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Old 03-Oct-18, 19:55
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

"Justin - you awake?"

I'm lying on my side with my eyes closed. I've been awake for quite some time but haven't mustered enough ambition to get out of bed, in part because Jessica is lying next to me after sleeping together. It feels awkward.

"Justin!" A little louder. Then I feel movement and her head rises up and rests on my shoulder. I can feel her staring at me.

"I know you're awake. Come on - open your eyes. I think we need to talk a little bit, don't we?"

I sigh and open one eye, seeing her looking far too earnest for this time of the morning. Somehow she looks fresh and awake.

She says, "How you feelin'?"

I smack my lips together. My teeth feel like they're wearing little sweaters. "Fine," I say insincerely.

"I know physically you might be a little sore, but damn! We had us a time last night, didn't we?"

"I feel like I was in a car wreck."

She slaps my shoulder playfully. “Oh, stop bein’ a buzzkill. That third time? When I had your head squeezed between my legs? I almost had the big orgasmo just seein’ the expression on your face. Damn, that was sweet!”

I thought back to last night, a blur of wine, music and sex. A pretty good combination, actually. After she had overpowered me and fucked me, we rolled over onto our backs, sweaty and out of breath. I remember thinking –well, shit, what just happened here? Still lying on the living room floor, I was thinking about getting up and collapsing onto the bed when Jessica rolled over on top of me, taking me completely by surprise. What did she want now? Hadn’t I given her everything I had?

No, as it turns out.

She was moaning contentedly, squirming around on top of me, kissing her way up the side of my neck. It felt good, but I was puzzled. Hadn’t we had already done the deed – what more did she expect? Then, to my confusion, she started getting… amorous! As if we hadn’t just had sex! She was running her hands all over me and with her lying on top of me moving around I was surprised to find I was still capable of being aroused. What was she up to? Normally at this point Janice would either be in the bathroom doing - well, I don’t know what she did in there- but anyway, the night would be over. Time for bed!

But not Jessica. The feel of her, the weight of her, the smell of her, well, it was fucking hot, not gonna lie. Before I knew it I had another erection and she was grinding up against it. Then, while I was still trying to process that, she wrapped her arms around me and rolled me over so that I was lying on top of her, her hips pumping and my cock finding its way into her cunt.

“C’mon,” she said, “I wanna see if you can fuck me as hard as I fucked you…”

Something flamed up in my brain and I took that as a challenge, and when she reached down and grabbed my butt with both hands, squeezing hard, I got it in my head I had to teach her a lesson or something, and started really slamming into her, saying, “How do you like me now!” And she arched her back and locked her legs around my waist, squeezing me, throwing her head back and panting “Is that all you got?! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me like you mean it! ”

Needless to say, those are not words that ever came out of Janice’s mouth. Two times in one night. Wow. I had to admit that was pretty awesome. But then…

I was lying on my back trying to get the ceiling into focus. Everything was spinning. Both of us lay there for a while, we may have even fallen asleep for a bit, then I heard Jessica get up and go into the bathroom. She was in there a while and I almost drifted back off to sleep, when I felt her next to me.
“Here, sugar, let me clean you up a little bit.”

Then I felt the most delightful sensation as a warm washcloth began to slide all over me, a fantastic sensation. Then it got even better as she started carefully washing my cock! Janice never… I mean, NEVER… and it was so nice. Then she took me by the hand and said it was time to go to bed. I got up and went with her, happy because the floor had really started to feel hard.

We collapsed into bed, both of us together. I was just starting to feel drowsy and started to drift off to sleep thinking that this was the best night ever, when I felt her fingertips gliding over my abdomen. Damn, that felt good. She trailed them with a lightness I didn’t know she was capable of, then started to caress me ever so gently. It felt really,really good. Then the next thing I know I felt her mouth! Her lips sliding down my cock! And I didn’t even have to beg!

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get an erection a third time but then she moved around and the next thing I knew her hand was gripping the back of my head and she was shoving my face in between her legs and locking her ankles together, totally capturing me. And something about it was so exciting I got hard again and her mouth slid up and down, up and down…

While I’m remembering all that she’s still talking. "C'mon now, don't be like that. I meant; how are you feeling mentally? I know you might need a little time to adjust to your new status as my boyfriend, but think of is as though you just got a big old promotion - things are going to be so much better now!"

I look at her sleepily. Maybe she’s right.

The next few weeks go amazingly well. Jessica was a good roommate before, but now that’s she’s sharing my bed it’s even better. We have sex all the time! Granted, it’s usually because she’s making me, but we’re exploring some new territory for both of us. She likes wrestling me into submission and I like her fucking me. Maybe it’s not typical, but it feels pretty good.

The only fly in the ointment is her two annoying friends Tiffany and Mercedes. Where she found those two I’ll never know. I think they bonded early because all three of them come from blue-collar backgrounds. Maybe even brown-collar, if that is such a thing. At any rate, the three of them get together at least three times a week, which wouldn’t bother me except that sometimes it’s here at the condo and the sound of their high-pitched squeals of laughter are extremely irksome. But, they love that their friend has moved to a condo and has a new boyfriend who’s old enough to buy alcohol.

Tonight is one of those nights. I come home at dusk and the minute I open the door I’m greeted by a blast of some Auto-Tuned pop diva with a thumping bass line and the sight of the three of them hopping up and down in the middle of the living room. Sometimes I forget how young Jessica is.

“Justin!” the girls cheer. Jessica had texted me to pick up some beer on the way home and I’m pretty sure it’s more deserving of their warm welcome than I am. They each grab a beer as soon as I set it down and I can tell it’s not their first of the evening.

Mercedes is a pretty Latina with amber skin, shoulder-length back hair and a trim, cute figure. If she weighs 100 pounds I’d be surprised. Usually pretty quiet, she’s throwing her head back in laughter tonight. Tiffany, on the other hand, has ‘tramp’ written all over her. She’s about 5’4”, maybe 110 pounds and has one of those figures a friend of mine used to call “tits on a stick”, slim hips, no fat on her and a huge rack she’s not shy about displaying. She has dirty blonde hair, enough mascara to seduce a raccoon, and her scrawny arms sport about three or four mostly indecipherable tattoos. She’s has a pretty, pouty-lipped face and I suppose most guys would find her sexy, but I think she’s a royal pain.

“Hey – check us out!” Tiffany shouts, “Jessica’s showing us how to be bad-asses. Show me that move again,” she says to Jessica.

Jessica takes a swig, wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and goes over to the middle of the living room and motions Tiffany over. “Alright – pay attention this time. If I was a rapist I’d be coming back for seconds right about now.”

“Okay, okay,” Tiffany giggles, “I got this. Come at me.”

Jessica raises her arms and takes two big steps towards Tiffany. “I’m gonna rape you,” she growls.

Tiffany jumps forward, grabs Jessica’s arm and tries to wrestle her to the ground. Jessica frowns and shakes her head, then throws an arm across Tiffany’s shoulder, backhanding her to the ground. Tiffany lands on her back, an audible ‘whoosh’ coming from her lungs. “Damn,” she says, “I thought I had you that time.”

“You need practice,” Mercedes laughs.

I shake my head and retreat to the bedroom, hoping to get some studying done. I’m in there about half an hour and the noise from the next room is very distracting. I decide I need a snack and head into the kitchen.

I’m greeted by the sight of Jessica sitting on Tiffany’s stomach, looking down at her in mock disapproval. “It’s called a hip throw. You have to use your hips.”

“She doesn’t have any,” Mercedes giggles.

I shake my head and go past them and start rooting around in the fridge, coming up empty. As I re-enter the living room I hear Jessica’s phone go off. She glances at it and says “That’s my mama. I gotta take this.” She jumps up and takes her phone into the bedroom. I’m about to follow her in when suddenly I hear the rush of running footsteps and a body jumps onto my back.
“Watch out – it’s a rapist!” Tiffany squeals in my ear.

I stagger a bit. She’s not heavy, but I was taken completely by surprise. I spin around and reach up behind me to peel her off. She has one arm wrapped around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist, locking them at the ankles. “I’m gonna rape you! You better defend yourself!” she shouts giddily.

“What the fuck! Get off me!” I snarl. Mercedes is laughing hysterically at the sight of me spinning around trying to tear that little circus monkey off my back. Next thing I know I trip over someone’s shoes and fall sideways, landing with a thud on the carpet.

“Oww!” Tiffany yells, “You landed on my leg!” But she doesn’t let go. Her legs are still locked around my waist and now she has her other arm tugging at my throat and I realize I’m in a rear naked chokehold. What the hell has Jessica been teaching them?!

The little tramp mashes her boobs into me and arches her back and we roll over, with me on my back and her underneath me. She is pulling on my neck with all the strength in her skinny arms and her legs, surprisingly strong, are tight around my waist. I’m seconds from breaking her hold as I pry her arm loose but then Mercedes decides she wants in on the fun and straddles me, dropping her rear onto my stomach and I lose my grip on Tiffany’s arm.

“I’m a rapist too!” Mercedes shouts, bouncing up and down on my stomach. “How do you rape a guy?” she asks Tiffany.

Tiffany laughs in my ear and I smell beer. “Figure it out!” she says.

I’m sputtering with anger and caught between trying to figure out who I should throw across the room first but it’s proving to be a little trickier than I thought. Tiffany is clinging to me for all she’s worth and Mercedes bouncing on me is enough to keep me from grabbing hold of her. Between the two of them I have my hands full, but not for long. I buck and send Mercedes flying. As I turn to my side, planning to roll to my hands and knees and get rid of Tiffany, Mercedes tackles me and I go flat again.

“Good one!” Tiffany whoops, “Rape him now!”

Mercedes regains her seat and starts bouncing on me again, but this time lower, right on my groin. Now I’m really steamed, and truthfully, a little desperate. Tiffany is really tightening her arm around my neck and I can’t break her loose. I should have never let myself get in this position! I’m summoning all my energy for one violent outburst when the bedroom door flies open and I hear Jessica.


She takes two quick steps, grabs Mercedes by the arm and jerks her off me. Tiffany instantly releases my neck and unlocks her ankles.

“We were just fooling around,” Tiffany says as I sit up and turn to glare at her. “We wanted to show Justin what you taught us.”

Jessica scowls down at her, then me, and grabs me by the arm. “Come her for a minute. I need to talk to you.”

She pulls me around the corner into the kitchen and shoves me back against the refrigerator with a forearm. She leans in close, her face looking up at me from inches away. “Well! It looks like you were really having quite the time in there!”

“No! I was defending myself, that’s all.”

“I thought we had something special. You want to wrestle other girls too?”

“No! Just you!”

“Oh yeah? Tell me this - you get a thrill from it?” She leans in even closer examining my face for any hint of dishonesty while I shake my head ‘no’. Then she says, “You better NOT have a hardon right now!”

I start to protest my innocence but then her hand dives down between my legs and her look gets even darker.


She storms out of the kitchen and into the living room, waving impatiently at the two girls huddled together in the corner. “Okay – fun time is over. Y’all need to get to gittin’ now.”

Tiffany and Mercedes gather their things and head for the door, offering up meek good-byes. They can tell Jessica is pissed. Just before they leave, Mercedes cups her hand and whispers something to Tiffany.

Tiffany’s mouth opens in a round “O” of surprise, then stares directly at my crotch. Then they both break out in hysterical giggles as they tumble out the door.

Jessica has her arms folded and is giving me a look that tells me it’s going to be a long night. Then she utters the phrase that always sends a chill down a guy’s spine;
“We need to have a serious talk about where this relationship is headed.”
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Old 03-Oct-18, 23:04
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Thumbs up Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Every time I read an installment to this story I'm in awe of your writing. Keep up the superb work!
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Old 08-Oct-18, 15:10
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Love the story, but the latest chapter showed a new side of jessica.
I have no idea where this is going from here...
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Old 01-Nov-18, 10:56
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Is this series complete?
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Old 03-Nov-18, 16:04
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

I hope not
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

Hey boyandy, any new story ideas coming out? I get the feeling you have lost interest in this story although I hope i am wrong.
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Old 10-Dec-18, 23:45
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Default Re: How not to fight a drunk girl

“We need to have a serious talk about where this story is headed.”
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