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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

So after the latest incident, it was basically full speed ahead. The very same night we were texting about our inevitable rematch, and how it would go down. I told her all I had to do was avoid her legs and I would destroy her easily.

“Well you’re not gonna be able to keep them off of you,” she texted back quickly. “Now that I know they’re your weakness ” Some more trash talk commenced but that was the gist of it. I was so happy that C seemed to be really getting into it now. Whenever I had tried before to playfully tease her about our little play-wrestling matches, she would giggle a bit but would never really tease back or say much about the subject. Now, she seemed much more comfortable with it.

The next day was a Saturday, and I knocked on her door a bit before noon. C opened it wearing a black top and grey leggings. We had the place to ourselves for a few hours before her sister came back. Within 10 minutes of me walking through the door, we were already tumbling around on the living room carpet, half making out feverishly and half trying to wrestle the other person into submission.

While I obviously enjoyed making out with my girlfriend, I was eager to keep on pushing the wrestling aspect into it before it inevitably just devolved into a messy heavy petting session. (The horror ) At one point I rolled on top of her, kneeling between her legs in a kind of closed guard position. As she grabbed my neck and attempted to pull herself up to kiss me, I pinned down her shoulders with my hands. I postured up straight above her and puckered my lips mockingly. C flashed a fierce smile at me and immediately responded by joining her hands behind my neck and locking her legs tighter around my middle, earning a small grunt from me as she locked it in nice and tight. Still smiling, she then began to basically scrunch herself up slowly, using her legs to pull me forward and destabilize me, and her arms to yank down on the back of my neck with all her strength, trying to pull herself up to me and me down to her.

Fortunately, I still had my arms locked out straight and pinning her back to the floor, which stopped her from pulling our upper bodies together. After a few moments of strained pulling, she suddenly straightened her legs and arched back, crushing my sides while thrusting her hips into my lower stomach. My straight-back posture crumbled as I sat scrunched forward over her while her legs squeezed the life out of me. C took this opportunity to slip her shoulders out from under my hands, pulling her upper body up to meet mine. I barely had time to exclaim a breathless “Holy shit...!” before she wrapped my head securely with her arms and then leaned back, yanking my face into her chest as her back met the carpet again. All the while, her thighs continued to devour my sides.

Even looking back at it now, I find it crazy how much she improved at this point. She had been taking gradual steps before, and I was doing my best to help her along, but now at this point I realized that she didn’t need my help at all. This girl knew how to wrestle.

I wrenched my face sideways out of her chest so that I could take a few deep breaths and process what the hell was going on. At this point in the tussle I was basically flat on top of her, my head anchored to her chest and my legs flopping uselessly on the floor flat behind me, all of my leverage taken away. C’s legs still remained tightly gripping my middle, though not squeezing as hard now that I wasn’t struggling as much. I ignored the pain in my neck and brought my hands down to stroke her legs. This was the first time she had scissored me wearing something other than jeans, and it felt terrific. The smooth material of her leggings was much more pleasant than the rough denim of her jeans and it really accented the curves and grooves of her legs. Noticing my change in behavior, she began to subtly grind herself against me, but our current position caused my excitement to press more against the floor than against her, frustrating me to no end.

“Give up?” She asked, pausing her movements to give my waist a small warning squeeze. I groaned in both pain and frustration but didn’t tap out on her thigh on the usual spot. I mustered up all the confidence I could manage.

“That’s all you got?”

I heard her scoff and if I could was able to see her face, I’m sure I would have seen her rolling her eyes. However, instead of squeezing me again as I hoped for, she heaved to the side to roll on top of me, straddling my stomach. Her thighs gripped my sides again as I playfully squirmed under her, and she sat up straight, observing my struggles with an amused expression.

“So do I win?” She asked, looking down at my pinned form with her eyebrows raised. As always, part of me wanted very badly to give in and let all of this progress into a very different kind of wrestling match, one where my frustrated excitement would finally be dealt with once and for all. However, as always, my morbid curiosity wondered just how far I could push it before we reached that point. “No.”

“Okay,” she said, rather cheerfully. “That’s fine, if you wanna play it that way.” She began to shuffle herself forward, slowly inching up on my body. I prayed that she was doing what I hoped she was doing. She slowly scooted from my stomach to my chest, paused a moment, then slowly, sloowwly inched herself higher up on me until she settled into a high, tight schoolgirlpin. My prayers were answered. She was seated on my upper chest and neck, smirking down at me as messy strands of brown hair fell across her face to dangle above my own face, her grey leggings-covered thighs framing my head against the ground. I will never forget this image, burned into my brain, alongside that feeling of delicious helplessness I felt pinned flat on my back under her. Then, after letting both of us enjoy the position silently for awhile, C stepped it up a notch.

Slowly, tentatively, she unfolded her legs from under her so she could lay them straight out in front of her. My head momentarily dropped backwards to the floor, but then she scooped it up with one hand so she could regrip her thighs around my face and then cross her feet to really lock in the hold. My hands floated to their familiar grips on the sides of her thighs, easing the worst of the pressure from my neck and head. With her legs clamped around my head, she didn’t need to use her hand to hold up my head anymore and leaned back, placing both her hands on the floor behind her and gazing down the length of her body to admire my face with genuine fascination.

“Your face is so red,” she giggled. All I could respond with was a pained laugh/gurgle. My face felt like an oven, stuffed between her thighs less than an inch away from her crotch. I couldn’t tell if the waves of radiating heat were coming from my face or from her nether regions. The smooth soft material of her grey leggings was a small comfort against the intense pressure of her thighs on my neck and jaw. “Try to get free,” she challenged.

Eager to keep the game going as long as physically possible, I squirmed dramatically before suddenly rolling to the side with all of my strength. She squeaked as she toppled sideways, surprised, but kept her death-grip on my head and face. Now we were laying on our sides, me still stuffed in her deep front headscissor.

“C’mon. I said try and get free,” she urged again, giggling and acting as if I didn’t hear her the first time. Always a natural at trash talking, C knew exactly what to say to get me going. As I wasted time floundering to gather my legs under me, she posted up on one elbow and rested her other hand casually on the top of my head, lightly gripping my hair. Then she raised her hips off the carpet, torquing them towards the floor slighty and squeezed hard with her legs. The pressure stopped me completely in my tracks, stunning me.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, knowing full well I couldn’t answer due to her paralyzing squeeze. She dropped the side her hip back down to the floor and slightly relaxed her squeezing, probably hoping for an answer from me. Instead of wasting any breath on a reply, I quickly scrambled to turn us so I was on my front with her on her back. With some effort, I managed to plant my feet down squarely under me. The whole time C kept my head locked in her legs, laying back casually, unconcerned about me escaping, but at the same time watching me with curiosity. With my feet planted under me, I took a deep breath and then powered my legs against the floor, trying to stand up. I was able to get her to hover off the floor a few inches, causing her to shriek and reach up to grab at my arms for support. However I was bent forward awkwardly as she dangled upside down from my neck. I knew I couldn’t hold her weight up this way for long. I noticed the couch behind me, so I strategically backed up so that I would trip backwards over the arm of the couch and tumble right onto the cushions. As I dramatically fell backwards over the arm of the couch, landing flat on my back on the cushions, C maintained her everlasting leggy grip on my head, swung her body forward to seat herself on my upper chest and neck, and settled her legs so that they lay straight out in front of her, feet crossed securely. She laughed triumphantly.
Back to square one.

Except this time, after a few more token struggles from me, she reached her hands back down behind my head, which had begun to slide slightly away from it’s starting position. She interlocked her fingers and then yanked me into her to force me back where I started, but then continued pulling so that this time my face was forced fully against her crotch. I gave out a startled “Mmmph!” and exploded with new energy, struggling to breathe properly.

“You’re not going to get free.” She said this as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, maintaining her vice grip on my head with both her thighs and her hands. Any answer I tried to give would just be muffled by her crotch. I could still breathe, but only just barely, and it was only her scent I could breathe in. Slowly but surely, my struggling began to slow. Gradually, I surrendered to her. It felt like heaven. It smelled like heaven. I was in heaven. I was excited beyond belief, and my erection, out of sight from both of us, ached painfully for attention. But at this moment, nothing existed in the universe except for this girl, seated securely on my neck, holding my face captive in her crotch with her hands and thighs, staring directly into my eyes with an impossibly smug smirk. I stopped struggling completely and just stared up at her, drinking in the view. I didn’t even need to tap out to signal my surrender. She knew I was finished.

“Good boy,” she cooed, remaining perched on my upper chest. Her hands remained locked around the back of my head, pressing me against her, although her legs were no longer squeezing so hard anymore. Just hard enough to keep me docile. We stayed there for I have no idea how long, both of us reveling in her domination over me. My hands slowly roamed over the curves of her legs, hips and back. Meanwhile she sat on her throne, basically unmoving, staring into my eyes the whole time with a lazy but satisfied smile. I really don’t know how long we stayed like that. It must have only been a few minutes, thinking back. It felt like seconds. Finally she released her grip on me, letting my head fall back to the couch so I could pant at the ceiling. She kept herself seated on my chest, looking down into my face.

“I win.”

To this day I am convinced that C somehow snuck into my brain and figured out exactly what I wished for in my deepest fantasies. Everything she does or says ticks exactly the right boxes for me.
I simply cannot believe my luck. I could never have imagined my girlfriend to transform from a shy submissive girl into... this. She is still her normal friendly timid self in public and around other people, but when her dominant side comes out in private, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Anyways, this incident basically marks the last stage in her journey of exploring her side of domination, since after this event she basically has the gist of the concept now

This last post is kind of a mess and may not be as well organized as the rest but a lot happened here and I felt like I had to get it all out in one post.

Most wrestling related events after this are basically just too little too spread apart, or just similar variations of events I already posted. I’ll still try to post new experiences as they come up, so stay tuned for the occasional small tidbit.

Thank you to all the forum goers who followed along and big thanks to those who replied with positive feedback. It really does feel great to write about my experiences. I hope others with similar experiences continue to share theirs here. It’s always great to hear other’s stories.

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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

Originally Posted by scissorjunkie [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Greezy that story was heart breaking bro! I had a similar experience when I was young and dumb. I was kind of seeing, kind of not seeing this really quite big girl. She had amazingly strong thighs though and I was always trying to get her to squeeze me. I eventually got a squeeze one very drunk night but she wasn’t massively into it. Anyway on another very drunken night I was with her and this girl I was really into at the time. I was desperate to try and get another squeeze off this big girl and hopefully introduce the subject to the other girl too. At one point in the night a playful tussle ensued during which she even threatened to use her thighs on me. Like an idiot I pretend to be totally afraid of the idea and ended up breaking up the tussle. There were loads of moments like that when I was young where my fear of getting “outed” stopped me enjoying potential experiences
I made a similar mistake once. I had a female friend -- her name was Yin -- who was bisexual but leaned more toward girls. Well, I stayed with her and her girlfriend -- Keiko -- for a short while, and Keiko loved to use the bodyscissor on Yin, and it would make her absolutely howl with agony every time.

One night they were tussling and it happened again -- well, Keiko got a little annoyed at Yin about how Yin couldn't take the bodyscissor. Not that you should blame Yin -- Yin was about my size and my build, about 5'6" (didn't realize I was this short but I measured recently. I thought I was 5'8" or 5'9", but nope) and about 135 to my 140. Well, Keiko smugly assured Yin that she was barely squeezing her, just 5%. She said if Yin wanted to really see what she could do with her thighs, she'd show her. Yin was pretty emphatically NOT up for that. I said I'd give it a try, though, if she really wanted to.

Now, Keiko was not build like Yin or I. Yin was half-Vietnamese and half American but got mostly the Vietnamese genes where her build was concerned. Keiko was half-Japanese and half-American, but got the American genes where her build was concerned. Big girl. 6', weighed about 180, most of which was tits, ass, and thighs.

So Keiko pulled me down onto the couch in a side bodyscissor high up on my chest, and just cranked it on. The pressure was instantly overwhelming, but she kept notching it tighter and tighter. I could feel my heart thumping against the inside of my chest, and she remarked she could feel it against her inner thigh. The pressure kept increasing, notch by notch, and I couldn't take it. It was less than a minute before I was tapping pretty frantically. Still (according to Keiko) just 5% of her squeeze.

I regretted tapping ever since, but that girl could have killed somebody at 25%, I have no doubt of it.
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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

great amazing story....looking forward to reading about your girlfriend learning how to use her scissors to dominate through the power of her legs...can't imagine what would happen if she learned other wrestling holds
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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

Amazing story, your a lucky dude.
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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

Thanks for sharing your stories as well. I love to hear about similar true experiences that other like-minded people have had.

Thanks Anonymous, I feel very lucky indeed.

Pottsville, I have definitely started to teach her different types of wrestling holds, usually by using them on her. Although the stories I share here are typically of her dominating me, most of our matches now are actually pretty competetive (or at least they start out that way). She’s always so surprised and frustrated when I introduce a new hold to her by trapping her in it, and that frustration builds and makes it all the better for both of us when she eventually breaks free and pays me back two times over.

One move she picked up from me recently is the grapevine At one point when I was pinning her down one day, I managed to tangle my legs with hers and gently spread them out in a light grapevine to prevent her from using them. She was both confused and amazed at how immobilized she was, so I explained the hold to her and how to apply it. Both of us excited to try it out, I let her roll me over so our positions were reversed. She posted up with her hands on my shoulders, then turned to look back at our tangled legs while she awkwardly tried to maneuver her legs into position. I gave her some pointers on where to hook her feet and after some adjusting and shuffling she found the perfect positioning.

She turned back and smiled down at me excitedly, but didn’t say anything, as if she was waiting for me to make a move. I tentatively began to squirm, and she responded by straightening her legs out and pushing down on my shoulders, arching herself above me. Thankfully she didn’t power the hold on too tight, so the hold wasn’t too painful, but it was still an uncomfortable stretch and I definitely wasn’t going anywhere. The almost complete immobilization of your whole body is kind of jarring but also unbelievably exciting. Keeping my legs spread out and pinned, C laid her head down next to mine and wrapped her arms snugly around the back of my neck and head, basically casually resting on me but still keeping my entire body pinned. I laughed and struggled playfully (probably 50% but I genuinely don’t know if even 100% would have been enough to get free, as she was obviously not trying her hardest to hold me down either), and she continued to hold me down over the next few minutes, giggling and speaking softly into my ear the whole time.
“C’mon, break free. I thought this was your move!”
“Bet you regret teaching me this one, huh?”
“Can’t you get up? Try to get me off you.”

I just stammered and sputtered at her taunting, my mind being driven into overdrive as I squirmed helplessly under her. This continued for a short while, with absolutely no progress from my end. Slowly, in what was gradually becoming a kind of ritual for us, my struggles began to fade into smaller squirms, then into aimless writhing, then finally settling into her pin, completely flat against the floor. My hands roamed over her back and the backs of her thighs, and she giggled at my submissiveness. She relaxed her legs but kept them loosely hooked around mine, and we simply lay there for a good minute, enjoying the pin, before she adjusted her position on me slightly so she could kiss me.

She’s gotten quite good at catching me in the grapevine, and even sometimes springs it on me from the bottom, but mostly only prevent me from posting up on my knees for leverage. She doesn’t seem to try to cause me pain by stretching me out when she applies her grapevines, mostly she uses it to hold me still for a few moments and control my struggling. To my great pleasure, it looks like it’s becoming a natural move for her, as she’s beginning to slap the grapevine on me very loosely even when we’re not actively wrestling, if the position allows it.

Other new holds she’s beginning to utilize are sleeperholds, guillotines, and headlocks with her arms, but she clearly prefers holds that mainly use her legs, defaulting back to her favorite head/body scissorholds whenever she sees the chance. Not that I’m complaining

She’s very aware of the effect her scissorholds have on me, physically and mentally. One favorite move of hers is if she’s ever mounting me and I manage to roll her off to one side, she’ll lock her ankles behind me. Then, staring into my face the whole time, she’ll slowwwly straighten her legs, compressing my sides gradually, squeezing the breath and the fight out of me. While she does this she’ll either lay back stretched out casually, or sometimes she’ll use her arms to bring our faces close together while we both lay on our sides, but she always keeps her eyes concentrated on mine, curiously studying my face for my reactions to her squeezing. She usually wears her familiar smirk while she does this, but lately she’s fallen into the habit of absentmindedly chewing her lower lip while she studies my facial expressions, observing me like a fly caught in a web. Every reaction from me (whether it’s a noise, a squirm, or even a tiny wince) basically adds fuel to the fire, as she’ll latch onto that reaction hungrily and squeeze me harder to try and reproduce it, throwing us into a kind of endless feedback loop of squeeze, reaction, squeeze tighter, and repeat.

I really need to show her that Xenia Onatopp clip.

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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

Hi all,
So the momentum for this thread kind of died. I started out strong because I wanted to share a certain string of events that happened over the course of a few weeks, and once I finished recounting that story, I basically disappeared. That's not to say that nothing more has been happening between me and C (Even now she continues to amaze and surprise me with new things), but I felt like the little unconnected events that followed after the initial story weren't really worth sharing.

BUT! I literally just noticed that my story had received the Story of the Month award somehow, all the way back in October. Must have been a dry month for stories, eh? I'm amazed at how long it took me to notice the Story of the Month award, but I'm even more amazed at the response that this story got. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my experiences but all of your feedback and encouragement made it a very satisfying thing to do. Thank you, fellow story readers!

C has reached a few more exciting "discoveries" in the months following the initial story, and continues even today to regularly learn new ways to dominate. If anybody is still tuned, I'd love to share some random unconnected experiences before I drop off the face of the earth again.

Added after 1 6 minutes:

The Figure Fours

I'll type one out right now before I suddenly lose all motivation to post again

When C first started out wrestling with me, she always employed straight legged scissors. Sometimes she'd curl her legs in for a moment to pull whatever body part she had clamped tighter against her, but during the first month or two, her go-to move and finisher was always her kicking her legs out straight and powering down until I gave or she got tired. Except one option here happened way more often than the other.

This isn't to say I was getting bored, or that the wrestling was getting stale: Every scissor was (and is) as good as the first. It's only when I look back that I realize we weren't really experimenting branching out or anything at this period.

However, one day as we tussled on the carpeted floor, I ended up clamped in one of her usual bodyscissors. She lay on her back trying to squeeze the life out of me while I posted up on my knees and tried to reach back to unhook one of her ankles. C must have seen this move one too many times, because she quickly curled her legs in to get her feet away from my hand, then smoothly re-positioned her legs so that the top of her ankle was tucked underneath the crook of her opposite knee.

A perfect figure bodyscissor. My eyes popped out from my head, both from the new pressure and the surprise appearance of this hold. In my shock I was pulled forward off my center of gravity and had to catch myself with my arms before I fell face first on top of my girlfriend. I couldn't tell if C had looked up this move somewhere or simply had a knack for wrestling with her legs (After the match, I asked her how she came up with that move, and she shrugged and said she just did what felt natural). Grinning at my dumb expression, she reached one hand down to her bent legs in order to grab the top of her ankle, locking the hold in.

She pulled her ankle closer to her, experimenting with how it tightened her grip and the different muscles she could use to squeeze my waist. I was basically paralyzed in her hold, more by my amazement than by the pain. I reacted to each new squeeze and pulse with a strained groan or squirm, not realizing my body was reacting as well.

She giggled. "Oh. You really like this one."

I suddenly realized what she was talking about when she rolled her hips against me slightly, bringing my now fully excited member to poke against the underside of her ass. "Fuck" was all I could say, making her giggle more. After a few moments, she released my waist from her grip, but only so she could slide her shorts and underwear off before clamping down on my waist again.


After this, we took to a funny ritual of using the hardness of my downstairs area as a very clear visual indicator of how effective a new wrestling move was on me. So far, my biggest weaknesses are her figure fours, especially her frontal figure four head/facescissor, which she was very quick to discover next

Something about the figure four hold is just so sexy to me that I can't quite describe. It's not exactly that it feels that much stronger or tighter, but perhaps its the feeling of being more surrounded by her legs, which almost provides a comforting sense of safety or something. Another part of it could be that it's a kind of resting hold for my girlfriend, so when she catches me in one we both know that she can keep me wasting energy struggling for a long time while she just relaxes casually, which drives me wild.

I don't know, I feel like I can't really capture why it's so sexy. Why are figure fours so hot???

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Default Re: Girlfriend Scissor Discovery

More Figure Fours and the Tapouts

One thing I absolutely love about my girlfriend is that she is often the one who initiates the wrestling. This isn't due to a lack of trying on my part: I try to initiate whenever I see a good opportunity. But she seems just as hooked to our fights as I am. I never get tired of the smug look she gives me when we both realize we are all alone for the moment, and hearing the two words she'd always quietly say before shit went down.

"Let's wrestle."

After my girlfriend discovered the figure four on my body, she realized she could apply the figure four to any scissorhold she captured me in. Naturally, the next step after the figure four bodyscissors was the figure four headscissors. Near the end of our next tussle, I found myself on my front, stuffed in the wrong end (or maybe right end) of a straight-legged front headscissor while C lounged on her back in front of me. Whenever she gets me like this, she likes to stretch her arms above her head like a cat and peek down the length of her body to observe me struggling with her legs. I remember on this day she was wearing some baggy but thin sweatpants, instead of her usual shorts or leggings. At this point in the relationship, I had begun to get pretty familiar with her headscissors, and I'd started to get pretty good at working my way out of them. With a few moments of careful squirms and adjustments, and lots of straining and pulling, I usually had a good chance of getting up to my knees and then popping my head free before she really locked me down.

However as soon as I began my usual tugging and wiggling, C sat up, posting up on her elbows and gazing down at me curiously. It seemed like a lightbulb went off in her head and she suddenly shifted a bit sideways, using one arm to support herself and the other hand to hold onto my hair as legs curled into a tight figure four around my head.
The sudden pressure and weight shift forced me off my knees and rolled me back onto my side/stomach. Compared to her usual headscissors, the figure four felt much more snug and tight, due to her legs now literally surrounding my head. Her calf was digging into the back of my neck and head, neatly tucking my face right into her goods.

"Remember this one?"

I tried to respond, but my reply was muffled, absorbed by her baggy sweatpants. She giggled, and tentatively moved her hand from my hair to her pointed foot. She yanked on it, tightening the figure four and stuffing my face even deeper into her muggy hold.

"Babe, aren't you going to answer me?" She taunted, still yanking on her ankle. Every time I'd try to speak, she'd tighten up more, the material of the sweatpants over her crotch taking away both my words and my breath. This would eventually become one of her favorite games: Asking me a question or taunting me and muffling my answer with her crotch. Eventually, she had pulled my head in as deep as it could go. I let out a muffled groan, and suddenly she seemed to tense up, returning her hand to rest on the top of my head lightly.

"Babe," she gasped, suddenly sounding breathless. Her legs seemed to relax their grip slightly. It turns out the vibrations from my muffled protests got a very strong reaction from her. Hopeful that I maybe had just found a valuable weapon to add to my arsenal, I deliberately hummed louder, hoping she'd loosen again. Instead, C grasped my hair harder and resumed her figure-four lock on my face, tighter than ever. That was one idea down the drain. To be honest, I guess I didn't really want to break free anyways.

Her legs had clamped slightly higher on my head now, covering my ears, so now I couldn't hear if she was saying anything to me. No words needed to be said anymore anyways. She began rolling her hips right against my face, slowly at first, but gaining in speed and volume. Both of her hands suddenly appeared behind my head to interlock fingers. She leaned back, arms straight and relaxed, arching backwards to pull my face down and in while she thrust her hips up and out. She smirked, seemingly back in control of her body, and looked into my eyes as she tried her hardest to erase my mouth and nose.

I'm so thankful that C was wearing sweatpants that day, because those pants are the reason I was able to keep sneaking in little snatches of air and stay in the figure four for so long. She'd find an airtight seal to stuff me into, but between her rolling hips and the baggy material of her sweatpants I'd be able to eventually peel my face out from her goods and take in a gasp of air. I'd surface long enough to gasp in a single mouthful of air before she forcefully yanked me back under for a mouthful of something else, rolling her hips as if I had never left. But each time she trapped me in her crotch again, she'd correct a previous flaw in her technique and it would be longer before I could figure out how to escape again and take in some precious oxygen. This continued for awhile, and as I grew weaker and she rolled her hips harder, it would take a longer amount of time each time before I could escape for air only to be wrenched back down again. I think C could see the expression in my eyes as I realized I was in deep trouble. I could tell she was getting as worked up as I was, from the smell and slight dampness of the hold, coupled with her flushed face and half-lidded eyes. But behind that expression, she still had the usual fire in her eyes, that newly acquired fierce determination of hers to make me submit to her. And we both knew that each roll of the hips, we were getting closer and closer my submission.

C probably also knew that the grinding movement of her hips made it easier for me to sneak in air every now and then, and that just pulling me in and keeping me there without any movement would extract a much faster submission from me. But she wasn't in a rush: We both knew I wasn't going anywhere. Thinking back, it's entirely possible she was just letting me get air on purpose so I wouldn't give up so soon.

Eventually, the time between breaths became so long that I really wasn't sure if I would make it to my next window of air. My lungs began to burn and I kicked my feet on the floor behind me. C raised her eyebrows, amused, slowing her grinding slightly but still keeping me under control. Tiny tendrils of panic began to creep into my mind and I fought harder to break free. I grabbed inside of her thighs and tugged with all my might, allowing me to come up for an instant. I took a single breath and began to try to talk my way out, for all the good that had done me so far.

"Babe-" She instantly used her hands to re-introduce my face to her crotch, which greeted it's old friend with a deep, deliberate grind. I flailed again, panicked since most of the breath I took was wasted on that interrupted plea. I gazed up her body as I could hear her voice very faintly through my covered ears. I couldn't understand her words but she seemed to be scolding me, shaking her head and glaring at me in pretend anger. But I could still clearly see the shadow of a smile in her expression, the excitement that came as she sensed I was nearly done for. I heaved myself upwards suddenly, hoping to surprise her and pop my head free. Her hands remained interlocked behind my head, and her hips just stayed glued to my face, rising off the floor when I went up, then returning back to the floor when I collapsed back down flat on my stomach, completely drained. She gave me a very proper head shake and re-applied her figure four again.

I knew I was done. I had lost the match much earlier, really, but I didn't want to admit it and end the fun. If I could, I would have stayed here forever. It seemed like C wasn't in any hurry to end our little game either. My hands still gripping her thighs, I stroked them for a few moments before finally, I swatted her hip, tapping out my submission. She relaxed her grips on me so that I could breathe, but still held me tight enough so that it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do. She beamed at me in satisfaction while we both took a few seconds to regain our breath, and then she suddenly arched backward again, lifting her hips up off the ground and pulling my head down again. This time, she straightened her legs out behind my head, crossed at the ankles in a classic frontal headscissor. She didn't squeeze quite as hard as before, but it was still pretty tight in there. I grunted and groaned and protested into her crotch and went through all the motions, but really I was thrilled that she was keeping me here. Now, instead of releasing me after the tap and resetting positions, she just relaxed slightly before clamping down again. She tends to do this nowadays once we've moved past the the initial competitive portion of our little matches. But this night was the first time she's ever did this instead of just letting go completely after my tapout. And we both loved it.

I tapped out again, this time on the side of her thigh. I could faintly hear her signature giggle, slightly muffled from her legs still partially covering my ears. She relaxed her legs for a heartbeat before flicking them into a figure four again, this time switching her legs so that she had her ankle tucked under the opposite knee from last time. Her hands stayed in place joined behind my head the whole time, keeping me under control whenever she repositioned her legs. I took her squeezing for awhile before tapping out on her thigh again, utterly exhausted. This time, she didn't seem to respond. I swatted her thigh again a few more times, but her smile only grew bigger. I tried to voice my submission out loud, but she threw her head back and laughed at my muffled words.

"Stop mumbling babe, I can't hear you. Speak up!"

She tightened up her figure four slightly, resuming her game of interrupting my words with her crotch, while I began to struggle harder to voice my surrender. Finally, I broke free (Or she allowed me to break free) long enough to gasp out a clear sentence.

"Okay, I give! You win!"

C rolled her eyes in an exaggerated way as I looked up at her face, waiting for her to release my head from her hold.

"Well, duh."

Then she took me back under and started all over again.

She kept me locked up for what was probably like 10 more minutes, but it felt like seconds. I must have tapped out dozens of times, and each time she would relax slightly, make a small tweak to her position, then squeeze me in again. Sometimes she'd roll over on top of me in a mounted figure four, then after I tapped she'd roll right back down onto her back, controlling me in her legs the whole time.

And so began our usual end-of-the-match ritual and my girlfriend's favorite game of keeping me in holds between tapouts. We still wrestle each other rather competitively and keep track of points and submissions and whatnot (I'm not always getting completely destroyed by her, I swear guys ), but the for occasions when she dominates me completely, and we're at the point in the match where we're no longer concerned with keeping track of points, she makes sure to get as many tapouts and submissions out of me as she can.

Other moves she's learned and become fond of since then: Breast smothers, reverse figure fours, armbars, and lots of grapevines. Neither of us are big fans of blood chokes, so we don't really do much with triangle chokes or rear naked chokes, and when she does her headscissors she tries to get more of my head than my neck so that it's more of a smother than a choke.

I will try to continue sharing my experiences with my girlfriend learning how to wrestle with me. I've basically recounted all of the big memorable nights that I can remember, so from now on I will mostly just be sharing little things I noticed as C learned new holds and techniques. Thank you fellow forum-goers for your continued support and please feel free to give feedback or share your own similar experiences so that I don't feel like I'm just yelling into an empty room here
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