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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Femdom Between Friends
Author: jack562004

Chapter 3

The weeks following our return from a Las Vegas trade show were busy with my move into Karen's house. It was a moment of both relief and excitement when I finally carried the last box of stuff out of my old apartment, for I was filled with anticipation of the new life ahead of me.

I was confident living with Karen would work out great, but I had been a little apprehensive about returning to the office where she and I both worked; I wondered how different our professional lives would feel since my confession to her in Vegas that I dreamed of submitting to a woman who derived sexual pleasure from using and abusing a man, and her admission to me in return that she had long fantasized about doing that very thing.

The three days we spent in Vegas felt like a dream, for we not only opened up our darkest secrets to each other but acted on them as well. By day we worked our company booth at the Convention Center, and in the evenings we explored our mutual fantasies in the safety of our hotel rooms. Karen gradually became bolder in her use of me as she grew more assured that I welcomed it, and by our last night in Vegas she was happily doing all of the unspeakable things to me that I craved. And more.

Well, I needn't have worried about our return to the office, for we were both professionals and our working relationship immediately returned to what it was before. The only thing new was the way we would occasionally catch each other's eye and she would give me that crooked grin that I liked so much. I would smile back and feel a little electrical charge at the shared knowledge that passed between us.

Karen did not at all fit the image many people might have of a domme, but instead fit more into that "girl next door" stereotype with her freckles, strawberry blonde hair and warm personality. We shared a complete lack of interest in the black leather and spikes you so often see in BDSM-themed erotica, and the theatrics of dominants insulting their subs in anger did nothing for us either. The most erotic thing for us was to just be the people we really were, in love with each other and simply accepting of the fact that she was turned on by dominating me and I was turned on by letting her.

Sometimes in a meeting I would look at her as she was speaking before the room and recall how this poised and conservatively dressed young woman took so much pleasure in whipping me to tears and forcing me to service her most intimate places; before I knew it, I'd have a huge erection, and I'd have to quickly switch my thoughts to something like baseball before I was called upon to stand up and speak.

We had frequent sex during those first weeks of living together but it was purely vanilla, gentle and loving, which came very naturally out of our deep affection for each other. Neither of us had an interest in a 24/7 D/s lifestyle, but we both knew that more "special" times were ahead of us when we were both in the right mood to explore those desires.

One Saturday when Karen had to go into the office to finish up an important report I decided to do a little prep work for when that time came. Karen's ex-husband had built a soundproof den in the basement which was the obvious location for what I had in mind, and I had recently visited a hardware store to pick up the supplies I'd need.

The room had very sturdy overhead wooden beams which were ideal for my plans. I got up on the small step ladder I had brought down from upstairs and drilled two holes about four feet apart in the middle of the center beam, then I installed a large chrome steel screw eye in each. I attached short lengths of chain to the screw eyes, and the dangling chains with quick links were now ready to be clipped onto wrist cuffs.

These would just look like sturdy plant hangers to the casual observer; less innocuous would be the screw eyes I mounted in the baseboards on each side of the room, but these could easily be concealed until needed. I had additional lengths of chain on hand, already measured to the right length, with quick links ready to clip onto ankle cuffs. I attached them, coiled them up on the floor, and hid each of them with a small accent cabinet and a potted plant.

I was mindful of the need for adequate but easily accessible camouflage because I knew that Sarah, Karen's older sister, would be visiting us the following weekend. It was also only a matter of time before our parents came by as well, not to mention our friends and professional acquaintances. I had already brought our "toy box" down from the bedroom and left it in a corner of the room; it would eventually have to be hidden in the closet, but I was hoping we'd be using it tonight.

When I was finished I stood there admiring my work when Karen texted me, saying she was having a hard time finishing up her report and asking if I'd mind getting dinner started. Of course not, I replied, and after putting away the stepladder and my tools I turned off the lights and went up to the kitchen to prepare the roast chicken we planned on having that night.

After seasoning it and putting it in a pan with some fingerling potatoes I slipped it into the oven and put together a nice garden salad. I always enjoyed cooking, but this time it was accompanied by a bit of an edge thinking about what I had done in the basement and wondering when it might be first used.

Karen arrived home about an hour later, good timing as dinner was just about ready. "Jeez," she said as she walked into the kitchen, "that was painful, nobody bothered getting me the data I asked for, so I had to pull it all myself. Not my idea of how to spend a Saturday."

"Well," I said, "dinner's ready, and I predict your Saturday night will be better than your day."

"Mmm, it smells good Jack, I think it's better already."

Dinner was accompanied by some good white wine, and we settled into the living room for a second glass each. "Feeling better now?" I asked.

"Lots better, but I'm still frustrated I couldn't get any help with that report," she said.

I paused for a few seconds and then took her hand in mine. "Karen," I asked her, "do you feel like maybe working off some of that frustration?"

She looked at me and, quickly understanding what I was suggesting, broke into that crooked grin and squeezed my hand. "You know what, you read my mind... I was actually thinking of that driving home and... it started making me wet," she said, blushing slightly. "It's been a while... I take it you're in the mood to be, um, worked on?"

Instead of answering, I moved her hand to my crotch, so she could feel the swelling under my jeans.

"You are ready, aren't you," she said with a smile. "I'd like that Jack. Maybe we should adjourn to the downstairs den."

"I was hoping you'd say that."

"Should we get our box of toys from the bedroom?' she asked.

"It's already downstairs," I said.

"It sounds like you planned this."

"Oh yes, more than you know."

I stood up, still holding her hand, and led her downstairs. At the doorway to the den I told her to close her eyes, then led her inside and flipped on the lights.

"Okay, you can open them."

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, looking up at the chains hanging down from the overhead beam. "You've turned my nice den into a torture chamber!"

"Didn't I ever mention my home improvement skills?"

"No, I don't recall that you did."

"Do you approve?"

"Oh yes, I definitely approve," she said, and turned to embrace me. We kissed deeply, and I reached down to pull her hips against me, so she could feel my hardness. "Mmm," she murmured, slowly grinding herself on me, "Saturday night is looking better and better."

She gently broke away from our embrace and went to sit down on the small leather sofa that we used to watch TV. "Would you take off all your clothes while I watch, Jack?"

"I have to show you something first," I said, and went to each side of the room to move the accent cabinet and potted plant out of the way, revealing the coiled chains.

"Oh God," Karen said, "I'm getting really hot now." I took the chains and extended them over the oak flooring out to where they'd be needed.

Without another word I began to strip, folding my clothes neatly on a nearby chair as I did. This was our established ritual, and I always found it a little humiliating to undress while she watched. Of course, she knew it had this effect on me, and it excited us both. Although I was mostly looking down, I did catch a glimpse of her touching the crotch of her jeans.

I finally stood before her completely naked, my hard cock at full attention. "Please get on your knees Jack,' she said, and after I did she stood up and moved close to me, straddling me with her legs and grasping the back of my head to press my face against her lower body.

"I'm so excited," she said softly, stroking my hair. "I can't wait to see you chained up, and to whip you like that. I'll start out slow, but I want to whip you hard. Is that okay?"

"Yes Karen," I said, "you know you can do anything you want to me."

"Mmm, thank you Baby, you're so good to me. Let's fix you up, where is our toy box?"

I pointed to the cardboard box in the corner. She went over to it and retrieved the leather wrist and ankle cuffs we had bought in Las Vegas, came back to me and said, "Please stand up."

I stood, and without another word she proceeded to attach the cuffs to my wrists and ankles, buckling each one firmly in place. "There," she said, and led me over to the chains dangling overhead.

"Hmm, I can't reach those clips," she said.

"There's a stepladder in the closet," I told her.

"You've thought of everything, Sweetheart."

She got the stepladder from the closet, placed it next to me on my right side and climbed up it, easily within reach now of the quick link at the end of the chain. "Give me your hand," she said, and I held up my right arm. As she attached the quick link to the ring on my wrist cuff I marveled once again at how lucky I was to find this sweet girl that could get so excited about punishing me.

After a few minutes both of my arms were raised up and my wrists were attached to the overhead chains. Karen put the stepladder away and bent down to attach my ankle cuffs.

"Spread your legs more Jack," she said.

I moved my legs apart and soon both my wrists and ankles were bound, my limbs extended and making my body into the X shape that I had been anticipating. Karen stood up and moved in front of me, taking a few steps back to admire the view.

"Oh God, you look so hot," she said, "I love seeing you chained up." She moved closer to me and reached up to touch my upraised left arm, trailing her fingers down it, over my rib cage and down to my hip. "So hot," she said again. Then her fingers found my hard cock, which she fondled before reaching down to cup my balls.

"I'm so turned on Jack, I feel like whipping you really hard. I'm sorry Baby."

"I know Karen... it's okay."

She went back to the cardboard toy box, and I knew what she was going to get from it... the beautiful Scottish tawse that we bought in Las Vegas. Sure enough, a minute later she was standing in front of me again holding it in her hands. She examined it, and then she looked up at me with a curious expression on her face before looking back down at it again.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"No... I'm just thinking about something," she said.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Well... I bought something last week, kind of on a whim, and then I decided I'd return it... but, um, I haven't yet."

"Why were you going to return it?"

"Well, I thought it might be too much... you know, kind of going too far... but seeing you like this..."

"Seeing me like this makes you want to keep it? And maybe try it?"

She paused for a minute. "Um, yes... seeing you like this makes me want to try it."

I hesitated for a few seconds and then, not sure what I was getting myself into, said, "Why don't you go get it and show me."


She left the room and went upstairs to retrieve this mystery object. Standing there naked with my wrists and ankles securely retrained, my body completely exposed and open to whatever she wanted to do to me, I felt pretty sure that whatever she bought had the purpose of inflicting pain. I also felt pretty sure I would, in the end, let her use it on me.

She was only gone for a minute, but it felt like an hour before she walked back in and stood before me again, hiding her new toy behind her back.

"Do you remember when I talked about watching cowboy movies when I was a kid and obsessing on the scenes of guys getting tied up and whipped?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I remember," I replied.

"Well, it's not like they were using a tawse... it was more something like this."

She brought her left hand out from behind her back to display her purchase. It was a black leather single tail whip.

I was speechless for a few seconds. "Uh, is that like a miniature bullwhip?" I finally asked.

"It's called a signal whip," she replied. "I actually thought about getting a bullwhip but the guy at the store recommended this for beginners, it's only 4 feet long and he said it would be easier to control and safer to use."

"Well," I said, "safer sounds... good."

She uncoiled the whip, dropped the end down to my cock and slowly looped it around the shaft.

"This would hurt more than the tawse, maybe a lot more. But I've practiced with it, on a pillow, and I'm pretty sure I can use it without breaking the skin. It's easier to target this kind of whip than with the bigger ones."

I went a little weak at the knees hearing her say "target," knowing this meant places on my body. Places that would probably soon be feeling the business end of this new whip.

"Do you want to use that on me, Karen?"

She looked at me with eyes that were a little sad, and reached up with her right hand to caress my face. "Yes Jack, I do... seeing you chained up like this and holding this whip in my hand makes me want to use it... my stomach is doing flip flops, I'm so turned on."

"If using that on me would excite you, then... I want you to."

"Do you really mean that?" she asked me. "I couldn't stand it if you thought I was too weird for you. Are you sure you want a crazy girlfriend that gets off on whipping you?"

"I think you already know the answer to that," I said. "Look at your whip."

She looked down at the whip looped around my cock and saw that I was hard as rock.

"Oh Baby," she said, wrapping her arms around me, "I love you." She leaned up and kissed me, and reached down to fondle my rigid cock again. It throbbed to her touch. "I love you too," I said.

"You're turned on too, aren't you," she said, squeezing some precum out of my cock. She put her fingertips on my lips and spread it over them, then reached back down to squeeze out more. "Open your mouth," she said, and pushed her wet fingertips inside me so I could lick them clean.

"You remember your safe words, right?" she asked.

"Yes, and you remember I might beg you to stop but you don't have to unless I use a safe word, right?"

"Oh yes... you know, when I bought this it was going through my mind how much it would make you beg for mercy... I know it's weird, but I like hearing you beg."

"It's not weird Karen, it's fun for me too."

"Okay Sweetheart." She unlooped the whip from around my cock and brought it up to my face.

"If I use this on you it will be on your back, your ass, and your thighs. I'll go easy on you at first, but I'm really in the mood to whip you until you're crying and begging for me to stop."

"I understand."

"But you know I won't stop Jack, and your begging will just make me whip you harder."

"I know."

"Then kiss the whip if you want me to begin."

She held the signal whip to my lips and I kissed the braided leather, and then Karen moved behind me. She cracked the whip in the air a few times and the sound made me jump in my chains.

"Sounds scary, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, with a catch in my voice.

"Are you scared?"


"I don't blame you. Well you won't be scared much longer, just in a lot of pain."

She held the end of the whip, touching my back with it to measure off her distance, and I suddenly realized I was trembling with fear.

Without warning she swung the whip, striking my back diagonally across my shoulder blades. I felt nothing for a split second and then a burning sensation spread across my back. She paused, seeming to instinctively know the arc of my pain as it rose and fell, and then she struck me again, this time slightly lower than before.

"Oh," she said, "I wish you could see the red stripes this makes. It's like I can paint your back with this."

The third lash was harder, and I groaned through my gritted teeth.

"That hurt more, didn't it?

"Yes, it did."

The fourth lash was harder still, causing me to arch my body and pull at my chains. "God, that really hurts Karen."

"Oh Baby, I love seeing you move your body like that," she said. She swung again and struck me in the same place but this time the end of the whip curled around me and caught the edge of my right nipple. "Jeez" I shouted, twisting in my restraints, "you really are good with that thing!"

"I told you I practiced," she said with a giggle.

Then she began punishing me in earnest, lashing me again and again in an unrelenting rhythm, gradually lowering her aim each time until she reached the small of my back. I was on fire.

I sensed she was carefully focused on making equally spaced parallel stripes on me, and as bad as it hurt the thought of her being so detached from my pain was exquisite.

Then she whipped me sideways across the top of my ass. "Ahhh, I don't know if I can take much more of that," I said.

"I'm so sorry Sweetheart, but I'm afraid you have to," she said, and flogged my ass again, putting another stripe just below the last. "God, that really hurts," I said again, but now with an edge of panic creeping into my voice.

She swung the whip three times more without pausing in between and tears were now streaming down my face. "Please stop Karen, it's too much!" I cried.

"I know it's too much Jack. I want it to be too much," she said, "I want you to feel like you can't possibly take any more," and she whipped my ass again as hard as she could, this time making me scream.

"It's a good thing my ex soundproofed this room," she said with a laugh.

She put the whip down and for a second I thought she was going to stop, but then I realized from the sounds I heard that she had started to take off her clothes.

"I'm so wet Baby, I have to strip before I soak right through these jeans." It wasn't the first time she had undressed behind me during a whipping, adding to my pain the frustration of not being able to see her naked body.

"Now I'm going to finish striping your ass Jack, and the backs of thighs as well. And I'm going to make myself cum while I do it." I knew the worst was ahead of me once she started her ride to orgasm.

I could hear her start to breathe more heavily as she swung the whip and I knew she was pleasuring herself with her left hand at the same time. My erection had long since disappeared but picturing what she was doing behind me almost brought it back. Almost.

As she worked her way down my ass she began to grunt with each swing of the whip, each grunt now followed by a pitiful cry from me. "Please Karen, no more, oh God I just can't take it. I'll do anything for you if you'll stop!"

"Jack, you'll do anything for me anyway," and the whip crashed just below the bottom of my ass, that tender place where the tops of my thighs ended. I screamed bloody murder.

Then she went to work on my thighs, and on one particularly brutal lash the whip curled around and managed to catch the side of my balls. I howled in pain and as I did Karen cried out, "I'm cumming, Oh God, OHH GOD, AHH AHHH AHHHH!"

Her orgasm seemed to on forever and she kept whipping me again and again for the duration. After what felt like an eternity the blows stopped, and I heard the whip fall to the floor... and then all I could hear was the sound of Karen panting.

My eyes were closed, and my face was wet with tears. My back, ass and thighs were still burning white hot when suddenly Karen's mouth enveloped my soft cock. I almost instantly grew hard as she took me all the way in, her face pressing against my lower belly as my cock quickly expanded inside her.

As she slowly began moving her head back and forth on me, the contrast of the pure heaven from my cock against the pain of my back took me over the edge in less than a minute and I exploded down her throat. She gulped me down as my cock spasmed again and again until I was completely drained, and the attention from her warm lips and tongue continued as I gradually grew soft again.

When my cock was completely flaccid she gave it a farewell kiss, stood up and embraced me. My back still burned but her naked and sweaty body felt wonderful against my front. "Oh God, that was amazing," she said, and kissed me passionately. "I'm sorry I went so hard on you, seeing you chained up like this just made me go crazy."

"Well Baby," I said, "I'm the crazy one who put in these chains."

She retrieved the stepladder from the closet and unbuckled my wrists, then bent down and freed my ankles.

"I loved the way you moved under the whip, I hope you didn't strain any muscles twisting around like that" she said, touching my arms.

"I'm fine, and I hope you didn't either," I replied, "you were working pretty hard."

"I guess my right arm got some pretty good exercise. But now you've got some work to do."

She lay down on her stomach and I knew she wanted her favorite afterplay, so I dutifully lay down between her legs and gently ran my tongue up along her ass crack. Then I parted her with my hands and ever so lightly circled her most intimate spot, and she sighed with pleasure.

Finally, the tip of my tongue touched the center of her asshole, and as I held it there she raised her hips in anticipation. "Oh my God," she cried as I entered her. "Yes Baby, that's it, fuck my ass with your tongue." I pushed it into her as deep as I could.

The world never made more sense to me than when I was worshipping the asshole of the woman who had just given me enormous pain. Usually Karen just relaxed and reveled in the feel of my tongue inside her, but this time she reached under herself seeking her pussy. As my tongue explored her ass she rubbed herself to another orgasm, moaning and bucking underneath me.

The rest of the evening was taken up by a long and luxurious shower, where we took turns soaping each other and washing each other's hair. When we finished we toweled each other dry, and before leaving the bathroom Karen made me hold a hand mirror so that I could see the array of red stripes down my back, ass and thighs in the reflection of the full-length mirror on the door.

"Wow," I said, you really did a nice job, they're so evenly spaced."

"You've awakened my inner artist," she said, "next time I might try for a crisscrossed pattern."

We got in bed, naked as we always slept, turned out the light and held each other in the darkness.

"Jack, I want to ask you something. You know my sister Sarah's coming to visit next weekend."

"Right, we might want to hang some plants on those chains in the den."

"Well... maybe not. I haven't mentioned this before, but Sarah... um, the two of us kind of shared some of the fantasies I told you I first had as a kid, we used to watch those cowboy movies together and talk about the way we felt seeing guys get strung up and whipped... the way we both felt."

"Really? So, she's a pervert like you?" I said, prompting Karen to mock punch me in the arm.

"Yes, I guess she is. But... we've always been close and open with each other... and I was wondering if it would bother you if I told her about some of the things we do. I'd like to share with her how lucky I feel about finding you."

I had to think about this for a moment. "Does she really look at it like you do, I mean... she wouldn't think any less of me for being a submissive guy?"

"Oh no, she'd just be happy for me and she'd really admire you. I'm sure she'd like to find someone like you for herself, and I hope she does some day. I know she'd be really interested in what we do."

"Then sure, that's fine... I guess I might feel a little funny around her, but no biggie."

"Thanks, Baby" Karen said, giving me a kiss. "It means a lot to me to be able to share with her, we're really close. She's a really down to earth person, I'm sure she'll be cool about it and you'll feel okay around her."

"Okay Sweetheart, I'm looking forward to meeting her... and I guess we don't have to hang plants in the den after all."

We both fell asleep quickly and woke up to a bright and sunny Sunday morning. The day was filled with chores, including cleaning the house and getting the guest bedroom ready for Sarah's visit.

The following week went by quickly, and soon it was Friday. Karen took the day off from work to pick up Sarah at the airport, and since the two of them had most of the day together I figured she would have already told her older sister about our recreational pursuits by the time I got home.

I was still a little nervous about it as I walked in the front door and entered the living room, where Karen and Sarah were sitting drinking coffee. Sarah jumped up to shake my hand, saying "Jack, I'm so glad to meet you at last!"

"Great to meet you too, Sarah!" I said. She was a couple of inches taller than Karen, almost as tall as me, with the same freckles and strawberry blonde hair but cut in a short pixie cut instead of Karen's shoulder-length style.

It was easy to see the family resemblance between them, although Sarah seemed more muscular in her arms and legs. Karen had told me she was an avid surfer, which would certainly explain the great shape she was in.

We made small talk for a few minutes and Sarah's easy-going manner soon put me at ease. When It was almost time to leave for the French restaurant where I had a reservation for us I went upstairs to change from my work clothes into jeans and a polo shirt. I came back down and off we went.

Dinner with the two of them was relaxed and enjoyable. Sarah had the same easy laugh and great sense of humor as Karen, and the two of them together were a little like a well-rehearsed comedy duo, feeding each other straight lines and displaying impeccable timing from a lifetime of in-jokes. There was an affectionate closeness between them, and I could understand why Karen liked to share things with her sister.

When we got back to the house we decided to break out some ice cream, since we had skipped desert at the restaurant. Karen served us and then she and I sat down on the living room sofa while Sarah took a chair across from us.

"Do you guys mind if I lose my shoes?" she asked.

"Make yourself at home," I said, and Karen and I both followed suit.

"So, if you don't mind my being nosy," Sarah began, "is marriage on the horizon for you two? I mean, seeing as how you're living together and you seem like a pretty good match."

"Hmm, we haven't really talked about it," Karen said, turning to me and smiling. "Jack only moved in last month, I guess we'll see how it goes."

"In my humble opinion, it's going great so far," I offered.

"It looks like it's going great," said Sarah. "You both seem really happy."

"Are we?" I said, turning to Karen. "I hadn't noticed."

Karen ruffled my hair, saying "You're damn right we're happy, you big oaf."

Nobody said anything for a minute, and then Karen spoke up. "Jack, I told you I was going to share with Sarah some, uh, common interests that we have," she said, and looked across at Sarah while adding, "I thought you should know I talked to her about that today before you came home."

It was quiet again for a few seconds before Sarah spoke up. "And I want you to know I think it's wonderful, Jack... I want you to feel comfortable around me because I'm not at all prudish in the least about these things."

"That's good to hear Sarah," I said. "Karen and I had worked together for a long time before we found out what we had in common." I put my arm around Karen and added, "I think it came as a big surprise to both of us... and a very welcome surprise."

"I think that's so cool," said Sarah. "I'm a little jealous of my baby sister, I guess she told you that we have some of the same interests... and I hope I can find a guy like you someday."

"There's a lot of us out there looking for this," I said, "I'm sure you'll find someone."

"Mmm, I hope so," she replied. Then she paused before saying, "Would you guys mind if I was really nosy and asked you some stupid questions?"

"Ask away," said Karen, "we're open books!"

"Well, I'm just curious... how often do you, uh, you know, how often do you do..."

We all laughed when Karen jumped in to finish her question. "Kinky stuff?"

"Yes," Sarah said, "I just want to get an idea, um, what your life is like."

"Well, we only do it when we're both in the mood," I said, "and sometimes we go weeks without doing it, we just get too busy with work and all. It's like a special thing and maybe doing it too often wouldn't be good... we'll have, uh, regular sex but we'll save the kinky stuff for special times."

"I striped him good just last weekend, but it was the first time since he moved in," Karen volunteered.

"Striped him?" Sarah asked, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I put stripes on him with a whip," said Karen.

"Oh my God... that must have hurt!"

"It did," I said, "big time."

"Were they like, um, red?" asked Sarah.

"They're still there," Karen replied. Jack... why don't you take off your shirt and show her."

A small shock wave went through me. I hadn't expected this, and I looked at Karen. She met my gaze and gave me an almost imperceptible nod. I stood up and pulled my polo shirt up and over my head, and after draping it on the arm of the sofa I went over to Sarah and squatted down with my back to her.

"Oh wow," Sarah exclaimed, touching my back lightly. "Each one of these marks is from a whip lash?"

"Yep," said Karen, in a tone of self-satisfaction. "And there's a lot more, it's like that all the way down to his thighs."

"Oh... boy, I wish I could see that," Sarah said.

There was silence in the room for a few seconds before Karen sent a bigger shock wave through me.

"Jack," she said, "would you take off the rest of your clothes, so Sarah can see all your stripes?"

I looked at Karen from my squatting position in front of Sarah. She gave me another subtle nod, and I thought I saw a kind of faraway look in her eyes. Sarah said nothing.

"Okay," I said. I stood up and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. By the time I was ready to lower them I was sporting an erection which would soon be on public display, and there was nothing I could do about that. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and lowered them together with my jeans, slipping them off along with my socks.

"Oh wow, you really did do a number on him," Sarah said, as I stood completely naked with my back to her and imagined her looking me over. I watched Karen's face and saw her eyes move down my body to my hard cock, and then she looked up and smiled at me.

"Could you turn around and face Sarah?" she asked me. I turned around and Sarah's eyes immediately went to my erection. "Oh my," she said. "Are you hard just from being naked in front of me, Jack?" she asked.

"Probably so," Karen volunteered before I could answer, "Have you heard of CFNM?"

"Um, no."

"It stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male. It's a big thing with a lot of male submissives, they respond to the humiliation they feel when for once it's them getting objectified instead of the woman. It's called a power exchange."

"Mmm, I like this power exchange thing," said Sarah. "Is what Karen said right, Jack?"

My mouth had gone dry, but I managed to say, "Yes, she's right Sarah."

"You guys, this is so wild! So, you make him get naked while you keep your clothes on, Karen?"

"Yep," Karen replied.

"I really like this."

"I knew you would."

"What do you do next?"

"Well, next I might put a collar and leash on him."

"Oh Jeez, I'd love to see that."

"Are you okay with showing that to Sarah?" Karen asked me.

"Sure," I said.

"Hang on a minute." Karen got up and went downstairs, and I knew she was going to get my collar and leash out of our toy box. Neither Sarah nor I said anything while we waited, but my cock throbbed when she looked up at me and smiled in a way that indicated she was enjoying my humiliation.

I was wondering what else Karen would bring back with her when she walked back into the living room with the entire box. She put it down next to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Please kneel in front of Sarah," she told me. I went down to my knees and she took out my collar and leash from the box, buckled the collar snugly around my neck and attached the leash.

"I usually handcuff him too," she said, "because a lot of times I just want to use his mouth."

"Oh," Sarah said.

Karen took the handcuffs out the box, pulled my wrists behind my back and cuffed them together.

"Now I'm all set to make him do whatever I want," she said, standing behind me.

"God, that's so hot Karen. It must feel so powerful holding that leash."

"Here, take it and see what it feels like."

Karen handed the leash to Sarah and she just sat there holding it, seemingly lost in thought. I felt truly objectified to be naked, handcuffed and on my knees with a raging hard-on in front of my wife's older sister as she held me on a leash.

"Hmm, it's getting pretty hot in here," she finally said. "I could certainly think of something to do with this leash."

Karen went back to the sofa and sat down, and then she really stunned me.

"Go ahead."

"What?" said Sarah.

"I know what you're thinking about, so go ahead and use him. You're okay with it, aren't you Jack?"

"Uh, whatever you want, Karen"

"See Sarah, it's okay. Go for it."

"Right here in front of you?"

"Yes, go ahead... I want you to."

"Oh... no, I couldn't, it would be too weird."

"I dare you. Double dare you."

There was a long silence and time seemed to stand still. Then Sarah put the leash down beside her and stood up, looking into my eyes as she slowly unzipped her jeans and pushed them down along with her underwear. She kicked them aside and sat back down, parted her long legs and I was staring at a moist shaved pussy in front of me.

The thrill of going down on a woman, for me, was always tied to a desire to please a woman I was emotionally connected to... giving pleasure to someone who I wanted to give pleasure to. This felt very different, as I barely knew Sarah at this point.

But I found myself having very conflicting feelings, because the thought of being required to eat out a woman I had only recently met felt like... total servitude. I felt like just an object with a mouth that was about to be used, and the feeling was incredibly erotic. This is how a woman would feel submitting to a stranger, I thought.

All of this went through my head and made my cock throb as Sarah picked my leash back up and began pulling my face to her crotch. I crawled forward on my knees and my face was between her thighs, and she kept pulling my leash until my mouth reached her wet pussy.

She moaned when I touched my lips to it and began tracing it with my tongue and gasped when I pushed it inside her. She grabbed the back of my head to hold me in place and pulled on the leash as she began grinding against my face.

She must have been really turned on as she came very quickly, gushing into my mouth and crying out in a way that sounded a lot like Karen. I kept on gently exploring her as she continued moaning until her breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Oh God, I can't believe I did that. Well, I needed it after talking to you two!" she said.

"He's pretty good with his tongue, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is."

I withdrew my wet face from between her legs but stayed on my knees as Sarah put her pants back on.

"God, I still can't believe I did that," she said with a nervous laugh. "Well... I've sure learned a lot tonight... I really appreciate you guys sharing!"

"I thought you'd be interested," said Karen. "Jack, didn't I tell you Sarah would be interested?"

"That you did," I said.

It was quiet for moment until Sarah broke the silence.

"So, let me ask you something else," Sarah began hesitatingly.

"What would that be, Big Sister?" said Karen.

"Would it, um... God, I'm really embarrassed to ask this, but would it be too soon for another whipping? I'm kind of dying to see that."

"What do you think, Jack? Should we show Sarah our den?"

"Um, yes, that would be okay," I said.

"Are you sure? I'd love for her to see the way you move."

"Yes Karen, it's okay."

"Well then let's go downstairs. Sarah, I'll bring this box of toys and you can take Jack's leash and follow me."

The humiliation I felt being naked around these two fully clothed women, and being led downstairs on a leash by the one who I hardly knew, was intoxicating... I felt myself in a kind of subspace I had never known before, and it felt wonderful. My cock stayed hard and bounced up and down as I followed them down the steps.

We entered the den as Karen flipped on the lights. Sarah's eyes were immediately drawn to the dangling chains overhead.

"Oh wow," she exclaimed, "you've really got kind of a medieval thing going on here!"

"Jack installed these chains just last weekend, he's a real home improvement guy," Karen said with a laugh. "Bring him over right here, under the chains."

Sarah positioned me as Karen put the box down and went to the closet to retrieve the stepladder. After removing my handcuffs and buckling the leather cuffs on my wrists she climbed up it, and I raised my arms to she could attach the quick links to my wrists.

Then she went to each side of the room and moved away the potted plant and accent cabinet to reveal the coiled chains mounted to the baseboards. "Oh my God," said Sarah, "this is so freaking hot!"

After extending the chains Karen buckled the ankle cuffs on me and attached them, and once again my body formed an X as I stood naked and completely vulnerable in the center of the room.

"Why don't you have a seat Sarah," Karen said, pointing to the small couch facing us, "and we'll give you a little show."

"A show!" Sarah said with delight as she took her seat, "God, this is just like in the movies Karen!"

"Exactly," Karen said, as I stood in full display in front of Sarah, who was almost glassy-eyed with anticipation of seeing me whipped. When I saw her rub her crotch through her jeans I felt objectified to my core, like an animal in some kind of cruel circus, about to be flogged in front of an audience and made to dance under the whip for their amusement. My stomach was in knots and I felt light-headed.

Karen moved in front of me and to my relief she had pulled the Scottish tawse out of our toy box, not the signal whip. I really didn't think I could bear another session with the signal whip, and I didn't want to have use a safe word in front of Sarah; maybe it was a macho thing, but I felt compelled to show her what a good slave I was.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Jack?" she asked me. "I want to whip you hard, so Sarah can see the way it makes you move."

"Yes, I'm okay with it Karen."

"Then kiss the whip," she said, holding it to my lips.

"Oh my God," Sarah said as I kissed the leather tawse, absent-mindedly rubbing her crotch harder.

Karen usually started slow to warm me up, but not this time... I think she was eager to show Sarah a real punishment. A few seconds after she moved behind me the tawse crashed across my upper back, causing me to groan and arch my back.

She quickly followed the first lash with another just below it, and another one just below that. I gritted my teeth and grunted with each blow and began the dance, twisting against my chains.

"Oh my God you guys, this is so hot," Sarah said.

"It gets better," said Karen, and she struck my ass as hard as she could.

"Jeez, that hurts Baby," I said.

"I know," she said, and lashed me again.

"Oh fuck!" I cried.

She whipped my ass again. "God, that really hurts Karen."

"I told you I'd have to whip you hard, Sweetheart," said Karen. "Jack likes to... complain, and sometimes he starts begging me to stop," she told Sarah, "but I don't stop unless he says a safe word. He has fun begging, and I like hearing it."

"I don't blame you," said Sarah, "I like hearing it too! God, this is amazing!"

As Karen continued whipping me I looked at Sarah and I could see the lust in her eyes, the excitement she felt from watching me suffer. I realized just how very much alike the sisters were.

After an especially hard blow, Karen paused.

"Do you want to try this?" Karen asked her sister, as I expected she eventually would.

"Me?" said Sarah.

"Well, you big goofball, I don't see anybody else here?"

"Uh... well shit, yes I'd like to try it."

"Is that okay with you, Jack?" Karen asked.

"Sure, that's fine," I replied.

"I think we could use some cold ones first," said Karen, moving out from behind me and putting the tawse down on the coffee table. "Don't either of you go anywhere, I'll be right back."

As Karen walked upstairs, Sarah and I looked at each other awkwardly. I had never felt such humiliation, naked and chained in front of a woman I had just met as she gazed at me from the couch fully dressed.

After a minute she got up and walked up to me. With my legs spread wide our eyes were at the same level. "You really don't mind if I try whipping you, Jack?" she asked.

"No Sarah, I'm good with it."

She reached out and put her fingertips on my chest.

"I guess Karen told you how much we've both fantasized about this kind of thing."

"Oh yes, she did," I said, "I heard about the cowboy movies."

She giggled while her fingers trailed down to my chest towards my stomach, saying "Oh yes, those cowboy movies."

Our eyes stayed locked on each other as her fingers reached my stomach.

"I never thought I'd get to really do this, and I know Karen never did either."

My cock was already rock hard from her touch before her fingers found it.

"And I didn't think I'd ever... get to be whipped by a woman. Not to mention by two," I said.

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and said, "It really excites you to know I'm going to whip you, doesn't it?"

"I guess that's something I'm not hiding very well," I said.

Sarah laughed, and as she stole a glance down at the Scottish tawse waiting over on the coffee table I could see the excitement in her eyes for what was to come. I was also noticing, with some apprehension, how well-toned her arms were.

Turning back to me, she said, "I guess this is one of the strangest meet-the-family conversations ever."

"I guess so," I replied.

"I've wanted to try this for such a long time... longer than Karen has," she said, and squeezed my shaft hard. Looking into my eyes she asked, "Is it okay with you if I go just as hard on you as she did?"

"Yes, it's okay Sarah."

She took her hand off my cock, touched my face and smiled.

"Maybe some time Karen will let me have you to myself for a while. You never know... I might turn out to be even more demanding than she is."

An awkward silence followed until Karen returned with a tray holding three cold beers. Walking into the room, she took in the sight of Sarah standing before me with my hard cock pointing to the ceiling.

"I'm so happy that you two are getting along," she said, giving me that crooked grin as she passed a cold beer to Sarah. Then she held one of the bottles up to my lips.

"If I know my big sister, I think you're going to need this Jack," she said, as she let me take a nice long drink. Then she put the tray down on the coffee table, took back up the tawse and stepped behind me.

"Come back here, Sarah."

"Oh God, I've dreamed of this," said Sarah as she joined her sister.

"Here, hold the handle tightly, keep your wrist loose and swing it hard," Karen coached her, handing over the tawse.

Sarah's first swing was to my ass, but it was so light I barely felt it.

"No, no, you've got to swing it hard Sarah," said Karen.

Sarah swung again, striking me in the same place but harder, although still nothing like Karen's blows.

"Harder!" said Karen, "come on, you're stronger than me. Swing it as hard as you can!"

Sarah swung hard and it hurt badly.

"That's it! Now keep doing that, start on his upper back and work your way down. Use those stripes I gave him as targets."

There was that word again. Sarah began whipping me hard across my back in a steady rhythm, moving slightly lower each time.

"God, I love doing this," she said. Karen stepped in front of me and watched me for a minute, then reached up to caress my face. Tears were starting to flow, and she gently wiped them away from my eyes as Sarah continued whipping me.

"Is it hurting bad?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied through clenched teeth, in between my grunts of pain.

Then she leaned up and whispered in my ear, "Jack... I have a confession to make."

"What's that, Karen?"

"Well... I hope you're okay with it... but I kind of planned this just so I could get to watch you get whipped... It was a little sneaky, but I knew Sarah would go for it."

"Well... Ohh... she's going for it, all right."

"And I also wanted Sarah to whip you so that..."

"So that... Ohhh... what?"

"So that I could kiss you while you were hurting. I've been thinking about doing this since the first time I whipped you."

And she put her lips on mine and kissed me passionately just as Sarah lashed me especially hard across my lower back. I groaned into Karen's open mouth as her tongue explored me.

"Oh yes, Baby," she murmured, "cry into me."

She kept her open mouth on mine as Sarah went on whipping me and pushed her hand down the front of her jeans to rub herself.

"Maybe we can get Sarah to whip you while you're eating me out Jack, and you can cry into my pussy. God, wouldn't that be hot," she said, breathing heavily into my ear.

"Pretty hot," I said, yelling "Jeez!" a second later as Sarah whipped me across my ass. Karen was moaning now in time to Sarah's rhythm and suddenly cried out "Oh God, OHHH GOD!" into my mouth.

As Karen climaxed, Sarah paused and said with a laugh, "Maybe you two should get a room." Then she resumed whipping my burning ass.

"You're already in it," said Karen, and both of them laughed.

"How much longer... AHH... will you let your sister... AHHH... whip me?"

"Not much longer, Sweetheart."

"Are you going to... AHHH... let me cum when she's... AHHHH... finished?"

"Yes, you'll get to cum Baby," Karen said, "and just so you know, it will be me that makes you cum... never Sarah, no matter what else happens."

"It's only you that I... AHHHH... want to make me cum."

"Mmm, that's so sweet to hear," she said, stroking my hair. "But I'm afraid it won't be for a little while, I think you'll have to spend some time chained up on the floor after this... I'd like for Sarah to feel your tongue pushing up into her ass, I think she's a virgin back there just like I was."

"Okay... AHHHHH!"

Karen kissed me again. "I still want to feel you crying into my pussy while you eat me out," she whispered in my ear, "but I'm thinking that instead of having Sarah whip you more..."


"I think she'd really like to feel what it's like to fuck a man with my strap-on. Would that be okay?"

"Yes, Karen," I said, just before Sarah's whip slashed across that place between my ass and the tops of my thighs, making me howl in pain.

Sarah was whipping me harder now than Karen had. Reflecting on her muscular body, it occurred to me that she was likely going to fuck me harder as well. And my cock started to grow again despite the fire on my backside.

Karen got her wish of feeling me cry into her pussy that night, and eventually I did get to cum into her sweet mouth, but not before spending a very long time being used while chained up spread eagled on the floor.

I was correct in my assumption that Sarah would very enthusiastically use her muscular body to impale my ass hard and deep. What I didn't anticipate was that both sisters would take turns using my mouth and fucking me all evening before I could cum.

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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Strip Poker
Author: Gaius8666

Ever since my Dad got remarried I have considered myself a lucky man. I am now 21 years old and my two younger stepsisters are 18 and 19 respectively, and by all objective measurements are absolute foxes. Anyway, last Christmas I was home from my senior year of college and because of being snowed in for two weeks, I was already completely bored out of my mind. Our parents had gone skiing and left me and my two step-sisters alone for the weekend so we had the whole house to ourselves. I was a bit disappointed about missing out on the ski trip, but as events would soon unfold, I realize now in retrospect that missing that trip led to the best trip of my life.

My step-sisters, Brandy and Monica were also bored and decided to invite a few of their new college friends over for a good old fashioned slumber party. They were all moving into a big five bedroom rental house after the holidays and were VERY excited about getting out of the dorm. Their future housemates were equally excited and all wanted to get together to plan out how they were going to decorate their new home. Oddly, despite going to the same school as me, I had not seen much of them over the fall semester as with them being freshman and me a senior we did not travel in the same circles. Having us all home for the holidays was a nice treat as we always had gotten along, and I had to admit, I never tired of checking out their smoking bods.

Being the only one home of legal age, and not yet realizing what an golden opportunity being snowed in with a bunch of bored girls would be, I reluctantly assumed the adult role for the party. After much begging and pleading on the girls part they convinced me to go and buy some beer for them, and being a bit bored and thirsty myself, I ran down to the nearest 7-11 and stocked up on party supplies for the weekend. When all of their hot friends started showing up, the stirring in my jeans alerted me to the possibility of having the weekend of a lifetime and I was DEFINITELY glad to be home.

As we all sat around talking and drinking, it began to dawn on me how fortunate I was. I was surrounded by five stunningly beautiful and increasingly drunk women; Brandy, my oldest step-sister and a well stacked red-head to boot, Monica, my equaling charming blonde younger step-sister with an ass you could eat baked beans off of and Lynette, Maria and Samantha their equally gorgeous friends had my cock stirring in my shorts by 8:30. After several beers, and the realization that there was nothing on TV, as the cable had gone out due to the storm, Maria suggested that we play cards. That was fine by me as the hops had definitely gotten the girls socially lubricated and increasingly flirty and with the female to male ratio at 5 to 1, I was loving every second of the night.

Dealing the cards, I was grinning wildly, as being the only guy in the room, I was flirted with shamelessly by all of them. After a few minutes of playful banter, and even more beer, suddenly the erotic temperature of the room got much hotter.

"Say Brandy!" chimed the smoldering sexy brunette Samantha. "I know you and Monica told us your step-brother was good looking, but you never told us he was such a hottie. What are you two bitches doing, hoarding all the good ones to yourself like you do back at college?"

Obviously annoyed by this sudden embarrassing revelation, Brandy blushed. "Shut up and PLAY will you?"

Hearing this I smirked. I have never had any problems with the ladies in the past, as I am pretty fit, but hearing that my two step-sisters were attracted to me got my head swelling. Well, BOTH of my heads. I wondered if they knew how much I had lusted after both of their curvy delights since back when we all still lived at home together. God knows the summer before my freshman year I spent a lot of time watching them sunbathe by our pool, yanking my pud every night as I imagined them both naked and in my bed.

More beer was consumed and as the evening progressed the sexual tension in the room kept increasing. As the girls got drunker they got more bold and I was loving every fucking minute of it. Growing increasingly direct, and with no other outlet for their attentions, I was the target for all of their increasing arousal and as the beer flowed they kept amping up the teasing. My eyes could not focus on the game as they kept wandering back and forth over the girls as each one was truly beautiful, and I wished for nothing more than somehow orchestrate a way to get into all of their panties somehow. That would definitely be a heavy lift, so I decided to just go with the flow and see how the evening progressed. To my delight, it kept progressing in the right direction.

"Yea, I bet you and Monica love spying on your dear old brother Tyler here when he takes a shower don't you?" Lynette joked as she poked Brandy with her foot. "Or at least that is what Monica told me when she confessed how delicious he looked walking around the house in just a towel."

My two step-sisters said nothing, but their reddening faces betrayed her crime and now it was my turn to blush. Hearing this, my male ego swelled along with other parts of my body.

"Yes!" Lynette continued as the other friends giggled. "If I had some fine piece of man-meat like this walking around the house half naked, I would no doubt have to sneak a peek too."

Continuing to play, and definitely drink, I felt my cock continue stirring as these revelations kept running through my mind. Glancing occasionally over at Brandy, looking so totally fuckable with her full ripe melons and stiff nipples straining against her thin shirt I just hoped I wasn't drooling to obviously. When I caught her eye my grin grew even wider as I saw her seductively wink back at me.

Glancing around the room, when my eyes then locked with my other luscious step-sister Monica, and I got another wink from her, the stirring became a down right rumble. Polishing off yet another six pack we kept playing and despite all having a good time, it was obvious the game was getting pretty boring. Poker truly is not that fun a game if there are not bets made, as the whole point of the contest is to bluff and win money. Having been using chips all evening, it was obvious that everyone was getting tired of the fake game as with no real stakes, the play was dull. When Samantha announced that we were out of beer, I volunteered to go out to the kitchen and bring back a fresh six pack.

Returning from the kitchen with the beer I was astonished when Brandy stood up and addressed the room.

"I don't know about you gals, but this game is a snooze-fest ."

Every head nodded as she continued. "So I say we spice things up a bit, what do you think ladies?"

Again, more nodding prompted her to continue. "Now, given that we have such a FINE specimen of manhood here, who is up for a nice old fashioned game of Strip Poker? What do you think, don't you think THAT will get the party started properly?"

Hearing her say this my mouth fell open in delight, as if I had won the lottery without even knowing I had bought a ticket. Within seconds my mind was flooded with erotic images of all five of them writhing naked on the floor as I enjoyed each one, as obviously I would be in the middle of that imaginary rodeo. Oh how I would enjoy finally having Brandy ride my cock while Monica rode my face and their three friends fought over who would take the next turn, but shaking my head quickly, reality set in.

It was too much to hope for and I was sure Brandy was just joking and just being provocative, God knows she was always the biggest tease. I was positive that there was NO way the girls would go for it no matter how much I prayed that they would. To my shock and absolute ecstatic delight they all cheered and said they thought it would be a wonderful idea.

Seeing Brandy patting the floor for me to sit down as she began shuffling, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Alone as the sole man in a room full of beautiful drunken women just about to get stripped was the beginning of many a past stroke fantasy and given that I was pretty good at poker and the girls were already drunk it seemed like a sure thing.

As she began shuffling, Brandy leaned over and whispered in my ear "I have been wanting to see your package for a while big Bro so tonight is my big chance! I hope you are prepared to show us the goods tonight!". My heart began to race as I realized that this evening was shaping up to be most entertaining.

As the first hand was dealt, everyone took a long swig of their drinks as the reality of what was happening began to set in. The flirty atmosphere of the night so far instantly began pegging up the erotic scale as the sexual tension grew as thick as concrete.

Despite all my erotic plans I had a small twinge of doubt after losing the first hand. As they all chanted for me to strip I instantly snapped to attention as I realized I was not well prepared to play strip poker. Having been a casual night in, I was only in my jeans, briefs and a thin t-shirt, foolishly not wearing any socks or shoes. I had been so swept up with the erotic potential of seeing them all naked, I had not taken a proper inventory of my own clothes before we began to play. Realizing my mistake as my three fours were easily beaten by Brandy's three Jacks, I started to blush.

"Well well well, looks like we have drawn first blood!" she giggled as every female eye was trained on my body.

Seeing that they all had shoes and socks on, I realized I had a BIG disadvantage and I pleaded, quite unsuccessfully, to be allowed to go put them on.

"NOPE! You have to play the hand you are dealt BRO!" Monica interrupted. "So, pants or shirt, what is it going to be?"

Grinning sheepishly I stood up and peeled off my t-shirt, realizing I was not going to be able to weasel out and definitely not wanting to give them any reason to back out of a similar predicament. I smirked as my chest was exposed and the girls all melodramatically commented on my washboard abs and well developed pecs. Hey, I hit the gym every day and at that moment I was glad I did as they all whistled as I sat back down.

"DAYUM!!" Maria yelled out. "You were not kidding girls. Your brother IS hot!!"

Monica and Brandy both giggled and interjected. "Hey, he is our STEP-BROTHER you know, and yes, we both agree, he IS hot."

Brandy, half kidding and obviously drunk leaned over and felt my left pec with her hand. "Yep! Hard as a rock!" Looking down at my jeans she winked. "I can't wait to see what else is hard when he comes out to play." The feel of her soft warm hands on my naked skin had my heart rate increasing, and I now realized that this too put me at a big disadvantage.

Laughing nervously, I dealt and fortunately won the next few hands, sparing my few remaining clothes and evening things up a bit. Soon my two step sisters lost both their shoes and socks but otherwise everyone was still pretty well covered. As the play continued, and the beer kept flowing, it was my now turn to get bold.

"Well Monica, I can't wait until you whip out those whoppers for us all to see. I know I have been DYING to see them for years!!"

Laughing, the girls all joked and Monica, sticking her tongue out in jest, lifted her foot up in the air and wiggled her toes in my face. She was definitely very top heavy and must have suspected that I was her tits number one fan. Now that I had blurted out my comment, any lingering doubts she may have had about whether I had been perving on her were now removed. Obviously I had. Despite being entranced by her mammalian delights, the sight of those gorgeous toes wiggling in the air had me equally hypnotized.

"Hey fucker, this is the only bare skin of mine you are going to see. Soon that big sausage of yours will be on full display before we so much as expose a nipple."

As her gorgeous toes swayed before my face, and given the highly charged nature of the evening, I got very hard instantly. I was then, and still am now, a hopeless foot man, and the sight of my gorgeous step-sister's toes waving in my face, begging for my tongue to bathe each digit was immediately registered in my crotch. My bulge obviously was quite noticeable as Maria drew attention to it.

"Hey Monica, it looks like your tootsies have a fan boy!" she laughed as she pointed at my crotch. Instinctively I dropped my hands into my lap to cover myself but it was too late. My secret was out.

Now armed with this knowledge, the game began to get extremely interesting as Monica began snaking her bare foot over to where I was sitting and running her silky sole up my back. Brandy, not to be outdone by her sister, made sure that once her feet were exposed she added her toes to the assault. While Monica ran her foot over my bare back she teased my bare foot with hers as we were playing barefoot now. This, along with the beer, did not help my concentration on the game at all.

After a few more rounds the game began to get serious as more and more skin was exposed by the girls. I was continuing to be fortunate in not losing what little I had left but I was always two bad hands away from nudity. Despite my horrendous distractions I still had my pants and shorts and they were barely able to contain my now painful hard-on so I definitely wanted to keep them on. Brandy still had her bra, T-shirt and panties on, much to my disappointment, as a big goal I had for the evening was exposing those puppies. Lynette had only lost her shoes and socks and now barefoot she joined the others in their teasing me with her feet. Monica was glowing red having just been forced to shed her pants but to everyone's amazement Maria still had not lost anything.

Now as it got serious, as nudity was sure to be just around the corner for someone. I was on a single-minded mission to begin to even up the score and ensure that at least ONE tit would come out soon. Surely with the odds so stacked in my favor I should be drowning in naked female flesh by now, but the flaw in playing strip poker with such attractive opponents became quite obvious.

Each article the girls lost caused just enough blood to be diverted from my higher brain to the more southernly regions of my body, and kept me making stupid decisions. When playing poker with the guys I usually am able to count cards but that was definitely not happening under these conditions. Realizing I was about to blow a once in a lifetime opportunity to strip five girls at once I redoubled my concentration and decided to play hard to win. In order to have this plan come to fruition I would have to get more serious about the game and stay focused like a laser.

The plan had a flaw though, as the effect of the beer, and the lovely feminine flesh surrounding me, as well as the increasing number of gorgeous bare feet joining the party caused me so much distraction it definitely had a huge negative impact on my poker skills. Even still, with wavering concentration and a lot of luck, I won the next few hands and soon Brandy and Monica were both down to just their panties and bra. Lynette still had her shirt on and even Maria was beginning to sweat as she was just now was removing her pants, having added her socks and shoes to the ever growing pile of clothes. Thinking the promised land was at hand I grinned as the next cards were dealt and saw I had drawn three tens. Sure of seeing SOME tits now, sadly, my luck did not hold and I lost to Brandy with four twos and had to give up my jeans.

Now the game was dead serious as I had managed to blow through my whole wardrobe in a shockingly short amount of time! The bulge in my boxer briefs was quite obvious and I was extremely humiliated (but also filled with pride) by all the wolf-whistles the girls gave me as I shed my pants.

Having turned away from them to pull down my jeans, as I was definitely worried about something popping out unexpectedly, my heart skipped a beat as I felt both Monica and Brandy's toes run up the back of my ass and over my shorts with their toes.

"Yea, I can't wait until THESE come off next Tyler!" Brandy giggled as she gripped the hem of my boxer briefs and playfully tried to pull them down.

Laughing as I held onto the waist band, I spun back around, having to cover myself with my free hand as things had definitely gotten out of hand in my shorts and I was beginning to peek out. Pointing at her bra I defiantly shot back.

"No, I think those savory titties of yours are just about ready for their debut. Prepare to whip those babies out for the party!"

Monica blushed at my words as somehow it just occurred to her that she might end up naked. With this sudden ephiphany, she started getting very nervous and began trying to think of a way out. Not wanting to quit, and then be declared a wuss, she certainly did not want to whip out her breasts for my viewing pleasure. Grinning she thought of a way to spare her from having to strip and announced her idea to the group.

"Ok, as it is apparent we are all getting pretty close to showing some serious skin now, I think we should give the loser a chance to save their dignity if the group agrees."

As she spoke I watched the other girl's faces, not wanting to chime in my objection to her weasly scheme just yet. I was no fool, and knew that a strip poker game with a bunch of hotties was a delicate thing and had to be coaxed with care so as not to spook the girls. I knew all night that any one of them could call it quits at any moment and that would be the end of the most erotic night of my life. Knowing this, I was very compliant and as she spoke I was quiet. I was encouraged by the fact that she was at least planning on what to do if she had to get naked, and this filled me with hope that this might go the distance to the glorious nude end after all.

Continuing, Monica said "I say in order for it to be fair, anyone who loses the final crucial hand and has to get naked should have the choice of either stripping bare or submitting to one hour of activity the group chooses as a penalty, majority vote wins!"

I smelled a rat as I knew that the girls would stick together as a group and possibly avoid stripping, but I still could not resist the chance of seeing them all bare so I agreed. In one way, I was kind of relieved at her suggestion since, Even though I showed a brave face, I myself was beginning to try to think of a way out of this situation myself. I had seriously underestimated my skills before beginning the game and starting out with a huge disadvantage in the number of initial clothes from the start, I was worried.

Still suspicious that the evening might have a NON-nude ending, when Monica added her following words I knew that whatever else happened, this definitely WOULD end on a happy note.

"Now, do we all swear that if we make this change NO ONE backs out?" They all held up their hands and swore and obviously the huge grin on my face was noticed.

"Hey BRO, I would wipe that smirk off your face! You have to sweat too. When we strip your ass we certainly don't want you hiding those big luscious balls away from us when we win."

Laughing, and even more horny, I held my hand up and swore to abide to the new rule changes. Frankly, it was a change I was kind of relieved to have as despite my confidence in my skills, I was worried now and since I had no margin for error I feared I might end up naked instead of them. Certainly stripping bare in front of five attractive women is harder than you think, and the new added humiliation of my obvious arousal had my mind racing for any possible avenue of escape. I did hold out hope that if I could win the next few hands, possibly it would be me, instead of them, getting to choose the punishment or witnessing the nude spectacle. But despite my confidence I did worry that my luck would not hold and it would be ME naked and them clothed, which would be the worst outcome of all. Confidently I shuffled and prepared to deal as the tingling in my stomach told me that my luck would hold.

I wasn't so lucky.

In my desperation to strip Lynette whose long blonde tresses and full round breasts now had my full attention, I had allowed myself to be tricked by her and had my three Jacks beaten by her full house. My face began to redden as the girls began to cheer at my predicament as the realization of my downfall hit home.

"Time to Drop Trou big Brother!" Monica and Brandy began to chant as they again snuck their feet over to my lap and began to pull at the fabric with their toes. My mind racing, and without thinking it through, I blurted out that I would rather submit to the one hour penalty than face the naked humiliation. It was a snap decision, but when five pairs of smoky lusty eyes stared at my package, I chickened out at the last minute.

The evil grin that began to form on Lynette's face began to make me wonder if perhaps I had chosen unwisely as the other girls began to nervously giggle, not knowing exactly WHAT was going to happen now. Sending me out to the kitchen to get more beer, clad only in my now very inadequate shorts, I was instructed to stay in there while they discussed my fate. After a few minutes consultation, the girls called me back into the room and with a sheepish grin and red face I came back inside, feeling quite nude already in my wildly tenting boxer briefs. Telling me to sit down, Brandy spoke for the group.

"Tyler we have given this a lot of thought, and I know Monica and I have the perfect and most appropriate penalty for you of all times. As punishment for losing you will be tied down and tickled non-stop by all of us for one solid hour as your penalty."

Seeing my face grow pale and my mouth begin to open in protest she held her hand up and interrupted the beginning of my protest as she continued.

"You must not remember what you used to do to us when we first moved in here." Turning to the other girls, she added. "When we were just kids and suddenly discovering we had just gotten a new handsome big step-brother it was great. Smart, funny, kind of sexy, we thought it was fantastic. He being obviously much stronger than us, used to play wrestle one or even both of us at once and tickle us for hours. It was a nightmare as he would not stop until we peed, and we both vowed that one day we would get our revenge. Well that day has obviously come! And the fact that now dear old brother is all grown up and a half naked super stud under our power makes the timing of our revenge beyond sweet!'

Grinning as she crooked her finger she had me stand up. What she was saying was absolutely true. We did used to play wrestle when they first moved in, and until she mentioned it, I had honestly almost forgotten all about it.

When my Dad got married to their Mom I had just turned fifteen. As a goofy testosterone filled teenager, and being chocked full of overactive hormones and having no suave moves yet, I did roughhouse with them quite often. She was absolutely correct in her memory as I did used to hold them down and tickle them until they peed their pants, thinking it funny (and kind of sexy) but certainly I did not do it out of malice. Not thinking about it at the time, or since, I had just thought it was good natured fun not understanding how it affected them. Not knowing yet how to deal with girls at the time, my obvious attraction for them manifested itself in this childish tickle game and I honestly had thought they liked it.

Now that I was in this situation and essentially at their mercy, the memories of those wrestling matches came flooding into my mind and I realized I was in big trouble. The laughing and pleading, the begging me to stop my relentless assault as I attacked their underarms and of course their feet was all coming back. It was pretty mean in hindsight as I was so much stronger than them and they were powerless to stop me, but I had honestly forgotten about it until she brought it back up. Looking at the gleam in their eyes though, it was painfully obvious that they had not forgotten.

My heart sank as the full extent of my predicament was processed by my brain. "What had I agreed to!"

Ever since I had been a child I had always been extremely ticklish, which was part of the reason I used to tickle them. We always inflict on others that which we most dread for ourselves. Now as it sunk in that I was going to be tormented in my just my shorts, and with most of my bare flesh exposed to 10 pairs of feminine nails tormenting every inch of my body, I gulped. Feeling my cock strain harder against the fabric of my briefs, I gulped even harder as I knew that there would be no way to hide my erection from them now.

"Hey Brandy, I mean, come on. We were just kids back then. I I I am sorry for tickling you but, hey, you can't be serious. I mean an HOUR! JESUS I..."

Seeing my stuttering and obvious discomfort, Maria, grinned as she scooted across the floor and began to run her feet up my legs. Feeling her soles on my flesh I jerked and when she reached the waistband of my briefs and gripped the fabric to try and pull it down. I quickly held tight.

"Well Tyler, you could avoid that if you want by taking THESE off right now. So, what's it going to be? An hour of tickling or the full Monty? It's your choice."

Samantha, seeing me blush stood up and walked over to me. Running her nails down my chest she grinned as her finger reached my waistband and she pulled the elastic out straight. "Frankly I hope he chooses to strip as I can't wait to see all this canned meat popped out its tiny container."

Monica, seeing her friends pawing me laughed. "Well either way is fine by me, but". As she spoke she wiggled her fingers menacingly in the air. " I probably am partial to exacting some revenge on all that delicious exposed man flesh."

My brain boiled at my options as neither were good. Either I was going to be forced to go completely starkers in front of this crowd of hotties or I would have to be tickled non-stop for an hour in just my shorts and with a raging hard-on. It was not an easy choice, but wishing to save some vestige of modesty I meekly nodded my agreement to the tickling and waited to see what would happen next.

Brandy and Monica looked at each other and grinned, and as the rest of the girls all stood up and took me by the hands as I felt my pulse quicken. Leading me up the stairs to my parents master bedroom I could already feel little Tyler creating quite a ruckus in my shorts and knew that he was going to be a problem. I had hoped to somehow get them all into bed, but this was not exactly what I had I mind.

Patting the bed Brandy winked. "UP UP UP Tyler, time for your punishment."

They had chosen well as my parent's bed was enormous and was one of those old fashioned four posters. Shyly I climbed up, still cupping my bulge to prevent my obvious arousal from being TOO prominent and laid down, waiting for them to begin.

With a false sense of bravado I glared at them. "OK, let's get this over with!"

Before I knew what was happening they all had grabbed a limb and tied me spread-eagle to the four posters. They had taken several of my Dad's silk ties to use for my binding and within seconds they were done, the knots tied very effectively so that escape was impossible. Now my mouth went dry as I realized just how much trouble I truly was in. Bound nearly naked and completely helpless to the bed, they had me in the perfect position to tickle me to death and they knew it.

Slowly at first two girls began to slowly stroke the soles of my feet while another two worked on my stomach and rib-cage. Not to feel left out Brandy attacked my neck. Instantly I exploded in laughter as the sensations coming from every part of my body short circuited my poor beer soaked and overly horny brain. Continuing for what seemed like an hour, but was in reality only just a few minutes, I laughed so hard and so long I almost passed out! Begging pitifully I cried and screamed out, pleading for them to stop.

"Jesus Tyler, we just got started!" Brandy whispered into my ear. "If you don't buck up you aren't going to make it the whole hour."

Continuing their assault, despite my protests, after what seemed like an eternity all hands stopped. All of the girls then began giggling uncontrollably and as I looked down my chest I saw the object of their ridicule.

Not only did I have the most intense erection I had ever had, but the thin fabric of my grey boxer briefs were dark and sticky as the flood of pre-cum I was leaking had completely soaked the fabric. Lynette, barely being able to speak through her snickering, lounged at the foot of the bed and looked up at my wet tent. Reaching out with her foot, she walked her toes up my leg and scratched her toenail over my crotch as she laughed.

"Well Girls, it seems like we miscalculated. Tyler here is obviously ENJOYING this punishment, so it really does not seem like much of a penalty now does it?"

Her comment caused the room to erupt in laughter as soon her toes were joined by all of the others on my body, my secret fetish now turned against me. With my eyes crushed closed I could not look at them as I was so ashamed at my body's uncontrollable reactions. Despite trying to put up a brave front, the feel of their sexy silky soles on my body, coupled with the erotic events of the night, the beer and of course the tickling all had me moaning and whimpering uncontrollably as I dry humped the air. As I moaned, the giggling got much louder and my curiosity grew.

Keeping my eyes closed during this assault so far, I could not help but look now. As I popped open my eyes and stared down my sweat covered body towards my cock I could see my boxer briefs wildly tented and looking like they were about to explode from the pressure that was building behind the material. This display greatly amused them all, and Maria seemed especially engaged as she ran her toe over the top of my crotch.

I said nothing since I was so ashamed and I could not look at them, but I was relieved that at least the tickling had stopped. As Maria, Samantha and Lynnette continued to rub their feet all over my body, laughing as they watched my reactions with increasing intense curiosity I could not stop whimpering. Samantha cooed especially loud when I lightly kissed her big toe that was dangling in front of my lips, not meaning too but compelled by an unstoppable urge. We were both surprised by this as my action was so automatic it was truly out of my control. Whatever else I was going to learn that night, I did learn that I can be made so horny as to lose control of my bodily actions if a gorgeous foot is waved in my face.

Lifting her other foot up onto the top of my head, she began playing with my hair with her toes and sighed as I now sucked her big toe like a wild man.

"Such a good good boy!"

I was so distracted and obviously enjoying the attentions of these three, I had not noticed that my two stepsisters had left the room. As Samantha and Maria both probed and teased my aching balls through the shorts, and I moaned and writhed on the bed, with Lynette's toes planted firmly in my mouth, Brandy and Monica came back into the room.

"BROTHER!!" they both cried out in mock anger. "What a shocking and disgusting pervy display this is!"

Their words seemed to snap everyone to attention and for the first time in almost fifteen minutes my body could rest as they all pulled their feet off of me at once. With all of them now staring straight at my wet sticky bulge, the laughter of the girls was deafening. Closing my eyes in complete humiliation I heard the snickering grow louder as they obviously were whispering something. Despite not wanting to face them, with my pervy shame now exposed and my hard-on on full display, I could not help but peek.

When I opened them Brandy was standing over me with a pair of scissors in her hand. Before I could ask her what she intended on doing, her actions cleared up any doubt of her plans. With two snips of the scissors my boxers were cut from my body and lifted away.

Frantic struggling immediately ensued as I tried to get my hands loose to cover myself. This had the opposite effect I wanted as all it did was cause my erect cock to wildly bounce back and forth which only amused the girls more as they watched me wriggle in naked bondage.


Now I was furious. This was NOT part of the deal at all. I was supposed to be able to keep my shorts on if I agreed to the penalty, but now I had the worst of both worlds. Feeling as if I had been double crossed, my face glowed in rage.

"GOD DAMN IT BRANDY!!" I screamed, my face now even redder as anger mixed with humiliation. "This is NOT fucking fair!! You said if I agreed to the tickling penalty I could keep my shorts. UNTIE ME RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!! IF YOU DON'T LET ME LOOSE IMMEDIATELY THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!!"

My furious outburst had no affect on the girls as they continued to laugh at my package bouncing wildly in the air. Lounging also at the end of the bed was Monica, who throughout my outburst said nothing but kept a wry smirk on her face as she watched me struggle. I kept thrashing harder as I hoped to tear one of the ties loose, and thought it might work until I felt Brandy's toes grip the tip of my cock. This had the immediate effect of causing me to twitch and instantly go still.

"Now Now brother!" she joked. "Don't get your panties in a bind, well, if you were wearing panties!" she laughed as she snaked her toes up and down my shaft. "You chose the penalty, and as is obvious by THIS, it has been no penalty." As she said THIS she waved my cock in the air with her toes.

I was about to really let loose with a stream of obscenities but stopped when I saw her reach from behind her and take out her cellphone. My eyes grew wide in disbelief and my pupils dilated from the flashes that now blinded me. My mouth went dry as I tried to think of what to say, but before I could respond she spoke.

"And off to the cloud for safekeeping, check!" Grinning she put her phone down and looked me dead in the eye. "Now, what was all this about 'hell to pay' nonsense? It seems to me that if I were in your place I would be nice, as you are really in no position to make threats!"

I was speechless as I knew she had the tool for my destruction now on her phone and even worse, in the cloud. Trying to think of what to say to try to sweet talk her into letting me go, and deleting the picture, she grinned.

"Now, I don't want you to think I am a bitch. If you cooperate, that little charming photo will stay safely tucked away in my own personal folder, never to be seen by anyone. If you give me trouble though, well, I bet I will have the most popular facebook post of all times in about five minutes!"

Realizing I was fucked, I quieted my tone down considerably and sheepishly grinned. She had me by the short hairs and I knew it, and she knew it, so whatever game she was planning, I had no choice but to go along. With as nice a voice as I could muster I spoke.

"What do you want Brandy?"

"Much nicer!" she smiled as she coaxed a moan out of me as her teasing toes continued to run up and down my shaft. "Now, like I said, I am not a bitch. I know we had a deal, but YOU broke the deal by enjoying your penalty. So, the NEW penalty is you have to be our naked slave all weekend, completely at our beck and call until Mom and Dad come back on Wednesday."

The girls erupted in applause now. Maria especially was giddy as she added. "WOW, four whole days of your own naked slave-boy. I think I may have to extend my sleepover!!"

Her words were agreed to by Samantha and Lynette and my cock got even harder as I realized that now I would be naked in front of them for days and subjected to GOD knows what other humiliations. Thinking fast, I spoke.

"Hey, that hardly seems fair. The del was just for an HOUR penalty, not FOUR days. In all fairness girls, I think you should untie me now and let me go. My arms are starting to hurt and you can't keep me bound up all weekend. I promise to make you all breakfast in the morning, but really, I think this joke has gone on long enough."

Monica smirked but seemed moved by my argument as this really was a joke. They did not MEAN to hurt me, but when Brandy made her next suggestion whatever sympathy may have been building for me evaporated.

"OK Tyler, tell you what. I will make you a new deal. I don't want it ever to be said that I made you do anything you did not agree to willingly. You are right, the bet was for an hour, so let's make it an hour. IF in the next hour you do not WILLINGLY agree to be the naked houseboy for the next few days, then your debt has been paid. However, if you beg us to make you our slave, well, we will have to comply with your wishes."

My face frozen, I thought about what she was saying. Given that I was tied naked on the bed with a raging hard-on, I was not in the best bargaining position.

"So let me get this straight, if I put up with whatever you are going to do to me for the next hour, without begging you to make me your slave, you will willingly let me go and I can get dressed?"

Nodding she said "YUP!"

"And you aren't going to hurt me or anything right?"

Monica spoke up now. "Come on Tyler!" she grinned as she ran her toe over my nipples. "We aren't monsters!!"

Brandy added. "No, we don't want an unwilling slave. If we lose our contest we will let you go and I will delete the picture and you can get dressed. The whole ordeal for you will be over. If however we WIN, we will hold you to any and everything you beg us for! That seems like a win/win doesn't it? You won't have to do ANYTHING you don't beg us for now how can that be unfair?" Giggling she continued. "Now, if we do win, I will keep the picture in the cloud, just for insurance purposes, to keep you more uh, compliant during your naked servitude." she winked.

Realizing I had no choice, I nodded and stiffened my body. The tickling had been horrible and I knew the next hour would suck, but then at least it would be over and this humiliating evening would end. I was convinced though that I would never willingly agree to traipsing around the house naked for their amusement, so I stiffened my will as I tensed my body and waited for their assault.

Ten minutes in I realized I had seriously miscalculated both how determined they were to win and how exposed and helpless I was. The girls were even more relentless now and as two girls worked my feet and another two worked my ribs and armpits, Brandy resumed her position over my head tickling my neck. Without being able to protect myself at all, every inch of my body completely exposed to their teasing fingers, I was a goner. I had really thought I would be able to hold out and I certainly could not have seen myself BEGGING to be made into a naked slave for nearly a week, but as I screamed and howled I began to break. Finally as the ten minute mark was hit I could stand no more and shrieked.


Monica, her face beaming in delight smirked once again.

"You know how to get us to stop. All you have to do is beg us nicely." As she spoke she and her cohorts in torment amped up their assault as I desperately tried to escape their fingers.

My face red and eyes filled with tears, the laughs were booming out of my mouth in a constant stream. "YES YES, PLEASE PLEASE, LET ME BE YOUR SLAVE!!"

Brandy could not help herself as she was loving this, savoring her victory like a delicious bar of chocolate. "Our slave or our NAKED slave?"


"Girls, does he seem sincere?" Brandy asked the room, and through their insane squeals they nodded and everyone stopped.

Laying in a pool of my own sweat I could do nothing but pant as my heart was racing and my whole body was trembling. They had worked me over bad and everything ached, my skin feeling like it was ablaze as every neuron kept firing from the sensations of their fingers still reverberating on my flesh. As I tried to recover, my eyes were closed tight as I was completely humiliated now and I was pondering a very long naked weekend ahead of me. As I stewed in my defeat, my ears picked up on the distinct sound of giggling whispers. As I opened my eyes, my face burned even brighter as I saw the source of their amusement.

My cock was completely rigid, standing straight at a right angle and harder than it had ever been in my life. Every vein was fully engorged on my shaft to the absolute maximum and was throbbing wildly like a firehose about to explode. My balls were almost black they were so desperate and aroused and the head of my penis was glistening in a full coating of fresh hot pre-cum that was still weeping uncontrollably from the quivering slit.

"JESUS THAT IS FUCKING HAWT!!" Maria squealed as she stared at my member with her eyes as wide as saucers and to my horror pulled out her cellphone and snapped a shot. "I have never seen one that angry before!"

Laughing, Monica and Brandy smiled and began to cuddle my quivering testicles with their soft kissable toes. Looking straight into my eyes, Monica simmered as she continued to stroke.

"This evening did not go at all like you planned did it Bro? I am sure you had it all plotted out. Get your two little step-sisters and all of their friends drunk and then take advantage of their innocence by stripping them naked." Winking at her sister she continued. "I am just shocked to learn we have such a pervy step-brother."

As she continued to run her foot up and down my shaft, I could not help but moan, the sensations feeling amazing and my balls bursting with unspent seed. As I listened to her words, I had to admit she was right. This evening had definitely not gone the way I had planned. The game had been a disaster, and the tickling even worse, and now I was set to embarrass myself for days in front of these hotties. The worst part of it though was, despite my odds, I had not even seen a single nipple the whole night. As the realization that the opportunity of a lifetime had passed me by my stomach churned in regret at such a prize slipping from my fingers. When she spoke her next words though, I saw a glimmer of hope of possibly turning this around.

"Say Brandy, how much time do we have left on the timer?"

Looking at it she laughed. "Forty Five minutes! Tyler sure caved quickly."

Turning to the Girls Monica spoke. "Well, we have some time to kill here, as our brother still owes us quite a bit of time for his unpaid penalty." Hearing this I groaned as I had hoped the tickling was over. As she spoke her busy toes had me panting and unable to form proper words. "So I have a proposition." Stopping her stroking, she got my attention as every eye focused on her.

"I say we have one more bet with Tyler here, and give him a chance to see us naked like I know he wants to." As they heard her suggestion they began to protest but she held up her hands and quieted them.

"Calm down, you have not heard the terms of the bet yet! Trust me, there is something for all of us here. The bet I am proposing is this, if he can resist our charms for the next forty-five minutes, he not only will not have to be our slave for the weekend, but we will give our dear old step-brother a five way strip show."

This certainly got my attention, and a huge grin formed on my lips as I was about to instantly agree without even hearing the rest. Seeing my enthusiasm expressed both in my face but also my exposed dick, she laughed.

"Obviously Tyler likes this idea!!"

"Hey Monica, what do WE get if WE win?" Samantha yelled out "I am not whipping my tits out for your brother for nothing, no matter hot he is." She fumed as her outrage was shared by the other girls.

"Well, if we win, then Tyler here not only fulfills his naked slavery this weekend, but he has to move into our new house when we go back to school after Christmas, and his nude servitude continues there until summer."

Now they all broke out in laughter as they heard the terms, As none had taken their eyes of his cock during the whole show, they nodded their agreement, satisfied that the potential payoff was the risk of exposure. Turning to me Monica winked and twisted her mouth into a sexy pout.

"So Bro, are you feeling LUCKY? Are you ready to turn this night around and get all of us naked as we know you want."

My face was blank, but my eyes obviously showed I was seriously considering it. This was perhaps the big break I was looking for to be able live out my ultimate male fantasy. Little Tyler was doing the thinking for big Tyler, and I knew I would never forgive myself if I did not at least try to win the fantasy of a lifetime. Grinning I agreed but with one stipulation.

"Ok, I agree, but one condition. NO MORE TICKLING! You will have to get me to submit some other way, but no tickling. That would not be fair as obviously I can't win that contest."

Nodding, Brandy agreed and added her own condition. "No problem, I had not planned on tickling you anymore anyway. In fact, you won't even have to submit vocally. It will be VERY OBVIOUS when we win. So, do we have a deal big brother?"

Looking like the cat who swallowed the canary I grinned and nodded vigorously as my body relaxed. Knowing that I would not be tickled anymore, I felt assured of victory as I was in really good shape. I knew that whatever punishment they could deal out I was sure I could take as I always had a pretty high pain threshold, despite my sad showing under their teasing fingers. Grinning confidently I thought "Hell, it was only forty five minutes so how bad could it be?" With my ultimate fantasy waiting for me at the end of this short ordeal, I was positive I would win as my will and my spine stiffened. The promise of stripping them all, and especially revealing Brandy's whoppers, had me filled with absolute unshakeable resolve. I was going to win this thing!

Turning and winking to her increasingly nervous friends when she pulled out a bottle of baby oil and spun back around to look at me they all increased their giggles. Opening it she began to pour and the warm slick oil drizzled out of the bottle, right onto the tip of my cock and began running down my shaft, pooling into a large puddle on my balls. It still did not hit me yet as to what the contest was about and despite the extreme humiliation of being jacked off in a room full of women, I had to admit I was so ready to pop so I did not care. As I was totally coated, she recapped the bottle and once again sat at the foot of the bed between my legs. Gripping my cock with her toes again, she glared into my eyes as she began slowly teasing the head.

"You know Tyler, you are not going to win. There is no fucking way you can hold out for forty five minutes!! You will blowing your spunk all over my toes within seconds, so you might as well lay back and enjoy it." Looking back to the wide eyed and increasingly horny audience, she added. "Oh, what fun we are going to have with Tyler as our now live in naked slave! Just think, we will always have a clean house and never have to do laundry, cook or dust again!"

Once again I realized my mistake too late having gotten completely swept up by the idea of denuding my captors to really think out my situation. I had assumed the ordeal would more tickling at first, or something similar like maybe a beating but it did not occur to me that they would MILK me as my test. I realized I was in a really bad predicament as pain I could probably take, but this was too much. My balls already were aching and ridiculously full and the relentless stroking of her toes on my shaft already had me writhing and moaning after just a few seconds.

Clenching my teeth tightly, I prepared to try and resist the teasing assault on my shaft, and still hoping for a win I tensed my body as I prepared to resist her unbelievable footjob. I still thought I might be able to resist, but when the other girls all jumped on the bed and I now had ten feet rubbing all over my body I moaned, both in pleasure but also panic. I was done for and knew it was just a matter of time.

As their silken soles and teasing toes began to caress my well oiled dick I involuntarily groaned in a mixture of pleasure and humiliation. For fifteen minutes I put up a valiant struggle, twitching and jerking as I tried to will my seed back up into me, but it was a losing battle. Eventually friction, horniness and mother nature conspired against me and I was helplessly teased towards the cliff of no return.

With every female eye trained on my helpless body I was painfully aware of my predicament and they all were watching me very closely for signs of my inevitable eruption. Maria was the first to announce my imminent defeat to the room.

"Keep going girls!" she cackled as she was stroking my left ball with her pinky toe. "I feel his balls twitching and beginning to throb, and look at his toes!"

Every eye turned to look at my bare feet tied to the posters. Stretched out stiff as a board, my toes were beginning to curl up and I, and they, all knew that that was a definite sign of the beginning of the end. I was stoic and had my face twisted tight, but despite my concentration the groans and whimpers that flowed from my lips betrayed my losing struggle. Now that they knew I was close, Brandy gripped my shaft harder between her soles and began stroking even faster.

My chest heaving rapidly and sweat pouring off of my body like a thunderstorm, I began to shake uncontrollably. I was over the edge and arched my back up off of the mattress as I let out the longest loudest moan of my life as I fell off that edge. As the first hot boiling rope of cum shot out of me and splattered onto my chest, the girls cheered as Brandy milked me completely dry.

Now splattered in my spooge, and shaking, I was even more humiliated. The girls however were entranced.

"HOLY FUCKING HELL that was hot!" Lynette screamed as they all stared at my sticky shaking body. "I have never seen a guy shoot so much!"

Brandy, wanting to revel in her victory just nodded. Seeing me relax on the bed, and stare blankly up at the ceiling her face was smug.

"Thinking about your upcoming service to us Tyler?"

I said nothing but just stared up at the ceiling. She was right I was pondering my fate as I continued to spasm but her next words cut. Lazily dipping her big toe into a pool of my semen off of my chest, she dangled her dripping toe in front of my face.

"Show us your new status Tyler, lick your owner clean!" she laughed. As I stared at my own yogurt dripping off of her foot, I knew what she wanted me to do. Closing my eyes in shame, I leaned forward and slowly opened my mouth, sucking the saturated toe onto my tongue and tasting my hot salty extract running down my throat.

The room was dead silent as this ritual was enacted but all of them watched with ferocious erotic curiosity.

"Well now Girls, I think we are going to have the best winter of our lives with our new houseboy!" I said nothing but continued to lick as they all burst into laughter, my nude slavery dream/nightmare now just beginning.
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