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Old 04-Mar-18, 19:17
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Default Custom Wrestling w/domination stories

I was wondering if anyone knew of any authors that wrote customized stories that included wrestling with femdom.
Any help is appreciated.
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Old 04-Mar-18, 21:01
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Default Re: Custom Wrestling w/domination stories

Lhart.com has several authors that will write customized stories.b
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Old 13-May-18, 00:39
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Default Re: Custom Wrestling w/domination stories

How about this one. I wrote it last year:

I was working out at the health club when I saw her. I was on the treadmill, getting my aerobics, and she was pumping iron. For a woman, her arms were spectacular. She was about 30ish, slim and trim, and somewhat pretty, though not gorgeous. Her hair was jet black, and tied up in a knot behind her head. She was wearing baggy sweat pants, so it was impossible to tell what her legs and butt looked like. But it was obvious her legs must also be muscular. Her top, though loose, was sleeveless, giving the full view of those arms. Just seeing her from a distance helped me aerobically, by increasing my pulse rate. I wished I could have man arms as great as her woman arms.
When I finished my aerobics, and was ready to do some lifting, I made a point to walk past her, to see those arms a bit closer. As I approached, I couldn’t help but stare. Suddenly, she looked me straight in the eyes, with a serious expression, and said, “See enough”? I gave her the “oops” look, and began to stammer, “I’m sorry. It’s just that you have the most beautiful arms I’ve ever seen.”
“Yours aren’t so bad, either”, she said, still not smiling. I told her again that I was sorry, and that I would leave her to her workout. “Want to work together”, she asked? “I could use a spotter, and I’ll be happy to help you, too.”
Suddenly, I was worried about being shown up, but, couldn’t think of a graceful way, or a good reason, to say no. So I agreed. It turned out that she was an excellent partner, making a point not to show off or embarrass me. She was also personable and friendly, to the extent that, after the workout, we went out for coffee and conversation, as she put it.
Her name is Jen. After talking for a while, I sheepishly asked if I could feel her arms. Surprisingly, she said, “no, maybe later”. Unsure what she meant, I just dropped it and we continued bantering about other things. She clarified that she had started working out seriously about two years ago, and was extremely happy with the results. I agreed that she should be. She said she knew she was quite strong, but, had not really tested it. I laughed and jokingly said I’d be happy to help her, not really knowing what I meant. She perked up, said, “really”?, and asked me how we would do that. I didn’t know what to suggest, and she said, “how about a wrestling match?” I swallowed, looked sheepish I’m sure, and said nothing. She said, “I’m sorry. Did I embarrass you”?
“No, I guess I wasn’t thinking of that.”
“So, you don’t want to do it”, she smiled coquettishly.
“Y-yes, I want to do it”, I stammered nervously.
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”
I would have liked to make a smart-alecky response, but, couldn’t think of one. “How do we do this?” I was afraid she would suggest doing it at the health club in front of an audience.
“My place?”
“You mean just you and me?”
“Look, I’ve never done this before. But, I kind of like you, and I think we could have some fun. There’s nothing sinister on my part. How about on your part?
“I like you too. And yes, I think I’d like it very much. When?”
“How about right now? You’re not an axe murderer are you?”
I laughed, “No, I’m not. Are you?”
“Like I said, nothing sinister here.”
This banter put me at ease, and also made me quite aroused. I sensed that Jen was aroused, too. “How does this work?”
“I don’t know. Like I said, I’ve never done this before. But, here’s my thought. We go to my place and we wrestle. Maybe we should have some rules, like no hitting and no grabbing genitals. Anything else?”
“Uh, nothing I can think of. . . . . . . . What do we wear?”
“How about our workout clothes?”
“Works for me.” So, she gave me directions, and we left separately for her house. It was a nice little house just a few blocks away. She pulled into her carport, and I pulled up behind her. As we were driving, it dawned on me that my workout clothes were still sweaty, which I figured I would mention to her. But, when we got there, she just grabbed my gym bag, and threw my gym clothes and hers into her washer.
“It’ll take about 45 minutes to wash and dry. Can you wait?” I assured her that I had nothing scheduled, and could wait. I was, however, getting quite excited about our wrestling match.
“How about a glass of wine while we wait?”
“That would be nice.” I thought it over, as she opened a bottle of wine, and decided to clear the air. “Look, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Are we looking at something sexual, or just a platonic wrestling match?”
“Okay, I’ll tell you. I don’t know. I like you and thought we could have some fun. If you’re the nice guy I think you are, then yes, it could turn into something sexual, if you want that.”
“Well, we just met, and we don’t really know each other.”
“Do you want to wait, and decide whether to do it on another day?”
“No,” I said, somewhat hesitantly. The last thing I wanted to do was put the kibosh on this whole thing. After all, in our very short time together, I really liked her.
“Okay, how about this. Winner calls the shots. Winner decides if we go forward. If you win, you decide what we do from there. You can go home, or you can stay and decide what we do, sexually or otherwise. If I win, I decide.”
“Uh, I think that’s okay. Any limits, though, on what decisions the winner makes?”
“Well, how about no permanent marks, no physical damage, and nothing publicly embarrassing?”
“Okay, I think that will work.” I was pretty sure I was going to win, anyway. She was really strong for a girl, but, after all, she was a girl.
So, we sat and drank a glass of wine while our clothes finished washing and drying. Then we got dressed for our match. She was polite enough to allow me to use the bedroom to change, while she went into the bathroom. Then we were ready. We pushed some furniture aside, leaving just enough space on her thick carpet. And we began . . . . . . .
At first I was hesitant about where I could touch her. What if I accidentally grabbed a breast? But, surely that was part of the deal. If I could control her, I could touch her wherever I wanted. So, we kind of danced around, and I dove low at her. It must have surprised her, because I managed to take out her feet and bring her to the floor, with her on her stomach and me on top. I was ecstatic, and thought I might bring this to a quick conclusion. So, I hooked my left arm under hers and started to roll her onto her back for the pin. Then suddenly, my world collapsed.
As she rolled over, she captured my right arm with hers, and rolled me over and past her. I landed on my back, and she quickly rolled on top of me, with her body 90 degrees from mine. Before I could think, she grabbed me in a cradle. This is where one arm wraps around the neck, and the other reaches between the legs, curling the victim. It is locked in when the one on top clasps hands. I struggled to my best ability, but, knew that with her arm strength, I wasn’t going anywhere. Then, to my embarrassment, she began kissing me on the lips which, in any other circumstance, would have been totally enjoyable.
Then she moved her head down and started nibbling and sucking on my left nipple. It was almost more than I could stand. I struggled and struggled, to no avail. Finally, my struggling exhausted me, and I stopped resisting, although her torturing of my nipples was driving me crazy.
“Do you surrender,” she asked?
“No,” I said, although I didn’t know what I could do. I guess I kind of figured I could wait for her to tire and release me, so we could start over. Little did I know . . . . .
She started raising my legs up and over my head, then shifted and sat on my face, holding my legs. Then, horrors, she grabbed my shorts with one hand and pulled them part-way down. I was helpless to stop her. She shifted to one side, and pulled them all the way down and off. At that point, I thought she would just grab my testicles, squeeze a bit, and I would be forced to surrender. But, it wasn’t to be that simple. Instead, without touching my genitals, she started spanking me.
“Do you surrender,” she asked after a couple of strokes?
“No,” I said.
“Okay, but, I’m going to spank you until you surrender.”
This was ominous, but, I really thought I could take it. After about 20 strokes, I started to lose focus. After another 10, the pain was becoming unbearable, and I was crying. After another 10, I gave up.
“Okay, I surrender. You win,” I whined through my tears. I was embarrassed that she stripped me naked and defeated me without using sex or my testicles. But, I couldn’t hold out any longer, and she could have gone on all day. She released me and I fell to the floor, crying from the pain.
“I win, so you are surrendering to me, right?” What could I say? I nodded my head. Stay right here. She ran from the room and came back with some sort of salve, which she applied to my buttocks. It helped a little. Then she walked across the room and sat in a chair.
“Now, stand up and remove your shirt.” I did. “Come here.” I did, totally naked. She, of course, was still clothed. “Kneel down.” I did, facing her. She took both of my arms, pushed them behind my back, and held both of my wrists with one hand. I did not resist. Then, surprisingly, she reached forward and kissed me passionately. I kissed back. She then reached down with her free hand and gently took one of my testicles between her fingers. I didn’t know what to think. As she gently rolled it between her fingers, I began to realize that she was not going to hurt me. So, I relaxed.
She started to remove her top, and said, “first, you will suck my breasts until I tell you to stop.” Her breasts were magnificent, and I voraciously did as she demanded. I could go on and on about my feelings as I sucked on her beautiful nipples. She just sat back and enjoyed it. Finally, she commanded me to stop. Then, she found a piece of rope and required me to put my hands behind my back. I became very nervous as she tied my hands together. Next, she picked up a small towel and tied it over my eyes. Blindfolded and helpless, I began to panic, as I heard her moving around.
“Now, you will make me cum.” She sat in front of me and I realized she had removed her bottoms and was naked. All I had to work with was my tongue. I had never performed oral sex before, although I had read about it. But, what could I do?
“I’ve never done this before”, I said.
“Well, give it your best shot”, she said. “Make me happy, and maybe the blindfold will come off.” So, I went to work. I began hesitantly, but, quickly found her clitoris and began to lick and suck on it. Apparently, that was the ticket, since she began to moan and quiver. It took about 3 minutes before she came vigorously. By “vigorously”, I mean she almost knocked me down with her thrashing. She laid back for a few more minutes, then sat up and removed the blindfold. She used the towel to wipe her juices from my face, then kissed me again. “You’ve never done this before?” I shook my head. “Well, if you get better than this, I might not be able to stand it.” She smiled at me, kissed me passionately, and untied my hands.
She then started talking, “Several years ago, I was savagely raped by a man who was stronger than me. I was totally unable to resist. I swore that would never happen again. So, I started working out. I never want to be the weak sister in a relationship again. I like you, and if you are willing, we can enter into a relationship. It can last as long as we both want it. Either of us can end it at any time. Yes, I am stronger than you. And yes, I could seriously hurt you. But I won’t, just as a real man would never hurt a weaker woman. I just want you to be aware that I can take care of myself.”
She continued to gently massage my testicle as she spoke. “So, if you wish, you can get dressed and walk out right now. If you do, we will never mention this again. This is not about embarrassing you. What do you say?”
I was sexually euphoric from her massage of my testicle. But, that didn’t affect my answer. Would any sane man say no?
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Default Re: Custom Wrestling w/domination stories

Incredible amazing story...
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