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Default Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story

Queen of the Kill

By Mike3121

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, the author does.

This story has been given a rating of ESV for Extreme Sexual Violence. Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill young males. There are no ages given in this story, it is up to you, gentile reader, to supply them as you see fit.

A Letter in the Mail

Definition: Imperator: Benson Corp. Hunger Games Regulation 1, Pg 5: This is to state that the status of Imperator is created when one (1) and only one Plebe survives the Hunger Games. At the official conclusion of said Hunger Game a single remaining Plebe will afforded this title and all honors and accolades as appropriate. However if two (2) or more Plebes are found alive at the conclusion of the said game they will fight to the death in a confined space until a winner emerges. Special Imperators are a unique consideration and exempt, see pg 12.

Definition: Special Imperator: Benson Corp Hunger Games Regulation 2, Revision 17, Pg 12: This is to state that any Plebe (see definition annex) that kills three (3) Imperators via approved methods and without help during the course of the Benson Corp. Hunger Games shall be declared a Special Imperator and the winner of said game. Upon declaration of being the winner they are to be removed from said game and afforded honors and accolades as appropriate to and including the title Special Imperator. The said same Hunger Game, regardless of time remaining, must continue until all participants, other than the professional Imperators are killed.

Young Julie relaxed, another school day was over and soon it would be time for spring break. Slowly the big yellow bus wound it's way along with dozen's of other yellow monsters from the school grounds. Casually Julie looked out the dirt stained window at the huge life like statue of Katniss Everdeen as the high school now bore her name.

Julie was sophomore at Katniss High. She was a pretty girl of average height and her hair was a golden brown, like it couldn't make up it's mind to be blonde or brown. Her body was trim. She was an athlete of sorts but on her own terms and not involved in any school sports. She loved to lap swim where she could lose herself in the churning water.

Ahead of her sat two girls discussing the upcoming Hunger Games. “Oh god, not that again,” she thought. For the last three years her name was submitted into the big Hunger Games computer and each year 12 unfortunate teens were selected.

Julie looked back at the statue of Katniss now receding from view. If Katniss only knew what the games had now evolved into. Since the Katniss era there had been wars and more wars. There was the religious wars, territorial wars, wars and massacres against racial minorities. Now most minorities had long since been eliminated. Corporations now reigned. It was no longer even the Hunger Games but the Benson Corporation Hunger Games. Aside from the crass commercialization the games had become “sexualized.” “Hey sex sell,” she was told to believe. Blood and gore were out and sex was in.

There were in fact two societies. One, the educated and well fed and the rest just left to fend for themselves. The masses existed as best they could but life was hard for them. Basically the main Hunger Game consisted of a dozen professional Imperators and a dozen high school age or younger boys and girls called Plebes. The rest, hundreds of them, were composed of small boys. They were commonly referred to as “Fish.” The Fish were nothing but street urchins caught up in a government sweep. Fodder to work up and excite the audience for the main course to follow.

The games were sexualized in that the female Imperators and teen girls were nude, or nude from the waist down. They would chase and wrestle down the Fish and using their bodies smother them to death. The only weapons allowed were your own body, a handy rock or tree branch. No knives, arrows, guns were allowed. Small hidden camera's were everywhere to record close up details of the kill. The Hunger Games were to last 6 days. There was an unwritten rule strictly adhered to. The first two days the ranks of the Fish were thinned considerably. It was then, on the third day, the Imperators would turn on the teens. Meanwhile the teens would now turn on each other.

Julie never gave the games much thought. Here grand mother though was an accomplished Imperator with 42,546 kills to her credit. She retired from the arena at age 45 with honors. Julie always listened to her stories with rapt attention. Now and then she would loan Julie a video of her kills. The videos were always disconcerting what with closeups of trembling victim desperate for air; they were almost gynecological in nature. Then there were the closeups of a younger granny deep in sexual pleasure slowly smothering a twitching victim. Some showed sudden brutal action like bring down a young teen or even a fight to the death with a fellow Imperator. That was another alien world to young Julie. She didn't know it but her happy placid life was about to change.

When she got home Julie was aware of her mothers ashen face. An ominous letter lay on the dining-room table. It was from the Benson Corp Hunger Games main office. With trepidation she opened it and to her horror and that of her mother, Julie had been selected for the 114th Benson Corp. Hunger Games. It was like a death sentence! The letter went on to explain, in a happy “aren't you lucky tone,” her up coming schedule.

After they'd both had a good cry Julie's mother called granny. Julie's grandmother, though now elderly, still posed a good body and had taken pride in keeping herself trim. Granny, or Ms Maud Franklin, arranged for Julie to stay with her for a couple days to teach her some survival tricks. Julie was anxious for any help in that regard. The Hunger Games bureaucrats generously allowed Julie a few days to get her life in order, among them, they encouraged participants to make out wills and funeral arrangements.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 2

The Competition

Early the next morning Julie walked up the sidewalk to her grandmothers humble suburban home. Though financially well off Grandmother Franklin lived a quiet modest life. Granny Franklin was tall with a firm sturdy body. She wore her now gray hair in a tight efficient bun. Granny's green eyes were bright and alert and had not dulled over time. She walked in a slow careful gate and sometimes used a cane.

They exchanged friendly greetings then Julie asked. “Um Grandma, you got anybody in the room?” The room Julie was referring to was a room she kept young boys prior to her smothering them. “Yes, three boy. Usually I have six on hand at all times.” Julie just shrugged. It was an established fact her grandmother had developed quit an appetite for victims over the years. Technically it was illegal but then the society which Julie lived in was far from civilized.

Grandmother Franklin directed Julie into her “activity” room. The room was in fact her bedroom. It was large with a specialized bed designed for smothering. Against one wall was a huge view screen. The room contained everything she needed and within reach. She could smother a victim while watching TV, drink a coffee or talk to friends. Julie's grandmother indicated there would only be eleven competing Imperators this Hunger Game as one had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.

The Competition: Gloria Davidson
“Ready to learn about your competition?” Julie's grandmother said while using a remote to activate the TV. With the press of a button the image of a beautiful woman appeared on the screen. “This is Gloria, the supreme Hunger Games champion. She's 37 with some 60,890 kills to her credit.” stated grandmother Franklin. The nude picture, now rotating in 3D, was of a tall stately blonde with high cheekbones and a firm athletic body. Her eyes were blue and piercing. Julie gaped at her in awe. Her bright blonde hair was cut short and done into a myriad of curls.

Julie's grandmother went on to explain that Gloria Davidson, the reigning all time champion, was a real nice lady. Always pleasant and didn't let her fame keep her from being a decent lady. In the Hunger Games arena she was something different. Gloria was as wild a predator as you'd find in the barren reaches of the African plain. If she climbed onto a victim, be they a small boy, Plebe or an adult Imperator, they were dead. In the Hunger Games arena Gloria showed no mercy or tenderness but only raw aggression.

Next Julie was shown short clips of Gloria in action. Victim after victim was sat on and smothered to death with wild abandon. One short clip caught Julie's attention. It was of a cute lad about her age. Gloria and the boy (Gloria being nude and the boy wearing only red shorts, the uniform of sorts of the Plebes) wrestled about but with a few well rehearsed motions she managed to send the lad to the ground flat on his back. Next she lay down on him in a 69 position before he could catch his breath. Once in place she arched her back and pressed down hard with her hips in a grinding circular motion. The boy twisted and turned under her but his struggles were to no avail. She had him now and he would soon join her long list of kills.

This was very upsetting for Julie to she such a virtual killing machine in action. Julie had never paid much attention to the Hunger Games. The thought that she would now be pitted up against the deadly killing skills of the likes of Gloria sent a chill down her spine. Julie's grandmother looked over at Julie and said. “Needless to say young lady. Stay away from Gloria, as far away as you can.”

The Competition: Karen Howe
The next projection showed a tall thin blonde woman. Her hair was long and curled and obviously tinted. She wasn't particularly muscular and lacked the inner strength and drive as shown by Gloria.
Julie's grandmother explained that Karen was in her late 40's, a has-been. For awhile when she was young she made a decent huntress but not now. The woman was a drunk and drug abuser living on past glory. Julie heard it was best to avoid her, not that she might be deadly, but that disaster after disaster seemed to follow her.

The Competition: Mother Morgan
The next video showed a tall powerfully built woman. She was a big lady with wide thighs with pale skin. It was a surprise to Julie because she thought most Imperators were all physically fit yet this woman seemed a bit fat. Julie noted with a chuckle the lady had a thick profusion of dark brown pubic hair and her breasts were enormous. The lady had a soft round face and pleasant features; not one bit threatening in looks. Julie was wrong. Her grandmother pointed out Mother Morgan had some 61,690 kills to her credit. Not shabby for an overweight motherly type.

Julie's grandmother now showed Mother Morgan in action. Despite her soft looks she could be fast and sly. Many a small Fish allowed her to get too close and was smothered by her body. Even strapping teens or Plebes as they were officially called went under her. Julie asked about her name, Mother Morgan. It was explained that many Imperators adopted colorful names. It was done mostly to attract advertisers and develop a following of fans. Imperators were, after all celebrities in Julie's society. Granny concluded it was best to avoid the friendly giant Mother Morgan as much as possible.

The Competition: Daughter Morgan
Again another picture. It showed a tall powerfully younger woman in her early 20's. Being Mother Morgan's daughter she had the same body style though not quit as fat. She looked pretty and her braided blonde hair gave her a Valkyrie look. Though relatively new to the games she'd an astounding kill record. Julie's grand mother explained they hunted in unison. Julie was upset, were all the Imperators efficient killing machines; did she have any hope of survival?

The Competition: The Witch Twins
The next 3D picture was of two twins; young women in their mid to late 20's. Their hair was black in color, too black which pointed to hair dye. The twins were of average height with good trim bodies. They were both strikingly pretty with sharp features. The looked and were a deadly duo.

The twins were a lethal pair and hunted in tandem. It was true, one was a White Witch that worshiped the earth and in general was dedicated to using her powers for good. The other was a Black Witch that used her powers in the service of Satan. The twins were popular with the public and had a huge following. Often they would go doubles on a victim. As expected their kill numbers were very high, some 25,000 or more each. Naturally these two were to be avoided. Julie was really getting nervous now, wasn't their anybody she could kill?

The Competition: The Hunk (Mark Tanner)
The Hunk, as he was called, was a large powerfully built male. His shoulders were wide, his arms were well muscled and it looked like he had no neck. Though big and powerful he was easy to avoid as his muscle weight slowed him down considerably. Julie's grand mother offered to show her video's of him making kills. Julie replied with a firm, “NO!”

The Competition: Stan Nelson
Stan was an extremely handsome 30 something male. His body was trim and muscular though not overly so. He had dark brown short cut wavy hair. His eyes were of an intense dark brown. From what Julie could gather he was a gentleman, honest and humble. In the arena he treated his victims as best he could, under the circumstances, chocking them to death. Being too nice in the arena explained his poor kill record. Julie was immediately in love.

Julie's grandmother indicated he was one she could possibly kill. He was relatively new to the games and had only participated in 5, two professional and 3 private. “I'd love to plant my bare butt on his handsome face.” Julie said with a sigh. “Maybe keep him around as my sex slave.” She added hopefully. “Julie, you are such a bad girl – such thoughts.” Her grandmother said in a joking manner. “Bad girl!” Julie said in reply. “Hey grannie you're the one with a room full of boys to smother.” “Well, um, that's different.” She replied. They both had a good laugh and continued on.

The Competition: Rocket Boy
The next 3D was that of an adolescent male. He was posing in front of a statue of himself. Rocket Boy wasn't much taller than Julie and seemed a bit on the wimpy side. His hair was jet black and somewhat long. The lad had a permanent snarly look. He just oozed the term “punk.” Julie's eyes lit up. “Now that's somebody I can kill.

Julie's grandmother went on to explain he was more of a creation by corporate hype than anything else. His performance in the arena was poor. But the youths ego couldn't be held in two arena's. “Yes,” her grandmother said with a smile, “he's definitely kill-able.”

The Competition: Craig Wilson
This 3D presented a rather cute young lad, about Julie's age or younger. He wasn't very tall and had no real muscle definition. His light brown hair seemed in a permanent state of disarray. The youth gave the impression of being your average type teenage and had no business participating in the games.

It was explained his parents both being executives high in Benson Corp. had pulled a few strings to get him the coveted Imperator sash. They wanted the prestige and honor of having a son as a Imperator. His parents didn't care if he lived or died, just the honor of having a son in such a position would increase their corporate standing. If fact a son killed in the Hunger Games was an honor in it’s elf. “Lovely parents.” Julie said in sarcasm.

Julie's grandmother added. “As you can expect every Imperator will be out to get him. He'd make a quick easy kill. Yes, Julie you could definitely kill him but I'm afraid more experienced and more deadly competitors would also be after him. Too bad really, he looks like a nice boy but with rotten parents.”

The Competition: Crazy Girl
“Huh,” Julie said, “really – Crazy Girl!” Julie's grandmother just nodded. The 3D picture showed a girl perhaps a year young than Julie. She was mounted atop a victim in the familiar straddle smother. Her light blonde hair was long which surprised Julie. Most Hunger Games males and females had short cut hair. An enemy could get a hold of nice long hair and pull you down. She seemed to be what you'd call a big boned girl. Not fat but more of a sturdy body type.

Julie was told the Crazy Girl probably was just that. She'd been a Imperator in a number of games and had an impressive kill record. What made her so lethal was her drive and put up a tremendous fight when cornered. She'd smothered full grown men by the dozen's as female victims didn't interest her. In one game she managed to kill off 6 male Imperators. It seems she has become addicted to the smother. She must have a victims nose up in her at all times. If she goes even for a short time without being on top a male she just flips out. Julie rolled her eye. “Yes, I know, stay away.”

“Another rather strange thing about Crazy Girl. When she starts to smother her victims they tend to stop all resistance. She has a soft, gentile smothering manner. Her victims just lay still and let her do whatever she wants to them. If she gets off to change position they stay in place, sometimes even helping her back on them.” Julie's mother stated.

The Competition: Wild Woman
Wild Woman, as she was known, was a colorful redhead. She was a familiar face at all Hunger Games and private arenas. She was in her early 50's. Tall with a muscular well proportioned body. She had bright green eyes and, though getting on in age, could still turn a males eye. Many a victim were pleased to be brought down by her. Her kill record was above 75,000. Julie's grandmother went on to explain that Wild Woman was just that in the arena - wild. She'd drop down from trees, cover herself with leaves then pop out on an unsuspecting victim; she would do any and everything to bring down a victim, be they a small Fish, Plebe or even a fellow Imperator.

“So basically I got that Wilson kid, Rocket Boy and Mr. Nelson to kill.” Julie said with a resigned sigh. Her grandmother nodded. “I've got some boy smothering to do. I'll work on him on my smothering bench in the basement.” She then handed Julie the remote and said. “I want you to review the tapes and watch for any weaknesses. Don't bother watching them make kills but concentrate on their hunting techniques. Tomorrow we get into bobby trap making and other survival tips. I didn't last that long in the games without picking up a few tricks.”

For the next two days poor Julie's mind was reeling from a steady flow of survival tips, smothering techniques and hunting methods. She felt her head might explode from all this knowledge.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 3

Training Begins

For the next three days Julie took in as much information, tips, facts, rules, whatever, related to the Hunger Games as she could. She learned: Never run down established paths, always keep an eye out for an escape route. While smothering a victim always watch for an enemy because while smothering is when you'd be the most vulnerable. Set booby traps. On and on it went. Julie was an attentive pupil as this was life or death issues. Their were many other tips too numerous to mention. They both regretted there was no time to go into some forest and get some actual hands on training.

Julie went back home and early the next morning a government hover craft silently landed in front of her home. Julie was directed to sit in the back by the officious pilot. Julie had never ridden in a hover craft before and normally the experience would be exhilarating but not now, not this ride. A dark haired none too friendly girl was already sitting their. She just glared at Julie for a second and turned to look out the window. The Hunger Games was not the place to make friends.

The next week at the Hunger Games training center was a whirlwind of classes and training. Julie's grandmother told Julie to be careful during training as all training videos would be watched by the Imperators to see the Plebs weaknesses. For instance the teens had to quickly run a maze type course. They had to make snap decisions left or right. Say you took too many right turns the Imperator would notice and exploit this weakness.

One thing Julie had a hard time getting used to was being totally nude in public. She realized she'd be watched by millions of viewers and the cameras were everywhere and capable of the most intimate shots. Not only nude but smother to death some squirming victim. Julie, as well as all female Plebes, were offered sturdy sandals for the games and an option to wear a bright red sports bra. Though breast smothering could be on the menu the position left you open to attack. The males were to wear sandals and bright red shorts. Obviously these colors were selected to be more easily detected by the predator Imperators.

Julie was to slowly realize the official Hunger Games training was more oriented to look good for the camera and make a good kill for the Imperator than actual survival training. Those three days with her grandmother was much more help Julie felt than a whole week at the official training center.

The threat of being killed by her own Plebes was not a very great threat. Her teen competitors ranged from three young terrified boys that probably should run with the Fish. Then there was one tall blonde fluffy headed girl that was afraid of her shadow. In reality there seemed to be only two real threatening teens. One was the aloof dark haired girl that rode with Julie in the float car. She muscular and with numerous tattoos and had that street smart tough girl look. Another was a tall muscular lad with short cut brown hair. He looked like the mean sadistic type and didn't mind terrifying the other teens by telling them how he was going to kill them.

The training week went quickly and it was soon time for the evening gala event prior to the hunt. It was a major affair with Imperators, past and present all wearing their colorful sashes. Bright gold stars were worn on the sashes , one for every 10,000 kills. A rather elderly Imperator had 10 such stars on her faded sash. Also in attendance were bevy of politicians and Benson Corp. executives. The party was really for the Imperators; Plebes such as Julie were ignored.

With a drink in hand Julie wondered to a small alcove to avoid the main crowd. She was surprised to see Crazy Girl. Crazy Girl was sitting on the face of a young man in the standard straddle smother with her legs spread wide apart. The girl looked serene and was keeping up a slow steady pumping motion with her hips. She wore a colorful print dress that was wide and full thus allowing her to partially cover up her victim. She had the young man down on a long leather couch that look like it was made especially to accommodate smothering. The lad lay perfectly still and not resisting in the least. Julie noticed he had a magnificent chest and was probably very handsome. She also noticed his pants bulging from an erection. Someone else nearby also noticed it.

Crazy girl and her young male victim seemed content in their little part of the room. That was until they discovered by the drunken Imperator, Karen Howe. She stumbled into the room knocking into chairs and tables. She even draped herself over the shoulders of a well known reporter and belched loudly.

“What the hell we got here?” She said in a slurred voice. “My my look at that,” she said pointing to the young male's erection. Next Karen stripped off her skirt and underwear. She then fell to the floor cursing. A nearby attendant helped her up. “We can't let a nice erection like that go to waste,” She stated while pulling the lads pants down. She then proceeded to climb up and mount him. Various camera crews rushed over to record the event. Crazy Girl was mortified. With her audience assembled Karen yelled, “Ride um cowboy,” and began bouncing around like she was riding a wild horse.

Julie noticed the panic in Crazy Girl's eye, it looked like she might flip out any second. Just then a middle-aged women steeped forward, Crazy Girls mother. She put a hand on her daughters shoulder and told her to take deep measured breaths. She then told her to spread her legs a bit more and force her victims nose in as deep as she could. Crazy Girl complied. It seemed to calm her and, despite the distraction of a drunken Karen. Now calmed Crazy Girl once again resumed her slow circular hip grinding motions.

The gathered crowd began to disperse when a incredibly beautiful woman approached Julie. It was the Imperator Gloria. She was wearing a seductive bright blue skin tight dress with a daring slit up the side. She glanced at Karen in disgust. “She's a pig. I wish she'd retire.” Gloria said making small talk with Julie. Julie nodded and replied, “Yea, just a mess really.” Gloria leaned towards Julie's ear as if impart some secret. “Julie, I'm going to hunt you down and kill you.” Julie was taken completely by surprise by this comment. She shook all over with fear. It was a terrifying thought to have a well know Imperator with an extensive kill record to be out hunting you.

The party continued but Julie would be happy when it ended, especially after the very real threat from Gloria. Julie once again ambled into the alcove where Crazy Girl was mounted on her victim. Karen had since lost interest in her sex toy and was now passed out on the veranda. Crazy Girl was being helped off her victim by her mother. Crazy Girl smoothed out her dress and taking her mothers hand left the party. She never once looked back at her recent kill. Maybe that's the way it was.

Julie went over and looked into the face of the expired youth. He was handsome, with soft brown hair. It was all matted down with sweat and ringlets of Crazy Girls brown pubic hair were pressed against his face. The lad looked peaceful in death. Julie even detected a bit of a smile on his dead face. Julie had to give Crazy Girl credit, she sure knew how to smother.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 4

The Audience

Finally the day had come. All of the Plebes were loaded into a float plane and whisked off to the arena. They were then directed to a unisex locker room where they stripped out of their cloths and into, for the girls bright red sports bra and sandals, and for the boys bright red shorts and sandals. Officials then directed them to a long well lit tunnel. One would expect the roar of the crowd to great them. There was none, true their was an audience, an electronic audience. Julie pondered for a second at the tens of millions of people that would be watching. Just who were these people, what were they like?

Julie's grandmother had her viewing room all arranged. She had a nice stock of victims, 8 in total. She selected the most frightened boy for her first kill. Fear can be transmitted and it was best to eliminated the most frightened first. The poor boy was also the youngest. She gently directed him to lay flat on his back on the custom smothering bed. Phones, remotes, coffee maker, treats were all arranged within easy reach.

Carefully and slowly she climbed up on him. She sat high on his shoulders and spread her legs wide. He looked up at her with terrified brown eyes. She patted him on the head and gentle ruffled his hair. She then slid forward until she was mounted on his face and his young nose pressed firmly in place.

With one click of a button the TV lit up. There before her was the full pageantry and glory of the Hunger Games. She sighed. A flood of memories overtook her, some pleasant and some not. She loved Julie dearly but feared for her survival. The poor thing faced as deadly array of professional killers as could be assembled.

Over the top fan:
In another city a young woman looked intently at the screen. She was what you might call a Hunger Games junkie or fanatic. The young woman, Gale Roberts, had not one but three large TV screens to look at. She was the head of the Witch Twins fan club. The walls of her home were plastered with posters of the twins in various action shots. Most showed them atop victims and others were of the twins wearing black or white robes, depending on the twin, officiating over some demonic type ritual. Two large prominent matching posters were signed originals and Gale's most prized possession.

Gale's face was grease painted one side black and one side white in honor of her hero's. The screen to her left was covered with video pictures of fan club members. Right now their was a lot of chatter amongst the fans as to how many kills the twins would make this game. The general consensus was 100 plus Fish each, maybe 2 each Plebes and, it was hoped a Imperator or two. They figured that boy, Craig Wilson and perhaps even Stan Nelson, would be easy kills for them. Most of the members of the fan club were female and many felt Stan was, well, just too cute to kill.

The Slob:
Marvin Block was beyond doubt a total and unabashed slob. He lived in the basement of his grandmothers home on government welfare since he often stated “he's too sensitive to work.” His parents had died many years ago in a float plane crash. Marvin was in his mid twenties with long greasy unwashed hair and a huge fat greasy gut that overhung his lose fitting dirty jeans. His basement lair was a dirty stinking morass of old pizza boxes, fast food empty cartons, dirty rumpled cloths and uncollected garbage. A general overall stench permeated the whole area. Upstairs though, where his grandmother lived, was pristine. Antique furniture, old pictures of long past family members adorned the walls. She never dared venture down into the basement.

Marvin, aside from his collection of garbage had a vast collection of pornography. His Hunger Games collection was the most prized and unsurpassed by anyone in the city. He didn't care for the shots of a graceful Imperator chasing and bring down a fleeing Plebe or Fish. No, his favorite shots were often clinical such as closeups of a victims nose being deeply massaged inside a sexy Imperator's body.

Marvin loved those close in shots. He masturbated in front of the TV monitor to them. He undid his pants in anticipation of the next Hunger Games which were to start at any minute. Marvin always liked to see those cute perky girls such as that Julie girl brought down and killed. His all time favorite Imperator was the sexy Gloria. Just one look at her naked body was enough for him to start masturbating furiously. He belched and reached for another slice of pizza. He reminded himself to clean off the TV screen and keyboard as they were stained with, um, well, something. Let's leave Marvin alone, I'm starting to get nauseous just writing about him.

The Family:
They were a normal suburban family. The father, John Klein, was in his late 30's. Not too tall and muscular and not overly athletic. He was an unexciting man, boring in fact. Recently he'd come into a sum of money which made it unnecessary for him to work. He had tossed light brown hair and brown eyes. John was a handsome man by all accounts and was a decent father.

His wife Brenda was quit pretty with straight long blonde hair. Her face was well balanced and had a cute pert nose. Her eyes were a light gray in color. She was also a good parent, firm when she needed to be but a bit permissive with her children when she got lazy.

They had a young son, Tony, and was a bit of a handful as they say. The boy's hair was always a mess and cloths scuffed and dirty from roughhouse play. He was a bit of a rascal and tormented his older sister something awful.

The sister was a cute blonde some years older than Tony. Heather had soft blonde hair and a nice athletic body. She was very outgoing and numerous boys were calling her at all times night and day. She was also on her schools cheer-leading team.

The Klein's oldest daughter was home from college and in her second year. She was very pretty and her features matched those of her mother. Brett had a more solid body, compact in form. Her hair was also blonde and her face round. She was a quiet reclusive young woman more interested in her precious books than anything else.

Right now John and his wife Brenda were seated in front of their huge screen TV waiting for the Benson Hunger Games to start. It was always a thrilling affair and the family made small wagers as to which one would make the most kills.

Heather was on the staircase tugging at young Tony's arm. “Come on squirt I'm gon'na sit on you during the games.” She said. “Noooooo,” screamed Tony in protest. “Mom, can I sit on Tony during the games?” Heather asked. It was a long tradition that women and girls often sat on a willing or unwilling males while watching the games. “No mom. I don't want to. Not all six days.” Tony pleaded. “No not the six days of the game but all summer.” Heather added. Tony's mother hesitated for a second then said, “Sure, all summer's fine with me.” “No, mom please no.” Tony begged. Heather had a big smile on her face and ushered her younger brother upstairs to her bedroom. “Well looks like we won't see much of them this summer.” John said to his wife.

Brett came down the stairs wearing a bright blue soft bathrobe with matching fluffy slippers. “Come on over Brett.” her father said making room on the sofa for her. It surprised him a bit for previous Hunger Games had never interested her. She walked over and stood in front of her father. “Um, Dad. I got something serious to ask.” She said looking at her feet. “What is it?” He replied looking up at her. “I, well you see. I want to sit on you during the games.” He was shocked, speechless in fact. His wife had an amused look on her face.

“I'” stammered John, “I guess so.” he replied. “Great, I want to get on you right away.” Brett said bouncing up the stairs ahead of him. He shrugged and followed her. When he got to her room she had already removed her robe and was taking off her slippers. She then stood before him totally naked. “Come on Dad, strip to your shorts.” she said. John complied and was soon out of most of his cloths.

Brett had already placed a small hard pillow on her bed, the kind used in smothering. Brett then indicated for him to lay with his head towards the foot of the bed. “This was crazy,” he though and stripped down to his underwear in the presence of his totally naked daughter. “This can't be happening,” he said under his breath. John lay down as indicated with his head resting on the hard pillow. The pillow tilted his dead downward with his jaw almost resting on his chest. He smiled up at his daughter but she was in a very serious mood right now. No smiles, no conversation just all business.

She climbed up onto the bed, facing his feet and lay on his face in a 69 position. With a deft maneuver of her hips she worked his nose deep into her. Next she spread her legs wide apart and began hard pumping motions with her hips. “This wasn't so bad,” John thought. He could even see out a bit at the slow turning ceiling light fan. The pumping escalated and quickly got deeper. His face was now completely covered.

John couldn't see anything but only hear the opening speeches of the Hunger Games. “Damn, damn and damn,” he thought. He was going to miss the game completely. Oh sure, big deal he could hear the games but that was a poor substitute to seeing the Imperators in action. They must have showed a picture of one of the contestants for his daughter cried out, “Yea Gloria, go get'em girl.” she yelled. John just had to tap his daughter on the right butt cheek. “Gloria” he thought, “she's nothing compared to Wild Woman.” “Sorry Dad, I'm not letting you up.” Brett stated in a firm voice.

Actually he wasn't surprised a daughter of his was smothering him during the Hunger Games. This type thing had been going on for hundreds of years and quit common. The females gender seemed to get a little wild during the games. What shocked him was that it was Brett. She was the quiet book worm type. Now the more aggressive Heather was a different story; you could expect most anything from her.

John was just settling in resigned to being smothered for the next 6 days, until the end of the games when Brett said. “This is really delicious. I think I'm going to stay on you until fall when I have to go back to school. “Nooooo,” John thought. “This was the worst Hunger Games ever.”

The Boss:
Big Sal Salvatore sat at his huge oak desk. With no one in sight he swiveled around to the large safe behind him. With a few spins of the dial it opened. The first thing he saw in the safe was a large caliber jet black handgun. He ignored it after all he had another in a shoulder holster, one in each desk drawer and a small ankle gun for back up. Carefully he retrieved a package containing 2,000 Gold Credit, a virtual fortune. The safe was closed and with a pen he wrote a name on the manila envelope, J-U-L-I-E.

Sal or Big Sal was a mob boss and owned one sixth of the city. Their had been many gang wars and deaths accompanying his rise to power. Things were quiet now as the city had been divided into six parts fanning out from city center. Each mob family owned their own territory. The city center, a 10 mile radius, was deemed neutral territory. Big Sal controlled everything illegal within his area. Prostitution, drugs, money laundering, you name it and Big Sal was in it.

Right now he was contemplating a making a heavy bet a an obscure young girl in the Hunger Games. He was a shrewd better with a eye for detail. He'd watched her training tapes and felt she had potential.
“Hey Tank get Bennie in here.” Big Sal shouted. Tank was an over muscled thug with a large gun shaped bulge under his sports jacket. “Yea Boss,” he replied and retreated.

Bennie sat alone in the dim lights of the empty first floor bar. Big Sal's headquarters had 4 bars and too numerous to count mini bars. Bennie was thin, about 30 with slick back greasy black hair. He felt he was a rising star in Big Sal's illegal empire. What he really was was an annoying low level hood that was full of himself. “Hey Bennie, The boss want's ya.” Tank said calling out to Bennie.

“Ya boss,” Bennie said in an overly familiar voice to the mob boss upon entering his office. “Hey kid, take these 2,000 Gold Credits down town to the bookie Willie the Wiesel. Make sure the bet's for this little broad Julie. See I even wrote her name on the envelope. She's got a nice cute ass. I think she can maybe win or something.” Bennie nodded and was off.

Bennie felt he was way more smarter than Big Sal or any of his hoods. Anybody with half a brain could tell Rocket Boy was going to win. Hey, when that Rocket kid won Bennie could take some of the extra cash for himself. You know skim a bit off the top and the big guy would never miss it.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 5

Day 1 – A Star is Born

Julie gave out a long hopeless sigh. She was finally there, the Hunger Games. She didn't want it, she cared nothing for the games, she never watched them on TV, yet here she was about to be totally immersed in one. The arena wasn't too huge, the people running the games knew their audience wanted to see kills not some Plebe hiding in the forest. The main building and starting point was atop a low rolling hill. Directly in front was a grassy field bisected by a wide dirt road that led off down into a woods beyond. Near the road and mountain top was just grass but not far off the grass gave way to a field of golden tan 6 foot tall wheat.

Julie could see no fence as fences were often made of a near transparent material and would only become viable when you got too close. What was visible were numerous animated bright signs advertising everything from float cars, whiskey to perfume. Since the fence was nearly invisible it made the signs look like they were floating in air. The whole arena had temperature and weather control of some sort. It was overly hot for that time of year. Julie appreciated it as she would be running around mostly naked, a girl could get a chill.

All participants in the games were injected with various sensors. These sensors would indicate where you were, wither you were alive or not and all manner of things, including giving you a nice electric shock if you got too close to a forbidden area.

Julie noticed a string of small bathrooms spaced along the fence perimeter. Only one person at a time would be allowed within each individual bathroom area. If you lingered too long or tried to hide out in one you'd an increasingly powerful electrical shock until you got the message and left. Food would be provided by large backpacks containing tubes of various food items. The packs were to be placed at random throughout the arena. Granny had told Julie the food wasn't bad and advised her to collect a few backpacks early and hid them from little grubby Fish hands or other competitors.

Immediately out in front of her were a milling throng, well maybe not throng, but hundreds of small boys or Fish attired in bright blue shorts. These were poor street urchins and even some none urchins. They looked well fed and cleaned up. Life was cheap in Julie's world. The old earth had been abused and re-abused by man via constant wars and destruction of the environment. Now the population had gotten out of control. Many felt the Hunger Games was a fun way to thin the excess human population a bit without resulting to war.

Didn't the boys know they were to face death? Why hadn't they run off into the forest? Probably their was some unseen electronic barrier temporarily preventing them from doing so. The silence of the moment was broken when an announcement was made for Plebes to mount their starting blocks.

Arranged in a row were 12 small cement blocks, say 3 foot by 3 foot and a foot high. Behind these, about 20 feet away was another row of 11 blocks for the Imperators to stand on. These blocks were also 3 foot by 3 foot wide but 2 feet or more higher. The top of all the blocks were angled down a bit towards the open field so you could get a good push off.

Julie climbed up and an announcement was made for the Imperators to mount their starting blocks. So far Julie had avoided looking at either her fellow Plebes or the Imperators. Julie knew that the first two days were solely devoted to killing off the Fish so that's all she was concentrating on.

Next the deep throat-ed sound of a trumpet broke the morning air. They were off. The Fish ran screaming about in all directions. Julie now knew why they were called fish. It felt like she was some predator shark in a school of anchovy. The boys ran to and fro until one ran right in front of her. Wham, down he went. Julie had no time to look him over she just mounted him in a straddle smother. She immediately began deep hard hip grinding motions smothering her small captive to death. Once positioned she took a second to look about her.

Most Plebes and Imperators had also brought down victims and busy killing them. The closest to her was one of the Witch Twins. She deep in concentration working her squirming captive hard. Within 20 minutes Julie had made her first kill. She had no time to ponder her first victory but went in search of the next. Wham, another one down. On and on it went all day, victim after victim was brought down by her and smothered.

It had become a kill frenzy. Generally it takes a lot to work up a female to kill. But once aroused she truly becomes the deadliest of the species. It was so that day. The women, both Plebe and Imperator, went wild and it resulted in a massacre. The male Plebes and Imperators just watched in shock.

The media woke up, they thought this would be your average ho-hum Hunger Games, but no, something remarkable was taking place. No one had ever seen such a wonton display of overt female aggression. The field would forever be dubbed “Massacre Field,” in honor of that day. The slaughter continued all day and began to lessen around 6 pm. Hunger Games officials looked worried. They'd have to find additional boys fast otherwise their wouldn't be enough to satisfy the female kill frenzy. Schools were emptied, young boys were taken from homes and police roundups of young males were instituted.

Unknown to Julie she was the most aggressive of the females and had accumulated a record 42 kills. She would go on to finish the day with a record breaking 50 kills for a Plebe. Thus breaking a 30 year record.

It was around 6 pm or so and Julie was in a reverse straddle smother on her latest victim furiously tracked his nose up her butt. Finally he twitched then lay still – dead. She climbed off him and stretched. She hurt all over, especially in the most intimate of places. Julie hardly remembered what she had done. To her the day was a blur of one kill after another; she didn't even stop for lunch. Julie was famous and didn't even know it. Songs would be written about that day, speeches made, public buildings named after her. Already she had an expanding fan club of over a million.

Food, she thought, was she ever hungry. Up ahead was a fellow Plebe, one of the slightly built male teens. He had 4 heavy backpacks and was half dragging and carrying them off into the woods. Julie came up behind him and, using her sharp nails, raked across his bare back. He immediately screamed in pain. “Ah! What the hell?” he shouted and dropped the packs. The scratches were deep and bloody. Julie calmly picked up two of the fattest packs and scampered off into the woods. She found safety for the night under a large pine tree. Once situated she feasted on tube food. It had been an exhausting day and she slept hard. Little did she know her wild frenzy was the cause of the death of several million males across the land.

As explained women and girls like to sit on and casually smother a male during the Hunger Games. This was a long established tradition, it was all good fun and no one was killed. No one gave it much thought, it was just something that was done. However, the wild day long televised massacre excited the female viewers, excited them beyond all restraint. Many went out of control and smothered to death, either by accident or design, their males under them. This was a huge media event, reporters and TV hosts were running out of descriptive superlatives to describe the scene taking place both in the games and at homes of viewers. Police, hospitals and emergency responders were inundated with calls.

The culture then, what with an overflow of humanity, was very tolerant of these “mistakes.” No one would be charged with murder. There were even legitimate victim delivery services that kept a number of women and girls supplied with young lads on a daily basis. But still this was a tumultuous event and all because a sweet young girl named Julie went a little crazy.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 6

Day Two – A Time to Build

Day two of the Benson Corp. Hunger Games dawned. Julie had slept well but was still sore from yesterdays adventure. After a tube breakfast and a quick jaunt to one of the handy outhouses she was perked up ready to go. Julie was to forgo temporarily the pleasure of the Fish kills. She had preparations to make for when day three came she would be one of those being hunted.

Julie was about to get started when she saw a young lad up ahead of her at the edge of a small clearing. He looked a bit taller and older to be a Fish. Yet too young to be a Plebe. He looked too delicious to pass up and she came up behind him, pushing him flat on his back. She then knelt down and put her knee across his throat to choke him.

“Dillon, is that you?” Julie said in surprise. The cute lad looked up at her and blinked. “Julie, hi.” He replied, gasping out the words. Julie loosed up a bit but stayed in position over him. Dillon was a cute boy from Julie's neighborhood. He was a few years younger and had a crush on her. He was a shy nice boy and Julie had liked him. “Why are you her?” She asked. With the pressure momentarily off his throat he was able to reply. “Well uh, it's all because of you.”

He went on to relate it was in fact Julie's fault. Yesterday had been such a kill frenzy the games officials were running low on boys. Dillon had been caught up in a government sweep. He told Julie how she'd become a star, celebrity with millions of adoring fans. Julie was totally shocked. She was now the talk of the nation!

She looked down at the boy and smiled, “Sorry Dillon but I got to do this.” Dillon shrugged and smiled back, “Better you than someone else.” Twenty minutes later Dillon breathed his last. Julie hefted her backpack and was off heading deep into the dark forest.

Julie's grandmother told her of a special plant planted long ago in the arena. If you rubbed it's leaves on someone's skin they would become immobile for 5 to 10 minutes. Julie thought that would be a handy weapon to have. Granny had shown Julie a map of where she might find some. Not many knew of their existence. Besides it might be a wasted effort and the plants could have died off years ago. The problem with the plant was they looked just like a common plant growing all over the forest. The only difference was these plants had serrated leaf edges.

Deep in the forest she went. While on her journey she came across five small Fish and smothered them all. At last she found some of the plants but while gathering them a curious thing was happening. Julie felt a painful electrical shock come over her. One of those implants she surmised. Perhaps she'd gotten too close to the far reaches of the arena. Despite the increasing pain Julie, using a towel found in pack, got a nice bundle of them.

Returning to the main area she felt the electrical shock lessening. Now back she hid her backpack and went to work constructing 4 alternate hiding places. Remembering her grandmothers instructions she crafted them with care. The design was the same for all: keep them away from main trails. Have opposite entrances and exits. Stash a backpack at each site. Put one large piece of wood in the center and radiate all other roof pieces from that. Sprinkle brittle twigs and branches along all main approaches. This was difficult work especially when she had to stop and hide when anyone approached. Some really delicious looking boys came along but she had to let them pass. At last she was done just before nightfall. While constructing her hiding places she ran across a number of full backpacks. She placed one in each site and a few at alternate locations just in case.

It was always advantageous to find a small Fish to sleep on in a 69 during the night. Let them lay on the cold hard ground under you while you a top them in a nice smother. There were many Area Wardens about to collect the dead. Julie didn't want some ham fist-ed AW climbing into her hideout, destroying it to remove a body. Julie decided she'd best drag the body away herself. Fish were still plentiful and she caught a cute one.

The boy proved to be a most delicious lad and lasted long into the night. The next day would begin the true Hunger Games for Julie. Her head would have to be on a swivel and death could lurk behind any tree. No more relaxed enjoyable smothers now.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 7

Day Three – The Thinning Begins

Another bright pretty day dawned. Julie stood and stretched. She was about to out into a nearby clearing when it came to her. This was the day the killings began – beware. Carefully she looked about. Someone across the clearing had a victim down and from a distance it looked like Gloria. Julie didn't want to get too close to so she skirted the whole area. The arena seemed quieter now. Perhaps it was because a good portion of the Fish had been eliminated.

Julie unconsciously violated her grandmothers number one rule, “don't go down pathways.” She turned a corner and there was Wild Woman. She was under a large tree, laying on her side with her ankles locked. Her muscular thighs were wrapped around the head of a young male Plebe and his head was pressed tight to her crotch. The only movement was when Wild Woman would tightened down hard on her captive. Julie saw ugly scratch marks on the boys back; it was the kid she had scratched to steal a couple backpacks from.

Wild Woman smiled up at Julie. “My first kill of the day,” she said with pride. Julie nodded. Though Wild Woman's victim must have been in intense pain from the steel like vice of her thighs he never so much as twitched. They talked amiably for a few minutes when their conversation was interrupted by wild screams. Julie ran to investigate. She saw the muscular short haired Plebe Julie had nick named Thug Boy walking away. He had a large thick club in his hand and was wielding it around him taking random strikes at the grass.

Carefully Julie came upon a depression in the tall grass. What she saw was the bloody mess that had once been one of the Plebes, a short dark haired girl. She was a mess of gore, blood and skull fragments. She'd evidently been caught while smothering for her body was draped over that of a equally blood small Fish. Julie wanted to vomit.

So far the kills had been done quietly. Way back in the days of Katniss, Petta and the rest the Hunger Games had been a sea of blood. Arrows through throats, gaping slash wounds, sword thrusts through chests and decapitations. Now days the games were oriented towards sexuality. A portion of the public still harkened back to the good ole days. Julie preferred it the way it was today where each kill was a sensual sexual experience. Of course it could get bloody as attested to the gore that lay before her feet. Julie sensed someone coming up behind her. She gasped and jumped. It was only two Arena Wardens. The AW's as they were referred to, came to collect the bodies. Julie stepped away to let them go about their grizzly business.

Area Wardens were all over the arena and usually operated in pairs. They wore face masks and a one piece jump suit. The clothing was unique in that the pattern of it changed to fit the environment. Well not totally as you easily see them when they came close. They were under strict orders to stay out of participants way and have no communication as well.

Julie wandered about a bit. She caught two small Fish and quickly smothered them. Julie wasn't too keen on smothering a Fish when a predator Imperator or the big muscled Thug Boy might come up behind her. While wondering about Julie noticed a few choice Fish but let them go. She didn't want to be caught unawares as the young girl Plebe had been.

The arena was pretty quiet when Julie saw her, the fluffy headed blonde. She was standing alone with her back to Julie. At the girls feet was the body of a young Fish, obviously the girls recent kill. Julie tensed her muscles and ran full speed into the girl. She knocked her sprawling into a grassy clearing. Reacting quickly Julie ran and rolled the dazed girl over onto her back. Next she sat on her shoulders and began to choke her.

For the next 10 minutes the kill had been going okay. Julie came to the conclusion she should have smothered the girl for her victim was gasping, coughing and making a bit of noise. Just when Julie thought she's only need maybe 5 to 10 more minutes to finish her she heard someone approach. She sighed, it only an AW making his rounds.

He was alone and just stood looking down at her, probably checking out her near naked body. The AW seemed to get alert and tilted his head up. Julie got his unspoken message, someone was coming up behind her. She readied herself. Somehow she knew it to be the thug of a Plebe with the big club. A shadow appeared to her right. Julie chose that moment up duck down and roll left.

Their was a whoosh of breeze over her head from a powerfully swung wooden club. Julie heard an “Oh hell,” then her assailant wound up for another strike. Julie rolled in the grass further to her left, then began to get up. The huge club thundered to the ground when she had just been. With one more roll she was on her feet and running for her life with club wielding Thug Boy right behind. Julie was a good runner but so was her pursuer.

Julie was terrified, he was gaining on her. Then, up ahead, salvation. It was Gloria atop a recently pulled down Plebe. The boy was struggling against her attempts to get him on his back. Finally she had him in a squat smother. Julie ran right towards her and leaped over Gloria and her captive. Julie's pursuing antagonist wasn't so lucky and ran headlong right into them. Julie keep running and didn't look back. She did hear cursing from Gloria. “You clumsy oaf. What a shit you are. Now my victim's got away.” she shouted to Thug Boy. Julie heard an apologetic Thug Boy running away saying, “Sorry lady. It was that little bitch Julie.” It was obvious Thug Boy was terrified of Gloria. He should be as Gloria was as accomplished killer as the come.

Julie laid low for awhile. Then, coming down a path, was Thug Boy waiving his bloody club about. Julie ducked into a large bush and watched him pass. He stopped near the bush to listen. Julie was trembling; it was as if he sensed her presence. Eventually he moved on. “Damn him, he's out looking for me,” She thought.

Julie put some distance between Thug Boy and herself. She was about to enter into a warn sun lit clearing when she saw something. There, in the middle of the clearing atop a small hill sat Crazy Girl. She was sitting in a reverse smother on Craig, the poor lad who's parents forced him into the games. Crazy girl was keeping up a slow rhythmic pumping tracking motion on the boy. He lay perfectly still and not moving a muscle. To Julie it looked like an almost perfect scene. The lights and shadows played on the two to such an extent she felt it might have made a nice painting. Such a peaceful scene here amid the sudden death of the Hunger Games. Julie wished she knew Crazy Girls secret on how to perform such beautiful kills. Julie was disappointed though, he was one of the few “kill-able” Imperators.

Julie was getting worried about Thug Boy. Also Plebes were getting smothered left and right. It was about time she retrieve those special leaves she'd retrieved earlier. Julie had stored them at her main camp a bit deep in the woods. Carefully and cautiously Julie made her way deep into the woods. She was within sight of the camp when she felt a wave of pain overcome her. To her terror the electrical barrier enforced by the tiny implants had been moved. It was obvious this was done to tighten the arena area; they didn't want some Plebe or Fish hiding out in the forest until the end of the game.

Julie had to get those plant leaves for without them she would no longer have an edge and probably be killed. She steeled herself then ran. It lay 30 feet or more distant. It might as well have been a mile. The pain was building with every second. Sweat poured down her face. It was so intense she fell to the ground. With her last reserve of strength she made it to her camp and with one quick motion she grabbed her backpack and retreated out of the area.

Once free the pain began to leave. Damn! She realized another of her carefully constructed camps would be inaccessible. She had the leaves, that was important. Julie decided to store the leaves up near the main area. She came into a large clearing and saw Mother Morgan and Daughter Morgan laying in the sun having a nice chat. They were both such big ladies Julie hardly noticed that they were laying on victims in a 69 position.

Julie was close and tried to determine just who they were on. All Julie could see of Daughter Morgan's victim was just a bit of the top of his head. He had curly blonde hair which made Julie surmised he was one of the Plebes. Yes, she now remembered their was a rather cute shy curly haired lad amongst her fellow Plebes. Everyone liked him, Tom something or other. Julie watched as Daughter Morgan did a slow deep hip grinding on him, making him all but vanish under her body.

Mother Morgan's victim was just as hard to discern. Luckily she spread her legs a bit and Julie caught a quick glance. It was the cute Stan Nelson, the Imperator. Disaster, another kill-able Imperator taken from her. Then she thought, maybe and then again maybe not. This plan would be oh so dangerous to pull off.

Using a towel she had in a pocket of her backpack Julie carefully removed a handful of leaves. She gritted her teeth and rushed forward. Luckily the mother daughter team were large and ponderous and slow to react. Quickly Julie rubbed leaves on Daughter Morgan's large bare ass. She she hardly got out a “Hey,” when her words began to slur. Mother Morgan quickly got the same treatment. She too began to let out some unintelligible moans. Julie stuffed the remaining leaves into her back pack and began to roll Mother Morgan off her victim. With some grunting and groaning she managed to get her on her side. Now she was presented with another problem.

It had been a hot day and Stan's body and Mother Morgan's body were more or less fused together due to the sweat. Though on her side Stan's face and body was still pressed firmly to her. Julie didn't have the strength to hold Mother Morgan up with one hand and pull Stan away with the other. Luckily gravity intervened and Stan slumped to the ground.

Julie gave him a quick look. He looked in bad shape, very bad shape. He was covered in sweat, his once wavy soft hair was all askew and matted down. The handsome mans face was now covered with a collection of Mother Morgan's pubic hair. Stan's nose was all wet and shinny. What concerned Julie was his breathing as it came in short shallow gasps. She wondered if he could even walk. With one mighty push Julie rolled Mother Morgan over onto her back. A long slurred, “Noooo,” erupted from the woman. It seemed both women were coming around. Man would Mother Morgan be pissed, some upstart of a girl stealing her victim right out from under her.

Julie helped Stan to his feet and led him away. Slowly she made her way to one of her camp. It wasn't an easy journey for Stan kept stumbling as they went. At last they arrived and she pushed him inside. She quickly positioned him on his back. “Thanks, you saved me.” he gasped. Julie felt bad when she lay down on his face in a 69 position. She spread her legs as wide as she could and worked his handsome nose up into her. Julie then began a slow rhythmic pumping motion on him to begin the deadly smother.

She was happy with Stan being her first Imperator kill of the game. “One down and two more to go.” she thought. With Craig killed by Crazy Girl that only left Rocket Boy as an easy mark. The only ones left after that would be the more dangerous type. Besides she had Thug Boy out looking for her. Julie left those thoughts and concentrating on enjoying a most delicious smother.

Her pleasant smothering had gone on for sometime when she heard someone coming down the trail – Thug Boy. He was muttering to himself and every other word was “kill.” There was then some loud wood to wood sounds. Thug Boy, out of frustration, was hitting a tree or two with his enormous club. Julie stopped her pumping motions and lay still. Stan was, by now, almost dead so he didn't thrash about. Thug Boy passes and half hour later Julie drug Stan's body out of her camp to be collected by the AW's. She propped him up against a tree. Even in death he was a handsome man; what a waste.

Julie went back to her encampment to get some well earned sleep. The shadows were growing long when she woke with a start. A twig had snapped. Julie had placed a number of brittle thin twigs across the main routs into her camp. “One twig, okay, no big deal,” she thought and was prepared to go back to sleep when she heard another snap. This one was closer. Julie was now on full alert and carefully scooted across the dirt floor of her camp towards an exit on the other side. She couldn't reach her backpack and would have to leave it behind. A third snap very close by. Their was a long silence. It was broken with a wild yell. Julie reacted quickly and fled out the exit.

With her grandmothers guidance Julie had constructed her camps with one main pole in the center and all roof branches supported on it. If someone came barging into her camp and knocked over the center support the whole thing would come down on their head. This is what happened. It was Thug Boy swearing up a storm when the whole mess crashed down on him. Julie was far away quickly. She wondered about and as darkness approached found herself at the main area where the games had begun.

Across the field from her at the games starting point were arrayed a number of luxury mobile campers. Each one had extensive advertising on the side. Julie knew that Imperators were afforded the luxury of spending the night in their own personal trailer and away from the dirt and mud. Julie didn't have to fear an Imperator out at night as night hunting was only undertaken by a few of the most skilled predators. Granny hadn't indicated any of this crowd exhibited such prowess.

Julie was going to turn away when she remembered an obscure Hunger Games rule. If a Imperator retires to one of these campers for the evening the door must be locked otherwise the camper would be considered part of the arena. Julie then went about looking for a weapon. “Ah,” she said to herself and hefted a large jagged ugly rock. “now this would get some Imperators attention.”

Carefully she approached each trailer. It seemed the Imperators were all at home, probably enjoying a drink or two after a strenuous day of Plebe killing. She'd carefully tried 6 campers when the seventh was unlocked. Being as quiet as possible Julie crept inside. There, at the end of the camper, was The Hunk. He was naked with his back to her. He had a red haired female Plebe down on his bed on her back with her head overhanging the edge. The Hunk was furiously stroking his erection down the poor girls throat. He must have been enjoying himself considerable since he was moaning with pleasure with every stroke.

It was easy for Julie to creep up behind him as the trailer was dimly let. Julie hefted her rock and then with all her strength walloped The Hunk across the back of the head. He staggered and said, “What the hell,” and reached for the back of his head. Julie gave him another wallop and again he staggered. With all the strength she could muster Julie gave a third smash with her jagged rock across the back of The Hunk's head. Blood and gore was splattered all over. The Hunk slumped forward across the girl - dead. Julie then gave a couple wallops with her heavy rock across the head of the red headed Plebe. More blood and gore.

“Ewwee,” Thought Julie and dropped the rock to the camper floor. She was covered in blood and brains. Julie quickly took a well needed shower and slunk out the door into the cool night air. “Mission accomplished. Two down and one more to go, she thought to herself. Julie found safety under the overhang of a large pine tree. The night was cold and long and she welcomed the dawning of a new day.
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story Ch 8

Day 4 – Let's Finish This

Julie got a late start and began to carefully look over her environment. The hole arena seemed very still and quiet, no sounds, nothing. Not even a stray Fish was about, probably because they’d all been smothered off. Julie was sure the available arena area had been shrunken even further during the night. She was getting hunger but no backpacks could be found.

Julie skirted the now dubbed Massacre Field looking for a backpack. She inadvertently came across Crazy Girl. Crazy Girl was laying on the face of a young male Plebe in a 69. She was gently pumping her hips up and down in a slow measured manner. At first Crazy Girl never gave Julie any notice. Julie had a stray thought. Crazy Girl was perhaps a couple years younger than her, true she was muscular but perhaps Julie could take her.

It seemed like Crazy Girl had ESP and knew her thoughts for she gave Julie a look that can't be described in mere words. It was like a wild predator such as a lion might look at a rival. “What was she thinking,” Julie realized. “Heck, even the muscular and experienced Wild Woman stayed clear of Crazy Girl. Julie quickly got the message and backed away into the woods.

Hunger was really gnawing at her. “Ah, just what I need,” Julie though upon seeing a nice well stuffed backpack. She casually ran over to it and bent down. It was only when she heard a rustle of grass behind her Julie realized her mistake. It was a trap set out to catch some unsuspecting prey. Julie had the barest of a second to react. She ran, ran for her life, clear out into the tall grass of Massacre Field. Her pursuer was right behind. She chanced a look; it was Rocket Boy.

Normally she might beat him in a fair wrestling match however Rocket Boy held an ugly jagged rock in his hand which would narrow any conflict in his favor by a considerable amount. He was fast, very fast and getting closer by every step. Julie looked around then saw a small path leading out of the field. She remembered she'd set up a booby trap there. She really hoped it was still in operation. She'd set it high to only catch a fellow Plebe or Imperator.

Julie ran near a small group of trees. Reacting quickly she knocked a small support twig away from a branch. With a loud whoosh the sprung branch was un-sprung and swung back. It hit Rocket Boy right in the face sending him back a good 10 feet or more and right into the clearing. He was left sitting on his ass with a surprised stunned look on his face. Julie had a quick choice to make, she could run off and get away from Rocket Boy or stay and kill him. She decided on the kill.

Julie raced over and sat down on his shoulders, pushing him to the ground. A long smother in such an exposed place was not an option so she began to choke him. He immediately began gasping and thrashing about. She noticed a shadow over the area; a large Benson Corp. Hunger Games float craft was overhead. Julie ignored it and concentrated on choking her captive to death. The kill had gone on fine for a full ten minutes when Julie noticed some movement across the field, it was Gloria. Gloria at the same moment noticed her and immediately began running towards Julie.

Though near death Rocket Boy was still hanging on. Gloria was getting dangerously close now. Julie still had time to run but if she stayed she'd have to face the deadly killing skills of the arena's greatest hunter. Just a bit longer and she'd have him. Sweat was pouring from her body making her hands slippery. Gloria drew too close for Julie to run, she had to kill Rocket Boy and finish it. Finally the boy twitched hard under her and died. None too soon for Gloria was closing fast.

Red flairs suddenly burst in the sky above signaling a halt in the games. If on a victim the Imperator can stay on the victim it was just they couldn't do any active smothering or kills. Gloria let her momentum carry herself past and she vanished into the forest. The huge official game float craft landed in the clearing, others much smaller craft began to land as well. Game officials, Benson executives and media poured from the ships and headed towards Julie.

She had done it, killed 3 Imperators and would be awarded the rare honor of Special Imperator. The last one given had been 14 years prior. Julie luckily had been coached by her grandmother about how to handle notoriety. She knew image meant everything so she removed her bra and stood naked before the press. She made sure to stand over the head of the dead Rocket Boy with her legs wide apart, hands on hips and a defiant look on her face. The media loved it and picture after picture was taken.

The second Julie stood victorious in the arena her beloved grandmother suffered a massive heart attack. She had been sitting up on small boy and he was near death when it had occurred. Somehow he managed to push her body off him and dial paramedics. It was to no avail, she was dead.

The Over the Top Fan:
Suddenly while watching the Hunger Games drama Gale decided to chuck it all and get a life. The Witch Twins, her favorites, hadn't done so well and many of the Witch Twins fans had migrated to Julie's new forming club. Gale had a notion that she just didn't care anymore; the Hunger Games, fan club, posters, none of it. She would chuck it all.

All the posters came down, even her special personally signed ones were ripped from the walls. Every video of the twins in action were dumped in one box along with any other Hunger Games memorabilia. Gale went into her bathroom and removed the white and black greasepaint from her face. Next she took the whole mess, ever last vestige of it and dumped it all in a refuse bin in the alley.

Gale grabbed her mobile PC and walked two blocks to her favorite coffee bar, Starlight Coffee. Securing a table and a coffee and doughnut she sat down and started up her PC. Orchids, she thought, her hobby would be the cultivation and growing of orchids. The were so pretty and colorful; she would bring color and life into her world. Gale's obsession with the Hunger Games and all it's killing was not a healthy outlet.

The Slob:
Melvin was growing increasingly frantic. He loved to sit and masturbate while watching the sexy Hunger Games ladies make delicious sensual kill after kill. He could hardly contain himself. Cum was squirting all around him, the TV, keyboard even the remnants of a half eaten pizza on the table were drenched. His gyrations were so much that there was a loud crash. Melvin found himself sitting on his fat ass amidst the broken pieces of his chair. “Duh!” he said stunned, “what the fuck.”

The Family:
You remember poor John Klein being violently smothered incessantly by his very own daughter. She's still at it, harder and heavier than ever. John's young son Tony is also having to endure the full smother force of his older sister Heather. Meanwhile downstairs his lovely wife Brenda was just getting off the phone with the family lawyer. Some months back John inherited a vast fortune and wasn't too amiable to share with the family. She squealed with delight, if John dies she gets it all.

Unbeknownst to John his wife and daughters had a um, secret conference. Brett the college bound daughter would get a brand new car to drive back to school in. Heather would get the most deluxe smother bed available plus a delicious assortment of young males to be delivered on a daily basis. Naturally the three ladies got almost unlimited credit cards.

Brenda was especially happy since she would also get Jean-Pierre her French tennis instructor. She rolled her eyes with delight just picturing him. The things he could do to a female body were, well, should be illegal.

A small little problem, the girls were having great fun and wanted to make the kill last. No big thing to Brenda, let them enjoy themselves. The handsome Jean-Pierre could wait another month or two. Brenda then went on line looking for appropriate funeral type cloths – a girl has to be prepared.

The Boss:
He sat at his desk boiling over with fury. “Tank, you and Ferro bring Bennie up her PRONTO!” he yelled. Big Sal's hoods knew that when the boss was mad you jumped, no questions asked. Minutes later they returned with a frightened Bennie sandwiched in between the muscular men.

“Hey Bennie haven't I treated you right? You know money, broads?” Big Sal said in a soft conciliatory tone. “Um, yea boss,” stammered Bennie. “See here on this big screen TV. Look it's da Hunger Games. Hey look Bennie that cute broad Julie with the nice ass she's all happy. Do you know why she all happy Bennie?” Big Sal said leaning across the desk glaring at Bennie. “No boss, I don't.” “She's happy cuz she just won dem Hunger Games.” Big Sal said holding back his fury. “Good for her boss.” Bennie stammered.

“Hey Bennie look, she's standing over a body. Hey, she's killed somebody. Bennie should I zoom in and see who it is?” Bennie didn't respond. “Wow, it's dat Rocket Kid.” Big Sal said with a snarl. Tank leaned forward and added softly, “Boss that's Rocket Boy not Kid.” Big Sal slammed his powerful fist hard down on his desk. “Kid, Boy, I don't give a shit. I'm talk'en here, don't interrupt.” Tank realized his error and clammed up.

Big Sal continued, “She killed Rocket Boy and is now some big shot Imperator. I could'da made a fortune off her. Now I calls Willie the Wiesel and he tells me you bet on Rocket Boy here not Julie like I told ya. Two thousand Gold Credits gone. Bennie I'm so disappointed in you.” Big Sal then sat back into his lush black leather executive chair and pulled an obviously expensive cigar from a gold inlaid box. He lit the cigar and then took a couple long puffs, letting the smoke twist and curl it' way up into a ceiling air vent. “Take Bennie here down to the river. He's gon'na sleep with the little fishes. Now get this dead guy out'ta here, he's stinking up the place.” Big Sal took another puff or two and said to himself, “Stupid fuck!”

Back at the Hunger Games a reported thrust a microphone in Julie's face and asked. “Most Imperators have some other name, you know for commercialization purposes. What would yours be?” Julie thought for a second. “Um, let's see. I got it, Queen of the Kill. Yea that's me, Queen of the Kill.

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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story

wow great job
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Default Re: Queen of the Kill A Hunger Games type Story

Well it took a while, but I finally finish reading your story. It well written, had some great smother/facesitting scenes and it's an excellent parady.

That said, I still don't understand the logistics of the story here. The vast majority of those being smothered to death, are young men. Governments sweep and population control aside, I don't understand how this socity can survive. Wouldn't the supply of men (young or otherwise) be gone, WAAAYYY before they can be replaced? This is especially a problem when you considered how often facesitting to death occurs.

That something to think about.
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