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Feet Neighbor domination

Dear friends,
This story is based on a real experience I've had with my neighbor. It's my first attempt at writing anything like this and I apologize if it's not up to par.
I hope you enjoy reading it and I have pics of her feet and my belly getting worked over if you would like them. I hope to write more as I have more experiences in the pool with her, and a "contest" with her and her sister.
Thanks again.

Breathless and De-Feeted
(A 95% True Story)

Part 1: Busted?
OK I should lay out some back story that led up to the night where I most certainly was put in my place. I’ve know my neighbor Suzanne, a 5’10” Irish blond for a couple years, but our relationship was strictly a “Hi, how’s your day going?” followed by a “Fine, thanks for asking!” kind of dialogue. I was usually the one asking, and looking… I have a bit of a foot fetish, and she had the most delicious looking, well pedicured feet. Bright colored (purple or pink, sometimes a mix of colors or designs) toes and super high arches. Nice looking soft heels too. All of this was, um, somewhat hard to observe in just our passing conversations and like a super embarrassing nightmare coming true, she noticed that I was looking at her feet nestled softly in her silver flip-flops.
“Hey, do you see something you like???” she said to me at the mailbox as she put her mail down and put her hands on her hips.
“Uh… Um, I just-“
“I see you noticed my new toenail color. It’s called “Fireball”. I think the lady at the salon said it actually tastes like the fireball liquor, but I’m certainly not going to try it! Eeww!!! Do you like them?” (Them = her toes…)
With a breath of relief and a quick check if I had sweat on my brow, I said “Ya, very nice (insert awkward pause here) color.”
“Sometimes when I go for walks to watch the sunset I pass by your place and hear a hockey game. Do you like hockey? I don’t have cable and would LOVE to watch a playoff game. Is it too forward to ask if I may come over and watch the next game?” She said with a bit of a downturned pouty mouth.
So after being nearly busted, this blond bombshell is asking to come over? Wow. I should go get a lottery ticket. “Absolutely” I say as smoothly as possible “There is actually a game on tonight! You’re more than welcome to join me, and I actually have some beers left from last weekend.”
”Awesome!” Suzanne said, lifting herself up and then back down on the ground with those knockout feet. “”I prefer vodka though, so I’ll bring some. Who knows, maybe you’ll want a white Russian?” As she finished her words, she had already picked up her mail and got close to me and poked me in the belly. I could smell some sort of perfume or cocoa butter, hard to tell…
“Ooo” just seemed to come out, so I quickly followed up with “For sure, sounds great!”
“OK, see ya!” She headed off to her condo and I stood where I was pretending to look at my mail while watching her heart shaped ass dance side to side. Flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop… went off into the distance. “What a complete tool I am” I was thinking… Geez… holy NOT smooth Batman!
Part 2: Breathless
So, a little more detail about me (I know that’s not why you’re reading this!). I am NOT in the greatest shape physically. While I do have a small arsenal at the gun show, my midsection has decided to mutate into a doughy, soft jelly-like target that hangs loosely over my shorts. I’m pretty sure there’s muscle SOMEWHERE in there, but there sure is a lot of fat. I’m not obese, but, well you get the picture…any way…
Ok… Suzanne shows up at my place minutes before the game, and I am freshly showered and wearing my best shorts and “cool” tee shirt. (Which feels a little bit too tight, but I ran out of time to change again!) She has on a little black dress, black nylons and oddly enough, her silver flip-flops! “You look nice!” she said, looking me up and down as I opened the door and let her in, ”I know I might be over-dressed, but I just have not been able to wear stockings since I worked up in N.Y.” She slips her silver flip-flops off and pads toward the couch in those black nylons.
I’m done for… that’s all I could keep thinking, I’m just done for…
“You look amazing!” I said, with the greatest of efforts to keep my eyes planted on her eyes only.
Well like Seinfeld, yadda yadda yadda, the game is going great and our team is winning. We’re sitting right next to each other on my couch with her holding my left arm when the action gets tense. “Ooo, ooo, a fight!” she said and sat up putting down her white Russian. After the quick fight subsided and the players got their new home in the penalty box, she says to me “I wonder what it’s like to hit someone like that!” (She seemed energized by the whole thing) “You know, to punch someone until they submit or are knocked out!”
“I haven’t had too many fights, so I couldn’t really tell ya babe.”
BABE!!! What did I just say?!?! I did have a few beers to relax me before Suzanne came over, but I wasn’t drunk and surely didn’t mean to say BABE!
Suzanne stands up, in her dress and black stockings (which were glistening in the TV light) and says “Babe! Who ya calling BABE!!!” She then pulls me up by the neck of my tee shirt and drags me over to the open area. She then pretends to “drop the gloves” and shows a sexy, playful and maybe malicious smile and says “It’s on, let’s go!!! That’s how they do it in hockey, right?”
Without a chance to answer, she drives her right fist deep into the middle of my belly button. “OOOMMMPPHHH!” came out of my mouth as I was as much surprised by her punch as the wind rushing out of me! My arms flew up but just as they went to cover my belly button she slapped both hands down and shot a left jab into the right side of my belly. SPLAT! Was the sound when her fist connected. “Ugghhhh!” came out of my mouth that was apparently unable to say anything intelligent. Her right fist caught me low in the left side of my belly, “SPLAT!” again, almost sounding the same as before. “OOOOO!” She struck with such speed I was frozen and speechless, other than my body making sounds as it got pounded!
“Alright, what do you have to say mister?” Suzanne demanded as I stood before her slightly buckled over looking down at her fireball toes staring up at me through their nylon home.
“Wew, huh, huh” (trying to catch my breath), “what was that for? The game is exciting but geez, I can barely breathe!” I was still holding my mushy belly.
“Hahaha, just as I figured” she said pacing in front of me, looking super sexy yet dangerous, “I noticed how that fat belly of yours has grown since I first met you. You think you can just eat and drink all you want and get fatter and fatter without any repercussions?!?!” “You think you can just stare at a woman’s feet whenever you want to? (Uh-oh flashed through my mind, this can’t be good.) You are about to learn a lesson buddy!”
“Wait, Suzza OOOMMPPH!!!” came out as her nylon clad foot shot out and connected deep right under my belly button. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Was the sound of her left fist connecting with the right side of my belly. POP! POP! POP! Came the sound of her fists connecting with the hollow of my belly button. The thought was there to protect myself, but the signal was not reaching my arms! I’m so winded and breathless at this point, all I could do was stand there with weak knees and switch between looking at Suzanne with her blond hair swirling as she threw her devastating punches and the wave-like looking impacts of her fists heading deep into my increasingly red and (softening!) belly!!! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Was the sound of her right fist connecting with the left side of my belly. She was working me back and forth with a fury I didn’t ever think she had. I must have been showing signs of collapsing so with one deep side kick; she buried her nylon covered foot inches within my already sore lower belly.
“GGGGAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHH….” came out. The sound escaping my body wasn’t loud, just a natural sound of air escaping a much tormented fat belly. I went down to my knees, cradling my belly and turned my bleary eyes up to Suzanne. “Oh no, we’re not done foot boy. So much more fun to be had! Hehe, at least for me. Hope you don’t mind slug!” With that she sunk her right toes curled up in their black nylons probably a foot deep into the pit of my belly button. “Thhhhhh!” went the whisper of the kick, but my pulse was thundering in my ears as I struggled to breathe. “UUUUGGGGHHHHH……” My belly was on FIRE! The sides crackled with pain, but the pit of my belly had a deep pain and I just could not catch my breath!
“Perfect, now you’re ready!” she said, as she led me with more strength than I ever thought she would have, to my bed. With a tough shove she pushed me down on my back onto the bed.
“Now the fun starts!” Suzanne called out like an Amazon warrior. She jumped up on the bed over my somewhat broken body and confused, struggling mind and stood there on my bed with her hands on the ceiling looking down at me. “How’s that pot belly feeling?” “Thud” came out of the connection of her foot and my belly as she landed a deep stomp. “UUUGHHHHH!” escaped my lips as my knees shot up in a jerk I couldn’t control.
“Two things are wrong here”, she said, “One, not enough noise coming from that belly of yours that needs to be destroyed, and two – no blockages!” In a heartbeat she had went from standing straight up over me to flying down with that ass I loved so much landing HARD on my already pounded belly! “WWWHHHooommmpph!” shot out of my mouth as my head came up in a jerk. “This oughta do it.” Suzanne said as she noticed my breathless state combined with my face right in a resting place for her nylon feet. As my eyes opened watery from my belly pain and not being able to breathe EVEN WORSE, here come these size ten stocking clad soles right at my face! “UUUPPPHHH!” was my breath as each foot found a better spot to cut off my breathing. “Let’s see how you do big boy!” she said as I realized she had my arms pinned and kept both of her stocking feet wrapped tightly around my nose. “FFFF… FFFF…FFF” was all I could say! When I tried to breathe out of my mouth, she would keep one foot perfumed or lotioned (not sure which) mixed with intoxicating natural foot musk on my nose and stick the other one deep in my mouth! I was fading for sure, I couldn’t breathe, my belly was worked into mush, and a lot of my blood had found a new home as I was hard as a horse!
“Just a little bit more, that’s right fatty….” Suzanne said as I was fading out, I couldn’t even try and move my arms any more. All I felt was her ass sunk in my belly like she was in a comfy chair, and her damn heavenly but so dominating feet cutting off my breathing.
POP! POP! POP! was the sound of her fists landing deep in my belly button and a deep pain in my lower belly brought me back. I don’t know what happened or if I had been knocked out, but Suzanne was rising to stand again on her now bare feet on the bed and I was lying there still, but my hands were tied behind my back. “Hope you don’t mind, but I just thought you wouldn’t mind, especially with how you’re feeling!” SPLAT! “UUHHHHHHHH!” She had stomped her bare foot down deep into my already destroyed belly button area!! “Ahh, now that is a better sound, don’t you think?”
SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Were the sounds of those heavenly feet just stomping the stuffing out of my belly. “OOOO!!! OOOOO! OOOOO! UUUGGGGHH!” I was getting real light headed again and kept looking up at Suzanne and then back down at my now very swollen red belly as her bare foot sunk deeper and deeper into my belly.
“O”, “OM”, “OMG Suzanne, huh huh huh, I can’t take any more” (Which was true in more ways than just me getting knocked out by having my belly destroyed, I still had a RAGING hard on!
“I’ll let you know when you’ve have enough!” she said as she took a step and put both size ten bare feet on my belly. She was standing on my fat, swollen, destroyed belly with all of her weight! I could feel the blood rushing to my head and a deep, deep, burn in my belly. I looked down the best I could at where here feet should be, but all I saw were here ankles, she was so deep in my belly that her wrinkly soles were lost!!!
“What are you looking at?” Suzanne said as she lifted a perfumed but now sweaty foot out of the hollow of my belly and put it over my eyes and nose. There was that smell again, intoxicating, but what was getting me was that one foot so deep in my belly that surely it was pressing on my spine! I breathed in gulps, which Suzanne immediately noticed. “Ah… Somebody have a tummy ache? I have something for that!”
She then took her foot gently off my face and gently (kind of, she did a little bounce when she took her foot off my deeply destroyed belly) and helped me sit up against the wall with my pillows behind me. I wasn’t comfortable at all, since my hands were still tied and at this angle my belly was HUGE and, I just realized I had no shorts on. I was naked and my dick stood straight up against the underside of my belly!
“There we go, feeling better Billy?” Billy wasn’t my name, and no, I wasn’t feeling better. All I could smell in my nose were her feet and my mouth tasted like her fireball toes!
“Suzanne, who’s Billy?” I said with the little breath that I had.
“Well, he is! My Billy Club!” she said as she grabbed my dick and began to beat my belly with it! “THWACK!” “THWACKK!” “THWAKK!” it went over and over again until I lost count! My own dick was beating up the underside of my belly! “Oh ya!” Suzanne said, whipping her hair around and putting her feet on my chest as she pinned me against the wall.
“THWACK!” “THWACKK!” “THWAKK!” went my dick against my belly again and again, and I was getting close to losing it.
“OK, time to shut it down big boy!” she said as she put both of her size ten super soft soles on my face. My nose was right in the crook of her big toes and her heels were on my chin. Oooo, the smell, ooo the feel of those velvety / wrinkly soles… I couldn’t see anything but the occasional close up wrinkle or valley of the suffocating toes and soles….God I was so hard I was trembling!
“POP! POP! POP!” “SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT” “POP! POP! POP!” “SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT”…. “UUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG” were the sounds or her fists, left right, left, right, left, left, right, right, BOTH left and right, karate chop, jabs, I had no idea how many times she sunk her fists into my belly! Behind the wall of her feet that were knocking me out, were her punches doubling the effect of her obviously well planned assault on me! I couldn’t resist coming anymore and was getting close to having my lights knocked out when Suzanne noticed this and quickly grabbed hold of my dick with both hands and squeezed, shutting down the urge to cum! She then took one of her gorgeous feet and put it right on the head of my dick and said “Who is the champ?” She rubbed the ball of her foot right on the head of my dick, going back and forth, back and forth until my dick was throbbing and blue with readiness! “UUUWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO” was all I could whisper while my dick was now getting it!
“OK mister, I can see that you are weaker than I thought. Good night. I know you’ll dream of me…” with that she put her one foot over my nose so that my nose was stuck right between her big toe and second toe, and kept her other foot capped over the head of my dick. She then pumped it with her hands while occasionally socking me in my belly! Ugh, my poor belly was still getting abused… She kept me right there on the edge for at least 15 minutes (which is how long she needed to bruise my belly I’m sure) until, with a lift of her foot off the head of my dick, she brought me into an explosion all over her foot. Oh my God, I writhed and twitched for what seemed like an eternity until I stopped coming.
I was lying there breathless, with a sore and on fire belly smelling and tasting feet, and there was Suzanne, standing over me on the bed. She gently put her left foot on my belly, which still sank in as there was no muscle left, just jello, and raised a hand in victory. She took her foot off, and put her right foot right on my nose in a toe-stand and raised her other hand. My eyes started to roll over as I took in her now sweatier than perfumed size 10 bare foot….
Part 3: Next Day
I awoke feeling like I had been mugged. I went into the bathroom and looked at my poor belly and saw a swollen, mush that looked like SOMEBODY had DEFINITELY worked over. My mouth tasted like fireball liquor and I couldn’t get rid of the smell of not unpleasant feet from my nose.
I went to grab my toothbrush and in a zip lock back next to it were black nylons folded neatly inside. There was a note on top: “Great hockey game, hope we can do it again! I have some white stockings that I used to wear in the office and I’m thinking about taking kickboxing! Can you help me train?” Next to “train” was a lipstick kiss mark with a little hand drawn foot.
…I’m so done for….
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Default Re: Neighbor domination

Hell yes.
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Default Re: Neighbor domination

Great story she really worked you over I'm sure you were not expecting that but next time you will be ready
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Default Re: Neighbor domination

Awesome! Love the nylon feet aspect.
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Default Re: Neighbor domination

As it turns out, she wants to meet up again! I guess her doctor told her she needs to do more cardio and she seriously asked me if she could use my belly as her workout target! Plus she told me she just got a pedicure too, lol.
I'll post another story if people are interested after. (If I physically can, hahaha.)
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Default Re: Neighbor domination

I would love to read a second chapter actually!
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belly punching, foot domination, foot smothering

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