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Old 01-Jun-18, 17:32
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Default True facesitting story

I'm no writer but I've always enjoyed true stories and thought I'd share one of my favourite facesitting experiences, I'll start with some backstory but the action starts when we were in university.
When I moved to a new school in grade 8 I was quite an athlete played a handful of sports and was doing judo and bjj for exercise. I became friends with Lindsey who showed me the ropes around my new school, she was on the soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby and track and field teams which sounds ridiculous but she was a machine. We were friends all through middle school and high school where she won athlete of the year twice. Our friendship was always very competitive and playful, we often trained together and she would occasionally sit or stand on my back doing push ups. We ended up goimg to the same university and both were in relationships but we remained close. She decided not to play university sports and focus on school (she had made the soccer team).
By the end of our first year she had put on a 20-30 pounds that looked great, she was always pretty thin with a very muscular lower body, she had dark blonde hair almost red?. She was now at 170 lbs and 5'11" (I'm 5'9" 155 lbs). We were both single at the end of our first year at university and everythimg was very platonic though her ass had always drove me crazy. She messaged me towards the end of exams and said "still running buddies? I need to get my fat ass in shape" I responded of course but I hope you don't lose your booty" she told me "no way you could do a push up with me on your back now my booty would destroy you muahahaha." I knew if there was any chance at gettimg under that ass it was now. I told her "not a chance I'd whoop your ass anytime" just like that the competition was on.

Lindsey: "All I have to do is sit on you and you're dead."
Me "Yeah right, you better come up with more of a plan than that or I'll tap you out before you ever get me down"
Lindsey: "I'll get you when you least expect it"
Me "well you'll never tap me out unless you stop me from breathing."
Lindsey: "I'll sit on your face"
Me "well that might work"
Lindsey "you're dead "

My heart was pounding I couldn't believe how well that had gone, my mind was racing. A couple weeks went by before we were home for the summer break and we hadn't talked about our fight plans since they originated. I messaged her one night in hopes of setting a date for our fight.

Me "still feeling confident?"
Lindsey "of course but I think we should lay some ground rules"
Me "ok what were you thinking?"
Lindsey "well since you've been doing bjj I think you should have to start on the ground"
Me "I could start on my back with one hand behind my back and still win"
Lindsey "ok you start on your back with one hand tied behind your back"
Me "ok but you can't wear jeans"
Lindsey "why not?"
Me "I feel like jeans would just hurt my face"
Lindsey "fine"
Me "ok so when do you wanna do this?"
Lindsey "I'm having a party Saturday, why dont you come over early and we'll have our fight"
Me "deal"

It felt like a month before it was finally Saturday and when I got there my adrenaline was pumping and my nerves had me shaking with anticipation as I walked up to the door. Lindsey opened the door wearing a tight white tank top and old green sweat pants that fit a year or two ago. I stood there dumbfounded at how hot she was, whatever weight she put on was 90% in her ass and thighs.

Lindsey "These pants are way too small now but I think they'll do the trick"
Me "yeah they'll work"
Lindsey "well are you ready to die?"
Me "yeah right, where are we fighting?"

We went to her bedroom, where she had her mattress pulled off the bed on the floor and I got down on the mattress.

Lindsey "why don't you use both hands so its fair"
Me "ok but you can pick the starting position"
Lindsey "ok but you're going to regret that"

She stood over me with her barefeet on either side of my face looking down, I just nodded and she slowly squatted down until her butt was gently touching my nose and she yelled "GO!" before putting all her weight on my face with her feet still on either side of my head. I did not care about winning at all I just didn't want to lose, I wanted this to go on as long as possible. I just stayed there holding my breath until I absolitely needed to breath. When I did I put my hands on her butt to lift it enough to get a breath I noticed how hard her ass was, she may have put on some weight but it was still mostly muscle. As soon as I got some air she grabbed me by the wrists and pinned them by her feet. It became a struggle to get my face from under her giant ass long enough to sneak some air. She was getting frustrated that I was able to get even the slightest of breathes, she eventually got off my face and sat on my chest.

Lindsey "you keep sneaking air but you're never going to win like this either."
Me "hmm well why don't we try something different, how about I'm not allowed to use my hands and if you can tap me out with your butt you win and if not I win?
Lindsey "we'll have to put a time limit on it for you to win?
Me "yeah we can make it best 4 out of 7 with 10 minute rounds?"
Lindsey "10 minutes? You'll be dead, how about 5 minites but we need to tie your hands so you can't use them to help you at all"
Me "ok but you can't use the same position twice"
Lindsey "how about I can use 1 position twice"
Me "deal"

At this point she gets off my chest and tells me to stand up and put my hands in my back pockets, then she grabs the sheet off her mattress and wrapped it tightly around me and helped me lay down keeping the sheet tight like a well wrapped human burrito. I was surprised at how well the sheet was working. She left the room quickly and came back with the smallest shorts I've ever seen. They were bright yellow and half way up her ass, I could see the bottom part of her butt cheeks. She had a stop watch and set the timer to go off in 5 minutes she picked her first position, it was a forward facesit on her knees. She got on her knees with my face under her butt and said "go" as her ass was coming down on me and I took a deep breath.
I wanted to make the match go 7 rounds so I had to win at least 3. I knew I wouldn't last long holding my breath as long as possible now that I couldn't use my hands. I start to struggle a little to try and get her off balance but these shorts had made a much better seal on my face and she was leaning to stop me from turning my head. I was in heaven but she wanted to win and was doing everything she could to stop me from breathing. I was panicking in no time and thrashed about. She reminded me not to use my arms as I struggled, I managed to open my mouth and suck in some air. As soon as she heard me sneak a breath she shifted her weight and pushed her thighs together, I could feel her flex her ass cheeks together and I was stuck. I felt helpless but desperately wanted it to continue. I tried to stay still and calm, and managed to suck a small amount of air through my nose, which she didn't hear this time. I managed another breath the same way and heard her say "damnit" and the timer went off.

She got off me when the timer went off and I gasped for air. Round 1 was mine there would be at least 5 now but I was exhausted.

Lindsey "you sneaky bugger, how were you breathing?"
Me "I could get a little air through my nose"
Lindsey "well this time I'm going to bury you in there. How long until you're ready for round 2?
Me "give me a minute?"

She started the timer for my 1 minute. This time she turned around, I had a great view of her ass before it tried to smother the life out of me. The one minute timer went off and she put her hands on her butt spread her cheeks and snuggled my nose into her ass. She was laughing as I tried to turn my head but she just flexed her butt and cupped the back of my head with her feet. I was stuck and desperate for air but I couldn't move at all. I struggled and wildly moved my head from side to side trying to break the seal her cheeks made against mine. She pushed her hands down on my chest and rode my face side to side with her ass. I felt my lungs burning and was seeing some crazy coloured shapes as I tapped out I hoped she would notice me tap under the sheet which was much looser now. She got up as soon as I tapped and she celebrated by sticking her butt gently over my face as I gasped for air and flexed one cheek and then the other moving my head side to side.

Lindsey "how does it feel to get bitch slapped by the booty"
Me "yeah I think I know what move you're using twice"
Lindsey "definitely"

After somewhat catching my breath round 3 starts, shes starting to have a lot of fun with this.

Lindsey "how should I sit on you next?
Me "you could lie down with your ass on my face and not sit too hard?"
Lindsey "hahahaha ok you can pick that as a position if you let me practice some different ones to see what works best"
Me "I guess so"
Lindsey "ok but when you pick the position its a 10 minute round."
Me "fine"

I couldn't believe how enthusiastic and creative she was. I had girls sit on my face but never did I feel like they really wanted to make me panick, she was strong and heavy. No girl tried so hard to keep me from getting air, turning it into a competition had really added what I was hoping for. Lindsey started getting in different positions sitting on me with her legs out stretched forward and reverse. She sat sideways but decided it was too easy to breath. She decided she wanted the mattress back on the bed and got me to put my face at the edge, she sat with her legs off the side of the bed which she really liked. She decided to try squatting her ass to my face while staying on her toes and locking my head straight using her heels. The practicing was amazing but probably meant I was about to lose. She was really perfecting her technique and was giddy everytime she asked can you breath and I could only respond with muffled groans. Once she was satisfied she had her positions mastered it was time for round 3.

This time she was going to sit in a forward position but with her legs out stretched. She gave me a count down as her ass came closer and closer to my face I took a deep breath, her butt touched my face gently and she sprang back up. As I started to say "what's up?" She quickly dropped her butt with all her weight on my face, I felt the mattress springs compress against the back of my head and heard Lindsey laughing above me.

Lindsey "uh oh, you're fucked now."

She was right, I already needed air and tried to move my face to the side for air but she flexed and kept me in there. As I struggled to get air I managed to get my face turned to the right to get a good breath but she grabbed my face with her hand and turned my face back into her ass. She cursed at me while laughing. It wasn't enough air I was already feeling the need for more. I tried to turn my head to the same side but she leaned all her weight to stop me and used her hand to keep my face from turning anymore. As I kept struggling the sheet mostly came undone, I rolled onto my shoulder and then back quickly so I didn't use my arms other than for leverage but managed to get a breath as she was unbalanced, she yelled at me. "No cheating, get back in there!" She kept her legs out straight but lifted herself with her hands and dropped her butt over my throat and mouth, I felt her lean to one side and lift her cheek and then leaned the other way and lifted the other cheek. She looked down at me and smiled before closing her thighs together and flexing her ass and legs. I didn't even try to get out I knew there was too much time left. My lungs burned and I just took it all in until I absolutely had to tap. She laughed maniacally and celebrated again by "bitch slapping" me with her butt cheeks.

Me "that was a dirty move giving me a fake countdown"
Lindsey "wait for my secret weapon"
Me "you're not allowed to fart on me"
Lindsey "that wasn't a rule!"
Me "it is now"
Lindsey "no, I thought about it already, you're just lucky I don't have to, that might actually kill you"
Me "so what's you're secret weapon?"
Lindsey "maybe you'll see. I don't think I'll need it though. I don't think we need the sheet either, if you use your hands you lose the round. Deal?"
Me "deal"

Round 4 she picked the same position but sitting reverse. This time I I just kept taking deep breaths so she couldn't trick me into taking my last breath at the wrong time. She didn't even try to this time though she was feeling confident and just said "ready? Go!" Sitting down on my face she put her feet over my crotch which she had to have noticed was rock hard but she said nothing about it. I stayed still, letting her think she was balanced but I had a plan, with her feet on me instead of the floor she didn't have as good a balance. I waited as long as I could before turning my head to the side quickly, she tipped to the same side and I got a few breaths while she yelled something at me, I couldn't hear with her ass now on my ear and the other ear buried in the mattress. She quickly lifted up and tried to turn my head straight up but I was determined to go 7 rounds and frantically turned to the other side, I had several good breaths and she was angry about it. She lifted her butt and slammed in on the side of my head and got ready to do it again.

Lindsey "get your face in there"
Me "oh sorry" I said sarcastically
Lindsey "spread em"
Me "what?"
Lindsey "spread my ass cheeks"

I cupped her butt and spread her ass cheeks which by now was getting sweaty and were eating her yellow shorts. As soon as I held them spread she came down on my face hard. I was stuck in there and her sweaty ass made a good seal. Luckily for me the timer went off as I started thinking I had to tap.

Lindsey "I'm impressed you made it that time, you can really struggle"
Me "yeah I think I'm going to pick the position this time"
Lindsey "you want me to lay on you with my butt in your face?
Me "yeah"
Lindsey Well that'll be too easy for you to turn your head, maybe if its 20 minutes?"
Me "that's a long time"
Lindsey "yeah but you survived my fullweight trying not to let breath at all.
Me " I guess so"
Lindsey "ok well if I'm going to be laying down, you have to spread my cheeks when I tell you.
Me "alright deal"

I was looking forward to having her butt on my face but not being completely crushed until panic set in. She sat on my chest and leaned back until her back was on my legs and then she slid her butt up over my face until I was snug in there and heard her say "spread em". She put her legs out straight. It was a nice change of pace, I was able to enjoy her muscular butt and legs. I moved my face to the side and she fought it without sitting up but just leaning her weight into my face I turned the other way and got some air but she immediately pushed my face straight with her hands and said again "spread em" and now I saw her plan was to hold my head still and have me bury myself in her ass for the 20 minutes. The next time I tried to move my head she was frustrated and lifted her feet off the ground and her shoulders off my legs to focus her weight on my face and told me to "spread em." It was still easier than the last few rounds and she was getting frustrated with how easy I could get a breath. But over the course of 20 minutes I needed more and more air and she realized it might be winnable for her. She sat up half way and was lifting her legs and dropping them while hold my head straight in her asd with her hands. She was doing some abs while sitting on my face when I tapped out.

Lindsey "I can't believe I won that round. Do you mind if I finish my last set?"
Me "by all means"

She lifted her legs higher this time allowing me to catch a breath and then let her legs drop to the ground bringing her ass down on my face and then sitting up. She did 25 reps and got up.

Lindsey "still alive?"
Me "yeah yeah, you made that round too long and didn't really lay down"
Lindsey "well it couldn't be too easy for you, now I only need one more to win and I'm using my favourite position a second time."

My face was sore, almost felt like carpet burn from desperately trying to turn my face against her shorts. I wanted to push it to round 7 but was having doubts about that happening. Lindsey told me to put my hands in my back pockets for good measure and got back in her reverse facesitting position. This time she didn't tuck her feet behind my head. I figured I could turn enough to get some air but didn't want to waste my chamce too early and have her lock my head in her ass with her feet.
I started squirming a bit and she started laughing and said "uh oh you're struggling all ready." I opened my mouth trying to suck in any air but not moving her enough to readjust. I got a small breath but when I exhaled she must have felt the heat from my breath. She immediately raised her butt to tuck her feet behind my head, I did manage to get a good breath. I tried to stay calm and hold my breath as long as possible. I shrugged my shoulders and push my chin to my chest and she heard me get another breath before she slide her butt completely over my mouth. I knew the time must be up soon and tried to make it to the finish. I eventually started to squirm like crazy trying to get a breath and probably would have tapped when I heard her say "you're almost there". I didn't know how close that meant though and couldn't wait another second when I started to raise my hand to tap the timer went off.

Lindsey "Wow I thought you were gonna passout"
Me "you still didn't get off though"
Lindsey "if you're too dumb to tap then you deserve to passout under the booty"
Me "I like how you're talking about your ass in the 3rd person"
Lindsey "yeah it's like an alter ego, and its time for my secret weapon"
Me "yeah yeah give me a minute"
Lindsey "fine, just put your head on the edge of the bed when you're ready"

I took my time catching my breath and put my head on the edge of the bed with my legs up against the wall. When I was in position she stood up on the bed straddling my chest and asked "are you ready?" As I nodded taking in some deep breaths she jump and came crashing down ass first on my stomach, forcing all the air out of my lungs. I tried to get a breath but the wind was knocked out of me and before I knew it she hooked her heels over the edge of the bed on either side of my head and launched butt up over my face. I was desperate for air immediately as she sat up with her legs off the edge of the bed. I could see her between her thighs as she looked down at me laughing. I started to squirm and she just shook her head smiling at me and started running her hands through my hair. She rode my face side to side saying "nooo nooo" as I tried to get some air. I tried to push my legs off the wall to get some leverage but she grabbed my hair harder and kept leaning into my face. The smile never left her face and as I struggled more and more before I tapped out quickly.

Lindsey "Yeeeessss! How did you like my secret weapon?"
Me "yeah that worked maybe too well"
Lindsey "we didn't even come up with a prize, so what do I win?"
Me "I dunno, what do you want?
Lindsey "I dunno how about you owe me a drink? And make it a double."
Me "thats pretty low stakes"
Lindsey "well I felt like a queen sitting on my throne so you can call me Queen Lindsey."
Me "alright seems like I got off easy"
Lindsey "well it's still early I didn't tell anyone to show up for a few hours, how about you be my throne until I have to get ready?"
Me "fine but we need to have a rematch"
Lindsey "definitely the booty is all about free drinks"

She left the room and came back with a couple beer. She didn't offer me one though, instead she put them on the nightstand.

Lindsey "what are you doing? Get down there"
Me "ok"
Lindsey "you mean yes Queen Lindsey?!"
Me "yes... Queen Lindsey

I got on my back and she told me to bend my knees so she could put a pillow on my legs for a back rest, she slide her ass up onto my face, it was now sticky with sweat. I felt her straighten her legs out and heard her take a drink. She turned a movie on her laptop.

She sat on me for almost 2 and a half hours, not trying to smother me it was a lot more sensual. She would sit her ass on my mouth amd let me breath through my nose for long periods of time and kept flex her butt and laughing.

Lindsey "My booty owns your face, when is our rematch?"
Me "we can do it next weekend if you want"
Lindsey "done"

By the time she got up my face was so sore it was almost not enjoyable, when I looked in the mirror my face couldn't have been redder and I had bruises on the sides of my nose that ended up as a very slight black eye. I was in no shape for a party and made an excuse and left before our friends showed up.

This was longer than I thought it would be, to anyone that read it in its entirety I apologize for my poor writing and lack of editing but thought I would share what was my best experience with facesitting.
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Old 02-Jun-18, 07:41
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Default Re: True facesitting story

Great story, thanks for writing it!
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Old 03-Jun-18, 11:05
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Default Re: True facesitting story

i think this was an amazing story !!
thanks for sharing it
do you have a story where a girl farted on your face ?
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Old 08-Jun-18, 22:40
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Default Re: True facesitting story

I never understand why people apologise for their stories being too long and descriptive. That was fantastic, mate. The dialog between you two and her obvious enjoyment of what she was doing made it truly enjoyable. Thank you for writing this for us.
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Old 11-Jun-18, 00:21
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Default Re: True facesitting story

What a fantastic story- Lindsey sounds great.

This was really well written- definitely nothing to apologise about. Looking forward to hopefully reading more of your experiences!
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Old 18-Jul-18, 16:04
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Default Re: True facesitting story

Absolutely loved it, especially the made up rules that obviously worked in her favour, that and the aspect of her manipulating the situation for her own pleasure and enjoyment.
Nothing wrong with your style and the lack of editing didn't show or affect the flow of the narrative.
I notice that you adapted some of the terms (ass, booty) which seemed to be catering for and American reader, no problem with that. What you'd have made it perfect for me is if she decided in the latter rounds to strip down to a small pair of tight knickers (or should that be panties &#128512.
Overall, great story and look forward to seeing more from you, much appreciated. 👍

Added after 16 minutes:

Absolutely loved it, especially the made up rules that obviously worked in her favour, that and the aspect of her manipulating the situation for her own pleasure and enjoyment.
Nothing wrong with your style and the lack of editing didn't show or affect the flow of the narrative.
I notice that you adapted some of the terms (ass, booty) which seemed to be catering for and American reader, no problem with that. What you'd have made it perfect for me is if she decided in the latter rounds to strip down to a small pair of tight knickers (or should that be panties &#128512.
Overall, great story and look forward to seeing more from you, much appreciated. 👍

Last edited by smothered123; 18-Jul-18 at 16:04.
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Old 18-Aug-18, 17:41
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Default Re: True facesitting story

Terrific story. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure there are many of us here who would have happily changed places with you!
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Old 22-Aug-18, 23:24
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Default Re: True facesitting story

Very nice read, didnt realize they could trap you with their buttmuscles like that, thats hot as fuck.
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