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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Political Capital
Author: John Blaze

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

“I could have been president!” James thought to himself. His eyes were fixated on his hands. The hands that were firmly and vigorously massaging Tara’s foot. At least, they were massaging the half that wasn’t crammed into his mouth. His sucking lips and active tongue were massaging the other half. James continued the mental debate he was having. “No. Not could have. I should have been president!” His thought pattern was disrupted as Kerry’s foot slammed into his backside again. He wondered if she would ever grow tired of kicking him? “Tara... fucking... Lawton! This bitch stole everything from me!” he continued, growing uncontrollably sad and angry at the same time. His roller coaster of emotions took his mind for a vicious ride. His mental condition resembled that of a two year old who had his candy cruelly snatched away and was being teased and taunted to the point of tears. He was still in the middle of this emotional breakdown when Tara flexed her foot and spread her toes in his mouth. Taking the cue with no other instruction, he started forcefully running his tongue between each of her toes while he sucked.

For her part, Tara was actually surprised at how much she enjoyed the sensation of getting her toes sucked and her feet licked. What she was not surprised by was how much joy she derived from completely demoralizing this man. With nothing more than the spreading of her toes she gave a clear command and this one time proud and powerful man knew just what to do. As she wiggled her toes on the inside of his face, his vigorous sucking and licking continued to transfer the day’s sweat and any dirt off of her foot and into his mouth. Unlike earlier, he didn’t wince or make faces. By this point, he was used to the taste of her foot sweat and toe cheese. What a horrible realization that was for him. While the shame, humiliation and disgust remained painfully new, the actual taste of her feet seemed... familiar. She had broken in his mouth like a familiar old shoe, making her foot right at home.

After another minute of sucking and massaging, and a few more kicks to the butt from the giggling Kerry, it was all over. The foot resting atop James’ head slid down until her bare heel rested against his forehead. With her foot pushing against his forehead, she pulled the other one out of his still sucking mouth. She wiped the excess saliva from her foot on the shoulder of his dress shirt. “That will be all James. Put my shoes on now” she sad softly. James moved slowly but obediently like a traumatized and abused dog. As he carefully put her shoes on, Tara spoke to Kerry. “Thank you so much for that suggestion Kerry. My feet feel refreshed. But honestly, it was worth it for so many other reasons.” Standing up, she smiled down at James. Rising to his knees, James stared back at her with such hatred that it would have likely made someone else uncomfortable. Tara, however, loved it! She knew he could do nothing about it. All he could do with his hatred would be to eat it!! This delighted Tara and added to his humiliation. To punctuate that point, she returned his gaze not with hatred, but with a raised eyebrow as if to say “Yes? You have something to say?” The two locked eyes for a few seconds and then James broke the gaze, looking down at the floor...at her feet. The red toenails peeking out the front of her shoes seemed to mock him. Tara walked bye him, roughly bumping him out of the way. She walked towards the door. Pausing right before she exited, she turned to address him. “That was nice James. I think you have a real talent and I’m looking forward to having you join the team. President might have been an over reach for you. But personal assistant? Well, let’s just say I think you are going to be my favorite employee at the end of my long days!” Still kneeling at the foot of the chair, James turned bright red. The tears which had stopped falling down his cheeks threatened to turn on again, but he choked them back.

“Well, I’m off to the after party. Lots of potential clients waiting to be courted. I’m sure Governor Smith will want some photos with me. You know... to celebrate the endorsement.” James’ efforts at any dignity collapsed as his tears returned. Tara’s cold pouring of salt and lemon juice into his open wounds had worked. Almost as if making him cry again was the only thing she was waiting for, Tara turned to walk out. “Come on Kerry. We have a party to attend and some business to discuss. James, call me in the morning and we can work out the details of your employment.”

James plopped down on the floor. Sitting alone and in shame, his tears fell freely. The lingering smell of Tara’s feet danced in his nostrils, continuing to taunt him relentlessly. He cringed as he realized the aroma was coming from his own face. Her foot sweat had been rubbed into his skin...her final gift. He was too dejected to move. Even though he knew he had to wash his face in order to begin any healing process, he just sat there in a deep depression. He was absolutely convinced that no amount of toothpaste or mouthwash could remove the taste of her feet from his mouth just as no amount of therapy could remove her footprint from his spirit.

How had this happened? How could he have let this happen??!! He thought back to his excitement from that very morning. He had left his house filled with high hopes of gaining Tara’s endorsement and setting himself up to be president. PRESIDENT!! Tara had snatched his hopes and bastardized them, using his ambition as part of a sick plot to make him her foot sucking flunky. He mentally re-lived the nonstop humiliation of the day. Massaging her feet on the plane - first with his hands, then his nose, then his face. The docile way he just sat there when Kerry spit in his face, unable to do anything. The words “Governor Smith" coming out of Tara’s mouth instead of his name. Instead of taking sweet revenge for this betrayal, he was humbled again with humiliating foot licking and demeaning toe sucking. The degrading verbal abuse. Kerry tormenting him with kicks and nonstop laughter. The smug look on Tara’s face throughout the day as she basked in her victory. His thoughts turned to his future as a servant to Tara and probably Kerry too! He curled up in the fetal position and wept uncontrollably. This was the absolute worst day of his life. The day his hopes were dashed, his dreams were crushed and his dignity became a punch-line.

Joining the Team

The next few weeks were filled with one small embarrassment after another. It started the day after Senator Bronson’s day from hell. The news media was all over him. How did he feel about the endorsement? What was discussed on the plane? Was he betrayed? Was he played for a fool by Tara Lawton? Was his campaign dead? James had to answer these questions without losing his cool. But he also knew that he would be dropping out of the race, and eventually the senate, to go work for Tara. Despite his desire to rip her to shreds in the press, he didn’t want to bash her because he would look silly later.

For her part, Tara spent the next few weeks traveling with, and on behalf of, Govorner Smith. She too was asked about Senator Bronson and what deal, if any, they had struck on the plane. James caught the interview on television. “Senator Bronson and I had a very positive and productive working session on the plane and again that evening after my endorsement of Governor Smith.” James fumed at her subliminal chiding. She continued, “James is a great public servant. In fact, it cannot be overstated how dedicated he is to serving... and how good he is at it. But, ultimately, I believe Governor Smith gives our party the best chance at winning. He will be the leader we need moving forward. But, again, make no mistake, Senator Bronson has a lot to give and I think we found some common ground... about how he can best use his talents.” James bristled with anger at all of the subliminal messages meant for his ears. She was rubbing her victory in his face through the television screen.

A week later, James dropped out of the race. The press once again had a field day discussing how Tara Lawton had all but single handedly destroyed his candidacy. Even more than that, everyone was surprised a few months later when he announced his resignation from the senate to go work for Tara at Lawton & Associates. All of the headlines were about how the whipped little puppy first got played... then got owned. His “favorite paper”...the one that had tormented him with the humiliating political cartoons... ran a story entitled “How to Crush a Rival Like a Boss.” It discussed all of the ways Tara had publicly humiliated James and ended his career, only to then “buy him off” and put him to work for her. James cringed when he read the article.

The day finally came where James reported to “work." He was somewhat scared and apprehensive as he approached the door. Slowly, he walked into the glass office building in downtown Washington DC and under the gold Lawton & Associates sign. Tara’s firm was the fiercest and best paid army of political strategists, lawyers, consultants and publicists around. The elegance of the building reflected that fact. The receptionist escorted him to the elevator and up to the top floor. She could barely contain her excitement at having him there. “Everyone is so happy you joined us! You’re such an inspiration to so many of us." James allowed the compliment to boost his ego a little. It had been a very long time since he even remotely felt good about himself.

They walked down a long corridor past cubicles on either side. At the end of the hall were the executive offices. A vaguely familiar woman greeted him and walked him down another short hallway to a separate glass door. Using a security card, she swiped them into an area where there were three offices. James tried to place where he had seen this woman before. Then it hit him. She was on the plane with Tara and Kerry. She had witnessed them abuse him as Tara massaged her feet with his face! Embarrassment caused his face to turn red as they kept walking. To the right he saw Kerry sitting at her desk. She had a nice sized office with a nice view of the city below. He had loosely followed her career after she left him. She had quickly made a name for herself working for Tara. She was too busy typing on her computer and talking on the phone to notice him as he walked by. To the left was a door that already had his name on it. His office was apparently back here as well. Straight ahead was Tara’s office. James didn’t know whether to be happy or scared that his office was apparently among the top executives and this close to Tara.

The woman knocked on the open door. “Ms. Lawton, James Bronson is here to see you.”

“Thank you, Jane. Come in James.”

James watched as the familiar woman went back to her desk at the front of the executive corridor. She was apparently the chief of staff. He then realized that everyone in this closed off executive area knew his secret relationship with Tara. He realized they were free to treat him however they chose behind these doors with no fear of anyone ever suspecting anything! He shivered at the potential this situation held. But, he hoped for the best.

“James, please sit down.” As he walked into the room, he couldn’t help but notice how massive her personal office was. The room seemed bigger than many studio apartments he had seen. She sat on the far end behind a beautiful mohagony desk. On either side of her were giant book cases loaded with volumes of books as well as separate sitting areas with glass coffee tables and comfortable looking cream colored leather sofas and recliners. The hardwood floor was a gorgeous parquet pattern. Bright, natural sunlight poured through the window behind her which took up the entire wall. Clearly she was doing well for herself.

James sat in the seat across the desk from Tara. He had not seen her since that fateful night. Although they had spoken on the phone several times, this would be their first meeting since then. He was both dreading and looking forward to this moment. He had put a lot of thought into how today would go. He had planned and rehearsed and he felt very good about his ability to negotiate a decent life for himself here. Tara had already abused him enough to prove her point. Based on his brief conversations with her, he knew her focus would be on making money. James possessed a contact list of powerful connections that could bring in a lot of money... and she knew it. He had leverage now and he would not allow himself to be relegated to an office slave! Besides, both he and Tara knew that she had already won and already taken everything from him. Surely, the rivalry and the feud were over.

Tara began to speak. “Welcome to Lawton & Associates. We are happy to have you here. You will find that if you do your job to the best of your ability you will not only thrive here, but you will be able to really make a difference in the world - even more so than when you were actually a senator!” James paused, almost caught off guard. This conversation sounded very... normal. Tara continued, “We are the best at what we do here and we are counting on you to help take us to an even higher level. I, personally, am counting on you to land some major accounts for us and advance the business with some of our top existing customers. The strong relationships you bring with you from your days in the senate will serve you and the firm well.” James nodded his agreement. Tara continued. “Good. Now, a few more details. As a member of my personal team, everyone inside and outside of the company will treat you as a major player...and they should. It will help you make money... make me money. But make no mistake. I ...can’t ...stand...you!” James was slightly surprised by the obvious disdain in her voice. “I think you are a fool...a joke... not even worthy to shine my shoes.”

James blushed a little but kept his composure. He was ready for this moment. “Tara,” he said calmly but with a noticeable firmness. “I was hoping we could focus on the business and move past any personal grudges. Clearly you’ve won. You’ve beaten me severely. I have been humbled in ways I never thought imaginable.” He paused and leaned forward in his chair. “It’s over. Be the bigger person. Let’s focus on making big money and big policy... together.”

Tara paused for an uncomfortably long time. She just stared at James with a look he couldn‘t place. She was either amused or annoyed or perhaps, he hoped, just thinking about his firm and mature response. Tara leaned forward in her seat to match James’ posture. “You know James, some of the things you said about me after the last election... about my family, about my husband leaving me, about my parenting...about my children. They were really over the line. Really hurtful and malicious."

Clearly Tara was holding a grudge but James stuck to his plan. “Tara, I acknowledge that. But, if any retribution was needed, I think you took it the last time we met. You also went too far. I apologize for my words and, as hard as it is, I forgive you for your actions. Let’s start from a clean fresh place. What do you say?"

Tara looked at him as though she were sincerely considering his words. “Well..., she began. “Let’s just say... I don’t forgive... and I don’t forget... and I will not grow tired of making you my bitch and reminding you just how beneath me you really are. Nor will I bat an eye if you force me to send you to jail for a long, long time.”

James’ face turned a little pale and he stared blankly at her as he thought of what to say next. While he sat there looking dumb, Tara continued. “I know you don’t like me. I know it embarrassed you when your friend picked me instead of you as his running mate four years ago. I’m sure you think you deserve everything I’ve earned. In fact, after our last few encounters, I’m sure you hate me. I’m sure you spent the last months plotting how to get revenge and make me pay somehow. Listen to me... I...don’t...care." James shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. Tara continued. “This is my company. You will do what I say, when I say and I will not tolerate disloyalty. If you make any trouble for me here...if you do anything to disrupt my business... if you so much as show any small sign of disloyalty... you will be punished. And don’t think for a minute I will hesitate to send you to jail. Because I won’t. Are we clear?”

Her words were chilling and direct. James was scared of her. She held all of the cards and she was used to getting her way. He didn’t know what to say. He just nodded and tried to switch the subject back to normal conversation. “Compensation?"

Tara smiled. “Here’s how its going to be. I needed to figure out a compensation plan that would keep you motivated to both land big accounts and to be a good boy. So here’s what I’ve decided. You will be on Kerry’s team. You will be paid minimum wage.” James’ eyes widened and his mouth flopped open. Minimum wage in Washington DC was $7.25 an hour! Tara laughed. “Have your attention do I? Well, here’s the good part. I am going to pay you BIG monthly bonuses for the accounts you actually land. You know... to make sure you have some skin in the game. If you do what I know you can, you will earn over $1,000,000 this year.” James relaxed a little and sat up in his seat to listen to this part eagerly. Tara continued. “Well, technically...” she smiled a devious smile before continuing “50% of your bonus money each month will actually go to Kerry and 25% will come to me. We will decide each month how much...if any... to give back to you.”

James was fuming but he was determined not to show it. He leaned forward in his chair again and spoke as calmly as he could. “So, to be clear. I am supposed to support myself on minimum wage and 25% of what I break my neck earning.... unless you see fit to give me more money? More of my money?” His voice was failing to conceal his frustration.

Tara nodded. “Pretty much.”

James had practiced for months how he would stay calm no matter what. He had a master plan to bargain for his dignity and he refused to give this bitch any satisfaction from his reactions. He steadied his resolve to keep negotiating but this was starting to get out of hand. How does one negotiate with no real power against a vindictive sociopath? He looked for a silver lining. Something positive he could rally around and work forward from. The good news, he decided, was that even if these bitches didn’t give him any money back he would have the potential to make more than his salary as a senator. If he worked hard he felt he could always renegotiate his salary after he proved himself a valuable asset.

Almost as if she could read his mind, Tara continued, “Oh, and one more thing. I spoke with both of your ex-wives. Seems your alimony payments were very, very low. You must have wielded some of your power as a senator to keep them so low.” Tara shook her head from side to side and pouted her lips. “What a gross abuse of power!”

“Isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle black!” he thought...but he didn’t dare say it.

Tara smiled. “Well, I had our legal team take a look and your payments will be going up...substantially - direct wage garnishment from your gaurunteed 25% of the bonus. We can't have any of our people being accused of unethical behavior." James didn’t know what to say. He just sat there looking silly while Tara pulled out a folded piece of paper and adjusted her glasses to read. “The ladies were very grateful. Your second wife said to tell you... and I quote... ’Did you think you could get away with this forever? Well, ha, ha... who’s laughing now. You arrogant prick, good luck being Tara’s errand boy.’” Tara put the paper down on her desk. “I don’t think they like you very much either.” James fumed. What a violation of his personal life! He was having a hard time controlling his anger. His “negotiations" had failed miserably. Tara leaned back in her chair. “Well, I guess that’s everything. I hope you’re good with a budget ol’ boy. Stretching $7.25 an hour to last between bonuses... or more accurately, whatever portion of your bonuses you actually get to keep... well, that just won’t go very far in this town.”

James just sat there and let all of the conditions sink into his head. Far from being president, if he wasn’t careful he might be homeless soon! Reality sank in. He was not working for himself, but for Tara’s empire. Everyone got a piece of him now. Tara...Kerry... even the ex-wives he despised would benefit from his misfortune - improving their lifestyles with no effort whatsoever. While James continued to sit there with a dumb look on his face, Tara got up from her seat and walked around to approach him. Despise her as he did, he still couldn’t help but be impressed by her appearance. Her long brunette hair draped her pretty face on either side. Her red skirt suit was fitted in just the right way. Her curvy legs seemed to glow in her nude stockings. Her look was completed by the expensive nude Louboutin heels on her feet. For a woman in her forties, she kept herself in great shape. Indeed, as much as he hated to admit it, he found her stunningly beautiful. Standing next him she asked “So, do we have a deal?”

James looked at the stunning but arrogant woman in red standing in front of him. He could no longer hide it. He hated her so much he felt as though he could strangle her right where she stood! Was that a rhetorical question? She knew he had no choice in the matter. Going to jail for years was not in the plans. His face betrayed his true feelings but James did his best to remain civil and focused. He stood up and extended his hand. “Yes we do Ms. Lawton.”

Tara stared at his extended hand with an amused look. James didn’t know what the right move was, so he just stood there with his hand extended for an awkward period of time. Tara chuckled and looked him in the eye. She spoke with an extremely condescending tone. “Silly boy. Dogs don’t seal deals with their masters by shaking their hands.” Humiliated, James let his hand drop to his side. Tara‘s tone changed. It turned cold and stern. “Now then, get on your hands and knees and kiss my shoe... like a good... little... doggy.”

James’ face flushed red from both humiliation and anger. He balled up both fists and for a split second he contemplated cold cocking her! He stared at her angrily for a few more moments but was met in return by the same arrogantly expectant look he recognized from months back when she had easily reduced him to sucking on her toes. It was as if she were crumpling up his rage like an old newspaper and forcing him to eat it in front of her. James slowly dropped to his knees before her. Shame and defeat were written all over his face. He loathed himself as he lowered his mouth down to her foot. He placed a quick peck on the toe of her expensive cream colored shoe. He went to quickly stand up but her hand touched the top of his head when he got to one knee. “Now the other one.” James reluctantly got back down on all fours and placed a kiss on the toe of the other shoe. This time before getting up he looked up to her for permission. Before he could say or ask anything he heard her speak. “Now, crawl around behind me and kiss the backs too.” James squeezed his eyes tight and literally swallowed his anger. He crawled behind her and lowered his face to the back of each expensive shoe placing a quick kiss on each one right below her exposed ankle.

“Have we sealed the deal yet? Can I stand up now?” James asked in a frustrated tone from his groveling position.

Tara raised her hand to her chin and looked up as if she were thinking about a complex business problem. “I dunno James. I’m just...” She paused as if searching for the right words. “ I’m just not feeling the commitment. There’s no... passion. Where’s the passion to work here?”

Was his bitch serious? It was all James could do to stop himself from tackling her right there and pummeling her to within an inch of her life.

Tara shook her right foot a little to loosen her shoe until her heel popped out. With his chin still inches from the ground and his face mere inches from her shoe, her nyloned heel almost touched his nose as it popped up and out of her Louboutin. He felt a familiar tinge of embarrassment as the heat from her foot made its escape from her shoe and wafted into his face. He smelt the familiar scent of Tara’s foot, but it wasn’t overpowering. The aroma was a feint mix of her foot’s scent and the leathery smell of a new shoe. James scooted his face back and out of the way as Tara slid her foot all the way up and back until her toes rested on the shoe back and James was staring at her nylon covered sole. “I need to feel your passion... your energy James. Show me that you want to be here. Prove to me that this isn’t all a big mistake and that I shouldn’t just send you off to jail right now.”

James was almost in disbelief. How had he wound up in this position again? He was a fool to think any other outcome was possible. James felt himself filling with anger as he struggled to contain his hatred. This was an evil bitch who needed to be put in her place in the worst way. Someone needed to wipe that smug look off of her face. Someone needed to make her suffer...to laugh at her for a change...to take all of her prestige away... to forcefully remove the carefree life of opulence she felt so entitled to. Ultimately, James accepted that he would not be the one to teach her that lesson. He, instead, was being put into his place. He stared at her nyloned sole. What did she want from him? What else did she expect? Passion huh? She wanted a demonstration of passion? “Okay...fine. Let’s get this over with.”

He rose to his knees, grabbing her foot with both hands and pulling it towards his face. Tara kept her leg flexed, resisting just enough to let James know not to lift her foot any higher than it was. He knew then that kneeling wouldn’t be good enough for her. To get the best angle for what he was about to do, he now laid down flat on his belly. Holding her foot firmly in his hands he pulled it into his own face like it was his long lost lover. Pressing her warm foot firmly into his own face, he placed a firm long kiss on the ball of her foot right at the base of her toes. The arch and heel of her warm foot were planted firmly against his nose and forehead through her damp nylons. He continued to plant long, firm, full-lipped kisses on the sole of her foot. Ignoring the damp foot sweat accumulating on his lips and face, he worked his way up the sole of her foot from the ball of her foot. Dragging his face up her sole, he kissed her over and over until he got to her heel. The firm way he pressed her foot into his face as he kept kissing served to massage her foot with his face. As he kept his lips working she could feel the intensity of each kiss. She smiled at how easily she had once again broken him as she reduced him to this. He made out with her foot like a highschool sweetheart. He willingly used his face as her personal foot massager. Tara was filled with such exhilarating power that she was almost in awe of herself. Never once did she turn to look down at him. She simply stood there while he groveled on the floor behind her and debased himself. When he had worked his way to her heel he stopped. Still grasping her foot firmly in his hands about an inch away from his face he said loudly “I’m excited to work here. I really am. Please accept me. I want this deal.” He placed a final firm kiss on the heel of her foot.

James bowed his head and stared at the ground. This was partly to demonstrate his subservience and partly out of shame. Tara wiggled her foot out of his hands. Before he could react, she placed it on the back of his head and gave him a firm shove downward. Tara’s foot quickly guided James’ head downward until his forehead hit the hardwood floor with a thud. Tara’s nylon covered foot slid off of the back of his head until it covered the side of his face, pinning him to the ground. James’s right cheek was pressed to the floor as he stared at her other foot. With Tara’s sweaty foot firmly holding his head in place, he was forced to stare across at the Louboutin she still wore. He felt pressure mounting in his head as she slowly shifted her weight to the foot on his face. James was trapped as Tara stood with one high heeled shoe planted firmly on the ground and one nylon encased foot planted firmly on the side of his face. She reached over and buzzed her intercom. “Kerry, could you come in here please?”

James cringed at the thought of his former employee walking in and finding him in this humiliating position. He used to think her a sub-par publicist and as such she was an easy target for his anger. In the brief time since leaving him, she had quickly proven herself a success and found notoriety in the DC circles. Her star seemed to be rising even as his continued to sink to new depths. Now, she would yet again get an opportunity to laugh in his face. James shook with anger as he thought about how she had laughed at him on the plane while Tara humiliated him. How she was all too happy to spit right in his face when the opportunity presented itself. How she had suggested Tara make him suck her toes. How she had laughed hysterically at his expense while he was forced to grovel and do it! How she had mocked him relentlessly while literally kicking him when he was down. How she had betrayed him and gone to work for his hated rival. And now she was to be his immediate supervisor and she would be in a position to literally take money out of his pocket for herself. At that moment he had a crystal clear realization that Kerry had been every bit as much his foe as Tara the whole time! Worse yet, while Tara took quiet confident pleasure in his misery, Kerry displayed blatant joy at rubbing his various humiliations in his face every chance she got!

James dreaded hearing the sound of Kerry’s laughter again. It always made him feel so pathetic. He wondered what she would say when she saw that their mutual boss was standing on his head like it was the most natural thing...like his face was her other shoe. The pressure on the side of his head and jaw felt as though it might cave his skull and served to bring his thoughts back the sweaty foot planted firmly in his face. He heard the click clack of Kerry’s shoes as she walked in.

Kerry saw James in his ridiculous and humiliating position. “Well, that didn’t take long.” she said to her boss. “What... has he even been here ten minutes yet?”

Tara chuckled and said. “We needed to firmly establish the hierarchy around here. We’re clear on where you stand, right James?” she asked as she shifted more weight to the foot on his face.

Under the increasing weight of her stockinged foot James groaned out “yyyyeeeeesssss.”

Tara lifted her foot off of James’ face and balanced on her one high heeled foot. “James, be a dear and put my shoe back on.” James slowly rose to all fours and did as he was told. Tara continued speaking to Kerry “He accepted the terms.” Kerry smiled, knowing what that meant. She would be taking more of his bonus home than he would with the option to give some back. Tara continued, “More importantly, he demonstrated his passion to join us here. His willingness to be a part of the team.”

Kerry looked at her former boss lying on the ground at her new boss’ feet. Having just witnessed Tara use his face as a shoe, Kerry genuinely wondered what else had transpired. “And just how did he demonstrate passion as you say? I think I should know since he’s technically joining my team too.”

Tara pointed at Kerry. “Show her how much you want to be on her team, James. Do it the exact same way you did it for me.”

James looked across the floor at Kerry. She was smiling widely in anticipation of what was to come. James started to crawl over to Kerry across the hardwood floor, his grey suit getting dirty at the knees. He stared at the floor as he crawled. It was a much better option than looking at Kerry’s smiling, expectant face. James knew, and Kerry suspected, that they were about to break new ground. While Kerry had always been a part of his ordeal and she had always taken it upon herself to humiliate him any chance she got, she had never had the pleasure of watching him humiliate himself directly in servitude to her. Until now. There was something incredibly disturbing to him about how Tara had passed power to Kerry. About the way she had somehow decided it was okay for Kerry to consider him her bitch too.

James stopped when he reached Kerry’s feet. He looked her up and down once. The young blond was in her mid twenties. Hell, she could have been his daughter. Her shoulder length blond hair was tied back in a ponytail and her pretty face had very little make up on, except for a deep red shade of lipstick. She was smiling down at him with a mix of uncontrollable anticipation and cockiness that taunted him. She thought back to the brutal and disrespectful tongue lashings he had given her time after time... now he knelt at her feet. She was wearing a nicely tailored black pinstriped pantsuit. James noticed her sheer white pantihose that emerged from beneath her pant cuffs and disappeared again into her black Tory Birch ballet flats. James stopped to ponder what he was about to do. Was he really about to give this young bitch some satisfaction? Was he really about to place his lips against the foot of this disloyal bitch who had become a royal pain in his ass? Yes. Yes, he was.

James huffed in frustration and self loathing. His audible sign of frustration made Kerry giggle. There was that damn laughter again!! Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed each shoe on the gold Tory Birch insignia. Kerry let out another little giggle as the former senator who used to bully her squirmed on the ground before her and kissed her shoes. He then crawled behind her and once again groveled on his belly as he kissed the backs of her shoes. James cringed at what he knew was next. He grabbed her ankle with both hands and lifted gently. When Kerry took the cue and let her foot be raised, he removed her flat and pulled her foot into his face just like he did with Tara. Kerry’s foot smelt much more like... a foot. Clearly, these were not new shoes as the shoe leather’s aroma was older and more musky.

As he pulled her sole towards his face, James noticed the bottom of her foot was a little dirty. In contrast to the white pantyhose, the slightly blackened areas on her heel and the ball of her foot stood out. There were even a few black flecks stuck to her sole. Were they old shoe leather? Were they broken off pieces of a well worn insole? He tried not to think about it. James paused. Could he do this? Where was his pride? He lay there and stared at the foot in his hands. Thoughts of getting up and walking out seriously danced around in his head. While he paused he caught another whiff of her foot. This was a crucial moment of truth! Thoughts of jail replaced the thoughts of walking out as his will to resist once again crumbled. He scrunched up his nose and pulled the sole into his face. Her foot was much sweatier than Tara’s was. If Tara’s nylons were damp, Kerry’s white pantyhosed foot was soaked. Still, James firmly pulled her foot into his face as ordered and planted a firm kiss on the ball of her foot by her toes.

Kerry giggled like a little girl on her birthday. “He’s kissing my feet!” she said to Tara in near disbelief. “This is awesome.” She closed her eyes to enjoy the moment as the office bitch firmly kissed her foot at the ball, the arch, and the heel. He moved slowly planting firm, long kisses as he pulled her foot into his face like he had done with Tara. Her wet foot greasing his face with musky foot sweat. As he pressed his face into her foot, Kerry took an active role. Unlike Tara who just let James humiliate himself, Kerry pressed the sole of her foot backwards into his face, increasing his discomfort and humiliation. She shifted her foot around on his features to increase the “massage” she was getting from his lips and facial features. Her motions served to slather her foot sweat around his face, grinding it into his pores.

When James was done he placed her foot back into her shoe. He noticed the specks of shoe leather were missing and had presumably been transfered to his face. He looked down and forced the words out of his mouth “I am happy to be on your team.”

Kerry was silent for a second and then said “That... was... AWESOME!!. I must say... I’m glad you finally learned your place, senator." The insult obviously dripped with sarcasm since he was no longer an official holder of that title nor did she offer him any of the respect that would come with it. “But I didn’t get to see any of it. Crawl around here where I can see you and do it again.”

James was livid. This little bitch who had once been his employee was taking vindictive pleasure in humiliating him. James wanted to crawl into a hole and get swallowed by the earth. Instead, he crawled back around to face Kerry. She slightly lifted her foot and he stared at her shoe for a long moment before slipping it off. He held her wet foot in his hands and without even raising it to his face he could smell her aroma. Then, he lifted the foot to the level of his eyes. As he pulled the sole towards his face he noticed that, like the other one, the ball and heel of this foot were darkened by a slight layer of dirt. As he reluctantly pulled her foot towards his face, he also noticed more specs of what he presumed to be shoe leather and even a few hairs that she must have picked up from walking around in her stocking feet on the floor. Nonetheless, he pulled the white pantyhosed sole into his face and began kissing again. This time, due to his new position, he started at the heel and worked his way up. He pressed his lips into her sweaty foot and kissed. He dragged his face up her sole, planting firm kisses on her foot. Kerry giggled at the show of degrading obedience. That damn laughter... damn he hated to hear this bitch laugh in his face all the time! This time, after kissing up the length of her foot he found himself in the position of ending in the only obvious way he could think of - kissing her toes. And so he did. He pressed his lips to the underside of her toes, kissing them four at a time. Having completed his humiliating assignment to show his new boss his “passion”, he looked up over her toes at her condescending face.

“Much better, senator. Now, place your hands back on the ground and look up at me like a good little puppy.” James did as he was told and kneeling on all fours looked up at Kerry’s face. She was smiling smugly, but she also had a stern look on her face. “I remember every mean thing you ever said to me. Every word.”

James dared not look away from his new boss. So he just knelt there and offered meekly “I’m...sorry.”

Then Kerry raised her foot again. He saw the dirty sole of her sweaty pantyhosed foot slowly descend toward his face. He cringed just as the sweaty sole slowly but firmly pressed into his face. Kerry leaned into that position as if doing a lunge against his face. It was all James could do to not get pushed over. He bulled his neck to support her weight. She began to grind her foot back and forth into his face, her wet sweaty foot continuing to coat his face with foot sweat like it was his own special lotion. Kerry just leaned into his face and continued to grind her foot. Her foot distorted his features as he knelt uncomfortably and struggled to not be kicked over. She looked like a pretty young female version of Captain Morgan from the rum bottle except with the kneeling James’ face as her tree stump. “How does it feel senator? How does it feel to kneel and just let me rub my foot into your face?”

James didn’t answer her rhetorical question. He just turned a different shade of red and let the sweaty foot assault and massage his face. Or maybe, massage itself on his face. The force of her foot was pressing his nose uncomfortably back into itself. Her grinding heel mashed his lips as it went back and forth across his mouth like a windshield wiper. Kerry was taking her time and punctuating her point - he was now her bitch just as much as he was Tara’s. Kerry slowly changed the direction of her grinding from side to side to front to back. Now, instead of rubbing into his face, her foot slid up and down. The ball of her foot not only continued to crush his nose but repeatedly turned it up and back. Part of her heel roughly forced his upper lip open as it slowly pressed into his face with an upward motion. The rest of her heel followed, forcefully pressing into his front teeth and the exposed inside of his upturned upper lip. After a few more moments of sliding her foot up and down on his face, Kerry pushed off his face with her foot and stood upright. She held her foot in front of his face and wiggled her toes expectantly. “One more kiss to seal the deal.” His face still sore, James leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the sole of her foot. He couldn’t help but notice the lack of leather specks on her sole or the fact that the ball and heel of her foot looked a little less dusty. He knew it was all on his face, stuck to his features by her foot sweat. He could taste some salty residue and some grainy dirt in his mouth from where the inside of his lip had no doubt been forced to clean her dusty heel off. Kerry had gone out of her way to exact revenge directly...not through Tara - and she had loved it. James cowered on all fours like an abused Labrador Retriever.

James heard Tara’s voice from across the room. “It’s settled then. You start tomorrow. How does that sound?”

James, still kneeling, dropped his head to the floor. He saw Kerry’s feet slip back into her shoes. “Sounds...great." he said in a completely dejected voice. “I’m happy to join the team."

Kerry smiled down at him. “And I’m happy to have you. Now get up and let me show you to your new office.”

James stood up and walked over to his new boss Kerry. He could hardly look her in the eye...but he had to. He was determined to show these bitches that they could NOT break him. He walked right up to her and stared at her from a few inches away.

Kerry wrinkled her nose. “James, please go clean yourself. You...stink. You smell like...like... someone used your face as an insole. We have some general hygiene rules around here you know!” Kerry looked him directly in the eye and said her next words with obvious delight. “Go clean the sweat from our feet off your face and meet me in the hallway”

James wanted to spit in this bitch’s face! He didn’t. He walked to the restroom slowly to clean the sweat and grime off of his face. These two bitches ... his new bosses... had him right where they wanted him. They didn’t just have total control over him, they would be making money from his blood, sweat and tears all the while. He was Tara’s indentured servant with her foot on his face and her hand in his pocket. She was using him to pad her pockets and sharing him with her friends...and his enemies...as she saw fit. He had to figure a way out of this! He HAD to. As James approached the bathroom he realized that Kerry was right, he caught a whiff of himself and realized the smell of his own face almost made him gag.His eyes turned red and welled up with tears. So much for not letting them break him.
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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Teaching Him A Lesson On The Flight Home
Author: John Blaze

Shalini was used to being stared at. Mainly because she was a beautiful woman. She was a mix of several different cultures ethnically - Indian, Arabic,, Greek, and Italian. She looked like a mixture between the beautiful Bollywood actress Aishiwarya Raye and an ancient Greek goddess. The combination amounted to what can only be described as a “Cleopatra” like quality. Gorgeous and delicate looking, her caramel skin was silky smooth and her deep hazel eyes were almost hypnotizing. Today, her long black hair was in a ponytail and she wore loose fitting sweat pants that almost hid her sensuous curves. She was a petite woman, only standing about 5’5, but her presence in a room was larger than life - yet still understated in a regal, ladylike manner.

She was also used to being stared at for her intellect. Today, she was returning home to Wisconsin from L.A. after completing another semester at UCLA. She was working on her third degree. At the young age of 26, she had already completed her college education , received an MBA, and was now studying psychology as an extra degree. When in conversation, her intellect and wit always caused people to become captivated and often intimidated.

And lastly, unfortunately, on days like today - she was used to getting stared at because the Middle Eastern features of her face made people uncomfortable in an airport - a sad byproduct of racial profiling in the post 9/11 world. Traveling was never a favorite pastime of hers, but traveling on the holidays was always a major hassle. This being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, she was already getting frustrated by the rude and overwhelmed staff. The other passengers all had short tempers, all the flights were being delayed, and the overall atmosphere was deteriorating. As everyone waited at the gate for any update on the flight, people were packed together like refugees - some sitting, some standing. Shalini was one of the fortunate few who had a seat. Unfortunately, she really had to go to the bathroom. She looked up at the first person she saw, a tall business man in a nice suit and top coat. He was in his 40s and was a pretty large man with a round torso and a potbelly that protruded out so that his tie lay on it in an arc instead of straight down. He was visibly frustrated with the situation, just as everyone else was.

“Excuse me sir…” she said politely. The man seemed to either not hear her or ignore her. “Excuse me sir…” she said again, this time a little louder.

The man turned around and looked down in a frustrated manner. “What?” he asked in a huff.

“Could you please watch my seat while I go to the bathroom?”

The man looked very frustrated, then paused and finally said “Fine. But be quick about it girl!”

As Shalini walked off to the restroom, she wondered what the big rush was - since obviously all planes were delayed. When she returned, she was amazed that the man rudely refused to giver her back her seat. Despite the protests of a few bystanders who knew she was already there, he laughed at her and said to move along. Shalini was at a loss to deal with such rudeness. She stormed off and found a spot on the floor. She spent the next hour reading a book and waiting for the plane. When it finally arrived, there was a disorderly dash to board. The crew had no control and the line was pushing through. Shalini felt herself being bumped forceful from the side. After almost being knocked out of the line she turned and saw it was the same rude, business man. She shouted “Excuse you!”. This only made him turn for a quick second and upon seeing her he gave her a quick look as if to say “oh… its you again!” and kept walking! Shalini couldn’t wait to get the flight over! When she got to her seat she turned to get help putting her carryon bag in the overhead compartment. While she was looking, the rude business man came and almost knocking her out of the way again, put his bag in the last available space above her aisle! Shalini was convinced she was on some prank show to see how much she could take, but alas it was all real!! She maneuvered her way to the window seat. She had to place her bag at her feet under the seat in front of her. This, even for petite Shalini, made the space cramped. Then, the final cruel twist of fate. The rude business man plopped down in the seat in front of her . GREAT!

His behavior was no better with anyone else. He immediately started berating the flight crew and was especially nasty about the fact that no snacks were to be served on board. “I’m starving!” he demanded. Shalini looked at the fat man and thought how ironic that statement was. The flight took off with no further delays and everything seemed to be progressing fine. Shalini thought that if she could make it through he flight, this would all be over shortly. Just at that moment, and as soon as he was allowed, the fat, business man forcefully reclined his seat. Because of his weight, the seat seemed to come back extra far and made Shalini feel like he was sitting on her chest!

This was too much. She leaned forward and said “Sir, since you took the overhead bin I have my bag here. I barely have any room! Can you please not recline so far?”

The man turned around and looked her in the eye. “That’s not my problem! I’m hungry and cranky and I WILL be comfortable.” With that he took out two pills and swallowed them quickly. “In a few minutes, I will be dead sleep! These pills will have me sleeping so good it will be like a coma! You should take some… or just deal with it! Either way, I’m fine!”

This final insult sent her over the edge. The generally mild mannered student lost it. She slapped him in h\the back of his head and said “You rude, fat pig! Were you raised by a pig too?”

The man was so angered by her comments that he slammed backwards in the seat just to be a jerk… and he broke it. The seat made a snapping noise and he fell back all the way into her lap! Shalini reached up and rang the bell for the stewardess. When she came over, and saw the situations he asked what had happened. Shalini simply said, “This fat pig of a man broke his seat!” He turned bright red and looked ashamed., The stewardess made everyone stand and crawled under the seat.

“There.” She said when she stood up. “Its fixed, but you cannot recline it for the rest of the flight. When we land I’ll get it repaired.”

The man sat silently. Shalini had finally had a turn of luck. Furthermore, she had noticed how embarrassed he was about what had happened and decided this was a great time for some revenge! “Hahaha” she laughed. “You fat bastard! What a fat, bloated, pig of a man! Can’t even ride a plane without breaking it!”

“Are you going to let her talk to me like that?” he insisted towards the stewardess. The stewardess, whom he had berated earlier simply shrugged and walked away. Within the next twenty minutes, everyone around her had fallen asleep. However, Shalini kept reading her book. Then … her right leg cramped up… bad! With the bag in front of her and a sleeping passenger to her left, there was no real way to stretch. She quickly measured the space between the plane wall and the seat in front of her and decided to extend her leg. She tried to maneuver and saw there was no way to squeeze her foot through. She quickly reached down and removed her low cut white sneaker which she was wearing with no socks. Again he tried and managed to extend her leg and rest it on the armrest of the seat in front of her. Immediately, the cramp started to go away. She looked at her foot through the narrow space and wiggled her toes. Her deep burgundy pedicure on her caramel colored feet looked nice to her. However,\, she was in these sneakers all day. She held the shoe up to her face and caught a whiff of her smelly shoe. She knew her foot didn’t smell too good. It wasn’t enough to make the plane reek… but certainly the man in front of her would be offended by the smell…. If he was awake. She could tell by the snoring he wasn’t and remembered what he said about the pills causing a “coma”-like sleep. She continued to read her book for a few minutes and enjoyed the newly extended leg and the cool air refreshing her feet. She thought about how mad the rude man would be if he were awake… then she got an idea!

She wondered how deep he really would sleep? She stood up and gently placed her hand on his head. She guided it towards the right and his entire body seemed to move with it, re-positioning himself to sleep comfortably. Soon she forced his head to the window. Then slid it down the window until he had his head propped up with his chin laying on the armrest. Then she positioned it just how she wanted it. His fat body now partially laying on the lady next to him… who was also sleep and didn’t budge. Shalini sat back down and then carefully positioned her leg again. This time, looking through the seat space to watch her handiwork, she slid her leg forward again. Slowly. Until…the tip of her middle toe touched the tip of his nose. She paused to see if he would budge,,, he didn’t. She continued to straighten her leg. The sole of her dainty and moist foot pressed against his lips. She pushed a little more… the ball of her foot was under his nostrils. She pushed a little more,,, her toes cupped his nose. Finally she completely relaxed. She sat comfortably. Her leg comfortably, if only a little snugly, extended. Her foot, pressed firmly into the face of this man who had been so rude to her. She positioned her sole so that it blocked his mouth and he started to snore though his nose. His nose that was gently buried into the base of her toes. As he breathed deeply through her toes, she giggled at how refreshing the sensation was. Then, she looked at his face. “I wonder if her can smell them as he sleeps?” Almost as if on cue, he grimaced his face and crinkled his nose as one would do if they smelt something foul! Shalini smiled a wide , content smile! Se naughtily thought to herself, “Good! Lay there and smell my foot! Sleep tight fat boy!” She continued reading her book relaxed. She played with his nose with her toes. She slid them all around his nose and occasionally slipped the pinky toe into a nostril She found it very relaxing to use his face this way and reveled in the thought of what she was doing to him! Her foot truly felt nice using his breath for relief and his features as a toy to pass the time! The fact that she was forcing her foot sweat into his memory banks? Priceless.

Then she got a great idea!

Shalini was quite pleased with herself. She usually was not one for drama and conflict, but this guy had pushed her over the edge. Quite frankly, usually her charm and beauty disarmed everyone anyway. But to have the mental satisfaction of shoving her foot in his face was quite nice. Now, she had devised a clever and fiendish scheme to both truly capitalize on the situation and to really get firm revenge. It was one thing to get her silent revenge in this manner, but it would be even greater to force him to accept it! To let him feel shame and know she had won! In her mind, the plot thickened. It would be a bit of a gamble, but hey… what did she have to lose?

She reluctantly pulled her foot away from her new toy, put her sneaker back on, went into her bag to get the necessary “equipment” and left for the bathroom. The bathroom was the most quiet place to do what needed to be done. The equipment? Her mp3 playing, highly advanced phone (equipped with a small voice recorder, mp3 player, and some other software that would prove useful for the task at hand). For the next 20 minutes she recorded herself into he phone. She made tracks of her voice speaking slowly and seductively into her phone - her voice almost hypnotizing. She was in the restroom for a good 20 minutes. When she returned to her seat she had a “soundtrack” carefully recorded and in order of necessity. Her plot? To discover whether or not, in his deeply sedated and doped up state, her nemesis would be open to suggestion. If so…. Whoa boy!! The fun, and the torture, would really begin. On the way back to her seat she noticed that the stewardess had taken drink orders and had just finished delivering drinks to the few passengers who were awake. “Do you want something honey?”

Shalini smiled and said, “can I have a coffee with a ton of sugar? Don’t bother putting it in yourself, just bring me about 8 sugar packs. After returning to her seat being careful not to awaken any of the sleeping people that surrounded her, Shalini reached over the seat back in front of her and placed an expensive set of earphones on the head of the rude business man. They were the type designed to block out all sound. She ran the wire from his head to her seat through the same window/seat space that she would soon resume putting her foot in his face. The stewardess brought her her drink and sugar packets and left. This was it! Everyone was sleep around her, and she had what she needed,! Her plan had several stages which she thought of as “Chapters” in this story. She was amused with how mischievous and exciting this all felt.

CHAPTER 1: Shalini pressed play on her phone and sent her pre-recorded voice streaming into the man’s ears. This was the critical point. If this worked… REALLY worked… than the rest of the flight would be some of the most gratifying moments of her life! She watched his face closely for his reactions to gauge the success of her experiment an whether or not to move on.. Her voice cooed into his ears in a soft seductive tone:

--Can you believe there is no food on this flight? Can you believe how bad the service is! You’re sooo hungry! How can this be? You’re sooo hungry! This airline is horrible! You’re sooo hungry!--​

Her words were soft and rhythmic. She watched his face as she looped that 8 second clip repeatedly into his ears. Then… jackpot! Slowly at first, his facial features started to move. Then, he appeared visibly agitated. Then he grimaced. After a few minutes of looping this sound bite, Shalini was convinced that the next few chapters would work fantastically! She was ecstatic!

CHAPTER 2: Now she knew she had him. She poured one of the eight sugar packets into her coffee and place it on the table tray of the sleeping man next to her. She reached down and removed her right sneaker, exposing her bare foot once again .It had gotten sweaty and moist again. Then, she started to open the sugar packets and spread sugar over her toes. All over each one, in between them all, everywhere! She covered all of her toes with sugar and it stuck to her foot sweat like glitter! Then, just as carefully as before she extended that foot towards the man’s face, through the window / seat opening. Resting her heel on the armrest, she slid it slowly forward just as before. But this time she stopped with her toes a few inches from his face. She advanced the sound track:

--But I’ll take care of you! I’ve got something sweet for you. Do you want some sweet candy? You’re so hungry… poor boy! I’ve got some good candy for you! Here… take some candy. Stick out your tongue! Lick the candy! You will feel better.--​

Shalini looped this sound lip into the man’s ears now. Slowly, his face turned from a scowl to a smile. She watched closely as he ever so slowly opened his lips and his tongue protruded… searching for the candy. This was the moment of truth. She slid her foot forward slightly,,, watching with excited anticipation! The tip of his tongue touched the underside of her second toe. She felt a shot of tingling electricity shoot up her leg and give her face goose bumps. She slid her foot forward a little more and his tongue ran one long lick up that same long, second toe. The taste of sugar filling his taste buds… the suggestion of her voice compelling him to continue. She fully extended her leg so that her toes were pressed against his lips. She saw and felt his tongue slide in between her second and third toes! AHHH what a sensation. It tickled and felt refreshing. She laughed out loud at what she had done to the once rude man! Then she advanced the sound clip to track 3. It was a very short loop that she would play for a very long time!

--Lick! Lick the candy! It tastes so good! Make sure you get it AALLL.--​

She looped this clip and sat back into her seat comfortably. She could not take her eyes off of him! She watched and giggled as his tongue slipped in between each toes. He searched for more “candy”! The sensation felt great! It tickled a lot at first. Then, it felt really really special - like she had discovered a great feeling foreign to her at any other time of her life. She looked at the shiny burgundy toenails being maneuvered about as his tongue licked greedily at the bottoms of her toes and all in between them. She had no idea it would feel this good. Then, as she became accustomed to how this felt, the sensation changed again. This time to a very very soothing feeling. She went back to reading her book. She sipped her coffee and read her book and enjoyed the feeling of having her toes licked by her personal sleeping fool!

As she read her book she felt the trip starting to catch up to her. With the soothing feeling of her toes being licked and the warmth of her coffee, she was starting to fall asleep. And she could have contently ended it there… but there was so much more to do! Couldn’t sleep yet! Now, was the time for the true revenge!!!

CHAPTER 3: She advanced the track once more.

--Wait… what’s this? You’ve been tricked! This isn’t candy! It’s the foot of that woman behind you! The little one you had been mean to? Why are you licking her foot? But you cannot stop! You cannot stop! You are licking the foot of a stranger but you cannot stop! She’s enjoying it! She’s laughing at you! But you cannot stop! Lick her foot! Lick her foot!--​

She studied his face carefully to see what would happen! Slowly his expression changed. He looked agitated and frustrated. His faced turned the same shade of red that it had been when she had verbally humiliated him. He looked confused and disgusted… but he kept licking. His tongue, despite his best efforts to stop, ran up and down and through her toes with even more energy than before! This was the beauty of her plan! This was the most satisfying part! She was controlling his thoughts, his dreams! Forcing him into humiliating subjugation even in his “deep sleep”… the one he had so been looking forward to. It was one thing to make him lick her toes… but she wanted him to KNOW it! She advanced voice clip again. All the while she carefully studied his face!

--Lick her foot! You are like her dog! Lick her foot! You are beneath her! Lick her foot!--​
Now she put her book down and watched him intently. Enjoying both the look on his face as it contorted frustratingly, his tongue sliding in and out of the crevices of her toes. MMM that felt good! Now she advanced her plot a little more.

CHAPTER 4: The sound bite changed ever so slightly in manner that advanced her plot

--Lick her foot! You are like her dog! Lick her foot! You are beneath her! Lick her foot!--​

changed as she advanced the sound clips to

--Lick my foot! You are my dog! Lick my foot! You are beneath me! Obey me!--​

He kept licking. After 10 more minutes of this she advanced the clip again.

--When I tell you, you will wake up. You will not be able to move or speak. You will be paralyzed. You will only move on the sound of my voice!--​

He kept licking her toes but seemed less agitated now. More deeply asleep then before. She looped this sound bite a few more minutes. Slowly the licking almost stopped. Was she loosing him or was he waiting for her next command? The pseudo hypnotist was curious about how this experiment would turn out. At the minimum, if he woke up with her foot in his face, she could laugh and she would still have won. At the best… the torment would continue! She advance the clip.

--OK. Wake up--​

He slowly opened his eyes. He looked dazed and confused. He was staring at the sole of her foot. She moved her foot to make eye contact and he looked shockingly up at her. She looked smugly back down at him. She smiled at him widely and he stared into her eyes with a mix of fear and anger! She advanced the clip He stared at her smiling face while her pre-recorded voice echoed into his ears..

--- Hello fat boy! Do you see what I’ve done to you? You’ve been licking my toes for me! Why? Because I said so. You are a rude pig but you will learn your place! Beautiful women like me use fat pigs like you to get what we want! And right now, I want to teach you manners. Do you want to keep licking my foot?--​

The clip paused. The man looked scared as he tried to talk but could not. So he shook his head “no“.

--Too bad! I want you to lick my foot and you will do whatever I tell you to do! If you understand lick the sole of my foot from the heel to the big toe. --​

Shalini giggled as the man surprised himself by extending his tongue and licking her foot, slowly. Now partially awake, he could taste the salty foot sweat. Shalini advanced the clip.

--Now, I’m going to sleep while you lick my foot for me fatty!--​

He looked up at her through her toes. She waved at him, blew him a kiss and closed her eyes. Sliding forward to get comfortable, she forcefully shoved the sole of her foot into his face.

---Lick my foot. Taste my foot! Suck my toes! Make me feel good!---​

Those words looped again and again into his ears as he lapped at her feet. He could not stop or control himself. He used his tongue to lick her toes, under her toes, the soles of her foot, the ball of her foot, he sucked her pinky toe into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. All the while he was horrified. Shalini wanted to sleep, but couldn’t. She was too excited, too impressed with herself. She watched and giggled as he debased himself.

Finally she decided she needed some rest. She advanced the clip one more time. It was simply the sound of her voice giggling. She played it in a continuous loop. The defeated business man watched as she drifted to sleep. He licked her foot, unable to move. The sound of her giggling voice echoed in his ears, she laughed at him even as she peacefully drifted to sleep. The very sleep he had so been looking forward to. The content and peaceful look on her sleeping face, the uncontrollable compulsion to lick her foot, and the continuous sound of her giggling voice was too much. He started crying. As silent tears streamed down his face, he kept licking to the sounds of her laughter.

CHAPTER 5: She slept peacefully for at least an hour. When she awoke, she was in a dazed state and wondered what felt so good on her foot. Than it all came back to her. She glanced down at her slave and saw him licking. His tongue was sore from an hour of licking. His mouth was dry and tasted like feet. Her foot was his world! The taste, the smell, the close up view!, they were all he could experience! His eyes were red from crying and his face red from shame. Shalini laughed at his expression and then retracted her now completely refreshed foot. He lay there and stared at her, still unable to move.

She smiled at him and advanced the track, finally relieving his ears of her laughter.

--Its ok now. Go back to sleep. You were a good little fat pig for me. Now go back to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleeeep.--​

Slowly, the man drifted back to sleep and Shalini programmed her final thoughts.

--You will obey the sound of my voice above all else. You will do whatever I say when I call you “fatty”--​

She let this loop for the next 5 minutes as she put her shoe back on. Thensh advanced it one lat time.

-- If you understand nod yes -​

To her sheer delight, the man nodded. She stood up and took back her headphones. Packing her bag neatly she went back to sleep. When she awoke again, the plain had landed. Everyone was upset. When she asked what had happened she was told that the plane had an unexpected layover and had been grounded due to bad weather. Everyone was preparing to get off the plane. The fat business man in front of her seemed to look at her strangely. He almost seemed to remember some of what happened, but was unsure if it was a bad dream or not.

As she walked into the aisle to de-board, she casually turned to him and said.

“Excuse me sir, can you help me with my bag?”

The man returned to his rude form from before and shook his head no adding “What the hell do I look like, a bell hop?”

Shalini smiled again and said “Fatty, I said get my bag!”

Immediately, and surprising himself, the business man grabbed her things. Shalini smiled from ear to ear! This layover might actually be fun!

Shalini was wondering how this would all play out. She had read enough books on mental suggestion and the human mind to feel comfortable that she was in control… but for how long? Would it suddenly wear off? She figured “Oh what the heck! When will I ever have this chance again?” Looking at the large business man in the designer suit, she thought of all of the rich, rude men she had met in her life. He was so stereotypically … “that guy”. She knew his type all too well. He was used to being in control, having power, getting what he wanted. He had little compassion for the less fortunate and he was rude to everyone…especially women… because he could be! The more she thought about the way he had treated her and those around her, the more excited she got that she had him in this situation.

As the passengers were preparing to disembark from the plane, the captain made an announcement. “Looks like we are going to be grounded here for at least two hours folks. I think they are keeping the restaurants and bars open, but you better hurry if you want to get a seat.” The frantic crowd started to disembark with more fervor now. Pushing and getting impatient. Shalini decided to not take part in this mess so she sat back down.

“Hey fatty, put my bag down and sit down. We will wait for this mess to be over”

The business man was still very hungry and he looked angrily at her. Still, as he was programmed to do, he sat down and waited patiently. He was so confused as to why he felt compelled to obey her every whim. As the people passed by, Shalini talked to him to confirm her suspicions.

“Fatty, how much money do you make”

“Its none of your business, but..” he was driven to answer “about $350,000.” He finished speaking and looked at her as if to say “I’m way more important than you”.

Just then the stewardess was walking by and asked the two of them, “Are you going to leave? You’re free to wait on the plane but you are probably better off getting something to eat at one of the restaurants.”

The business man looked up at her and snapped, “Why would I wait on this plane with fools like you and your crew who don’t even serve any food! I should complain to your…”

“Shut up fatty!” Shalini interrupted. “Miss, I’m sorry that my friend here has been so rude to you on this trip.”

“You two are friends? ”

“Well,” Shalini smiled, “let’s just say we’ve gotten to know each other much better since then. I want to show you something”

The captain and the other crew members were about to leave the plane. “Are you going to stay on board Cara?”

She glanced toward the doors where her teammates were leaving. “Just for a minute. I’ll see you inside”. They left, leaving the stewardess, Shalini, and the business man alone.

“You see, Cara is it? You see, Cara, this fat pig of a man is a rude ass. And, well, I’ve decided to teach him to be nicer. So, without getting into details, lets just say I’ve convinced him to be REAL nice to me. You see, he will do whatever I say and in fact…” she leaned in as if to tell a secret, “he’s been licking my foot for me this whole trip.” She emphasized the word FOOT and looked mockingly at the business man.

He was confused. Wasn’t that a dream? Wasn’t that a nightmare? How did she know? He couldn’t have… he wouldn’t have…!

“I don’t know what you two crazy bitches are talking about, but this is nonsense! I will not sit here and listen to some third world little brat and some minimum wage stewardess tell me this crap.”

“Then why don’t you just leave!” shouted the stewardess, sick of his verbal abuse and starting to get angry.

“Because he can’t.” answered Shalini. At that, the business man tried to get up but found himself sitting patiently for Shalini to tell him what to do. “Now, fatty, get on your knees and apologize to this nice lady. Cara looked on skeptically and somewhat surprised as the business man knelt down in front of her and apologized. It was the strangest thing. He was doing it, but all the while he seemed so reluctant and disgusted.

Cara raised an eyebrow and said “Is this some sick fetish or something. Do you like to be submissive? I want no part of…”

“Fatty,” Shalini interrupted. “Answer the woman”

“No. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I don‘t like this at all! In fact, if its true what she said…then I must be insane because I hate feet and I just met her today!” His face looked scared

“Fatty, tell the Cara how you feel about her”

“I think she is an incompetent server who is lucky to have a job”

Cara looked down angrily. Not sure what to make of all this, but somehow certain that he was not acting of his free will.

“So, Cara. What I’m offering you is a chance to make him eat those words.” Shalini looked at Cara as the stewardess seemed to grasp the situation and smiled back. “Had a long shift today?” Shalini asked. Cara nodded. “Been on your feet much?” Cara nodded again. “Fatty, show how sorry you are by giving the nice lady a foot massage!. Cara looked down somewhat amused. Then looked around he empty plane, double checking for bystanders. She then leaned back sitting on the aisle seat arm rest and lifter her dainty leg, curious as to what was to come next. She wore the standard dark navy stockings and a ratty old pair of black flats. The business man reluctantly knelt forward and removed her shoe. He grabbed her foot in both hands and started kneading. Her foot was soaked! The stocking felt like a damp rag wrapped around her foot. He was disgusted and yet he could not stop. He massaged that foot for the next five minutes.

Cara closed her eyes as she enjoyed her free, surprise massage. Shalini asked her “Do you often deal with rude animals like this? Do you often have to grin and bear it?”

Cara looked frustrated. “Yes”

“What do you wish you could tell them?”

“I just wasn’t some respect and common courtesy. I’m not a slave! I work hard for my money!” She looked angrily down at the man massaging her foot. She grew increasingly angry at the pent up frustration she had dealt with over the years. “I work hard!” she said again. “In fact…” she grabbed him by his hair with her right hand and pulled him towards her. The business man started to pull away until Shalini scolded him. ”Fatty, don’t resist her!” With that, he stopped fighting back and allowed his head to be guided by the stewardess.

She slipped her other nyloned foot out of her shoe and pulled his hair guiding his face towards it. His eyes got wide with fear. She planted her sweaty sole on his face with the ball of her foot pressing up against his nose and her toes turning it up wards. “Smell how hard I work!” Pulling his hair and pushing her foot forward, she pushed the nose of her former tormentor deep into the base of her wiggling, sweaty nyloned toes.

Shalini, laughing at the sudden mean streak and controlling nature of the once skeptical stewardess, commanded “Fatty, breathe forcefully through your nose!”

Unable to resist , the business man breathed deeply into the base of the stewardesses toes. Knowingly, willingly, he allowed her to pull his face into her foot and bury his nose in her toes. Shalini was cracking up. Cara just kept repeating “Smell how hard I work fat boy! Smell how hard I work for, what did you call it? Minimum wage!” Her foot forcefully crammed the days funk into his nose. Her sweaty digits slid around his nostrils as he breathed in the horrid smell. To the sounds of Shalini’s laughter and the stewardesses taunts, unable to control his own body, he started to cry. No longer needing any prompting, she was now enjoying herself. “But what about my massage?” With that, still forcefully controlling his head by his hair, she started to use his face to massage her sole. Sliding his head up and down on her foot with enough force to make it ”feel good” she massaged herself with his face. Her wet nyloned foot slid around his face leaving it covered in a thin film of her foot sweat. When she was satisfied, she pushed his face away forcefully with her foot. He crumpled to the floor in a sobbing heap, crying in shame.

Cara looked at Shalini and thanked her profusely - saying that she had no idea how much pent up rage she harbored or how good it would feel to get revenge. She slipped he shoes back on and looked down at the pathetic business man. “And as for you, fat boy! When you get back on this plane you treat me with some damn respect!” Then she placed the sole of her shoe on his face and stepped on him. Pausing at the top of the motion long enough for him to feel her weight crushing his head for a few seconds, she stepped off of him and walked towards the plane door to disembark.

As the stewardess was leaving, a young woman in workers clothes came on board. “I hear there is a broken seat to fix?” The stewardess pointed towards the seat. Upon seeing the man in a heap on the floor crying, she asked “Is everything alright?”

Shalini responded, “Yes. He lost his contact and he was looking for it. Get up fatty! Stop crying, you can get another one later. Grab my bag and lets go!” Immediately, the man got up, grabbed Shalini’s bag and waited for her to walk in front of him. As the two people left the plane the worker heard Shalini command to the business man, “Heel, fatty! Stay right behind me.” The woman shook her head, amazed at how some men let beautiful women talk to them.

The airport terminal, as one might expect was a zoo! People were sitting in every available seat, sleeping on the floor, and filling the bars and restaurants. As he walked behind Shalini, he could still smell the feet of the stewardess. His mouth was still sore, from hours of licking Shalini’s foot. He was miserable. He had to speak up! “Listen you little bitch…” Shalini stopped walking. “I don’t know what you think you’re doing but you’ll never get away with…”

Shalini interrupted. “Oh no, no, no. This will never do! When you wish to speak to me from now on you will say, ‘Excuse me my princess may I please have your attention! And whenever you talk to me you must treat me with the utmost respect. Otherwise, do not address me unless I address you. Got it, fatty!”

The business man immediately shut up. He couldn’t speak. He really didn’t want to say those words. Finally, needing to speak his mind he forced the words out. With a face that looked like a child forcing down medicine he said the magic words. “Excuse me my princess, may I have your attention?”

“Much better! What is it?”

“I am not sure what is going on. What did you do to me and why are you doing it?”

“Well, fatso. You are a rude pig and I am teaching you some manners. Period. In fact, lets go spend some of your money!

With that, she led him around to the designer boutiques in the airport. While others waited for their planes to leave, Shalini shopped with the rich business man’s money. He bought her designer shoes, bags, sweaters, and jewelry. Lastly, she made him by her a comfy pair of plush flipflop/slippers and a cheap mp3 player. Each time he ran his credit card he looked like he was shot with a dart. Yet, he was unable to resist. Finally, as he walked behind her carrying all of her bags like a bellhop following a Hollywood actress, they went to the gate to check on their flight. It was still an hour behind. She made him take the bags to get checked. He needed to pay a special fee for all the new “luggage”, which of course he did. Then, they returned again to the sitting area. There was only one seat available. She walked over to it and sat down comfortably while he stood there and looked dumb. After a few minutes of reading a magazine, she said to him “Fatty, don’t just stand there! Make yourself useful.” Pointing to the floor she added, “Sit here and massage my feet.” While the people around him looked on, he sat at her feet in the packed waiting area and removed her sneakers. He started to massage her bare feet. He had never massaged anyone’s feet in his life, now he had massaged the feet of two different strangers against his conscious will. Even licked one for over an hour! As the minutes passed along in bunches, Shalini read her magazine and let her little toy massage her feet in front of the masses. Eventually, people stopped looking and just went about their business. However, it was a weird sight - this well dressed business man sitting uncomfortably at the feet of this beautiful woman in sweats. People assumed she must have been someone very important. Shalini couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the fact that this had all started when he refused to give her back her seat! “Look at you now!” she thought.

Then, Shalini spotted an old woman. She slipped her sneakers back on and offered the woman her seat. “Come on fatty” she said as the two of them walked off to a quiet corner. “I’m not going to stand! Fatty, on you knees against the wall.” The business man dropped to his knees against the wall. “Curl up like a ball.” This was not easy for the less than limber fat man, but he drpped his but to his heels and prostrated himself on all fours. Sitting on is back, Shalini leaned against the wall and continued reading her magazine on her knew “bench”. “Are you comfortable fatso?”

“No!” he huffed. Shalini giggled and kept reading. After twenty minutes of this, the business man started to cramp up and get stiff. His arms hurt from holding her weight on his back. Eventually, his arms gave out and he dropped to his elbows. .

“Oh great! A recliner!” Shalini chuckled. She swung around so that she was sitting on his back/butt with her legs bent, following the natural decline of his torso. Then, she reached down and removed her sneakers. She grabbed his hair, lifted his head, and put her two shoes under his face. Placing her now bare feet on the back of his head, she forced his head face first down into her shoes. So, for the next twenty minutes, she relaxed on his body like a recliner and rested her feet on his balding head. Both of her feet pressed his face firmly into her right shoe. He felt her sweaty feet playing with his hair and relaxing on his head while he was forced to breath in the aroma of her sneaker. In this uncomfortable position, he sat for the next twenty minutes. Breathing deeply though her sneaker. Miserable… while she relaxed… ON HIM. Although, they were mostly out of sight, occasionally someone would walk by and stop to do a double take

Finally there was an announcement. “Boarding call for flight 879 to Wisconsin. All aboard!” Shalini calmly sat up on his back.

“Fatty, how bad would it be if you missed this flight?”

“He picked his head up out of her sneaker and said “I cannot miss this flight! I have a crucial meeting in the morning! I will lose thousands of dollars in business… possible\y millions for my company! Maybe even get fired!”

“Then beg me to let you catch the flight! Lick my toes!” She stuck her foot in his face and wiggled her toes! More shame was thrust upon him. He let his tongue run under all five of her toes slowly. This time he was awake! This time he knew what he was doing! Shalini laughed at him and he felt a new low of degradation, even with all that he had been through.

For the next few minutes he licked her toes. She wiggled them around an played with his lips. Just then the boarding call sounded again! Panicking now, he licked with more fervor.

Then he stopped licking. “Excuse me my princes, may I have your attention?”

“What is it fatty?”

“I really have to go to the men’s room!”

“How badly?”

“Very badly!”

Shalini reached in her bag, the one bag she had not forced him to re-check at a price. She pulled out the fluffy slippers she had bought with his money and put them on. Laughing she said, “Ok. Count to 10,000 using 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, and then you can get up and go to the bathroom and catch the plane!”

“Final boarding call for flight 879 to Wisconsin! Everyone needs to board now!”

Tears welled up in his eyes! “I’ll never make it!”

“Then you better start counting!” Shalini laughed. With that she placed a slippered foot on his head and forced his face back down into her sneaker. “When you are done counting I will release you from my control. The second you finish counting, you are free Fatty!”

Breathing into her shoe from his prone position, sore and cramping from being her chair, she heard him start mumbling into her sneaker.

Shalini started cracking up. “That’s why I made you buy me these slippers fatso! So I could leave you my old sneakers as a present to remember me by! I know you love the smell of my feet!” Then she went into her bag again and pulled out the very cheap MP3 player and cheap headset she had him buy. She wasn’t going to leave her phone or her great headset! But she quickly transferred her sound file and then put the mp3 player on the ground by his head. She pressed play and put the headset on him. It was her “laugh track” the sound of her giggling voice that she had recorded on the plane. He was forced to kneel there with his face in her shoe and listen to her laughter loop in his ears.

The business man knelt there, talking into her shoe, unable to move as Shalini walked off laughing. Turning around, she saw his big, fat butt just sitting there like a drum. She couldn’t resist. She turned around and wound up, delivering a hard swift kick to his backside. He almost lost control and fell, but did not. The final insult as she walked away.

Shalini boarded the plane and immediately fell asleep. This day had been lke a dream come true, the chance to put a rude bum in his place! She had surprised herself with how far she was capable of taking it, had also discovered a new strength within herself.

As the plane took off, Shalini slept comfortably. Meanwhile, still kneeling with his face in her shoe… her “present”, the business man was only up to about 1,500 when the plane took off. He was only at about 3,000 when he finally lost the war with his bladder. Having missed his plane, having been humiliated and forced to willingly stoop to new lows, he now continued to kneel with his face in her shoe and wet himself. The warm fluid spread through his expensive suit pants as he listened to her laughing at him. Even as she flew away never to see him again… he endured her laughter. He took a deep breath in frustration, and by default inhaled her foot funk again… and then kept counting in shame.

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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

This is supposed to be a "true experience" from about 10 years back.

Story Name: Goddess Shruti
Author: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Hi. this incident took place years ago in New Delhi, India. There was this girl 3 years senior to me. Her name was Shruti. The whole school used to drool over her. Believe me she was very, very beautiful. At school when I used to see her, I never got chance to see her bare feet. but I beleived her feet would have been as sexy as she herself was. The very thought of having her sexy feet all over me drove me crazy. Many a times she'd caught me staring at her shoes and my face used to go red.

She used to stay in the school hostel. We had a common entrance (boys and girls hostel). Once I was going for dinner I saw her sitting on the stairs alone, probably waiting for some friend to come. But there was no one there at that time. As usual i glanced at her feet. And this time to my luck she was wearing no shoes. Completely bare foot. What should have been a normal glance turned into a stare. I just couldn't stop myself but look at those perfect so beautiful pair of feet. Her feet were milky white and would've been a perfect size 7. Her toes were painted light green (my favourite) and looked amazing. My heart stopped. Not to my surprise, when I looked up she'd caught me again.

"You want them. don't you?" she asked. I was getting red and just couldn't speak. " I've noticed you many times staring at my feet. You want them very badly, dont you?".

"uuuuhh..... yessss..". was all I could say.

"Come over here Bond". I went to her a bit surprised and a little hesitant. She signaled me to get down on my knees with her gorgeous right hand. I bent down. I didn't know what she had in her mind and I didn't care. All I knew was that I wanted those feet very badly. Then came the magical words," you can start by licking the floor beneath my feet."

She moved her feet a little and I began to lick the spot on the floor where her feet had been and she rested her feet on my shoulders. This was enough to give me a hard on. My cock was forcing itself out of my pyjamas. Slowly she began to rub her feet on the side of my face. She raised my face up with her feet and gently inserted her big toe in my mouth and let me have a taste of it. It was delicious and now I wanted it even more.

She took her big toe out of my mouth and began smiling. "I want you to suck each and every toe of mine and in between and lick my soles clean" (her soles were a bit dirty as she was bare feet). I couldn't believe what was happening. The most gorgeous girl of the school was asking me to suck her toes. It was like a dream come true. I was in heaven. Anyways i started following her command as a slave and raised her foot to my mouth with my hands and started licking her soles first. The taste was amazing. Better than anything I ever had in my life. I slowly licked her soles from her heels and worked my way upto her toes and again to her heels. Then I started sucking her toes. beginning with the smallest one i carefully and gently sucked each toe of her foot and licked her insteps. This was too much for me . I had alredy cummed in my pyjamas. Then i started with the other foot and repeated the same.

After this she stood up and ordered me to lay down on my back. I obeyed my goddess. She stood on my face with all her weight. The feeling of having such sexy feet on my face were killing me.

"Have you ever experienced this before Bond?" she asked.

"No" I replied as she moved down on my chest.

She walked for about 5 minutes and then came down. She'd noticed my cock's position so asked me to get my pyjamas down. Without any fear of somebody might come I responded. It was my day. This was awesome, I shall never forget it. She then asked me to get up as we heard someone coming.

I thanked her for all she did for me. I told her how i wanted her feet and never wanted this moment to end. To this she replied, "Bond, you are deserving of my feet and we shall meet again so that you can worship me. Henceforth you will call me Goddess Shruti and I shall call you slave. You will never talk to me in public. But when we meet in person you will get on your knees and show respect by planting a good big kiss on my shoes."

"Yes Mistress", I replied. I kissed her toes once again and then she left.

After that day, we used to meet once in 2-3 days and she let me worship her feet. Sometimes she used to bring with herself her female friends and I used to worship their feet as well. This continued for 2 years till she finished her schooling there.
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