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Default Second Encounter with StrongGirl

Here's a followup story to [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] which contained both some true parts and then a made up story.

Two weeks later, we invited StrongGirl around on a Friday night. We had both worked out on and off over the last couple of weeks and we had wrestled each other too. When StrongGirl arrived, she eyed us both up and asked us had we been practicing? We said that we had so she replied, “I hope you provide a better challenge this time” and smirked.

We went over some ground rules first, less rules and more an order of play. StrongGirl would first fight my girlfriend while I watched and then after a short break, she would fight me as my girlfriend watched. There would be no restraints this time. StrongGirl also agreed that while she would not hold back, there would be less violence. No punches against my girlfriend for instance. With me, we could punch or knee in the stomach but that was about as violent as it would get. The rest would be pure wrestling.

StrongGirl and my girlfriend then faced off. It was almost a carbon copy of the first encounter, without all the punching. My girlfriend didn’t go down as quickly and was more prepared, but she couldn’t match StrongGirl’s strength and experience and eventually found herself pinned down by StrongGirl. Perhaps it was being fair and perhaps it was being slightly sadistic but StrongGirl got up and agreed to give my Girlfriend another chance. This time, StrongGirl pushed her against the wall and restrained her there. She licked my girlfriends neck before throwing her on the ground and restraining her in a reverse schoolgirl pin.
My girlfriend couldn’t get up, she tried as hard as she could but StrongGirl was too heavy and too strong for her. StrongGirl squeezed her strong thighs around her head. Eventually she was forced to give up so StrongGirl relaxed her hold and waited for her reward. My girlfriend started licking the wet pussy in front of her until StrongGirl came. She then got off and began stroking my girlfriend while cuddling her. My girlfriend got very horny and started to really enjoy herself but before she came, StrongGirl stopped and told her to go and finish with me. I was completely erect after watching the whole thing, so she simply pushed me down and mounted me. She was so turned on that she finished in seconds and I came a few moments later. StrongGirl then joined us and we all lay there holding and stroking each other.
After about 20 minutes, StrongGirl turned to me and said “your turn”. We got up and squared off. At 6 feet tall and 120kg, I was both taller and heavier than StrongGirl’s 5 feet 6 inches and about 100kg weight. That didn’t really help me as StrongGirl was still stronger and more skilled. She knew how to use every advantage. While I held my own for a fair bit longer than last time, I too was subdued and pinned down very quickly. She then started taunting me by laughing and saying “you’re so weak”. I told her to “get off” but she only laughed and replied, “you want me to get off? You want me to get off do you?”. “You’re to weak to get me off so I’ll just have to get myself off”.
StrongGirl then mounted me while keeping me pinned. She kept this pose for quite a few minutes without moving. She just smirked at me as I looked inquisitively. And then it started. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, it was a rush to the head but she wasn’t moving. It took a few moments to realise that she was squeezing and releasing me penis with her vaginal muscles. I looked in to her eyes and she smiled and nodded. It was a slow process but the most intense and pleasurable experience of my life. After nearly 10 minutes of this, I was ready to explode. She called my girlfriend over and told her to take over. As soon as she mounted me and I was inside her, she started to rock and I exploded inside her.
We then moved to the bed, all three of us and cuddled together before falling asleep. It was probably the deepest sleep of my life.
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Default Re: Second Encounter with StrongGirl

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