK FACING HER OWN COUSIN! AGAIN!" Liz raved. Alex looked on silently as he slowly came to the realization that he wanted it to be his face getting sat on. A few seconds later and Liz had lifted off of Scott and pulled her shorts back up.

"Ok, is that enough of a break ref?" She asked.

"Sure" Alex answered quietly as he had given up trying to control this match. Liz nodded an acknowledgement and plopped back down, this time kneeling on top of Scott's shoulders. She then leaned back onto her hands, covering his face completely.

"Count ref! And Slowly!" She demanded, as Scott mumbled into her. He was too weak to even struggle at this point.

Alex obediently got down for the slowest count of the day. Even slower than the foot on face pin from earlier in the match. It was so slow in fact, that he thought Scott may have passed out again but it was tough to tell as he had barely been struggling to begin with.

"THREE!" He finally concluded before launching into his announcement. "Winner by pinfall is Liz! The score is now 8-6 in favor of Scott. Just under 15 minutes remain!"

Liz got to her feet and began circling her opponent, lightly kicking at his lifeless limbs. She then made her way over to the panties she had illegally used earlier in the match.

"Oh no Liz. You can not use those!" Alex reprimanded. Liz just smiled back at him.

"Oh right! What did you call it? A foreign object?" She asked, twirling the panties on her pointer finger.

"Yea" He responded.

"Well let me ask you a question then. Are my shorts a foreign object?"

"Huh? Of course not."

"So if it's a part of my outfit, it's allowed?"

"What? I mean I guess..."

And that's when she pulled her shorts to her ankles. Alex' jaw dropped as he had never been in the presence of a naked woman before. He stared intently at the lightly trimmed landing strip that lead right to Liz' womanhood. She quickly stepped through into the blue panties but in those few seconds Alex was completely mesmerized.

"So this is ok then ref? Ref? REF!" She shouted, awakening Alex out of his trance.

"Huh? Ummm yeah. Sure." He answered, causing Liz to giggle.

"Well good. I'd hate to break any of your rules!" She said as she approached her cousin. She straddled his face, put her hands behind her and leaned back. Her hands covered his mouth, forcing him to breathe out of his nose as she slowly lowered her crotch right up against his nostrils. She pressed ever so slightly into him, not enough to smother, just enough to force him to inhale her scent.

"How much time is left ref?" She asked as her cousin lay motionless beneath her. He was broken and just accepted his fate at this point. He figured that breathing in her aroma was better than not breathing at all.

"12 minutes." Alex informed her.

"Is this considered a pin?" She asked, looking down into her cousin's eyes.

"I suppose... slow count again?"

"No... no count."

"Excuse me?"

"I want him to have to stay like this for at least ten minutes."

Scott groaned into her hands, begging not to keep him like this. She was absolutely humiliating him in front of his friend and the mere thought of continuing to inhale her like this was enough to make his eyes water.

"Ten minutes!? You can't do that. I have to count his shoulders down." Alex said and got down to make his count.

"Fine... but it better be slow!" Liz demanded. The ref obliged and drew the count out as Scott was forced to continue to breathe in his cousin's worn panties. Just before he reached three, Liz took her hands off of Scott's mouth and inched away from his face.

"I'm not touching him!" She proclaimed before covering his mouth again and settling back over his nose. Alex shook his head as he realized her plot. For the next five minutes, she continued to cause two count after two count. Always being sure to let go before winning the fall. With seven minutes remaining, she reversed her position. This time however, she tucked his arms into the folds of her knees to pull his shoulders off the mat.

"How's THIS for a stink face?" Liz asked, covering Scott's mouth with her hands while pressing her ass ever so slightly against his nose.

"Breathe it in cuz! Do you need to tap out?" She taunted, lowering herself down into a brief smother before lifting up an inch. Alex sat by helplessly, knowing he couldn't call the match without a pin or submission.

Liz settled into a routine of forcing her cousin to smell her ass for a few seconds followed up by dropping into a full on smother. With every movement, she drew each smother out longer. Despite his suffering, Scott refused to tap out. He had gone almost a full hour with Liz and he technically was winning on points. If his cousin wanted to take him so lightly as to forget the goal of the match, he'd more than accept the win, as tainted as it would be.

With 4 minutes left, Liz altered her position. She took her hands away from Scott's mouth and stretched her legs out wide into a split, her entire weight pressing down onto her cousin's face.

"Ok cuz... time for me to complete my comeback." She said, crossing her arms in front of her chest and nodding to Alex. The ref understood the signal and got down for his slow count. To everyone's surprise, Scott reacted at "two" by turning his head and pushing his cousin off of him.

He tried to scramble away but Liz quickly fell forward and locked her legs around his head into a figure four grip. Scott turned sideways to prevent the pin but that didn't stop Liz from reaching back, hooking her ankle and squashing her cousin's face right into her ass.

"Mmmphhh!!!" Scott mumbled as Liz' legs continued to force him tighter into her panties.

"Tap out cuz!" She demanded, squeezing away with all her might. Scott held out as long as possible as he weighed the options. He decided he couldn't allow himself to be knocked out as it would leave him too vulnerable for the remaining time. After a few more seconds, he tapped out lightly on his cousin's thigh.

"Winner by submission is Liz! The score is 8-7 in favor of Scott with ... TWO MINUTES LEFT!" Alex announced as Liz uncoiled her legs.

"Hold is broken!" She proclaimed to ensure she wouldn't be disqualified before reversing stance and attempting to pull Scott into a front headscissor. They were both on their sides but Scott flailed his arms wildly, defending himself from being caught between her legs again. After a few seconds, she grasped both of his wrists and locked her feet behind his head. She held him loosely for a bit and smiled down at him.

"Oh cuz. Looks like I got your arms so no tapping. It's gonna have to be another nap for you. Then it will be tied and it will be all too easy to pin your unconscious ass for the win. And once it's all over, you're going to be kissing my feet, treating me like the queen that I am!" Liz proclaimed.

"One minute left!" Alex chimed in.

"Alright. Time to win this thing. Be ready ref!" She ordered and unleashed a full power squeeze. Her thighs were positioned perfectly on her cousin's neck and ten seconds later he was out. Liz rolled to her back and handed Scott's wrist over to Alex who dropped it 3 quick times.

"The winner of the fall by knockout, Liz! It's tied at 8-8 with 30 seconds left!" He announced as Liz unhooked her ankles. Scott's unconscious face fell right into her crotch. That's when Alex got his idea. After all he had witnessed, he began to crave a beating from Liz and in that split second, he knew exactly how to accomplish this. He quickly slapped the mat three times just before Liz could roll her cousin away.

"Pin! Scott got the pin! 9-8 Scott with time ticking away!" He shouted.

"What the fuck?!?!" Liz exclaimed, getting to her feet and rushing towards Alex. She suddenly realized she had no time and turned back towards Scott. She quickly rolled him onto his back and pinned him.

"Count!" She screamed in urgency. Alex approached slowly and slapped the mat.

"One!" He declared, before checking Scott's shoulders.

"Come on! Come on!" Liz demanded.

"Two!" He counted.

"Hurry! Hurry!" She raved.

"THR- NO! Ding! Ding! Ding! Time is up! The winner of the Iron Man match by a score of 9-8... SCOTT!" Alex announced with a pompous grin.

"You fucking asshole!" Liz shouted and rushed towards him. She easily tackled him to the ground and pinned him.

"You can't do this to a referee!" Alex complained but he was secretly delighted by the circumstance he found himself in.

"The match is over! Not like you can DQ me anymore!" She shouted, as she began tucking one calf behind his head. She locked that foot into the crook over other knee and sat down just under his chin into a mounted figure four headscissor. His eyes bulged as he finally felt Liz' power first hand.

"Tell me who the winner is." Liz demanded but Alex could only gurgle in reply.

"Tell me!" She demanded with a rough bounce, cinching herself tighter. Alex' eyes began to droop so she eased up. But only long enough to shimmy herself forward and lock herself down over his nose and mouth. His eyes darted back and forth as he realized unconsciousness wouldn't come that easily.

"As fun as I find it to squeeze the life out of my rivals, I've come to learn that smothering them sends a much stronger message. It takes a bit longer and it prolongs their agony." She casually remarked while staring down at him. Alex had never experienced anything like this in his life and he soon found out it wasn't nearly as pleasant as he had imagined. His body began fighting for air however Liz had become too skilled at riding out struggles. She was perfectly latched onto his face and he wasn't going anywhere.

"At first the boys always think it's funny. Oh ha-ha little Liz is smothering me in her crotch. But then as times passes, the joke gets a bit more real. I'm imagining that's happening to you right now, yes?" She asked. Alex suddenly became embarrassed. He glanced sideways as he realized he was just another victim to her.

"LOOK AT ME!" She suddenly screamed, grabbing two handfuls of his hair and pulling up roughly. He corrected his gaze and locked eyes with her. From this point on he looked no where else. He still couldn't help himself from pushing at her ass, trying to create space to breathe.

"Ah yes. That's when they really start struggling but by this point it's too late. The lack of oxygen makes them too weak and my legs can easily hold them in place. Like this." She released his hair, slapped her thighs and squeezed.

"MMMPPHHHH!" Alex pleaded as his head was squashed. His legs began to kick furiously as he flailed about in an extended struggle but his body eventually slowed.

"Then comes the realization of their fate. There's nothing they can do but stare up at their new master as she slowly rocks them to sleep." Liz cooed, as she placed her hands on her hips and began to rock back and forth. Alex maintained his gaze up at her as he understood his fate. That's when his body began to spasm.

"Now comes the desperation. The brain knows it's over, but the body continues to fight. It's sort of cute but also a tad pathetic." She remarked crossing her arms in front of her as the spasms slowed to a stop and Alex went completely motionless.

"And lastly, the inevitable. Air is necessary. As the one in charge, I decide who gets to enjoy it. Good night ref." She said quietly as his eyes finally closed. She took one last moment to run her hands through his hair before finally peeling off of his face. Liz got to her feet and approached her cousin, who was slowly coming to.

"What happened? Did I win?" He asked, tilting his head off the mat slightly.

"Congrats cousin. You did win." She said down to him.

"Does... does that mean, I'm free?" He asked. Liz cackled with glee.

"You can think whatever you want cuz but I told you when this all started. Only your master can authorize something like that."

Scott rolled his eyes at the remark and started to sit up. He was quickly stopped by Liz placing her foot on his chest and pushing him back down.

"And where do you think you're going?" She asked.

"Come on Liz. The match is over. You've had your fun." He whined, knowing he was powerless compared to her.

"You are right. The match is over. And you did technically win. But let me put it this way. I'm not done wrestling yet. So you have two options. You can either keep wrestling me until I'm satisfied. Or you can kiss my feet, admit I'm the dominant cousin and leave your pal Alex here to deal with my wrath. You're a smart boy. I know you'll do the right thing." She proclaimed with a smile.

Scott looked over to see Alex knocked out beside him. He felt bad for getting his friend mixed up in this mess but he also decided that his cousin would be Alex' problem now.

"Ok... you're... the dominant cousin." Scott said quietly.

"Excuse me? What was that?" Liz asked, moving her foot over towards his face. He lifted his head up and took her big toe into his mouth.

"You're the dominant cousin." He muttered with his mouth full of toe. He then began kissing all over Liz' foot.

"Wow. I'm impressed. You've really shown me something today cuz. You're free to go." Liz commented and pulled away. Scott rolled to his feet and started towards the stairs. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked back as Liz stepped over Alex. She then looked over at her cousin and said "trust me. You don't want to be here for this." And with that he ran up the steps, feeling slightly guilty for leaving his friend behind.

Liz waited a few seconds to make sure Scott was gone. She then pulled her panties off and sat down roughly onto Alex' chest. As he was stirring she hooked his mouth open and began jamming her panties inside. She locked one hand over his mouth and used her other hand to pinch his nose shut. He began bucking wildly beneath her much to her delight.

"Still got some fight left in you huh? Well let me explain something to you. It doesn't matter what you do. I'm you're master now. The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be. So you can keep struggling like this and I'll keep my dirty panties in your mouth until you pass out. And then I'll wake you up and do it again. And again. Until we've come to an understanding." She said calmly before continuing.

"OR! Or you could sit still and accept your new role as my slave. Maybe I'll make you pass out. Maybe I won't. But in the end it doesn't matter because as your master I do what I want to you."

Alex struggled a bit more but ultimately realized his fate and stopped moving. He didn't want to be smothered out again. Perhaps she would show mercy.

"Very good!" Liz exclaimed, releasing his nose. She then added.

"Because of your obedience, I have decided to not smother you out."

Alex muttered a thank you as best he could as he inhaled desperately through his nose.

"Your welcome. But for you to be officially inducted as my slave, you're going to have to pass out in my Liz Lock." She remarked casually, rolling to her side, pulling his neck between her thighs and locking her feet behind his head. Alex groaned at the intense pressure as he tried to spit the panties out. Liz just nonchalantly reached down and jammed them back in before unleashing a powerful squeeze.

"It's a rite of passage. It will all he over soon." She said through gritted teeth as she watched his face turn from red to purple. It wasn't long before his whole body had gone limp in her grasp.

"There it is. And just like that, you are now mine." Liz casually remarked to her newest slave. She held him there for a few more seconds before letting him go and rolling him to his back. She crawled over him and pulled the panties out of his mouth. She then straddled his face reverse style and hovered her asshole over his nose. She slapped his chest hard, rousing him awake and then immediately plopped down. He instantly panicked but stopped struggling once he got his bearings.

"Ok slave. One more test of loyalty. I'm going to lift up and you're going to start licking my asshole. If you fail to do this, I will sit back down and smother you out until you do it right. Understand?"

Alex nodded furiously in agreement under her.

"Good. Now I'll get up when I'm ready. Be prepared to lick otherwise you're going to be here a long time."

She then waited. And waited. Alex' lungs began to burn but he didn't dare struggle. He had to trust that his master would let him breathe when she decided it was best. He was completely under her control now and very much wanted to please her. After a few more seconds she lifted up and spread her ass cheeks apart right over his mouth. As desperately as he needed air, he knew she came first. And as hard as it was to breathe, he immediately began tonguing away.

"Welcome to slavery Alex. I think it will suit you just fine." Liz proclaimed before adding


The End
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Daaaaamn. I knew Liz was dominant, but she really took it to a new level with this one. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see if Scott can gain his freedom from Taylor, and also how Alex will feature in future stories. Perhaps a tag team match or something. Great story, J. Thank you very much.
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Love it, you are so creative with the humiliation. Cant wait to see whats next!
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Default Re: Liz and Scott: A Rivalry Renewed

Liz may be the heavyweight champion of the world, but you sir, are the writing champion of the world!!! Keep it up man!
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