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Old 04-Dec-18, 22:56
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Default Re: The Tournament

Wow. Matt got squashed by Cathy both figuratively and literally. Guess the big girl was too much for him. Amazing addition to the story.
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Old 04-Dec-18, 23:36
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Default Re: The Tournament

Wow! This was definitely worth the wait. Cathy is awesome, love how she uses her weight to utterly squash her opponents. And it was very satisfying to see Hannah come in to save Matt there and to see one of the 'villains get a taste of their own medicine. Overall my favourite part yet
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Old 05-Dec-18, 10:36
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Default Re: The Tournament

Man, I wish I went to a school where girls preferred weapons were perfect, smothering asses. Such a damned exciting way to be defeated.

Thank you so much for continuing this, mate. I love this whole story thread.
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Old 08-Dec-18, 23:51
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Default Re: The Tournament

Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you're enjoying it.

Round 2 about to start - first part has two matches, first is m v m, but I've subtitled for the individual matches, so easy to skip that if you want.

Round 2 Match 1 & 2 – Matt v John and Felicia

There had been a couple of weeks break in the tournament following the end of the first round, giving everyone a bit of a break, and me the opportunity to take Hannah to dinner on a few occasions to thank her for rescuing me from Jayne. Fortunately, we had managed to steer clear of Jayne and Donna, so had avoided any retribution, but I was sure they were plotting something. I smiled as I thought about how quickly Hannah and I had picked up after that encounter, already thinking of her as my girlfriend, I grinned as I thought about seeing her after the matches tonight, hoping we would both be celebrating.

Finally though it was time to restart, and I made my way down to the centre with Hannah, knowing we both had our first matches tonight. We already knew the groups, and we were still separated, with Cathyin a different group as well, but Hannah would have to face Mike. We moved over to review the lists anyway, and check the matches. The listings were done in order of seeding based on the position at the end of the first round, so the first name was top in their group, the last name qualifying in fourth, and therefore the lowest seed in the group.

Group 1: Lena, Felicia, John and Matt
Group 2: Diana, May, Cathy and Tim
Group 3: Barry, Jayne, Vicky, Dave
Group 4: Donna, Mike, Tyrone and Hannah

Hannah’s first round group was very close, with Hannah, May, Barry and John all tying on 3 wins, but unfortunately in the draw Hannah had come out last, despite having beaten both Barry and John. That left her very angry at being seeded last, particularly since it left her facing Donna; who was both the tournament favourite and someone with a grudge against her for beating on her friend Jayne.

For my group, I knew John was tough, but had only actually won one more than match than me. Lena was clearly good, and had beaten Mike in straights submissions, although he wouldn’t tell me much about the match. Felicia remained an unknown; she had also won three matches, and one of her losses had been against Diana, her being another favourite, and the only other undefeated fighter after Donna.

Looking at the listings, I could see that I had two matches tonight, first against John, and then facing Felicia after a short break, not a great start to the round. Looking down the list I could see that Hannah was facing Tyrone in her first match , he had been in Diana’s group as well and had only lost to her and then Felicia in two consecutive matches on a single night. An unfortunate loss for him, but he dominated the other matches and was looking like one of the stronger guys in tournament at the moment.

Giving Hannah a quick kiss for good luck, we separated to both head off for our matches, Mike was already over at his groups mats to watch Hannah and scope out his competition.

Walking across the room I passed Cathy on her mat, already taking on her first opponent, a petite Asian girl called May who had managed to pull off some surprise wins in the first round with her fast attacks and quick reflexes, including beating Hannah in a close match. Unfortunately for May, Cathy was using her size advantage well and as I watched, Cathy managed to bully her to the ground and slam that big butt down on to May’s chest, as I passed I watched Cathy push back over a groaning May to slide her ass on to her face, I winced a little in sympathy, knowing exactly how May was feeling under the large behind.

Round 2 Match 1 – Matt v John

Finally I reached my mats and got a good look at my first opponent, John. At 6’1 and around 190lb, we were evenly matched in height and he had around a 10lb weight advantage. Not much, but along with coming joint first in his group, meant he was going in to this as the favourite. As usual when it was two guys, and the girls were fighting elsewhere, the crowd was pretty small, but I noticed Felicia and Lena both sat watching, scoping out the lower seeded competition.

As we stepped on to the mats, both wearing similar wrestling trunks, mine in black, his red, we immediately crouched, locking eyes as the ref whistled us to begin and we started to circle. Watching him closely, I could see he had a bigger build than me, his extra weight showing in his muscles as he looked at me, keeping myself light on my feet I kept back, slapping at his hands as he started to approach, before darting back out of reach. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and lunged for me, it was the frustration move I had been waiting for, as he tried to close the distance fast, instead of looking up with both hands, I grabbed for his left wrist with both of mine, ducking quickly to slip under his arm and twist behind him.

Smiling I pulled his left arm up his back as I used my right hand to grab his right shoulder, keeping him in place, letting him struggle a little before lifting my foot and pushing into the back of his knee. Forcing him to drop to his knees as I tried to get early control, he reached up to try to grab for my arms, but as he did so I leaped into his back with both knees, driving him down on to his front as I landed on his back. Feeling confident I grabbed for his hair as I changed position and slip up, rolling to the side to pull his head between my legs I quickly locked my ankles, going for a quick headscissor to try to weaken him. Starting to tighten I grunted with frustration as he realised his position and quickly tapped, giving me the first fall, but little time to really wear him down for the next round.

Begrudgingly I released him and rolled away, getting back to my feet as he did the same. Crouching again we circled once more, looking to close this up quickly and keep my energy levels up for my match later with Felicia. Moving together more quickly, he lunged again, and I moved to meet him, our fingers interlocking as he pushed back into me. Gritting my teeth I tried to push back, but could feel him slowly forcing me back as I slid slightly on the mat ‘AAHHH!’ gasping I felt him starting to bend my hands back as he slowly forced me to my knees, struggling I managed to yank my hands free and counter by grabbing at his ankles, yanking at his feet to drop him on his ass on the mat.

As he landed I moved to try to crawl forward quickly, but before I could, he kicked his legs up for my head, grunting as I felt myself dragged down as he twisted to the side, flushing as I realised my face was jammed against his crotch as his thighs started to squeeze. I struggled, but quickly realised I was trapped as he continued to squeeze, not wanting to waste too much energy I reluctantly tapped, giving him the second fall as he mercifully released me and let me roll away.

Taking a breath as I rolled to my feet, I looked across at him, that round had been a bit more of a struggle but he was looking a little more tired too, I hoped my time in his scissors wouldn’t put me at too much of a disadvantage. Stepping in I rushed him, faking high then dashing low as I tried to slam my shoulder into his stomach, tackling him down to the mat quickly.

We grunted as we hit heavily, but he reacted faster, rolling with the impact as he managed to make his was on top, grabbing at my arms as he pushed up to sit on my stomach, seeing his smirk I bucked my hips, but only succeeded in moving him a little higher on to my chest. Struggling I kicked me legs up suddenly behind him as I shoved my arms up toward him, managing to slip my legs around his body as I started to pull him back.

We struggled like this for a moment until I finally managed to tip him back off me, keeping my legs around him as I shoved off the mat with my right elbow to try to roll us, forcing him over to his front as I pushed up to sit on his lower back. Breathing heavily I reached forward for his ankles, trying to lock up with him, until he bucked his hips violently, knocking me off to the side as I rolled through to get quickly to my feet.

Turning, I saw him rising more slowly and rushed in quickly once more, grabbing for his head as I tried for a headlock, dropping my weight back as we met to try to pull him down and slam his head into the mat, smiling at the satisfying grunt that accompanied the impact. Gasping I shoved him to the side as I rolled up over him to sit on his back again, this time facing his head as I pulled his arms back over my knees, using his dazed state to my advantage as I hooked my hands under his chin and started to pull back. He struggled, but in this position now he knew he was trapped and finally he called out his submission and the ref ended the match.

Breathing a sigh of relief I released him immediately as I stood and let the ref raise my hand, before moving off to sit down for a break. Taking a deep breath, I suddenly felt warm breath on my neck and jerked to the side to see Felicia looking at me with a predatory grin, ‘hope you saved enough energy for our match, not long to go’ she smiled with a wink before walking away, with less than half an hour break, she was already wearing her match gear, her slim and toned 5’7, 130lb frame wearing a tiny black bikini, contrasting against her pale skin. Her face and arms showing a mass of freckles, her slightly curly ginger hair hanging loose to just below her shoulder as she left me to recover as much as I could.

Round 2: Match 2 – Matt v Felicia

All too quickly, rest time was over, and it was time for my next match. Taking a breath, I stood and stepped on to the mat, smiling across at Felicia as she stretched opposite, trying to keep a confident look on my face as I watched my fresh opponent get ready, knowing I was at an immediate disadvantage here after my tough match with John.
Felicia gave me a quick wink as the ref signalled that it was time to start and we both crouched and started to circle. Deciding I needed to get us level quickly, I moved straight on the attack, closing the gap with Felicia immediately and going for her hands, reaching in and grabbing nothing as she ducked under fast and skipped to the opposite side.

Whirling to face her I brought my hands up again as I moved in once more, lunging in, but this time she skipped back out of reach, slapping my hands away as she continued this game of cat and mouse, making me come to her then dodging away. Frowning I realised her tactic was to wear me down further, hoping I would continue to expend energy chasing her and the be too tired to challenge by the second and third round.

Taking a breath, I forced myself to slow down, smiling a little to myself as I saw the annoyed looked on her face as she realised I wasn’t going to play her game anymore. Finally she started to come to me, watching, I let her come closer until she finally went up to meet my hands, lifting I went for a lockup, knowing I would have the advantage here, until she suddenly stepped closer, her hands meeting mine as he knee slammed up into my stomach, catching me off guard.

‘UURGGHH!’ I grunted as I bent over automatically, giving me a straight view of her knee as it slammed up again, straight into my head, staggering back a little bewildered, she suddenly stepped up, slamming a snap kick out into my stomach as I gasped, the air rushing out of me again. As I struggled to focus, she wasted no time in stepping to the side of me, slamming a hard kick to the back of my knee as I went down quickly, falling on to all fours before she slammed another kick into my stomach, knocking me on to my back. Groaning I could only watch as the bitch shoved me down and stepped up on to my chest with both feet, looking down at me with a smile as she moved her right foot forward, pressing my head to the mat under her foot for a moment before dropping down to one knee, slamming it into my stomach ‘UUURGGHH!’ I grunted, bucking at the impact, but unable to really defend as she easily slipped down into a schoolgirl pin, settling her ass on my chest as she grabbed my hair and pulled me up, rolling to the side she snapped her legs closed around my head and began to squeeze ‘AHHH!’ I gasped as I felt the surprising strength in her small but toned thighs, before she yanked me higher, pressing my nose against her crotch

Holding me tight she smiled down at me as I struggled between her legs, forced to look up her body at the bitch wiping me out, I could feel my strength fading and knew I had to submit, hating that I had to give this woman the satisfaction, but in a bad position, I reached out and tapped the mat. Giving her the first fall as she obligingly released me and got back to her feet.

Gasping, I rolled over and pushed slowly up to my knees, needing some recovery time as I looked across at Felicia. She was standing smiling at me as I knelt on the mat, sweating and breathing heavily, while was still looking fresh and ready. I knew round 2 was going to be an uphill struggle.

Back in my corner, the ref checked I was ok to continue and then signalled us to restart. This time her game plan changed completely, rushing in she slapped at my head, making me dodge back as I tried to avoid, only to get hit by a snap kick to my side. Gasping I scooted back, trying to get out of reach, but she came in again, kicking at my legs before sending a slap to my head once more, forcing my arms up to cover myself. Backing away from her more she continued in, pushing herself further forward as she continued to slap and kick at me, using my tiredness, and the ruleset preventing me from striking back, to her advantage as she wore me down.

Needing to do something I desperately lunged at her, but in our comparative states there was no way I could keep up, she easily dodge my attack, slipping a foot out as I stumbled past to trip me down hard to the mat as I crashed down on my stomach with a grunt.

As I landed, she gave me no time to recover, stepping in quickly as I felt her ass drop on to my lower back ‘UUURGGHH!’ grunting as the weight forced the remaining air out of me, pain shooting up my spine at the impact. While I moaned, she simply used the time to slide up higher, forcing my arms to my sides as she pushed up my back, my head forced to the side as she kept me pinned until her ass pressed down firmly on my cheek, pinning my head.

Groaning I thought she was done, but she hadn’t got the position she wanted yet, my eyes widened as I felt her hands in my hair, yanking me up as she lifted a little and tucked her feet in, leaving me staring at her soles as she pressed her ass down on the back of my head, forcing my face against her feet ‘MMPPHHH!’ my cries were muffled as I found myself smothering in her feet, forced to inhale the scent of her sweat as she began to squirm, grinding her ass against the back of my head.

Needing to end this humiliation, I moved to tap, but before I could she grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms behind my back, twisting them painfully ‘MMMPHHHH!’ unable now to either speak or tap to signal my submission, I knew her plan. My face flushed as I realised I was helpless, completely at this mercy of this woman as she could either lift to let me submit, or stay in place and make me pass out in her feet. As I felt myself weaken, I knew which one was most likely. ‘MMMPPHHH!’ I tried to cry out my submission, but she just pressed her ass down harder, forcing me tighter against her feet as she used her weight to pin me, my struggles slowly fading until the lights started to flash in my eyes, staring at her wiggling toes I could hear her giggling above me as she knew what was coming. Finally my body released me as I went limp beneath her, giving her a straight victory in two falls….

I awakened slowly, finding myself flat out on a bench with just Hannah sat with me, a look of concern in her eyes before she smiled. ‘Welcome back’ she smiled, giving me a quick kiss ‘I heard what happened, don’t feel too bad – she took advantage, she is a tough fighter, I should know she beat me last year’ she smiled, trying to make me feel better as she helped me to stand ‘and don’t forget you had just finished a match with John too’. I nodded, mostly focusing on my breathing as I looked at her ‘how did you…get on?’ I finally asked, she smiled as looked at me ‘oh I lost too unfortunately,’ she shrugged, ‘I got one submission, but he pinned me and submitted me to take the win, Tyrone is strong, will be tough to beat’. I nodded, standing on my own as we headed out the door, realising that Hannah also looked pretty worn out after what sounded like a long match.

Making our way out of the centre we started to cross the fields when I heard a sudden cry as Hannah staggered forward, turning to see what had happened, a weight suddenly slammed into my back and I fell forwards on to my hands and knees, before a foot slammed into my stomach to send me over, letting me look up to see a smiling Jayne looking down at me, groaning I glanced across and saw Donna dragging Hannah off the grass by her hair ‘you should’ve stayed out of this!’ I heard Donna growl. ‘Hannah!’ I gasped, starting to rise, but met with a knee as Jayne slammed it into my stomach, shoving me forwards and down on to my front once more, stepping over me to land her ass on my back.

Groaning, I felt her hands cup my chin as she pulled back, holding me a painful position to force me to watch as Donna lifted Hannah, slipping a hand between her legs as she pulled her feet off the ground, holding her across her body in a show of strength before stepping forward, falling to one knee and slamming her down across her outstretched thigh ‘AAHHHH!’ I groaned as I heard Hannah cry out and flop to the grass.

Both girls were wearing tight black yoga pants to cover their fighting gear, Donna wearing a tight white t-shirt, Hannah a similar red one. The tight fitting clothing making the different in the bodies clear. While Hannah was clearly in good shape from her years of gymnastics, the tone and strength in Donna’s larger build made it obvious she would struggle in a fair fight, nevermind when she was jumped after already losing in a match shortly before.

The smaller girl groaned on the grass, her red shirt already showing grass marks as Donna reached for her hair once more, pulling her up to her knees. ‘Donna…please…don’t!’ I gasped, before I was cut off by Jayne clamping a hand over my mouth ‘MMPHHH!’. Donna just smiled at me ‘don’t worry…we haven’t forgotten about YOU wimp!’, her words sending a shiver down my spine as I watched pull Hannah’s head between her thighs.

Hannah grabbed at Donna’s powerful thighs, but it was clear the gesture was futile as I saw Donna tense and start to squeeze, hearing Hannah’s moans increasing as her feet tried to grip the carpet, sliding useless as she squirmed. Flushing with humiliation as the little bitch on my back forced me to watch my girlfriend being dominated in front of me.

Finally, Donna released Hannah and she dropped like a deadweight to the grass, her low moans the only sign she hadn’t been knocked out. Donna used her foot to roll her over and placed it directly on top of her face ‘well, looks like your loser girlfriend is no match for me’ she winked, ‘you probably know what happens to people who can’t give me a decent match’. Groaning I watched as she stepped off Hannah’s face and turned before dropping to her knees, reaching down she hooked the waist of her pants and slid the down, exposing her firm and toned ass just inches above Hannah’s face. Helpless as I watched, she simply gripped Hannah’s hair and lowered down, my girlfriend’s face disappearing into her ass. For her side, Hannah barely even struggled, accepting her fate as Donna smothered her.

Before I had a moment to consider begging Donna, I felt my head suddenly released as Jayne shoved me face first into the grass before rolling me over. Finding myself now staring up at the tiny bitch as she perched herself on my chest ‘you don’t get out of this loser’ she smirked as she gripped my wrist and forced them down above my head.

I squirmed, but I still hadn’t recovered from my earlier knock out, or being held by Jayne in camel clutch. Moaning I watched as she crawled forwards over me, already prepared as I could see she had stripped down to just a lacey pair of panties. Finally, she eased herself on to my face, pressing her weight down, forcing my nose firmly against her crotch as I felt her begin to grind, flushing as I realised I could feel a wetness through her panties, the bitch was humiliating me, and getting off on it.

I squirmed a little, but Jayne quickly put an end to that as she yanked on my hair, pressing down harder as my air flow was cut off. My eyes widening ‘MMMPPHHH!’ my pleas muffled as I saw Donna’s smiling face come into view above Jayne. ‘Comfy down there?’ she asked me ‘your girlfriend was enjoying herself, but she’s sleeping now!’ she giggled, giving me a wink.

Jayne looked up at Donna giving her a smirk, before looking back at me, just my eyes peeking out from under her dominant crotch. ‘You think you two will be able to kiss after this?’ she giggle ‘her face smelling of Donna’s ass, yours of my pussy!’ she laughed harder, feeling her body shaking against my face as my struggles weakened ‘they’d probably love it!’ was the last words I heard from Donna as I faded out under Jayne….
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Default Re: The Tournament

Wow I want hanna to get revenge on donna so hard now!
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Default Re: The Tournament

Damn, Donna's domination of Hannah was fantastic. Tho I definitely want to see Hannah get her back
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