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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Post that I found on some forum:

Subject: should i continue to keep mixed wrestling because of this fetish guy?

i was wrestling in this wrestling skool i go to (love wrestling). and this guy and me were wrestling and i put him in a headscissor for like 15 minutes and i think he got ko'ed but it wasnt counted cause he was still moving so i still pinned him by sitting on him and then the coach raised my hand and i had my foot on his chest for like 5 mins. and now he keeps asking me to do the headscissor move on him and i dont want this to become a fetish thing. i love wrestling but my partner is getting obssesed with me and my headscissor so should i drop out!

Posted by Melissa Trudy
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Story Name: Senorita Muscles
Author: NiceGuyInVa

I recently got a new boss and it goes to show you should never jump to conclusions. Though she only stood 5'1", she was a beautiful Mexican woman with rich brown eyes and flowing jet black hair to the center of her back.

When I first heard that old man Jenkins, Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs was being replaced by 29 year old Juanita Vasquez, I pictured either some dowdy overweight, nose to the grindstone woman, or a gorgeous woman who slept her way to the top.

After working for her for 3 months, I was pleasantly surprised with her intelligence, and although she could be a bit demanding at times, generally found her fair minded. I guess the thing that surprised me the most was the day she took off her suit jacket when we were both working late in her office. It was the first time I had seen her without a complete pants suit, with jacket.

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head and my jaw dropped open as I openly stared at the massive muscular development, totally exposed by the silk sleeveless shirt. She had to have the most defined upper body development on anyone, man or woman I had ever seen, and I couldn't hide my excitement as I sprouted a throbbing erection.

I looked up into her eyes and turned beat read as she stared at my crotch with a smile on her face.

I wanted to crawl under her couch and hide. "I'm very sorry Ms. Vasquez. I didn't mean for this to happen."

Seductively she moved toward me and surprised me by grabbing my crotch, just firmly enough to let me know she was in charge.

"Tell me why you got a hard on Richard, my little Gringo. Is it because I am your boss? Or could it be because you have a thing for Mexican women."

Stepping back, she hit a double biceps pose and her arms exploded with powerful bronzed muscle.

...."or was it perhaps that you like strong muscular women?"

I had always masturbated to the women in muscle magazines, but I had never come close to meeting one in person, and now, the woman who I reported to for guidance everyday was flaunting her incredible development before my eyes.

"I can tell by that bulge in your pants that my little Gringo likes what he sees. If you would like to see more, you will have to remove your clothes first."

I thought about how hairy my body was, and how underdeveloped my arms and legs were, but I decided, the hell with it. This was an opportunity too exquisite to pass up, so I quickly disrobed and stood naked, with my hands over my cock, praying that she wouldn't be turned off by my body.

"Mmmmm....you look so sexy."

I wondered if I had heard correctly. Did she just call me sexy?

"Put your hands down by your side and slowly turn around so I can have a look at you."

I did as I was told, holding my breath for her analysis.

"Oh yes. Very nice. I love a hairy body, and most of my past Hispanic boyfriends had none anywhere except their crotch. You are not only endowed with the hairiest chest I have ever seen, but you even have it on your back. Incredible!"

"I guess you have kept your end of the bargain, so let me know what you think."

Slowly she removed the silk shirt from her body and the musculature sprang to life in her broad tanned shoulders. She removed her bra and her firm breasts stood magnificently with large brown aureoles.

I was mesmerized by her beauty and fitness as I my cock rose to it's full four inches. Juanita stared at my erection and licked her lips. "Mmmm, you have the cutest, sexiest little pink dick. My countrymen are all dark brown, and the pink looks so healthy and delicious."

I could not have written a more incredible script than what I was hearing as I watched her remove her pants and panties. She turned slowly allowing me to take in every muscular inch of her beauty, and I just had to know....

"Um, Ms. Vasquez can I ask you a question?"

"It's Juanita after hours, and sure you can ask me a question?"

"Well, I don't want to sound like a jerk, but are you as strong as you look?"

With a sly smile she beckoned me with her index finger and I approached her beautiful naked body.

She held up her spread fingers for a test of mercy and we locked up. She told me to go, and I tried to twist her fingers with all my might, but they did not budge. After thirty seconds, she smiled and almost without any effort bent my fingers back in one steady easy motion, sending me to my knees.

"Ple...Please, I give."

Fortunately she released my fingers immediately, then moved to her coffee table and held her hand up for an arm wrestling contest. I got on my knees opposite her and locked hands and she once again waited for me to start. I tensed every muscle in my body, straining against her arm, but it was useless trying to move her, and slowly she put me down to the table. God this woman was incredible!

"Well I guess that proves that you are as strong as you look. Please don't kick the shit out of me for asking, but um....are you as tasty as you look?"

"Oh my. My little sexy hairy Gringo is an oral man is he? Well why don't we clear off this desk and you can decide for yourself."

As she lay on her back, I slowly advanced and began to lick and suck her toes. I moved up her bulging calves and thighs taking care not to miss an inch, and when I made it to her hairy wet pussy, the scent and taste was incredible which I feasted on for twenty minutes.

"Juanita...um, you wouldn't think it was too perverted if I asked you to turn over so I could do your back would you?"

"Oh Lord I have hit pay dirt. If my past boyfriends would go anywhere near my backside, I had to nearly sterilize it. You are such a nasty sexy little man."

I thought I would pass out when I lowered my head to the round muscular cheeks of her ass. The smell of her was exotic, and she had dark black hairs at and in the crack of her ass. I slowly licked from the tip of her pussy up into her ass crack and deeply inserted my hungry tongue into her rectum. I was in heaven, and devoured her for another twenty minutes.

Flipping to her back once again, she directed me to straddle her face with my crotch, and she took my pink member into her mouth as she inserted a finger into my asshole. I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit as we both moaned with pleasure. We screamed out simultaneously in mind blowing orgasms, then held each other as we slowly came back to earth.

Although she is my boss, is far superior to me in intelligence, income, and strength, I hope that one day I will come to own her with my Gringo tongue and she will ask me to marry her.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

If anyone has the first part to this story then please post the same.

Story Name: Mom vs. Dad
Author: Nicepuppy

After David and I lost to our mothers—or should I say, after we were beaten and thoroughly humiliated by our mothers, forced to kiss their feet — I sank into something of a depression. David didn't want to talk to me, blaming me for his humiliation. And I guess that was fair; he had been dominating both the women, and if I hadn't allowed them to turn the tables on me, then he never would have tried to help, never would have been choked into near-unconsciousness by his own mom, never would have had her put him into a double-hammerlock and never would have had her rub his face into the grass.

Around the house I tried to avoid Mom, but that's not easy during the summer. I tried to find other things to do, and yet I didn't want to be with anybody else. I kept worrying that other people would find out about the mother-son wrestling match.

Mom didn't help matters any by teasing me occasionally about her victory.

The thing I most worried about was Dad finding out. My father was a man's man: tall, strong, and very much in charge. I had a lot to live up to, and I desperately wanted to keep this defeat a secret. Fortunately Mom seemed to sense this, and she didn't mention anything about the match when he was around. It was our little secret…until one day, later in the summer, when the cat just slipped right out of the bag. It was one of the most significant days of my life, and possibly the most important day in my family's history.

It began in an ordinary way. My mom, as she often did on Saturday mornings, was in the back yard sunbathing. After the wrestling incident I couldn't look at her in a bikini any more — it brought up too many painful memories of her curvy, middle-aged body somehow overpowering my own — so when she went to sunbathe I would watch TV in the living room at the front of the house, as far away from her as possible. Dad had been working on one of the cars but he'd come inside for a break and was sitting in the easy chair in the corner, watching TV with me, when Mom came inside. Standing in the doorway, Mom couldn't see Dad in the corner, just me, so she didn't realize she could hear when she asked, "So Matt, did you clean up your room yet?"

"No, not yet. But I've got all day," I said.

And then the words that changed the course of all our lives. "You need to clean it now, dear. Or do I have to force you to do it? We both know I can make you. I'd love another chance to make you kiss my toes."

"What?" my dad said, his voice a question and an accusation at the same time. There was silence as my mom stepped into

the room and looked at Dad, who looked at her and then at me. I stared down, unable to face my father's gaze or the sight of Mom in her pink bikini.

"What are you talking about?" Dad asked, to either of us who would answer. Mom spoke since I couldn't.

"A month or so ago, it was kind of funny, David and Matt challenged me and Kitty to a wrestling match —"

"What?!" my father spat in disbelief. Now he was sitting forward on his chair.

"It was in the back yard. Just for fun. We were just fooling around, you know how it is. And, well, we won."

"Who is we?" my father demanded. I wanted to be anywhere in the world but in that room at that moment. Dad was staring at me while he waited for Mom to answer. I could feel his eyes burning on me as she said, matter-of-factly, "Kitty and I won, that's what I said."

Dad spoke to me. "Is that true? Your mom beat you in wrestling?"

"Well, kind of . . . " I stuttered, trying to figure out how to admit this. "You see, it was two against one, and, it's not like I was trying or anything, and —"

"Now wait just a second," said Mom. She stepped forward and I flinched. Dad saw this; he could tell I was scared of her.

"You let your Mom beat you up? And she made you kiss her feet?" I couldn't answer … instead I stared down — straight at Mom's bare feet, her toenails painted bright pink.

There was silence. I wanted to die. Dad couldn't figure out what to think. And Mom…well, it turns out Mom was feeling insulted. She was the one who broke the silence.

"Why should I be able to outwrestle him?" she asked. "He's taller than me, and a little heavier, but I'm a grown woman and he's still a boy."

Dad laughed. "Come on! Next you'll want to challenge me! You women are getting some crazy ideas these days."

"Are you saying I couldn't possibly outwrestle you?" she asked, the challenge evident in her voice.

"Damn right that's what I'm saying," said Dad. He rose from the chair and in one motion swept Mom's legs from under her and rolled her firmly but gently to the carpeted floor. She tried to escape but in seconds he had both her wrists held securely in one of his big hands and had her legs secured underneath his other arm. He laughed as she tried to squirm away. Seeing how easily Dad had overpowered Mom made my previous defeat that much more embarrassing. "See," said Dad, speaking to both of us, "a woman doesn't have a chance against a man. I know Matt's still a teenager, but I can't believe you really won against him. He must not have been trying."

At that moment I felt a surge of love for Dad. He had stuck up for me!

Mom, however, did not share my same warm feelings for Dad. I saw a flash of anger in Mom's eyes. She stopped struggling and Dad let her go. Still on his knees kneeling beside her, he turned to me. "Son, I know it's hard to know when to use your strength. I appreciate your not wanting to hurt your mom. But if she's going to embarrass you, you've got to defend yourself."

As he finished, Mom, still lying on the floor beneath him, spun her body slightly and threw her legs into the air. Snap! She scissored her legs around Dad's neck. His face registered amazement, and he immediately put his hands up to try to pry her legs off.

"Defend yourself against this, big boy!" Mom yelled as twisted her body in an attempt to throw Dad off his knees. His strength was too much, and she couldn't force him into a prone position. I was surprised, though, that he couldn't rip her legs from around his neck. She had one calf under his chin, and her ankles were hooked together tightly, and despite his efforts he couldn't force his was free. However, his laughter showed him to be amused by Mom's attack rather than concerned.

As he struggled with her legs, Dad laughed the way a grown-up laughs in the pool when a kindergartener hangs on his back trying to dunk him. There was no sense of real competition. Mom, supporting her weight with her elbows, was trying to shake Dad's head back and forth, trying to knock him to one side or the other, but he was too solid. His laughter seemed to make her angrier.

"See?" Dad said to me through his laughter. "I don't want to hurt her, but I'm not going to let her hurt me, either."

It was at that moment, though, when I began to think the tide might be turning in Mom's favor. Despite his words, he was frustrated that he couldn't break free of Mom's legs. And her grip on his neck was beginning to take its toll. I don't know if she was partially cutting off the blood flow to his head or perhaps making it hard for him to breathe, but Dad was turning red and beginning to gasp for breath. Soon he wasn't laughing at all. Mom was shaking him more vigorously and his position upright on his knees became less and less stable.

I hadn't moved, hadn't spoken, during the beginning of this wrestling match between my parents, and I remained motionless as finally Dad fell with a loud thud to the floor. When he hit, Mom's grip on his neck was loosened for an instant, and it looked like he would slip his head free from her legs. But instead Mom reacted more quickly; she leaned forward and grabbed Dad by the hair and pulled him closer to her bikini-covered crotch, then clamped her motherly thighs closed over his ears.

It was an incredible scene: my mother, feminine and mousy, wearing only a pink bikini to hold her heaving breasts and cover her round rear end, holding my father's head in between her sweaty thighs. His face was now purple and his eyes showed anger and confusion. Lying on his side, one of his arms was trapped beneath his body. With the other he tried desperately to wrench Mom's thighs apart, but Mom grabbed his thick wrist with her thin hand and pulled it away. Although she wasn't nearly as strong as Dad, she was able to keep him from opening her legs.

Now it was Mom who laughed while Dad squirmed and kicked his legs helplessly. "Come on, honey," teased Mom. "Defend yourself so I don't hurt you." Dad grunted in reply, causing Mom to giggle even more.

The scene was too intense, too bizarre, too unsettling for my youthful psyche. I couldn't watch. Without knowing what I was going, I rose and ran from the room. Finding myself in the kitchen I got a drink of Kool-Aid and then forced myself to face the situation. It wasn't as bad as I thought, I told myself. Mom and Dad were just playing around, getting frisky. That's what married people do. It wasn't real. With those thoughts in mind I ate a sandwich before returning to the living room.

But when I returned, the scene was even worse. In the ten minutes I had been gone, Dad had apparently never escaped from the headscissors. Mom had trapped him even more securely, his nose now just and inch from the pink bikini covering her crotch. Moreover, she had managed to twist one of his arms into a hammerlock, and she was wrenching his wrist high in between his shoulder blades. Dad's legs were barely moving, kicking feebly. Clearly he was helpless. A high-pitched whimper was escaping his lips.

"Mom!" I yelled. "Stop it! You're hurting him!" But I didn't try to intervene.

Mom looked up, surprised, as though she had been lost in a reverie and hadn't realized what she was doing. "OK," she said, regaining her focus. She released his arm and opened her legs, pushing her husband's head to the carpet. Standing up, Mom adjusted her bikini top and her bottom. As Dad slowly shook the blood back into his head and massaged his arm, Mom looked at me, grinning.

"So I guess it wasn't a fluke when I kicked your ass, huh?" she said. She was so obviously proud of herself, and happy with her power, that I almost smiled in spite of myself.

Dad pulled himself to his knees, then used the easy chair to climb to his feet. "You cheated," he said slowly, working his jaw to loosen it up. His face was fiery red, his hair disheveled. He saw me standing there, unbelieving, and his eyes dropped to the floor. Just as I was embarrassed to let him know that I had been defeated by my own mother, his own shame at having been held captive by his wife's legs was intensified by my having witnessed it.

"Want to go another round?" asked Mom, holding her hands out toward him, fingers open, challenging him to a game of "mercy." I remembered my own test of strength with Mom, after I'd already been weakened. Surely she couldn't expect to have the same outcome against Dad! Although she had managed to beat me, he was so much bigger and stronger, I didn't see any hope for her.

And there wasn't, really. Mom had either overestimated her ability or she had wanted to give her husband a chance to redeem himself. Within seconds she was on her knees, her fingers bent painfully backward. She had tried to reverse the hold as she'd done with me but Dad was simply too strong. As he bore down on her she grimaced, her teeth clenched and eyes nearly shut. He forced her all the way to the carpet and straddled her. He easily held her down and sat up, triumphant. She wiggled underneath him but it was clearly impossible for her to extricate herself. Dad smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"OK," said Mom, an air of resignation in her voice. "So we're even now. Let me up and we'll go have some lunch." "What do you mean, even?" Dad asked. He had the advantage now, and he was clearly going to press it. "It doesn't look like we're even to me."

"Come on," said Mom. "I let you go. You never would have gotten out of my leglock if hadn't let you. Now you've got me pinned. So we're even."

"We're not even," snapped Dad. "I'm on top, you're on the bottom. Just remember, I wear the pants in this family."

My parents stared at each other in silence, letting this last comment rest on the brittle air in the room. I stood still, confused, worried. Mom had stopped struggling; now she was just glaring at Dad. Finally she spoke. "Want to make it best two out of three? How about one more time, to see who really wears the pants in the family?"

In an instant they were both on their feet, eyeing each other warily. Dad had taken the challenge, determined to solidify his role as the dominant family member. As they slowly circled each other, I was struck by the ridiculousness of the scene: my dad, six feet tall and athletically built, in jeans and a t-shirt, loomed over my mom who, at five and a half feet and wearing only a bikini, looked like she should be building sandcastles at the beach.

Dad charged his wife and knocked her backward to the carpet. Although she was caught off guard, she managed to wrap her legs around his midsection and—more importantly—wrap her arms around his head. He was on top of her but quickly found that she was in control: his face was firmly buried in between her two pillowy breasts. He tried to back away but she clung to him like ivy. Dad pushed himself up to all fours while Mom hung beneath him like a sloth. He tried to rise all the way to a standing position, and he might have been able to in spite of her dead weight hanging from him, but he was already so tired out from the fight that he couldn't get further up than his knees. All the while I could see Mom pulsing her legs rhythmically around his ribs, crushing and then releasing the pressure, then crushing again. Eventually Dad collapsed and Mom giggled as she held him on her chest and he floundered helplessly. Every second that ticked by he lost more strength, unable to breathe with his face smothered by her chest, and unable to escape the crushing power of Mom's middle-aged thighs.

Soon Dad's struggles slowed and Mom rolled him over to his back, so that now she was on top. She released his head but quickly grabbed his elbows and pushed them to the floor. Amazingly Mom was now strong enough (or Dad was weak enough) that she was able to hold his arms pinned. She still kept her chest on his face, continuing to smother him with her chest. At first he kicked and tried to roll her off. But after a couple minutes he stopped moving. Mom lifted her chest up and looked down. She and I both saw Dad's red face, sweaty and swollen, as he gasped for breath in between Mom's large, dangling breasts. Mom sat up on his chest and readjusted her bikini top.

"I guess we're finding out who wears the pants in the family, aren't we, honey?" she asked me. I didn't answer.

My Mom had always seemed like a typical Mom: baking cookies, making soup when I was sick, putting band-aids on my cuts, volunteering at school, cooking dinner for the family. So I was completely unprepared for this vicious side of her. Perhaps being the cook and nurse for the family for so long had made her resentful. Whatever her motivations, my Dad was about to suffer for them.

Still sitting on his chest she slapped him a few times until he opened his eyes. "Who wears the pants in the family? Huh?"

"I do," he groaned. This was the wrong answer. She forced him to a sitting position, then had a seat behind him on the carpet. Grabbing one of his wrists, then the other, while he offered little resistance, Mom braced her feet in the middle of his back and then pulled back on his arms as hard as she could. He grimaced in pain and shouted inarticulate curses. I still watched, motionless, now deep in psychological shock. Dad was so helpless. I heard popping and snapping noises and feared that Mom was doing permanent damage to his arms or shoulders, and so finally I begged her to stop.

"Who wears the pants?" she asked. My father didn't reply. I silently longed for him to give in and tell her that she wore the pants so that she would stop her torture, but he stubbornly refused. Perhaps he refused because he knew I was watching, and he couldn't stand the shame of having his son see his humiliation at the hands of his smaller wife.

Whatever the reason, Dad held out. So Mom inflicted more pain. She let him go and he fell sideways to the carpet. Forcing him to his back again, Mom stretched out his right arm beside his head and sat on it, pinning it down firmly. She pulled his left arm behind his head and held his left wrist securely with her own left hand. This allowed her to have her right hand free. As Dad lay helpless beneath her, unable to unseat her or roll away, Mom pulled his t-shirt up and exposed his stomach and ribs.

It was such a strange sight, his powerfully built body helpless underneath her curvy, feminine form. Methodically, laughing all the while, Mom clawed Dad's stomach and chest, driving her long, pink fingernails into his flesh, as he whimpered incoherently. My father, crying like a girl, unable to stop his wife from torturing him. I begged Mom to stop.

She stood and walked over to me. Patting me on the head, she looked sympathetic. "I'm sorry that you're seeing this, honey. Who would have thought I'd be able to beat up both of you? But I didn't start it, you know."

As I pondered that, she walked back to her prone and semi-conscious husband. I watched as she unfastened his jeans and slowly slid them off. He could barely resist as she left him in only his skivvies and his ripped t-shirt. Then Mom pulled his jeans up and over her ample butt. After she rolled the legs up several times, his jeans fit her relatively well. She stood over him, her foot on his chest.

"Who wears the pants?" she asked.

Still he didn't respond. Dad just looked up at her, both angry and afraid. She moved her small foot, with her pink toenails, to his throat and pressed down.

"Say it," she commanded.

Still he refused. Mom put more and more of her weight onto Dad's throat until he was obviously choking and nearing unconsciousness. I begged her to stop.

"OK, honey. I'll stop soon," she said to me as she looked down at Dad, who was desperate for air. "But first I have to convince your dad that I am now in charge of the family." She looked at me. "You know who's in charge, don't you?"

"You are," I whispered.

"Don't forget it young man. Now go upstairs to your room. You don't need to see any more of this."

I was grateful to be dismissed. As I crept from the room, cowardly, ashamed that I'd let my father be humiliated — as I had been humiliated — I turned in time to see Mom lower her butt, clad in Dad's own jeans, onto his desperate, beaten face.

From that day, Mom wore the pants. Dad wore them, too, but only when she sat on his face.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

I found this in another forum. The events are supposed to be true according to the author whose name was given as " D " :

My gf and I are into the whole CFNM scene - about once a month or so we do CFNM wrestling --- she wears anything ranging from a bikini to jeans and a T-shirt. I am of course, totally nude.

Even though she is 5-6 135 lbs to my 6-1 195 lbs she knows jiu-jitsu and easily defeats me -- she doesn't pin me right away though (even though she easily could) - I get to feel her great body and of course even though I lose it's quite a turn-on.

Sometimes, like last night, after the match she will give me a playful over the knee spanking for "losing to a girl." She'll whisper things in my ear like "did you like it getting beaten up by a girl?" Last night she was really into it and we were both really turned-on -- in between spanks she would fondle my testicles or run her fingernail up and down my butt -- we hadn't had sex in a few weeks and I was really "congested" down there.

Anyway, finally she rolls me off her lap, then as is customary after one of her wins, she stands over me, puts a foot on my chest, flexes her muscles and says something like " the winner, majority breadwinner, smartest and toughest, and still champion, ME!" - that always turns me on ---

Anyway,this time,last night ,she is standing over me,my penis is rock hard and twitching pointing straight up- but instead of on my chest she puts her foot,right on my pubic hair area,just above my penis -- as she's doing her "and the winner" speech, she pressed down with her foot ever so slightly and I just ERUPTED! I mean semen flew up and hit her shin just below her knee. She jumped back and screamed and then started laughing as we both watched my testes empty onto my stomach. It had to be close to a tablespoon and a half of semen.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Hey, any one in here interested in more rivalry type stories? As in, not just the woman proves her worth, but the guy is her equal. For example a guy and girl decide to fight and wrestle under the pretense it's a fair fight. Pretty much my dream, haha. I can think of a couple authors who write this way: Emish, of course, Gark on seakingsfemfight, soxs the guy who wrote on the story corner, and oddly enough these incest mother vs. son fights on literotica. Any one else interested in or know any other authors like this? This story "Mixed Novices" by Gark is pretty indicative of my ideal:

It was nearly 2:00 in the morning and Luke still wasn’t home. I was waiting up for him, but not sure why. I’d had feelings for Luke for years, but never acted on them, opting for the safer ‘friends’ status. Being friends had worked well, probably too well. Sure, we were roommates, but that was where it ended. Luke treated me as a friend, and for all he knew, I had the same feelings for him. But it was all a lie. I wanted more with him, and in fact, I’d wanted more with him for several years.

It was quite natural the way it had happened, after all, we grew up next door to each other. We were only a month apart in age and our parents found it convenient to provide daycare / babysitting for each other. So we were together most every day during childhood, playing, learning to walk & talk together, fighting over toys, passing through toddler-hood, going to kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school and college together. During the last two years of college, and ever since, we’d been roommates. And, always we were friends. How could it be any other way??

Luke & I had a lot of the same interests and hung out with the same group of friends. We fit naturally together, and had we met later in life, I was certain that it would have been romantically. But we had grown comfortable with each other, traveling too far down the ‘friends’ path. Things had been fine for many of our years together, but in the last half-year or so since college, my feelings for Luke began to change, especially when he went on a date with one female or another. Those feelings of jealousy were new for me.

We were teased incessantly about our names, Luke & Leia. What could be cornier? Obviously both of our parents had been big Star Wars fans, and when my parents named me Leia, a month later Luke’s parents naturally named him Luke. Of course, at the time, no one knew the movie characters were siblings, but that seemed to be our way, too. Luke & I were fans of the movies, too, but we tried to keep a low profile about it.

Our parents didn’t object to Luke and I rooming together, in fact they seemed to encourage the arrangement. Maybe they thought it was harmless, which in fact it had been. Or maybe it was something more devious, hoping we’d get together as a ‘couple.’ But unless something major happened, I didn’t see that in the cards for the two us.

First of all, I was too big and heavy for most guys, maybe even Luke. I was at least an inch taller than Luke’s 5'11", and maybe a few pounds heavier, too, but most of that was in my boobs with the rest in the ass, which was a little overly cushy. I’d caught Luke staring at my chest from time to time, and I knew he tried not to, but what male can resist an occasional glance at a pair of 36C’s? Lately though, I’d taken to wearing a 36D bra.

Anyway, I knew Luke was a breast man, and I couldn’t resist running around our apartment in just bra and panties from time to time, pretending to look for a hairbrush, or whatever. I knew he was watching, but he never reacted in the least. But he didn’t turn away, either.

And so here I was, waiting up late for a man I had feelings for, who had no idea of it. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it after the frightful storm and blackout. I was still a bit shaken by it all. And, there’d been no sign of Luke. I’d tried his cell phone, but it must have been turned off… or worse. I worried too much, and maybe one of these days it would get me in trouble.

It had been about a half-hour since the power came back on when I hear the door latch open and Luke entered. He had a big grin on his face, so I knew he was okay. I quickly hid my feelings of concern, not wishing to let him know why I was still up at this hour.

“Hey, did ya get caught in the storm?” I began.

“Naw, not really,” he replied excitedly. “Although I did get kinda wet out on the golf course afterwards.”

“Huh, come again?” I asked.

He hesitated for a moment, and I knew he wasn’t sure whether to tell me, but relented when I frowned my special way. “Okay, okay. But you won’t believe what happened tonight. It was Rachel and Janine… I finally found out what’s going on with the two of them. It was incredible!!”

‘Oh Gawd, not Rachel and Janine again!’ I shrieked internally. I’d had it with hearing about the two of them. Between pizza deliveries and the two of them making out in the back seat of a car, I’d had it up to here. I’d never met either of them, but I already knew I disliked them intensely! Sure, I was jealous, but what could I do but listen to his incessant stories.

I rolled my eyes before saying in a groan, “What was it this time?” Luke looked peeved, so I quickly changed my tune. “Sorry Luke, I really do want to hear about it.”

“Okay, okay. I kinda hesitate to tell, but I can’t keep a lid on this! The two of them had a wrestling match out on the golf course!! Three rounds… in the nude, even!!”

Now that was surprising! I could see why Luke was all worked up. I saw a stain on the crotch of his pants and guessed at what had happened. I feared the worst! “So did you…”

“Naw, I was more of a voyeur,” he replied hesitantly. “They didn’t know I was watching. I felt guilty at first, but I waited around until after they were done and told them I’d watched. Funny thing though, they didn’t seem upset or anything. In fact, I think they kinda liked the fact that I’d watched.”

I asked the $64,000 question. “So, why were they wrestling nude?”

“Um, ahh, er,” he stuttered, before gathering enough courage to continue. “They had sex at the end of each round.”

‘Wwwhhhoooaaa!!! Good heavens!! What all had Luke seen?’ I asked myself. I gathered my wits, “So… it was a sex wrestling between two women?” I asked disbelievingly, but suddenly feeling much better, much less threatened at the prospects of Luke being with Rachel and Janine. “So, they’re lesbians, then?”

“I think so, or at least bisexual,” he replied thoughtfully. “But they did seem pretty into each other afterwards.”

“So, you got a real eyeful and they didn’t seem to mind? You must be on cloud nine!” I asked.

“Yeah, it was intense,” he replied. “The two of them were like a couple of sea otters, sliding all around on the wet grass playing, fighting and making whoop. I’ve never seen anything like it ever before. It was really hot seeing the two of them wrestling around like that naked in the grass. Watching from the sidelines, I could only imagine…”

I was perturbed with him, but didn’t want to show it, so I played along. “Really turned your crank, heh?” Luke blushed deeply. I’d hit pay dirt! “Oh sorry… couldn’t help but notice.” My gaze shifted to his stained crotch area. Luke was clearly embarrassed, his face now turning bright red.

“Hmm. I think I’ve said enough,” he said quietly, turning towards his room.

I felt badly about it, but I knew we’d both be fine by morning. I called to him, “Sorry, Luke. I didn’t mean to pry. Oh I guess I did, but sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m just tired… need some sack time.” He turned and grinned before closing the door to his bedroom.

I trotted off to my own bedroom and shut the door quietly. I lay in bed for a while pondering what I’d just heard… and learned. Luke had watched two women wrestle naked, and he’d been terribly turned on by it! And when he said, ‘I could only imagine,’ just what did he mean? I wasn’t sure at all, but a few possibilities crossed my mind before drifting off to sleep. Maybe some of what I’d heard could be useful.

Chapter 4B - Breakfast / Cleanup
I woke before Luke, and as was our habit on Sunday mornings, being the first one up, I made a pot of coffee and started breakfast. I really didn’t mind. This way I got to pick what to eat, plus I was a better cook, too. The problem was that I wasn’t too neat. But I didn’t care. The last one up had to clean up. So, I scurried around the kitchen, caring little about any messes I made… that was Luke’s job!

There were mixing bowls, greasy frying pans and plates all over the place by the time I got done making homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and pan-fried bacon. I knew he liked this meal, and so did I, so I felt no guilt whatsoever with the major mess I was making. With this arrangement, I didn’t feel subservient making breakfast or whatever. Luke clearly had his duties, too!

Luke staggered out of his bedroom at just the right time and plopped down at the table. He was still wearing an old pair of gym shorts & a sleeveless shirt that he used for pajamas. I wore much the same outfit myself, having learned how comfortable it was from observing him. As usual, I had no bra, and my boobs pushed tightly against the clingy shirt. From time to time, like when it was cold or I was excited, my nipples hardened against the shirt fabric. Luke was a major boob-man, as evidenced by his nickname, and it must have driven him crazy to stare across the table my 36C’s! I knew he liked our Sunday morning breakfasts together, and especially liked looking at my big boobs, but at least he tried not to be obvious about it.

I set a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon in front of Luke, plus a cup of coffee, and sat down to join him. “Super, Leia… just super!” he said, taking his first bite of pancakes.

“Umm thanks. It’s the least I could do. You still sore at me?” I asked.

“Naw, no way. I wasn’t sore in the first place. You had every right to tease me,” he conceded.

I was relieved and settled into having a nice breakfast. I’d outdone myself once again and attacked my plate of food. I could practically feel the heavy chow go right to my large rear end. I cut my stack of pancakes in two and shoved half of them to the side.

Luke noticed, saying, “Dieting again Leia? You know you look great already.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I answered. “I’m not really dieting… just avoiding the need to diet in the future.”

“Gawd, you women are all the same,” he mumbled. “I’m fed up with all those sickly, skinny women running around! It just isn’t attractive… or healthy, either!”

Luke had expressed his feelings on the subject, but I was glad to hear them again anyway, as it bolstered my self-assurance. I felt better every time I heard him say it… like he might actually believe it! “Okay, but this is still plenty,” I replied, motioning at the nearer half-stack of pancakes.

“Yeah, sorry to preach,” he answered in kind, “but you females can be pretty dense about what men like in a woman.”

We finished the meal in peace, reading the newspaper and so forth. Finally, Luke looked up and saw the mess in the kitchen. “Gawd, Leia!” he exclaimed loudly. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time. I’ve never seen you make a mess that comes close to rivaling this one!!”

“Sorry, but you know the rules. I was the first one up, so I made breakfast… and you have to clean up!” I told him emphatically, preparing for the inevitable verbal barrage.

“Not this time,” he said. “It’s gonna take me twice as long to clean up as you took to make it!”

We always sparred about the cleanup, throwing verbal jabs at the other. We both enjoyed the feisty repartee. But this time, a new thought crossed my mind. Last night he’d talked about watching Rachel and Janine wrestle. My mind went into hyper-drive. Maybe there was an opportunity here. Maybe wrestling could be a means to an end. Hmm…

All the time my mind was whirling, Luke had been bellyaching about cleaning up. I’d tuned him out for the few moments, but now I came back fully to reality, hatching a new plan. “So, you wanna wrestle me about it?” I asked.

Luke was stunned and his jaw dropped. It was a moment before he could reply. “Uh… okay… uh… sure. What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“Nothing too much, just a simple match between friends. After all, we used to wrestle around when we were kids, so this isn’t anything new.” But I could see it in his eyes - this was something new!

“Um yeah, I suppose, but we’re grown now. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Sure, no problem,” I lied. I was dying to roll around with him in close quarters. Who knew what might come of it? “Here’s the deal. If I win, you clean up everything. If you win, I’ll help you clean up… 50/50.”

“Hmmppff. I suppose that’s the best I could hope for. Okay, you’re on!”

“Yes!” I shouted, and I could see his surprise. “Have you forgotten how I always won when we wrestled around as kids?”

“Hey, the way I remember it, I always won!” he shot back.

“Only in your dreams, loser,” I teased.

“Yeah, we’ll see. I’ll make you eat those words,” he taunted in reply.

“C’mon, let’s clear an area in the living room,” I told him, getting up & motioning for him to join me. “We can wrestle in our jammies!”

“Yeah, jammies…” he mumbled incoherently, appearing somewhat stunned, before recovering. Then he grinned, no doubt having lurid thoughts. I had a few of those myself, but I vowed not to act on them without some sign from Luke first.

Chapter 4c - Mixed Novices Wrestling
We shoved a few things out of the way and cleared some space in between the TV and the couch. It would have to do. Luke looked more than a little nervous… perhaps something new had been added to our ‘friendly’ relationship?

“Okay, so what did they do last night? You know… Rachel and Janine? Any moves I should know about? Or are we just gonna have at each other?” I asked, not quite saying anything about R & J’s naked wrestling, but putting him on the spot, nevertheless. All I wanted to do was to get Luke thinking about it.

Luke hesitated for a moment, his mind no doubt whirling with possibilities, before responding. “Uh, I could show you a couple of their moves, if you want.”

“Sure, let’s give it a try,” I told him.

“Well, at one point, Rachel was facedown on the grass and Janine was laying on top of her. For the moment, you can take Rachel’s position & I’ll take Janine’s. Then I’ll show you what happened after that.”

“Okay, should I lie down, then?” I asked slyly. “You gonna jump on top of me?”

“Yeah, we can do the same hold that they did… but not naked, of course,” he stuttered.

I pretended not to notice and lay facedown on the thick carpeting, certain that I’d soon be enjoying some ‘close quarter drills’ with Luke.

Luke slowly lay down on top of me, and I could feel his waist press against my rear end… off to a good start already! But then he wrapped his arm around my neck in a headlock!

“Okay, they were like this for a few moments, and then Rachel rolled them over so that Janine was on her back, with Rachel above, still trapped in the headlock. Why don’t we give it a try?” he asked.

“Okay,” I stammered, not sure I liked this hold very much. Nevertheless, I’d asked for it, so I played along, rolling us over so that Luke now had his back to the floor, and I was laying face up on top of him, still trapped in a headlock. “Now what?” I asked, not sure whether I really wanted to know.

“Next, Janine got Rachel in a waist scissors, too,” he replied. “A headlock and waist scissors combination, I guess you’d say.”

Before I knew it, Luke’s legs had wrapped around my waist and were squeezing firmly. “Hey, not so hard!” I protested.

“Just adding a touch of realism,” he chortled. “I thought you’d want to experience the real thing!”

After a few moments, he released the pressure, but not the hold. I was a bit pissed, but tried not to show it. “Tell me, how did Rachel escape?” I asked.

“Well, she didn’t, actually. Rachel had to submit the second round to Janine from this hold,” he whispered. “What d’ya think? You wanna submit, too?” he teased, squeezing a bit harder with his arm and legs again.

I was really pissed now, but really caught, too, so I toned down my response. “Hey!” I squealed from behind the headlock. “At the moment, this isn’t a match, so I don’t have to submit in a non-match. Now let me go, and I’ll take a turn at being Janine.”

I could tell he didn’t really want to let me go, and if I wasn’t mistaken, something was starting to poke me in the rear end. “Okay,” he said finally, releasing my head and waist. “It’s your turn now.”

I rolled off him, and just lay there, wondering what had hit me. After a moment, I was as good as new and looking for revenge, but keeping my intentions concealed. “Okay, lie down on your tummy so I can give it a try. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it very well,” I said, hoping to lull his suspicions.

“Alright,” he replied easily, not suspecting a thing. “Now, lay down… uummpphh!!”

I was on him like a tiger and wrapped my arm around his head before he knew what hit him! “How’s this?” I teased.

“Uummpphh! Pretty realistic,” he managed. “But you don’t have to do it so hard,” he offered, no doubt realizing it was payback time.

“Oh, am I squeezing too hard?” I taunted. “Maybe we should roll over now and see what that’s like,” I told Luke, not really giving him a choice.

Before he knew what hit him, I was squeezing his waist between my legs, maintaining a firm headlock all the while. It was the same hold as before, but this time, my back was against the carpeting and Luke was trapped above me, facing away. “Aarrgghh!! I think you’ve got it!! Now let me go!!”

“Not so fast, Boober,” I teased, rubbing it in by using his nickname for the first time in a quite a while. “As I recall, you had me like this for a few minutes or so. I’m not letting you go anytime soon.” But I did relax the pressure some, to let him speak easier.

“Hey, you’re pretty good at this. There’s no way I can get loose. I’m really caught here!” he managed, somehow even sounding glad for it.

“Um hmm. I can tighten or loosen the pressure at will,” I offered. “I can see how Janine was able to win with this hold.”

“Yep,” he grimaced as I tightened the grip with my arm and legs momentarily. “But there’s one more thing she did to Rachel…”

The way he said it kind of tantalized, so I asked, “And what might that have been, Boober?” I squeezed him hard again for effect, like I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Uugghh!! Not so hard,” he replied, but not very convincingly. I could tell he liked what was happening between us. “Okay, okay, I’ll tell. You know, they were naked and all,” he asked unthinkingly.

“Yeah, yeah, so you’ve told me,” I chided, squeezing again. “What else was there?”

“Janine’s free hand was squeezing one of Rachel’s boobs all the while. She had to submit,” he said quietly, somewhat embarrassed.

Now I’d heard everything! These two women actually tortured each other’s boobs while wrestling! But I suppose that could be erotic, if not done too harshly. I gathered my wits. “Like this, maybe?” I asked, squeezing his flesh around the left nipple. It wasn’t much, but what else could I do?

“Hey, I don’t have boobs,” he squealed. “Now let me go!”

Yeah, he didn’t have boobs, so why had I done that?? Had I just given him license to attack my boobs? I wasn’t sure, so I said nothing more and let him go. Luke rolled off me to the side. We just lay there for a moment, absorbing what we’d just done. I sat up on my haunches and faced him. Luke did the same, facing me.

I went first. “Kinda fun, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied. “You’re a natural, I’d say. You had fun, too, didn’t you?”

“Um hmm,” I replied slyly. “I’m ready for more, if you are,” I asked.

“Um sure, yeah. That’d be fun. Uh, how’d you wanna do this?” he asked uncertainly.

“I dunno. I think I’d rather stick to pinfalls for now… maybe submissions some other time,” I replied.

“How about one round then, decided by a 5 second pin?” he asked.

“Sounds good to me, but friendly style wrestling, okay?” I countered.

“For sure,” he replied. “I wouldn’t want you to hurt me,” he joked.

But I wasn’t sure that it was a joke. I really had enjoyed squeezing the heck out of him!!

We stood up and started circling each other. I grabbed a scrunchy from a nearby end table as I passed by and used it to tie my long, dark brown hair back into a ponytail so it wouldn’t fly in my face as we tussled. Fortunately for me, my hair is very straight, and I could set the ponytail in no time at all.

We went in for a clinch, arms extended to the other’s shoulders. We circled some more as we clinched, unsure of what to do next, neither of us able to make the first move that would signal the beginning of the real battle. As we circled and clinched, shoving each other around the living room, I was reminded just how strong Luke really was. Although no doubt beatable, he certainly was no pushover. I was a little taller than Luke and maybe a bit heavier, too. But he was definitely the stronger, at least from the waist up, with those broad shoulders and strong arms. But I think I was probably the stronger from the waist down, remembering how I’d squeezed him between my legs during the ‘demonstration’ only moments ago. I’d have to try to limit his above the waist advantage, while utilizing my below the waist advantage. I assumed my boobs would play no part in the battle, for better or worse.

Finally, I broke free of his arms and managed to get behind him. I grabbed his left arm and pulled it behind his back for what I knew to be a hammerlock. Although we hadn’t wrestled in years, I knew the names of a few holds from watching TV rasslin with Luke every so often.

I wrapped my right arm around his neck so he couldn’t break free. He clawed at my right arm, trying to break free, but I held fast. “Did they do this move last night?” I taunted.

“Uugghh!! No,” was all he managed, struggling his best to get free as we thrashed around the living room. My boobs were jostling against his back, pressing hard against him from time to time as we fought. I think it made him hot, because he was trying really hard to twist around and face me.

Finally, we tripped over a loose ottoman and tumbled to the floor. I squealed like a little girl as we went down. This was great fun! But Luke quickly moved in and jumped on top of me. His body was laying full length on top of mine. His hands held my wrists down over my head. I was in trouble -- Luke had a strong position from which to pin me.

He smiled, saying, “Somehow I thought you’d be a lot harder to beat. One-thousand-one…”

Now I was really pissed. I thrashed around, bridging and shoving him off me to the side. “For your information, I am a lot harder to beat!” I hissed.

“So am I,” he hissed back, as we struggled on our sides for a dominant maneuver. But instead, we just rolled around back and forth aimlessly, neither gaining much advantage. My chest was pressed against him as we struggled with our arms and hands. I tried to wrap my legs around his waist for a scissors, but he managed to thwart my attempts. Instead, my leg found its way between his legs. I couldn’t help but feel his bulging manhood against my thigh. It was almost like dry humping him as we rolled back and forth furiously, but Luke kept silent about it, not willing to breach our ‘friendship’. I was afraid to ask him whether Rachel and Janine had done this maneuver.

Finally, he pushed me onto my back, forcing my thigh loose from between his legs. I quickly bridged free, tossing him easily to the side. We both rose to our feet, but Luke was a tad quicker, grabbing at me from behind. Soon his arms were locked about my waist in a reverse bearhug. Luke lifted me off the floor easily, compressing my ribcage tightly. I groaned heavily and then flapped my arms & legs around wildly trying to get loose. I didn’t get free, but at least he set me back down so my feet were on the floor.

Luke’s arms slipped upwards on my body, still locked together, until they could go no further. His reverse bearhug was now firmly cinched beneath my boobs! I had no bra to cushion against the lock, so my poor boobs were twisted and tortured while I frantically struggled to free myself from his clutches.

And then, a sudden revelation! For the first time, I realized that I was hot and horny! I was totally confused. What should I do? Maintain the position or break free?

I quit struggling for the moment and decided to stall for time. “So, did Rachel and Janine do this hold?” I asked, huffing and puffing, still trapped from behind.

Luke squeezed hard again, not answering my query. My breasts heaved upwards from the pressure of lifting. It hurt some… but then again, it felt really good, too. Interesting… very interesting indeed.

After a moments torture, Luke set me down to my feet again. I could tell the lifting/squeezing move was taking a toll on him, even more so than it was on me. He sputtered a bit and then answered my question. “Uuhhhh, not really, no reverse bearhugs,” he replied, puffing deeply. “But they did have sort of a face-to-face bearhug, I think.”

He relaxed his grip for a moment to catch his breath. Now was my chance! I pried his hands apart and flung them wide. I spun around in place to face him, figuring to capitalize on what he’d just told me. Before Luke could mount a defense, my arms were beneath his and around his body. I locked my hands together, completing the face-to-face bearhug before he could stop me.

In a friendly match like this, Luke’s arms were useless, caught outside of mine. Maybe he could have pulled my hair or worse, but I knew he wasn’t going to. Instead, Luke was helpless as I squeezed hard, constricting his ribcage, forcing my boobs hard against his chest. He gasped softly as I managed to lift him slightly off the floor.

I set him back down to the floor, and then pulled his face close towards mine. The cleavage of my shirt was close and I saw him take a quick peak. Luke probably saw everything I had, but I didn’t really mind. “So, did Rachel and Janine bearhug like that?” I teased.

He smiled briefly, and then said, “No, it was more like this!” Suddenly he tripped me and we fell to the floor. I managed to keep my arms locked around him as we fell, so he was still trapped in my clutches once we landed. I squeezed hard, punishing him for his transgression. “So, is this more like it, now?” I asked once more.

“Um hmm. It is,” he sputtered. “It was in the first round… I think.”

My cleavage was right below his nose and he was getting a real ‘snootfull’ of my chest. I could tell he was distracted badly, nearly unable to defend himself. To be fair, maybe he was just worn out by the fight, but I really had him at a disadvantage. I squeezed again and he began thrashing around with his legs, trying to twist free. His thigh tried to snake in-between my legs, but I blocked it before he could. Luke just grinned, helpless before me. I squeezed him hard again, just to let him know who was boss. Then I rolled Luke onto his back and held him down with a full body press. My hands held his wrists down on each side and my boobs held his chest to the floor. My pelvis held his pelvis in check, despite the ever-present bulge. My legs went outside and hooked around his legs so he couldn’t twist free.

I began to count him out. “One-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three…” but then he managed to bridge and raise one shoulder. I tried several more times, but with the same result as Luke lifted his shoulder to stop the count. Luke had a big grin on his face, seeming to enjoy his predicament. I’d have to try something else!

“You know, Janine couldn’t finish Rachel with this move, either,” he snickered.

“So, what did she do, then?” I asked.

“No way. I’m not telling. Figure it out yourself!” he teased.

“Maybe I will, then. Maybe I will.” But I really wasn’t that sure how to proceed. But it was no problem keeping him down while I thought it over. Finally, I realized what I had to do to keep his shoulders down. In a quick maneuver, I released his legs from mine and hopped onto his waist, straddling him with my legs. In a second swift move, my knees were resting on his shoulders as I sat upright atop him.

Luke couldn’t move his shoulders. I secured his hands with mine, finding it convenient to tuck them back along his body and under my calves. Occasionally, his legs thrashed about, but he wasn’t nearly limber enough for them to reach my body.

“So, was this the move that Janine used on Rachel?” I asked coyly.

“Um hmm. One and the same,” he replied, looking happier than I’d seen him in a long time.

I counted him out this time with little difficulty, his shoulders held firmly to the floor. “One-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three, one-thousand-four, one-thousand-five!” I was elated, and more than a little bit aroused by the match, especially the victory! I wanted to rip Luke’s clothes off and have at him, but I held myself in check. Our relationship wasn’t like that I had to remind myself… we were just friends… childhood friends to be exact.

Chapter 4D - Domination
Luke look pretty content trapped beneath me. I’d been distracted in my thoughts, not realizing I still held him down. “You win,” he said, “but I’ll be darned if I’m gonna clean up this mess by myself!”

I knew Luke wouldn’t really renege on the deal. So what was he up to? He was obviously acting, but what the heck for? A light went on inside. He wanted to ‘play’ some more. “Okay, suit yourself,” I said, perched atop him decisively. “But you’re not getting up from there until you agree to abide by your word and clean up this mess by yourself.”

He struggled half heartedly, and I held him down fast. “Like I said, you’re not getting up from there until you agree to keep your word.”

We said little over the ensuing 10 or 15 minutes, other than for me to confirm his helplessness beneath me, and what it would take to be set free. I could tell Luke was getting terribly aroused. And to tell the truth, holding him down, keeping him helpless beneath me… I was searching my mind for the proper word… Dominating him! Yes! I was dominating him!! And it felt so good. In fact, I was getting more and more aroused the longer I held him down this way.

Then my mind wandered back to what Luke must have witnessed between Janine and Rachel. When Janine had held Rachel down this way, they were both naked! I quickly looked down at Luke’s face, suddenly struck by the possibilities… when a female held her opponent down in this way… Unconsciously I suppose, my crotch slowly slipped ever closer to Luke’s face.

Luke’s eyes went wide, suddenly realizing what was about to happen! “Okay, okay. I’ll clean up everything!” he yelped.

I woke up from the stupor that had held me, finally realizing what I’d been about to do. I let Luke up immediately and turned away from him, embarrassed. We stood up together, and I couldn’t look him in the eye. He spun me around, took my hand and shook it. “Congratulations, you won fair and square. Sorry I was such a pill at the end, but I wanted to see how long you could hold me… probably ‘till hell freezes over, I’d say.”

I was quiet, having little to say. But I was still very, very horny! “You fought well… but not well enough,” I teased. I kissed him on the cheek, saying “We’ll have to try this again sometime. It was fun!”

He grinned widely, blushing deeply, finally responding, “Sure, anytime.”

“You’re on, Boober! But now it’s time for you to clean up. I’m gonna go rest for a few minutes.”

But that wasn’t really my plan. I was horny, horny, horny and had to do something about it! I trotted towards my bedroom. Luke called after me, “Hey, I need to lie down a moment, too. I’ll clean up in a little while.”

“Don’t make me come after you,” I teased, closing the bedroom door behind me. I heard his bedroom door shut a moment later. I went straight for the bottle of hand-lotion on the nightstand and opened the drawer below and pulled out ‘Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed.’ The vibrator was pretty much silent, so I knew that Luke wouldn’t hear it. But would he hear me? I needn’t have worried, as there was plenty of noise coming from the other side of the paper-thin wall separating our rooms.

The End
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

3 stories/experiences that I found on another forum:

1] Author: carfli


in the class, during the break time, everyone went out to the canteen to get something to eat .. i forgot my money so went back to the class to get it from my bag .... thats when i saw this guy and girl arguing over something ... suddenly, JOE: Okay...next weekend, at my place ... parents going for a short trip ... come over and lets check out. ELIN: Fine ... get yourself done at your home ... it'll be easier for you...

the guy noticed me on the door and pretended to be normal and started to leave ..... but the girl stopped him, called me and said -- "you're the witness in case he tries to act smart later .. k?".. i said "fine, but what's the matter"... she said "he is saying some $%!@ and i want to prove him wrong ... you'll know the full story on sunday." .... next sunday, we 3 met at his house .... he had put aside some chairs and table to have a big space on the carpet in the hall...joe was 18yrs, 5"8, 127lbs, athletic and elin was also 18yrs, 5"6, 113lbs, slim athletic build with firm nice size breasts .... he was in his boxer briefs and she removed her jeans and t-shirt and was now in a bikini .... she announced "we have a freestyle wrestling match ... he believes he can force me to anything and i want to prove him wrong, starting with extracting a submission from him in a mutually decided wrestling match ... the bet is -- the winner gets anything the loser has or can give for the next 2 months .... and you are the witness ... but we want to keep it private so you keep your mouth shut outside about it .. if one of us gets a hint, you understand the consequences i believe..." i nodded a yes feeling a bit scared now coz they were 2 .. moreover 1 was a girl ... i came out of the thoughts and asked them both to wrestle ... elin said to joe "i'll make sure no one of us thinks it is a fluke and you are really sorry when you give in..!" joe just said "lets see..." and the match started ... he lunged at her straightaway .. but she sidestepped a bit and grabbed his neck with her left hand in a headlock ... then she immediately put her right hand under his lower abdomen and lifted and slammed him to the ground on his back using his own momentum .. and she was on top of him in a reverse face-sit...she brought up his legs in a cradle pin ... but he had hands free so he twisted a bit and got free ... but i could see the surprise and frightened look on his face now ... they stood face to face again and locked their hands in a test of strength ... she went down on one knee, fighting hard and the suddenly was on her back forcing joe flying back over her ... he fell on his back again ... she quickly reverse somersaulted twice to reach on top of him and sat on his stomach ... he got up coz she couldnt position herself well in the short time...he tried to grab her in a bearhug ... she dodged and got one of his arms twisted behind his back . .while he tried to turn and get free, she moved with him and kept the hold firmly locked and twisted it hard twice ... she asked for submission but he didnt give in .... she left his arm and then pushed him to the floor and put him in a leg lock ... it wasnt applied properly so he was hurt as well as she couldnt get the submission as he got free ... they tackled each other hard when he finally and sat on her stomach ... he leaned back a little to get a better balance when suddenly her legs caught his head in a headscissors ... he was shocked, she was a little surprised and i was impressed .. good move .. while he was trying to struggle out, she said to me "got to know about this hold a few days back .. its helping .... nice na?" i just nodded thinking that how this girl was talking sweetly with me and being merciless to him at the same time .... but he managed to struggle out soon .... they were grappling again while rolling on the carpet and she finally got a firm position on top of him and kept him down ... then she kissed him full on the mouth and asked him "how do you like this , baby? .... and i'm not talking about the kiss ... about the position you're in !like it?? no? okay get up .... lets do some more wrestling ... i give you one more chance!!" ............ she really was giving him a chance coz she could have finished it right then ..! they grappled more and finally he got her in a bearhug .... she tried to break free and in the process, brought him down to the carpet with her .... on the carpet, they were rolling with each other when she suddenly slid up him a little and pulled his face into her breasts ... before he could recover from the surprise she entwined her legs around his in a grapevine ... i sensed that was the end ... she put pressure on his legs and crotch with the grapevine's stretch, and left him with little air with the breast smother while holding his hands above his head, ... he was completely immobilised .. thats when she said again "this is a girls move and good enough to make you submit .. heh" she was giving him little air from time to time to make sure he didnt pass out and to free his mouth to mumble out the submission coz he couldnt tap out! .... she taunted "oh come on baby, cant get out? so you lost to a girl..hmm??" this only made joe struggle more and become short of breath (exactly what elin wanted) ...... joe replied "$%!@ you, i havnt lost yet" ..... elin said "1.....2.........3...and you're pinned by this girl!!!" joe said, "no pins allowed girl." .. elin replied "yeah boy ... so how about i simply make you submit, hmm?" and she put some more pressure on the grapevine and joe began struggling and mumbling under the breast smother .... elin released the pressure, got up a bit and said "what joey? wanna say something?" and she left his arms free but pinned down his shoulders and then applied some more pressure on the grapevine she had placed him in .. joe said "okay..okay ... now leave" while tapping with his hand at the same time .... elin said "say properly, i didnt get you" and applied some more pressure .... joey shouted "okay elin....i give...you win..." and tapped hard on the carpet .... elin said "now thats like a good boy..." and hugged him into one last breast smother while grapevining him and when he struggled again, she released him of both the holds ... he panted while she simply stood up and looked down at him, "now come to me and say some nice things ... hope you know what or i know some more nice holds ..." he started limping towards her when she said, "dont stress your legs .... just crawl to me and kiss my feet..." he obeyed and then said, "elin ... i got your point ... you win ... i lose.." she brushed him aside with her foot and went to change meanwhile, he also dressed up ..... when she returned, she walked straight up to him and placed her hand on his crotch, looked him in the eye, and said, "try to act smart again ... i'll try to give you a better dose..!!and remember, for 2 months, your first priority is ELIN MAM..got it??" and squeezed his balls as he stammered a "yes elin mam.." a moment later her hand was on my crotch ... seeing the recent show, i didnt resist ... she said, "you too...you are just a witness....you wont do anything but i wanna let you know what happens just in case you decide to ...." and squeezed mine too a little .... i said "yeah.." and she took me out of the house with her and then went to her own house....

this was real crazy for both of us though maybe not that much for me ... but it was!!

2] Author: rondokenpo

My wife and I wrestle frequently. Sometimes we even will settle small disputes with a winner takes all match. When my wife was in college studying nursing, she competed in womens deadlifting divisions in the heavywieght division. My wife stands 5'09" and weighs in at195lbs. She has a great body and really excites me just to look at her. Needless to say I enjoy our wrestling matches. About one year ago my great aunt had passed away. I was not close to her and saw her maybe once every two or three years. So it was understandable when she had passed that I found out she had left me a large amount of cash in her will, I was shocked. My wife and I share everything so I split the money with her and told her to go wild and do whatever she wants with the money. She decide to go to a casino one state over and spend 5 days with her bf there. I don't like gambling and find casinos boring so I spent my share on a 1964 Chevy Impala SS convertable. My wife liked it so much, (it was completly restored) she callenged me to a wrestling match to drive the car on her trip with her bf. If she wins-she uses the car for her trip. If I win she agrees to 7 days of, well she knows what I want. Her friend CeeCee agreed to be the referee, this is the first time we had a referee and my wife, unknown to me, had been telling CeeCee about our matches and she had shown an interest in watching one. Now she was going to be closer than ever. My wife and CeeCee was leaving Friday night and we had to have the match on Thursday or before they left on Friday. CeeCee coudn't make it onThur. so we had the match after I got home from work on friday. When I got home, my wife being the "busy bee" that she is, already cleared our exercise room and put down grappling mats. CeeCee had on a ref shirt and spandex bike shorts for her costume. My wfe and I both wore costumes when we wrestled, hers was a spandex black and yellow wrestling singlet and my suit was a black and red singlet. Her name she used was the "Honey Bee" mine I used was the exterminator, playing off her Bee themed name. After I got home , CeeCee met me at the door and brought me to our bedroom where my costume and knee pads were layed out for me. After dressing she brought me to our exercise room where my wife was waiting in her Honey Bee suit with one elbow pad on her right and one black and one yellow knee pad. CeeCee went over what we agreed to, winner take all and this was going to be a "Cry Uncle" match- no pins allowed, and you can only submit by saying Uncle. CeeCee started the match my wife reached out to grab hands for a test of strengh. And boy she usually was able to put me on my knees, so I side stepped to her right and grabbed her around the waist from behind and drove her to the mat. I grabbed her left foot and leg and applied a heel and ankle lock. She screamed in pain and CeeCee was right there asking if she wanted to say Uncle and stop the pain. She loudly shouted "NO". Then before I even heard the word come out of her mouth, she lifted her body off the mat into a pushup position, except for the heel and ankle lock which I had locked in very tight, and kicked me wth her free foot in my right cheek, forcing me to release the hold and knocking me backwards onto my back very very hard. I let out a loud "OOOOHHH" and a very loud thwack when I hit the mat. I fell right in front of a sofa that was also a bed/sofa that we used If we had company stay with us. I seen my wife as I landed, jumping on the sofa sitting directly over me before I even landed on my back. She the pushed her self into the air above me and landed right on my solar plexes Knocking the wind out of me. She then took the same position and looking down looked into my eyes smiled and vaulted herself of the sofa again and again onto my solar plexes. She giggled as she heard the air forced out of my lungs. Two more Big Splashes onto my solar plexes and she stood up, grbbed my hair and lifted me off the mat while lifting my head up by placing her other hand under my chin and then clothes lined me back onto the mat in the middle of the room. CeeCee knelt down beside me and with a very concerned look asked me if I wanted to say "Uncle". Being short of breath and gasping for air I quivered out my answer of "nnnoooo". While I was telling the ref I didn't want to submit to my wife, I noticed her walking around to myleft side, reached down grabbed my left foot and leg, placing her left foot against my right leg just above my knee and fell backwards onto her beautifull rearend, splitting my legs apart by pushing on my right leg with her leg and in a rowing motion leaning back and pulling my left leg while pushing my other leg apart. I tried to sit up but she tourqed my foot in the other direction forcing me back onto the mat again. I then attempted to roll toward her to releave the pressure but she put her free foot into my arm pit and held me there. She then began to increase the rowing motion to greater and greater lenghts and then I began screaming in agony, the first time she had been able to to that. With each rowing motion my legs came apart wider and wider and wider. With each pull my screams became more cosistant. Again CeeCee was right there asking if I wanted to say "Uncle". Tears filled my eyes and before I knew what I was saying I realized I was screaming "YES, YES, YES, UNCLE, UNCLE, PLEASE, NO MORE, UNNCCLLLE"!!! My wife then realeased me and for the first time she beat she stood up and stood on my chest, not with one foot but both feet. She had never done that before. CeeCee raised my wifes hand in victory while she stood on my chest, and they both looked down and into my eyes while my wife said. "I kicked his $%!@" "Did you see that? "I sure did" the ref said, then they both changed and my wife gave me a peck on the cheeck and then I heard the door shut and my knew car start up and the tires squealled down the sreet as my wife pushed the pedal to the floor. When she gets back I want revenge!!!

3] Author: Fightme

This is a 100% true story. Anyone familiar with stories here can probably tell, Im not making it up. I was 19 at the time. I met a girl 15. She was with her friends, I was with one of mine. Anyhow, this girl was HOT. 5'7, 118lbs, Long dark brown hair and a body that was amazing. She was a virgin but at the point where she was wanting to try sex. Anyhow, I had (have) this wrestling fetish and was dying to wrestle with her. Well, one day she was telling me about a time she had wrestled this guy friend of hers and that she won. I was instantly intrigued. I started to joke with her about wrestling here and there. Once we were on the phone and I mentioned her wrestling her friend. I teased her a bit, and her response was..."Id pin your $%!@ to the ground." I instantly moved on that and kinda laughed. I said,,,anytime you wanna try, Ill wrestle ya. She was like, fine, lets do it. I said,,,ok, by MY wrestling rules? She laughed and was like,,,whatever. What are your rules? I said, you have to wear some real skimpy shorts. First one to pin and facesit the other wins! I thought for sure she would say forget it, but she kinda laughed and said fine. Youre on!!! (I was sooooo fkn excited.) Jumping ahead, about a week later we got a motel room for the first time. One of those 4 hr nap rooms. After kissing and fooling around in our clothes, she was like,,,"Hey, I thought we are gonna wrestle." I laughed and sid fine, but your not wearing the shorts. She was like, I'll be right back. She went into the bathroom with her purse and came out a few minutes later with a halter top on, and a pair of those shiny tight shorts. Kinda like the Hooters girls wear. But, they were black. VERY tight. I was floored and hard immediately. She kinda laughed and said,,,well? Lets go! I put the blanket on the floor and took off my pants. We both knelt, facing each other and she said GO! We started wrestling. I admit she was very strong. I was like 5'10, 150lbs at the time, but she was good. I'll admit, I wasnt trying my hardest, but she was fkn tough. After a few minutes, she had me on my back, and straddled my chest with her knees on my arms. It was really cute. She was really trying hard. I can tell. She moved up slightly and was sitting on my neck, kind of giggling. She asked if I gave. I was like Nope! Thats not the deal. She laughed and was like,,,Ok!!!! She moved up and sat her crotch right on my face. I was sooooo turned on. She sat up stright and just stayed there laughing. Asked me if I gave now. I again said no and somewhat struggled. She fought me back and moved up again, sitting her butt right on my nose and face. I could smell her light scent. A slight perspiration smell but really nice. I tried to turn my face but she closed her thighs so I couldnt turn. I started to really struggle and move her off of me. This time, she pushed me back on my back, then turned and facesat me in the 69 position. Her butt was right on my nose, my arms held down at my sides, with her knees on my elbows. She satt there for about 5 minutes as I struggled. Occasionally she would lift her butt up and ask me if I gave. I could see the outline of her panties when she did that. The purple elastic poking out the sides of her shorts. Then, shed sit back down, moving around until her butt was right on my nose again. Finally, I said I give. She laughed and said...I told you I coud kick your $%!@. Needless to say, that was the first night she ever had sex and lost her virginity. We repeated that night many times after that. Wrestling every time. Usually in underwear or nude until we had sex. I still bump into her now n then. She's married now with a daughter. She s still very pretty and her body hasnt changed. I only wish I never moved away! She was a keeper. This is a 100% true story. I always wanted to share it and decided today I would. Hope you enjoy!
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Stories/Experiences that I found on other forums:

1] Author: CL

My wife has two sisters, and I don't get along with them. They were over, and an argument developed. My wife said I was very rude, and demanded I apologize. I got up to leave the room. She grabbed my arm to stop me, and slapped my face. I slapped her back, and she said I'd better apologize again. I told her I wouldn't , and what was she going to do about it. She hit me with her right fist right on my jaw. I went down like a sack of potatoes they said. I was out cold for 10 minutes. Her sisters took turns raising my wife's hand while she stood over me with her foot on my chest. They showed me the digital pics when I came to, and they had a good laugh about it right to my face. I'm going to avoid the sisters when they come by. My wife still giggles when she looks at me. Not good!

2] Author: Bad Wrestler

Have you ever been in a nude boxing match with your wife, where you made a bet? I have..and LOST...TWICE! The first boxing match we had was in an adult only, swingers resort in Jamaica, several years ago. The bet we made, was that if I win, she allows me to do what I want, forever, including sleep with other women, in a threeway with my wife, or alone if I want. If she wins she becomes a completely liberated woman, never again wearing a bra, sleeps with any man she wants, has her own account in the bank, will only use the title, "MS", not "Mrs.", dominate me in every way. When we had our "match", we were both nude and sweaty had gloves on. I took the whole thing as a joke, but she did not. Her temper got her to keep missing me while I laughed and taunted her. Halfway through the second round, she caught me with my guard down, and my abs exposed. I work out often and I am in pretty strong shape. Her punch landed above my navel, knocking the wind out me. Realizing I couldn't defend myself, my wife began a flurry of punches to my abs, not allowing me to breathe. The bell rang just in time, but when we came out for the last round, she went right back to work on my abs, driving each punch deep in my stomach, making it feel like a hammer. I went down, not able to breathe, and laid there, dazed looking up at her, when she put her foot on my chest, raised her arms in victory, sweat pouring down her body. The ref counted to 10 so fast, it was over before I knew it. Loss number 1. A few weeks ago, in our own home, we decided after much arguing, that we try again. We moved the furniture, and made a "ring". As before, we both were naked and wore only boxing gloves. Only this time, though I took it serious, she hit my jaw from the side, and rattled my brains. While standing there, I made the fatal mistake of dropping my hands, and again, my wife went to work on my abs...hard and fast. And again, she knocked me out..cold this time. She had to use ice water and a cotton swap with ammonia on it to my nose, to get me to wake up. I am taller than her, stronger than her, yet I can't beat her in a boxing match, twice. I am done. She is the cham...period. The draw back? This time the bet was, loser has to tell ALL our friends...and her boyfriend video taped it, so there is no way I can deny it.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Its been quite some time since I posted on this thread. Here is a story I found:

Story Name: The Black Belt
Author: Gaius8666

Steve was obsessed with all things martial arts. For years he had been a big wrestling fan, but lately after the success of the Ultimate Fighter mixed martial arts phenomenon he began to research all things related to Oriental Fighting systems. He never had taken classes in the subject, but was very intrigued and when a studio opened in a little strip mall near his house, his interest was piqued. It happened to be right next to the gym he frequented, but because the windows were all painted he couldn't see in. The only thing that he had noticed about the place was that there seemed to be a continual parade of hotties that went in and out, and this intrigued him even more.

One Saturday morning as he was headed to the gym he thought he might pop in and check the place out. "Maybe they offered classes", he thought to himself. Steve was pretty well built and had never considered taking up marital arts in the past although he was obsessed with watching it. Now that there was a studio so close, he figured now was the time to go from THINKING about martial arts to actually LEARNING AND DOING it.

When he opened the door he thought he certainly must be in the wrong place. It looked more like a ladies Yoga class than a Martial Arts studio as everywhere he looked he saw women, exceptionally hot women he thought, in leotards stretching in various poses on yoga mats on the floor. At the head of the class was the teacher, who was truly stunning. A little on the short side with long dark hair tied in a ponytail, she had a nicely curvy figure that had his cock already stirring in his shorts, looking more like a lingerie model than a Kung FU master.

Especially delightful to Steve was her impressive rack, it was hypnotic. They were spectacular and in the tiny shirt she wore, which was stretched to capacity to contain these gorgeous melons, every curve was highlighted by the stretched material. Her cleavage also was glorious and Steve would have given anything to just bury his face in there for the rest of the afternoon.

"May I help you sir?" this glorious vision asked.

"I am sorry, I must have the wrong place. I was looking for the Martial Arts class." Steve answered.

The girls started giggling as Lisa, the instructor, sighed. Men were so predictable. They assumed that physical strength is the key to self defense and could not comprehend how a woman, especially a smaller woman, would be able to use her skills to take down a much larger opponent. As she studied him, she knew he was just this sort of muscle bound moron.

"This is the right place, are you interested in taking our class? We were just warming up."

Steve laughed. "You are kidding right? This can't be the right class. I am looking for the MARTIAL ARTS CLASS" he said slowly for emphasis, as if the woman had not heard his request.

The other women in the class grew silent but the anger and rage that emanated from them could almost be felt and Lisa went from smiling and friendly to massively annoyed. She was used to this sort of male chauvinism but it always pissed her off when she was confronted by it, and now that Steve had publicly embarrassed in front of her students, she seethed with rage.

"No SIR, this is a MARTIAL ARTS CLASS, and if you want to join, please take your place, if not, please leave as we are just getting started."

Steve, among his many qualities, had a big mouth and did not know when to let things go. A normal person would have left, or shut up and took the class and the incident would not have escalated. Sadly for Steve, he was not such a person and he just could not let it go. How on earth could this tiny hot woman actually not only practice Martial Arts, how could she think she could teach it. Surely she would be helpless against a real opponent.

"Is there a real teacher I can talk to? When do the real students meet?"

Steve asked sarcastically.

Now he had really done it. Not only had he offended Lisa the teacher, but all of the students. In his ears he heard the low murmur of pissed off women. The phrase "who does this guy think he is" and "someone needs to teach him some manners" were being tossed around by all of the other students. Lisa walked back to the entrance and looked up at Steve.

As she looked him up and down she grinned. This was JUST the sort of arrogant fucker she liked to humiliate. He was a hottie she thought, but a jerk. Tall and very muscular, she looked up into his eyes and smiled as she took a finger and jabbed it into his chest.

"Listen up SIR, either you take the class and shut up, or LEAVE. Frankly, from the looks of you, I don't think you could handle this class anyway, so on second thought just leave."

Now Steve's manhood had been attacked and he got pissed. His mouth once again opened and as has been a pattern most of his life proceeded to get him into massive trouble.

"Listen Lady, I think it cute that you think you are some kind of martial arts master, but you really shouldn't be telling these fine ladies that they really could learn from you. I mean, come on, a real man certainly could take you down," Steve exclaimed arrogantly.

Now Lisa was truly pissed, almost pissed beyond reason. She decided in her head that she had a mission now, and that mission was to teach this guy a lesson he would NEVER forget.

"So, you think YOU could take me on do you? Care to demonstrate or is your mouth writing checks your ass can't cash." The tension in the room now was very thick, and all of the women were visibly angry. This last statement by Lisa causing a spattering of OOOOOs to erupt throughout the class.

"Listen lady, there is nothing I would love better than rolling around with you, especially if it was back in my apartment and we were both NAKED, but I don't really think if we were to have a match it would be a fair fight." Being six foot four and rippling with muscles (he was a real gym rat) he looked down at this curvy short hottie with nothing but disdain.

Steve really couldn't help himself with his trash talk. In an odd way, her attitude got him quite horny and he could barely maintain eye contact with her as he kept staring at her impressive tits. He knew he was being a dick, but part of him hoped upon hope that one day he could bed this fine piece of ass. He would love sliding his cock in-between that gorgeous rack and blowing his load all over her face. Yes, Steve was an arrogant pig, but he felt himself grow even harder as this trash talking episode continued.

Lisa laughed out loud. "Boy, you could not handle these!" she said as she grabbed her breasts and rubbed them together. "But I do think you REALLY need to be taught a lesson so I have a proposal for you, and one that I think will benefit the class. Since you think you can take on a poor helpless woman, here is my proposal. You get me to submit, and I will go back to your apartment tonight and rock your world. If I get YOU to submit, well, I think you should join our class as our mascot. You can be our test opponent and then get your ass beaten each week by one of my students."

The girls erupted in laughter and applause at this suggestion. "Maybe after a few weeks you can win your pink belt!" Lisa added just to further taunt him.

Steve was amazed at the proposal and he had to admit he was quite aroused by it. He should have just either agreed or left but again he couldn't help himself and he just had to escalate.

"Say Babe, that sounds great. I can't wait to see your mouth on my cock on my couch tonight! The only thing that would make this bet better would be if I had you naked right now!" Steve grinned at the thought. IF he had been a smart man he would have shut up and left, but, as has already been established, intelligence was not part of Steve's skill set.

Lisa looked at him now with a red hot rage, but an evil smile formed on her face that slightly concerned Steve. "OK, tell you what. If you are man enough to whip out that shrimp dick of yours right now, I will fight you naked. BUT, if I win and get you to submit, you get to be class bitch. Not only will you get your ass beat every week by my students, but, you will get to have your ass beaten BARE ASSED NAKED! Think you are man enough for my challenge Boy?"

Steve couldn't believe his ears and his mouth salivated at the thought of those gorgeous tits of hers flopping around in front of him. Despite being a little embarrassed by the thought of stripping naked in front of a group of women, the erotic appeal of a naked wrestling match was too compelling and he readily agreed. The other women in the class eyed him with a combination of lust and anger as he and Lisa started to strip down and go to the head of the class to start their match.

Steve cupped himself as he now realized that his mouth had indeed written a check his ass couldn't cash as his exposed erection was hard to hide. The whistles and cat-calls from the other women in the class both humiliated him but also oddly further excited him. When Lisa emerged from the back room, glorious in her total nudity, his fight to control his erection was lost. She was even more spectacular nude than he had imagined as he watched her enormous breasts swing back and forth as she walked over to the mat to meet him.

Five seconds into the match he realized he had made a horrible mistake. Despite being considerably larger than Lisa and obviously packing more muscle mass, this girl was amazing. Within seconds she had him on the floor and paralyzed under her amazingly strong thighs. He winced in pain as her legs crushed his stomach and he felt himself unable to breathe. His body racked in both pain and lust, he looked up at the beautiful woman towering over him and felt his cock start throbbing as those glorious breasts, the breasts that had gotten him into this situation, swung right in his face.

Lust overcoming his fear of losing, he reached out with his tongue and lovingly licked her left nipple that was tantalizingly dangling right over his greedy mouth. Steve, although racked with agony, was in pure heaven.

Lisa was also getting aroused by the match and although very angry with him, all this flesh to flesh contact had gotten her wet, gushing sopping wet.

Although still incredibly pissed, and enjoying his beat down, she had to admit he was quite attractive. When his hot tongue reached her erect nipple she gasped and felt herself leak her moisture onto his stomach, which she was crushing with her thighs. Even more than this, the knowledge that he was going to soon be her bitchboy excited her even more.

Steve was getting exhausted trying to escape her clutches as Lisa was the master at using an opponent's own weight and strength against themselves. With great fanfare, she flipped him upside down and had his shoulders on the mat and his legs spread wide to the side. With her powerful legs she trapped his ankles and pulled him even wider and to his great horror now had his cock, balls and asshole completely exposed, upside down to the class and completely helpless and unable to move. The way Lisa had him situated, her legs held him fast to the floor and her hands were free. When he felt her left hand grab his balls and her right hand grab his cock, he knew he was done for.

For the next 10 minutes he struggled hopelessly to escape this position, but Lisa held him fast. She was enjoying his torment, and to both his incredible erotic excitement, and his ultimate humiliation she was teasing and tormenting his cock to the obvious delight of a room full of women. She ran her nails lightly around the crown of his cock and it visibly throbbed and wept pre-cum right into his face. With her left hand she made lazy circle eights over his balls that twitched and throbbed at her assault. Shamefully but beyond his control Steve was also loudly moaning.

The women in the class were all completely transfixed by this scene. Several were shifting nervously as they got more and more turned on by this display as this was to ALL of them the single most erotic thing they ever had witnessed, and the fact that this arrogant jerk was now stripped, beaten and now being milked for their entertainment was just too delicious to turn away.

Several women, to the horror of Steve, now began taping his humiliation on their smartphones. Now he was going to be a laughingstock and there was nothing he could do about it. Despite the pain of being held in this uncomfortable position, and his obvious humiliation at being stroked and teased in front of all these women, his brain was focused on one thing, and one thing only, he had to CUM and he had to cum NOW!

"I give, I submit!" he finally cried out. "Just please please please let me cum!"

Lisa did not stop, but the grin on her face could not be contained.

"OH? You want a hand-job too? That will cost you." she cackled, reveling in his total humiliation. As he squirmed under her legs, racked in both pain and lust, he begged pitifully for relief and said he would submit. In his erotic haze he barely heard the terms, and I am sure if the blood had not rushed from his head to his tormented cock he might have reconsidered agreeing.

"OK Stevie, here is my price for your submission. After I let you up, you will crawl to each woman in the class, kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness. After all of them have been asked, I will ask your Goddesses to vote on whether you should be allowed relief. If I were you, I would make those apologies convincing!"

Lisa then asked one of the women to fetch her purse for her out of the back. While she waited, she continued her assault on Steve's cock and balls enjoying the delightful shade of purple his testicles now had turned. When the purse was fetched, she removed a pair of handcuffs and held them up to the class. They all erupted in laughter as they realized what was going to happen next. She released Steve and in complete exhaustion he rolled onto his stomach, lifting his hips slightly to avoid crushing his erection. Never in his life had he felt so completely wiped out as every muscle in his body hurt and he felt like he had the strength of a wet kitten. When she grabbed his wrists and proceeded to handcuff him behind his back, he really could offer no resistance.

Now bound behind his back she instructed him to kneel and crawl over to her. She, to his dismay and disappointment, had already gotten redressed and sat in a folding chair. Pointing to her foot she indicated that to show his defeat, and to properly demonstrate his inferiority to her, he was to kiss the bottom of her foot. Despite aching all over, his cock wildly started to throb again. Sweat began to pour off of him as he knelt down and took her foot into his mouth. Now Steve's secret shame was his uncontrollable love of women's feet, which now was on full display as his cock betrayed his lust. Lisa smiled in total victory as she saw him licking and kissing her delicious soles and toes with such obvious reactions showing in his cock.

Grabbing his chin she directed him now to show his respect to the other women in class he had offended. All looked straight at him and grinned as hundreds of sweaty toes wriggled in anticipation. One at a time Steve crawled over to each girl in turn and kissed their toes and begged for forgiveness. After about 30 minutes, he was done and led back to the front of the class where he again knelt, fully naked, hard and throbbing for the vote.

The vote was overwhelming, 15 to zero, he was not to get release and as the cheers grew louder Lisa dug back down into her purse and pulled out a cock cage. Pandemonium broke out among the women as they all realized his fate. Steve looked unbelieving at the cage and thought about running out of the studio, but the fact that he was naked and handcuffed made him reconsider. He thought this must be a horrible dream when he felt the cage being attached to his cock and the small lock snapped shut. Smiling, Lisa took the key and put it on a chain which she placed around her neck.

"You may leave now Steve, but make sure you are on time next week for class." she said as she uncuffed him. Looking down at his meat, all caged and confined, throbbing and desperate he wondered where the nearest locksmith shop was. This was going to be humiliating but he had to admit it would be an experience he would never forget. As he started to get dressed, Lisa spoke words that chilled him to the bone.

"Oh, I know what you are thinking Steve, and if I were you I would not have that lock removed. That is, unless you want your shame broadcast to all of your friends on the internet. You see, my friends here all taped your little shameful display, and we won't upload it, unless you of course fail to show up for our class, caged, naked and ready to rumble."

Steve's mouth dropped open. "But, how am I going to live like this. I mean, I have to, you know, take care of business.."

Grabbing him by his caged balls Lisa looked deep into his eyes and winked.

"Tell you what Steve, make sure you are extra nice to the girls here next week and who knows, maybe they will vote to give you a free shoot?" and with that he was ushered outside. Suddenly outside, Steve felt butterflies running all through his stomach as he now realized his cock was enslaved to a bunch of strange women, and to make matters really serious, he was completely trapped without any way to escape. He could only hope that eventually he might earn a release somehow as he began to slowly walk home.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

Several months back I had posted this story on the Female Domination Stories section. It probably fits in this section too.

Story Name: Tennis Court Humiliation
Author: Femdomologist

The following is my diary entry for 11/13/09, based on some fact but mostly on my sick imagination. This morning I had a tennis date with Tina, the sexy little Texan with the great bod. I wanted to play tennis with her mainly so I could check out her incredibly sleek legs and athletic butt dancing across the court. I figured I would be banging her later in the day.

We got to the public court about 11:30 ready to play, but all four courts were being used. Not only that, but two women were waiting already for the next free court. Seeing that they were broads, I figured that when the next court was free I would just cut in. What were they gonna do, shoot me? I checked them out. One of them was a nice looking blonde in her early 20’s wearing a white sleeveless top and a pleated skirt. She had her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, real collegiate like. The other bitch was probably her mother in her late 40’s. They were real white bread kinda folks, probably just got out of Sunday church. It sorta made me sick. This nice blonde, who was really sleek, actually kinda buff, was gonna play tennis with ‘Mother’ instead of putting out for some guy. What a shame. They were so all American, they would probably say something like “Tsk, Tsk, how rude!” when I cut in front of them.

So I sat down and started working on the matter at hand, namely setting the stage to get into Tina’s shorts. I bullshitted her for a few minutes and then a court opened. The born again mother-daughter team started to get up slowly but I grabbed Tina and moved in front of them and got there first. Tina said something about them being here first, but I told her that that was their problem. We were gonna play some tennis and then play something else later.

Suddenly, I hear this real sweet clear voice “Excuse me, sir, I believe we were waiting first.” It was the young blonde. She had one of these real nice voices with perfect diction. I figured I would shut her up fast.

“Are you crazy? I was here with my woman first. You don’t know what’s going on” I shouted as gruffly as I could and stared at her. The blonde stared back at me and gave me this really weird look, a blend of outrage and defiance. It was sort of a turn on, I had to admit. Then ‘Mother” went over and said something to her, and she turned away. I just laughed. Whoever said the meek shall inherit the earth was nuts, I thought, as the two of them sauntered back to their seats.

So, my deed done, I start playing with Tina. She wasn’t bad, and actually won the first game before the people next to us left and the wimpy mother and daughter took the court next to us. I gotta admit, the blonde daughter was quite a hot number. She had these nicely defined arms, nice breasts poking through her soft white shirt, and the greatest tight legs coming out from under the white pleated skirt. She must have been a gymnast or cheerleader or something. What a waste, I thought. Some church going prep school grad was gonna get that great bod someday and not know what to do with it. She was not a bad tennis player, either, with good strong strokes and great form. She looked sorta graceful as well as strong. NOT a bad package, I thought. What a waste.

Her mother couldn’t play for shit, though, and her backhand shot kept coming onto our court, upsetting my rhythm with Tina. The third time she hit the ball onto my court, as Tina was about to win the second game, I picked up the old ladies ball and snapped it back right at her and shouted “Keep the fucking ball away from me.” I guess I snapped it too hard because it bounced up from the ground and hit her in the side of the head. Man, her reaction time sucked.

“Mother!!!” I heard the hot young daughter say. “Are you okay??” They both went to the net and I could feel the young blonde’s hot blue eyes on me. Tough. What the hell is she doing on the court with that old relic, ruining my date with Tina the Texan.

Then, it got worse. A few minutes later I hear the old bag groan and then her RACQUET comes flying into my court. She couldn’t even hold onto the damm racquet. This was too much. I went over to the damm thing and kicked it against the fence and told the old lady in no uncertain terms that she had no business even being on the court. The old thing stood there for awhile, not knowing what to do, whether to go get the racquet or what. I turned to continue my game with Tina, but she was just standing at the net sort of staring at me like I was nuts or something. Then, I notice out of the corner of my eye that the hot blonde was coming towards me. Well, I wasn’t gonna take any shit from her.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” My words seemed to go right through her, and she just continued to walk towards me, the blue eyes seemed to be almost measuring me.

“Are you capable of apologizing?” she said.

Yeah right. Like I’m gonna apologize to these two rejects from the Brady Bunch. I told her to get the fuck out of my face.

“Do you know the first thing about civilized behavior?” she asked again, ignoring my request for her to bug off. By this time she was only about 4 feet away from me. I gave her the finger.

Suddenly, she says “Okay, lets go” and she gets into this weird kung-fu stance.

“Karen!” I heard the old lady scream, don’t!”

I didn’t know what the old lady was talking about. Don’t what? Don’t make me laugh, that’s about all this junior leaguer was capable of doing to me.

Suddenly she lunged towards me like she was gonna hit me or something, so I decided I would push her away.

Well, I don’t remember much about what happened next. I remember that she grabbed my arm and started twisting it in the most painful way. I had to sort of contort to keep my arm from breaking and I must have slipped or something and wound up in the floor. It was sort of embarrassing, because the girl was standing and I was lying on the ground holding my arm. To make matters worse, Tina the Texan was standing watching the whole thing from the net, her mouth open but no sound coming out.

I got to my feet and the blonde looked at me and said “You ready to apologize now?”

I looked at her again like she was nuts. She looked at me and turned sideways, like she was gonna leave or something, but she backed around quickly and jammed her elbow into my chest. I felt all the air leave and I was gasping. Then she spins around completely and manages to smack me in the mouth with the back of her hand while I was still gasping for air. It was all happening so fast. Now I was sort of dizzy from the blows and the lack of air and I just sorta stood there with my hands down, just for a second. The girl gives me this little half smile and then spins around again, but this time as she came around I could see that she was not gonna hit me with her fist but that she was gonna try to give me one of those fancy karate kicks.

The very second that I began to raise my hands to block, I felt her sneaker hit my face just to the left of my nose. It felt like a Mike Tyson punch. I went down in a heap and could hear nothing except Tina crying “Stop it, please! You’re hurting him.”

The blonde ignored her. “You’re sorta slow” she said, standing right over me. “I can use you for target practice. We can do this all day.”

To make matters worse, now I can faintly hear a bunch of clapping and cheering and I noticed that these teenagers who had been shooting hoops now stopped and were watching with rapt attention as this young athletic blonde was kicking my butt at will. I couldn’t let this go on. I was gonna get up and put everything into one punch and splatter her all over the court. I got up as fast as I could and looked at her. She still looked all business, but there was the faintest hint of a smirk as if she was really getting off on this — so far.

I had done some boxing in college, and I figured that if I led with a feint left jab to confuse her and then came in with a right cross, then I would be the one laughing and looking down at her. I through the jab and missed as expected but what I didn’t expect was that the cross, instead of putting her lights out, caught nothing but air. She had almost magical reflexes. I tried several more punches, but she managed to dance away from all of them. It was really frustrating. She seemed to know what I was going to do before I did it. If I could just hit her once! But she was so fast she could evade everything. What she didn’t dance away from she managed to block with this weird circular blocking motion that I just couldn’t get through.

Suddenly, she leaned into me and started unleashing a flurry of incredibly fast punches on her own. I tried in vain to block at least one of them but it seemed that she always managed to get them in just seconds ahead of my blocks. Her blows were not as powerful as a guys, but they were very precise and they all seemed to land with surpassing force in sensitive areas, causing great pain.

Now she was openly taunting me. My arms were battered and tired. I had given up on being able to tag her, she was just too fast. I focused on being able to block at least one of her blows, which were coming in regularly, hitting me with force in the most painful places. Finally, a right uppercut caught me in the chin and I went down. The basketball players went nuts, screaming “He’s down! She knocked him out!!! She kicked his ass good!!!”

It had been one of the most painful experiences of my life. Still unable to breathe regularly, I was beginning to realize that I was hurting from head to toe. I had had enough. I just hoped that she had, too. I lay there on my stomach, not knowing what would happen next, but knowing that it would be whatever she wanted to happen next.

As I lay there, I heard her say “Oh darn, my shoelace is untied!” I couldn’t believe it, I was broken into pieces and she was complaining about her shoelace.

“Oh well..” she said. And then I felt the sole of her sneaker press down on the side of my face. She lowered down onto one knee and started to tie her shoelace. The bitch was using my face to rest her foot as she tied her shoelace!

I thought about trying to get up, but all I could think about was the incredibly painful way that she had just flailed away at me. I couldn’t go through that again, and she was barely breathing hard.

The basketball kids were laughing hysterically. Tina was sobbing occasional “Please stops” and the old lady was just watching with this sort of real proud look seeing what her little girl had done to her tormentor. The blonde took her time tying her shoelace on my face.

Then she got up, but I didn’t move. Hopefully, my humiliation was over. She had kicked my butt with ease and humiliated me in front of my date and an audience of cheering teenagers. But there was more, and I was unable to do anything except go along.

“Now,” she said “now that that’s over with, we still have some unfinished business to attend to. My mother’s racquet seems to be lying against the fence, where you, um, kicked it. I could get it, but then you wouldn’t learn your lesson! Get on your hands and knees and crawl over there!”

I couldn’t believe that this sweet pure young blonde was gonna make me crawl across the tennis court on my hands and knees. I thought about refusing, but I was afraid that she would continue my painful beating. Trying to ignore all the bystanders, I began to crawl over to the racquet.

Suddenly, I hear her say “I better go along to, to make sure you do this right” and then, believe it or not, I feel her climb up on my back, and she starts to ride me like I’m her pony or something.

The basketball kids went wild. I could tell that the blonde was eating it up by this point. She was actually waving her fist and yelling ‘giddiup” as I crawled towards the racquet. After what seemed like miles, I finally got there.

“Now, put it in your mouth and lets go bring it back to my Mother” I heard her say from up above. I couldn’t believe it. She was gonna ride me clear across the tennis court with a racquet in my mouth. She must have sensed that I was thinking about resisting because she suddenly dug into the sides of my chest with her strong tight legs. The pain was unbearable, coming as it was after the relentless pounding she had given me. Her ability to cause me pain was unquestionable, and her little reminder served to reinforce the sense of futility I had in resisting her. I picked the racquet up and gripped it in my mouth and began crawling over to the Mother with the daughter on my back riding me like I was some type of beast of burden.

When I was 4 feet away from the mother I looked up and saw that she had this really proud smile on her face.

“All those years of karate really paid off, Karen! That was very impressive. A short time ago he was trying to intimidate us, and now you have reduced him down to the animal that he is! I am so proud of you!”

Karen leaned over and said to me “Drop the racquet by my Mother’s feet and then kiss them, you animal.” She then dug the heel of her sneaker directly into my groin. She could cause pain from any direction. I didn’t want to risk any more pain. I put down the racquet and kissed each of the mother’s feet individually.

The older woman smiled at me and told me to look up at her. Gone was the proud peaceful smile she had been exhibiting endlessly before. In its place was an incredibly stern face that showed no pity for the humiliated person who had just been forced to kiss her tennis sneakers. “What do you think of my family’s power now?” she said, ” Do you see how stupid you were for being disrespectful to us? Tell me how stupid you are.”

The daughter dug the other heal into my now swollen balls. “My Mother gave you an order! Don’t make her wait!”

“Yes, Maam, I am stupid.” I managed to babble.

The daughter finally got off me, turned to the mother and said “He doesn’t have the intelligence to apologize. I’m gonna let him slither off. Go, get out of our sight, idiot!”

I got up and walked slowly back to where Tina was sobbing, having witnessed my humiliation. We started to walk off together. Tina kept saying “Don’t say anything, don’t say anything”

Then I heard the young blonde, my conqueror yell “RUN! I wanna see you run out of here.”

I turned and looked at her, and sure enough she was walking towards me steadily. All I could think of was the pain of being kicked in the face and then pounded away at me. I started to run away, with Tina forced to follow. All I could here was the jeering of the basketball kids. I turned around one last time and saw the mother whom I had been tormenting hugging proudly her fit young daughter who had the skill to reduce me to being her animal.
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Default Re: Favorite Stories

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