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Default For Sillver

For Sillver
I awoke to the sound of the shower running. It was a nice autumn Saturday morning, and a cool breeze was blowing in the window. I was clearing my head and went into the bathroom to take a leak. My wife of 8 years was in the shower. She had her back to me, rinsing soap out of her hair. As always, her ass looked beautiful.
“Morning,” I croaked, as I walked to the toilet. When I finished, I pulled my underwear off and got in the shower with her, already pulling on myself a bit.
She moved off to the side, around me, and out of the shower, grabbing a towel.
“Just shower your body real quick and come back in,” she said, wrapping one towel around her head and drying herself with another. Do NOT play with yourself.”
This can mean a lot of things in Sara’s world. I might be in for some killer lovemaking, or I might be denied today. As I came out of the bedroom mostly dry, I saw her affixing our cuffs to the bed. She had on some of my favorite purple satin panties and one of my shirts.
“On the bed, please.” I got on, knowing where she wanted me. I spread-eagled for her and she quickly secured me to the four corners. She then threw the comforter over my body and face.
“That should keep you warm. I need a coffee.”
I heard her walk down the hall and down the stairs. Things got quiet from there, and I stretched and tested my restraints. My hard-on subsided. I knew I was stuck and started to doze.
The bed moved. I felt my wife push the comforter down and sit, and I came to again.
“Hello,” she said.
“Oh, hello.”
She had a sip of coffee and set it on the nightstand, then stood and took off my shirt. She fussed with her hair, then got up on the bed. She sat cross legged next to me and lightly traced her nails over my chest. My cock began to rise.
“Such a good lad,” she smiled. “I think you’re going to have a lovely morning.”
She got onto her left knee and threw her right leg over me, sitting on my chest, her back to me. She paused. I then felt a hand on my balls and another encircling the base of my cock. I groaned. She put me in her mouth and gave me one long suck, then sat back. I groaned again.
She backed up so her butt was against my chin.
“You like these undies, right?”
“Which ones?” I said.
She laughed a little, then scooted back and came down on my face. She was low enough that I could still see, and she twisted and looked back.
“Thmmm?” I managed.
I could breathe OK, and looking up her back at her long gray hair was so sexy — she was so sexy — that I got rock hard. She reached down and raked my balls lightly, “accidentally” grazing my cock with her arms.
She sat back again and grabbed her coffee. I heard her sip, and then the TV went on. She went about her morning, having her coffee, flipping between news channels.
I could hear well enough, but all I could see was her panties, her back, her hair; some of the ceiling. She would occasionally adjust as she needed, and eventually slid back, repeatedly moving a bit to find the spot she wanted. She sighed.
“Mmmmm … I love sitting on your face. I love how your nose and chin feel …” She wiggled around again, lifting slightly, allowing me bigger breaths. I could still breathe, but with some difficulty when she sat back. She knew how much oxygen I needed, and usually let me stay in my deprived, delirious state. My cock would fall, and she would rake me again, maybe stroke me. Over and over again. She was getting warm on my face. How long had I been down here?
“I love these mornings when we don’t have a commitment,” she said. “Kath asked if we wanted to go over there and have coffee with her and Jeff and I told her no. I think she knew we wanted to just fool around.”
She shifted around again, and I sighed into her ass, as content as can be.
“Should I make you cum?” she asked. “I probably should.”
She leaned forward and again took me into her mouth. When her ass raised up, my face followed. I needed to keep breathing her in. She laughed softly. She drew hard on my cock, then pulled off.
“I love that you can’t get enough of me,” she said, sitting back again. After a minute of me groaning into her ass, she got off me and turned to face me.
“Please,” I said.
“Please what?”
“Please put your ass on my face,” I begged. I wanted it to go on forever.
She smiled. She then slid her panties off and straddled me, facing forward. She draped her underwear over my face and picked up her coffee again, taking a few sips.
“Should I? … I don’t know. I think I want you to lick me. Can you do that?”
I groaned. “Yes … please. Please let me lick you.”
She moved up on my shoulders and grabbed her underwear, haphazardly blindfolding me with them. She pulled me face into her, adjusting me so my mouth took in her clit. I know how to make her scream when she’s on her back, but this is a little more work. I captured her clit in my lips and ran my tongue over it. I heard her gasp, and the way she grabbed my hair, I knew I had her where I wanted her, and vice versa. As she came, she shuddered, using my face for her pleasure, bucking against me over and over again. As she finished, she rolled off me and grabbed the comforter, pulling it on top of us and she curled into me, her left thigh landing on my cock, pushing it up toward my stomach.
“Mmmm I could go to sleep again,” she cooed.
She lay there for a while, composing herself. I tried humping on her leg and she laughed softly. “Do you need to cum, baby? Maybe in a few minutes.”
She stretched and yawned. “Wow. That was so nice. You really have a talented mouth.”
Sara rolled away and got off the bed. She tucked the comforter up around my shoulders and told me she was going to get another coffee.
When she returned, I heard her rummaging through her dresser. Then a big bounce on the bed. She lifted her undies off my eyes so I could see her smiling down.
“Are you getting sore?” she asked. I said yes. “Boy,” she said, putting her panties back over my eyes. “I remember when I could leave you like this all day and you wouldn’t whine. I might have to trade you in for a younger model. I’m going to let you out of these cuffs, but you’re staying on your back. Understand?” I said yes.
She let me out and I rubbed my arms and stretched. As I did, I felt her clambering around my head. Suddenly her shins were across my outstretched arms, and she pulled her purple panties off my eyes. I saw her in another of my favorite pair — white cotton with small print roses. Her ass landed on my face.
“Round Two,” she said.
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Default Re: For Sillver

Great story, hope it continues.
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